Kottan ermittelt (1976–1983): Season 2, Episode 3 - Drohbriefe - full transcript

Kottan Ermittelt - Threatening Letters

That was the wrong garden

Oh Sorry - Here’s your Post

You knocked because of junk mail?

A real letter is here as well

Nobody writes me

But you need to pay 5 Shillings postage due

You can take it back then

Thats probably from Mr Rentmayer,
he even complains per mail.


Let Me see the return address

The mayor of Vienna

Come in

The mayor has no money for stamps?

I don’t know, do you want the letter or not?

Ok I'll take it

Five shilling 20


I can’t find my glasses,
could you please read it for me?

Don’t you know how to read ~ Well yes ~

Dear bitch

You bitch ~ Me? ~

How dare you !

This is written

Excuse me

This letter is probably from Reitmayer then

What a disgusting human

I’m the stupid goose
that paid five shillings for this

I’m not taking it back

The return address, well these things happen

This letter is not even written

It was glued with letters from the papers ,look!

Should I continue to read ?

I know the beginning already !

It's enough already . Time for revenge is now.

If you.... "you" written small! [Grammar Nazi]

If you are smart, don't leave your house anymore

My gun is ready

With unfriendly greetings

Signed with ...Z

What about that !

Somebody made a bad joke

Hopefully !

I won’t take it anymore,
who do they think they are

They think they can do what they want with me

They will be surprised

This needs to stop

I won't allow it any longer

I’m ending this radically

Have some fun ...

He will be finished

I won’t take it any longer

What is it Mrs Komarek ? ~ Nothing ~

Maybe sedation pills and calming tea?

You know I have everything


Good day

Good day , can I help you?

I was sent to you. ~ Why ? ~

I got this letter from the Post Office

You are in the wrong department

We are the murder commission

Nothing happened yet.
~ Should I come when I’m dead? ~

Sit down

Say have you seen Dovanowisch?

I make my own coffee now

It's safer too


I forgot the sugar

I can write off my blue Jacket.
~ the one that was stolen in the cafe? ~

While on duty

You have to watch out or the criminals
will find you ridiculous

Schrammerl just got fished for his
watch in the Strassenbahn

Nobody ever stole from me

Don't slam the door like that

There is a handle on it

I had the handle in my hand

In the hand... ~ We need to see the boss ~

A murder?

Is he in a bad mood?

Ask him

It's enough already . Time for revenge is now

My gun is ready ,with unfriendly greetings

Signature..~ The black Hand? ~ No ...Z

It says Z. Maybe it means something?

Probably Zorro

Okay Kottan you look after that

Should Mrs Komarek come when she is dead?

No but it is probably a rascals joke

Mrs Komarek ?

Did you have a confrontation
with the neighbourhood kids?

Well yes

See? ~ Not so fast ! ~

You go look around Mrs Komarek's place. Basta !

All right !

I live down there


Good day Mrs Komarek

Is something wrong?

Another one of these hypocrites

Im not on a good footing
with anyone here in the village

But Reitmayer is my first suspect

He is probably standing behind his curtains again

That’s Rudi , Sebastian and Georg

Lets go for a coffee?

And Reitmayer , You think he wrote that letter?

I don't talk to him, for a long time now

It started two years ago

My husband was still alive , Ernstl.
Why don’t you sit down?

All of a sudden Reitmayer
found our dog too noisy

He told us to get rid of our dog.
We said no !

After that he went and bought a record player

With a megaphone !

He set it on his window into our direction

The whole day he was playing military march music

And in between he did announcements

Mrs Komarek we request that you get rid of the dog

Be bought another dog immediately

And he barked in duet with Lux

Ernstl got the loudest most
obnoxious dog from the shelter.

The Reitmayer came and snipped
all my bushes along the street

That reached into the street

But then I...

When Mrs Reitmayer hung her
white laundry in her yard

I made a camp fire ,put grass
and wet rags on the fire

To make a lot of smoke

The whole laundry was black.

So Reitmayer went into the woods
and caught a lot of moles

And let them loose in my garden

These animals ruined the whole lawn

So Ernstl gave up the two dogs and told
everyone Reitmayer poisoned them

There where three court cases
but no one was found guilty

Both of us had to pay half of the court bills

Last year Ernstl died

But Reitmayer just does things to make it hard for me.

He is a brutal human

In the meantime he build a whole system

What does the other neighbours say to that?

Berlag who was at the garden door
lives on the other side

He still owes me money for the glass
that his kid broke playing ball

You should hear his lawn mower

A tractor is the humming of bees , compared to that

For hours he drives it around in circles

Since Ernstl died , everyone thinks
they can do what they want to me

I can hardly fight back

Maybe it's not from this village? ~ Who else ? ~

Do you have relatives Mrs Komarek ?

At the graveyard

Look Reitmayer...

Attention , attention

Kaufhof asking the following messages

Whipped cream for the weekend
must be ordered by tomorrow noon

On Friday there are still two slots free for washing laundry

Mrs Komarek , Don’t look so stupid

Mrs Kumarek is quite nosy , do you
know what she has? ~ No ~

Police , Mrs Reitmayer?

Please remain seated

We have a few questions about Mrs Komarek across

Did she do something?

She received a threatening letter

Is that funny? ~ Well we don't get along
very well with the old bat ~


We have no contact with her

You have no idea who wrote that letter?

The letter? No!

No idea , maybe boys?


He is a disc jockey

Lets go . ~ Good bye ~

Where do you work now?

I am a server in the Restaurant Fuhrmann

Tonight I have nightshift

Only once a week


You had to say that about the old one?

It’s the truth

It doesn't matter

The old one lies and police
makes up a case against us

Will you stop me from talking? ~ Yes ~

And you become violent , like always

Police will find out fast about
our relationship with Komarek.

You can talk what you want, it goes
in one ear and out the other.

There is nothing in between that could stop it

What do you mean?

Emancipation ?

Not with me , you understand?

I am still the bread winner and
I bring home the money. ~ And ? ~

Your'e going to get one

Yes yes ,nobody has ever stolen from you

Was that all you found out about this case?

A very moderate result

We don't think it's a case , at least not for us

In that village anyone could be
the anonymous letter writer.

They have petty relationships

We hope that the letter writer
only wants to scare Mrs Komarek

Actually if you wanted to talk , the people are...

Thank god my office is now
on the ground floor

Please !

Don't slam the door

I had the handle in my hand

You sure ? ~ Of course ~

The investigation of the letter is completed

Are there fingerprints? ~ No ~

At least something

From Mrs Komarek , from the mailman ,from Pilch

And me

The letters where all cut out
of the same newspaper

From the EZ

Einheits Newspaper , that won’t help us much

Or maybe it will

You take a look at their customer list

There are forty thousand

Maybe even more

Since the EZ has started the Letterbox for grownups

We Austrians learn to read

I can't check all the customers, are you kidding?

See you !

Walter is already alone for an hour
with his girlfriend in his room

46 minutes

I don’t like it , he is only sixteen

You can send Sissi in to check on them , it’s her room

She can give him the right instructions

What’s her name?


The new girlfriend?


Where is your ex groom ? ~ I don’t know ~

He doesn't ask my opinion
for every step he makes

He treats you like furniture
so you get used to it

Did you realize it was stupid ?

You sit here and he flies around

Is it better if we both sit here?

A decent girl doesn’t stay that long alone
in the room with the son of the house

When the parents are there

Son of the house...

I don’t want to hear about that
anymore. The sprint is on.

[ The best track record is from the 24 yr old,
sadly the race ended with an accident]

[The girl fell at the fourth barrier and was
taken out by a broken ankle]

[Still at the arena they had to put her to sleep]

She was hurt

Stay put , Stop !

My window is broke

What a coward

Rentmayer ...

Are you here for a while already?

Long enough

Yes and a brilliant view

I still have two announcements
for tomorrow , free of course

Should I watch her again?

Watch who ?~ Your wife ~

Oh this Gerda is not going home at all

Kick her out

That's more of your kind of thing

She doesn’t bother me ~ I don’t like it ~

I’m going. ~ Who could that be ? ~

The parents of Gerda , she is already
the second time a grandmother

Dolferl !

Sometimes I could murder him

They broke two windows already -

- an hour ago . The radio patrol
police already came

Your Boss told me that your'e looking after me

My wife ~ Good day ~

Sissi my daughter

Please sit down

Thank you

Would you like a drink? ~ For that scare
yes what do you have? ~ A Slivovitz

Yes thats okay

Mrs Komarek got a threatening letter today

How did you find us?

An officer at the station gave me your address

Very considerate of them

The radio patrol did take your statement? ~ Yes They did ~

I had the feeling

That you still don’t take it serious

Cheers ~ Cheers ~

Well it's very good

Did you recognize anyone?
~ I someone run away ! ~

But who?

Not long now is it?

Six weeks still to go.
~It can go faster than you think ~

But nowadays you don’t have to worry

They know a lot more

But back then ...

If something went wrong
it didn't mean you lost the child

Look at me

I am a six month baby

They didn’t have incubators

My mom just put me in the
oven of the kitchen stove

I didn’t need a doctor

Back then when Hermina had me , madam came.

Once even the father had to help

Because he came late.

Can I have some more Slivovitz ~ Please do ! ~

You don’t drink?
~ Better not ~ Thats much smarter!

It is good

Like I said

It was a lot harder back then

I only had one child

Back then in Hospital I was already
14 days over my due date

Inducement they did not have that yet

The doctor said to me

Mrs Komarek

Just eat.

Eat a lot , he said , that helps !

And I ate

I ate until the child was born

White Semmeln [wheat bread]

They don’t do that today

No. but there are normal and there are crazy

There was a woman in the Hospital
beside me from Moedling

That one was three weeks overdue

The doctor told her the same as me

But she didn’t do that and what was the result?

They had to cut up the child in her body

And she died right after

She had cadaveric poisoning

I’m talking and talking , I should really go now

One more shot

The most important part

Don't work too hard , Don't get excited .
And most of all don’t get scared.

My grandmothers sister ...


She was highly pregnant and got scared

She slapped her leg

Ah it's so good!

The child had a handprint on the same place

Folktales from Austria

I’m not telling stories

I saw the red hand myself, all five fingers!

In the first place I could tell you stories...

There was a woman who gave birth
to four dachshunds in a church Hospital

Delivered you can call that

The man who saw that got divorced immediately

And if the dachshunds did not die ,
they would still be alive !

There are things you can’t even believe

I tell you

But now I have to really go

It’s very good

Goodbye !

Do you know the child's name already?

No? Okay Goodbye

Keep a stiff upper lip

I take her out

With her , I would not have stopped
with just a threatening letter

A very disreputable salon, sheriff .

I know . ~ Your’e still getting a dollar back ~
Keep it !

Okay , well you watch out

Crazy !

Something wrong with my face?

Some people like that
~ He is from Police ~

You know him? ~ Naturally ~

Because of him you arrested my brother


He is still in prison

Did he go there innocent?


You can come down to my backstreet,
Be careful with your threats

So what ? Finally I can get back at you

Do you wan’t a drink?

A glass of milk?

Well if you don’t have anything else?

Is it poisoned? ~ Of course ~

Excellent !

Actually I wanted to talk to your server Reitmayer

Here he is Mr Fritz, ~ How long
has Mr Fritz been working here ? ~

Two years , but he is here already

Are you here accidentally Mr Inspector ? ~ No ~

At mrs Komarek two windows where broken at eight

Fritz starts at seven here ~ But he came later ~

I didn’t do anything

But I wouldn't be surprised if the
old woman said she recognized me

She didn’t say that ~ She didn't? I’m surprised ~

Why did you came later anyways?

I had a problem with my car ~ You too ? ~

Give Me the drinks or the patrons will get uneasy

This is spoiled

My twenty ~ Here ~

[At the end of this show we wan’t to
give you the program for tomorrow]

I don’t think so

We start at 10:30 with the melodrama "Sacrifice of a great Love"

After The News at 8

Is the classic Movie Bluebeard on the program

The car race has been cancelled on FS2
and we are showing the little Prince instead

And now I wish you a good night , Goodbye!

You didn’t do much with the newspaper trail right?

Should I have really checked the 40 thousand?

No but you could have checked
if the neighbours are getting that paper

I did that anyways

In this neighbourhood no one
subscribes to that paper

What's with Mr Schleicher with the Kaufhof?

Does he sell them?

I won again

Its time we confiscate a new one,
I have mastered this one already

Hausmaster ~ What? ~

With this machine a colleague had to
do advance payments already

This for our community trip into the blue

By the way

Why did the letter writer not use the letters
in the Action read Letterbox from AZ?

Because Austria is still on the R

Why always this back and forth with the old lady?

How is the case? ~ I found this
in the criminal records ~ What?

A previous conviction of Reitmayer
~ Is that possible? ~ You never know

Can I offer you some....Ah !

Sorry ~ The Reitmayer ! ~

Now you can invite me for tea in a pub

A pub?

What a question

If its there already...

Good morning , good morning.
First we play something special for Mrs Komarek...

Listen to this ! With this man you are doing business

I need Commercials , business is business

Your under the same covers as Reitmayer.
~ Why are you still buying things from me ?~

It’s not my fault you have a monopoly on the whole village

Apropos when are you going to knit for me ?

Never , over my dead body !

Good morning Inspector.
~ There is no Inspector ! ~

We came here for a tea. ~ You're not my
favourite customer but you can have a tea ~

Did you come here for drinks? ~Is Mr Fritz not here today? ~

He's here in the kitchen probably.~ Stay here ~

You put out newspapers for your guests

I'm not allowed to?

The Ez regularly ? ~ Yes regularly ~

Every day you throw them away right?

No usually the server takes them home

Since the Letterbox for grownups. ~ Thanks ~

Your welcome

I understand , but ...

It’s not evidence. ~ But it's an idea

You can call the server
if you want to help that human

Two police

Good day

Did you ever have anything
to do with police or courts?

No ~ Look at that , you think there is nothing in there ~

All of a sudden you have no past.

You better not write anything down in the future

So what's with the hold up?

You forgot that one

But that's forever ago, that was
only a small opportunity theft Mr Inspector

There is no Inspector

After two minutes you caught me already ~ I know ~

First long fingers and then short feet

What does that have to do with
Mrs Komarek? Was something stolen??

A routine question do you read the KZ ? ~ Yes ~

At home . Why ?

Only a routine question ,
is there a back door here?

Why don’t we go out front? ~ I know why ~

Was that necessary about the back door?

Fritz !

Did you hear that too?

That is scary

But I won't soil my pants over that

What are you doing down there?

I wanted to push the letter in down there,
you don’t have a mailbox

You couldn’t hear my knocking either

Come on in

Is there an extra postage on it?
~ No ~ Hand it over !

I don’t have time to read it , goodbye !

Well Pippi

I thought thats what it was

Trophy hunter

Dear co-workers , the last statistics

show ,we are once again the most successful district

The ten last murders where solved
quickly and without complications

Lightning quick like my colleague Mr Kottan likes to say

In the police headquarters I was commended

I like to pass on the commendations.

You said that nicely , bravo !

Thanks I’m not finished

Without undermining the work of individuals

I believe I can say

That my careful handling is
showing the fruits of my labour

What are you doing here?

I got a second letter ! ~ Ah ha ! ~

Colleague Kottan

What he is not here? He should be here !

When I see something like that...

You’re never here when your needed

I was investigating this case ~ In the wrong place ~

What’s going on?

I should move out

You carrion , This is your last chance

Either you move out or the bullet
with your name on it becomes unavoidable

I have you in my target , Z

Is it still a hoax?

I don’t think so

What do you think we should do?

Mrs Komarek

How big is your fear?

Do you wan’t to stay here?

Protective custody ? No !

I could put an unassuming man in
front of your door instead of Mr Schrammel

Unassuming Man?

I drive with the streetcar home

You can have my affirmative on that

Nobody asked you

Mrs Komarek!

You could't think of anything better than skulking?~ It wasn’t my intention ~

It wouldn’t be the first time.

Did you get another love letter?
~ You know about that? ~ From the Police.

You just came from there right?

By the way something else Mrs Komarek

The executioner was here.
~ What do you mean by that? ~

Open your eyes

Jesus !

My boys !

My boys ....

You are a horrible human

I didn't touch your grandsons

Why are you so excited Pippi?

Greetings three times brings you luck in time

I wouldn't make a racket

I have a gun here, so sit down!

Sit I said !

How did you get in here?

It shouldn’t matter to you

We have to have a serious word with each other

Well hello !

Oh You scared me now

Mr Kottan! ~ What are you doing there? ~

My pants has a rip

Your wife is very nice and sewing it together

It's only a rip

Now he had something in his eye

I’m not blind

I saw something else

Are you jealous?

Adolferl ! Really !

Where is Sissi ?

She is for a checkup at the hospital

When the cat is out of the house

In the evening he is never home ,
but in the day he is ,dressed like that !

You are ridiculous!

Then I am ridiculous

You don’t believe that we...

She could be my mother

Best word to use is Mother in Law

I’m going

Don’t let me interrupt you

He is crazy

What did he want?

I don’t know

To check up on me?

Wait a moment


These are sad times Tristan


We always got something here


People are not the same as they used to be

They don't throw things away

They sit like squirrels on their junk

Or throw a flea-market

How can you exist with times like that

All tramps !

Tristan , Sit !

You get a sausage

I don't believe it

Why always Me?

Why always in my place ?

No offence !

That is an old customer of ours


Why did you give the wrong name at the arrest ?

When I'm excited I don’t even know myself anymore

You drank as well right?

A double shot

Delirium Clemens ~ Like the Latin scholar says ~

Everything was open over there so I went in

There was nothing left at the garbage cans

I’m giving up the business

Do you have a cigarette for me?

I don't smoke

It's my privilege , hello !

Well can you tell me something already?

Not much

The body was strangled


She also has a head injury

What she died of I can’t say yet


She's been dead already for 12 hours

So it happened last night?


Could the death have happened
before 8 in the evening ?

I can't tell yet , Possible ?

Hard Working? ~ Of Course ! ~

That was Mrs Reitmayer ~ Yes ~

She is dead? ~ Yes ~

So against Me

They where always united

Even though they fought with each other

How do you know all that? ~ Well I heard it a lot , a lot ! ~

Where you the one who called
mobile Police? ~ No ~

That was Me

Because I saw the homeless going to the shed

I’m done here !

We are going to get Reitmayer ourselves

Do you know why these two where fighting?

Well why?

Because she had a friend , thats why

A lover?

Stop already

Who was it?

Everything is removed?

What happened here?

Tired out in the moment

Everything okay , they are still in there

The regulars table is still free

where is Reitmayer ?

Not here

I told you already

He is really not here

He is not coming at all today

He took time off

Right after you came this morning

Is he not home?


He likes to go fishing

In the Vienna River

Im sure that’s not where he went

We better put out a bulletin right away

Why a manhunt?

Nosy people die young

Why die?

How dare you !

Thats enough already !

I’m the wrong one

Sorry boss

You rascal!

A moment...


Try not to die

Try not to die

I already saw you Inspector

The old woman told on me


Yesterday morning I was at her place

I had enough of being blamed

She didn’t say anything

I only wanted to scare her a little

Did you catch anything?

I’m sure of it

It only matters if they are Lower Austria or Viennese fish

I only eat Lower Austrian fishes

Can you tell if it is a Viennese fish?

It's the annoying one

I'm not sure about you

If you are a big fish or a small one

Where is your wife ?

How do you know my wife is gone?

You know it too

She was gone since I went home from the pub

What did you do?

Nothing , I went to sleep

Ingrid was often away for a few days

But I cant grow grey hair over that
because she always came back

This time she wont come back

She is dead ~ But nonsense ! ~

Come with me

Are you sure?

She died from the head wound

Probably between 19h - 22h

We did not find a murder weapon ,
also not in their house either

It could have been no murder , maybe she fell

The body had many bruises. ~ From the fall? ~


The bruises are older ~ And the Strangling? ~

In this case , from yesterday

Thanks , Goodbye

But that you beat your wife
you can’t lie about that

Mrs Komarek

Saw and heard the abuses

Saw and heard

Many times ~ The old Toad ~


Yes I beat my wife now and then, so what?


You thought you had a right to ?

Sometimes thats all she understands

Why really?

Look we know what is really going on ~ Yes? ~

A beloved she found herself ..Stay seated!

Is it not true?

Yes she had a boyfriend

You wanted her to give him up

She didn’t want to , so you put an end ...
~ NO NO nO NO ~ Where were you from 7 to 9 yesterday ?

Many have that ~ But it's your wife ~

I had trouble with my car

And Mr Mechanic repaired it himself
and didn't need any help? ~No ~

And whats the story with the threatening letters?

They weren’t mine I only...
~Shot a hole in her windows ,I know ~

I thought if she is in a panic ,I'll add a shovel full to it

We only had trouble with her for years already

She also didn’t like my radio program

What is the friends name? Where does he live?

I don’t know

His first name is Herbert, can I go now?

Stay seated for a bit longer

All right if you ask me that nicely

For all I care

We are not from the Economic Crime department

I'm getting a picture taken

The badge please

Vybiral come on out

Want to buy something ?

I can get everything for you

You have a great position here


I also already went to the Austrian Armed Forces

Did you see anyone yesterday
after 8 at Reitmayers

After 8 I keep to the store
closing hour ~ Good ! ~

Not that you believe I can write that off

No I already told your officers
that I didn't see and know nothing

You don’t know about Komarek either?


[ Halali Fresh Mushroom Hunting Soup
from the house of Sterzing]

[He loves it , the tired hunter]

[The fresh]


[Halali Fresh Mushroom Soup]

[From the House of Sterzig]


[Fresh Mushroom soup]

[Easily digestible]



[Also for the hard palate]

[From mushroom experts]

[Put together from our Homeland]

[Growing in]

[Domestic Mossy Earth]

[The housewife knows]

[What Halali promises]


[Brings the woods into your house]

[Halali ...Fresh Mushroom Soup]

[So Good You May Die!]


[Hallo ...Hallelui]

We have a case in our office
where someone probably...

Murdered his wife

Because of jealousy ? ~ Hmm ~

You also acted like a donkey this morning

I know

Would you murder me if I ...

Its against the law

Why don’t you play?



I don't get mad either if you eat out
with a female colleague

That's different

So you say

That is different , it is work

Even the chickens are laughing

I don't want know what you are talking about


Lets change the topic , it's making me mad

All right ! Where is our son today?

With his girlfriend

That doesn't make you mad?

At least it's not me abetting it

Are you expecting someone?

I think I know who that is

There you go ~ Good evening everyone ~

I have...~ Wait ,Wait ,if you're staying the night
I have the emergency bed in the bathroom

Thanks Thanks

I was observing

The friend who always came to Mrs Reitmayers

The dark haired guy with glowing eyes

He was there again an hour ago

He was driving up and down with the car

I know that car and wrote down
the licence plate

You would have made a great police officer

I'll give it to the people who
can determine who’s car it is

What do I get as a reward?



Super Store

Super Store

Can you pick this up please

Its going to be a boy

Who? ~ Your child ~

If you pick up the scarf on
the corner it will be a girl

If you take it in the middle it will be a boy

Then it will be a boy

And is it reliable?

My mother always said
what the baker puts in the oven

The oven has to bake

My mother knew a lot

She made rhymes about everything

Kids Sickness Weather Prosit !

This is an old Italian model

It is falling apart already
~ And this is in the moment a top model ~

New metallic paint

The mirror is adjustable from the inside

Patriotic Fog horn ,electrical windows ...Pardon!

What manufacture year is that?


Low milage and affordable

Handled gently by the former owners

A Pharmacist

I don’t know , I can’t make up my mind

What is this one ?

This one looks half decent

This one you where driving


That is the cheapest solution

See you

What can I show you

We want to see you Gollner~ Police? ~

You know Ingrid Reitmayer ~Yes ~

Intimately ?

She is dead?

It was in the papers

Where were you yesterday
between 19h and 22h ?


I still had things to do ~ So? ~

No alibi ?

So you didn't see Ingrid Reitmayer
the day before at all?

I did

At seven I picked her up with the car

While her husband works

At half past eight she returned

Thats how fast it goes?

We only talked about things

Do you like to scratch yourself?

We are at it again
with two suspects like always

You could be right

Better than none
~ So who was it really? ~

Both don’t have an alibi

This one. At Reitmayer's
house raid we found nothing

Gollner also doesn’t look right

Why isn't he arrested?~ Patience ~

Patience ,I don’t want to hear
about that anymore

Schrammel is doing Business
with Gollner ~ Business?~ Business !

You will have a lot of fun with this car

The registration goes until next April

Here is your car certificate number and registration

You have the keys already ~ Yes ~

Have a good drive


My pleasure !

How can you get proof if nothing is left?

With the next bigger braking
you loose the motor in the road

You can already spit though the floor plate

A wreck. That's right

The motor identification? ~ Filed off already ~

The car is probably older than indicated

Maybe even stolen

Arrest for fraud indication

With guarantee

Five of your cars that you’re selling are stolen

The rest is fixed up a bit with fake paperwork

It's about a murder

I believe

I wouldn’t be that bold if had that
much dirt on me ,really. Really !

We found your fingerprints
on the handle of Reitmayer's house

And the body had skin under
her fingernails also from you

She still was able to defend herself

Before you ...
~ All of it is not true ~

You still can’t see the evidence?

She really did scratch me

In the car . ~ Why ?~

I told her we're breaking up


New girlfriend

You understand?

No need to look at me like that

She got mad and attacked me

You didn’t know how to help yourself

And then? ~ She had... ~

Caught Me once

Found out his lies. ~ Thats good ~

Could it be that she was
trying to break up with you?

She...with me

Whats up with the fingerprints

I was there one more time

The door was open



I couldn’t find her in the whole house

What next

I closed the door when I left


Evening I was there again

i drove up and down with the car

But everything was dark

Just take him away ~ Lets go ~


you believe him

he is a disgusting Type but...

You like Reitmayer's jealousy murder better ?

What now ?

We need to find something
in Reitmayer's house

We turn it upside down one more time

And we completely dig the garden

Your'e not troubled at all? ~ No ~

You must feel very safe

You find nothing, absolutely nothing

I don’t think so


In the garden?


Nothing? ~ What did I say ~


Can I really?

You got something with spoons? ~I'm out ~


Very nice

Tin can with cut up newspapers ?

Reitmayer !

Reitmayer !



Reitmayer Stop !

And once again we are the most successful...

District...With the last ten murders
was resolved instantly

And uncomplicated ...WHAAA!

Good day Inspector . ~There is no Inspector ~

Now I got you. ~ Ah its you ~

We found a tin can buried
in your yard. ~ She is trying to frame Me ~

We also found the KZ with letters
missing in your house ~Equally insinuated ~

In a secret drawer


Luckily I can return the favour with a liquor

Now you won’t get threatening letters anymore

Don’t be too sure

And everything because of jealousy?

Not necessarily

Maybe Reitmayer wanted to get rid
of his wife much longer

Why did the idiot not get rid
of the murder weapon ah ...newspaper

He probably wanted to fob it off on you

But he didn’t get to ~ Me? ~

He would have had two flies
with one stroke, his wife and you

Me ? No No

You have too much imagination


Something the matter?

Sometimes I find Komarek a bit weird

If all evidence didn't point to Reitmayer

I would have thought it was her.
~ At her age...how? ~

Because of rage or anger.

Thats in your imagination,
you better sleep on it

Where is my car?


Did you hear what he said?

Two flies with one hit

He is totally right Mr Kottan

My boys

So ...

I can’t see

Mr Reitmayer ...Mrs Reitmayer

And Perlak

He is next

Your'e next

What do I still need now

An L

L like Luder [Hussy]

Subs made by calli