Kottan ermittelt (1976–1983): Season 2, Episode 2 - Nachttankstelle - full transcript

Of course it’s going south

You didn't even tell your wife your opinions

But in front of your boss you let down your pants ....Nice

The air shimmers at noon

And the fields drift south

There is a long road in front of you

Your kids will still only love the Bay City Rollers

Your attorney is going to fix everything
with your wife...You..

Fill the brown eyed girls eyes with sand....

Starting today you will only eat breakfast on terraces

Tahiti with your round belly and smelling of sweat

Your'e not even sending a telegram to your canteen server

The evenings turn quieter

And the mornings are longer

And always when your colleague Paul
unpacks his buttered bread...

You open a double white door...And breathe deeply in

In front of you ...Fields that meet in the horizon

Hands Up !

The Bee Maya
[television series for kids]

There it is

God damm it

You must be bored ~ Crap got me there ~

Compostus like the Latin calls it ,
would you like to try?

You might get it later sometime

You are reading foreign papers again?

What’s the meaning of this?

That's the places of articles that where
censored, just like ours right?

What do you mean?

In our papers they put ads there

We should see the boss

What happened now?

Not in his Office ,Pichl is down there,

He was judging the winners of the competition

They are presenting the prizes ~ Thats embarrassing ~

He is into the police competition every year.

He asked this time

What you can do about notorious parking abusers

You didn't join? ~I am a parking abuser ~

An Idea you can think about..

But now we get to the most original proposal

But our colleague Dworschak can demonstrate this himself

The greatest problems in parking are the Delivery trucks

That you can't tow away

Penalty proceedings don’t do much

The Austrians don’t pay right away
and the foreigners throw it out

I propose a standard uniform for our force


Yes you are seeing right , it is pointy

If one officer comes up to the parking violator

You can give it a good kick

You also do the other side,
because one can always be changed

So now the parking violator can't leave

And will think about parking in the wrong place

Thank you very much

This was Dworschak with the most original idea

But we will have problems with implementations.

Good Day , Super , fill it up ?

No , no for 70 Shillings is enough

Oil is okay

Hurry up , I’m leaving at six
and I 'm dropping everything

Where is the repaired 250 Machine?

You will get it tomorrow

You said at the latest today its done

you know how uncomfortable Bern gets

It didn't work out
~ And what should I tell him? ~

He will come right away with an attorney

Someday he will turn into a dog

A huge dog

Will you stay around?

Not really

What are you doing?

Its Wednesday

The Italian Language course

Are you dropping by?

For sure

Not here

Now pay attention

Don’t shake the table when I’m doing this
~I am not ~

Im not even breathing

Pay attention on how I am doing this

Well what is it?
Someone making you nervous?

[unintelligible chatter] .....All alone

Now its getting harder , lets play ,
stop looking everywhere

Your studio has no money again

Sit down and be quiet

This is in an awkward position...Ahhh!

The Funzke is doing very well

Now play , I’m not watching you for an hour

Here is the money , make it 2800

That’s all ? That is a weak performance

Listen !

That was pre-ordered

Jerk , Now I have to make another one


What do you want?

Talk to you. ~ We talked enough ~

Still ..


What now?

Hurry up or I'll miss my course

What now , Russian , Portuguese ?

You're not going to a course

You already lied to me
about the course last year

So you can hang out with your brother

Same thing for him?


I'm not always with him

Come with me?

To you?


Understand ,we are over

I’m going with your brother

You can wrap him easily around your finger

How would you know

You said you think about us

If you are coming back to me

I don’t want to

Can I leave now?

Where are you going?

to the Cinema

Can I come?


is it good?

I have already eaten better sausages
~ But not mine ~

Dolferl [Adolf pet name]

Stop it

Sissi is already an hour in the room
with her boyfriend

Forty three minutes , your daughter

I don’t like it ~ What should I do ? ~

Should I kick him out?

That’s not easy

You should have thought about that
earlier ~ Always Me ~

You paid for the trip to Tunisia

I still don’t like it

This boy could at least keep an eye on them

I’m not going into the closet

Why not?

Sitting beside them is too obvious

He really can’t play a police officer

She always had to watch him ,
and suddenly he has to watch her

You always made me look up to
Sissi as an example

You can still do that

Who failed the Hoteliers course? You or her?

Ladies and gentlemen we remind you again
of playing chess against liver cirrhosis

With chess against liver cirrhosis ,
people will win who normally never do

The question of the week today is....

What is the action called ,
that we call chess against liver cirrhosis ?

Sissi and her boyfriend are old enough to know better

I never believe that

I could ask them if they wan’t to eat

Please stay here , that doesn’t look good

I don’t like it

Whats going to happen, they won’t do anything

Somebody could come in at any moment

You could look if they turned off the light in the hall

You go , Why should he go ?

What ? ~ Because you think he can sneak better than you? ~

I don’t like it

I could go over and ask ...

No I’m going to say goodbye

Are you going somewhere? ~ No ~

We could say we are going out tonight

I’m not going anywhere , anymore

I cant think of anything ,
why don’t you say something?

Don’t crap yourself

How are you talking ~ In front of me ~

It seem you can’t think anymore

Still enough, Still enough

Don’t you think he hears that from us a lot?
He curses more than we do

Quiet now I cant hear anything

Are commercials also a duty?

I only smoke one brand

The Flotte [Quick]


A Schönbrunn Cigarette

And this cigarette is

For the smoker

This cigarette is for the dynamic...

For the .....

For the courageous

The ...

The cigarette for the... Man

Of today

Super , Full please


Right away , should I also check the oil?

Not necessary

Where is the key? ~There ~

We don’t have any more today sorry

I don't need heating oil

What does that mean?

What do you think it is

Is this a robbery? ~ You guessed right ~

Both of you go to the register . Quick !

Run , I tell you , Run!

Give Me a bag for the money ,
I’m not a coin collector

Ahh ~You Shouldn't....~

This is really not much

Give Me your wallet ~ NO ~
Come on!

Now it really pays off

Sign the Cheques



Where is the key from here?


And good night

What are we doing now?

Your'e the intelligent one .
You left the keys in the car

This dog !

What do we do now?

Open up. ~ You can't break that glass ~
I have another spare key

I will call the police ,please wait a moment

For the streetcar

God damn it

Quick call up...~ Who? ~

The Police , I just got robbed

Call them ,I’m not joking

Lets go , keep playing

What , really? ~Yes ~

Hello !Yes !Hello !

Here is the Gas Station Eppler .
Come quick we got robbed


With this he got away with almost 12 thousand shillings

And the Paper Cheques are about 7500 Shillings

He came from over there
with a canister in his hand

He immediately had the gun in his hand

A pistol? ~ No it was a revolver with a rotating barrel ~

I know my stuff

And the gun was real?

I mean ,could it be a toy? ~ No ~

No it didn’t look like a novelty item

Can you describe the perpetrator?

Taller than Me , about 23 with dark hair.

I find he looked younger , about 20

Wearing a light jacket

In this case you didn’t know him?

Not a customer? ~ No ~

Did he at least touch anything out here
that we can get fingerprints from?

This canister here

Ah good !

You can give the in-depth description to my colleagues

And it would be good if you could come
into our office tomorrow for protocol

Why? ~ You could look at some photos ~

What about my car?

That will be found quickly. Say....

Where is your mother?

In the coffee house at the bar


I don’t understand you...I don’t understand
why the police didn’t stay longer

For what ? The police women asked
about everything already

She investigated. ~ A woman in the robbery
department ,where do you find that ~

Can you call a Taxi?

You can do it yourself


Very Nice !

A round of homemade cherry brandy

You will die anyway ~ Do you have your own Cemetery? ~

Can I still bring you something? ~ Not in the moment ~

We are not a Train Station

The cold pork ,is it good?

We are out of it

Can you recommend the goulash?

I wouldn't eat it

Is it greasy?

Very greasy

Than I’ll take that.

They have a good method to get
fingerprints... The Taxi is on the way!

He really thinks that I’m interested

Goodbye. ~ Goodbye ~

Would any of the ladies
care to dance? ~ Don't be childish ~

Ladies... ~ Be quiet ! ~

You probably think your'e the jury

Would you like to dance?

I can't ,I’m waiting for someone. ~ How long? ~

How long do you want to stand
around, haven’t you lost enough today?

What do you mean?

They didn’t steal the gas.

I’m going.

Yes a little bit...

What now? I don’t believe it. ~ Give me your money ~


Are you crazy?

What are you doing?

Rudi !

Good Evening!




I was a dompteur in my past ,you should know

Stop Already ~ Who should believe this? ~


Lion tamer

In the National Circus

And no animal ever attacked you ?

Yes Yes

A Man

00:27:36,200 --> 00:27:37,400

From behind


Instantly I was dead

What is it? ~ Is the gas station closed already?

No Harald is there. ~ Nobody is there. ~
I’m sure of it!

I didn’t see anyone.
~ I just sent him back there ~

He is really not here...Harald?


He might be with his machines


What is it?


Telephone for you !

Work ! ~ Now? ~

Hello Kottan



Just now when I'm in the third movement

Not Table tennis

I’m directing

Yes I’m coming

Not always!

Good evening boss

Good evening. ~ Whats up? ~

In there

Our colleague from robbery
is here as well. ~ Why ? ~

It's a pleasure


The victim is named Harald Eppler,
Gas Station attendant, she said murdered

With an Iron rod or something like it

Falling on the motor didn’t cause his injuries?

Could be

There are no traces on the motor

It might have been a fight

We didn't find evidence of that ,even outside

Any witness? ~ No ~

Who found him? ~ Me ~

The mother

I’m sorry

When did this happen

Shortly after nine

Not long after the first robbery ~ What ! ~

That's why I’m here

The Gas station attendant was already
attacked and robbed at half past seven

I was investigating earlier ,we have
a description of the perpetrator

And a witness that was also robbed

Was something robbed again?

Robbed what?

There is nothing of value here

The murderer was probably wearing this cap

Standard outfit for skiing

Probably was pulled off

The way the victims thumb is bent looks odd to me

Maybe he was holding something?

I can’t imagine that

Tell me about your son?


Since when is he a gas station attendant?

Only for six weeks

He went to engineering school before that.

At Tegen

He didn't pass?

He was kicked out

He didn’t work hard enough

What did you do?

Us, I mean me?

The gas station and the cafe beside it.

I am also the waitress

Harald was doing nightshift at the gas station

Rudi in the day

That’s the brother

Where is he now?

At home. ~ Right across ~

Who did he hang around, his old classmates?



Mostly with Lissy

Lissy Urbanek

He was almost engaged to her

Why almost?

I didn’t like it


Look this girl was a butterfly

Why can she fly?

I first have to talk to my other son

Tomorrow morning you can get the report

Let me through

I belong here ~ Check whats going on ~

Who came?

The butterfly

Thank you for bringing me home

We can’t do anything
anymore tonight anyway

A police officer is still talking to his brother

Rudi? ~ Yes ~

Why did you go from one brother to the next?

Harald was a lot nicer

I understand

Where did you go this evening?

Italian language course

Are you going to check that? ~ For sure ~

The Italian course is made up,
I was in the cinema

And what did you watch

A Murder mystery

An Austrian


You can only find that on television

Sometimes he was a little tiring , Harald I mean

Sure, Are you suspecting anyone ?



Up front you can let me out .
The rest I can walk

Mr Inspector !

Your’e still up? ~ Yes ~

Is that the Inspector? ~ Yes ~

He is dressed sloppy

How do you look?

Like alway when I’m at work

They make us look bad

It's only a film Dolferl!

A film!

I don’t care , I'm going to
complain to television


The film that’s playing on television...

It's a scandal!

A total scandal !

I talked to the victims brother yesterday ,
he doesn’t look too good

And alibi? ~ He doesn't have one ~

He lives alone and was sleeping

He says that but he has a motive

The girl that his brother took from him ~ Yes ~

It’s a little hot , be careful!

Yes I already saw that yesterday

A little hot...

Well she has to brew it

The doctor is wondering about something

I also have her report

No it is important she said

You can drink my coffee

I stirred it already

Look at that!

There is no air in the tires.
~ Because it is sitting in a no stop zone ~

You remember the competition winner
with the spike on the shoe?

You really didn't?

I thought I show you myself , here...

Both arms are punctured

Of course you can assume you get this
by donating blood

~ But not in this case? ~

What do you think?

Vitamins probably

I can’t say yet, they are still analyzing it.

By the way, there is an tattoo

A wheel with wings ~ Really? ~

It wasn’t done with a ball point pen

He was living with his mother,
please check his room ~ All right! ~

Im going to the engineering school and...
~ Should I come too ? ~

I already have a charming companion.

You look after the skiing mask

Manufacturer ,where its sold and so on.
~ I'll never get results that way. ~

Sure you will , should I look after that?

No ,I'll do it

Anyways , I would like to have
that report quickly.Thanks

Call the ambulance ! Someone fell out
from the police station!

Good morning ~ Morning ~

You know everything already anyways


And I even know more

I know who wasn’t home at nine

Weren’t you at the cinema?

I went out during the film and called you


You did want to talk to me?

But you weren’t home

Are you accusing Me of something?

Not at all

The motorcycle hasn’t been found either

Not yet ?

Its good the police don't know
the Licence plate on the Puch belongs to you

That you have an interchangeable number plate


Inside is a crank handle

There are brown spots on the crank handle.


Or dried up blood

You don’t believe that I did that to Harald


You did that because of me?

Why don't you go to the police?

Can I come in? Thanks.

Why do you push like that

I don’t push

I breathe


You know me already

I’m just going to look around

I haven’t cleaned up yet

That doesn’t matter


Can you please turn off the machines?

These gentlemen are from police

Did you know your former classmate
Harald Eppler was murdered?

We only want to know after he left ,
did anyone still meet him?

No one?

You don't become an immediate suspect

I’m at the coffee house sometimes
besides the gas station

I met Harald there a few times


When was the last time?

Last week

Urbanek saw him regularly

He went out with her

Thats Lissy right? ~ Yes ~

Is she in your class?

Yes Urbanek Elisabeth... is missing today

I can understand


I was worried that we might not find more here

When does the school doctor come next?

School doctor?


I need to arrange that all students of 8b are examined

For what?

I will never believe Harald did drugs ~ it was substantiated

I didn’t notice anything

It really look like there is nothing here

Can you realize now?

The drugs are just a story

By the way ...Story...

Do you know the story of the princess and the pea?

What? ~ Wait a moment ~

Here it is

If I kew about that from Harald.
~ What would you do ? ~

I would....forbid it

Why did you lie? You where together with Harald.

Thats none of your business

If you tell the police anything ,
you're a suspect.~ Thats stupid. ~

Do you think police won’t find out?

They only need to ask Lissy

Lissy still has to say anything

What does he want?

Who is it?

Harald's brother

Have you got a moment?


You know me , right?

Yes I have seen you

What kind of comedy was that yesterday?

The first robbery


Don’t act stupid , I saw everything

We needed money

Who? ~ Harald and me ~

For what?

Can't you guess ?

What do you want anyway ,
blackmail me?

You needed a lot of money

That’s why you came back and murdered Harald

So you can keep his part too

That’s not true

Maybe it was you?

Why did you watch the gas station?

It was you ~ Shut up ~

Do you want half of the money? ~ No ~

All of it?

I can wait for it ~ Sauerkraut... 26

What are you reading there?

Immop[Book Author?]


Why secret?

I can’t tell

I only started it today

Say ...look what I found at Harald
Eppler's room. Surprised?

I wasn’t lucky at school

With this arsenal he could have been a dealer

Possible yes

What’s that junk doing there?

I bought it today from an antiquities dealer

If you want to loose weight you
need to control your weight constantly

I call later again , thanks

Seems like sludge

How accurate is it actually?

I have been keeping the same
weight for years already

Always 72 kilos

We will see if your’e right.

But how?

That can’t be

It is possible to more ~ A little bit more ~

More? No No , this is very inaccurate

They found the car that was stolen
~ Where? ~

Two streets over from the Gas Station

That was fast. ~ You have to
come with me to the boss ~

Immediately ~ Yes ~

Come closer

What are you doing?

Work !


This is the replacement for..~Allow Me ~

Top Lieutenant Horeis

If anyone can figure that out
than my name is Kottan.

By the way Kottan
how is the investigation going?

We didn’t get that far yet

Like always

Is the collaboration going well?
~ I think so , Yes ~

You know...

You know that me and the boss from robbery...

We appreciate a well working
collaboration between us in ha..


He got big.


Thanks that's all

I let you out at the Stadtbahn.
~ Yes Thanks ~

We'll get an important step ahead tomorrow

Thats right

It will go quickly


Speed limit is 60 here

I’m already driving that easily


Right in the no stop zone

What is it?

What is it? You can’t stop here

Open up ~What ?~
Jerks ! ~ Sorry ~

Drive !

Where is the crank handle?

Back there

The robbery yesterday wasn’t real

Hans from your class
only pretended to rob him

I know

Harald told me about his plans

that’s why I didn’t go to the police

I didn’t want his death to look bad

He needed the money for the 250 machine

The police will get Hans soon enough

And the murder...

He won’t be able to talk himself out of it

As long as I don’t go to the police

Are you going yo the police anyways?


well what is it with the crank handle?

Can't you eat in the kitchen?

Now they are alone again
in the room back there

Bösmüller is not coming here for us

I don't like this , not at all

Who could that be?

Put away your chicken

Please ! ~ I will open the door ~

Well go !

Sissi will go.

See? Nothing is happening

If she gets to the door that fast
she would't be naked

You are right

Its the family Bösmüller

Gerhard's parent's?

Open up, don’t leave them outside
~ I’m going already ~

Evening...~ Good day ~

Are we intruding? ~ Come in ~

Can I hand you that?

This is for me? ~ Only for you ! ~


I will put it in water

Come on , you didn’t tell them
we are coming?

I forgot

Lets drink something?

I only have this vodka here, but its very good.

I like that

Be careful the water doesn’t run out

We can talk about the flowers

The flowers actually where for grandmother

There is no grandmother...
~ She is holding them already ~

What? What do you mean?

Are you godforsaken?

There you go!

Don’t stand around like an idiot! Say something !

How is it possible?

It doesn't matter how it is possible

It is possible. ~ That’s not right! ~

You don’t need to say anything anymore today.

Oh My!

Are you sure?

Very sure

Well than we have to drink

Now we get something to toast.

Not for me ~ What idiots ~

Calm down

I don’t want to calm down

Do you also want some vodka? ~ Yes ~

You got a screw loose

Go sleep ~ Where? ~

Now come sit down


Prost ! [cheer]
~Someone needs to marry ~

Its fixed already!

Two Shillings

Well ? Whats up with us?

Sorry no

You don’t like me anymore?


I don’t have money

You need to save more .
~ Gabi ! ~


Bumps ,I said.
~ Don’t be mean ~

At least Gabi gets called

They wan’t her

She makes her Shillings

Your Shillings , leave me alone.

Yes Please?


I wouldn’t want a jerk like you

You don't fit into my program ,
I don’t need a write-off firm

Quiet , There are still nice gentlemen

Over there in the Danube Island

Most of of them are from Korn
they don’t want to touch me anymore

What else do you want

The use is not happening
but the payment still stands

Be content....

Of course


Would you believe me
if I tell you I didn’t do it?


Why did you throw the crank handle into the water?

Why are you starting with this again?

That was my crank handle

And it was always in the workshop

It had my fingerprints on it

And who would put that in your car?

I don’t know

My car is always open

You don’t need to lie to me


Oh gosh its Gabi !

What are you doing here so fast?

We are always fast

Now I will tell you my last joke ~ Hopefully ! ~

Kottan is already going to sleep
~ It's not that bad ~

Please tell... ~ Well it starts the same ..~

Like all the others.

A young married couple is
in Paris for their honeymoon

The man looks down the window

She sits on the bed

What should we do ,he says

Should we see the Eiffel tower first

Or we go to bed

Lets go to bed she said

The Eiffel tower is still standing tomorrow...

I cant believe it !

Its enough already, Pepi

Please don't remember any others.

Let me have the time ~ Better not ! ~

Yes Kottan?

Telephone for you ...A murder!

I've known Gabi already for five years

What’s her last name?

I don’t know her family name

Really !


Maklewitz was her name
~ Maklewitz ~

She lived with me

She only left an hour ago from the bar

Someone called her

From whom?

We don’t know

She got called from clients at the bar

Then she went to the nearby hotel

Over there

This was her hunting grounds only

Tell Me did you know the clients of Maklewitz?


Yes I ...

You mean from seeing? ~ Yes ! ~

Those where young ones

But also old ones

Can you go take a look
at this gentleman's apartment?

Come. ~ Soon ~ Yes !

Please look if the woman went to the hotel

Shortly !

Do you think there is a connection
to Harald's murder? ~ come now ~

This case is complicated

Also possible

The Maltese Falcon

They have it easy

Your car was safely recovered
~ Well thank god! ~

But...~ Is it damaged? ~

No, no damage, it is down in our yard

Then can I go maybe?

Just give me a few more minutes

We still have to get the evidence from it


Oh I understand ! ~Mrs Domnanovich
will make you a coffee in the meantime~

That’s nice , Thanks!


I’m at it already !

So , we are already on our second murder
and you know nothing !

Nothing !

We don’t know if the murders are connected

What are you going to do?

Wait. ~ Wait? ~

For the third ...? ~ Murder? ~

No not , for the third man !

It doesn’t work !


We made a big step forward


There are these gentlemen....

What’s with these gentlemen?

The murdered Gas Station attendant...

Has needle tracks in both arms


We asked the school doctor

To check among Eppler's classmates

To look for drug abuse


The doctor? ~ Didn’t find anything ~


That’s annoying...~ The tattoos on all three ...~

And Eppler also had it

What kind of friends are you?

Nothing special

We drive motorcycles and mopeds

I should have not tried that coffee

You can take your car for a drive now

And that’s all?


Moped? ~ That’s him! ~


The one that robbed me, thats him!

That’s him!

You miserable bum, give me back
my money ~ A Moment ! ~

Let me through, I saw him ,he robbed us!

It couldn't be him, he knows Harald Eppler

Than it wasn’t a real robbery?

What does that mean?


I lost 1500 Shillings and a car!

Its inaccurate !

So the robbery was fake?


Please wait outside !

You get your money back if he still has it.


Lets talk real now Mr Hanschiz


Harald's brother was fixing
motorcycles in his free time

Harald borrowed a 250
and totally ruined it. ~ And? ~

With the money we wanted to get a new motorcycle for him

Who’s we?


Schotter Engels

You couldn’t get money any other way.

He doesn’t fix anything anymore

We needed enough money already
for the ordinary mopeds

You don’t know about Harald shooting it up?


He attended a few races and before the race ...

Maybe he also used that
to make a bit of money

Yes or No?


Where was the drugs from?

We don’t know

Harald did it on his own

Do you know the dealer?

Come on !

Say it

Robak, Robak Werner

Ask the drug division about
Robak Werner ~ Right away ~

Come here

From where is the gun
you used at the robbery?

My dad

Was Harald under pressure from Robak?


Because Harald didn’t sell much

But for a murder? No

You did’t go back to the gas station?

Do you know Gabi Maklewitz?

She was a regular in the cafe

No , who is it?

We will take pictures of your motorcycles
and then you can go home.

That quick?

Yes they know Robak there

He was previously convicted but
it was only a medium crime

Can I have an arrest warrant now?

It will go ...~ I know ! Quickly....~

I can do it better

Mezzanine first floor

Ah 28 ,there it is already

It doesn’t say Robak on the door

Lets ring anyways

What now? ~ Break the door ! ~

Are we allowed?
~ In the film ,,,Yes ! ~

It’s your responsibility

I brought something for you

Do what you wan’t , you won’t find anything

We have two witnesses

The third one is sadly dead

I didn’t do anything to Harald~ It wasn’t us ~

We will find out!

Who is behind your drug business?

They are handing them over in a car

Alway somewhere else

Do you know the number?

We didn't see that

You didn’t see it ...

Where is your dog?

We don’t have a dog

So blind and no seeing eye dog?

Where did you go yesterday
evening , and the day before?

Hang on ...

We have to think. ~ Well do it fast boy ! ~

Well he is finished...~ Completely destroyed ~

Good day

G'd day

What luck to meet you here


Did Maklewitz Gabi ..

Her girlfriend had any contact
to either one of them?



This one she often spent time with


He never had money

Because he still went to school



The Rossinger boy?

Come on in Eppler

Come here

Sit Down !

Sit down here

What is bothering you?

I let the murder weapon disappear
~ What the murder weapon? ~

My crank handle from the workshop

Harald was ..

Someone put it into my open car.
~ You can't throw it away.~ I have no alibi.

There where my fingerprints
on it. ~ Where is it now? ~

In the Danube

I threw it from the Floridsdorfer bridge
~ That will be hard to find ~

Can I see it? ~ See what? ~ The Photo.

Here you go

Why is he doing that?

We don’t know

Do you believe me that I didn’t do this?

Actually yes

Can I go now?

I don’t mind if you go





What did he want?

He only told me that he got rid
of the murder weapon

And you don’t take him in right away?


He made a good impression on you

What , should I run after him? ~ No ~

We already have our murderer.~ Who is it? ~

Our colleague found out that
one of the boys ... ~ Yes? ~

Was together with the murdered prostitute

They knew each other

She needed money

Ah , for her and..

For the moped club

What are we waiting for?

Schrammel and the others
are already on their way to his home.

That’s what police is good for !


Unbelievable !

Where were you? ~ At the police ~

Are you crazy? ~ I told them about
throwing the weapon into the Danube. ~

And they let you leave?

I don’t believe that

Then don't believe it!

Two days ago I was really at the gas station

I know ~ you don’t know anything ~

I only got there when they faked the robbery

I wanted to confront Harald about you.

You did that later

It wasn’t me

Just leave it alone

I saw a photograph at the police station

His murder scene pictures

He was doing this

Maybe it means something?

What does that mean?



That’s right

That’s what it is

So it wasn’t you. ~I’ve been telling you that ~

Where are you going?

I know what I’m doing

Hello , what are you doing here?

Can I come in?


Would you like a drink?


Are you alone?


You murdered Harald

What are you talking about

Where did you hear that from?

From Harald

He is dead

He still gave us a clue

What does that mean?


Catalogue number one , The first time you won

From Teder


From Teder

Number one is your nickname

You are crazy

Police is going to find out soon, you’ll see


If you don’t tell them

I only wanted money the day before yesterday

Harald ripped off my hood
and everything went out of control

Before I knew things went wrong ,
it was already too late.

I couldn’t do anything else

I thought

For what?

I needed money

For Gabi

The one from the coffee house?

You where also with her?

You did..~ She knew right away that it was me

She wanted to blackmail me

And the gun?

The revolver is a toy

The murder weapon from the workshop?

I put it into an open car

Wan’t to know anything else?

You won’t tell anyone

Or not?

I can’t say thank you

What are you doing there?

It is standing in a towing zone ~ So what? ~

Its against the Law
~ I’m on duty ~ Very funny !


I’m very sorry

Are you not the one with the
idea of the pointy stabby thing?

We couldn't really do that ,
thats why we do it like this...

I hope you have enough air

Dear bride and groom

You came here,
to say yes to each other

Before I start the ceremony,

Let me say a few words

Now I come to the most
important question of your life.

Please stand up

The car...

I ask you Gerhard Bösmüller

Is it you will and free choice

With your bride

Sissi Kottan to enter holy matrimony?

Than answer with yes.


Now I ask you Ms Sissi Kottan

Is it you will and free choice

To enter holy matrimony
with the groom Gerhard Bösmüller

Answer with yes



I ask you again Ms Sissi Kottan

Is it you will and free choice

To enter holy matrimony
with the groom Gerhard Bösmüller

Then answer with yes



Sissi ,She doesn’t want to

I’m sorry Gerhard, ~ Why is she saying no? ~


I already took a vacation

I’m so sorry dad

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