Kottan ermittelt (1976–1983): Season 2, Episode 1 - Wien Mitte - full transcript

Lets get it on , lets go!

Immediately! ...Hmm ? Whats that?

Oh god its stuck , this is a crap!

Nothing is stuck.

Did you see that?

I couldn't even remember his licence plate

What an ass

What are we going to do with that door ?

Throw it in there.

It's your fault if you drive on your job with your own car.

Good Morning!

Good Morning , Have you got a room with bath?

Room 11 but it's sadly occupied

Than we are in the right place

Your'e not taking the elevator?

I'll see you in a minute, bye!

Who is it?

Criminal Police !


A moment please

Well what is it? Open up !

A moment , I said!

This Door ?

I'll come later

What are you doing there?

Can't you see?

This is crazy good I say

I’m finishing reading the Novel

half a page only

All right

The End

Thanks Inspector

There is no Inspector
Its just my ordinance

And did he catch the murderer?

Jerry Cotton catches all murderers

Just like me

Put on your shoes

Right away , just need a towel

I already arrested you in a better motel


But still its the only Hotel here with a bath!

I always take a room with bath

I appreciate it

I know

I also know a room without a bath

You'll take that too

Very funny !

Is that your car ?

Something wrong?
The car is in a no stop zone

I’m on the Job

So What ? Show me your papers!

Drivers licence ,car registration , if you please

I’m from police

Very funny!
Drivers Licence ,Car registration I said


I’m warning you
Do you want abuse of office on top of that?

Hand over the papers

Oi , sorry about that

What I still wanted to ask....
Why the door is missing?

Because I’m faster at the scene of the Crime


Lets go !

Wow look at how that car looks

Go look ,look at that car

Gotta look for a door immediately

Its drafty! ~ WHAT? ~ Its drafty!

Last Station, everyone get out!

Longer stay huh?

Hey! Stop ! Stop! Hey !

What an asshole

Can I sit here?

Today its even colder than yesterday

I have another night in the pay toilet

Thats my Hotel

For a Shilling

Possible ,Right?

Maybe you believe ,
I’m already drunk in the morning

But it's not true


Well , Am I shaking?

Huh Do I shake?

There you go

I don't shake

Erwin got caught


I’m Erwin

Who caught you?

The Crisis

If I had money in my life

I would open a few pay toilets

That is the only crisis safe business

There is always shit

Just tell me when you wan't me to leave

Show one bit of weakness and
they take advantage of you

One bit


You speak Greek?

Not a Word , Why?

Because of the paper?

That paper in the Austrian television?
surreptitious advertising!

You can't do that!

Your'e totally in the wrong film

Thats why ,
Thats why.

By the way , you need to go up to the boss
and take Schrammel with you.

Delightful! Why?

A lie ,What else

Hello. Hello.

Thats where it happened?

A gunshot wound

Was he dead immediately?

I don't know yet

It was probably a gunshot



Are there witnesses?

Yes , this guy there, the guy was running away
but the Paper guy stopped him



And what else?


Whats your real Name?

Only DrWalla

Always have

What should I do?

Sit, Sit! Ready?

Say , have you seen the murder?

Who said it was a murder?

The Schrammel would like it that way

I haven’t seen anything

I have been talking to him the whole time

You know him then?

Not at all

I just sat with him accidentally

And the shot?

Did you hear a shot?

No nothing


Can you imagine that this man

As you sat beside him ,that
he had the gunshot wound already?

I don’t think so

What did he say?

Actually nothing at all

Only yes and No

I was talking most of the time

And then I bumped him

And he fell on his side down the bench

Than I saw the wound

Did he say something then?

No Nothing

Write his name down


Tell Me exactly your name again

How do you Write that?

Exactly how you say it

Two L's? Yes


I don’t have an address

Excuse Me for butting in

Tell Me the pubs I can find you at

At the Pay Toilets

Did you find identification papers on the Victim?

No , nothing in his pockets

Now we need a day again until we find out his identity

Five Thousand Shillings was found on him

In big Notes and some small change and a piece of paper with writing

An address was on it

He also had a Hanky on him

Take a look if there is a monogram on it

If it was a Gunshot ,it could only have
come from these houses over there

The two top apartments , or from there

Not necessarily

How far is it?

It could also be shot from a plane

Or from a hot air balloon

Luftschiff? [Airship?]


Or a Tractor. ~ Can that fly? ~

Where do you want to go? ~ Who's asking ~

I’m the porter

I’m police

What kind of people live here?

Different ones

What do you mean different ones?

Not many and less are home now

Okay thanks

You can also see the Stadtbahn ~ uh-hu ~

But not the bench he was sitting on

Maybe all the way from the top

Probably yes

Just at that window we can see everything


It could have happened from here

From here you can also see the bench on the platform

With a scope

And if someone is a good shot or not

It could have been an accident
~an accident?~

You believe that?

No ...

Are you going to question people?

How much work is a chair like that

A lot

Are you painting for a while here already?


I just bought the paint in the store


Quite comfortable

If you look out of the apartments
then we are in the right place

I asked in the surrounding area
and nobody heard the shot

Its ideal around this house for this

When the porter went out ,
you could walk past without being seen

He is actually a Yugoslav

In my book Yugoslavs are always suspect

Your car is somewhere else? ~yes~

You couldn't find a parking spot?

Its hard , I know

Did you have that whistle for long?


Did you find it today ,the shotgun shell ? ~Yes~

And where?

Here between the cars

Can I have it? ~ No ~

We are from police and we would need that

Everyone can say that

What do you say to that?

A good fake

Give it

Give it if it makes him happy

Not that I like to


If they are from the police you can stab me there

Huh? ~Thats where you can stab me~

What’s with the paper that the victim had on him?

You mean the address? ~yea~

Schanofsky place 7

Well lets take a look

Did you ask the people if anyone knew the victim?

Yea .~ Without photo?~

Maybe someone misses him already?

By the way , polaroid!


And Free. ~ Ok ~

And whats up with Schrammel?

He is asking for the tenants list

He wont hear much

I think so too

Would you like to close the door?

Well , thats life, "Celery" as The French say

Should I push ?

Come in


No, not

How is it?

A Murder case?

Not very well , we still don't know the victim

The weapon type is also not clear

But we will put the picture of the victim in the paper tomorrow

Maybe we get something tonight,I have nightshift anyways

And whats with the address on the paper?

Nothing ,absolutely nothing its just an ordinary building site

Nobody knows or want's to know him there

The only thing we can do is wait

Is that all?

You know something better?



Will you drink coffee with us?

The Dovanowitch is just making one for us

Yes Thanks

Mrs Dovanowitch ,A coffee for our guest

Right Away!

What is that?


Well that!

That is Franzie

What Franzie?

The fly is called Franzie

For Something like that

I’m always ready

This fly is stuffed


This is ..Schrammels ...Hobby


if you please ~ Thank You ~

Sugar is in already


You speak Russian?

No, Why?

Whats that nonsense?

Do you always have to put your feet on the table?

I don’t have visitors
~ You can see every spot on the glass~




Well What should I do? take them off?

Wash them

I could watch you for hours

The rowing is not enough anymore

Do you want Wall bars beside your bed?

I always say hello


What are you looking for? ~ your car keys~

Every-time its somewhere else ~in my coat~

Why do you need it?

You said I could have the car

Ah yes thats right, wait a moment , you can't!

Are you afraid for that junk? ~ its in the garage~


Why why

Its broke

Pretty much

Did you wreck it on purpose?


Where are you going anyways

And with whom?

I’m already late anyways

Is she still hanging around the Bundesheer Soldier ?

No Idea

Have you never thought about a new car?

A lot but how do you pay that?

With your Job you could get an easy credit

I have never gotten credit on principal

How is that possible

You pay back less than what you borrow


You want a new car?

Lets look at one?

If you want

Right away?


Did you frame that?

Ladies and gentlemen ,per request we will bring
the movie we couldn’t show on the 23 of march

While the Stations Flauerling and Patschakofel can't receive this


Its probably for you

During television I’m not getting up



That's right here near me

Are you dropping by?

In ten minutes?


See you

I have to leave again

The wive of the Victim contacted us

Good Evening , Criminal Police here , you are Mrs Hebert?

You called us?

Yes please come in


Than you

Its a double door


Its cosy

Are you sure the man in the paper is your husband?



A Friend called me about the newspaper

Where the picture is looking better

Are you still sure?

our condolences

And that was murder you said?

Not totally sure ,just a little sure

Can we ask you some questions or are you....

No ,no , go and ask

when does your husband come home normally?

Normally between five and six

Did you not worry today?

Not really, he sometimes comes later

Although he calls first

What is his name?

Gerald Horwart


He is in Insurance. Insurance salesman

Always has been?

Only shortly. before that he was a mechanic

Now he doesn’t have regulated work hours anymore?

Say , If your husband goes to work

Does he use public transport?


Why do you think he was at the Stadtbahn station?

I don’t know

you have a car?

Of course its down on the street

I thought about the whole day
why its still standing there all day

You don’t work?


Do you know if your husband had problems lately?~ No~

Did he possibly ...

have business with people you didn't know?

Gerald , surely not.

Do you know this address?


Schanofsky place 7 address

Schanofsky place 7 what is that?

We found a piece of paper on him

That is not Geralds handwriting

Well thank you

We will probably contact you a few more times

Nice apartment

Gerald made good money


He is already on the way?

Very good


They are sending someone from insurance

Who knows Gerald intimately


Listen to this ,it says in the paper

Police beats up unarmed

That doesn’t sound right

on our end ?

Certainly not , but in Bagdad....

Good Morning ~ Good Day ~

This man is from insurance

This was fast

Good Day , my name is Fiers

Kottan ~ Mr Kottan~

Please! ~ Thank You ~

Well please tell us about Gerald

What would you like to know?

How was he as a Position leader?

He was not liked much

How hid he do in his job?

He wasn’t even one year yet in our insurance

And probably he made less money than he did before


Income is not very high with us

At last he did not work very hard

I have to say truthfully....

They where already in talks with his termination

Did he know about that?


By the way , something important

Gerald got his own life insurance
with us two weeks ago

For almost an Million

For his wife's benefit?

Of course

He has no kids

It is possible that his wive
didn’t know about this

Because he rejected coverage on both of them

When is this being paid out?


The widow has to come to us ,not us to her

Thats how it is

Here it is , lets go

Just a moment

This damm seatbelt is stuck again

Give Me the pliers

What pliers? ~ in the glove compartment~

We get this fixed in a moment

For an engineer nothing is too hard

Goddamm Crap

Now it's not working at all

We have to get out anyways

What is that? ~That’s style~

Good Morning

You're here again?

Your boss is not here today?

I am the boss


We still have some questions for you

Have you got time?

We don't want keep you from anything

Your husband had a life insurance
set up.Did you know?

He didn't tell me

But I know because I saw the policy
when it came in the mail.

Why are you interested in that?

Just because . Yesterday you said
your husband didn’t use the car

~Yes?~ And still he left at the same time yesterday?

At eight

So he must have gone over to the Stadbahn
[Austrian rail]

You have visitors?


Relative? ~ No ~

Is it the friend who told you
about the photo in the Newspaper?


It must be a good friend

Can I meet Mr....


Can I speak with him?

If you have to ,sure.

Is it a double door?

Police, Hermann

Mr Newerker..~Good Day ~
~Good Day ~

You don’t need to pretend ,
They already know where were at

How long are you already together?

Or know each other.

Two years

Did you know Mr Horwart?

Not personally , only from his photograps

Your husband knew about him? ~ No ~

He didn’t notice. ~Why? Not at all?

An Idiot he was and a loser

I had to talk to that moron so many times
just to get to change his job.

He wanted to stay a mechanic his whole life.

He dug himself in, in the bedroom kitchenette
that we had back then

So he wasn’t hardworking. ~Yes ~

What do you do?

I own a fireclay factory

And you work hard?

I think so

You can say that

Can you tell me where
you were yesterday morning?

At home

I’m mostly at home

Am I a suspect?

And you?


What should I say? I was also here? ~ Yes ~


Look there. That must be the fancy car
from Horwart Quite a betrayal.

He didn't make that much Money.
~It was on Credit~

If you ask ,you can get credit for anything

Like a ham sandwich.
~No like a car ~

Thats a good example ,
nobody can afford it but everyone has it.

Nonsense I can afford mine.
~ Thats why it looks like that.~

By the way how did you get it fixed that fast?

My garage did a nightshift on it.

You don't believe that yourself

Something like that only happens in movies.

Entree...~What?~ Well get in there!

And...What do we do now?

We drive back

This case is clear ,with this fine boy there.
~You think? ~

Everything is here

Motive ...and the alibi of these two

Its laughable

I don't think so ,there is something else

You'll see in time this is fun. ~ Seriously! ~

What is it?
~ Fasching! ~ [carnival]

We need to arrest this guy immediately!

House of the "Golden Lamb" on 17 January

For Humans

And Monkeys

Something for you?

What is it?

I thought I got the wrong door

Good morning ~ Morning! ~

Your know Nicolitsch from the Robbery department.
~Yes , Good day ~


Something happened?

We routine check the large denominations
that we got from Horwart

Now they sharpen their ears

All bills came from a robbery
of a bank three weeks ago


I have the security video of the robbery here,
can you please turn of the lights?

No color?

Sorry no, but the recording is very clear

Its probably a sex film

Look at that

The one with the weapon
at the counter should be Horwart

Yes that could be him

We have enlarged photos from every one

And this is the Bank director

How do you know that?
~ Who else would be so excited ~

Where did the robbery happen?

Schanofsky place number seven

A totally normal building site

Your colleague said that didn't he?

If I have to memorize
every place a robbery happens...

Take a look at the pictures ,
we worked on them before Horwart died

Yes that's Horwart

You draw well , first class , first class!

Do we put these two pictures in the news?

If you wan't

At least we show it to Mrs Horwart

If anyone would recognize
his relatives it would be her

She is coming in anyways
to give a statement this afternoon

Do you believe the robbery
was done by professionals?

Actually Yes!

But good amateurs are sometimes more skillful

Chase grifters wouldn't be the right description

We looked at other robberies ,one in the 8th district ,
they could be the work of the same 3 robbers

Say Ms Nicolitsch ,how big was the loot
in Schanofsky place?

About eight hundred thousand

Divided by three

Where is that money?

Do you wan’t to check his accounts?

We need approval to check his accounts

I can handle that

Its on your way, you go to the bank

Do you need me? ~ No ~

I have the documents for two years here

Do we only need his accounts for the last three months

Well there was not much going on ,
Just the usual deposit and withdrawals

Although the account was constantly
overdrawn for 40 thousand shilling

And now?

Now we have a positive of 20 thousand shillings

On the third, about two and a half weeks ago
Horwart deposited 60 thousand $ by himself

Does he have other accounts with you here?

I don’t see anything but two credit accounts he had with us.

It was credits for fifty thousand each

Until shortly ..

He was behind with his payments but ...
~ But two weeks ago he payed everything back at once

Right? ~ Yes ~

And you didn't wonder where the money was coming from?

Look , that's not why I’m here

So what’s with the news that you promised me?

Promised sounds funny

Your husband probably robbed one,
maybe two banks


That's not possible

You wouldn't have believed him capable?

I just don’t believe it

It was proven

He payed back two credit lines recently

And a third

That he had from an insurance

Credits? I don't even know about owing money.
~Where did you get the car? ~

This tacky Spanish catalogue decor apartment

Gerald made good money

He didn’t make good money, it's actually the opposite

Take a look at the pictures , these are the men
who robbed the banks with him

They don’t look exactly like them but similar

Is that Gerald?

I think I know him

Who is it?

I can’t think of his name right now
but I have seen him before.

Take your time

Call Me if you remember

Here or my private number

And also put together a list of your
husbands relatives that you remember

Would be best with their address

I can’t do it that fast

Than just let us know over the phone

That’s all , Thanks.

Lets go


Don’t worry we have no double doors here

I wouldn’t stop there

Why not?

How are things now?

Horwart used a big chunk
of the stolen goods to cover his debts

We will check all the relatives as soon as we get the list

Maybe we find his co conspirators

And our murderer

And what else is happening?

We wait

Seems all you do is wait.

I thought we were going to look at a car?

its not necessary anymore

Why? ~I already have one ~

Why didn’t you say so? Where is it?

Down in the street

But that’s our old car. ~ Naturally~

I’m not getting a loan

Thats right

I can see where things go when you owe money

Your turn

Its ridiculous how you exaggerate

I don’t care

You cheated

I cheat? ~ Normally never ~

Thats right I don’t cheat. ~But I clearly saw ~

Please don’t say that I cheat

Why? ~Say it again!~
~You cheat~

What now? ~ I’m leaving~
~rowing?~ ~Sleeping~

Dolfanti?[His name Adolf]
~Crazy what you are reading~

"I let myself fall backwards"

I"I ducked down behind the furniture
and the shots rang out in quick succession"

"The second Shot grazed my temple"

For the twenty-fourth time

In my whole period of service I have never been shot at

And thats twenty years

And I only shot once

Into the air

Yes yes , Sissi is here.


Can’t you come out? She is here with Gerhard Bosmueller

Is that the Pilot? ~ Yes they wan’t to go
to Tunisia for vacation.

I don’t like that

I can’t do anything about that.

Come, they wan’t to talk to you

The offer is very cheap

But we have to book this week.

Only...We are missing six thousand shillings

We need to get a loan

Am I a loan office?

Well I thought...Dad...We need a guarantor


Why not?

Because I don’t wan’t to be part of getting in debt

Go skiing for vacation then.

Is that your last word on it? ~No my second last~

Good night

Well Mrs Kottan ,actually you could do this as well

Why didn’t you ask me first?


Its for you

I’m not getting up now

Me neither


Oh its you Mrs Horwart


It's not even six o'clock

You know who the man is?

All right , I’m coming

All right I meet you there.

Good morning

Good morning ~ Good morning ~


You didn’t have to hurry that much. ~ Why? ~

Oh , this never happened before, sorry about that

Shoes are essential.~ Doesn’t matter ~

This is my mother in laws album

The workshop too? ~Yes ~

You cant make money with this anymore

This one ,A class picture ,right beside
my Husband ,Rudolf Semorad is his name.

Yes that could be him

You recognized him on this photo?

No he came for a visit and when I was here with my husband

He showed me the photo in the album

Do you still have his address?

Do you have it here?

The number is in the phonebook,
Here ,I wrote it down for you.

Can I call ? ~ certainly~

Your friend is not around today?

Not every day ,no.

Come on sleepy head



Kottan, Yes.

What is it?

Of course I know how late it is

You have nightshift , not me

I’m at Mrs Horwart

There you go!

One of them is Rudolf Semorad
and lives in the Kanopkagasse 13, Yes

Have you got the address? Same to you .

These are the new construction buildings along the Donau

Are you going there with Schrammel

You don’t need to hurry

I have to drop back home

I'll be on time in the office

Why don't I arrest him myself?

that's none of your business

Its done right away ,if we are at the bank at eight

I probably need identification


Oh you ! ~Yes Me ! ~

Did you notice these wrong shoes?

I asked you something

So you are guaranteeing the Tunisia debt

Am I right? ~ YES ! ~

So you're sabotaging my decisions?

Why do you get so upset about six thousand shilling?

Six thousand shilling , thats how it starts

We have a case right now in the office

They too wanted to live above
their income , and the result...

Bank robberies

It creates a psychological dependency

Stop talking nonsense,
you’re trying to connect everything

Everything I have is thanks to my efforts.
~ At least you don’t blame others ~

Often its the women who want to have everything possible

And the emphasis is on everything

And not possible

And the men have to put up with it ~ YES! ~


Who is it? ~ Police! ~

Mr Semorad is not here

Please open up anyways

Really Police?

Why do you think we are looking for Mr Semorad?

Nobody else lives here

He is really not here?

Can we look?

Go look

I’ll keep going

Where did he go?

I don’t know ,he doesn't tell me that

When did he leave?

An hour ago

This early?

Interesting! ~Normally he doesn’t leave this early ~

Who are you ?

I am Edith

You are his girlfriend?


Can you come here for a moment?

That is your fiancee ?

Yes but its a bad picture

Does he have other guns too?


They have been hanging there since I can remember

Ms Edith....

Is this Indian Hemp?

Chives Mr Inspector ~ There is no Inspector! ~

Well lets go

And why did your fiancee rob two banks?

You know that?

And you know it too!

So get dressed ,you’re coming with us

Can I sit down?

Today is even colder than yesterday

Don't you have a cigarette for me

A cig?

Menthol? Its ok leave it out

When in need ,even the devil eats flies

You don’t have fire?


Lately I sat with someone who got shot to death

What was that?

That’s right, he sat right beside me

Are you waiting for someone?

He was shot from back there

Did you see....NO not again!

The fiancee from Semorad is tough

We can't get anything out of her. ~ It doesn’t matter
we already have a manhunt on Semorad ~

The calibre of the murder weapon is pretty exclusive

the guns in Semorad’s place are not a match ~ Pity ~

From the Austrian types theres only one
that matches ,that is the Pioneer FK 500

You think our murderer is a patriot?


From the FK 500 there was only 300
sold in and around Vienna

Do think it makes sense to find out to whom? ~ Yes ~

What is the reaction of the newspapers
showing of the bank robbers?

Not much , Schrammel was looking after that

But looking at it ,there is not much to it

By the way we need to go see Pilch immediatly

For What? ~ Rip off your head?~

So where is he?

Our murderer....~ NO NO! ~

My Fly Swatter!

What? ~ I want my fly swatter!

These are stupid jokes, Really stupid!

Schremmser sits there.

Does he sit on my fly swatter?


I’m sure he is sitting on it

Can you get up?

I don’t wan’t to ~ To sit on it? ~
Its just too stupid

I was worried about that,
that you really don’t have it.

Where do you have your pistol?

I don't have a pistol

Would you have the pistol if you’d had one?

In the cabinet of course!

Oh here it is!

I’ll catch you yet!

Lieutenant .... Pichl....


Bahnsteig Wien Mitte

Ah, Yes

Murder? ~ Yes ~

Thats very funny

Really !

Do you want to come this time?

Good day gentlemen

This is the same as last time

Your murderer is a good shot

Now the second Bank robber is dead

Any witnesses? ~This gentlemen ~

Again you

I can’t do anything about that,
Honestly Inspector!

!!There is no Inspector!

I just happened .....~ Yes Yes ~

Bird of the dead ~ What? ~

Ah , Nothing!

And did you notice something this time? ~ No ~

It was just like the last time

Did he say something before he died?

Yes , but nothing important
~ We decide if it was important ~

Well , what did he say?

Shit !

I’m sorry but thats all he said

I’m looking for a different Train-stop.
~ That would be good ~

We also have to search , with everything possibly available



Oh yes him...

But how do you mean
... everything possibly available?

We could hire someone to go around looking for him

I thought about Beranek

He already passed on
information to us a few times

Beranek can arrest you
but he can’t un-arrest you. ~ I know ~

But if you talk to the prosecutor . ~ Me? ~

Can you look around the neighbourhood?

Give it up already. ~ What? ~
Your stuck! You need me! ~ That's for sure! ~

Why does the prosecutor want to
keep me out of it until the trial?

You should help us ~ Hey ! ~ "You" Should help us!
[polite form of formal speech]

With what do you need help?

To find someone

Can you turn off the light?

Do you want one?

Whom should I find? ~ Him ~

And I’m staying out until the trial

Yes, guaranteed!

Why make it difficult....
~ What are you waiting for ! ~

I know him already anyways

That is Redlich Leopold

He is harmless

He lives on cheating with cards

In the day he is at Naschmarkt
[Popular, long-running bazaar open weekly]


No idea what he is selling currently

Is it like always?


The first one goes to our guest

You can keep him company

We will check that first



Ladies and gentlemen

Your house cat.....sometimes......does not enjoy her food

And does not grow so well

But today...You can forget
about your trouble with this...

Thats why...."EAT ME"

"EAT ME" the new patented Power-food for cats

"EAT ME" Ladies and gentlemen ,
contains everything that your cat needs

And your cat will purr
with the liver and offal ,Fish, Milk

Of course Oregano and of course
all vitamins , from A to Z

There where three international chefs
who came up with this

Ladies and gentlemen "EAT ME"
"EAT ME" forget about anything else!

And now so you can see
you’re not buying the cat in the bag....

You should see the canned food,
That you will have in your bag.....

To try to taste a small piece, so you can see....

Only grandma cooks better!

Ladies...would you like to try it?

Who want’s to try? We have a new spoon…
I’ll wash that one...

Here ... Who wants to try?

You? No? It doesn't matter...I will try another piece


The sensation! The sensation , hold your breath!

Also you ladies and gentlemen

Please hold your breath ,ladies and gentlemen

The sensation of "EAT ME" is the price

Ladies and gentlemen you don’t pay here...

Not 25...Not 20....Not 15 Shilling ,
but one can of "EAT ME" I will gift to you....

For only 12 Shilling '90

Ladies and gentleman , and if this is still too much

if you still think you’re paying too much

You will get a sensational offer today

Of three cans for the special price

Of only 69 shillings ,ladies and gentlemen

69 , this man himself said it was cheap!

Please look the first lady here is buying already

Three cans for your cat!

Thank you so much ,Ill pack it for you !

Someone else wants a can?...~ Can He?
~ This gentleman understands treasure ~

Maybe a little taste test?

Yes? ... No?... Maybe your'e already a bit fat.

Maybe the can opener 8 Shilling 50 ...

Business is bad eh?


No wonder , this stuff really doesn’t taste that good

Your name is Redlich Leopold

Ow Ow Help Help!

Do you want to kill me now?
In the middle of the street?

We are from Police.~ I don't believe that!

How stupid do you think I am


Is it real? ~ Do you want to bite into it? ~

I’m actually glad you found me. ~ Why? ~

You robbed the bank with Horwart and Semorad

I’m arresting you for murder...~ ME? ~

Are you stupid? ~ Do you want a slap? ~

Myself I would have been next

Don't talk nonsense, Why would we murder you?

Because of the money?

I don't have money

We only paid our debts ,we all did

Why then?

I don’t know who is behind this.
~ The killer of the Bank? ~

You can easily make jokes...

Pick it up...

It was a 10 right?~ Give...~

How long should this waiting last?

Until we checked the alibis .
~ Pull a card ~

Stick it back there

Pick up

And now?

You can find it yourself...

I checked them but they where both in different places

He couldn’t have done it
~ He is not the murderer? ~


He still robbed two banks.

That’s not your job , Nicolitsch is.

Should I let him go?

I like to leave

You know the pickings are pretty slim ,
If we could go through the list again.

Look , look at that....

N ?

Nash ,Nene, Nega , Kaert ,Newerker Herrmann

The friend of Horwart ~ No... ~

Let Me see

I told you

So? ~ You? ~ What ?

Horwart also had a gun

But not the murder victim?

Oh Yes !

His wife didn’t tell us that.

He was Captain in a leisure club

Well this leisure club is clearly a gun club

Newerker he can shoot

How do you know?

I asked about it ~ Bravo ! ~

Get us an arrest warrant

For whom? ~ For both ~

For Newerker and Horwart instantly !

Give Nicolitsch a call
so she can pick up her bank robber

Semorad is dead


Shot like your husband

You told me something wrong yesterday

The day before when your husband was shot
you told me that Newerker was here with you.

Yes ~ Thats a lie ~

But yes

We know better

Your’e right

He wasn’t here

Because he was in the house in the Bauerngasse

Across The Train-station Wien Mitte ,
and shot your husband

Did he already confess to everything?

He only told me later that he did that to Gerald

We will find out how much you
talked him into the murder

Obviously your very good at that.

Why did he pick the Stadbahn train stop?

He used to live in that building
and he knows his way around

And why did Semorad have to die too?

There was nothing left from the robberies

I don’t know?

Where is your husbands gun?

What gun?

Oh ...

That is in the leisure club

He was a member there ?

You also talked him into that


I really did that

I wanted him to meet better people

Before that he was in a soccer group
with taxi drivers and custodians

The Shamrock team

Be nice and come with me ~ I’m not that nice! ~

You now what that is?

I think its up front , The firebrick factory

Lets drive up front around the corner

Look at that ,that is Horwarts car

Newerker got the wife and the car

Park on the side here ,let me get out

I’m going back to the car

Listen this is a private vehicle!

Into the trunk like always?


Value System

You almost didn’t catch them

Mr Newerker

Lets drink coffee in your office


You need to eat more Spinach ,understand?

Like the young one say ,as a joke!

Get up

Your'e going for murder ~ Murder? ~

Murder on Semorat and Horwart

You check the Books..Where were you yesterday?
~ You know ,with Mrs Horwart ~

Very delicate but a lie

Mrs Horwart has told us everything

She told us about your old apartment
at Bahnstation Wien Mitte

That you have a FK 500 and you can shoot

My gun was not used to shoot here

Than with Horwart's gun ~ Thats right ~

You where captain of the club

You have access to the guns all the time

Thats not true

Horwart shot her own husband and Semorat

She is a better shot than me

She always hated him ,~And now? ~

And now when they robbed the bank
and payed their debts?

That was the best opportunity to ged rid of him

Without insurance ~ And you would have profited from that ~

Me? Why Me?

Give it up already, we can search your books

The firebrick factory is totally broke

Thats not true,I’m switching to
chimney bricks right now

And Horwart pays for it

She didn’t tell me she was going to murder him

Only afterward

You gave her the alibi

When she killed Semorat
she thought nobody would find out

And she told you this also after the murder

Yes Yes ~ Why did Semorat go to the train station? ~

When he knew there was a murder two days before

She called him up and asked him to meet her there

She knows who the "murderer" is ,she told him

A total idiot

We shouldn’t say that, Lets go...

Better get out there!

That was quite smart to send us on the bank robbers tracks

Schrammel said that right away
~ but it was very smart , right ? ~

Oh well...

Is that right?

What do you expect?
She lies when she opens her mouth

You fake dog ,now you want throw all the blame on me

A lovestory?

Hush, first we had no murderer and now we have two

Quick as lightning

That’s laughable ,what should I say to the prosecutor?

Patience ~ Patience for what ~

We wait

Wait Wait , Wait for what? You don’t do anything else.

For Witnesses

And where is that witness?

I tell you Patience!

Now you can bring him ~ Right away ~

Come Robert



You heard a shot in your house yesterday

Can you tell me whom did you see?

Who doesn’t live in your house?

Or not anymore...

Can you tell me ?

Can you tell me if it was him....

Or her?

Go to the one...

That you saw in the house yesterday

All right then, bravo ,Kottan ,Bravo!


Subs Made By Calli ~ ENJOY ~