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♪ Feel good ♪

♪ Type of girl that make you
wanna do better ♪

- ♪ Type of girl you find out in Coachella ♪
- ♪ Coachella ♪

♪ You a star in my eyes, girl ♪

♪ Let me be your Nutella ♪

♪ Look, look,
shwayze ain't a new fella ♪

Can you keep the car straight, please?

If I see you make that duck face
one more time,

- I'm slamming on the brakes.
- [Camera shutter clicks]

What are you doing, anyway?

- Dating.
- Online?

Don't judge me just because
you're out of the game.

I'm not out of the game. I won the game.

- I'm married.
- Uh, you did not win the game.

The game played you.

Well, does the game
make you breakfast in bed

or fix a leaky faucet?

My building has maintenance,
and food can be delivered.

Oh, whoa. Check that out.

Oh. Is that a Toblerone?

- Guess again.
- Oh, God.

It just goes from
like, "hey, what's up?"

to "here's my penis."
You know, I just feel like

Izzy's never gonna be able to
experience... I don't know...

like, like, courtship or...

Right. Uh, speaking of Izzy,
about tonight...

No. You can't bail on us,
not again, Syd.

I can't make it.

I love Izzy, but I-I got
to draw the line at book club.

I mean, she really likes you.

You got to show up.

Well, I-I can't.

- I'm sorry.
- Lame.

Hey, pull in right here, please.

No. I'm not an Uber. We're on duty.

Come on, McKenna.
It will just take a second.

[Sighs] No.

I'll buy you some skittles.

♪ You burn me up ♪ [Laughs]

♪ Let's get it ♪

You can't really blame me for this.

Oh, I can, and I do.

No personal business on duty.

There's no way I could have known.

MAN: Get the money! Let's go! Come on!

"Come on, McKenna.
It will just take a second."

Is that how you think I sound?

Girl, my voice is sexy.

- Mellifluous.
- Spell that.

Is all this attitude because
I'm missing family book club?


Come on! Move! Let's get out!

LAPD! Drop the gun!

Don't make me shoot you,

because I'm not missing
family book club.

It's just you and your family
talking about books, right?

Hey, homeless Jared Leto.

- You ever heard of anything like that?
- What?!

Why are you bailing on us again, anyway?

I'm not telling you,
'cause you know how you get.

How do I get?

Shut up and drop the guns!



That's how you get.

[Handcuffs clicking]

That's why we stopped here?

Yeah. I got a date, all right?

You're going straight to hell.

- Anything else?
- Yeah.

Some Tropical-Fruit Bubblicious.

Oh, and some Skittles.

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[Grand Analog's "Quiet Life" playing]

[Siren wailing in distance]




NANCY: You're up early.

Oh, Howser called a last-minute meeting.


A meeting before 8:00 A.M.? Rough.

Yeah, well, he, uh...
he was out a few days.

Probably just dropping
extra cases on me.

- Morning, Izzy.
- [Rock music playing on headphones]



PATRICK: Is that my credit card?

We gave that to you for emergencies.

A draconian dress-code policy

enforced by a slut-shaming

is an emergency.

Help me out here.

Vice principal Roth finally got her way

with the, uh, skirt-length policy.

It's got to be a credit card
from the knee.

It is also a commentary on the
commodification of female bodies

and the shortcomings
of consumer culture.

- I like that.
- Thank you.

- Babe, that does not help.
- [Cellphones chiming]

Oh, I'm blowin' up.

Me, too.

It's that parent group chat.

Is this my forensic textbook?

How did they get these?

I swear to God, Isabel.

Izzy, did you use my death book
for a school presentation?

I did a health report
on the opioid crisis.

I thought it would be a good deterrent

to the other kids in class

to see what happens to a body
after an overdose.

They loved the book
and took some pics, so...

- But you didn't have to use Nancy's...
- Photographic evidence?

Isn't that what you use at work
every day, Counselor?

They can get all the same stuff
online. Look.

- Oh, stop.
- No. Stop it.

- Nobody wants to see that.
- [Car horn honks]

Got to go.


If it even matters.

Oh, my God.

Uh, B-plus is better than a "D."

Oh, the, uh, to-go cups are right there.

I thought I'd stay a while,
have some coffee, talk.

Oh, Reggie, I was really clear.

All sex and no strings.

There you go.

- Seriously?
- Seriously.

It's been fun, but, you know...

- Wait. What?
- All right.

♪ I got, I got, I got, I got ♪

♪ Loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA ♪

♪ ...quarter piece, got war
and peace inside my DNA ♪

[Tires screeching, horns blaring]

♪ I got power, poison, pain,
and joy inside my DNA ♪

♪ I got hustle, though,
ambition, flow, inside my DNA ♪

♪ I was born like this,
since one like this ♪

♪ Immaculate conception ♪

♪ I transform like this,
perform like this ♪

- [Horns blaring]
- ♪ Was yeshua's new weapon ♪

Hey! Hey!

What the hell is wrong with...

T-Tina needs help.


Someone call 911!

[Sirens wailing, police radio chatter]



- How was your night?
- Fine.

- Still mad, huh?
- Not mad.

Damn! What is she so mad about?

- I'm not mad.
- No, there was a tone.

- Little...
- I missed family book club.

- Oh, why would you do that?
- Did you say family book club?

- I know.
- Why are the Bens here?

I'm not sure, because we have
closed more cases in four months

than you have in seven.

Okay, L.A.'s finest. Tell you what...

close this case, the other team
does the paperwork.

Lame. Close this case,
I get the hellcat.

- Hell no!
- Hell yeah.

- That's my ride, man.
- No, that is not your ride, man.

- No, that's my ride.
- It's city property.

- Paperwork for a month, and you're on.
- Deal.

Oh! You're gonna have a pissing contest,

don't do it on my shoes, okay?
Listen up.

Units responded to a TC on PCH,

only to discover the driver
crashing through traffic,

trying to save his nanny.

Kyle Smith... right there.

Hasn't said a word since the crash.

He's got an overworked single
mother out of town on business.

We're looking for her now.

No other family. Just her, the nanny.

Until we get hold of Kyle's mom,
DCFS is gonna babysit.

I want you to find whoever
did this, and find them fast.


Can you give us a minute?

Yeah. Sure.




Am I in trouble?


None of this is your fault.


You were so brave.

Not brave enough.

Tina's dead.

And I couldn't help her.

But you could still help us.

[Indistinct conversations]

- You get it up yet?
- Sounds like you last night.

Oh, you got jokes now, huh?

So, we good?


[Keys clacking]

Okay. What do we got?

Two bangers trolling Malibu,
searching for an easy target.

She tries to flee. They shoot.

Only they didn't count
on a kid being in the car.

[Mouse clicks, computer beeps]

Chevy body, triple-unit
rear-light assemblies.

That's a '69 Impala.


What? I like cars.

I see this. So, we got a partial plate.

We got the make and model of the car.

We just need to, uh,
search the DMV records.

DMV warrants take forever.

What if it didn't have to take forever?

Yeah, but they do.

I got a way around that.

Around that?

Uh, McKenna.

Listen. A few of us got a pool going

about why Syd got booted from the DEA.

Now, my money is on
she sucker-punched her boss.

- And I say mental breakdown.
- Mm.

Look, Black-man and Robin,
if you have a question for Syd,

put your big-boy pants on
and ask her yourself.

What's wrong with my pants?
Why are you always

- talking about my clothes?
- No, no, no, no, no.

You know something.

Aren't you guys supposed
to be looking for Kyle's mom?

Found her. We just sent you
the information.

- Yeah, check your e-mail.
- Claire Smith.

She's on a flight out of Cyprus.

Phone's off. Homeland Security
is reaching out.


This a lot faster
than an official request.

Fletch used to do this for us
all the time back in Miami.

Kind of missed him
when he switched coasts.

Oh, yeah? Well, let me take you
to a Laker game.

- I know a guy.
- I'm a heat fan.

- What?
- I know a guy.

- What about you...
- No.

- [Keys clacking]
- Okay, found your '69 Impala.

It's registered to
a Victor Morales, Boyle Heights.

That's East Side Diablos territory.

He's not the shooter, but he's
definitely one of our guys.

Owe you one, Fletch.

- Hey, what about dinner?
- Still a "no."

Call me!


[Dog barking]

[Mid-tempo Spanish music playing]






- What she said.
- [Groans]

- Where's your partner?
- No hablo Ingles.

- ¿Donde esta tu compañero?
- Yo, what partner?

Oh, oh, oh. You hablo Ingles now, huh?

I don't have time for this.

Whoa! Whoa! Come get your girl, please!

- She don't listen to me.
- Oh, my God.

- I need a name.
- Oh!

- He'll kill me!
- You think I won't?

- Huh?
- [Screaming]


Frank Cruz!

Frank Cruz, you psycho! Get her off me!

Why do I always have
to play the good cop?

'Cause you have no poker face.

Frank Cruz? He rolls
with East Side Diablos?

No! He's with the Garza cartel.

- He just hired me to drive him.
- Where is he?

He went to go finish the job!

What does that mean?

Finish the job.

He's after the kid.

♪ Shot the boy down ♪

♪ Shot ya ♪

♪ Shot the boy down ♪

♪ Yo ♪

♪ You want to talk about a gun or... ♪

♪ Just you and I, we got a feeling ♪


- What kind of music you like?
- ♪ We got a feeling ♪

NANCY: Need a location on the
family services driver with Kyle.

[Siren chirps]


WOMAN: GPS shows Hollywood and Wilcox.

En route.


[Door handle rattling]

Open up.


[Kyle screaming]

- [Siren wailing]
- There they are!


Go get the boy. I'll get Cruz.

[Siren wailing]


- Oh, hell no.

Wait, no! No, no! Stop. I-I know her.

She's a real cop.

Hey, I need your bike!

You're okay.

- Syd?
- Reggie?

Get off the bike! He's getting away!

- Seriously?
- Seriously.

[Tires squeal]

You supposed to wear a helmet.

[Sirens continue wailing]

[Tires screeching]




[Horns blaring]



[Horns honking]



HIRSCH: Air Support found
Cruz's car in the L.A. River.

It was stolen off a movie set.

If the Garza cartel is involved here,

we need to step up security.

Syd, Nancy, take Kyle
to the Eagle Rock safe house.

Kid duty?

Why? Because we're women?

Yep. Yep. Yep.

Homeland security has located
Kyle's mother, Claire.

We're gonna pick her up
as soon as she lands.

In the meantime,
you two get into her life.

Go to Reuther Securities,
talk to her boss.

SYD: Okay, now ball up
your hand. Make a fist.

MAN: On-site at eagle rock safe house.

Like this. See?

So you don't break your thumb.

Let me see a punch.


- I'm not strong enough.
- You don't have to be.

So, when those tough guys,
they start bothering you,

you play to their strengths.

- So you pull away, right?
- [Cellphone vibrates]

Then they're gonna try to yank you back.

You jump into it,

and then you plant your elbow
right into their junk.

You're blowin' up. "Joseph."

[Dog barks in distance]

All right, if you're calling,
you better have something.


Okay. Okay.

Okay, Bruce Lee.

I've got somewhere I have to be.

What? Syd.

You know, how about
you keep this safe for me?

It's very special.

It was a gift.

Who's "Mike"?

That watch means a lot to me,

which means I'll be back to get it.

You're in good hands with McKenna.


All right.

Hey, we're still on the clock.

You know me well enough to know
that if I need to leave,

it's important.

Do I?


Whatever. Do what you got to do.

[Indistinct conversations]

WOMAN: Mr. Reuther is just
finishing a meeting.

Right this way.

- Maxwell Reuther.
- Detective Walker.

This is Detective Baines.
We just wanted to ask you

a couple questions about Claire Smith.

Did she ever mention the Garza cartel?

- [Chuckling] The cartel?
- Mm-hmm.

- No.
- And she's been in Cyprus?

A couple days now.
It's routine diligence.

Has anybody been in her office?

May I ask why?

Because her computer's on.

We're gonna need to see these files.

I'm sorry,
but I got to ask for a warrant.

It would be bad for business

if I share confidential client files

without a compulsory warrant.


He needs a warrant.

Wait. You mean like this one?

[Dog barks in distance]

Yes! "Mileage."

Nice! You are kicking my butt.

[Knock on door]

Oh, don't worry. It's just the Bens.

- There you go.
- Hey!

Yo. Where's your darker half?

Yeah, we figured the two of you
would be singing

- into wooden spoons by now.
- [Both laugh]

The bens? You guys are partners
with the same name?

- Yep.
- Yes, sir.

- That's stupid.
- [Laughs]

That is stupid.

Ain't nothing stupid about video games.

Did McKenna show you the system?

- No.
- Come here. I got you.

Hey, seriously, where's Burnett?

She left.

It was an emergency.

You really got to get better at lying.

What's up? Is everything okay?

Kyle's mom is gonna land in a few hours,

so I'm gonna go home and wash up.



You found him?

Syd, come in. Sit down.



You said you have intel?

Like you asked.

Well, "asked"
would be putting it mildly.

- Demanded.
- Okay, this is the deal.

You wanted a relationship. I need help.

This is serious. Gabriel Knox
is a ghost story

criminals whisper in the dark.

I don't believe in ghosts.

Somebody tortured me. They shot me,

and they left me for dead.

And I believe that it's a real,
live man named Gabriel Knox.

You found him.

No, but I found someone who can.

An old C.I. says

that Ray Sherman has been
running off at the mouth

about being on Knox's payroll.

Ray Sherman will be at his club,
Cyrk, tonight.


Your mom took you kids to Miami.

I let her.

It was a mistake I've been
trying to make up for.


I wouldn't be a good father

if I didn't ask you to just let this go.

Nice speech.

You were never a good father.


♪ I should have Febreze on me ♪


♪ Yeah, I'm the...
I should have Febreze on me ♪

♪ Take a back street,
and I put some p's on it ♪

♪ Just left the Gucci store,
all I got is G's on me ♪

♪ Oh! ♪


♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm the...
I should have Febreze on me ♪

You don't work here.

I'd remember you.


Nice to meet you, ray.

You look like the man to know.

Yeah? So, uh,

what brought you over, miss?

I'd like to get to know you better.


Hey, it's McKenna.

Can you do me a favor and ping a cell?

Sydney Burnett.

[Dance music playing]



What's the matter? You shy now?

I'm a lot of things,
but shy ain't one of them.





[Gun cocks]

What you think this is, bitch?

A .380 on your sack, bitch.


I want Gabriel Knox.

Oh, what's the matter?

Are you shy now?



That's the funny thing about this room.

Sometimes, I like to relive
the stuff that happens here.

Sometimes, a girl as fine as you?

The fellas like to watch.


[Door opens]

[Gun cocks]


Yeah. Tell the deejay to turn it up.

♪ I can tell that the heat Rose ♪

Somebody hot this chick.

♪ Why? I can tell 'cause his feet cold ♪

- ♪ Whoa, I'm an animal, ya mean? ♪
- [Door opens]

♪ I can shut the club down,
this is my scene ♪

Damn! It's a party up in here.

Everybody's dressed up.

Syd's got her legs all out.

What the hell are you doing here?

- I got this.
- Clearly.


And unlike my partner here,

I notified for backup,
so if anything happens to us...

she's police?

Yeah. She's police.

Come on.

- Syd. Let's go.
- ♪ Exit the stage right ♪

♪ 'Cause we about to have us
a wild night ♪

Smells like...

sweaty tits and bad choices in here.


- [Video game beeping]
- Oh! New high score!

- You missed it!
- 11 William 31.

How's the view?


11 William 31?

11 William 31?



Kyle, run!




MAN: Let's go. Move!


Kyle, get down!




[Distorted crying]


NANCY: What the hell was that?

Syd. Are you in some kind of trouble?

You shouldn't have come.
I had it under control.

Syd, look at me.

Just be a person

and tell me what the hell
is going on with you.

[Cellphone rings]


Syd, the safe house.

[Police radio chatter]

Ben. Oh, my God.

Don't worry. I-I'll be okay.

[Indistinct conversations]

What happened?

Cruz and a small army.

Where's Kyle?

[Siren wailing]

[Police radio chatter,
helicopter blades whirring]




Shit just got real.




That a shell casing you got
there, Detective McKenna?

An M995 armor-piercing round,
to be exact.

In the Navy, we used
to call them "black tips."

Mm. That because
they got black tips on them?

Keith, you're the only person
around here

who can get his hands on this.

You and me have an understanding.

Which ended the second your
hardware was used on the LAPD.

[Chuckles] You can't prove nothing.

Last chance to do this friendly.

No, no, no. I got this.

See, normally, Syd is the one
who would lose her cool,

and I would calm her down, but...

There's a kid involved, and I'm
not playing good cop tonight.

- You're bluffing.
- She can't bluff.

It's... it's a whole thing.

If you don't talk by the time I'm done,

- I'm gonna pull this trigger.
- McKenna.

LAPD tracks every round that we fire,

but if one of your guns goes off...

Accidents happen, right?

- Time's up.
- I never met the guy.

I just have a delivery address.

- I thought you were dead.
- [Gun clicks]

Ooh. See? Could... could have got shot.

I said "pull the trigger."

You palmed the firing pin.

Ahh! That's dope.

All right, Grizzly Adams,
what's the address?




[Reuther and Jen groaning,
chains clinking]



Drop the... Weapon.

[Muffled shouting]

A ball gag?

How's she supposed to hear
your safe word, dummy?

Maxwell Reuther, Claire's boss.

[Muffled speaking]

What was that?

I want my lawyer.

- You can keep this.
- Ohh!

I'm gonna call this in.
You might want to get covered up.


- Right this way.
- Where's my son?

- Ms. Smith...
- Where is Kyle?

- They said you had him?
- I am Captain Hirsch.

- We did have him, but...
- "Did"?

What are you saying?

Where is my son?

For the past few months,

I'd seen some irregularities
in a few accounts...

small stuff, but it added up over time.

I went to Cyprus to look into it.

It looked like something illegal
was happening,

so I froze the accounts
until I could sort it out.

I used a two-factor
pass-code authenticator.

I'm the only one...
who can unfreeze the money.

It's... my fault
they took my son, isn't it?

My detectives searched your computer

and now have confirmation

that your boss has been doing
business with the Garza cartel.

It's their money that you froze.


What's your name?


It's for my anxiety.

No judgment.

Let me get that.

All right, here's the deal, Jen.

I know that Reuther's
into some bad stuff.

I just can't prove it.

And now he's wasting
what little time I do have...

To save a young boy's life.

So I need to know if you saw
or heard anything tonight

that might be able to help us.

For your anxiety.

Aren't you a cop?

He just hired me to party.

He said he wanted
to blow off some steam.

That's all I know.


[Police radio chatter]

REISING: Detective. You want me
to take her downtown?

No, officer. I got it. Thank you.


All right, we got your statement,

so... take a lyft home

and try to make better choices.

'Cause this is dirt weed.


Reuther didn't know, but...

I-I heard him make a call.

Jen overheard a call that confirmed

Reuther armed Cruz and his boys.

And once we pressed him on the weapons,

Reuther jumped at a deal.

Set up an exchange with the cartel...

- money for Kyle.
- Boom!

Then we hit them
with everything we got...

- SWAT, S.I.S., HRT.
- No! No good.

Cruz is smart. He wants to meet
at Santa Monica pier.

Too many civilians
to go in guns blazing.

It has to be low-key.

So, after the exchange,
then we take down Cruz.

Too dangerous. We can't send Claire in,

add another hostage to the mix.

No, no, no. You don't send Claire.

Reuther can vouch
for an undercover, right?

I mean, you can hardly pass
for Kyle's mom.

No, I can't,

but... you can.

[Telephone rings in distance]


NANCY: Grab a bite. It'll take a minute.

"A feminist guide
to female serial killers."

Little... light reading?

My dad made me read "Little Women."

He trolls me, I troll back harder.

So, like, passive-aggressive
family book club wars?

I like it.

All right. [Sighs] Bye.

Whoa, whoa. Slow down.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah. I, um...

I just... I'm still on the clock,

and I had to pick up clothes and...


How many cases did Howser give you?

- Jesus.
- All of them.

He is retiring.

What? Really?

I-I know I said I wasn't
gonna run for D.A.

until Izzy was in college, but...

Well, I mean, you're not running.

You're... interim D.A.?


Wow! That's huge!

- Yeah.
- Babe!

Oh, I'm so proud of you.

We ready for this?

I've got a prosecutor dad
and a cop for a stepmom.

It's like I live
in a surveillance state.

They're always up in my business.

Yeah, I can relate.

My cop dad, he wasn't even around.

He's a dick.

My brother, Marcus...

[Sighs] ...he had to look out for me,

and I... it was like

if I even thought
about stepping out of line,

he was all over me, you know?

Like, it sucked.


Marcus has always had my back,

and your parents
are always gonna have yours.


I know Nancy makes it sound like
book club is my thing,

but she loves it.

You shouldn't have bailed.

Nancy has your back, too, you know?

NANCY: Let's do this.

Bye, honey. Mwah.


Be careful... Nancy.

Love you.



HIRSCH: Listen up! We're up
against the Garza cartel,

and they're holding
an 11-year-old hostage.

It doesn't get any realer than this.

The exchange is set
for the south side of the pier.

Mr. Reuther will introduce
McKenna as Claire,

under the guise
of unfreezing cartel accounts.

As soon as she has Kyle
out of harm's way,

we move on Cruz and his boys.

Arrest who you can.

Bag the rest.


Okay. There's two-way come
built into these glasses.

- You good?
- Yeah.

I mean, even if I can
convince them I'm Claire,

Kyle's got to play along,
or we're both dead.

But, yeah, otherwise, I'm pretty good.

Me and Baines will be right there.

You got this.

I got this.


♪ I'm off the chains, ya dig?
That's why she goin' mad ♪

♪ The police trying to catch me,
like you do a cab ♪

♪ Baby think I'm fly, but I ain't ♪

Well, I think you missed
your calling, Baines.

I don't think the hot-dog stand
used this sign.

- Did you do this?
- I'll never tell.

HIRSCH: Heads in the game. We're on.

Cruz is approaching.



I'm sorry about...

Shut up.

Sit down.


So, you're the one
that caused so much trouble.

I want my money.

I want my son.

No sign of Kyle.

Okay, I entered the request.

Claire will get a one-time
response code on her cell.

- That's it?
- Mm-hmm.

Take a walk, Reuther.


Have a seat, mami.


Where's Kyle?



I want to see my son first.


SYD: Oh, thank God.

There's a gun on Kyle.

All right, guys.

Get ready to move.


Hey, baby. Mommy's here.

Everything's gonna be okay.

I want to go home...



[Cellphone chimes]


[Computer beeping]


You got your money.




McKenna, look out!

[Bystanders screaming]

He's got Kyle!




- [Groans]
- Show me your hands!

Don't move! Stay down!

Get the kid!




I don't see him.


CRUZ: Come on, kid. [Mutters in Spanish]


LAPD! Don't move!

Back off, or we all go up!

[Bystanders shouting indistinctly]




There's no reason to be scared,
Kyle, okay?

He's just some tough guy.


I'm not going anywhere.


CRUZ: Hey!





Get back!






[Both gasping]


[Sirens chirping]


I lost the watch.


You sure?

What's this?

Thank you.

Oh, yeah.

It's all her.


Yo! Baines!

Come on, man. We lost the bet.
McKenna gets the hellcat.

This is getting weird, man.



I need a minute to say goodbye.

You want me to sing you some
Boyz II Men or something?

Let's go, seriously.

Ah! Dang!

Come on, man.
Help me with this paperwork.


I only got one arm.


♪ And when I try to be good
and do all the things I should ♪

♪ I hit a wall
that I can't break through ♪

♪ I never understood ♪

Syd, I'm worried.

♪ Every time I go to knock it down ♪

[Siren wails in distance]

Look, you know
you don't have to tell me.

What's going on with you?


[Sirens wailing in distance]


Five years ago, the DEA had me
investigating Gabriel Knox.

I was undercover in his organization,

and my cover got blown.

I don't even remember
what happened that night,

just what the doctors told me...


...that I was tortured,

shot, and left for dead.


But all I remember is waking up
in a hospital, feeling...


...really empty.


I was pregnant.

Syd, you don't have to...

I'm trying to be a person,

like you suggested.

Family stuff...


...that's a little hard for me.


Knox disappeared after that.

You think he's here in L.A.

And Ray Sherman knows how to find him.

We have to trust each other.

No more secrets.



[They.'s "Motley Crew" playing]


♪ Some might say
we're armed and dangerous ♪

- SYD: I need to borrow your car.
- ♪ Pay the price of the life ♪

- What's wrong with your bike?
- ♪ Every night but it ain't enough ♪

- Is that a "no"?
- ♪ Pain is the name of the game ♪

♪ When they play with us ♪

♪ Say what you say, but that
Lane ain't the same for us ♪

These people are dangerous.

Yeah? Me, too.

♪ Unforgiven ♪

♪ Screaming, "oh, my Lord" ♪

♪ Some might say
we're armed and dangerous ♪

Sherman's not gonna talk

as long as Knox is protecting him.


You can't keep going after him.

When I'm done,
I won't have to go after him.

He's gonna come to me.

You're just one woman.

Damn right.

♪ Ooh, we all bend the truth ♪

♪ Take a walk in our shoes ♪

♪ We just wanna cruise ♪

♪ Nothing to prove ♪

♪ Unforgiven ♪

♪ Riding down Sunset Boulevard
with my... ♪

- [Engine roars]
- ♪ Screaming "oh, my Lord" ♪

♪ Unforgiven ♪

♪ Riding down Sunset Boulevard
with my... ♪

♪ Screaming "oh, my Lord" ♪



Hey, sleepy-head.

What do you say to brunch?


I've got somewhere to be. Um...

The to-go cups are... they're...
they're right over there.

I'm... I'm not sure how you missed it.

Thank you, doll. That's so sweet of you.

- [Cellphone rings]
- McKenna.

We need to talk about your partner.

You can't just call me.

I don't answer to you.

With what I know, of course you do.

Oh, that is long over.

It's in the past.

Funny thing about the past.

Never seems to stay behind you.

I told him not to call,

but you know Ray.



Your partner crossed the line.

Calling me is crossing the line.

Don't do it again.


[Helicopter blades whirring,
siren chirping]

How'd she look?


IZZY: Well-developed
but slightly terrified.

- ♪ Unforgiven ♪

Everything okay?

- Yeah. Perfect.
- ♪ Riding down Sunset Boulevard ♪

♪ With my... ♪

♪ Screaming, "oh, my Lord" ♪

♪ Unforgiven ♪

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