La Mante (2017): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript




What's the address?

What's the matter?

A new body.




-No problem.


It's beyond doubt.

The copycat.

Who's the victim?

Luc Hébrard.

40, history professor
at Censier University.

One child,
widower, wife died of cancer.

The cleaning lady
found the body this morning.

Which animal drowns its victims?


I love residential areas
where everyone watches everyone else.

His neighbours had the bright idea
to have CCTV installed.

And guess what.

It's aimed
bang at the Hébrard's garden.

I've requested
the monitoring firm access to it.

A large police presence
has been deployed in the area.

A reliable source says the MO
is very similar to the Mantis',

so it could be a new copycat murder.

Utter panic is spreading
all over the region,

especially as the victims' profile
remains uncertain,

and, according to our source,
the investigation hasn't got anywhere.


Damien, I'm sure
your mother is behind all this.


Yes, Charles. It's Lucie.

No, Lucie...
I'm sorry, I got the wrong number.

Not at all, this is Damien's mobile.
He just forgot it at home.

I know, I was trying to get through
to a friend.

Sorry I've bothered you. Bye.


Your grandfather called.

What? Is anything wrong?

I'm sure
your mother is behind all this.

Excuse me?

That's exactly what he said.

Hang on, I don't get it...

Neither do I.

That makes no sense.

True. He also said
he got the wrong number.

Couldn't you have said that first?

I got nothing better to do?

What are you playing at, Lucie?

At nothing.

See you tonight.

Why do you say that?

-You think his mother isn't dead?

I have a feeling
he's not telling me the truth.


Where did she die in theory?

On a flight between
the Congo and the Ivory Coast.

There it is.

"The plane tried to land on the sea,
split into two

and sank 300 feet deep.
All the bodies have been identified."

That's great.

Not for Damien's mother,
but it's what you wanted.

Read the rest.

"The French Consulate
has contacted the airliner.

Fortunately there were no French
nationals on the passenger list."

Does that mean she isn't dead?




I thought so, but I wanted to check.
Okay, thanks.

The coroner has confirmed
Hébrard died in the night.

Also an injection in the neck.

We got nothing new to stop
this fucking wall getting filled up.

-Let's question Séverin again!
-No point.

Apart from Duquesne's
attempted murder, he's clear.

He got the file
and may have passed it around.

We're dropping Séverin, is that clear?

We got something on CCTV footage.

Look up registration number 4238-XB-94.

The car in which
the drowned victim was found.

I think we got our man.

Crosses the road,
rings Hébrard's bell, says something.

How tall do you think? 5 foot 9?

A bit more.

Can we see his face?



Nothing more.

Anyway, he's nimble.

Look, something weird at the end.

A flashing light.

He's using an LED defender.

-What's that?
-A self-defence torch.

-You got one?

It dazzles people it's flashed at.

-Where do you buy it?
-Self-defence or DIY stores,

the internet...

it won't help us identify him.

It gives us a profile,
better than nothing.

Yeah, which matches the silhouette
from the first crime scene.


The car Hébrard was found in
isn't his.

It belongs
to a certain Christophe Coulier.

Freelance IT consultant
for several companies.

One of them, in 2013,
digitised all criminal files,

including the Mantis'.

Plus, Coulier was reported missing
3 months ago,

but his mobile
was reactivated last night.

It's in a forest outside Paris.

Would he be stupid enough

to use his own car
and leave it at the crime scene?

Then reactivate his phone
to lead us to him?

We're getting closer.

The GPS says the ruins are
1,600 feet higher up.

Okay, everyone,
we're gonna walk from here.

Bertrand, we'll meet up there
and go around it. Okay?


Round the back.

Nobody up there.


Yet, he's still here.

I'll call Coulier's mobile.

The Consulate could've got it wrong.

Or she wasn't registered
on the passenger list.

Happens sometimes, you know.

Okay, supposing she's dead...

There must be a tomb somewhere.

Do you know where she was buried?

Yeah, in an old village
called Miserey, I think.

Damien was raised there
with his mother

and Charles, his grandfather.

In a big house they've never sold.

And where he's never taken me.

How about driving out there?

Tomorrow morning?

If we find her tomb, you'll know for sure.


Okay, got it.

Good, thanks.

What's this corpse's name?

Coulier, Christophe Coulier.

Christophe Coulier.

Galiéni has found his mother.

Their DNA match, it is Coulier.

As for the mobile,

according to its battery level,
it was thrown in the well last night.

The copycat deliberately led us
to Coulier's body.

The Mantis!

Good old days.
Remember, superintendent?

I'm not old enough to forget that.

We learnt our craft with her.
The bodies were pretty mangled.

Her successor isn't bad,

except in this case,
which he didn't handle as well.

What if I ask you to be more precise?

I'll tell you, look...


Lack of experience. Much messier.

A botched job.

Given the cuts on the ribs,
I'd say it was a knife.

Several violent stabbings
in his back,

his chest...

A butchery.

How long ago was it done?

Judging from the insects
found on the corpse,

at least three months.

It could be the first murder,

which aroused his predatory instinct.

But it matches no murder
attributed to the Mantis.

I can't remember
a mutilated victim in a well.


Mrs. Deber?

Mrs. Debber, Captain Carrot is here.

Hello, Damien.

Stern, could you excuse us?

Your admirer led us to a body

hidden at the bottom of a well.

In decomposition for weeks.

A certain Coulier.

Does that ring a bell?

We think it was his first murder.

The triggering event
which caused this killer

to become a monster.

The trouble is...

this murder doesn't match
any other you confessed to.

So why did your copycat

lead us to that well

in your opinion?

At our house in Miserey,

there was a well in the garden.



Who was your first victim?

Why didn't you confess to it
like you did the others?

Was it my father?

Won't you tell me?

What are you afraid of?

Of letting me down?

25 years I've been suffering
because of you.

Trying to be happy.

Not being able to.

Maybe yesterday
you lied about my father.

Maybe he was a good man.


he couldn't stand
living with a madwoman any more.

-Stop it.
-A monster.

-A beast!
-Stop it!

I killed him before
he threw you out of the window.

One day, he forgot you in the car
in the sun.

You weren't even one.

I found you
unconscious and dehydrated.

He laughed,
didn't even come to the hospital.

Back home, I put you to bed.

I told him to go away, he wouldn't.

Instead, he tried to rape me.

I resisted and he hit me.

Then he went to your room
saying he wouldn't miss it this time.

He'd throw you out the window.

I grabbed a knife and stabbed him.

Okay, who is it?

-Who is it?
-It's me.

What's the matter, Damien?

A new victim was found

this afternoon at the bottom of a well.

I know, I saw it on the news.

Doesn't that remind you of anything?
Say, a well?

In Miserey. The one you sealed
after Jeanne's arrest

when we used to live there.

Where are you going?

What happened, Grandpa?

Why did you lie to me?

Why didn't you tell me anything?

You made me believe
she was a monster.

You were an accomplice
to her first murder! My father's!

I had no choice, I did it for you both.

I got there, he was dead.
He'd have killed you and her.

Both of you.

Your father was an alcoholic
and he was violent.

Best thing he ever did was die.

In fact, you're like her, Charles.

Perhaps I'm like her myself.

Perhaps I'm like her.



You're trembling,
you'd better take your pills.

You wanted me
to turn my daughter in?

At 20, her whole life ahead of her?

How could I know
what was gonna happen?

Calm down, buddy.

Come on.

Calm down.


you need your medication again.

Can't you sleep?


I'm gonna get changed.

I don't believe
you forgot your nightmare.

When you called your mother.

Please Lucie,

give it a break. Stop it!

I don't believe your grandfather
called the wrong number.

I heard you talk about her
after dinner the other day.

Too much of a coincidence.

What's going on about your mother?

You've never talked to me about her!

Nor has your grandfather,
and in a few days...

it comes up as if...

-As if what?
-She wasn't dead.

Once and for all, Lucie,

my mother died in a plane crash
when I was 10.

I never said goodbye to her.

Or to my father,
who abandoned us when I was one.

You see...

I've suffered a lot to this day.

I don't want to talk about it,
can't you understand?

Why are you here, darling?

I heard you shout.

It woke me up.

We're sorry, sweetie pie.

Go back to bed.

-Night night, Damien.

Night night.

We found nothing at Coulier's
to help us track down the copycat.

However, we're sure he was used
to download the Mantis' file.

It was on his computer,
and was printed about 4 months ago.

-And the neighbors?
-He had no social life, no friends.

Broke ties with his mother
a few weeks before dying.

Coulier may have caught the copycat

downloading the file, then he was killed.

Maybe it's not linked to the Mantis.

I don't think so.

He wanted to guide us to the body,
it's a message.

Maybe a reference to a Mantis murder

our colleagues didn't know of.

From prison,

the Mantis may have told Séverin
about it.

To win over his trust.

Shit, let's talk to Séverin!

Séverin means nothing.

We must look into the victims' pasts,
the answer is there.

I really do love you,
to follow you out here.

I wanna meet a guy,
a graveyard is just the place...

-Hey there.
-I don't feel like joking.

I need to know why Damien is lying.

He's the man I live with.

Honestly, he's worse than my ex.

-I used to like you ex.

By the way,
I need to confess something.

-Well, it happened only once.

-And well after your divorce.
-Are you kidding me?

You bitch.

What an idiot...
You'll find your prince charming.

Not here.


Hello. Looking for someone?


We're visiting.

Virginie, come see this.

There you are.

That's settled, she's really dead.

And she has an admirer.

Who still thinks about her
25 years later.

Excuse me...

I was wondering...

do you know who puts
these nice flowers here?

Of course I do, Mr. Crozet.

He often comes here.

A request
to track the Crozets' phones?

Just a hunch, don't know if it's any good.

Off the record?
Not registered on the software?

Might have been pointless.

You think I'm a newbie?

Sébastien Crozet!
I did my homework 25 years ago!

I met the neighbors,
I know all their names by heart!

The Crozets were your neighbors
in Miserey.

Why didn't you tell me about it?

She killed my father

and threw him in the well.


The Mantis' first murder,

which was copied
when Coulier was killed,

was my father's death.


She confessed to it yesterday.

I racked my brains
day and night over it.

I knew we had
to keep searching the garden.

If only I'd had my way...

What made you link it
to the Crozets?

We're looking for someone
who knows about my father.

They've always
taken care of our house.

Maybe one day...

they opened the well
and found my father's body.

I remember.

Sébastien Crozet is a peculiar guy.

But he wasn't on the suspect list.

I'm sorry, Damien.

What about the phone tracking?

Nothing so far.


let's keep the Crozet case quiet,
not to reveal your identity.

Let's carry on.

Off the record.

Not a word to the team.

Do you remember the Crozets in Miserey?

Sébastien Crozet and his son Alex.

Of course. Why do you ask?

They always talked to me about you.

Alex was very fond of me,
much more than of his mother.

Any reason for that?

Alex wasn't a wanted child.

Unlike you.

His mother didn't look after him.

He envied all the love
between you and me.

A case of transference?


Like my copycat now.


Séverin lost it, wanted
to see the media and a lawyer.

He's been chemical straitjacketed,
but won't last forever.

I'll keep you posted.

It was Ferracci.

Séverin blew it,
wants to talk to the media.

How inconvenient.

If he talks, everyone will know.

What's her name?

Do you have any children?

That's none of your business.

I suppose you haven't talked
to her about me?

I have.

I told her you were dead.

Mr. Crozet.

Mr. Crozet.

Damien used to live here, right?

Yeah, apparently.

It's open.

Is anybody there?

Excuse me.

Is anybody there?

No one.

Shall we look around?

I'm not sure...

It's your house somehow, isn't it?

Come on.

Hey, come see this.

Look, photos.

It's Damien when he was little.


It must be her.

Beautiful woman.

What are you doing here?

Hey Damien, it's me.

Crozet senior couldn't kill the first two,

was at an agriculture fair in Scotland.

Boarding card proves it.

And his son?

A bit shadier.

Still haven't established his moves.

No known address...
But I'm still working on it.

Okay, thanks.

Does Charles know you're here?


We did a delivery around here

and I wanted to see
the house Damien grew up in.

We can call him together.

No, I'm their neighbor. Sébastien Crozet.

He is my son Alex.




Sorry about this, the front door
was knocked down last night.

We came to look around,
and we never saw you.

-Damien has never brought me here.

It was very hard on Damien,
very hard!

Anyway, you must know all this.

He doesn't talk about his past.

Let alone his mother.

She was an extraordinary woman.

I have to go.

See you later.

Okay, son.

Be careful.

Alex was Damien's best friend.

But now he lives in the city.

Since I lost my wife,
he's often come to see me.

Tell me...

I was told you put flowers
at Jeanne's tomb.

I always have.

Charles and Damien
have never taken care of it.

Honouring her memory
all this time!

That's beautiful.

-Sorry about the reception.
-We are sorry.

Thanks anyway.

Now you know for sure. Feeling better?

Maybe he didn't lie about his mother,
but something is up, I'm sure.

You're so annoying.

Hey, don't you think Crozet junior
is super-hot?

Not at all.

-What's going on?
-Something with the car.

Fuck! A flat tyre!

-Shit! You have a spare one?
-What the fuck!

Yeah, I have one.

-You'll need a second one.

You drove over nails.

-Are you kidding?

Bloody hell!

Gotta pick Ninon at Charles'
in an hour and a half.

He's retired, he can wait a while.


Obviously, no network,
to make things better...



-You put the nails there.
-I could have.

Anything wrong?

-We got a puncture.
-In two tyres.

Want a lift?

Alex Crozet
- a new comics book in the works

New book




-I got Alex Crozet's address.

22, Saint-Vincent st., Montreuil.

I'll go there now.

Be careful.

Don't worry.



Long time no see.

Yeah, 25 years.

Can you explain this? I'm a bit lost.

We had two flat tyres and...

Alex offered us a lift.

Where were you?

In Miserey.

-Hi, Damien.

What were you doing there?

We'll talk about it later.

I gotta go. Work.


No, don't go. Stay.

Sorry, it's been so long.

Let's have a drink, I'd really like that.

This place is like Fort Knox.

You never know what could happen.

Anyway, it's a cool house.

Makes you wanna live here.


I'm glad to see you again.

You been in Paris long?

For two years.

It wasn't easy to leave Miserey,
I always liked it there.

Despite some bad memories.

You said you wrote comics books?


What genre?

Fantastic gore.

I love it.

You're into comics?

Well, yeah.
I'm a big fan of science fiction.

Philip K. Dick,
all the Metal Hurlant volumes...

You know it?
It's heroic fantasy with sex, blood...

Totally trashy.

Ninon's sleeping, we can have dinner.

Ferracci told me nobody was allowed
to see this patient

without his permission.

He's changed his mind.

Wait a second.

Okay, you can go in.

He won't tell you much, though.

-We've totally sedated him.

Superintendent's orders.

Baptiste, can you hear me?


The Mantis...

-The Mantis?
-On the loose.

On the loose.

I'm here

Your father said
you guys were inseparable.

Till Damien and Charles moved.

Till Jeanne's death actually.

Then we lost touch.

I tried to call him but...

A childhood friend...

you forget.

Crying shame.

We'd have met earlier.

How about you?

How long?

For 5 years.

I had just divorced,
kept thinking "never again"...

Then I met Damien.

Four months later we were married.

Love is beautiful.

How about you?

I'm single.

The media wonder
if the body in the well

is linked to the Mantis copycat.

Such a horrible story!

Great plot for a comics book.

Think you'll catch him soon?

Soon, yeah...

I'm sure.

It was delicious. Thank you.

-Drive safe.
-Sure, see you tomorrow.

-They're making a move.

He's driving Virginie home.
Do you think you could...

Follow them? Sure.

You smell something fishy?


They're leaving, gotta go.

What were you doing in Miserey?

I went to see your mother's tomb.

I needed to be sure.

I'm tired.

I'm going to bed.

Thanks, Stern,
this migraine is driving me insane.

Alex Crozet


He's pulled up outside her place,
they're talking.

Hang on, now they're kissing.

Oh fuck.

It's him.

He uses an LED defender,

like the one in the footage of Hébrard.

Go check his place, I'll watch him here.

Let me know if he moves.



She got out of the car,
he's driving away.

Okay, he'll be here in 5 minutes.

-I'll follow him.

-He's parking, will be there soon.

Found anything?

He's connected to my CCTV cameras.

-I see my entire house.
-I'll nail him.

No, let him come, we'll settle this.

What the hell is that?

Are you following the investigation?

To always be a step ahead?

Maybe I'm the next one on your list.

Like your wife, I need to know.

I heard you, you're a good liar.

How long have you been watching us?

You were on TV, I thought
you weren't on this case by chance.

What are you talking about?

You never went to her tomb,
nor your grandfather.

At her burial,
neither of you shed a fucking tear!

When your mother dies, you cry,
even if she never loved you!

Your mother is the Mantis.

It's Jeanne Deber.

-Answer, is it Jeanne Deber?
-Shut it!

-I know it!
-Stop talking about her!

Tell me she's alive.

In 10 years, she loved me more
than my mother in a lifetime.

Tell me she's still alive.

She's dead. Dead, Alex!


Mrs. Debber.

You've swallowed a poison
secreted by insects.

By melyridae.

A species that thrives
in air conditioning ducts.

Subtitle translation by Evaldo Medeiros