La Mante (2017): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript


Alex has died.

They found out we had DNA in common.

My father is Sébastien Crozet, right?

Why did you hide that from me,


I didn't know it.

I only spent a few hours with him
and went home.

He was married.

Alex had just been born.

I had to forget it.

That's what I did.

At least, there's some good in you.



Someone to see you.

Hello, Damien.

What's the matter?

It's about Alex.

Lucie advised me to come,
don't know if it can help.

Yes, you've done the right thing.
Please, sit down.


We were having a drink yesterday.

A girl sat down next to us
and stared at me.

It bothered me.

Where were you?

In Oberkampf, at the Triolet.

Did she speak to you

or something?

Not right then.

I went to the restroom

and she called me a bitch,
I don't know why.

I asked Alex
if she was an ex-girlfriend.

He didn't know her.

What was she like?

Dark hair,

taller than me,

a creepy look in her eyes.

Could you describe her more precisely?

She was very tall.


Not fat.

Athletic, strong.

Okay, if you don't mind,
you'll help us do a photofit picture.

I'll try.


Thank you, Virginie.

I'm sorry.

I imagine
it must be hard for you as well.

I didn't come alone.

Lucie slept at my place.

Everything will be fine.



Virginie will have to stay
a bit longer.

Did she see the killer?


Dominique told me about Alex and you.

His father...

does he know?


I'm seeing him today.

Can I go see Virginie?


What happened?

Why Alex?

I'm sorry, I can't say anything.

I've found out something
about Alex and me.

How could I not have seen it?

All those years...

near her and you.

It was better this way.

You were married.

I'd have given everything up
for your mother.


If I had known it,

it could've been different for you.

After your mother's death,
I'd have taken care of you.

You and Alex
would've grown up together.

He always considered you his brother.

How are you?


Is that her?


-You checked the bar?
-Yeah, the staff knew nothing.

Too many people that night.

I think

this photofit
doesn't match Ruby's profile pics.

They can be fake pics.


on the bar's news page,

try to find photos
she can be recognised in.


Hello, Jeanne.

Did you get my latest photos?

"My prey will fall
before the third act..."

How's that related
to your latest victim?

It isn't.

At the last minute, I changed my mind.

You took major risks.

Next time, I want to participate.

What does she mean?
Does she think we'll release her?

No, she's laying down a trap.


Show them to me.

Before they die.

I want to see the terror in their eyes.

To hear their screams.

To see them beg.

There lies our pleasure.

At that moment we savour
before killing them.

She's helping us.

If the killer agrees,
we'll get a pic of her victim alive.

That might give us time
to identify him in her friend list.

Okay, my date is arriving soon.

Talk to you in a while.

Up to you now.

Everyone on Ruby's profile.

Search it as soon as we get his pic.

Achille, Bertrand, Galiéni,
split the list into three.

Szofia, tell the Intervention Brigade
we'll need them.

It'd better work.

If we don't identify him,
we'll watch a fucking carnage.


It's a hotel room.

Look what I've found for you.

Thank you.

I want to see his face.

With pleasure, Jeanne.

We'll even wake him up.


get ready to take a screenshot.

Look, I have it all planned.

We're gonna have a good time.

Once upon a time

A little boy lived in a big house

He wanted to grow up

Dreamt of being a man

Every night he thought about it

While his mummy lulled him

What's wrong?


You will miss the days
when you were a child

Hello, love.

Okay, we got his face.
Everyone on Ruby's profile.

No hurry.


Focus on your search, guys.

Shall we move on to the other foot?


two... three!

We'll take a break,
our friend can't take the pain.

We don't want him to faint.


-I have nothing.
-Come on!

I think I got something.

His victim seems to work
at the hotel.

Look, a badge on his jacket.

Achille, check her profile
for a friend who works at a hotel.

Got him.

Loïc Fortin, Hôtel de l'Avenir.

Hôtel de l'Avenir...
10 Montmartre street.

Police! Let us through.

Excuse me.

Do you recognise this room?

-What's wrong?
-We can't tell you.

Red curtains, brown carpet...
Privilege, on the 9th floor.

-There are 48.

Block everything,
car park, basement, stairs.

We're going up.

Our friend has recovered strength.
On to the knees. One,

two, three!

Stop moving.

Go to the right wing.

We're reaching the end, Jeanne.

Time for him to bleed to death.

We can't check all the rooms.

If she panics, it's over.

If we do nothing, he dies.

-What's the idea?
-Get everyone out.

-They're coming out.

-To the left!
-Leave your rooms.

Don't panic. This way.

Evacuate. This way.

Don' take the lift.

Go on!


Get down!

On the ground!



Breathe through your nose.

Breathe through your nose.

Breathe through your nose.

Send the medics!

Breathe through your nose.

Hurry up!
He's bleeding to death.

The medics are on their way.

Try to say something.

Stay with us, try to breathe.

Once upon a time
A little boy lived in a big house

He wanted to grow up

She did it all exactly like me.

She sang the same song.

Which I sang to my 5th victim
just before killing him.

Which you sang to me
when I was l little.

All those details...

how could she know all that?

I see only one possibility.

She was there when I killed Fontaine.

I performed my 5th murder
in his bedroom.

How old was his wife?

Like him.

About 40.

Doesn't work.

She'd be 80 now.

Not the killer's profile.

Any children?


A daughter who was around 10.


She was a little blonde girl.


She brought her sick cat
to my office.

His name's Snowflake.

I noticed bruises on her wrists
and then...

Will he be okay?

That's how I found out
her father maltreated her.

Since you killed her father,

she knows your identity.

And necessarily yours.


you and your family are in danger.

Her mother.

I need to find her mother.

No idea, but find a way.




We've found nothing
on Camille Fontaine.

No address, no social security.

She's nowhere.

Let's hope she's in touch with her mother.

Doesn't look good.

According to her file,
she has advanced Alzheimer's.

This is gonna be fun...

Hello, Mrs. Fontaine.

Do you mind if these officers
ask you a few questions?

Thank you.

Hello, I'm Captain Carrot.
Let's talk a couple of minutes.

Do I know you?

No, we'd like to ask you
a few questions

about Camille.


You do know Camille?

Of course,
you don't forget your child.

Is everything okay?

-What's the matter?

I'm checking.

In case he comes back.



Your husband?

Do you know him?

He's dead, Mrs. Fontaine.

You're safe here, he won't come.

Mrs. Fontaine,

does Camille visit you sometimes?

No, never.

Camille is quite peculiar.

But people don't accept that.

Especially the father.

So he's violent.

Peculiar in what way?

It's my fault as well.

I should have let it be.

After all,

it's his nature, that's how he is.


Do you mean "she", Mrs. Fontaine?

Camille is your daughter.

Yes, in his head, he's a girl.

And Camille says in his body as well.

Pascal doesn't understand.

The dolls, the dresses...
He doesn't like that.

So he beats him.

And can we find Camille
somewhere now?

I don't know.

Do you have a photo of Camille,
Mrs. Fontaine?


Camille doesn't like that.

A transgender kid!
Go figure his or her appearance.

Male, female?
Even her mother can't tell.

We must pressure the doctors
to let us question Fortin.

He's our only eyewitness.

Hello, Achille.

-Are you alone?

I've found something about Damien
in Alex's computer, you must come.


Hey guys, is everything okay?

Everything's fine.


It's Damien, I'd like to see Lucie.

I'll tell her.




I wanna say that since Alex's death,
we've made headway.

I'd rather put you under protection.

And tomorrow,
I'll drive you to the funeral.


See you tomorrow.

-Are there any others?

The Mantis is his mother.

Fucking bastard.

Jeanne Deber got...

Are you coming from your mother's?

Achille found this
in Alex Crozet's computer.

Is that you in the picture?

With your mother Jeanne Deber?

In Miserey?

Take a look.

I've asked to get you off the case.

-It's okay.

His involvement could screw it up.

Leave it.

She wants to be the team leader.

-That's not it!
-Let her have it.


A photo of Camille Fontaine aged 10.

How did you get this?

I just did.

The ageing software
will show you her adult face.


Now get down to work. I want results.

Achille, have the photo ageing done.


Keep me posted on the investigation.

Where are you going now?

To bury my brother.


I'm ready. I'll wait downstairs.

Okay, I'll get changed.

How long have you known?

Since this morning.

Normally, we'd hug and scream in joy...

Given the context, maybe later.

Plus, he wants no kids
and we're separated.

Not terrific.

Will you keep it?

I don't know.

Hello, Mr. Fortin.


Do you remember me?

Captain Kovacs.

The woman who attacked you,

had you seen her before?


She was...

She was a friend.


a virtual friend.


We flirted softly online.

Nothing more.

A month ago,

we went on a date.

When I got there,

all the lights were out.

The curtains drawn.

She wanted to be in darkness.

I thought it was a game...

But it didn't add up.

She was really uncomfortable
when we started...

I started caressing her and...

I saw there was something wrong.

Right, she was a man.

I mean, a transvestite.

I don't know what you call that,
but it wasn't nice.

She must've been operated on
or something.

I got dressed
and left straight away.

Camille Fontaine had a vaginoplasty.

A sex change surgery.

Apparently, it didn't turn out well.

Several requests for the surgery
were made some 15 years ago.

Fontaine saw specialists
and psychiatrists.

They all refused it.

He was too unstable.

Hence, the clandestine surgery.

It must've been done by a charlatan.

Camille's last record is
at an emergency ward in 2003.

For internal bleeding.

It was a narrow escape.

Then we lose track of him.

No official papers or address, nothing.

Identity change.


Doesn't solve his sexuality.
He wants to be desired as a woman.

Once in bed, he has a hard time.

Camille Fontaine is rejected by men.

And he can't stand that,
that's what leads him to murder.

The Mantis killed her idiot father,
who used to beat him up.

She became her role model.

Now this so-called Camille Fontaine

feels she's doing
the same as the Mantis.

Serving justice.

How's the ageing process?

Turning a man into a woman
with hormones and face surgery...

The software has no scalpel,
it can't do that.

Don't care, Achille gets anything.
Get me the whole thing.

All of it.

I'll tamper with the settings.

We'll get there, we're not far.
We'll nail her.

Look what I found.

Remember it?

Alex's 10th birthday.

You mucked about the whole day.

No, you keep it.

I wish there was a handbook
saying what I should do about you.

Do you have questions
about your mum and me?

I know you loved her.

That's enough.

How about being less formal?

I need time.

Time is all I have.

This is your house,
come whenever you want.

It'll always be open.



Hey, I wanted to keep you informed

about what we got
on Camille Fontaine.

Heavy-duty stuff.

We gotta contact Dr. Muller again.

He's not a specialist
that refused Camille's sex change.

His patient list had nothing.

Fontaine is using a fake name.

Show Muller Virginie's photofit

and the ageing software rendition.

I'll let you know, I'll take care of it.

You've reached Dr. Muller's voicemail,
leave a message.

This is Captain Carrot.

Please call me back, it's urgent.

-It's Dr. Muller.

I just got your message.

What can I do for you?

I wanted to know
if back in 2003 you had a patient

with sexual identity problems.

A man who had a sex change surgery.

I'd like to show you a photofit.

Okay, I'm not in Paris,
I'm coming back tonight.

Come to my office in the morning.

9 o'clock?



Thanks, Damien.

Good night.

Listen, Lucie...

I didn't mean the things I told you.

I regret it.

I don't want to split up.

I love you.

Finish off your investigation.

-Are you okay, guys?

Look after her.

Okay, no problem.

-Good night.

Dr. Muller?

Dr. Muller?


It's mad!

You left the case yesterday,

and this morning
you found Camille's new victim.

Fuck! It makes you wonder!

-I killed him.
-Yeah, funny...

Szofia, you must admit
he was right about the shrink.

His files were stolen.

Fontaine must've been among them
with her new name.

She's starting to panic.

She knows we're on her trail.

She's erasing it bit by bit.

It's the copycat.

Excuse me. Sorry.



Why did you betray me, Jeanne?

Why did you betray me for your son?

She knows everything.

He hates you.

Whereas I...

I have followed you.

I have loved you.

I have sublimated your works.

I killed sick specimen.

Like your father.

You only kill life and love.

Things you've never had
and don't deserve.


I cultivated it around you.

I united your family.

For you.

I was responsible
for Damien's happiness.

For you.

Do you want me to destroy all this?

To turn that happiness into hell?

Very well, Jeanne.

If that's what you want,

I will do it, for you.

The killer knows too much.

Who apart from you knew
I was meeting the shrink?

The whole team. Why?

The killer either knows us
or someone's been informing her.

Hang on, are you accusing us?

Someone here definitely spilled the beans.

Are you accusing us
of being double agents?

You were plotting with your mother!

Who are you?


Call me quick!


He's responsible for your happiness.

He guided your life
without you knowing it.

He spoke of uniting a family.

Our reunion is his gift.

It is for me,
but he's been watching you.

He knows you're not happy I'm back.

What makes you happy, Damien?



Who introduced you to Lucie?

Subtitles by Evaldo Medeiros