King the Land (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Won navigates his sudden feelings for Sa-rang. Sa-rang begins her new role - putting her closer to Won.


Are you still mad?

I'm sorry. I won't
do that again.

Do you know what you did wrong?

Of course I do.
I'm really sorry.

What are you sorry for?


I'm sorry for all of it,
no matter what it is.

Forget it.

You're bound to repeat
the same mistakes.

I have zero hope in you.

No, I'll never do that again.

I'll be good to you.

Once my schedule slows down,

we can go on a trip
in two or three weeks.

You wanted to go to Gangneung.

No, Sokcho.

Yes, Sokcho.

You wanted the
spicy noodle soup there.

Potato dumpling soup.


Come with me, okay?

Let's go somewhere quiet.
I have something to tell you.

- What is it?
- We'll talk when we get there.

Can't you just tell me now?


I'm meeting my club members.

It's an important occasion.

So you're here

not to actually apologize to me

but to clear your conscience
before meeting with your friends.

Don't say it like that.

I had to push the time back
to wait for you.

I tried to be understanding
since no one is perfect.

I wanted to try my best
with the person I chose to be with.


it's pointless to be considerate
to someone who doesn't value me.

You don't deserve it.


I'll tell them I'll be late,
so let's go eat something.

Something simple like gimbap?

Let's go.

What's wrong? Don't you want

It's over.

I feel too sorry for myself
to keep seeing you.

All of a sudden?

When one person
always humors another,

that person gets ruined.

I think I ruined you.

I came all the way here for you.

I can't believe
you're this selfish.

One second.

Hey, is everyone there?

Go ahead and get started.

No, I'm almost
done. I'll leave soon.

Something came up.

I'll hang up
soon. Hold on.

Order whatever.
We're splitting the bill anyway.

I'll call you back.




There's no way

I'm feeling jealous

or something like that.



I can't believe this.

You just littered.

Driver's license, please.


Sir, you have to pick that up.

Please throw this out.

We don't do that.

I'm sorry.

Was that for your girlfriend?


You got it as a gift for her,
but you threw it out.

Something happened.

I said no.

Your girlfriend must've
had another man.

We can tell right away
when we see a situation.

This isn't the first time.

She must be pretty.



I'd say she is

quite pretty.

And smiles often.

That's a part of her job.

She's pretty and
she smiles a lot?

A woman like that will
have you in her grasp before you know it.

So don't get played
and snap out of it.

Pull yourself together.

She's not like that!

She already has you.

No, forget it.

It's fine.

Here. You can just go.

What do you mean?

Just give me that ticket.

I just feel bad for you.

You saved money today,
so buy yourself a drink and wake up.

- Okay?
- It's not like that!

Why are you such a softie?

I know this because
I've been there.

Forget it.

Nothing I say will
get through to you.

Just go.

Go let her toy with you.

You'll regret it
once you're hurt.

Then you'll
remember what I said.



Just go.


Listen to what I'm
about to say, my man.

How many relationships
have you had?

With friends?

With women.

I'm a busy man.


Not much dating experience,

but you seem to have some money.

That makes you the
perfect prey, right?

And what drives you more insane

is that you don't even know
how you really feel.

"Do I really like her?
Am I just curious about her?"

"Am I in love?"

It gets so confusing!


And how do I know?

My woman was very pretty too.

Her face was the
vision of love itself.

- Love?
- By any chance,

do you know that song?

Your eyes, nose, lips

The way you caressed me

Even all those tiniest touches

I can never forget her.

I thought I could die
a hundred times over for her.

I should've held onto her.

I should've screamed,
"I'm your man, not him!"

After that one
moment of hesitation,

after turning
away like that…

I've been tormented ever since.

Buck up.


What am I doing in
front of a stranger?


Your call cannot be completed.
You will be redirected…






Of course I had
dinner. It's late.

What about you?

Can I come over tomorrow?

Yes, it's my day off.

I want to eat your food.

Of course. Your
food is the best.


Your food is my favorite.

Is there anything
you want to eat?

I'll bring some tomorrow.



My daughter-in-law.

Two bottles of soju, please.

Okay, coming.
Two bottles of soju.


They'll be even sweeter
coming from my daughter-in-law.

This is the last round.

You should go home and sleep.

I'll sleep as long as I want
once I'm dead.

That again!

Don't have too much.

My daughter-in-law,
some more radish kimchi.

Okay, radish kimchi!

Grandma's got it.

All of you.

Why do you call my granddaughter

"my daughter-in-law"?

I called over my
kind daughter-in-law.

What's this mean
granny doing here?

Cut your crap!

You two don't even have sons.

Don't let me catch you

calling my granddaughter
your daughter-in-law again.

Got it?

My daughter-in-law.

- A bottle of rice wine, please.
- Why you…

Okay, your daughter-in-law
is coming!



Is something

going on with you?

What do you mean?

I just came to see you.

Your food is the best.

If you're concerned about me,
you should get married soon.

Da-eul already has a big kid.

You always say that.

Is that all you
have to say to me?

She got married early.
Pyeong-hwa is single too.

Don't get me started
on Pyeong-hwa.

She's impossible.

The thought of marriage
isn't entering your head

because you two stick together.

Kick her out soon.

I should leave before
you nag me more.


I'll pack some
side dishes for you.

Go give some to that guy
Yu-nam or whatever.


Why not?

We broke up.

We just did.


I'm glad.

That rotten jerk.

It's his loss.

You don't even know the reason.

I know you.

I'm sure he's the one at fault.

Forget about money.

You should be with a man
who's good to you.

I'm glad things ended.


Me too.


when you feel
upset in the future,

don't hold it in
and just tell people.


Throw a fit if you want to.

If you want to be a
crybaby, be one too.

And you can tell me everything.

Okay. I'll do that.

This is so nice.

Grandma, you're the best.

Goodness, my dear little girl.

Great job.

I'm glad you did that.

First Royal Hotel's LVIP Lounge
just became the top of the industry

surpassing King the
Land of King Hotel!

Chairman Han, your
wish finally came true.

It's been a lifelong dream of yours
to surpass King Hotel.

It's just the lounge.
Don't make such a big fuss.

Do you want to make a bet?

It was just the
lounge this time,

but will it end with just that?

You should make a bet
with your hotels at stake.

Our hotels aren't
on the same level.

I hear you spent a fortune
to become number one.

Can you handle it?

It's called an investment.

My victory over King Hotel
after years of losses

already gives me
a different outlook on business.

All right. You
can try your best to catch up.


What does revenue from the lounge mean
in hotel management?

Since the clientele
is mostly VIPs,

the higher the revenue,

the more sophisticated
and classy the hotel is.

That's why competing hotels
compare the lounge revenue,

not the overall sales.

If you knew that,

why did First Royal Hotel
take first place?

I trusted you two
and left you to work together.

What have you done?

They only increased
their short-term revenue

with excessive

Such complacent thoughts
are the shortcut to rock bottom.

It may be the lounge this time,

but that doesn't
mean it'll end there.

Work together and
do whatever it takes

to reclaim first place
in lounge revenue.

Yes, Dad.

The same goes for
Distribution and Air.

Climb up so high that First Royal Hotel
won't even dream of competing with us.

I'll see what you two can do

and decide if I'll bequeath
the whole group

or split it between you two.



What's your plan?

He told us to join forces,

but you have no power.

Not yet.

And in the future too.

So don't try to
meddle with anything

and sit this one out.

I'll handle this.

So this must be how it feels.


Getting looked down on.

It's not even news.

Did you think you
were a big shot?

Someone said…

All people are the same.

That means
everyone should be treated equally.

…that everyone

should be treated
with equal respect.

You're an exception.

You're an upstart nobody.

I know.

So don't be scared of me.

Thank you for everything.

I'll head upstairs then.

As you already know…


You have no idea
what King the Land is like.

I'm sure the chairman put you there
because he doesn't know any better.

You'll get kicked out soon,
so don't try too hard.


It's been a while, Su-mi.

Hello, Ms. Jeon.


Ms. Cheon Sa-rang?


I'm the manager
of King the Land.

I'm here to take you there.

Hello, my name is Cheon Sa-rang.

It's nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Let's get along.

Ms. Jeon.

She went to a two-year college.


Let's go upstairs.

I'll give you a tour.

Most of our guests
here are chairpersons

who are ranked within the top 30
in the business world.

One VVVIP guest often spends

more than the
hotel's daily revenue.

That's why we call this place
the hotel's first class.

It's a dream for all concierges
to work up here,

but in reality,
not everyone gets to do that.

I never imagined
that I'd get to work on this floor.

It honestly doesn't feel real.

I'll do my best not to become
a nuisance to King the Land.

Any takes on this piece?

I don't know much about art,

but it looks great.


The chairman got this
himself in New York.

He has an eye
for art, doesn't he?

Yes, I think so.

He also recruited
you here himself.

I'm sure he has a reason.

I trust his judgment.

So don't mind those
who talk behind your back.

You must respect yourself first
before others do.


Let's go. Your
uniform is ready.

Hello, my name is Cheon Sa-rang.

Have you thought about it?


All night.

And even now.

What will you do?

I should've held onto her.

I should've screamed,
"I'm your man, not him!"

I'm thinking.


You're still thinking?

How will that help reclaim
the first in revenue for King the Land?



Do you know how
First Royal Hotel took first place?

For months, they followed
some ginseng diggers around

and got a hold of wild ginseng.

They sold that with wine
for 100 million won.

I'm 100% sure that's
what Ms. Gu will do.

That's why

- we should do it first.
- And copy them?

No, we're only
following the trend.

But money should
be earned honestly.

Says who?

Who said that to you?

I doubt they were rich.

That's a classic
line from the poor.

Why are you so passionate today?

You be the head manager!

I'll end up as a nobody
if I just trust you and sit around.

You got a full-time job here.

That's all. There's
nothing after that.

I must have sided with

the wrong guy.

Go. It's not too late.

Get out of here.

"I'll take King
Group for myself!"

Do you not have
such manly ambitions?

Why would I?

You don't want anything
and can't be bothered.

Right. You know me.

That's because
you have too much,

for insufficiency brings desire.

You can throw out your fortune
and position to me.

I'll gladly become
your trash can.


I'll be one for you.
Here, throw them out.

Feel free.

Dump them here.

Among the things I have,

the thing I want
to dump the most…

is you.

Get out of here.

I don't want to go.

- Not until you dump something.
- Get out.

No way. Give
me something.

Get out of…

The new staff of King the Land

is here to greet you.


I'm Cheon Sa-rang,
and it's my first day at King the Land.

Our kind Ms. Sa-rang,

you finally got
here. Congrats.

I hear King the Land
is staffed with our best employees.

Yes, we all work
there with pride.

But she's now a
part of your staff?

I know her a little.

You'll need to give
extra attention and training

to enlighten her
on the sophistication

and basic manners
befitting King the Land, Ms. Jeon.

Yes, sir.

As per your words,

I'll do my best to be
more sophisticated

as I learn basic manners
befitting King the Land.

Yes, you will.

- You may go.
- Yes, Mr. Gu.

Excuse us.

Yearly business plan.

Our annual revenue
last year was…

Why were you like that to her?


As if you like our
kind Ms. Sa-rang.

What is it?
What's going on?

Like a pathetic little kid.


- "Pathetic"?
- Yes.

- "Little kid"?
- Yes.

You like her,

but you can't tell her.

You want to get her attention,

but you have no idea what to do.

That's why you pick
on her and act rudely.

That's what kids do.

I don't like her!

She's such a phony.

She's totally not my type.

Why did you get
so angry over a joke,

as if I saw right through you?

I'm sorry, Mr. Gu.

You have no sense of humor,
no consideration, and no popularity.

That's why you're
not seeing anyone.

Hello, Ms. Jeon.

Everyone say hello.

Ms. Cheon Sa-rang
will join us starting today.

Nice to meet you.

We're all like family here,

so you'll fit in soon.

Learn a lot from your
experienced seniors,

and tell me if there's trouble.

Yes, I'll do my best.

I'll teach her well.

Let her sign the NDA first.

I need to go to the office.


Ms. Jeon is
nice, isn't she?

Yes, she seems wonderful.

You're right.

She's kind to everyone
without any prejudice,

and she's warmhearted too.

But I'm not like her.

I believe
distinctions must exist.

We all graduated
from well-known universities in Seoul.

The fact that a two-year college graduate
like you made it here

belittles the time
and effort we put in

to get to this place.

If you wish to be accepted,

you must prove
you have what it takes

to be here
against our tradition.

You can try hard,
but it'll be tough.

Brace yourself.


I'll do my best.

Follow me.


Is this place for anybody now?

Hey, the chairman put her here.

I knew it.

I know girls like her very well.

She's the type we
don't want on our turf.

The guests we receive here
are in the top 0.0001% of the nation.

This says you must not disclose
who you saw here

and the conversations they had.

If you disclose anything
about this place,

you'll be held liable
and must compensate for any damages.

Sign it.


Are you on social media?

- Yes.
- Delete your accounts.

It's a breach of contract
to upload any photos of this place.

Can I just not take
photos while up here?

Then you can go
back to your old post.

I'll delete them.



Is this store the top in sales?

Yes, ma'am.

Who's in charge?


I'm the supervisor, Do Ra-hee.

Which stores do you work with?

The airports in Incheon, Gimpo, Jeju,
as well as shops downtown.

Work here from tomorrow.

Keep this shop as our main focus

and double the sales.

Can you do that?

Yes, I can.

Ms. Do is going to
start working here?

She's the most infamous witch
among the old witches.

What will happen to us now?

She's that bad?

Her name already
rhymes with crazy…

Manager Do Ra-hee.

It's okay.
We'll do the actual work anyway.

Let's go.

Let's go.

- Yes.
- Exactly.

You couldn't meet their eyes.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Is this the team with the lowest number
for in-flight duty-free sales?

There are three teams
in the lowest rank,

and this is one of them.


Yes, ma'am.

What's your plan?

We'll do our best.

Which you haven't done so far?

No, ma'am.

We'll do our best to
bring up the sales.

Any specific plans?

We'll push the sales more

so that none of our guests

leave the flight empty-handed.

That means you can easily
double the sales compared to now.

We'll do our best.

Don't let me down.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye!

Who is she?

I've never seen...

You must've been shocked.

- The managing director.
- That almost killed me.

You do realize the Chinese restaurant
has the highest sales in every hotel?

Yes, I'm aware of that.

So what's going on here?

I'm going to try
the dishes myself,

so change your old recipes

and make new
dishes by this week.

By this week, ma'am?

You can't?

No, I can do that.

- Get rid of him.
- Yes, ma'am.

Get rid of him.

Yes, ma'am.

I prepared a meeting with the staff
regarding our revenue.

Why should I go to
something you prepared?

Look at Ms. Gu.

She visited every single department
and gave them a new sales goal.


I won't have to do a thing.

She already fired
two people today.

"Get rid of
him. And him."

She was so scary too.

One of them was too fat,
the other was too messy.

The staff?

Of course. Why would
she fire the board?

What if all of the employees
of King the Land get fired?

And most importantly,

what if I get kicked out?

I did nothing wrong.

This may not be
a big deal to you,

but a mere employee like me
can get fired over this.

You might work
at daddy's company as a hobby,

but some people work hard
just to make ends meet.

Does this meeting

include the staff
of King the Land as well?

Of course. Especially
if you're attending.

Let's go.

Mr. Gu is holding a
meeting with the staff

regarding the hotel's revenue.

A special promotional
event for our VIPs

would be the most effective way
to increase short-term revenue.

Go ahead and do that.

If you don't like that,

we can increase the per-transaction sales
by having premium wine

or limited-edition whiskey
as our main liquor.


If you don't like
any of those methods,

please let me know
the direction you are looking for.

It's not that I don't like them.

As someone on the ground,
you must know better than me,

so I want to follow
your suggestions.

What's the most
effective method?

To be frank, pushing incentives.

Then let's do that.

However, providing just 30,000 won
in incentives like last time

for selling a liquor set
worth 40 million won

won't have a huge impact.


You got only 30,000
won in incentives

for selling a product
worth 40 million won?

It's my first time hearing this.


Make it big enough
to have an impact.

Let me know your sales goal.

I'll look over it
and implement it right away.

Thank you.

We'll do our best.

That's all for the meeting.




I need to talk to
you after work.


Is she still at work?

Did she not see it?

How could she not see it?

Is she still working?

Is she working overtime?

Do I not have signal?

Seven. Eight.



One, two, three…

Just until this
hourglass runs out.

It hasn't run out yet.



Ms. Gu came by today
and it was like war.

She came by
Da-eul's store as well.

I heard she did
that at the hotel too.

No idea.

- You don't know?
- No.

A few of the
employees were exiled.

Why were they
exiled? To where?

How would I know?

I hear your hotel
has a special place for the exiles.

I don't know.

Who is it?

I don't know.


I don't need to know
their place of exile

when I'm about to get axed.

Why? Did you do
something wrong?

She wants us to
double the sales.

If we make low in-flight sales,

we'll become traitors.

How can you double them?

If they keep pestering the staff,
we'll somehow bring in sales,

so they'll pester us
until the point of death.

Didn't they discuss
sales with you?

We get incentives
for pushing sales.


Your team is the best off.

How much?

No idea.

It's not like the incentives
or the lack thereof

will make me work more or less.

I'm just going to do my job.

But I'm not getting anywhere
although I'm doing more than my job.

I'm suffocated in the middle,

pushed around by
my seniors and juniors.

If you need help,
ask Da-eul for a lesson.

Her shop had the top sales.

I really should.

Good for Da-eul.

She's the manager,
the best salesperson, married,

and has an adorable daughter.

She has it all.

I'm jealous!

I'm jealous!

I'm home.

- Mom's here.
- Hey, Cho-rong.

What did you draw?

You're home.

Make dinner. I'm hungry.


Look at that.

What's with them?

Mother, I need to
go grocery shopping.

There's no food.

Why didn't you go beforehand?

It'll take forever
for us to eat.

I made braised short ribs
and pollack soup this morning,

but a thief must've
come and eaten it all.

That's why you should make
more than enough when you cook.

Don't be so stingy with food.


Don't be mean to Mom.

Aunt, Uncle, and that darned family
came and finished everything.

Who taught you such a phrase?

Don't use such words.

While you're at it,

get some oxtail and
make a hearty broth.

I must be low on energy.

- I haven't had an appetite.
- Jeez.

You cleared three bowls of rice
without an appetite?

I only had three bowls
because I had no appetite.

What are you waiting for?

Go get the groceries.

Okay, I'll be back soon.

Cho-rong, come with Mom.

Look at that.

Mom, our home
isn't a restaurant.

Why does Aunt always come
and eat at our place?

I guess my food is much better.

She always comes
and eats for free,

never even does the dishes,

and steals everything good
from our fridge.

Should we report
her to the police?

Let's say it's because I'm a good cook
and give her a break.

Cho-rong, do you want a doll?

Hello? Where are you?

Can you come to
the grocery store?

I have too much stuff.

Sorry, I'm out having
dinner with a client.

Still? Can't
you sneak out?

How can I do that?

It's a part of work.

Okay. Make
sure you eat well.

- Don't strain yourself.
- Okay.

You too.

Don't strain yourself
and get a good rest.

I'll be late tonight,
so you should go to sleep first.


I need to talk to you.

Would you like to order?

I asked to see you yesterday.

What? When?

Didn't you see the text?

I called you too.

- Do you know my number?
- Of course.

It's in your personnel record.

Don't you know
mine, Phony Cheon?

I have no access to
your personnel record.


That's my
number. Save it.

So what did you
want to say to me?

I must

ask you something.

Ask away.

Let's talk over
dinner after work.


Can't you just tell me now?

You treated me to juice
on Gapado last time.

I'd like to return the favor,
so I'll see you then.

No, it's okay.

I'm not okay.

I simply can't stand
owing someone a favor.

But I'm okay with it.

Is it too much

for you

to just say yes this once?


isn't it proper manners to check

if I have a prior engagement
before asking me to dinner?

Ms. Phony Cheon.

Do you have

plans for dinner


No, I don't.

In that case,

would you like

to have dinner

with me?

I don't want to.

Why not? Why do
you say no to me?

I didn't say no to you.

I said no to dinner.

Then Ms. Phony Cheon,
what do you like other than dinner?

It's just that it'd be so awkward
to eat alone with you.

So you won't order?

I won't.

I'm not eating!

What's with him?


And next.


You must choose a photo today.

They all look the same to me.

So much so that
it's almost scary.

Please make your call.

I've decided.

Thank you. Which one?

I simply must have
dinner with her tonight.

Make dinner plans
with Ms. Cheon Sa-rang after work.

Make sure she comes.

Why? Is
something going on?

- Tell her it's a welcome dinner.
- A welcome dinner?

Where at?

The hotel's

Japanese restaurant.

After the welcome dinner,

you must choose a photo, okay?

You have to. Please?

Hello, it's been a while.

A strong cup of coffee, please.

I'll bring it to the cockpit.

No, I'd like to
have it here with you

in this cozy galley.

I'll bring it to you.

You're still as feisty as ever.

Eat dinner with me after the flight.
It's been a while.


Here's your cozy cup of coffee.

Please excuse me.

Don't be so cheeky.

Who do you think will suffer
if I start acting nasty?

Do you still think I'm a joke?


I still want you.


Would you like something?

What? No.

I already got it.

Keep it up.

Did something happen?

It's not a big deal.

Do you have plans tonight?

I'm just going to rest.

How about having a beer with me?

No, I'm tired. I'm
not in the mood.

My mom told me to treat you
and thank you for her scarf.

It's okay. I wanted
to thank you first.

Well, I'm using
her as an excuse.

I want to have dinner with you.

Let's get dinner together.

This is nice.

I think so too.

Don't you love it here?

The waves and the wind.

I love seeing you so happy.

Thank you for
your help last time.

How could I not act

after seeing my senior
run for her life like that?

I was just doing you a favor
to make my life easier at work.

You don't have to thank me.

If that's the reason, I'm sorry.


You picked the wrong senior.

I'm the only one among my peers
who didn't make assistant purser.

If I don't get
promoted next year,

people will know
that I've been left out.

That'll be the end of me.

What about it?

What do you mean?

You won't benefit in any way
if you befriend me.

So stay away.

So what if I can't get promoted?

It hurts too much
to fall from high-up.

I prefer the low and long haul.

Sounds great.

I'll have to be
one of your close associates.

You'll regret it later.

I never will.

What do you think about Mi-na?

She's a great girl.

She's very curious about you.

What about you?


I'm very curious about you.

This way, please.

- Hello, Mr. Gu.
- Hello, Mr. Gu.

- Why?
- What is this?

A welcome dinner.

- Why?
- To welcome Ms. Cheon.

You told me to put
a dinner together.

Is this really…


- They can eat and go.
- Don't be so shy.

Please go inside.

- Hello, Mr. Gu.
- Hello, Mr. Gu.

Let's take a group
photo before we eat.

Okay, Hermès.

One, two, three.

Thank you.

Look at that.
You look great.

Cheers. Congrats.

Thank you.

Mr. Gu.

Thank you for sparing your time
for our rookie, sir.

Please eat.

- Maybe a toast?
- Let's just eat.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Ms. Cheon.

Is it not to your liking?

No, it's good.

How would you know
without having any?

Do you not eat raw fish?

I'm fine.

Mr. No, prepare
a steak for her.

It's a Japanese restaurant.

I know. I
meant next door.

No, I'm fine, really.

Let me know if
any of you can't eat raw fish.

I'm fine. I'm not picky.

Me too. I like raw fish.

- Should I go?
- I'll be right back.

I thought that was the door.

I'm Edward Jung, the head chef
of King Hotel's Western restaurant.

This is an Angus sirloin steak,

a prime T-bone steak,

and an Australian
lamb chop steak.

Have a lovely dinner.

Thank you.

Eat before it gets cold.

Will do.

Where are my manners?

Mr. No, cut it for her.

- Yes, sir.
- No, I can do it!

Can you feed yourself?

- Do you need help?
- No.

I'm fine.

Please eat.

Why did you call me out here?

Are you trying to put
me in a tough spot?

Why would I?

I didn't ask for a
welcome dinner.

And what was that huge steak?

Did you want to kill me?

I didn't…

This wasn't what I had in mind.

I saw that you couldn't eat raw fish,
so I got you steak.

Why are you angry over that?

You've never had to mind anyone.

Of course not.

You probably lived like a king
among servants.

I feel like I'm on
pins and needles

because of your
unnecessary kindness.

I already feel
self-conscious enough.

Why do you feel self-conscious?

I was showing consideration
for this dinner I arranged.

That wasn't consideration.
It was more like a bomb.

From now on, just
pretend like you don't know me.

I don't need your consideration.


What went wrong?



- Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday.

-Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you

-Happy birthday, dear Sa-rang
-Happy birthday, dear Sa-rang

-Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you

Am I allowed to be this happy?

No, you should be even happier.
This isn't enough.

Yes, so wish for bigger happiness
as you blow these out.


Happy birthday!

You made all this?

Sure, I'm a seasoned homemaker.

Thank you.

I'm a seasoned eater.


Here, open your present.
We picked it out together.

Gosh, thank you.

Let's see.

- What is this?
- Your birthday is tomorrow.

You can hang out with us today,

then have a wild night
with your boyfriend tomorrow.

He won't forget
your birthday, right?

He did last year.

Didn't I tell you?

We broke up a while ago.

What? Why haven't
you told us until now?

Sorry, I forgot.
I've been too busy lately.

How can you forget that?

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

I actually feel relieved,

almost to the point
where I wonder if I even had a boyfriend.

I guess that was it.

Will you get back with him?


I'll get the beer.
Turn on the music.

This is great.
It's a party.

Sa-rang, get up.

Get up and show us.

Get up.

Let's go!


Do I seem like a guy

who hasn't had
to consider others

because I was born
into the right family?

A bit.

But who dared to
tell you such a fact?

How brave of them.

Don't mind it though.

You were born this way.

I'm only jealous.

Please go inside, Mr. Gu.

I'll stop by King
the Land first.


It's our kind Ms.
Sa-rang's birthday,

so I got her our buffet voucher.

One of the employee benefits.

Look at you, showing your teeth.

Just leave me alone.

- You might bite me soon.
- I'm not doing anything

not because I can't fight,
but because I don't want to.

You say you don't want to fight,

yet you went behind my back
and had a strategy meeting.

I'm in charge of King the Land.

And you're under
my charge at work.

Didn't you know you needed

my permission and approval
no matter what you do?

I didn't know. I
didn't look at the organizational chart.

I don't know why
you came to work here,

but you'll have
to fight me for life.

If you need money,
I'll give you what you want,

so leave.

I have plenty of money.

I'm telling you for your sake.

Don't end up like your mom.


Nobody remembers her.

Both you and me.

That's life for a loser.


And throw out that pocket watch.

How childish of you.

Are you looking for this?

- Give it back.
- I don't want to.

Give it back. It's mine.

She left because
she didn't want you.

So forget about her.



I'll be the main server.

You can stand
quietly in the back.

Don't meddle and
try to sell something expensive.

Yes, I understand.

I'd like some wine

We recently got nice vintages
of Charrier Margaux and Zeña.

Which would go better
with today's meal?

Let me get the sommelier
to provide a more detailed suggestion.

We can't wait that long.

Give us a suggestion.

Any bottle will go nicely
with the meal we have today.

You're that best talent, right?

Hello, sir.

She still has a great smile.

In that case,

let's get a suggestion
from the best talent of King Hotel.

In that case, may I
suggest the Zeña?

It's a premium wine from Chile.

The smell of blackcurrant
and blackberries mixes nicely

with the smell of vanilla
from the oak barrel,

and you'll feel the fine-grained tannins
with the elegance of full-bodied wine.

I believe it'll go nicely
with your lamb chop steak.

You're well-versed in wine,

almost like an expert.

I'm a certified sommelier.

I knew I had a discerning
eye for people.

I really want to recruit her.

I'll pay you twice as much.

Come work at my hotel.

I'm flattered, sir.

My goodness.

Should we get the meal ready?

Sa-rang, what are you doing?

There's a single-malt package
worth 40 million.

Why did you recommend wine?

You should've made
him order whiskey.

This is why we say
you don't have the basics.

But the chairman asked
for a wine recommendation.

And you suggested wine too.


Make sure to sell
more expensive items.

Try upselling.

Remember that.

Got it?

Yes, I'll remember that.


Mr. Gu.

If you tell me who you're looking for,
I'll look it up.

Can a record be
left out of the server?

No, we typed in
everyone since year one

as we digitized our system.

So why can't I find it?

It has to be there.

Our payroll and severance pay
are on our accounting system,

so nobody can
delete the records.

Is that everything from 1989?


Who are you looking
for if I may ask?

Never mind.

Surprise! Happy birthday.

What are you doing?

Let's go. I
made reservations at a nice spot.

Are you still sulking?

We broke up.

I said I never wanted
to see you again.

You weren't sulking over the

That's why I made a reservation
at a high-end fine dining restaurant.

Don't sulk over some food.


Do you think
I broke up with you over that?

If I had, I would've dumped you
hundreds of times already.

What do you take me for
to take what I said that way?

I'm sorry.

I'll be really good from now on.
I'm so sorry.

Stop saying you're sorry!

If you were really sorry,

you wouldn't have acted this way
to begin with.

I'm sick and tired of you.

Let's end this.

You're really harsh.

And you're selfish.
You can't make the call alone.

I can.

My love is over,
so do whatever you want with yours.

I never want to see you again.

Have you always been this harsh?

Are you the Sa-rang I know?

Let go of me.

We're now strangers.

This is my spot.

Excuse me?

This is

my spot.


Your outfit…

You two look so good together.

I knew it.

Who are you to…

She doesn't want
to see you anymore.

- Why are you here?
- Why didn't you reply?

- Reply to what?
- My text.

- I did.
- And I replied to your reply.

I'm working right now.

I was just acting startled.

Look, it's a heart.

It's good.

Your favorite food, your favorite weather,
your favorite color.

Tell me everything you like.

Why do you want to know that?

Subtitle translation
by: Eun-sook Yoon