Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Intruder Flies a Crooked Path - full transcript

When Jindiao arrives to the Village, he invites the kids to participate in an exhibition match, but has alternative motives.

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1x04 - The Intruder Flies a Crooked Path

That scroll will
never see the light of day.

All must know the truth.

Unfortunately, the memory
of you will die here today.

He is too powerful for us to
contain without the Spirit Urn.

We cannot wait for its arrival.

We must not let him
discover the Wellspring.

I only wish we had gotten
this scroll to Oogway.

But perhaps someday,
the truth will be uncovered.

It has been my greatest
honor serving alongside you.


My soul, cast out from
my beautiful dragon body

was hurled across
the wide world.

I needed a new body.

And only had poor specimens
to chose from.

And sure, my brother-in-law's
a handsome enough guy, but...

You okay, Chong?

Peasants. You disgust me!

Of all the bodies
I could've inhabited

I get stranded in this.

I need you to find that scroll
before those children and Po read it.

Once I have taken Po's chi,
I will be powerful enough

to drain those children
of what is rightfully mine.

I require the items on this list
from the alchemist in Tuoluo.

For my trip to Panda Village.

What does it say, Master Po?

"We hoped.
Turned out he had become.

Danger. Need Spirit Urn.

There's a bunch of words missing.

Jing, I think we need all of the
chi from the Four Constellations.

You know I don't know how to
activate my stupid chi, yet.

I know, but try, kiddo.

You're doin' it.

Ooh! Keep it up, kiddo.


See? I told you.

Good effort!

Can't even... Dumb!

- Jing?
- Useless!

Can't even...

- Jing, listen...
- Dumb!

You can't be too hard
on yourself.

This stuff isn't easy.
It's gonna come when it comes.


I don't know.
You'll just feel it. Ow!

The summoning bell!

Does that mean it's an attack?
Let's go.

Stay behind me, kids.

Master Po, wait.

- Shaka-booyah!
- No, son, stop!

These monks are with the Temple
of the Heavenly Plumblossom.

We are pleased to present

of The Most Auspicious Temple of

the Heavenward Plumblossom
Serene Moonbeam,

the high-exalted,
benevolent, magnanimous,

supreme Grand Abbot Jindiao.

Greetings, all you beautiful pandas.

Look no ring, and
he still has all his feathers.


I think he likes me.

- They're so cute at that age.
- Oh. Wow. Uh...

This Grand Abbot Jindiao,
he's a big deal then, huh?

- Uh-huh.
- And, I mean he just caught me

- beating up all of his monks?
- Uh-huh.

Okay. Well, I'm not gonna
freak out.

You must be the Dragon Master.

I've heard so much about you

that I simply had to come
and pay my respects.

No, the respects are all mine.

I mean, in the paying department.

I feel like I should be paying
or we could split the check.

I-I mean...
Sorry about all the...

You know, with the little, you know...

And, who are these flying children?

Oh. These are my Kung Fu students.

What a wonderful moment
to be so close to all of you.

Such a beautiful village.

Perhaps you could give me a little tour?

Sure thing. One official Dragon
Master tour coming right up!

I look forward to getting to
know each one of you very soon.

So, as you can see, I'm
really proud of all the work

my students have done
to make this place a home.

I mean, a home full of practice
dummies and punching bags

and sharp objects.

So, anyway...

What the heck
you lookin' at, bubba?

- Nothing.
- What's that supposed to mean?

Grand Abbot Jindiao
teaches us in his wisdom

that everything is nothing
and nothing is everything.

- Okay then, thanks for nothing.
- See? Now you're getting it.

I wonder if I might ask
a huge favor?

Anything, Grand Abbot Jindiao.

It would mean the world
to my little Pika Monks

if we could have
a Kung Fu exhibition match.

Your students against my students.

Sure. An exhibition match.

Just a little exhibish.
Between friends.

- Sounds like fun, huh kids?
- Oh, my gosh!

I can't wait to try real Kung Fu

in a safe, heavily regulated
tournament setting.

And we should celebrate
this auspicious event

- with a meal between friends.
- Yeah! Now it's a party.

Oh, cart, show Daddy Ping
where the mean panda hurts you.

- Uh...
- I'll kiss it and make it all better.

What? You talk to it
like it's alive.

Don't listen to him, Cart.
And you, you talk to your plants.

Plants are alive.
And, they're my friends.

Without them I'm just
a little bit alone.

- And, these two are?
- My two dads.

- It is a great honor.
- I brought Cart!

Actually, Dads,
I'm glad you're both here.

- You are?
- You are?

Yes, because you can volunteer
to help out.

Grand Abbot Jindiao and I
are going to have

a Kung Fu exhibition match
between our students.

Dad, you'll be in charge of
running the exhibition match.

And, Dad,
you'll be in charge of the big

- celebration dinner beforehand!
- How much do I get paid?

Remember, this is a
friendly exhibition match.

Right? Between friends. Points only.

And definitely no chi.

Okay, guys?
Pull your punches and...

Jing, you wanna join us
over here?

What I want to do is
get my dumb chi pumping

and read this janky scroll.

- Look, I know you feel like you let your friends down.
- Yeah, she did!

Quiet, you. Truth is, sometimes
it's up to the universe.

You have to be patient.

So, let's go!

- I give up.
- It's gonna be so great...

The scroll must be in there.
Find it.

Adore me, people.

♪ I am the Queen of the Ribbon ♪

And, finish!

I said finish!

Thank you!
Your applause almost fills

the bottomless hole in my heart
where the happiness should be.

What a wonderful performance!

Before we start,
I would like for Po and I

to raise our bowls
in a toast to friendship.

Mad respect.

And now, I'm so proud to present
to you my Kung Fu students

facing off against The Flying...
Don't laugh.

The Flying Pika Monks,
of The Most Auspicious Temple of

the Heavenward Plumblossom
Serene Moonbeam!

Have you ever considered getting a...

A shorter name for...

I'm not feeling so hot.
Sorry, I just...

Coming in for a rough landing!

Somebody give
him mouth-to-mouth.

And the dumplings...

- What's wrong with him?
- I've seen this before.

It's some kind of allergic
reaction to something he ate.

Well, he was never allergic
to anything before.

Don't worry.
I'll nurse Po back to health.

You two should continue
with the exhibition match.

We should continue
with the exhibition match.

I am known
as the healer of healers.

You are known as
the healer of healers.

Why are you keep repeating
what he's saying?

Over and over again?
I-I don't need a repeat.

- Is Master Po okay?
- He's fine, kids.

Let's continue with
the exhibition match.

Don't worry, children.

He's in excellent hands.

I found it!

- The scroll?
- Oh, no.

I dropped my lucky seashell
during all the ransacking.

- But, I found it. No.
- Silence, Huifang!

Those children must have
taken the scroll with them.

Where am I?

Surrender your chi to me!

What the heck is going on?

Everyone, Po is fine.
So, please don't worry.

He is in the capable care
of the Grand Abbot Jindiao

who has asked us to continue
with the Kung Fu exhibition match.

Will the referee please take her place?

Let's get ready to exhibit.
Have at it.

Get your dry salty plums here.

You're just getting whomped on,

flounced, paddled, destroyed.

Those little Pika Monks are
taking you behind the woodshed.

You must be insanely embarrassed
right now and you probably should...

As usual, not your
best pep talk, Grandma.

Come on, Jing.
You're up next.

Oh. Well...

I see the scroll.

The angry one stashed it
in the food cart.

You are strong.

But you will not be strong enough.

Come at me, bro.

And, fight!

Go ahead, little fella.

Just get it over with.
Put me down.

Put me out of my

Don't despair, little girl.
Life is beautiful.

I got an idea.
I'll give you this point.

- It'll make you feel better.
- Thanks, guy.

Hey, fellas. I'm gonna
let her get...

Hey! That was a sucker punch.
Not cool.

- Nice.
- Total bush league move.

If that's how
they want to do this,

I say we give it back to
them, in kind.

Wait, guys. It was my
idea, I just wasn't ready.

Hey! No fair! Those little
guys are acting like bullies.

And I hate bullies. Especially
when they're so huggably soft.

They won't be cuter than me when
we knock some scars into them.

I am the cutest one here!

I hereby call a free for all.

Do you think we should tell them
that I wanted you to hit me?

Nah, let's let them do their
thing a little bit longer.

Fun to watch.

Keep your hands off my goodies.

- Help! Cart under attack!
- Silence!

Stop! You again?

Hey! That's no way to treat
that pathetic old man!

Poison Clan. To me.


I can save you, Cart.
It's going to be okay.


I have beaten you, Po.

Give me your chi, now.

Give me your chi!

I command it!

Yes! Yes!

Master Po, get up.

You are in your own mind.

Master Oogway?

No, Dragon Master,
but I am a friend.

You have all the power in
your own mind.

Get up!

I don't know who you are,
and I don't care.

But get out of my head!

That was one crazy dream.

Grand Abbot Jindiao?
Oh, no!

My butt!

So much pain!

Everyone, please!
Stop hurting each other.


Help, somebody help.

I woke up and found
Grand Abbot Jindiao like this.

He's barely breathing.


Thank you...
Thank you, dear one.

Master Po, you should be
very proud of your students.

And you really showed me
something special today.

Um. Jing, if you have any of that
White Tiger healing chi left?

My butt really hurts.

I'm not goin' anywhere
near your butt, bubba.

No worries.
My butt will be fine.

What of the scroll, Jade Tusk?

- Destroyed, Master.
- Good.

Then we needn't worry about
anyone learning of the past.

I just couldn't wait until tomorrow.

We'll show Master Po what it
says, but I gotta see it now.

Let's do this.


"This is the last will and
testament of the Four Constellations.

And a dire warning.
Beware the Dragon Master.

He has turned evil corrupted by
the Golden Chi bestowed upon him.

The Dragon Master desires
control of the Wellspring.

We have only
one chance to contain him.

If we fail, there is only darkness.

Beware, beware the Dragon Master."