Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 7, Episode 15 - D-Girl - full transcript

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis investigate when the partial remains of a woman are found in the river. The autopsy reveals the woman was cut up with a large knife, like a machete, and was likely cut up when she was still alive. She had cosmetic surgery and they manage to identify her as Heidi Ellison, the president of a Mattawin Studios in Hollywood. They focus on her personal trainer, Evan Grant, but he goes off to Los Angeles before they can get a blood test from him. The detectives follow him there but have trouble getting the blood sample when the court order ADA McCoy obtained is quashed. They find a way around that and Grant is returned to New York. He may have a reasonable alibi however. They then focus on Ellison's ex-husband, director Eddie Newman. Curtis meanwhile ends up on a date with an attractive studio executive, Lisa Lundquist.

In the criminal justice system

the people are represented by two
separate yet equally important groups,

the police
who investigate crime

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.


Dumping's illegal, buddy.
Come on, right there.

Hands over your head.
Come on, hands over your head.

On the car, on the car.
Stay there.

RICHIE: Divers pulled the body out.
It's a male. White. No ID.

Looks like
a gunshot in the belly.

You run the car?

Yeah. Registered to a Ronald
Dobell in Whitestone.

That him in the radio car?

No, that's Carl Thurston.

Says Dobell is
his brother-in-law.

What's the rest
of Carl's story?

His brother-in-law
picked him up this morning,

when he got out of prison in Virginia.
On the way up,

they get into some kind of beef.
The brother-in-law pulls a gun,

Carl tries to grab it, and
he accidentally shoots him.

I guess the brother-in-law
requested a burial at sea. Thanks.

Hiya, Carl.

I'm Detective Briscoe
and this is Detective Curtis.

What's shaking?

They tell you what happened?

Well, yeah, but we'd like
you to tell us again.

It was an accidental
shooting, Officers.

We're detectives.

Yeah, right.
I just want to clear this up.

Well, so do we.

Detectives, there's something
you ought to look at.

We found another one.

Another what? Body?

Actually, another two-thirds.

No hands, feet or head.

Where was she?

About 10 yards downriver
from the first one,

caught in some
underwater pilings.

How many people you kill, Carl?

THURSTON: I don't know nothing
about that other body.

Cutting some broad's
head off, that's psycho.

That's right. So we check
releases from the mental wards,

or we find somebody hopped
up on crystal meth,

like what we found in your car.

It's Ronnie's car.

Hidden in a secret compartment
in the floorboards,

which tells me we're dealing
with a serious user.

Ronnie and my sister are both a
couple of meth freaks. Not me.

So how'd it happen?

You and Ronnie come up here, you get
a girl, and what, Ronnie freaks out?

Thinks there's spiders
crawling out of her eyes

so he cuts her up?

I told you, I never saw the lady.
I don't know who she is.

I mean, I am just trying to walk
the straight and narrow now.

You're getting off to
a pretty rocky start.

Ronnie, he threatened me, and
that is the God's honest truth.

CURTIS: About what?

He wanted us to
stick up this mini mart.

I told him no way.
I already got two felonies on my jacket.

One more strike,
and I go down for the count.

Yeah, yeah. Now, get to the part
where Ronnie winds up dead.

Well, he says I owe him for
driving all that way to Virginia.

I said, well, I'll just
get out and take the bus

the rest of the way.

And that's when he
pulled the piece on me.


Mr. Thurston was released

from Big Meadows state prison in
Virginia yesterday, 6:00 a.m.

The divers said
the woman's body

had been in the water
more than 24 hours.

Well, if she's been dead
since before yesterday,

this guy has
a pretty solid alibi.

What's he saying
about the other one?

It's a cute story.

Well, Profaci'll
take the confession.

The M.E. Should have
the report on the female.

Perp used a thick cutting tool

with a smooth blade,
like a machete.

There's very little
blood left in the body,

meaning the heart
was still beating

when the guy
went to work on her.

She was still alive?

Well, at least in
a technical sense.

She might have been dying
from some other trauma,

but without the noggin,
I'm at a disadvantage.

What about a time of death?

She's completely out of rigor.

I'd put it at two
or three days ago.

Which makes Carl the upstanding
ex-con he says he is. Anything else?

She went out with a bang.
I found semen in the vaginal canal.

I'm running blood tests on it.

And she has breast implants. Good ones, too.
Death and gravity-defying.

Any way to trace them?

Yeah, I had the same thought.

They come with model numbers.

Look, Detectives, I wish I could help.
But you have to understand,

my patients assume their
privacy will be respected.

Hey, we're only asking that
you contact your patients

and verify they're alive.

That wasn't such a hardship
for the other doctors.

Well, they don't
have my patient list.

Hey, this isn't the Planet
of Barbie Dolls, Doc.

Your average citizen knows these
ladies have pumped-up ta-tas.

What we have is a decapitated
body and a killer walking around.

I'll have my office
manager make some calls.

There are three patients
with this particular implant

that the doctors haven't
been able to get a hold of.

Yeah, Carmela Rago, Stacy
Rudman and Heidi Ellison.

The ages right?

Rago and Rudman are
both in their twenties.

Ellison's 32.

Heidi Ellison.
That name sounds familiar.

Yeah, she's the one
that Dr. Levine worked on,

so she's probably got
some dough.

I heard she was doing Derek Morrow.
Who, the actor?

Yeah, she runs the studio
that's making his next movie.

What, you hanging
out with a new crowd?

No, no, no, I saw it in the tabloids.


In line, at the market.

Who's closest?

Rago. She's in
the East Village.

Let's start with her.

I haven't talked to
Carmela in three weeks.

She went to live with her boyfriend, Gino.
22 years old. He's 47.

She got a job?
Go to school?

Before she left, she said
she got a job as a dancer.

CURTIS: Where's that?

(SCOFFS) I don't know.

Carmela's no dancer.
You know what it is?

She's taking off her clothes
in front of strangers.

Well, that's
the Social Security number

we got off her cabaret license.

We just need her last
place of employment.

Yeah, I'm calling about the apartment
you have listed in the paper.

Yeah, I'll hold on.

Says here it's
a one-bedroom.


Okay. Thank you very much.
No, thanks.

I'm looking for
a real one-bedroom.

What am I gonna do, Lennie?
After I back out what I'm paying Deborah,

I can barely afford a studio.

As of two weeks ago,
Carmela Rago was dancing

at a place called the Rialto
on Northern Boulevard.

So the split's a done deal?

Who knows?

But this twist-in-the-wind
routine's getting tired.

I thought if you said enough
Hail Marys, all was forgiven.

God forgives you,
not your wife.

We're looking for Carmela Rago.

Monique, these guys are
looking for Carmela.

They're cops.

I'm Carmela.
What do you want?

Call your mother.

Next one on the list
is Stacy Rudman.

Stacy Rudman?

Have a nice day, Stacy.

Well, the only other one left
is Heidi Ellison in midtown.

You want to grab a bite first?

Yeah, whatever you want.

Cheer up, Rey.
Could be worse.

Yeah, the torso could have
had a hip replacement.


I'm Greta Heiss, Ms.
Ellison's assistant. CURTIS: Hi.

Why don't we go inside?

Ms. Ellison's not available.

Oh? Where is she?

Why do you want to see her?

Well, someone with the same
type of breast implants

as your boss was found dead.

Oh, I'm sorry,
but I can assure you

she's very much alive.

But she's not available?

Well, she's out of the country.

CURTIS: Can you call her?

If she had a phone.
Who told you she had breast implants?

Oh, we're the police.
We know everything.

How about telling us what you
know, starting with where she is?

Well, she's on
a small private island

near Bora-Bora,
but I can't tell you

the exact
geographical location.

BRISCOE: How long's
she been there?

About four days.
She left on Tuesday.

When's the last time
you spoke to her?

The evening she left.

She called me from her
gym, around 5:45-ish,

before her workout.
About the implants...

What gym was that?

Dynamics, on 57th
between First and Second.

Now, that information will be
confidential, correct?

Because we've had a lot of
problems with the tabloids.

The Derek Morrow thing?

Exactly. Which is
a complete fabrication.

Well, just so we can
cross her off our list,

how about contacting

whoever's delivering
the mai-tai's

and verifying
that she really is

on her private beach?

Yes, but it's going
to take some time.

We have to go through
a ship-to-shore hookup.

Well, maybe if you
give us the flight number,

we can contact the airline?

She has access to
a friend's private plane.

Her name's Andrea Brown.
But she's in Europe for the winter.

Do you know where we
can find the pilot?

Well, I know she keeps the
plane at Teterboro Airport.

PILOT: Bora-Bora?

I never went to Bora-Bora.
Ms. Ellison never showed up.

So what have you been doing
the last four days?

Waiting for her.

And you never bothered
calling her office

to find out where she was?

Asking questions is not
in my job description.

I get paid to be ready to fly,

when they want,
where they want.

Even when they're
four days late?


My employer, Ms. Brown,
was gonna go to London once.

She was a week late. She pulls up,
asks what our flying time is gonna be,

and goes to sleep.
No explanation whatsoever.

BRISCOE: Rey's calling the
gym where Ellison worked out

to find out if
anybody saw her there.

What about the friend?

Andrea Brown?
She gave Ellison use

of her private plane while she's
in Gstaad for three months.

Why don't I have
friends like that?

Who's looking for a head?

BUM: I didn't
put her in there.

(STAMMERING) I never even met the lady.
I mean I... I found her in a garbage can,

and then I...
I flagged down a cop.

I was just
looking for recyclables.

I don't think this qualifies.

VAN BUREN: You ready?
HEISS: Yeah.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Was she alive when, you know...

The Medical Examiner said the blow
to the head was probably fatal.

Oh, Mr. Hollings.
Is it Heidi?

My God. Oh, my God.

Heidi was a remarkable woman.
A trailblazer.

Are you a family member?

He's CEO of Mattawin Studios.

Ben Hollings.

What do we know?
Do you have any idea who did this?

Not really. She was at her
gym, and she disappeared.

She was president of a major
motion picture studio.

People like that
don't just disappear.

Well, apparently she did.

Look, we have former FBI agents

in our Department of
Corporate Security.

I want them kept abreast
of what you're doing,

and I want to
establish a reward.

You can call me at this number.

Ms. Heiss, we still have
a few more questions.

Why don't you have a seat here?

Do you know if anybody was
upset with Ms. Ellison?

If anybody
threatened her lately?

No, nothing like that.

We were really busy. That's normal.
The studio's in the middle

of a sexual harassment suit.

How was she involved?

Indirectly, but she still had
to attend a ton of meetings,

so she was really looking
forward to getting away.

What about the Derek Morrow
story in the tabloids?

We spent a lot of time trying
to figure out who planted that.

VAN BUREN: Was Morrow upset?

I don't think so.
I don't think he knew about it.

He was on location
in South America, shooting.

What about her actual personal life?
Any problem areas there?

Well, she was in a
transitional phase, you know.

She'd been divorced.

She was married to a
director named Eddie Newman.

Were they on good terms?

He was civil towards her.
But I think he had to be.

The studio was producing
his current picture.

He's shooting in LA now.

Is there anybody at her gym
we should talk to?

Well, she has a trainer,
Evan Grant.

Excuse me, CSU's on their way
over to Ellison's apartment.

You two go. I'll call Ross
and have her meet you there.

The doorman said Ellison
called down at 7:30.

She told him she'd be gone for a few
days and to hold her deliveries.

Did he see her
come in or leave?

No. But the elevator
goes straight

to the garage.
Her car's still there.

Stu Miller.
Handled a couple of calls

in the 16 when
Ellison was married.

Ex-husband used to slap her around.
Eddie Newman. Real jerk.

Did you file any
charges against him?

Both times when we got here, she says
they'll work it out. They never do.

You looking at him for this?

Well, he's been in
LA directing a movie.

Okay. Oh, I almost forgot.
Your lieutenant called.

Said there's no prints on the
bag with the head in it,

but it's from a wine store
on 58th and Second.

58th and Second?

That's right around the corner
from Heidi Ellison's gym.

Who made the bed?

Housekeeper said everything was like
this when she got in this morning.

The M.E. Said she had sex
before she was killed.

Maybe she likes to do it
on the dining room table.

Yeah, but maybe the killer
made the bed.

No, it's clean.

Flip it.


We're ready in here.

We'll get highlights anywhere
there's blood residue.

Would you get the lights,

CURTIS: Looks clean.


What time did she leave here?


Did she mention if anybody
was coming to meet her?


What about you?

Where were you that night?

I drove to New Paltz.

What's in New Paltz?

Rock climbing.

I did some rock climbing
the next morning.

By yourself?

I partnered up with somebody there.
I don't remember the name.

Rock climbing in
the wintertime, huh?

Yeah, you ought to try it.

Let me ask you something.
You and Heidi socialize outside the gym?

We were friends.

CURTIS: Is that a yes?

We were friends.

Well, I'm friends with the guy
that does my dry cleaning,

so are we talking about that
kind of friends or another kind?

I don't know how close you
are with your dry cleaner.

Is he... Are you
trying to be a wise-ass?

No, I'm trying not to get pissed off.
You think I killed her.

It's nice talking to you.

BRISCOE: Did you see
Ms. Ellison leave?

Yeah. She left about 6:45.

And what about Evan Grant?
What time did he leave?

About two minutes later.

Was there anything
going on between them?

He seemed a little bit touchy
about his relationship with her.

Well, I heard that she got
him a part in a movie.

He wanted to be an actor.
As far as anything else goes, I don't know.

Evan Grant had
an assault conviction

eight years ago.
Busted his girlfriend's jaw.

He got probation.
He's been clean since.

Latent found Grant's prints
in Ellison's apartment.

Well, maybe he
trained her there sometimes.

His prints were
on her vibrator.

Uh-huh. Ask Mr.
Grant if he'll submit to a blood test.


He's not there.
He left about an hour ago.

Left for where?

He say why?

Just said he got a job.

Can't we extradite him and
make him take the blood test?

No, without a court order
you can't compel a test

and you can't get a court order
without reasonable suspicion.

Well, he ran off to LA.
That makes me reasonably suspicious.

If he went to LA for a legitimate
purpose, he's not a fugitive.

He lied about
having sex with Ellison.

You don't know that.

And, what, he was using that vibrator
because she had a sore neck?

Believe me,
I share your frustration.

I got a call from the office of
the CEO of Mattawin Studios.

Tomorrow morning,
Mr. Hollings

is announcing
a $100,000 reward.

Great. Send in the kooks.

And every
blow-dried anchorman

and talk show host on the dial.

I would love to wrap this up
before it gets away from us.

Yeah, well, Grant's gonna be
in LA for the next 10 weeks.

So what do you want us to
do, send him a telegram?

Ask him to send some
blood by return mail?

Maybe you should go there.

Surprise him.
See what he does.

You paying?

I'll call your lieutenant.

Don't forget,
I gotta leave early.

Olivia's got that play
at her school tonight.

Yeah, no sweat.
I'll type up the interviews.

Hey. LA today,
78 and sunny.

Can't hate that.
Maybe this guy'll fold right away,

and I can take
you out to Santa Anita.

Or maybe they're
running at Hollywood Park,

which, by the way,
is nowhere near Hollywood.

Okay, pack your bags.
Borough approved.

8:00 tonight.


Hey, tell 'em it's work.
Olivia'll understand.

What? That ain't
gonna do it.

Rey, all I know is
you're young, unattached,

devilishly handsome,
and we're going to LA.

If that isn't destiny, what is?


I don't have
a Curtis with a "C".

How about NYPD with an N?
We're police.

Last week a homeless fellow
said he was an FBI agent.

Had a nice-looking
badge, too.

I can't let you
through without a pass.

Look, a Detective Dunlevy

from the Foothill Division
said he would call over.

I don't see any Dunlevy
on my employee list.

And unless he's an employee,
he can't call in a drive-on.

Hey, this is police business.

Will you just
open the damn gate?

I don't take orders from you.

And you're not making any friends
with that salty language.

Now, pull over there.

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis?

Sorry I'm late.
I'm Lisa Lundquist, VP of Production.

Ben Hollings wanted me
to personally escort you.

Just leave your car there,
and we'll take the cart.

I don't think we
can all fit, though.

Oh, sure we can.

Come on, get in. All right.

Mr. Hollings said you were
interested in Evan Grant.

He's working with Shane Perry.
He has a 10-week studio pass.

He's part of her deal.

Shane Perry?

Yep. That's where we're going right now.
To her trailer.

She's shooting A Tale of Two
Yogis over on Stage Five.

It's a live action children's feature.
Eddie Newman is directing.

All right.
His wife gets killed,

but he goes on
with the show, huh?

$60 million picture.

We were told that Heidi promised
Grant a part in a movie?

I heard that. I don't
know what became of it.

Could you find out?
I'll try.

I'm telling you, Evan.
I think I have Malibu Fire Syndrome.

My lung capacity is way down.

Oh, come on, Shane,

just give me three more.
Okay, three more.

Excuse me. Miss, do you mind
giving us a minute, please?

Shane, why don't you go to your trailer?
I'll meet you there, okay?

Could someone help
me up here, please?

Oh, sure.

Listen, I just want you to
know, I'm a big fan of yours.

(HUFFING) Really? That's
really nice of you to say.

So you guys flew 3,000 miles
just to see me?

Well, the thing about working
a case like this, Evan,

is we try to eliminate
all the possibilities.

Now, that means everybody
who was with the victim.

I told you, I was in New Paltz.

Yeah, well, then we
narrow down the field.

Now, one way to do that is to
get you to take a blood test.

We can have a paramedic here, the
whole thing'll take two minutes,

and then you can be right back

to sit-ups of
the rich and famous.

I don't think so.

Okay, let's try it another way.

You remember the name of the place
you stayed at in New Paltz?

Some motel near a throughway.
I don't remember the name.

CURTIS: How'd you pay?

Credit card.

I'll need to see that so I can check
your account number, all right?


CURTIS: What time
did you get there?

I don't know.
It was just before midnight.

CURTIS: Well, the clerk
at your gym said

that he saw you
leave about 6:50.

What'd you do for
the next five hours?

I drove to New Paltz, got lost,

had some dinner.

Where was that?

Some drive-through.

Anybody see you up there?


How'd you get that cut?

I was climbing.

Can I see it?

(SIGHS) You know,
I gotta level with you, Evan.

There's a couple of things
here that are bothering us.

Like what?

Well, like your prior
for assault.

I was a kid.
I was taking steroids.

BRISCOE: And like your fingerprints
all over Heidi Ellison's apartment.

I trained her there.

Trained her to use a vibrator?

Look, she was just showing it
to me as a joke, all right?

I guess the idea of
a black man with a record

and a rich white
woman being friends,

it just couldn't happen, huh?

You know, we can make you
take that blood test.

Well, if you could, I'd have
a needle in my arm right now.

Jamie, the motel in New Paltz
confirms he checked in about 11:45.

Unless he took a detour, he
should've been there by 9:00.

ROSS ON SPEAKER: I agree, it gives him opportunity.
We still have no motive.

Should I leave?

Okay, what about
those marks on his neck?

They look like
nail gouges to me.


Now you sound like a judge.

Look, it's reasonable suspicion.
I know what the standard is.

Give me a few hours.
I'll see what I can do.

If she doesn't get
that court order,

I'm gonna bust
Grant in the nose

and let him bleed on my shirt.

Can I ask you a favor?


Feel free to say no.

We're developing a script about
New York City detectives.

If you could just take a look at
it and tell me what you think?

I'd be happy to.

You know,
we should probably talk to

Eddie Newman while
we're waiting for Ross.

Go ahead.
We can discuss it when you're done.

Hey, why don't you take him
to dinner? Go ahead.

Pick his brain all night.

Well, that'd be great.
I don't expect you to do it for free.

We can work out some sort
of consulting fee.

Not eating with Lennie
is payment enough.

Cut! That was the frustration
I was looking for.

Print that,
hold takes 18 and 24.

Check the gate.
Move in for Luke's single.

Sorry I couldn't talk before.

This is a juggernaut, and if
the head man goes AWOL...

Not that what you guys do
isn't twice as hard.

Did I tell you I did a year of ride-alongs
before I shot Crooked Street?

Yeah, you mentioned that.

I'm very proud of that film.
Very proud.

Thanks. Anyway,
about your ex-wife...

What can I say?
I was stunned. Floored.

Did your wife have any
enemies that you know of?

No one. You know,
it's really amazing.

Here she was,
swimming among the sharks,

and she's like this little angelfish.
No, no, angelfish is wrong.

Angelfish are unemotional.
What's an emotional sea creature?

Do you know Evan Grant?

The schwarze Schwarzenegger.

CURTIS: He was working
with one of your actresses.

Oh, really? Well,
I never talked to the guy.

I'll tell you a little secret.

The key to being
a successful director

is communicating with as
few people as possible.

You ever hear anything about him
in connection with your wife?

Ex-wife. And, yeah, I heard
a little something.

Gossip's the official sport
of the entertainment business.

We think it's more than gossip.

Me, too.

So what?
Sex is the official hobby.

You think he did it.

You want me to have some
Teamsters bring him over?

No, thanks anyway.
When's the last time you saw Heidi?

We had breakfast at the
Peninsula about a week ago.

You gonna sic
the Teamsters on me?

Depends on where you were
the night of the murder.

I was out here with my doctor.

You were sick?

My therapist Dan Duval.
Best friend.

Your shrink is
your best friend?

Something, huh?
We met when Heidi and I went to him

for marriage counseling.

BRISCOE: Did Heidi still
stay in touch with him?

He was her therapist, too.

People dump their spouses easier
than they dump their therapists.

Did Heidi mention
anything in her sessions

that might be
relevant to her murder?

Guys, isn't there something
about the patient-doctor thing

that says I'm not supposed
to talk about this?

Your patient's dead, Doctor.
Now, did she ever mention Evan Grant?

I'm a therapist. I really am.
I can't talk about it.

Dead or alive, that
information is privileged.

Well, let's try it this way.
When's the last time you talked to her?

The morning before she died.

BRISCOE: And what were you
doing the night of the murder?

Now, what on earth does this
have to do with anything?

We like to know where everybody was.
We're kind of anal that way.

Well, I took an 8:30 flight
from Newark and then later on,

I got together with Eddie.

BRISCOE: And what time
was that?

It was late. I called him in
LA, and we must have hooked up

about 1:00 or 2:00
in the morning.

Curtis. Yeah, hi.
It's Ross.

Those the new Cobra titaniums?

Oh, yeah. Sure saved my short game.
You want to try one?

Nice balance.

So, what were you
doing in New York?

I was visiting clients.
Talking to my publisher about a book.

Got the wrong shoes.

Well, you've still
got a couple of hours.

You want to play nine?
She got the court order.

She's gonna fax it over
to the Foothill Division.

Great clubs.
Have to take a rain check on the golf.

BRISCOE: I still got the wrong shoes.
Feel like Nixon at San Clemente.

CURTIS: There he is.

Oh, look who's with him.
Cosby used to be his sidekick on that show.

What show?
It's before your time.

What now, man?

BRISCOE: Evan, this is
Detective Dunlevy of the LAPD.

We have a court
order compelling you

to take that test
we talked about.

What test?
What's this all about?

They think I murdered
Heidi Ellison.

Well, that's ludicrous.

Officers, I can tell
you that Evan Grant has

more compassion
in one fingernail

than all the characters I've
ever played put together.

Don't do anything.

I don't intend to.

A lawyer I know lives up on Broad Beach.
I'll take care of it.

This man says he's
Mr. Grant's attorney.

Mitchell Klein.

Evan. I'll take that.

No, you won't.

This is a temporary
restraining order

signed 20 minutes ago by the
Honorable Omar Marashlian,

barring you from conducting
any tests on Mr. Grant

until I fly to New York
to contest your court order.

Let's go, Evan.
I'll give you a ride.

You must have taken the LAPD
crash course on Gestapo tactics.

The TV in my
room's not working.

Help yourself.
Ross says they'll be

going at it with Grant's
lawyer tomorrow morning.

Hi, Deborah.
I'm okay. You?

Listen, can I speak
with Olivia, please?

No, no, don't wake her up.
I forgot about the time difference.

How did she do with the play?

Well, that's good, that's good.

Okay. Listen, could you just please
tell her I was thinking of her,

and let the girls
know I love 'em?

TV: This just in

this breaking news on that
horrible East Coast murder...

Good night. ... with a special
report, here's Jack Barlow.

Jack. JACK: It was
only a matter of time.

The kid'll be okay. They're now
investigating in California.


... grizzly murder of Mattawin
executive Heidi Ellison.

Sources tell KNBC News the
investigation has moved to LA,

where New York City detectives
have questioned unnamed suspects

and appear to be
close to an arrest.

We are? Oh, good.

Where do they come up
with this crap?

Beats me. So what time
is Lisa picking you up?

Oh, damn, I forgot.
You know what?

She doesn't know what room
we're staying in.

You want to keep an eye out
for her while I get ready?


You see what you got me into?

Yeah, I got you a date
with a good-looking woman.

I'm a real son of a bitch.
Here she is.

BRISCOE: Good evening.

Hi, Lennie.

Rey's just powdering his nose.

Well, it ain't the Ritz,
but it's home.

Great. So I talked to Business
Affairs about Evan Grant.

Heidi sent down an acting contract
for him with a handwritten note

telling them to okay it.
Two weeks, 10 grand per.

And then right before she died,
she sent a follow-up memo

with a note telling them to put his
acting job on indefinite hold.

Did the note say why?

It was an action picture, not many
lines, but a lot of screen time.

Would've been
a nice break for him.

That could be our motive.

You know, the studio gets a corporate
rate at the Century Plaza.

Maybe even what
you're paying here.



Lisa's got an idea.

I've been looking for you.

I was at an executive committee
meeting till 9:30. What's up?

We have a date with Judge Caffey
tomorrow morning at 9:00,

to argue the merits
of the Evan Grant blood test.

Argue with who?

Mitchell Klein,
Grant's new lawyer.

It doesn't ring a bell.

It would if you'd read
this month's Vanity Fair.

He's a lawyer to the stars.

Seven hundred bucks an hour.

I thought Grant was
an aerobics instructor.

He's a personal
trainer to the stars.

Klein has convinced
an LA judge to issue

a restraining order
on the blood test.

Klein is flying
in on the red-eye

for the hearing.

We'll have breakfast
waiting for him.

Find out what lawyers to the
stars eat in the morning.

When I first started, I
wanted to make great movies,

then it was just good movies, and now
I'm happy if any movie gets made.

The truth is, we're in the
business of not making movies.

Listen to me.
Aren't the rules of the game

I get you to
talk about yourself?

Here I am, talking about me.

Don't stop on my account.

I think it's interesting.

What's interesting is, you don't act
like you need your ego flattered.

No one's tried that on me yet.
It's very attractive.

Well, I'm glad I
haven't lost my touch.

No, you haven't,
Detective Curtis.

So, I hope Lennie
wasn't too offended

that we didn't
ask him to join us.

Are you kidding?

When he found out he had a Jacuzzi
in his room, he forgot all about us.


We really appreciate all you've done for us.
It's been a big help.

Believe me, you'll be a bigger help
to me if you can save this script

from the banal.

90% of all
police work is banal.

Read it. If you have ideas, you
could come on as technical advisor.

I'd do it for nothing.

That is so refreshing.

Forget it. More wine?


So if you need anything else,
you've got my numbers, right?

Yeah. All seven of 'em.

I know, it's ridiculous.


Thanks. Thanks, again.

I'll just find my valet ticket.

Oh, you have your car.

Yeah, I showed you
the way here.

Lisa, I don't think
you should drive.

Well, you just have to believe

that I didn't plan it this way.


Okay, wait, wait.

It's because you're married.
I'm sorry.

Actually, I've been separated
for three months.

I'm really attracted to you.
No, I understand.

But I'm just trying to sort
some things out right now.

I'll get a cab.

Oh, damn.

I have this breakfast
meeting at 7:00 a.m.

Tomorrow on the other side
of town, and if I go home

I'm going to have to come back
here at 5:30 to get my car.

Take this.
It's my room key. 912.

It's all yours.

I'll stay with Lennie.

What? She wanted to shack up,
and you turned her down?

I told her I was married.


Rey, you should not
disappoint this woman.

I mean, she provided valuable
information, and she looks great.

Come on, I'm not gonna take
advantage of the situation.

She didn't plan
on getting drunk.

Oh, no?

She's a woman, Rey,
and she's a Hollywood player.

She started strategizing
the minute she saw you.

Besides, if we get
that court order,

we're back on the plane to
New York, and that's it.

Good night, Lennie.

It doesn't matter how "reasonable"
they think their suspicion is.

I mean, this is
an outrageous intrusion

by the state into
my client's body.

What intrusion?
We're talking about a needle prick,

which can dispose of our
suspicions concerning Mr. Grant.

It can?

So if the blood isn't a match with
the semen, is Mr. McCoy saying

that he won't pursue
a case against my client?

That's not the point.
In In Re the Death of Abe A,

the court stated
all that's necessary

is the likelihood of
obtaining relevant,

admissible evidence.

He's being disingenuous,
Your Honor.

Unlike my client, the suspect in
Abe A had a very rare blood type

and he was seen with the victim

moments before
the victim disappeared,

and he had access
to the crime scene.

Now, that blood test
would have been conclusive.

In Mr. Grant's case
the test would at best

determine he might
be the perpetrator.

Mr. Grant admitted
being with the victim

shortly before
she was murdered.

At his gym,
in front of dozens of people.

She was murdered
in her apartment.

If the People's
case is so strong,

why the ex parte court order?

What was your rush,
Mr. McCoy?

The suspect was in California.

How were we
supposed to notify him

of our application?

(SCOFFS) You found him
when you had to.

Your Honor,
this man obviously has

no regard for the constitutional
rights of my client.

I have regard for a victim who
was dismembered by his client.

Okay, I've heard enough.

I'm quashing your
court order, Mr. McCoy.

If you want Mr.
Grant's blood, you'll have to say please.

Hello. Yeah,
what'd he say?

Okay. Yeah, thanks, Jamie.

So, the judge
quashed the court order.

Borough's gonna love
paying for this trip.

Hey, it's not so bad.

What about those bandages
Grant was wearing?

You know, we can get
the blood off of those.

What, you want to go picking
through people's garbage?

What about Grant's
"expectation of privacy"?

The garbage is
in a public area.

As long as the studio gives the
okay, I think we're good on this.

Boy, I don't know what it is

but you guys get a better
class of garbage out here.

"For Your Consideration."

Oh, that's to vote for the Oscars.
The studios give 'em away

to members of
the Motion Picture Academy.

Wow, this movie just came out

in the theaters last week.
Can I hang onto these?

Knock yourself out.

I think I got it.

That's quite a boat. Whose is it?

Mine. It's a Catalina 42.

How far out can you go on it?
On this boat?

You can go around the world.

If you had more time,
I'd take you out for a sail.


Lundquist. Yeah, he's here.
Lennie. Hold on.

Thanks. Yeah?

Thanks. We'll wait here.

Grant's prints
are on the bandage.

His blood's a match
for the semen.

Whoa, whoa, ease off, fellows.
Mr. Grant's no hothead.

Isn't that right, Evan?
What's going on?

Evan Grant, you're under arrest

for the murder
of Heidi Ellison.

I want a lawyer.

That's fine with us.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can be used
against you in a court of law.

This is the bandage, the lab results,
copies of the arrest report,

the extradition papers
and Grant's waiver.

That better be it.
I'm running out of room.

I was wrong.
The orange juice was only $6.25.

The bagel was $12.

Listen, I should go
call Lisa to thank her.

You got about 45 minutes
till your flight.

You never know this time
of day, with the freeway.

Rey, why don't you
call her from New York?

Well, take a good
look around, Evan.

You won't be seeing
any palm trees for a while.

CLERK: " Docket number 026797,
People against Evan Grant.

"The charge is Murder
in the First Degree."

How do you plead, Mr. Grant?

Not guilty. The People
request remand, Your Honor.

Mr. Grant viciously murdered the
victim and mutilated her body

to conceal his crime.
He lied to the police

about his whereabouts,
and fled to California.

Mr. Grant's a personal trainer
with clients in Los Angeles.

The trip was prearranged.

ROSS: Those wealthy clients
may provide him

the money to flee jurisdiction.

Given his criminal record...

An assault conviction
eight years ago,

at which time my client made every court
appearance and received probation.

Yes, and now his
semen's been found

in a torso floating
in the East River.

Give me a break, Mr. Klein.
Your client's remanded. Next case.

Grant's lawyer wants to meet
as soon as possible.

He might be looking for a plea.

Oh, that's too bad.

I was hoping this time Grant
might escape to the Bahamas.

NEAL: Jamie.

Hello, Neal.

Detective Lennie Briscoe.
Neal Gorton, Esquire.

A pleasure.
You don't mind if I borrow

my ex-wife for a moment,
do you?

No, go right ahead. We're all done.
See you later, Jamie.

See you.

I didn't know you
liked older men.

What are you doing here?
You have a case?

I don't know. You tell me.

Tell you what?

What about this
Ellison homicide?

I hear the police
questioned Eddie Newman.

Is he a suspect, too?

Are you representing him?

Not specifically.
Mattawin Studios asked me

to look out after
their interests.

They get a little nervous when the
director of their next big kids' movie

is involved in
a murder investigation.

Your clients can stop worrying.
We have only one suspect.

Thanks. Nice coat.

Thanks. You paid for it.

KLEIN: If Evan's guilty of
anything, it's bad judgment.

Because he killed somebody?
That's the understatement of the year.

I didn't kill her.

Evan wasn't completely forthcoming
in earlier discussions.

He wants to clear the air.

Funny how he didn't want
to before he was indicted.

I was with Heidi the night of the murder.
After I trained her,

I went back to her
place and had sex.

We already know that.

The point is he left
before anything happened.

He said he drove to New Paltz.

You don't own a car,
do you, Mr. Grant?

I borrowed Heidi's car.

I left about 7:30.

Did anyone see you leave?

I don't think so.

I know you're new at this,

but if you're going to come up
with a story, you want to be able

to offer some corroboration.

He has corroboration.

I got a toll receipt when
I got off the throughway.

I think I might've
left it in Heidi's car.

Why didn't you say this before?

I didn't think
you'd believe me.

I mean,
I'd just had sex with her,

I'm driving her car...

She'd just canceled
your acting contract.

There was a reason for that.
I wasn't available for those weeks, and...

If you look in the car,
you'll find the toll receipt

with the time stamped on it.
He was getting off the throughway

while the real killer was hacking up Ms.
Ellison's body.


Are you sure you
have the right car?

I mean, that's a 500 SL also.

Oh, that's Mr. Newman's.

He's got an apartment
two blocks from here,

but he didn't want to lose
his stall after the divorce.

We've got
a three-year waiting list.

He ever use it?
It looks brand new.

Tony detailed it last week.

Mr. Newman wanted
it done right away.

Newman was here?

No, he called from LA the morning after Ms.
Ellison was killed.

He told me he was
coming into town,

and he wanted the car spotless.

Said he wanted it done
right away inside and out.

You got Newman's toll calls?

LAPD faxed 'em.

They confirm Newman's call
to the garage from LA.

What about the call from the
shrink on the night of the murder?

Yeah, we checked
the shrink's air phone bill.

Confirms the call
to Newman in LA.

Only thing is,
it was call-forwarded

from Newman's house
to Newman's cell phone,

which was who-knows-where.

Ask the LAPD to pull
his cell phone records.

Hey, Rey, a Lisa
Lundquist called earlier.

She says she's at the Royalton

and that you can call her
any time, day or night.

Thanks for the message.

Don't mention it.

ROSS: Hi, sweetie!

Hey, what a nice surprise.

I took Katie to the zoo.

We had a good time,
didn't we, angel?

Yes, we did, Daddy.

By the way, I heard
some very disturbing news

about you checking
Eddie Newman's phone records.

Our investigation isn't over.

You told me he
was not a suspect.

Can we talk about this later?

We'll talk about it now.

I asked you a straightforward
question, I deserve an honest answer.

Don't imagine for a second I'm
gonna take any crap from you.

Back off, Neal.

I'm putting you on notice,
and you, too, Mr. McCoy.

Either of you screws with me, I'll
come after you like a pack of dogs.