King the Land (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Won's unexpected attempts to get closer to Sa-rang leave her feelings confused. Meanwhile, Won disapproves of Sa-rang's work responsibilities.

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Is that everything from 1989?


Who are you looking
for if I may ask?

I don't know why
you came to work here,

but you'll have
to fight me for life.

I'm telling you for your sake.

Don't end up like your mom.

Never mind.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Please come downstairs and eat.

Where's my mom?

She wasn't here yesterday,
and she's not here today.

Please get up.

The chairman is waiting.

Come along.





Don't smile.

Stop smiling.

Don't smile!

I said stop smiling!

Don't smile.

Stop smiling.

This is my spot.

Excuse me?

This is

my spot.

So you know how to cry?

I'll allow it for a moment.

Stay still.

Let's go.

I'll take you home.

It's okay. I can
go on my own.

Get in.

Where's your umbrella?

It flew away.

You should've held on to it.

I didn't want to.

It was carried far
away by the wind…

and for some reason,
it made me feel at ease.

Maybe I should've
let go a lot earlier.

Is this about your umbrella?

Or is it about your love life?

You can drop me off anywhere
near a subway station.



- Phony Cheon.
- Yes, sir.


Where are we?


What is this?

It probably won't fit.

Just wear it today
and throw it out later.

Wait, sir.

Let's eat.

It's your birthday.

What the…

Your outfit…


People will think
we're a couple.

No one will think that.

I could do so much better.

All right. Please
look over here.

You two look so good together.

Do you want another picture?

No, we're not together.

I'm sorry.

I thought you were
because you looked so good together.

- Then what should I do with…
- You can just leave it here.


Have a wonderful time.

Thank you.

I told you.

She got the wrong idea.

Is it that unpleasant

to be mistaken
for my girlfriend?

Why did you buy
a matching outfit?

I just asked them
to give me anything.

You're not worth
my time and effort.

That's true.

I've never bought clothes
for someone else.

Although it wasn't
worth my trouble

and I knew you wouldn't like it,

it's better than
your wet clothes.

Thank you, sir.

I told you not to be fake.

I'm truly thankful.

The shoes are
just the right size too.

That's a relief.

I just picked a random size.

Your food is ready.

Please enjoy.

How are we supposed
to eat all of this?

Why do we have to finish it?

Just eat whatever you want.

But that's so wasteful.

I didn't know what you liked.

So you ordered all this food?

Then you can tell me.

- What?
- The things you like.

Your favorite food,

your favorite weather,
your favorite color.

Tell me everything you like.

Why do you want to know that?

That way I won't waste anything

and can focus on what you like.

This meal will be on me.

It's your birthday.

Just let me buy you a meal.

I don't usually
celebrate my birthday.

Why not?

Because it's a day
that makes me feel insignificant.

I get my hopes up,
and I'm constantly let down.

Not having any expectations
gives me peace of mind.

But that's a fake feeling.

You're fooling yourself.

It's a false comfort.

You're so fake.

I hope you enjoy the food.

It's on me.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Your total is 1,684,000 won.



It's nothing.

I'll pay with this.

- Here you go.
- No, this is on me.

It's your birthday privilege.

Enjoy it to the fullest.

Excuse me, sir.

I need your signature.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you. Get home safe.

Hang on.

You might think it's an insignificant day,
but end it on a sweet note.

What? Do you
not like cake?


I love cake.

Thank you. I
appreciate it.

I asked our hotel's head chef to make it,
so it'll probably taste good.

The head chef? When?

I asked him to have
it made and delivered

as we walked
into the restaurant.

He was probably getting
ready to go home.

That is why I very politely made
a special request.

That's what you
call being a nuisance.

It was a special request
from the head manager.

It may seem like a
simple favor to you,

but for us,
it's an order that must be obeyed.

He probably couldn't get off work
because of me.

I didn't think that far ahead.

I'll be more mindful next time.

Thank you so much for today.

Thank you for the cake too.

- Head inside.
- Okay.

Of course.

I knew it.

Something was fishy.

Is this why you
broke up with me?

This was your plan all along.

Why are you here?

Why is he here?

Who are you?

Me? I'm
Sa-rang's boyfriend.

How are you my boyfriend?

You're my ex.

Your ex? Who, me?

We broke up so
that makes you my ex.

Who is this jerk?

It's none of your business.

- Why is it none of my business?
- You're her ex.

Then it's none of
your business now.

You stay out of this.

This is enough.

I know you're regretting it.

Just swallow your pride
and come back to me.

Police. How
can I help you?


A stalker keeps following
me to my house.

- The address is...
- Hey, are you serious?

You won't listen
if I ask nicely.

I have no choice
but to report you.

You better leave, or else.

Why do you keep
telling me to leave?

Do you feel guilty?

You were two-timing, right?

- Hey!
- What?

It was the right decision
to break up with you.

I should've done
it a lot sooner.

If you

ever show your face again,
I'll kill you. Got that?

If you walk away, it's over.

There's no going back.

It's really over for us!

That little…

- What's your deal?
- She told you to leave.

- Let go.
- Didn't you hear her?

She was crying alone
on her birthday, no less.

I just barely got her to smile.

Don't ruin
it. Just leave.

Who are you to…

Let go.

I said let go!

Let go.

Let go, please.

She doesn't want
to see you anymore.

Stalking someone and harassing them
is considered violence.

If you ever want to meet her,

ask her politely in advance.

Got that?

Gosh, darn it.

You'll pay for this.

Happy birthday.


Does she not know it's me?


You know who this is, right?

- Hello?
- It's me.

I know.

Then why didn't you reply?

You didn't give
me the chance to.

By any chance,

if something like
that happens again,

just call me.

Don't bother the
overworked police.

It won't happen again.

Don't worry and get home safe.

As your boss, I'm
only trying to keep my employee safe,

so feel free to call me.

Okay. I understand.


Happy birthday.

I didn't get the chance
to tell you that earlier.

Thank you.

All right then.
Get some rest.

All right. You...

Let's go.

Congratulations on
being in last place

Our team is finally
the only team that ranked last!

Why the long faces?

Are you trying to screw me over?

I was just humiliated
in front of all the managers.

Since we achieved our goal,
we should celebrate.

- We're sorry.
- We're sorry.


Is this how you act
when you're sorry?


Are you all in cahoots
to get me sacked?

Who's in charge of
in-flight sales today?


In-flight sales begin
the moment passengers board.

You have to grovel,

put on a pretty smile,

lift their luggage,

serve them their food,

and do all that you can

so that the passengers
can't help but think,

"Wow, I really should
buy something from her."

- Yes, ma'am.
- Mark my words.

If we don't come in first this month,
we're all going down together.

Is that clear?

- Yes, ma'am!
- Yes, ma'am!

Here you go, ma'am.

Speak casually when we're alone.
We started at the same time after all.


You should get that
promotion this year.

I want to,

but I might have
to give up on it.

You don't want to be looked down on
your whole life, do you?

All of our colleagues
are pursers now.

Only you wear a white scarf.

Because of that,
they all secretly think little of you.

They even made a group chat without
you. How childish.

There's a group chat without me?

That's what I'm saying.

All the more reason for you
to get that promotion.

What good are your top scores
in some language certifications?

You don't have anyone
to pull strings for you.

I'll help you.


Increase the in-flight
sales in return.

If we rank first,

I'll make sure
to pull some strings for you.

Okay, I will.

I'll do my best.

I'm home.


There you guys go again.

- What?
- Why would you do that?

Hey, what's...


there's nothing going on,

but he bought you something
from Thom Brownie for getting wet?

I know, right?

And you're not going
to tell us who he is?

Okay. Fine.

Whoever he is, he's definitely trying
to win you over with money.

It's not like that.

I just asked them
to give me anything.

You're not worth
my time and effort.

Do you know how much this costs?

He bought all this
when he doesn't even like you?

Hey, men don't spend money
on women they're not interested in.

If he's this into
you, just date him.

I'm all for it too.

He even bought you shoes
because yours were wet.

How did he know your shoe size?

Did you tell him?


That's a relief.

I just picked a random size.

You're going to show your appreciation
for this precious gift, right?

I'm not sure.

Think about it, ma'am.

He gave you a
gift and his heart.

You'd be a horrible woman
if you didn't get him anything.

Where's your conscience?

That's true.

But I don't know what he likes

and he's very particular.

Don't worry, ma'am.

At Alanga, we have
a brand-new card wallet that's perfect

for even the
pickiest of customers.

Stop trying to sell me stuff.
You don't even know who he is.

I'll give you a big discount.

Forget it. I'm not
buying anything.

Ma'am, what do you
think of this cologne?

It's not too expensive
and it's the most popular item

among young men these days.

I think it'll be perfect
for his sophisticated style.

Would you like one?

Why are you butting
in all of a sudden?

You brat.

I'm desperate.

Please understand.


Did you not meet
your sales quota again?

We came in last again.

Please help me
out, Ms. Gang.

Buy the cologne.

Buy two while you're at it.

I said I'm not going to!

Please buy something!
You can't deplane without buying anything.

What's wrong with you?

Are you Gang Da-eul?

What happened to
our kind Pyeong-hwa?

Snap out of it.
Come to your senses!

The flight attendants at King Air
reduce our own luggage

to have a large stock
of duty-free items.

We have everything.

Please buy something from me.

- I won't.
- Hey, come on!


You can't do this to me.

If you didn't like that product,
there are many others, ma'am.

Please buy something from me.

No thanks.


Ms. Lovely Sa-rang,
please come out and…

Next week will be Super Farmer Week,
hosted by the purchasing team.

We ask for King the Land's support
this year as well.

Super Farmer Week…

What is that?

It's a week where we visit
vendors all across the country

who provide our hotel
with premium produce

and ask for their
continued partnership.

So we're soliciting.

Nothing is free in this world.

Great value
demands great effort.

Why does it have to be King the Land
and not the team in charge?

That's why we hired them.

They're too competent
to be running such errands.

Find other people to do it.

This is my hotel.

That's for me to decide.

That's true for
every part of the hotel,

except for the area
that I'm in charge of.

Meeting adjourned.

I'm off.

I know you feel comfortable around me,
but you should at least knock.

- Where are you going?
- To knock.

Don't come in.

I told you not to come in.

- What?
- Are you finally going head-to-head?

What do you mean?

Ms. Gu worked
hard on this event,

but you messed everything up.

How is that an
event? It's a scheme.

That's not acceptable
in this day and age.

I know you're just trying to help,
but you don't have that power yet.

So why don't you
just give in this time?

In this case, losing is winning.

I'm not trying to win.

I just don't want people
to run such errands.

So long as you're here,

there will be no peace.

While I was in the UK,

I dreamed of the day

that I would return to Korea

and make you the chairman
of King Group at all costs!

That is why

I've been giving you
weekly trend reports of the group.

Why haven't you looked at them?

- What is this?
- Hey.


- What is this?
- Give it back.

- Fine. Here you go.
- Give it back.

What is that?

You could've torn it.

Is it something you cherish?

It's nothing.

How so? You were wearing
matching outfits.

Don't be absurd.
It's nothing like that.

Yes, it is.

Well, it was her birthday.

Her birthday?

Why didn't we ever wear
matching outfits on my birthday?

It was an employee benefit.

Then can you get me a matching outfit
as an employee benefit?

I want one too!

I'm sorry.

Get over here!

He almost ripped it.

Are you busy after work today?

No, not at all.



Of course I am.

All right, then.


That's it?

This isn't what I wanted.

What's the matter?

I will probably have
a few minutes to spare.

Shall we meet for a
moment after work?

Why aren't you responding?

Oh, gosh.

Did I have to come here myself?

- Why are you here?
- Why didn't you reply?

- Reply to what?
- My text.

- I did.
- And I replied to your reply.

I'm working right now.

Give this to me.

We're not allowed
to check our phones while working.

Why did you

want to see me?

I thought you were busy.


is it about?

What is it?


I was just wondering…

if we could meet up after work.

I'm extremely busy.

But I shall give up

my precious time for you.

It's fine. You
don't have to.

I'll give you

my precious time.

See you later.

- He's so cool.
- What makes you think that?

We don't have to participate
in Super Farmer Week this year.

- Really?
- We were always made to go

when it's the
purchasing team's job.

Mr. Gu didn't approve,
saying it wasn't in our job scope.

It feels like heaven
now that our manager changed.

Even his name
means "salvation."

He came here to save us.

He's our hero.

I hope he becomes
the chairman too.

Is not participating in that event
such great news?

You've never been, have you?

- No.
- Then you shouldn't comment.

By the way, what
did you talk about with Mr. Gu?

Did you get on his bad side?

He gave me words
of encouragement.

"You got this."

- "You got this"?
- Yes.


Don't get out.

Why not?

People can see us.

Are we committing a crime?

No, please.

Can you just lower your window?


What is it?


What is this?

It's nothing much.

It's just to express my thanks
for the other day.

You didn't need to
give me anything.

- Then give it back.
- Wait.

I appreciate your kindness.

- So I'll accept it.
- You don't have to.

I'll accept it.


- Yes.
- Are you not going home?

Goodbye. Take care.

Get home safe.

You're leaving already?

Yes. I thought
you were busy.

You should go.
I won't waste your precious time.


Let's eat.


I'm hungry.


I'll buy this time.


Customer number 159.

- Yes.
- It's not us.

What number are we?

Just wait.

All this just for one meal?

This place is popular,
so they don't take reservations.

I've never waited
for anything in my life.


How good must this restaurant be
for people to line up

and waste their time?

For someone like me, time is...

Let's go. We can
come next time.


I don't want to waste
your precious time,

so I'll make a
reservation next time.

You didn't listen to
what I had to say next.



I became curious to know
what waiting feels like.

I will try experiencing
what it's like.

You don't have to.

I will,

even if I don't have to.

Sit down.

I've always had to
wait for everything.

Whether it was for the bus or the taxi,
I always waited.

"When will it
be my turn?"

"What if the line cuts off
in front of me and I lose my chance?"

But someone told me

that the countless
people waiting in line

work for those
who never have to wait in line.

Looking at us, I
think they were right.

Why would you segregate people
over something as trivial as lining up?

You're so heartless.

Customer number 161.

It's not us.

Oh, it is us.

Is something on fire?

Have you never seen that before?

Don't tell me

they're going to be that rowdy
when they cook our food too.

They will. Why?

Food should be eaten quietly.

This place is so chaotic
and uncomfortable.

I only come here
on special occasions.

If you're going to
whine, we can leave.


It's very uncomfortable,

but I'll suck it up.

Are you ready to order?

Yes, can you give
us two special sets?

- What will you have to drink?
- Louise-Conti.

Sorry? What was that?


Two draft beers, please.

- All right.
- Thank you.

I'm buying tonight,
so it's up to me.

Does the beer taste better
if the mug is cold?

People focus too much on the packaging
while neglecting the essence.

You don't know anything.

Give it to
me. I'll drink it.

I appreciate the gesture,
so I'll drink it all.

Are you doing me a favor?

"I'll make time, I'll wait,
I'll suck it up for you."

I'll also clink my mug for you.

It is such an honor
to be able to clink mugs with you, sir.

What in the world?

What do you think?

- Isn't it amazing?
- It's good.

What? Why is it good?

Why is this so good?

Can I get a refill?

When will our food come out?

You scaredy-cat.

I wasn't scared.


I was just acting startled

in return for his performance.

Yes, sure you were.

The finger
thing was slightly…

Can we eat now?

Yes, try it.

Isn't it tasty?


He made a heart.

How in the world…

One, two, three.

Let me take some
more pictures. One, two…

Look, it's a heart.

Who gets to eat it?

What should we eat next time?

With me?


is this it?

Yes, this is it.


Because I feel uncomfortable
eating alone with you.

But I don't.

When should we meet again?

I said I'm not going to.

- Why not?
- Because it's uncomfortable.

- Not for me.
- Is that all that matters?


Be comfortable around me now.

I'll allow it.


You know how to smile?

If you knew how to smile,
you should've smiled in Jeju.

You're mistaken. I
don't like smiling.

How about some meat next time?

I know an excellent restaurant.

No, thank you.
You can go with your friends.

I don't have any friends.

Why not?

Because I don't need any.

Then what do you
think about pasta?

- Well...
- Fine. I'll decide.

Excuse me.

- You said no to meat, so pasta.
- Can you not hear me?

- Types of pasta…
- Hello?

-There's clam pasta,

-garlic pasta,
-Can't you hear me?

- and creamy flying fish roe pasta.
- Hello? I said I'm not going.

- What's wrong with you?
- I'm going.

I'm going. Won't
you join me?

Were you trying to surprise me?
You came unannounced.

Did you have dinner?

Should I order something?

I have something to tell you.

Let's get divorced.

I'm in love with someone else.

How long will this one last?

Just have some fun.

I'm really in love with her.


Love her with all your heart.

I'm not stopping you.

But we can't get divorced now.

I don't need any money.

I just want a divorce.

I'm at war with Won right now.

Father hasn't
chosen a successor yet.

Don't get in my way and wait.

I'll do what you want
after I inherit King Group.

- Hwa-ran.
- You don't get to abandon me.

You can't leave until I let you.


What is this?

Isn't today your
wedding anniversary?

This is my special gift
for the two of you.

From the bottom of my heart,

I wish you a happy anniversary!

Thank you. You
can place them inside.

Dr. Yoon is
back in Korea?

He flew in urgently because of work,
so he couldn't contact us.

I heard he was seeing someone.

It's just a fling.

Make sure word doesn't get out.

I will. Don't worry.

I'm not worried for your sake.

If people start to gossip,

we'll waste money
trying to block the articles.

Give your approval for Super Farmer Week
by tomorrow morning.

Didn't I tell you
we're not doing that?

Do you think you're
doing them a favor?

The employees
are there to get paid.

We can make them do anything.

Even if we pay them,
I won't make them do stuff like that.

How heroic of you.

You don't know
what they truly desire, do you?

It's money.

Nothing else.

Quit acting up
and sign the papers.



I'm sorry, but your dog could be
an inconvenience to other customers.

Do you think you
can hold your dog?

I'll leave right after
buying one thing.

We ask for your understanding.

If I have to carry
Charles while I shop,

it'll be an
inconvenience for me.

Am I the only one
that has to suffer?

It's okay, buddy.

We'll leave after
buying one thing.

You know who she is, don't you?

The national mom,

actress Mo Seong-ae.

I'm sorry, but your dog
might scare the other customers.

Please understand.

Are you trying to
start something?


I normally wouldn't care
if I couldn't shop at a store,

but I will make
sure to shop today!

Oh, my.

Ms. Gang, it's pooping!

That feels nice, doesn't it?

Charles, did you poop?

Good job.

- Let's go.
- Excuse me, ma'am.

You have to clean it up.

- What?
- Charles' poop.

That's not for me to do.

You guys are here
to do that kind of stuff.

Also, Charles' poop is clean,
so it won't smell.

Since it doesn't smell,
can you clean it yourself?

You're so ridiculous.

Earlier, you didn't even let me
enter the store.

Now you want me to
clean up some poop?

Get me the manager!

I'm the manager.

How convenient.

Manage the store and
clean it up yourself.

Ms. Gang, I'll do it.

Don't. That's
not our job.

Ma'am, I'm sorry but
can you come inside and clean it up?


I'm Mo Seong-ae,
the national mom!

Don't you know who I am?

Hey, where are you going?

What are you doing?

Hey, why would
you clean that up?

Didn't I tell you
to know when to get involved?

People are watching.
Compose yourself.

If someone posts this online,

you'll come under fire again.

I'm telling you, it's the lowlifes
that go on more power trips these days.

I'll let this go
since I'm a kind, simple person.

Consider yourself lucky
for meeting someone like me.

I'm never coming here again!

How ridiculous.


Should I get a bag of salt
and throw it at her?

Forget it.

We just got unlucky.
Let's get over it with some spicy food.

- Goodness.
- What should we eat?

What's good here?

That dish is the most
popular these days.


I'm sorry. We'll
come back next time.

- Let's go.
- We ate before coming here.


Do we really have to do this?

It's our job.

Just do as you're told.

That's what the
junior members do.

I'm going to go rest,

so you better call
every single number on this list.

Yes, sir.

Hello, this is Cheon Sa-rang
from King Hotel.

How have you been?

I'm just checking in
because I haven't seen you in a while.

No, not at all.

I should thank you
for always saying such lovely things.

All right then.
Please stop by when you get a chance.

Thank you.

Hello, this is Cheon Sa-rang
from King Hotel.

It's been a while.


Good afternoon.

This is Cheon
Sa-rang from King Hotel.

I'm just checking in
to ask you to stop by sometime.

All right. I'll see
you next time.

Thank you.

Hello, sir.

What are you doing?

- Sorry?
- Who were you calling?

I was calling VIP guests
to check in on them.

You went out of your way
to call them yourself?

Is this because
of the incentive?

It's just some extra money.

I was just following orders

to manage the VIP guests
in order to increase sales.

What orders? Who
ordered you to do that?

And even so,

shouldn't you keep
your dignity intact?

I could ask you the same thing.

As the person in charge,
you could've helped

instead of insulting
me for working hard.

Watching you suck
up to people like this

is even more insulting.

I'm not sucking up to them.

I'm just doing my job.

Your job?

You're in the operations team.

How commendable of you
to help out with sales too.


Mr. Gu?

Do all employees
do their job like that?

What do you mean?

Calling guests one by one

and laughing on
the phone, saying,

"Please stop by, sir."

How outrageous.

They work that hard?

I guess the big bonus
was a good incentive.

How do you call that working?

Was it Super Farmer Week?

Send the employees.

I thought you weren't going to.

It seems I was a
villain, not a hero.

I should help seeing how
they all just want to make money.

You can proceed.

Good thinking, sir.

Losing is winning.

If you continue to listen to me,

everything will
be as easy as pie.

Like this.

I shall proceed.

That annoying
mouth of his…

Attention, everyone.

It has been decided

that we'll be attending
Super Farmer Week.

- Pardon?
- I thought we weren't going to this year.

He must've approved in the end.

Since it's been decided,
let's make it quick.

Discuss the locations
among yourselves and let me know.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.

Hang in there!

- Yes, ma'am!
- Yes, ma'am!

He acted like he
cared in front of us.

Was it all an act?

I knew it. He looks like the type
to stab people in the back.

A person's face
says everything about their character.

There's nothing
we can do about it.

Let's get ready.

I'll pick first.

Any objections?

I didn't get to pick.

You have no choice.

You're ginseng.


It's the most important location,
so make sure to dress nicely.

You have to give him
the present in person.

Take a change of
clothes with you.

All right.

The Super Farmer
Week schedule is set.

Royal walnuts and dried black persimmon
will leave on Wednesday.

Tongyeong oysters, Wando abalones,
and wild ginseng left today.


They're late because
you took so long.



This is absurd.

She has to take the
night bus from Seoul

and arrive in
Gurye at 4:40 a.m.

From there, she needs to ride the bus
for another hour and 20 minutes

to get to the house
of the master ginseng digger at 7 a.m.

She has to greet them,

do house chores,
take promotional pictures,

ride the last bus
and arrive in Seoul at 1 a.m.,

- then come to work in the morning?
- Yes.

She has to go all the way there
and come back in a day

without getting any sleep?

She can sleep on the bus.

What's so great about this event

to work people to the bone?

You're the one who approved it.

They'll be getting
paid 200,000 won,

so no one's going to complain.


It looks like bellflower root.

Have a safe trip.

Take a day off if you need to.

Are you on your way there?

Why do you keep
erasing what you typed?

If you're that
worried, just call her.


What are you talking about?

I'm not texting
anyone right now.

I know. So you
should just call her.

Just focus on driving.

That's what I'm doing.

Where's the honorific?

I'll make a left, sir.

Is anyone home?

Can I help you?


Hello, I'm here from King Hotel.

I see.

The old man's not here.

Here. I'll
give it to him.

I have to give it to him myself.

There's no point.

You won't be able to
get around to him with this stuff.

We've had hotel employees
from the entire nation come visit us.

But what's the point?

My old man refuses to meet anyone
to remain loyal to First Royal Hotel.

I'll put in a good word for you.

Rest here for a bit,
then head back to Seoul.

No, it's okay.

Do you happen to know
where your husband is?

He's in the mountains.

Once he goes up there,
I never know when he'll come back.

I'd still like to meet
him and say hello.

You're pretty stubborn.

Then are you willing to hike?

Which way do I go?

If you go straight up that path,
you'll see a small shack.

You'll be able to find him
anywhere near there.

Then how long of a walk is it?

It's super close.

But are you going
in those shoes?

No, I brought another pair.
Everything's in here.

- You can get changed in there.
- Thank you.

She said it was close.

I've been hiking for two hours.
Where is he?


- Is it going to rain today?
- The forecast says so.

But mountain and seaside weather
is so unpredictable.

It says severe thunderstorms
and strong gusts of wind.

Aren't the mountains
too dangerous?

It's funny how you're worried
when you're the one who sent her there.

Who's worried?

If not, never mind.

I'm looking at
today's sales trends.

- You don't need to see it, do you?
- No, I don't.

There's a government policy seminar.
You won't attend, right?

No, I won't.

You're worried sick
about Ms. Sa-rang, right?

Of course I am.

- What?
- You're so into her.

You should be treating her nicely.
Why are you so testy around her?

I don't like her.

You're giving me a
headache. Get out.

By the way,

there's only a 30%
chance of rain today.

So please stop
worrying for no reason.

Gosh. What the…


Darn it.

What the heck?

What now?


Yes, Mr. Gu.

Don't get me wrong.
I'm just checking in as your manager.

- Where are you?
- In the mountains.

It's not raining, is it?

Oh, gosh!

It is raining.

Hike back down.

I will after giving him
the gift in person.

Get down right now.

Why did you go up
there when it's raining?

Are you out of your mind?

You're the one who sent me here.

I'll head back after I finish.

I don't care
about the ginseng or whatever.

Just get down from there.

Hang on.

What is it?

Hold on a second.

What is it?

What's going on?

My goodness! Wait.


No way.



Am I alive?

Oh no.

What do I do?


Is anyone there?

There's a person
down here. Please help!

Oh no.

I'll either starve
or freeze to death.

Is this it for me?

They say you'll look good in the afterlife
if you ate well in life.

I can't tell if this
is ginseng or not.

What was that?

I'm scared.

Am I going to die?

What do I do?

I'm scared, Grandma.


Thank you.

It was me!

I saved her!

Why should you two
eat when I saved her?

Follow me.

- You've peeled onions before, right?
- Me?

Just do as I say.

My gosh! What
are you doing there?

It's me, Gu Won.


You're too old
to be living off your father.

Do you have
a housing subscription account?

Are you hurt?

What are you doing?

I said I'd protect you.

I'll let you take me.

It's a date.

Subtitle translation
by: Stephanie Jung