Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 4, Episode 21 - Doubles - full transcript

Detectives Briscoe and Logan investigate the locker room assault on a rising young tennis star, Korey Burke. Her wrist was broken and it likely spells the end of her career as a pro tennis player. At first they suspect a rival, Allison Hall but then focus on the girl's father who they think might have wanted to find a way for Korey to keep her sponsorship contracts without actually having to play - and perhaps lose. The case seems to come full circle again when evidence points to Allison's boyfriend as the culprit. The solution lies elsewhere however.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
In the criminal
justice system...

the people are represented by two
separate yet equally important groups:

The police who
investigate crime...

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

Alison, over here.

You still want to
talk to me after that?

What happened out there?

Korey's drop shot looked too much
for you. Hey, that was just practice.

I'm sandbagging
her for next week.

You actually think
you've a chance...

to beat Korey? Why
don't you ask her?

What are you going to
do this week to prepare?

First thing, I'm going
to take a shower.

How'd you like practice, Korey?

I wasn't too happy with my game.

Alison beat me on
too many serves.

Are you ready for
the Slims next week?

If you guys let me rest up.

Korey, what about the
national team? Talk to my dad.

How about it, Mitch?

Well, I think it's too soon
to tell about the Olympics.

Let's just see how Korey does
in the Grand Slam, okay, guys?


Hi. Did you sign that contract?

I'm sure Danswood
signed it, there was...

Are you all ready for...

Oh, God!

My hand. Somebody
get a doctor, please.

Oh, God, it hurts.
It was some guy.

The nose was
bloodied but not broken.

Most certainly from a fist.

Then there's the
fractured right carpal bone.

And that would be
where? The wrist.

She has a broken wrist.

There's a distinct bruise half
an inch wide. Probably a stick.

Okay, when can we talk to her?

I'd give it a couple of hours.
She was pretty hysterical.

I gave her something
to help her sleep.

I better bring some
home for me tonight, too.

Excuse me? My daughter.

All year she bothers me,
"Get tickets for the Garden.

"Get tickets for the
Garden. I have to see Korey."

I get two seats
courtside, now this.

A guy with a stick.
That narrows it down.

Any idea who did it?

Will she play next
week? No comment.

Here comes the clown squad.

Van Buren thought you
guys needed adult supervision.

The more the merrier.

What are we telling
the press hogs? Nada.

Nothing. What, are you
guys afraid of the limelight?

Knock your brains out, O'Hearn.

After you get done giving out
autographs, we'll be at the crime scene.

Yeah. Bring your own donuts.

I wanted to keep the practices
closed, but, hey, I'm just the coach.

They didn't want to
hear about bodyguards.

Korey didn't like the idea
of a chaperone? Right.

Then there's the image
problem. The fans resent it.

The press says
you're inaccessible.

That's not what the sponsors want
to hear about America's sweetheart.

After Monica Seles, you'd
figure they'd get the message.

There's a million
kooks out there.

That's not counting
the other four boroughs.

I need to get this stuff back to
Korey. I'll be around if you need me.

We're talking about
more than two hours.

Could anybody have come from
someplace else? Maybe from downstairs?

- The other side of the gym?
- I was here the whole time.

Nobody got past me
except players and coaches.

What about that door
there? Where's that go to?

A parking lot.
Strictly a fire exit.

It's locked on the
inside at all times.

He couldn't have
got in through there.

Yeah, but he could
have gotten out this way.

We'll send somebody
to dust for prints.

Okay, you said there was
another girl in the locker room?

Yeah, another player. We
told her to wait to talk to you.

She's in the pro shop.

Nothing there.

Hey, O'Hearn, don't save
it for the press conference.

Mr. Santos works
the parking lot.

At the approximate
time of the assault...

he saw a white guy in a black leather
jacket come through the fire door.

Would he recognize him?

He was 30 yards away.
This guy's a waste of time.

I heard a scream.
I came running out.

The guy almost knocked
me down heading for the door.

Did you get a look at him? I
was really looking at Korey.

I don't know. He had dark hair.

Leather jacket? Maybe.
It was kind of a blur.

Did the blur say anything?
Like, "Excuse me"? No.

I didn't even know what was
happening till I saw Korey on the floor.

The tournament starts Monday.

Is she going to be able to play?

Not unless she's
a switch-hitter.

Guy broke her wrist. Poor Korey.

I know how much
she wanted to win.

I was walking towards
the locker room...

and somebody came
at me from behind.

He pushed me down, and
I felt this pain in my hand.

I almost blanked out.
Did you get a look at him?

He was a white guy, dark hair.

He was really big.

I'm sorry, it was just too fast.

I mean, he was all over
me. I couldn't defend myself.

Do you have any idea why
somebody would want to do this to you?


Well, it was just a matter
of time, if you ask me.


From the lunatic fringe.
I should've known.

"Korey, since you choose...

"to ignore me, I
have to resort to this...

"crude method of communication.

"You know I was in Bridgeport.
You looked right at me."

The Connecticut
Open, last February.

"I've given you everything...

"time, energy, respectful
love. Now you shut me out.

"If you won't play for me, I
hope you never play again. Alan."

Well, surprise, surprise.

No return address.
New York postmark.

Did you have a relationship
with this guy, at all?

No. It was all in his head.

I mean, if I happen to look
up into the stands in between...

serves or something, it's
not at anybody in particular.

There was a phone call.

Somebody paged me at the gym.

This creep said I could
get hurt if I kept playing.

Did he identify himself? No.

I just hung up. Why
didn't you call the police?

I was scared. Well,
what about you?

I just found out
about this yesterday.

You're going to
catch him, right?

I think Alan would
be his true name.

These people don't make
any effort to hide their identity.

He made an effort not to
include a return address.

He probably assumes
Korey Burke already knows it.

He assumes they
have a relationship.

He certainly believes
he's earned one.

Well, he drives to
Connecticut for a game.

I guess that's worth something.

I think he's invested...

considerably more than
gas money on this fixation.

Every game, every news
article... It's a full-time occupation.

What the hell's in it for him?
Korey barely knows he exists.

The way he sees it, she changes
her running shoes, that's her way of...

saying hello to him.
She waves to the crowd...

it's a declaration of love.

And if the secret
code gets jumbled...

any chance he'd become violent?

There's a low risk. About 5%.

"You don't play for me, I hope
you never play for anybody else"?

I'd be watching my back.

Well, you take it as a threat.
He probably meant it as curse.

Right. And he whacked
her with his magic wand.

We're running a check on a
tournament you had, March 20.

Yeah, I just want to find out if there was
any kind of an incident, any disturbance.

Yeah, could you? Thanks.

Well, Forensics lifted five
sets of prints from the letter.

Korey, her dad,
and three unknowns.

They're still sorting through
the prints they got off the fire exit.

Yeah. Okay.

Really? Was he
taken into custody?

Okay. Thank you, very much.

Alan Lovitz, West 72nd Street.

Tried to force his way into
the players' locker room.

Said he had a gift
for Korey Burke.

Alan Lovitz? Yes.

I'm Detective Logan,
this is Detective Briscoe.

You mind if we come in?
Why? What's the problem?

Can we talk inside? You want
to tell me what this is about?

Well, it might be about your
little hobby. Korey Burke?

The tennis player?
No, the hockey player.

I think she means a little
bit more to you than that.

I admit I'm a fan.

Hey, I'm a fan of Patrick Ewing.

I don't send him
threatening letters.

I've never threatened
Korey. I'd never hurt her.

I've followed her career since
she turned pro. Come here.

Look at this. Come here.

Korey Burke.

Boy, you got
everything in here...

but a lock of hair
and her baby teeth.

This look like somebody
who'd hurt her?

You have any other job,
Mr. Lovitz, besides the fan club?

I sell PVC piping.
Direct. To contractors.

And yesterday afternoon,
were you drumming up...

business at the Robinson Club?

Korey's practice schedule.

Okay, pack up your sample case.

You're going on a
road trip, Mr. Lovitz.

Come on.

So he writes one letter,
he keeps a few pictures.

It's an innocent pastime.

All Mark Chapman
wanted was an autograph.

I never went near
Korey yesterday.

I was working.

You were supposed to be
peddling pipe up in Scarsdale.

Contractor says you
never showed up.

I got lost. I had
the wrong address.

Look, I know it's hard for
you guys to understand.

Try us.

We can be very open-minded.

Alan. No.

I want to explain. I'm
very devoted to Korey.

I have made that
clear to her many times.

She knows I only
want what's best for her.

Well, making threats over the
phone is a hell of a way to show...

I never called her!

If she said that, she's lying.

That must've been tough,
taking all that rejection.

My client's had his head shrunk by
professionals. Don't waste your time.

This rap session's over. Come
on, Alan, you're going home.

No, sorry, we got him booked for
a little show-and-tell with the victim.

My client doesn't have
to submit to a lineup.


I want her to see me.

His call, Counselor.

There's no hurry, Miss Burke.

- No. I don't think it's any of them.
- All right. Thank you.

Look at each one. Tell us
if you recognize anybody.

No. He's not there.
You're absolutely sure?

Miss Kincaid, maybe
you'd like to use a pointer.

Okay. Thank you.

Nice picture.

Yeah, this should
keep the Mayor happy.

And we look real smart,
putting Lovitz back on the street.

Oh, well, listen, we could
Krazy Glue his feet to the floor...

it still wouldn't hold him.
So Mr. Lovitz is free...

to keep dogging Korey
Burke around the country.

You check his LUDs?

Yeah, calls to tennis clubs...

tennis magazines,
pro tour associations.

Guy's got tennis
balls between his ears.

No calls to Korey Burke's gym?

The guy's a road warrior. He's got a
million phone booths to choose from.

Mitchell Burke just called. Your
friend just left another love letter.

I'd just been to the gym
and cleaned out my bag.

This was in the bottom.
Put that right there, okay?

You didn't see anybody
near your locker?

Well, there were other girls in
the room, but I locked up my stuff.

What about the bag? Maybe you
left it for a minute by the front desk?

No, I had it with
me the whole time.

This is insane. How long do we
have to put up with this maniac?

I can't believe that he's
back out on the street.

Without an ID, there's not
much we can hold him on.

We might have something now.

"You got my warning.
No more games.

"The next time you set
foot on a court, you die."

Our favorite fruitcake, Alan...

was on an overnight in Jersey.

This time his alibi checks out.

There's no way he
could have slipped back...

and put the note in Korey's bag.

Well, maybe he had
a friend at the gym.

According to Olivet the
note doesn't even fit his m.o.

It was written in block
letters with the wrong hand...

and it was unsigned.

Well, give him
credit for being smart.

This boy would rather
be noticed. He wants...

Korey to know his name.

He wants her to see
his face in a lineup.

All of a sudden he
craves anonymity?

What are you saying?
Korey has another pen pal?

Somebody who wants
her to hang up her racket.

You really think you
should be eating that?

A couple of hours on the
court, I'll burn it right off.

I'm still working on a hot
dog from the Mets game.

Yesterday, before you went to
the gym, you go anywhere else?

I went to the doctor's
to get some x-rays...

and then I just stopped in
to see Jane. Your coach?

She had some new rackets
she wanted me to look at.

And then we just did
foot drills for a while.

I don't think I could be
getting through this without her.

I never believed it
was that guy Alan.

Even after the letter he wrote?

I talked to some of the other
girls. I mean, they all get letters.

Guys come on to you,
they buy you things.

My dad worries but...

these guys are dweebs.
They're completely harmless.

What about the competition?

You kidding? They're my
friends. That's ridiculous.

Look, I don't want
you bothering...

any of the other players.
This is my problem.

I've got to go. I've got
a doctor's appointment.

Little junior diplomat. Never
speak ill of your enemies.

You buy it?

Move your feet Jessie. Come on.

You're stuck in cement!


Eye on the ball. Nice shot!

Any of them the
next Korey Burke?

Not one of them half as tough.

Korey played the Open
last year on a sprained ankle.

These kids, they break
a nail, they fall apart.

They'd faint if they saw what Korey
goes through just to stay Number 5.

A lot of these players
gunning for her position?

Number 6 through 200.

Any of them likely to take
the competition off the court?

And break her wrist?

I thought it was some nut.

Maybe someone who
would like us to believe that.

Maybe some other player she
talked to about her fan mail?

Korey doesn't have
heart-to-hearts with other players.

Her father's idea. He
thinks fraternizing...

with the competition
blunts her killer instinct.

And all teenagers
listen to their old man.

She used to be close with
Alison, the girl she practices with.

But Mitch keeps a
pretty tight leash on her.

I don't know what it
does for her social life...

but it sure as hell
helps her game.

Well, thanks.

Everybody wants
a piece of Korey.

I take care of the business.
Korey's job is winning tournaments.

Let's just go into my office.

Well, what about
when she's not playing?

She's a teenager.
What can I tell you?

Yeah, I've got two in college. Well,
then you know what I'm talking about.

Sorry to drag you down here...

but I gotta meet
with these lawyers...

from a soft drink company.

They want to put their
logo on Korey's headband.

So, what can I do for you?
Is Korey close to her mother?

When she was alive.
Breast cancer, four years ago.

I wish she could
see her kid now.

But, anyway, now
it's just me, you know.

I take care of the business, I take
care of the travel arrangements.

You know, this is the only
time we're home all year.

Doesn't sound like
much of a life for a kid.

If Korey didn't love
it, she wouldn't do it.

I'm not Joyce Brothers,
I'm only her father.

I'm doing what I think is best.

And when you're not looking?

Like I told you,
she's a teenager.

I do everything I can to keep Korey
from ruining what we've worked for.

But there are a lot of
bad influences out there.

For example? For
example, Alison Hall.

She's a country-club brat. She
plays tennis for a hobby, kind of like...

Prince Charles with his
polo. Korey doesn't need that.

Well, all work and no play.

Korey is primed to be
the best in the world.

Now, what am I supposed
to do, let her sleaze around...

with a bunch of trust-fund kids?

We just went into
Gannon's to play pool.

I don't even think Korey
had anything to drink.

This was not a big deal, no
matter what Mr. Burke says.

Take it easy. We're
not the liquor authorities.

So was Korey involved
with any of your friends?

Involved how?

Do I have to draw
you a picture? No.

She wasn't going with anybody.

What do you care, anyway?

Mr. Burke doesn't have
very nice things to say about...

the people you hang out with.

So what? It doesn't mean
one of my friends attacked her.

Well, we're not
accusing anybody, Alison.

But if you have somebody
in mind, I'm all ears.

You were scheduled to play Korey in the
first round of the Slims next week, right?

That's right. And I was looking
forward to kicking her butt.

From what I read, Korey beats
you on a pretty regular basis.

So do between 70 and
80 other girls out there.

Look, Korey's a couple of
years younger than I am...

but she's my hero. She's
got more talent, more focus.

More trophies. A
lot more trophies.

Sounds like you have a much better
chance of winning one next week.

With Korey out, you get
a bye in the first round.

Now you're accusing me. I
wanted to play Korey next week.

On a good day I'm ranked 82nd.
I beat Number 81, who cares?

I beat Korey Burke, maybe they
put my name on a running shoe.

She's got high hopes. A healthy
Korey Burke, and it's six-love, six-love.

What if the guy with the stick
was a little overenthusiastic?

You mean he was
supposed to bend, not break?

Well, a few
bruises, a few tears.

Korey can still play,
but she's spooked.

Yeah, and Alison kicks her butt.

Alison was the first
one to that locker room.

She could've let someone
in through the fire exit.

That still leaves us
with the missing link.

What, the guy with
the black jacket?

Sounds like the dress
code at Gannon's.

Alison Hall.

Absolut soda with a beer
chaser. She likes the corner table.

Plenty of room for her posse.

Any of them tall, dark,
and quick with his fists?

Yeah, there's been a few.

How about in the
last month or two?

I keep track of her drinks, not who's
running in and out of her bedroom.

Same way you don't keep track
of who comes in with phony ID?

I think you better
stop dancing around...

the questions and
just answer them.

All right, let me think.

It's Marc. Marc Kenner.

He said he was some
kind of bodyguard...

to the stars, or something.
Got his black belt in Japan.

If you ask me, the only belts
he has are out of the bottle.

Were he and Alison an item?

Some girls like them stupid.

Well, when he's not
breaking plywood...

with his head, how
does he make a living?

He's a bouncer.

Last I heard, he was
working the door down at BZ's.

After hours place
in the Village.


Sorry, pops, you and
granddad got to wait in line.

Nice jacket. You Marc Kenner?

So you know my name.

If you're not on the
guest list, you don't get in.

Actually, you're
on our guest list.

Okay, we can talk inside. Nah,
I got enough hearing damage.

We got a better place
to talk. Come on. Nick.

We got a search
warrant for his jacket...

and sent it down to Forensics.

Lucky for us, Mr. Kenner
doesn't have a real big wardrobe.

Yeah, he's sucking on a
lollipop, waiting for his lawyer.

At least he knows
the drill. He should.

Mark Kenner. Numerous
convictions for misdemeanor assault...

drug possession, petty
larceny. He's been a bad boy.

I talked to Forensics. No
blood on Kenner's jacket.

They're sending up a report.

Well, there goes our slam dunk.

Mr. Kenner doesn't
know what's on his jacket.

See if we can't lose that
report for a couple of hours.

My client doesn't even know
what Korey Burke looks like.

Oh, yeah?

So you read the
sports section...

but you don't look
at the pictures, huh?

How about Alison Hall?

You got a pretty good
look at her, didn't you?

So I tossed her around
the sack a few times.

Big deal. Well, after
you caught your breath...

did she ask you to
take a whack at Korey?

I don't have to sit here
and listen to this crap.

Maybe you'd be more
comfortable upstate.

Is that supposed to scare me? You
don't know who you're screwing with.

I know people. We
know people, too, Marc.

They wear little white coats...

and they look through
microscopes, and right now...

they're looking at your jacket.

When you put your
fist in Korey's face...

don't you think she
bled on you a little?

I'm giving you 30 seconds.

And then I'm walking out that
door and I'm going to get that report.

And then a big, iron door is
going to slam shut in your face.

And that means the
store's closed, son.

No more deals.

Your attorney here can
explain the whole concept to you.

Hope you brought
a toothbrush. Wait.

This is strictly
off the record...

until we get something in
writing from the D.A.'s office.

Alison gave me $10,000.

I did her a favor.

You guys following me around?
Well, not into the water. You mind?

Game. Set. Match.

Alison Hall, you're
under arrest for assault.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

"Docket number 622083.

"People verses
Alison Marissa Hall.

"Charges are assault
in the first degree...

"and conspiracy to commit
assault in the first degree."

It's obvious what's going
on here, Your Honor.

The D.A.'s office is
trying to grab headlines.

They're entitled to their 15
minutes like everyone else.

Isn't it bad enough that our
celebrities are victimized...

by the public? Now the
state has to follow suit?

I've been to Flushing
Meadow, Counselor.

I think you're giving your
client too much credit.

Now, what does she
have to say for herself?

Not guilty.

People request bail of
$100,000, Your Honor.


You've been reading too
much Robert Ludlum, Ben.

Hit men...

Conspiracy? Oh, it's
a conspiracy, Joan.

And like most, the weakest
link will eventually break.

Mr. Kenner?

He crawls out of a sewer
and into a courtroom...

and you expect a
jury to believe him?

We happen to believe
him. Marc Kenner's a jerk.

Two months ago, I had to call the
cops to toss him out of my apartment.

You obviously patched things up.

Now, we're willing to talk a deal to save
your client the embarrassment of a trial.

You know what I'm
going to do, Ben?

I'm going to give you a preview
of my closing statement right now.

I'm going to turn to the jury, I'm
going to look straight in their eyes...

and I'm going to say, "Why?"

Motive's not part of
the prima facie case.

But nine times out of ten, lack of
it translates into reasonable doubt.

Save your breath on the
deal, Ben. Let's go, Alison.

Well, she's right. The
crime doesn't make sense.

It may not make sense now, but there
may be something we don't know about.

Yeah, well, if Alison Hall
had something to gain, maybe.

You think she's gonna
knock off the top...

100 players in the game just
to get seeded in the Open?

Some crimes are senseless, Adam.

People who commit
them don't hire a hit man.

The girls had some
kind of relationship.

Alison Hall was at the scene.

That adds credibility
to Kenner's statement.

Ben, Marc Kenner's
attorney's in your office.


What do you say we
cut right to the chase?

My client's recanting
his statement.

What is your
explanation for that?

He lied on his statement
because he was abused as a child?

No. He's not guilty, period.

He's already confessed. That
confession was illegally obtained.

He signed the
Miranda waivers, Max.

You were sitting next to him
when he made the statement.

And we were both bamboozled
by Detectives Briscoe and Logan.

They out and out lied
about the existence of...

forensic evidence...

i.e., the victim's blood
on my client's jacket.

Excuse me, but I
read their report.

They said specifically that they
were waiting for the paperwork...

from Forensics. Sure,
that's what they said.

But the fact is, they
already knew the results.

You see, Ben, in my business
it pays to do your homework.

It all boils down to my client
was intentionally misled. Ergo...

the confession wasn't
voluntary. Ergo...

oh, hell, you know the rest.

- Max, the Supreme Court.
- Save it for Judge Lenz.

Tomorrow morning,
9:30 in the A.M.

It's black letter law.
To be admissible...

a confession must be obtained
without police coercion of any kind.

At all times during the
interrogation, Your Honor...

the defendant was
represented by counsel.

And I'm here to say that
counsel was equally duped.

I ask, what is the
difference between...

shining a bright light in a man's
eyes for 10 hours and manipulating...

a confession out
of him with lies?

The Supreme Court thinks
there's a big difference.

Thank you, Miss Kincaid.

Why don't you tell Mr. Hellman
here all about the Moran case?

So long as the suspect understands
the bare essentials of his...

Miranda Rights, no
type of police deception...

will vitiate the
waiver of those rights.

You should keep up with
your reading, Mr. Hellman.

I have a heavy case
load, Your Honor.

I don't have time
for advance sheets.

Then hire an associate.
Moran was a 1986 decision.

That's it?

You're going to let
the confession stand?

Your client's guilty, isn't
he? Thank you, Your Honor.

Not so fast, Mr. Stone.

I'll give you one more
shot, Mr. Hellman.

Your Fifth Amendment argument
didn't work. What comes next?

You want a hint?

Two words: Due process.

Your Honor, Moran implied...

that police deception does not
violate due process unless it shocks...

the sensibility of the court. A couple
of cops faking forensic evidence?

That shocks the hell out of me.

The confession is out. So
is anything arising therefrom.

We get the only judge who
actually reads Supreme Court dicta.

The confession's
inadmissible against Kenner.

We can still use it
against Alison Hall.

He won't repeat it in a courtroom
unless I deal him down to nothing.

I'm not ready to do
that. This is great.

We know who did it, but we
have no evidence proving it.

Well, maybe we will if we
find out why it was done.

I'm lost here. You know Alison
did it. What's the problem?

Trying to prove it
is another story, sir.

Korey, can you think of any
reason why she'd want to hurt you?

It's not like we're in
competition, or anything.

It doesn't make sense. She's
crazy. What else is there?

Your coach told the police
you used to be friends.

Yeah. We used to.

But I told Korey to stay
away from her. I was right.

Korey, when you stopped
being friends, was Alison angry?

No. We're not enemies.

I can't believe she'd do it.

Look, you're a
winner, she's a loser.

What else is there to know?

Mr. Burke, it's not that simple.

It is for me, Miss Kincaid.

I'm not gonna let her
get away with this...

and I don't care how
much money it takes.

Dad, what's the point?

Point is you're
not gonna play...

for six months.
Then there's a trial?

Look, I don't need that. I
just want to forget about it.

You get that woman,
Mr. Stone, and you put her in jail.

Come on, Korey.

Alison and Korey...

came up through the
Pee-Wees together...

always finishing one, two.

When Alison was 15...

she demolished Korey at the
finals for the National Juniors.

Next year, Korey took off for
fame and fortune, and Alison...

well, she's not going to
be in any record books.

They still practiced together.
That was Korey's idea.

She's very faithful
to her friends.

If one of my buddies was on
the cover of Tennis Digest...

three months running while I'm
stuck shagging my own practice balls...

I'd sure resent
the hell out of it.

Let's take a break.

Did Alison ever say as much?

Not in front of me.
Korey never mentioned it.

I guess Alison's happy, though.

She finally beat
a seeded player.

Korey wants us to drop
the case against her.

That sounds just like Korey.

She probably feels
sorry for Alison.

Korey had a couple of
accidents the past few years...

but now she was healthy.

This was going to be
her breakaway year.

We all expected great things.

It could still happen.

Yeah, that's what Mitch would like
to believe. But in my experience...

at Korey's age, six
months off the court...

could be a lifetime.

It could take years to
get back into the top 10.

The only difference between Korey
and someone like Alison is motivation.

I've heard Mitch's pep talks.

Shades of my father when I
was doing track in high school.

Yeah, Mitch lays
it on a little thick.

I've talked to him about it.

But so far, whatever
he does seems to work.

If I don't care whether
Alison goes to jail or not...

why should you care so much?

She paid someone
to viciously attack you.

That's a crime, Korey.

Don't you think she
should be punished?

The papers have ripped her
apart. She's been punished enough.

Your coach feels she's
very jealous of your success.

I don't believe it.
She'd have to be sick.

Your father thinks so.

Don't you think
Alison needs help?

Can't you just leave this alone?

It's not that easy. She
might even try it again.

I doubt it.

I don't think you
understand... No. You...

don't understand.

It's not that bad. I'll live.


I already told my father I
wanted to quit tennis, anyway.

If you ask me, I think
she's a little too forgiving.

Yeah, well someone ought
to tell her that revenge...

is one of your four
major food groups.

She's not even 20 years old.

The media won't
let her breathe...

it's understandable
she wants out.

Well, if she really wants out...

she can disappear
into the woodwork...

after she helps us
convict the other girl.

That's precisely what she's
trying to avoid by retiring.

Cover-up? She won't
cooperate, Adam...

she doesn't think a
crime's been committed.

So she throws away a
multi-million-dollar career...

to protect a friend
who broke her arm.

We should all
inspire such loyalty.

This might sound
crazy, but bear with me.

Now, if Korey had retired before
the attack, who's the big loser?

Aside from losing
her winnings...

her corporation would breach
endorsement contracts worth millions.

But if she's forced to retire
because of a mugging...

she'd get overwhelming
public sympathy.

Where are you
going with this, Claire?

Mitchell Burke owns 50% of
the corporation, doesn't he?

We've been killing
ourselves looking for a motive.

What's better than greed?

Maybe Korey doesn't
want to pursue this case...

because she doesn't
want her father to go to jail.

I can't believe this. The man
would have to be a monster.

You've seen what he's
like. His whole life is Korey.

She tells him she wants to quit.

His motivational
speeches don't work.

He makes the best of what
he perceives as a disaster.

Then why did Kenner
sic us onto Alison Hall?

We know Alison had an up and
down relationship with Kenner.

Look at his rap sheet.

He could have lied for a dozen
different reasons we'd never know about.

The problem is, Kenner has
no incentive to talk to us now.

Who knows, you
may be right. So...

Get Mitchell Burke in here.

What is it with you people? I would never
do anything in the world to hurt Korey.

She told you she
wanted to retire.

Every kid goes through that.

You keep them going. That's
not the only thing involved...

here, sir. You both stand
to lose a lot of money.

Money? You think I'm
in this for the money?

Let me ask you something.

Have you ever even been close to
being the best in the world at anything?

- The fact is...
- The fact is...

that the minute I put a racket in Korey's
hand I knew she had something special.

I played competitive
tennis, Miss Kincaid.

High school, college.

The best I ever did was
the quarter finals in the state.

But Korey. Korey,
has a natural talent...

and I have spent
my whole life...

making sure that
she doesn't waste it.

And I would damn
sure never do anything...

to destroy it!

Then doesn't it make you angry
that she wants to throw that away?

She'll get over it. She needs
tennis. She needs tennis.

Tennis is the one place
where she can be a winner.

And that's what the
people in this world respect.

Winning. Without it,
they'll eat her alive.

Now, if you have any
further questions...

you know where to find me.

How easy do you think
it would be to say to him:

"Dad, I'm quitting"?

Well, it's obvious that he is
obsessed with her success.

Korey's had a series of
accidents for the past two years.

Last year it was
a fender-bender.

Korey sprained her knee.

The year before that...

she took a header down
the stairs. Bruised shoulder.

And the year before that...

she sliced her finger
opening a can of peas.

Girl's been keeping us busy.

You'd think someone who makes her
living as an athlete would be more careful.

Bobby Ojeda, when
he was with the Mets...

nearly cut off his finger trimming
the hedges in his backyard.

Just because they're pros...

doesn't mean they're not subject
to the normal human frailties.

Year after year after year?

You never thought
that was a little strange?

Yes, I did.

That's why I sent
her to Dr. Styne.

He's a psychiatrist.
Handles athletes.

He's been seeing her
for a couple of years.

Tennis players,
figure skaters, golfers...

they can have an army of...

trainers, coaches, managers, but when it
comes down to it, they're out there alone.

No teammates to
blame for failure.

No teammates with
whom to share success.

Always on the road,
no time to themselves...

no privacy. When you're world-class,
you don't make small mistakes.

They're also
treated like royalty.

Girls like Korey, I envy their
talent. I don't envy their lives.

No matter how miserable they get,
no one wants to hear their stories.

Can you imagine feeling sorry for them
with their looks and talent and money?

How do you deal with that?

Well, the best I've come up with
is having them keep a daily journal.

It appears to help
relieve some of the stress.

A teenage girl who
can't handle the pressure.

How would she react?

The lucky ones
quit. Others overeat.

Some party all night.

Do any become self-destructive?


the subconscious may cause
one to become accident-prone.

You sit in the
stands and cheer...

and you never
really know what's...

going on inside their heads.

The psychiatrist said it's possible
that she might injure herself.

That's a far cry
from hiring a hit man.

You said she kept a diary. Maybe
there's some help in there for us.

If she actually
did this to herself...

do you really think
she belongs in prison?

I know Kenner belongs in prison.

And we have no basis
to request the diary.

If there's exculpatory
evidence inside it, we do.

We have to tell Alison Hall, because
there's charges pending against her.

Aren't you forgetting? My
client is not the defendant here.

If her diary contains information
that proves Miss Hall...

innocent, you know damn
well we're obliged to turn it over.

You can't turn it over
if you don't have it.

If you don't have it, you're not
violating any ethical obligation.

Ross, look at it this way. We
look through the diary, if there's...

nothing there relevant to
the case, that's the end of it.

If you don't let us have it...

we'll be forced to give notice
of its existence to Alison Hall.

And she may go public.

Wait a minute, I don't get this.

This girl breaks my
daughter's arm, and you're...

bending over backwards
to get her off the hook?

Is there something in the diary
that worries you, Mr. Burke?

What worries me is
that this diary contains...

my daughter's private thoughts.

And as far as I'm concerned,
that's nobody's business but hers.

We can make a motion to produce.

You do what you have to do.

The Supreme Court
has recognized...

that there are
certain areas of...

human existence that must remain
free of governmental intrusion.

Clearly, the most fundamental is
the right of an individual to maintain...

his privacy.

And the courts have been willing to
overlook such fundamental rights...

when there's been a
compelling state interest to do so.

And what is more compelling
than a situation in which...

the wrong person may be
brought to trial for a felony?

There is a chance that Miss Burke's
diary could exculpate the defendant...

Your Honor.

Chance? That's not good enough.

Substantive due process
dictates that the means must...

be necessary to achieve the end.

Look at Griswold v.
Connecticut. The court held...

that the right of privacy
includes keeping...

the government
out of our bedrooms.

At best, the only injury Miss
Burke might suffer is a bit of...

embarrassment, Your Honor.
And what is more sacrosanct...

than one's reputation?
Not much, Mr. Fineman.

Unfortunately, the Supreme
Court in Paul v. Davis held...

that reputation alone is not a
constitutionally protected interest.

I direct Miss Burke's
diary be turned over to...

the People no later than
end of business today.

Your Honor... I'm
sorry, Mr. Fineman.

You can assure your client
that the diary will be used...

only for the purposes
discussed here today.

Understood, Mr. Stone?
Yes, Your Honor. Thank you.

"I'm tired. I'm bored.

"Alison went dancing last night.

"She told me she met some hunk.

"She's so lucky. She
just wants to have fun."

Well, that says it all.
She was jealous of Alison.

Here, this is a month ago:

"I met Alison's
boyfriend at Gannon's."

Marc Kenner? Yeah.
"He's real cute and sexy."

And this one's a
week before the attack.

"I'm scared, but I hope
everything will be okay.

"Marc will take care of
it. Dad will never know."

So she did hire Kenner.

Even if that were a crime, we
can't use the diary against her.

I don't think we'll have to...

because we can
use it against Kenner.

Korey Burke's diary
implicates your client.

You're kidding, right?

I mean, even I know that's
garden-variety hearsay.

Not if it's a statement
against penal interest.

She wrote that she and
your client conspired...

She conspired to
beat herself up?

Give me a break, Ben.
Where's the crime?

Korey did it so she could quit the
tour and not lose her endorsements.

We're charging you with
conspiracy to defraud.

The girl has Fifth Amendment
rights. It's inadmissible.

Not against your client.

Young man, you're
going to prison...

and Korey Burke is laughing
all the way to the bank.

I want a deal.

You've got nothing
to tell us, sir. Yeah?

You've got it all wrong. It was
the other one that hired me.

Alison Hall? Yeah.

Just like I told
you the first time.

She told me to hit her,
but not to hurt her too bad.

She said it was
to help her friend.

Assault two, Ben?

We'll see how he performs
in front of a grand jury.

The grand jury returned an
indictment against Alison...

even before Kenner was
on the bus to Ossining.

And what about Korey Burke?

She gets to walk
off into the sunset?

Other than the diary, we don't
have any evidence against her.

What the evidence can't do,
I'm hoping her conscience will.

And if it doesn't...

our sympathetic
friend who helped her...

spends the next three
years alone regretting it.

I'm not sure either
one belongs in prison.


Thank you.

Mitchell Burke called. He
wants to come in with Korey.

When Korey explained to me what
happened, I could hardly believe it.

I'd rather hear it from
your daughter, sir. Korey?

It was all my idea.

Alison did it for me.

You have no idea what it's like.

The pressure. It's...

It's like this big weight
just pounding on my head.

I asked Alison to do it for
me. I gave her the money.

She didn't do anything wrong.

You both committed
a crime, Korey.

I'm sure they both
learned their lesson.

That's for a judge
to decide, sir.


If you had told me that you
wanted to quit, I would have let you.

You never heard me.

You never took anything
I wanted seriously.

Korey, you know that's not
true. I was always there for you.

You were so proud.

"Win, Korey...

"and you'll win the trophy.
Win, Korey, and you'll make...

"the Tour. Win, Korey, and
you'll be the best in the world"...

Korey, you are the best.

I know what it
means to you, Daddy.

I never wanted to...

I know, I hate
still hurting you...

I just want you to
love me for who I am.

I'm recommending
probation and 100 hours...

community service
for both of them.

Teaching tennis to
the underprivileged.

Not exactly the life
Korey had planned.

Most people work a lifetime...

to get to the top
of their profession.

Korey Burke got there
before her twentieth birthday.

Well, she's fortunate. Now she
can get on with the rest of her life.