La Mante (2017): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript




Is this Damien Carrot's?

It is, but he's not in.

I'll come back.

Can you tell him...

his mother stopped by?



Damien, how could you put my son
in this situation

with no evidence?
Is this abuse of power or what?

I told you,
he's suspected of 5 murders.

The 1st one, I don't know,

but the 2nd one,
he was at my place!

You want to defend him,
you're his father.

Listen, Mr. Crozet.
We do want to believe you.

Any other witnesses?

There aren't any, so what?

I know my son isn't perfect,

he can go too far,
but he's no serial killer!

Damien, Alex was your friend,
you grew up with him.

He couldn't do that.

I haven't seen him in 20 years,
many things accuse him.

You need to find an explanation,
I'm counting on you!

We'll look for it, you can count on us.

We'll look for it.

Hasn't Damien told you about me?

Not really.

He's still mad at me.


Why is he mad at you?

I did horrible things.

Your cartoon LED defender,

the copycat uses one like that.
Explain it.

No idea, it's a coincidence.

I didn't know that psycho
neutralised his victims that way.

-Where'd you hide it?
-I don't have one.

I saw it on the web,
liked the idea, period.

You see...

I don't believe in coincidences.

Like you.

Yet, there are loads here.

Your ties with me...

Your obsession with the Mantis...

-The crime weapon...
-I didn't fucking kill anyone!


Well then...

you published your book?

No, it's my latest one.

I made it available for download,
but it didn't go very far.

50 people must've downloaded it,


I'll see what I can find.

You'll stay here.

Szofia, take him back to his cell.

Achille, go to Alex's blog

and find out everyone
who downloaded his book.

You must be kidding!
He drew the crime weapon,

you think he's innocent?

He has an alibi.

Right... His father's testimony.

-Since when is that enough?
-Since I tell you.

You are linked to him,
I must question him.

Damien, I need to talk to you.

Will you go on shoving me aside?

I never did that in the first place.

-Take care of the suspect.

Go on in.

Bad news.

Stern called, your mother's escaped.

-She drugged him.

Why is she doing this?
I don't get it.



-You think she'd attack your wife?
-No idea.

Hi, this is Lucie's voicemail.
Leave a message.



What have you done?

What have you done?

She's told me everything.

What you'd never tell me.

The murder of your father.

The plane crash
Charles attributed my death to.

My fake burial.

And my leaving the country.

There you are, that's all.

Why are you here?

So we can be a family again.

Get out.


Get out!

Damien... Stop it. What the hell!

She's your mother, Damien!

She did that for you.

To protect you.

Please talk to her, my love.

Forgive me, Damien.

For abandoning you.

I ran away.

I didn't take responsibility.

That's unforgivable,

I know it.

You must listen to her.

She needs to talk to you.

Talk to her.

Are you happy?

Your wife wanted answers.

I gave her some.

That's a strange way to thank me.

Thank you for what?

For forcing me to lie all life long?

For choosing to go on killing
instead of bringing up your son?

Would you rather I'd told her
I was a monster?

I'd killed all those men cold-blooded?

I am the Mantis?

I'd rather never see you again.

I'd rather let you rot in your cell.

You'll never be my family again.

It's too late.

Because of me,
your marriage is about to collapse.

Because of me,
you're raising someone else's child

and are afraid of passing on your genes.

Your arms.

Your legs.

Spread them.

Next time
you step outside your cell,

the alarm will go off
and there'll be reinforcements.

You'll be frisked 3 times a day.

I'll be on your back.

I am thrilled.

I can still taste your kiss on my lips.

He said she ran away
between 5 and 5:30,

about 3 and a half hours
before reaching your place.

What the fuck did do all that time?

She can't have run away
only to meet Lucie.

I haven't got a clue, Damien.

I have a feeling
we're making a mistake.

Perhaps the worst ever in my career.

Hey, Galiéni. What's up?


I'll call you back.

What's wrong?

Séverin has killed himself.

So what?

Was it you?

Séverin was a weak man.

Not adapted to this world.
He finally realised that.

It's better that way.

Are you confessing?

You just said yourself it was suicide.


They're positive.

Your mother wasn't caught
in any of the hospital cameras.


one of our team members
paid him a visit last night.



What did Alex Crozet tell you?

Same version as yours, he denies it all.

And Séverin?

I forbade you to see him,
'cause he was vulnerable.

You ignored my orders
and his state got worse.

What are you implying?

Nothing, I just wanna know
what you talked about.

He said the Mantis was loose
and wanted to kill him.

Listen, Szofia.
I know you don't like me

and you wanted to be team leader.

Only, I am the boss here.

So no more initiatives
without telling me. Is that clear?

You'd have to set the example.

Achille has worked out
what links the victims.

As you asked, I searched the people
Alex sent his book to and found this.

Ruby. It's a username.

Her profile is private.

I can only see
her contacts and photos.


She's naughty,
she didn't only chat with Alex.

But also with Hébrard.

He deleted their dialogues,
but the data weren't overwritten.

Same with the others.

-Ruby talked to all her victims?

And the copycat may be a woman.

Who seduces her victims
before killing them.

No motive, but there's a connection
with the Mantis.

It could also be a man.

Anyway, we have a suspect.

-Achille, check her IP address.
-That's not all.

The victims are no longer
among Ruby's friends.

She deletes them after killing them.

Her next victim
is on her list of friends.

It'll be hard to find him
among almost 5,000.

We must. Down to work.

You can go.

The camera hacking and your obsession
with my mother stay between us.

I don't want to worry Lucie.

Next time you come near my family,
I'll nab you.

Let's go over to your place.

I need to check
your chats with a certain Ruby.

Have you met her?


We only flirted a bit online.

She sounded nice.

If she gets back in touch,
don't answer, and call me.

She's our key suspect.

We think the LED defender idea
came from your cartoons.

A beer?

Remember we tried to fly
our bikes as in E.T.?

We fell flat on our faces.

Your mother took us to see it.

And she swabbed us in Mercurochrome
after our failed flight.

We had good moments there.

With her.

-Lucie's waiting for me.
-Tell her the truth.

-What do you mean?

Why don't you tell her the truth?

About your mother.

She loves you.

She won't judge you.

Not sure that's your business.

Make sure you call me
if Ruby contacts you.

You don't wanna talk?

Nothing to say.

I understand you're annoyed.

Have you ever thought...

maybe she had no choice?

And it was some sort of...

act of self-defence.

You don't know her, Lucie.

No, I don't.

But she's your mother.

And she loves you.

You could invite her for dinner her.

With Ninon.

Not a good idea.


-Because what?


She's not my mother anymore.

Okay, Lucie?

Now stop asking questions.

You're pissing me off. You got it?

Cut it out!

Shit, it's Alex.

He's already here.

Tell him to come in.

He said he'd rather not.

-Hey, Lucie. How are you?

You didn't wanna say "hi"?

I just didn't want to bother you.

Damien asked you to stay away?

Not at all.

I just knew you were working.

How did Damien get on
with his mother?

I don't know... Normally.

What does that mean?

No one gets on normally
with their mother.

He was always glued to her.

I was always at their place.

She was a great mother.

We did lots of things with her.

She died, it was awful for Damien.

At 10, he lost everything.

His lightness, his innocence...

So he loved her?

Of course.


Fancy a coffee with us?

No, thanks. I gotta finish an order.

What a shame.

See you later.


Yeah, I understand.

I'll keep you posted.


The commissioner.

Breathing down my neck.


back to the well.

As Alex is clear,

who could know
about my father's murder?

The Mantis saw a shrink, right?

Two or three years ago. Dr. Muller.

Forget it, we checked his alibi.

He was attending a congress in Japan.

He could've told someone.

Or a patient snooped around his files.

We need to see him
to get his patient list.

It's worth a try.

But it'll be very complicated
to get a warrant.

We can do without one.

What don't you understand
in "very complicated"?


-Captain Carrot.

As I told you, I have a busy schedule.

But do come in.

Dr. Muller, I'm trying to profile

Jeanne Deber's copycat.

How can I be of any use to you?

The killer know things
he could only learn through you.

The Mantis's first murder.

A man at the bottom of a well.

Did she tell you about it?


Did you pass this information
on to anyone?

I don't tell details of my patients'
lives to anyone whosoever.

And among your patients?

We're looking for someone
who might have got in touch with you

or who might have had access
to your notes about Jeanne Deber.

I suppose you want me to give you
my patients' names?

That could help us.

-We'd investigate...

do you know the meaning
of medical confidentiality?

We'll be discreet.


I can't do that, you need a warrant.

Excuse me for a moment.

I'll be right back.

-Hello, I'd like to see Dr. Muller.
-That's me.

I really don't feel well,
could I talk to you?

I'm sorry, I can't take you.

I'm desperate.

Just a prescription.

-What do you usually take?
-Can't remember, something strong.

-I really have no time.

Contact the psychiatric
emergency service.

Copying "Jeanne Deber" file

Well, I'll leave you.

I hope you'll find him.

Don't hesitate to come see me again

when you have a warrant.

Did you have time
to do what you wanted?

I sent the patient list to Achille.

Anything wrong?

Jeanne's psychiatric record.

I couldn't download it all,
but look at the bottom.

"Severe trauma:

"death of mother
before subject's eyes.

"Presence of father at tragedy?

"Hypnosis session required."
What's this?

It means Jeanne witnessed
the death of her own mother.

And my grandfather
has always hidden that from me.

What happened there?

Sit down.

I'm fine, thanks.

Your grandmother Hélène
didn't die of malaria.

We were still living in Africa
and your mother was

about 10.


one day your grandmother and I went out

and she was attacked by a lion.

A male.

He'd got out of the reserve
near our place.

He was hurt.


Your mother had stayed at home

and saw it all from her bedroom.

She saw it all and I did nothing.

I ran for cover
and got back in the house.

Then I saw your grandmother die
before my eyes.

Your mother saw it too.

And I did nothing.

There you are.

I'm to blame for
how your mother turned out.

I've carried this for years.

What they call a weak male,

that's me.

Listen, Damien. I'm sorry.

I didn't think this case
would stir up so much shit.

What you've just learnt,
I swear I didn't know.

What about the shrink's patient list?

Achille has checked all the names
for criminal records.

We got nothing so far.

Captain Carrot, this has arrived for you.


What the hell is this?

Dear Captain Carrot,

would you give this phone
to Jeanne Deber?

I'll call her at 7pm.

Shit! To my office.

The bastard!

He photographed all his murders.

If we accept what he's asking
we'll have to tell the others.

Just don't say she's my mother.


Okay, first thing.

Jeanne Deber is not in a coma.


She's locked up in a police apartment.

2nd thing.

She's helping us
with the investigation.

Why didn't you tell us?

We call it absolute discretion,
commissioner's orders.

Hence, Captain Carrot
instead of an internal cop.

All those phony warnings!

-Do we tell everything?

I hate being made a fool of!


You understand no one must know
we're working with Jeanne Deber.

No one!

No leaks to the press or we're screwed.


we got this just now.

A phone
with pictures of the murders.

Only the murderer
could've taken them.

So it's the copycat's.

He had the nerve to ask us
to give it to Jeanne.

He'll contact her on it.

First call will be at 7 this evening.

The killer sent this to you.

He's playing with you
like a cat with its prey.

He really thinks he's untouchable.

Now we know where he finds his victims.

He'll contact you any minute now.

He knows
all your calls will be wiretapped.

Lead him to make a mistake.

It's your chance
to prove you're on our side.

Stern, take off her cuffs.

Our new friend is punctual.


Hello, Jeanne.

Did you like my pictures?

Very much.

I follow in your footsteps.

I'm your disciple.

Why do you kill them?

Don't rely on their appearances.
They're scumbags.

Exactly like your victims.

You know, I'm bored to death here.

I look forward to getting
the photo of your next victim.

I remember my fifth murder
very well.

Shall I tell you?

I'd love it.

Achille, are you tracking it?

He has a fucking scrambler.

Patrick Latour,

a narcissistic pervert.

He led his wife to suicide

so I showed him
how a hyena would treat him.

A fascinating animal,

the hyena.

For years,
he had made his wife suffer.

So I delayed my pleasure.

I bled him.

I waited for life
to slowly leave his body.

He agonised for hours before my eyes.

Thank you.

My turn to make your mouth water.

My prey will fall before the last act.

It will also bleed to death.

"Before the last act."

"Before the last act..."

-Did you locate him?

No, he was using a scrambler.

"Before the last act."
Go to Ruby's profile.

Try to find an artist,

a novelist, a singer, whatever.

No matches


Hervé Dulac.

A lyric singer.

He's performing tonight.

La Tosca at the Ranelagh theatre.

-In how long?
-It has started.

Come on, let's go.

Wait, it's too easy. She's testing us.

I agree with you,
but we can't take any risks.

That's Hervé Dulac.

I put Galiéni and Bertrand opposite us.

There are cops in the audience.


Hey there!

Damien Carrot.
Please leave a message.

Act 2 is gonna end soon.

It's Alex.
Just got a message from Ruby.

I'm at home, come over if you want.


Act 2 is about to end.

Tosca is going to assassinate Scarpia.

-A knife! What shall we do?

-What if it's her?
-We won't intervene.

She won't kill him in public.

It's the show, everything's okay.

Been a long time.

Damien Carrot.
Please leave a message.

Are you there?

Yeah, sorry, I was in the shower

mmm tell me more.

The shower?
What do you wanna know?

Are you alone?


Act 2 is over,
Dulac isn't in the next one.

Szofia calling Bertrand.

-Act 3 is next.

Ensure the protection of Dulac.

Copy, we'll go to the dressing rooms.

-Are you still naked?


If you could touch my body,
where would you touch it?

You're direct...

You don't like it?

I do.

It's sad to be home alone.
Where are you? Shall I come?

Don't know,

we don't really know each other...

So what? Your address...

Alex Crozet

It's Alex.
Just got a message from Ruby.

-I'm at home...

What's the matter?

It's Alex.

Ruby has contacted him.

I'll try to call him.

It's Damien. Don't open the door.

I'm on my way.

Delete the conversation?






It's me, Damien.

I'll untie him.

Easy, it's okay now.

Send an ambulance
to 22, Saint-Vincent St, Montreuil.


They're on their way.

Everything is okay.

Stay with me.


Stay with me.




Oh my God, honey!

Damien, are you okay?

Honey, what's going on?
Are you okay?

Talk to me, my love.
What's going on?

Why are you bleeding?

What's happening?

It's Alex.

-What about Alex?
-He's died.

Because of me.

What happened?

He wanted to help me
catch the copycat.

I think he did that...

to make amends.

For what?

What is it?

He'd hacked
our video surveillance system.


He wanted to know
the same thing as you.

My mother



and tortured

eight people.

She killed them.

She is the Mantis.

She was arrested when I was 10.


told me never to tell anyone.

To protect myself.

So I could have a happy,

normal life.

He was right.

Because I met you.

Why didn't you tell me?

Why didn't you trust me?


when we met,

if I'd told you who I was,

if I'd told you

about my mother's murders

and my fits of rage,

would you have wanted
to live with me, to have a child

and to marry me? No!

No, Lucie!

That's the truth.

That's not true, Damien.

-It is.
-No, it isn't.

I love you, I don't care about her.

I don't love you.

-Because I'm dangerous to you.
-Stop it.

-You pity me.
-Don't say that.

-No games.
-Calm down.

Out, Lucie! Go away!

I don't want any children.

I can't pass my genes on.

You hear me, Lucie? Go away!

Go away.


Scram! Go away!

I need to talk to you.

What is it?

What is it?

We just got the forensic results.

There were no traces
of the copycat's DNA

at the latest crime scene.

they found Alex Crozet's and yours.

It turns out that...

you have DNA segments in common.

Him and you.

What are you telling me?

You're from the same family.

It's beyond all doubt.
Alex Crozet was your brother.

Subtitles by Evaldo Medeiros