La Mante (2017): Season 1, Episode 6 - Épisode 6 - full transcript

With the clock ticking and his family in danger, Damien weighs an offer from the killer. A rescue mission takes an unexpected turn.



-Where are you?
-At Virginie's. Why?

-Are you with her?
-No, I'm in my bedroom.

Get out of the house now, quietly.

Why? What's wrong?

We think the copycat killer may be her.


What do you mean?

I can't get there straight away.
Go downstairs, act natural.

Virginie doesn't know.
2 cops are waiting for you outside.

-Call me when you're with them.


Looking for this?


Here you are.

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

I need some fresh air, that's all.

-What are you afraid of?

You can't hear or what?

I can.

-What are you afraid of?
-Nothing. Why?

I don't know.

You're looking at me
like I was a monster.


See you in a bit.

That's not the right one.

How lucky
to be able to make love with Damien.

With Alex, you know...

I thought he was different.

He wouldn't mind my particularity.

He let me down.

You don't know what that is.

Rejection, humiliation...
You don't!

The tearing in your stomach,
you don't know.



The only thing that appeases me,

that heals me

is to see them die.

The silence

right afterwards.


Please, Virginie, let me out.

It's the police.

Open the door.

Open it.

Don't worry.
I'll take care of you later.

Open the door!

It'll be nice, you'll see.

Damien, I've locked myself in.
She has a gun.

Calm down.
Stan and Christophe will handle her.

They'll get you out.

There's a window in the bathroom.

Can you try to get out?

There are bars.

Mrs. Carrot, are you there?

Yes, I am.

Where's your friend?

Somewhere in the house
but she's armed.

We'll come get you.

I'll check the lounge.


Nothing to the right.

I'm upstairs.

In the bathroom,
to the right of the stairs.

Don't move.


Can you hear me? Lucie!


What should I do, my love?

How does it feel to be afraid?

It must turn you on.

Stop it, let me out.

"Let me out. Stop it, Virginie.

I'm afraid."


do something.

Shut the fuck up!


Stop it.

Stop it.

What are you doing?


Go on!

Go on.

-What have you done?

Nothing yet, just a little injection.
She's sleeping like a baby.

I'm warning you, if you hurt her...

What? You'll do like your mother?




The house is empty.

Christophe's body is upstairs.


Why didn't I do anything?

She was there before my eyes.

I did nothing.

We did nothing.

We weren't able to protect Lucie!

Why did you drag me into this? Why me?

Why did you call me?
You dragged me into this hell!

Go! Now!


go now!

-I'm hurting.
-We all are, we have 2 friends...

2 mates on the slab!

And now we must find your wife.

So breathe! I need you!

You hear me?

Listen, we'll find her.

You've known her for 5 years.

You must know something.

-I don't know...
-Besides you,

did she have any other friends?

She always said

we were her only family.

Of course.

I simply don't know that person.


No sign of her.

The situation hasn't changed.


you look terrified.

I know what you're thinking.

"What a bitch!

Playing games with me all this time."

Wrong. I love you, you know?

"Virginie, do you think he's lying?

Do you think
his mother is really dead?

I'm pregnant! What am I gonna do?"

I had so much fun with you.

Her car is on her street.

We suppose she's driving another car.

Check that.

Are you sure?

When was the latest withdrawal made ?

-Scan this photofit.

-And send it to them.

I'll send the photofit.

Everyone into position.
All details count.


Connect all the cameras

and put Jeanne's phone on full screen.


Look, there's a cage behind her.

I wanted to be a mother too.

I have a belly too.

But it's not working anymore.

It's dead.

Say hi. I think they're all there.

You don't want to?

Don't be angry, must be hormones.

Now we're all gathered,
let's play together.

You know the 7 families game?

Never mind. I'll begin.

From the Carrot family,

I'll give you back Lucie
and the baby.

And I would like the mother.

The exchange will be in 4 hours.

Half an hour before, I'll say where.

Stern, could you pass me your phone?

Thank you.


Jeanne wants to speak to you.


You must accept it, Damien.

She'll kill you.

Lucie is carrying your child.

You must save them.

Please, let me do this for you.

Please, Damien.

-We'll exchange them.
-Hang on...

They could be accomplices.

No time for Cluedo.
A pregnant woman in horror

wants to go home.

Szofia, set up a team.

Achille, get a small tracker.

Will the commissioner allow it?

I'll handle him.

Want some?

You're a fucking bitch.

I gave you water and you spat at me!

You can be really annoying!

You must be out of your depth.

How could I authorise that operation?

Setting 2 killers loose?

Why not add Hanibal Lecter to the party?

Listen, we have no choice.

We'll take all necessary precautions.

I've gathered an intervention squad.

Plus, the Mantis will have a tracker
so we can follow them in real time

to arrest them after the exchange.

Without your green light,
a pregnant woman will be killed.

You got us in this mess, Ferraci.

You set up this operation
with the Mantis and failed it.

From now on, I will give the directions.

If it turns out badly,

say you didn't know about it,

and I was alone in charge of it.

That's what I will tell the media.

Are you aware
you're ruining your career?

Mine, yeah.

Not yours, sir.

It's a transmitter.

We'll track you through it.

Virginie won't do anything
till she feels safe.

We'll keep her in the firing line

to rescue you safe and sound.

Everything will be okay.

I won't abandon you.


Go to Porte de Saint-Cloud.

I'll call you back later.

I've spent days with you

and still don't know who you are.

I liked your silence.

Secrecy is my job...

Mrs. Carrot.

No hard feelings?

No hard feelings.



Go on to motorway A13
towards Rouen.

Take exit 8,

direction Mortefontaine.

We'll do the exchange around there.



Stop right there.

We're stopping, tell everyone.

Look behind you.

There's a hill.

Come meet me.

Where's Lucie?

Up here.

With me.

I want to see her.

Come up, alone.

Right in front of you.

No way.

It's up to you.

A walk in the country.

You're no longer 10, but I like it.


Nobody moves.


Stop there.

I'll send you Lucie.

Jeanne will join me, alone.

I hope one day you'll forgive me.

Take care of my son.

Thank you.

Are you okay?


What does the tracker say?

They're walking through the woods
to that road.


Szofia, get half the squad,
try to catch them from behind.

We will be at the exit of the woods.

You're staying with Achille, okay?


Lucie, what's wrong?


Send for an ambulance. Do it!

My stomach!

-What's happening?
-I don't know!

Go rescue Jeanne! Go rescue her!

What am I gonna tell Ninon?

She's weak.

Wait and see what happens.

I'll drive her
to her father's tonight.

Thanks for looking after her.

It's normal.

I think she fooled you all.

It's all her fault.

Cut it out!

She wanted to protect Lucie.

That's all.

That's why she accepted it.


Are you sure of that?


-How is she?
-We don't know yet.

-And Jeanne?
-Bad news.

We found this in the forest.

Her transmitter.

The whole area is being combed,

but they've both vanished.

We ignore
if Virginie found the transmitter

or if your mother got rid of it.

Mr. Carrot.

We've stopped the bleeding.

The exams show she swallowed
mifepristone, or Mifegyne.

It's a substance used
for medical abortion.

And the baby?

We don't know yet.

I'll put some gel on you.

Don't worry, it's a bit cold.

I'm sorry.

Please sir, sit down.

It's still there.

-Can you see it?

That little dot there.

Do you think it'll live?

You were given an antispasmodic
to stop contractions.

We hope it'll hold on.

We'll leave you two alone,
then you'll go to a room.

-Will you be okay?

Your mother?


Her transmitter was in the woods.

I don't know if she threw it away.

I think I know where Virginie took me.

A kaolin quarry, I think.

At some point, I touched the ground.

It was the same clay
we use at the studio.

We didn't drive long.

Where was the exchange?

In Val d'Oise, near Mortefontaine.


There's a quarry in Montesson.

We need to get Jeanne.

Are you mad?
The exchange was a flop! Listen...

You know if we use an assault unit,
it'll end in carnage.

I'm not leading this case anymore.

I'll go.

Whether or not you agree.


Jeanne betrayed you,
she's dangerous.

Think about your future,
your family are here.

My mother is also my family.

I'm going for a walk.

Oh shit...

Szofia, contact Stern. We'll need him.

You've always guided me unknowingly.

Since when you killed that scumbag
who posed as my father.

In return,
I did all I could to make you happy.

While you rotted in prison,

I continued your works.

I watched over you son.

Got him the woman of his life.

Even safeguarded your descent.

But there you are.

It wasn't enough.

You had to betray me.

You chose him.

He despises and rejects you,
he'll never understand you.

I gave you everything, bitch!
But I can take it back.

In fact...

-Maybe I already have.


Lucie was thirsty.

I gave her some water.

With an abortive drug.

You think that affects me?

You really don't get it.


I didn't betray you.

I gave you the transmitter.

The cops found out your profile.

You knew the phone was tapped.

You provided all the information.

My mother and me?

How did Damien track us down?

He recognised the lullaby.

Which you sang
while crouching over Fortin.

I sang it to him when he was little.

The quarry is a bit further down.

Damien understood
someone at the scene knew me.

Either your mother...

or you.


you gave yourself away.

But never mind that.

Now what counts is, you and I...

are free!

And Damien?

He knows nothing.

He believes in the justice of man.

We just can't.

Go cut off the electricity.

Yes, Damien is my son.

But my heir...

is you.

I need you, Camille.

You must help me as I helped you
when you were little.

You must let me go.

I have some unfinished business.

Time's running out.

Someone has lost his mummy.

Let's split.

Come on.

Find it, boy!


I can see you.

I'm here.

The goggles. Take off your goggles.

Take care of her.


Where is Jeanne?
Where is she? Say it!

-Gone where?



You take care of her.



Jeanne didn't betray us to get away.

There's something.

She persuaded Virginie to let her go
for a reason.

Let me question Virginie.

Not possible.

Another team is taking over the case.

In her cell.

No microphone, no camera.

Tell me where Jeanne is.

All the cops are after her.

I must find her first.

Or they'll kill her.

I can't.

Jeanne's counting on me.

She and I are similar.

We have the same story.

Get off me! You don't get it.

Jeanne used you to run away.

You're sick, Camille, a psycho!

Yes, I'm sick.

So is your mother.

She's been for a long time.

You think you know her because of
some memories and her criminal file.

You know nothing, Damien. Nothing!

What do you mean?

What's all that about?

It's about the origin of evil.

About what Jeanne and I have in common.

I found out the truth.

You'll know it too.

It'll be too late.


We'll start the hypnosis, Jeanne.

To understand
what brought you where you are.

Are you ready?


It's sunny, the monkeys are hooting.

It scares me, I think of Mommy.

Yesterday, Daddy and I hid
by the lake, I saw elephants.

Without Mommy, it isn't as nice.

Last night, Daddy cried.

He was sleeping
and calling out for Mommy.

it'll be a year since her death.

It's too hard,
I'm still afraid of the lion.

What lion?
The one that killed your mother?

Without it, she wouldn't be dead.

But that lion was killed, Jeanne.

No, he's around. He's come back.

He wants me to caress him.

He's too strong, I can't refuse.

where was that event with the lion?

In my bedroom.

Hello, Dad.

What are you doing here?

I've come to tell you
I remember everything.

Are you sleeping, Jeanne?

My little Jeanne...

My darling...

Charles, what are you doing?

I'll be right back, sweetie.

I'll be right back.

What did you do?

You're disgusting!

-You're a sick man!
-Stop it.

I'm telling you I'm a sick man!

You don't understand,
I'm a sick man.

Never touch her again.

Go away, disappear!

-I'm sick.
-You're a disgusting beast!

Stop it!

You were everything to me.

I loved you, Jeanne.

A bit too much, Dad.

I thought you loved me too.

Do you remember? You and I...

It was strong.

Wasn't it?

You liked our love.

You liked it.

You loved me too.


My little daughter.

I remember the words
you whispered to me afterwards.

"Don't forget it, Jeanne.

This is our secret.

If you tell anyone,

Daddy will be very sad.

He'll die of grief."

You created the monster I became
by raping me all those years,

and by killing my mother before my eyes.


Did you do it to Ninon too?

Did you do it Ninon too? Answer!

Jeanne was the only one.

I swear to you.

I swear to you!

I wanted answers,
you never let me see her.

You always said she was evil.

I didn't want... I was sick.

You ruined our lives, Charles.

Now you have to pay.



Yeah, my love.

Me too.

I'm on my way.

I love you.


I'm gonna be a father.

Come here.

I'm gonna be a father.

Go see her.

Go see her.

See you soon.


Go on.

Subtitles by Evaldo Medeiros