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What happened?

There's nothing they can do
in this bad weather.

They'll resume the
search when it clears…

No, it'll be too late.

They already pulled out.

You should wait.

Get the helicopter.

The helicopter?

What helicopter?

How am I going to do that?

And what will you do with it?

I should go.

You can't fly there
in this lousy weather.

And you can't use it
without Ms. Gu's permission.

Are you saying there's a risk?

At first, it may look like
the revenues are going up,

but it's only an illusion.

In the long run,
the net profit is bound to drop...

Are you saying I'm wrong?

Oh, no.

Do I lack long-term perspective
on our business?

No, ma'am.

Which means
what I've done so far is right.

Yes, ma'am.

If I'm right and all
of you are wrong,

why are you all sitting here?

Retailing is a tug-of-war
between stability and venture.

In order to prove our
investment in Alanga

hasn't just been a
venturous move…

What do you want?

I need a helicopter.

I'm in a meeting.

One of our staff is missing.

- I received the report.
- Then what?

This meeting
isn't for that matter.


I need the helicopter.

I hear I need your permission.

Mr. Gu.

Is there anybody here
who holds a position lower than you?

You've acted cheeky enough
as the chairman's son today.

If you need my approval,
stick to the formal procedures.

I apologize for my intrusion.

One of our staff
is stranded in the mountains.

She isn't answering her phone,
but her location can be tracked.

The search was suspended
due to the weather.

That's why I need

the company's helicopter.

Okay. We'll talk later.

- Ms.Gu.
- Get out.

- I have no time for that.
- Nobody here does.

Don't you see that
we're in a meeting right now?


No company would use its helicopter
to find a mere employee.

Do you know how much
a helicopter flight costs?

Come to your senses.


You're the one who sent them.

If you were going to be so anxious,
you shouldn't have sent them.

Let's continue.

Where were we?

That our investment in Alanga
wasn't just a venturous move.

I always wanted to turn Alanga
into a world-famous luxury brand.

- To do that...
- It's all a dream.

A company that's too
busy making money

to care about the
safety of its employee

can't possibly turn
into a luxury brand.

It's nothing but a vain dream.

Such big words
from a guy without one.


I'll get the helicopter running.

I'll show you how
cheeky I can get.

Make a fortune, everyone.

Get the helicopter running now.

I know Ms. Gu
Hwa-ran hasn't approved.

I'm Gu Won.

I'll take responsibility.

You had to fight her someday,
so great job.

Ms. Gu won't boss you around
after you put your foot down.

You've put up a good fight
in your first power game.

This is about saving a life.

It's not about power.

You need power to save people.

You should go home.

I'll update you on her rescue.

I'm not going home.

There's nothing
more you can do here.

I'll stay.

I'm going.

Are you insane?
In this weather?

I know you're blinded by love,

- but this is wrong!
- Let go.

What will become of me
if something happens to you?

You're my only
connection at work!

As I said, you
picked the wrong man.

Let go of that
connection and me.

Over my dead body!

If you must go,
you'll have to step over me!

Lie down!

What? I can't hear you!

Quickly! There's no time!

Then enjoy your flight!

This way, please!

You must come back alive!

You have to fly safely!

Be careful!


What was that?

I'm scared.

Am I going to die?

I'm scared, Grandma.

What are you doing?

- Go away!
- It's me!

- Get off of me!
- It's me!

Mr. Gu?


It's me.

Are you hurt?
Are you okay?

Are you a human?
Not a ghost?

Yes, it's me.

I was so scared
that I'd die here.

- You're fine.
- Thank you.

- It's okay.
- Thank you.

I'm here now.

I thought I was going to die.

Target rescued.

She looks fine.

I must turn due to strong winds.

How did you get here?

- On a helicopter.
- You even borrowed a helicopter?

I had one at home.

Why do you
have a helicopter…

You probably do.

Anyway, how are we
going to get back up?

We should get back up.

You didn't come alone, right?

They'll throw a
rope down, right?


Did you come
alone without a plan?

It's better than
being here by yourself.

Well, I guess so.

But still…

When I came to my senses,
I was already in the helicopter.

I didn't have a moment to think.

All I knew was I had
to come and save you.


I wonder.

Why did I do that?

So what are we going to do now?

Don't worry.

I'm here.

Hello? It's me, Gu Won.


Why are you laughing?

No reason.


They'll send a rescue
team in the morning.

So hang in there until then.

What a relief.

I'll protect you.

My gosh.

What was that?

I heard something.
Something must be here.

You said you'd protect me.

I wasn't hiding. I was
guarding your back.

Okay? I always say this.

Enemies always come from behind.


My gosh! You
surprised me.


You're scared so easily.

No, I'm not.

Have a hearty bite.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I've never seen
such a cowardly guy.

Whether it's a ghost or a boar,
you should knock it out like a man.

Good grief. I still
remember your shriek.

I agree.

Wait, what?

It wasn't a shriek.
It was a battle cry.

Like a roar.


Something like that.

So you're from King Hotel?

Yes. I apologize for
causing you trouble.

I heard a lady who went to look for me
hadn't returned, so I went to find you.

Why weren't you
careful in this weather?

Are you brave or just reckless?

She's thoughtless.

Who cares if your company
made you do this?

Your company means nothing
once you're dead.

Don't put out
your life for work.

There's nothing
as foolish as that.

You're right.

I wanted to ignore the order,
but someone high up made me do it.

Someone high up? Who?

This man.

This is so
tasty. Thank you.

Eat up.

You should get a checkup

at the nearest
hospital in the morning.

No, I have no time for that.

I have to go to work right away
for a night shift.

Who cares about work?

Do as someone high up tells you.

And in the future,

don't put your life on the line
for the company.

I don't want to do that either,
but it keeps happening.

Just say no.

There's no choice
for a mere employee like me.

I promise.

Something like this

will never happen again.

What are you doing this early?

I wanted to sweep the yard
before he woke up.

Would he care that
you did this for him?

I came to give him a hand,
so I should work.

Give it to me. I got it.

No, I'll do it.

- No, I'll have it.
- No, it's fine.

You don't seem
like a good sweeper.

I got it. Give it here.

It's okay. Move aside.

- Let go.
- I got this.

- Move.
- You aren't so good.

- Please move.
- Give it.

Good grief!

Why do you keep
getting in my way?

Mr. Gu.

I've never been hit before.

Are you all right?

- I'm fine.
- Goodness.

Give it to me.

- I'll do it.
- No.

- I got this.
- I'll do it.

- Let go.
- I'm sorry.

No, it's okay.
Let go of this.

I'll do it.

That's not how
you sweep. Look.

Like this.



And this.

- This is how it's done.
- Hold on.



Are you okay?

You hit exactly
where I got injured yesterday.

Wait, I…

That stone.

Sit down.

I'm sorry. I
didn't mean to.


It hurts more than
it did yesterday.

I'm in so much pain.

It hurts so bad.

It must hurt a lot.

I'll clean up,
so sit right there.

Don't move.

I'll do everything.

It seemed like
you didn't know how to sweep.

I've never seen
a broom like this before, but look.

- Right here too.
- Okay.

- I'm good, aren't I?
- You're so good!

These are our hotel's
cake and cookies.

I heard you like these,
so I had them made specially.

It's a little dirty.

Thanks. I'll enjoy these.

Please work
with us in the future

and send us some good ginseng.

I only work with
First Royal Hotel,

so save yourself the
trouble and go home.

Let me know if
you need any help.

I'll help you before I go.

We said we were
fine. You don't have to.

There's no need.

Go home and look after yourself.

Anything is fine.

I can clean and
do the laundry too.

Did the man high
up make you do this?

I didn't, sir.

Yes, it was you.

There's no need, so go home.

You already swept my yard
early this morning.

That was me.

If you get sick of your work,
quit and come here.

You're good enough at hiking
to be a ginseng digger.

Right, the ginseng!

One second.


Sir, please take a look.

I dug this up yesterday
on the mountain.

By any chance,

is this ginseng?

You think anyone
can dig up ginseng?

It's not ginseng, is it?

It must be bellflower root.

You don't have to ask.
It's obviously bellflower root.

It's ginseng.

- What?
- Really?

Wild ginseng at that.

This is such a rarity.

Not anyone can dig this.

We say it requires three generations
of good deeds to find one.

You dug up this rare thing
even I've only found once.


You must have lived a good life.

Gosh, I kind of did.

Do you want to come
and work with me?

Mount Jiri has approved of you.



I'm sorry.

I will not allow that.

She's a valuable
member of our company.

All of a sudden?

She's the best
talent at our hotel,

and she secured that position
two years in a row.

- Yes.
- Two years.


Please let go of me.

What was that?

Thank you for saving me, sir.

I saved you.

You can have this.

If you hadn't
saved me last night,

I would've died in the woods.

No, I saved you.

You should repay me instead.

- I'll take it.
- Hey!

I can't take this.

It's too valuable.

No, please take it.

I can't take something
that the heavens gave you.

You should give
it to your father.

I don't have one.

Then your mother.

I don't have a mother either.

What? Then…

Then what will you do with this?

I'll give it to my grandma.
She'll be thrilled.

Yes, give it to
your grandmother.

Hold on. I'll
pack it up for you.

Something this precious

deserves careful treatment.

Thank you.

So please consider
our hotel too.

I received great energy today
thanks to you.

When I come across
the best wild ginseng,

I'll send it to King
Hotel immediately.

Don't worry and go home.


Are you serious?

It's a promise.
You can't change your mind.

All right.

If you change your mind,
join me right away.

You are

a natural-born ginseng digger!

You're right. I
found ginseng!

I found ginseng!

I'll send you ginseng

as I find them in the future,

so stop sending
your employees here.

You shouldn't do that to them.

I used to take advantage of
those hotel employees

whenever they came out here.

But I came to my
senses thanks to her.

She could've gotten
into serious trouble.

I wasn't the
one who sent her…

I did.

Thank you for your help.

It's fine.

I'm fine, really.

Just say thanks.

Thank you, sir.

No, not like that.

I thank you from
the bottom of my heart, Mr. Gu.

I mean, do you and I have to be
so formal just to say thanks?

It'd be mutiny if I
skipped the formality.

Forget it.

Why do I bother?

You should've returned with the helicopter
and not stayed here.

I had to drive
five hours for you.

- Sa-rang, are you okay?
- Yes.

Take this.

I didn't ask you to come.

You made a big scene at work

trying to help one
of your employees.

The chairman wants to see you.

Are you hurt?

I'm fine.

What about work?
Did something happen there?

He barged into Ms. Gu's meeting
to get the helicopter...

Hey, that's
enough. Let's go.

He had a go at her.

- Please get in.
- Hop in.

Let's go.

Hey, you can…



Back here.


I'll close the door, sir.

He could've closed it himself.

He's so high maintenance.

- Try to understand.
- Okay.

I can hear you.

I'll start driving, sir.

Are you sure you're okay?

I almost died.

Exactly. I was so worried

that I drove over
without sleeping.

Thank you.

My leg was in pain,

so I was dreading
the bus ride home.

You're thankful, aren't you?

Then you can treat me to a meal.



What should we eat?

What do you like?

You should decide,
Mr. No. It's my treat.

"Mr. No"?

I'm shocked at the formality.

Call me Sang-sik.

You did that last time.

I'll really do that if
you keep saying it.

Of course you should.

It was me!

- What was?
- I saved her!

Why should you two
eat when I saved her?

This is illogical
and inconsiderate.

What are you two doing?

I'll stop by the
service area, sir.

- Rain check on the meal.
- Your meal is off!

Don't eat with her!

Sa-rang, eat
up. It's my treat.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

The signature snack
here is the sausage.

This is mine.

He's such an eyesore today.

Pick anything you like
but the sausage, sir.

- I don't want anything.
- Why not?

The key. I'll drive.
Sit in the back.

I'd be grateful.

- And pull this out.
- What?


This is how you succeed in life.
Learn from me.

He treats me like this
because I'm that essential.


You must be happy.

Let's go quietly.

You'll get treated as you do,

- so just follow my example.
- Okay.

Mr. Gu, do you
want to try one?

Forget it.

Try one. It's
really good.

No, he doesn't want any.

He'll get sick if
he's forced to eat.

I'll eat it.

I'll put it on this stick.

Isn't it good?

Walnut cakes from rest stops
always taste great.

It's delicious.

- You can have more.
- No, you go ahead.

Walnut cakes
are best with coffee.

I need to go to the restroom.

I think a little came out.

He must have a bad stomachache.

That's what he
gets for binge eating.

Will he be okay?

No way.

Are you worried?

Of course I am.

What about me?

- Sorry?
- Why don't you worry about me?

I'm the one who saved you,

but the ginseng, the meal, and your worry
are always for someone else.


I can worry about you too.
Tell me what about.

Forget it.

Hey, are you okay?
Are you in a lot of pain?


I must have a stomachache.

Take the week off as sick leave.

Use the corporate card
to eat, sleep, and play.


Thank you.

Don't thank me. I'm
abandoning you here.

With such terms,
feel free to abandon me at any time.

Keep abandoning me.

Drive carefully.

Have fun on your date.


He hung up. I was
talking to myself.

I almost died.

Where is it?

- Pardon?
- Your grandmother's place.

Let's give her the ginseng.

But the chairman called you.

It's fine. Tell me.

I'm okay, really.
I'll go alone later.

Tell me.

It's really okay.



How may I help you?

How much do you get
for selling one of these?

- Sorry?
- Your incentives. I'm sure you get some.

We do not get incentives.

What an awful company.

Our company, Joas, gives huge incentives
for the sale of even a single item.

I'm in the diamond tier,
and I make 40 million won a month.

Fate must've led me to you.

I'll let you join us under me.
What do you think?

Excuse me, miss.

Please excuse me.

How may I help you?

I heard everything,

so fill this out.

It's the membership
application for Joas.

I'm sorry.

- We aren't allowed...
- Your company doesn't give you a dime.

You'll easily make
50 to 60 million a month with me.

I'm sorry.

Company policy doesn't
allow me to do so.

You don't have to do anything.
Just fill it out.

Your name, phone number,
and resident ID number.

I'm sorry.

Everything is possible
in this country.

- Where are your manners?
- What?

She was going to
join under my name.

How dare you rain on my parade?


Whoever gives her
the application first wins.

Miss, fill it out.

How dare you pull
this kind of crap?

You already stole
one of my members last time!

- You punk!
- What's with you, old lady?

- Please calm down.
- Old lady?

- Yes!
- Old lady?

I'm going to kill you.

Come here!

- You!
- What's with you?

- Sir, calm down.
- You trashy lady!

- Trashy? You little…
- Please calm down.

Have you lost your mind?

- You!
- Yes, I've lost my mind!

Ladies and gentlemen,
we're experiencing turbulence.

For your safety,

please make sure
your seatbelt is fastened.

That almost killed me.

Have some water.



Where's your shoe?

Let's organize
the cart and go out.

You're going back out

without your shoe?

Is this improper?


We have time until we land,
so we have to sell more.

Where did it go?

Looking for this?

- Should I put it on for you?
- No.

I can do it.


I'll look after my
stuff from now on.

Even if you lose it again,
I'll find it for you.

This is it.


"Cow's head gukbap"?

Is the soup made with
a cow's whole head?

No, not the head, but head meat.

Do you want to try it?

No, I'm fine.

You should go inside.

Thank you for the ride.
Please get back safely.

I'll wait.

No, I'll be a while.
You should go.


Right, where is that…

Grandma, I'm here.


How come you're here?

What about work?

Look, wild ginseng.
I brought this for you.

Sure. Put the apron on.

This is wild ginseng
I dug up myself.

- Look.
- I get it.

So start serving these.

Don't forget
those too. Hurry.

- A bottle of rice wine, please.
- How is it?

- My daughter-in-law!
- Yes?

Another bowl of rice.

- Hey!
- My goodness!

Who are you with?

- Sorry?
- Who are you

to peek at a woman
through a tiny little crack in the window?

Peeking? I
was just looking.


Why were you looking at my Sa-rang
with those leering eyes?


She wouldn't come out,
so I was wondering what she was doing.

"My Sa-rang"?
Are you Ms. Cheon's grandmother?

Are you her colleague?


You should've said
so from the get-go.


Pick these up and follow me.

What do you mean?



Sit down.

Take this.

Sit down.


You've peeled
onions before, right?



How dare you lie to me?

I really haven't.

So? You can't do this?

- No.
- Don't be a wimp and do as I say!

Grandma, orders are piling up.

- Why aren't you here?
- Tell them to go if they won't wait.

They can eat somewhere else.

Now, look.

Cut off this part first.

Then cut off the other part.

Once you peel off this part,

you'll see this.

This is your job.



Just do as I say.

You'll be blessed.

Grandma, orders are piling up!

- Ms. Cheon…
- Okay, I'm coming.

Good grief, those punks.

Peel them.

What's with them?

From this

to this.


Let's see.


My goodness.

You ruined these
perfectly good onions.

What should I do now?

Did you cut these
with your foot?


I'm the one who's at fault
for leaving you with this job.

Good grief!

I can't deal with
this. Goodness.

I can't believe it.

Why am I in tears?

My gosh!

What are you doing there?

I mean…

Where did you get this apron?

Your grandmother gave it to me.

Did you meet her?

You shouldn't let her catch you.

She already did.

And I think she
got the best of me…

- Come in.
- Yes, ma'am.

Good work. Drink up.

- What's this?
- It's good for you.

Bottoms up.

Thank you.

What's this?

It's great for men.

A mix of loach extract

and a touch of larvae.


A man with such a weak stomach
is good for nothing.

He holds a very
high position at work.

Why did you make
him peel onions?

High or not,
they're all the same.

It's not like he's
the chairman's son.

Hey, you need to
go get some tofu.


Do you feel better?

How can people
eat loach and larvae?

I told you to go home first.

I'm that loyal.

Us? There's
loyalty between us?

Of course there is.

We both almost died together.

Then again, I saved you.

In that case, do you
want something sweet?

No, I hate sweets.

Just try some.

Try some out of loyalty.

You're drinking more broth?

This is excellent.

What do we owe you?

Six fish cake sticks
and four sweet pancakes.

They're 3,000 won and 2,000 won,
so 5,000 won.

I had four cups of this too.
Please add that to the total.

The broth is free.

But this is so good.

You'll be blessed.

My wallet.


I'll pay you back.

It's all right. You
came to my town, so it's my treat.

Then may I have one more?

- As many as you want.
- One more, please.

Here. This is
on the house.

Then I'll take another one.

Here. Eat up.


That's still a thing?
I did it a lot as a kid.

What is it?


And pick one.

- I got number 18.
- Did you lose again?

You lost ten times in a row.

That's a talent.

Sir, are you sure I
can win this game?

Of course.

One more round.

May I borrow 1,000 won?

No, you need to stop.

I'll play one last round,
so let me borrow just 1,000 won.

You've already
said that many times.

Look at these.

So this is the last time.

I'll play one more round.

Just 1,000 won.

This is turning into gambling.

How is this
gambling? It's a battle.

I'm paying for this myself.

Well technically,
it's your money.

Yes, and that's gambling.

Anyway, a no is no.

And I'm out of cash anyway.

Let's take this and go.

Just 1,000 won.


I'll play just one more round.

Just 1,000 won.


one more round.

Are you seriously
trying to act cute right now?

Yes, so let me borrow 1,000 won.

You can't win this
game that easily.

I've played this a lot,
and I've never won the big prize.

I'll show you.

So please, just 1,000 won.

Are you dying to play?

Another round?


This is the last time.

- You said you had no cash.
- Forget it, then.

One more round.

This time, you're playing too.

Say when.






No way.

Number 39. The king carp!

- We drew this! The carp!
- How did you do this?

We won! No way!

We won!

- No way! That one!
- I can't believe it!

- What did you do?
- This is awesome!

Goodness, the king carp.

This is awesome.

- I'll take that.
- Okay.


- I won.
- That was crazy.


Are you that happy?


I don't think I've ever wanted anything
this badly in my life.

Small things can give you joy.

A small thing?
This is a king carp.

And you used
10,000 won to get it.

Nothing's free in this world.

I must make an investment
to win something precious.

Anyway, I've played this a lot
since when I was a kid,

and I've never seen anyone
who won the king carp until now.

So you were kind of cool.

See? This doesn't
happen for just anybody.

It's me. Because it's me.

Only I can do
something like this.

Yes, sure. Of course.

I'll pay you back though.

Forget it.

Are you okay?

Are you hurt?

What are you doing?

I said I'd protect you.

Rice puffs.

- He's making rice puffs.
- Rice puffs?

- Oh, rice puffs.
- Yes.

It sounded like a bomb.

I was so surprised.

My carp.

This is my…


It took so long
for a block of tofu.

Did you make one
yourself or something?

Right, the tofu!

- I'll go get one.
- Hey!

You're so out of it.

Never mind. It'll
take you too long.


I was giving him
a tour of the marketplace.

It's such an everyday place.
There's nothing to see there.

Please take this.

What's this?

It was a sudden visit,
so I came empty-handed.

Please take this.

Goodness. Are
you made of money?

You can't even eat this.

When will you buy a house,
wasting all this money?

Grandma, you
don't have to worry.

Why? Is his dad rich?

What does he do?

He owns a few small businesses.

You're too old
to be living off your father.

You look perfectly fine
on the outside too.

Do you have
a housing subscription account?

Not yet.

If you have money
to buy flowers,

you should open
a savings account.

No matter how
rich your family is,

you must make a
living for yourself.


Come and eat before you go.

Does she like them?


Eat up before it gets cold.

Thank you.

What's wrong?
You can't eat this?

No, it's just that…

I've never had it before.


All right.

Okay. Scoop some rice.


Yes, dip it in the soup.

- The soup.
- Good.

It'll taste pretty nice
if you try it like that.

If you really can't eat it,
I'll make something else.

Try it.

Her gukbap is really good.


Thank you.

How is it?

Good, isn't it?

Yes, it's really good.


I've been doing
this for 30 years.

Eat some more.

- May I have some kimchi?
- Put this on there and keep eating.

- Yes.
- Good.

Thank you. So I
dip the rice first.

- You seem to love it.
- And add kimchi.

Hey, over here.


I packed some gukbap and kimchi.

You can take these.

Thank you for the food.



this is your daily wage.

It's all right.
Please don't do this.

I'm paying you minimum wage.

Thanks for peeling the onions.

Take it.

Take it!

Then I'll accept it thankfully.

- And this is yours.
- I'm fine.

It's for the ginseng.

My precious granddaughter

brought me such
precious wild ginseng.

I'm such a lucky woman.

I'll get more if it's effective.

Don't you dare go back there.

Do you know how dangerous
the mountains are?

What kind of a jerk made
my precious kid wander the mountains?

Once I find them,

I'll make sure I
wring their neck.

I won't go
back. Don't worry.

Go on.

And drive safely.

Yes, we'll get going.

I'll be back.

Why would you come back?


Come back and peel
some more onions.


- Go now.
- Goodbye.

- Go.
- Bye.

Go inside.

Look at him.

He's very polite.

That punk.

He has good manners after all.

Thank you.

For coming to save me
and taking me to Grandma's.

Thank you for everything.

Now you're making sense.

If you're thankful,

treat me to a meal.

I will.

Let me know when you're free.


I'll let you take me.

Take you where?

On a date.

A date?

You wanted to eat.

It's a date.

Get some rest.

What's that?


Do you want some?

This is nice.

It's tough to find a good
gukbap place.

She's done this for 30 years.

I'm craving a drink now.

I'd like a drink.

What should I bring?

Whiskey, cognac, or wine?

I just want a glass of soju.

I'll get some right away.

This is great.

So you went your
way with the helicopter?


You may be the chairman's son,

but you shouldn't ignore procedures
with your unruly behavior.

I'm sorry.

Why did you
take things that far?

Because it was our employee.

You did all that to
save just one person?

Have you…

ever saved…

even one person?

The toughest thing in the world

is saving just one person.

You begin to wonder
if it'll be worth it.

The world has become a place

where things are valued
more than a person's life.

It was a tough decision
to make. Good job.

Even though it
did cost us a little.

And thanks for this gukbap.

Bring it again next time.

Let's enjoy it together.


- What do you want?
- Something good.

- Should I get juice?
- What's the sweetest?

- What about you?
- I don't know.

I don't want anything.

You can order whatever you want.

What are you getting?

I need to report on our sales
compared to last year,

so please put the
data together, Ms. Gang.

But the sales
report is your duty.

Why should I write it
when I'm the one reporting it?

I have to do it
tomorrow morning,

so send it over by tonight.

I'm sorry, but I have to go home
right away because of my kid.

Ms. Gang.

Do you not know how to keep
your work and personal life separate?

If you're at work, do your job.

If you're the store manager,
you should set an example.

Send me the report
before you go home today.

Let me have a sip.

This is so sweet.

And whipped cream
makes you really fat.

How can you drink
this with that tummy?

Give me a sip.

Why is this so cold?

It's iced. Of
course it's cold.

But this is too cold.

I'll order you one next time.

You look like you could chug
a whole bowlful.

You know I don't drink coffee.

Anyway, I have
to go out to work.

Keep it up.

She finished it.

She's always the same.

She eats as soon
as she gets to work,

steals other people's coffee,

then works offsite.

She doesn't work offsite.
She just goes home.

Can she do that?

She's the management,
whereas we're outsourced contractors.

There's no use in complaining.

Let's go.


- Hey honey.
- Honey.

Something came up at work,
so can you pick up Cho-rong?


You were supposed
to pick her up today.

I suddenly have
to write up a report.

I'm in a meeting with a client.
I can't go.

Ask Mom.


Sorry. I love you.

You have to turn the lower body.

We aren't taking any
regular guests today.

- Check the list carefully.
- Yes.

But what's the
occasion? It's so grand.

A birthday party for the youngest girl
of First Royal Hotel.

Why is she having it here
and not at her hotel?

Tell me about it.

- Anyway, don't make a mistake.
- Okay.

Hi, everyone!

- Happy birthday.
- Thanks.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday.


Thank you.

You become prettier by the day.

You're now old
enough to marry me.

Sorry. I have
high standards.

But still, I'll hang
with you briefly.

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

What's that?

Varignon P2, ma'am.

You'll enjoy its creamy texture.

This is way too
fancy that it's tacky.

She's still a kid.
She probably wants to show off.

Sa-rang, one sec. Sorry.

Please hold
this. I got a call.

I'm sorry. You
can follow him.

- Sorry, I have to take this.
- Sure.

- Hello?
- These are my friends.


Won, have you been
well? Did you miss me?

You've been well, right?

How can I do well without you?

You seem to enjoy your life,
drinking and partying every night.

Paparazzi are a huge
problem these days.

Happy birthday.

Just words?

No, one moment.

Where's Mr. No?

He's taking a phone call.

Is something wrong?


- Something seems wrong.
- Won.

What are you doing?

Oh my god! This is huge!

What is this?

Can I open this now?


Give me a hand.
How do I open this?

It's so pretty!

How did you know?
I really wanted this!

You asked me for it.

You're so considerate.

This party is getting annoying.

- Should we leave and hang out alone?
- No.

Hang out with your friends.

What are you looking at?
Concentrate on me.

Excuse me!


Please keep this for me.

Yes, of course.

- It's heavy. I'll pick it up later.
- No, sir.

I'll do it.

This is my job.

- Won.
- Yes?

- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.

- Is the chairman well?
- Yes.

- What about Hwa-ran?
- She's doing well.

What about you?

Are you receiving
business management training?

I'm just working.

You can't just work.

You need to be
named as the heir.

It's impossible for me
with three brothers and two sisters.

So you take over King Group
and give it to me.

What do you mean?

We're going to
get married anyway.

Our dads are done talking.

Then our dads can get married.

Don't be like that.


Don't date me.

Date someone who likes you.


I'll tell you when
I start dating.

So you need to tell me first
when you begin to fool around.

Don't let me hear it
from someone else.


- Yes?
- You should go home.

You haven't
eaten, and it's late.

- I'm fine.
- Thank you for your help.

You'll get lots of overtime pay.

Thank you.


Going home?


Then will it be a date night?

Why would I go
on a date with you?


Why are men like this?

Don't talk about dates
unless you really like someone!

I was asking if she was
going on a date with someone.

She got mad at me.

Why did she get mad?


Sweets are best for the blues.

What? I'm
not feeling blue.

You are.

You look like you
could cry any minute.

This is so good.

Premium cookies.

Everyone said they were good,
so I got some for you two.

It's so good.

Get another one
on your next flight.

- Cho-rong would love these.
- Yes.

I'm here.

What? Is this
your payday?

Cho-rong is with my mom.

Everything is on me tonight.
Order whatever you want!

What's wrong?

I'm just thirsty.

Tell us what it is.

It's the word "date."

Do men say that to just anybody?

A guest hit on you, right?

They just want to
have one fun night.

I meet lots of men like that
on my flights.

And most guys who say that
usually have a girlfriend already.

He gave me his number
while his girlfriend went to the toilet.

Yes, I think he has a girl.

The ones who are dating
do that more often.

What's more depressing

is that all I can do on the job
is smile and ignore them.

If I say something,
he'll lodge a complaint against me.

They do as they like
because they know we can't do a thing.

When I smile,
they fuss about my smile being fake.

But if I stop, they
complain and say I look displeased.

Darn it. It's so
easy to pick on us.

You're ruining my beer.
Let's stop talking about this.


The silence makes
me feel more down.

Let's listen to music.



I didn't want to believe it

I didn't want to lose you

What if our love
takes a wrong turn

And ends here?

I was heartbroken,
but I must play dumb

-Because that will hurt less than goodbye
-Because that will hurt less than goodbye

The door is open!

Hey, pizza! Coming!


Hey, it's the pork trotters!

Pork trotters!

Pork trotters.

- Pork trotters!
- Pork trotters!

Yo, chicken!

Look at me, look closely

Don't betray my love

Come on, come to me

This is the last time

Why would you leave?

Why would you abandon me?

Stop nagging and
come to me, chicken



- She's not my girlfriend.
- Then why did you hug her?

Why did you hug her
when she's not even your girlfriend?

You need to gain power
in order to protect your employees.

I'll do it.

I'll bring the Arab
prince to our hotel.


Why don't you
ever think about me?

I never said I
don't think about you.


Can you feel my sincerity?

Subtitle translation
by: Eun-sook Yoon