King the Land (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

During their contentious trip, Sa Rang and Won share a moment of vulnerability. While Sa Rang later earns praise, Won faces hostility from his family.


He looks amazing.



Please take extra
care in this shoot.

You still don't
have it memorized?

No, it's all in my head.

You seem embarrassingly nervous.

I'm not nervous.

As if. You're
completely stiff.

No, I'm not.

Okay. We'll
perform a camera test.

Interviewer, please
look at the camera.

Yes, sir!

You are nervous.

That's rich coming from someone

who spruced up from head to toe
for a TV appearance.

With the sohalteun style.

Soharten style?

- What is that?
- It's how your hair is done now.

- My hair?
- Yes.


exactly the sohalteun style.

Soharten style?

What kind of hairstyle is that?

Soharten style.

Soharten style.




What is this?

What? So
as in cow?

We'll begin shooting now.

Act natural.

All right. In five, four,

three, two, one.

Hello, I'm here on
King Hotel's rooftop,

where we have the best
view -She's so pretty.

of Jeju Island's
beautiful sunset.

Sa-rang looks so good on camera.

As if.

Today, along with Head
Manager Gu, -It's all makeup.

I'll take you
on a virtual tour of King Hotel.

Head Manager Gu,

can you say hello
to the viewers?

Hello, I am Gu Won.

- My gosh.
- He's so handsome.

Along with the viewers,

the employees of King Hotel have
a lot of questions for you.

Before we introduce the hotel,

may I ask you a few questions?

Go ahead.


Your mother was a founding member
of the Jeju King Hotel.

I'm sure being here
must hit you differently.

I hear you bear a resemblance
to your mother.

In what way do you
most take after her?

Mr. Gu.

- What's going on?
- Is he leaving?

- Oh, my.
- What is happening?

What's going on?

Mr. Gu.

It seems an urgent matter
has come up for Head Manager Gu.

I don't think he knew
this was a live broadcast.

Once he returns,
I'll let him know.

Come back home
before your mom's memorial service.

Which mom do you mean?

I don't even know

what my mom looks like
or if she's even alive or not.

You take after your mom.

You're reckless just like her.

How amusing.

The first question touched on
the topic of mothers.

Being here brings back memories

of the first time
I went to a hotel by the beach

- She's a natural.
- with my mom.

She's like a news anchor.

- You're right.
- Totally.

- She's so good.
- She's articulate.

But where did Mr. Gu go?

- Why isn't he coming back?
- Right?

That day that I spent with my mom
was the happiest day of my life.

I even dreamed of living in a
hotel for the rest of my life.

That hotel was
this very King Hotel.


Ever since that day,

King Hotel has always been
my joy and my dream.

And I was lucky enough
to start working here!

Now, I want to gift
all the guests of King Hotel

the same happiness
that I felt that day.

- Goodness.
- What a relief.

It's fun now.

It's worth watching now.


Were you able to
handle your situation?

Yes, thanks to you.

Could I take a look
at the interview questions?

Yes, sir.

"What memory comes to mind

when you think
of your mom?"

"What is your favorite vacation spot
you visited with your mom?"

"What is your favorite meal
cooked by your mom?"

Skip these childish questions

and ask me things
that you're actually curious about.

Do you like watching the sunset?

It's so pretty.

So the sun was setting.

This is the best
spot to see it, right?

Let's go watch it.

Isn't it so beautiful?

The sunset is so pretty.

What's your deal?

Did I do something wrong?

Do you think it's okay

for a mere employee
to question the head manager?

This may not be
a big deal to you,

but a mere employee like me
can get fired over this.

Why push yourself so hard?

There are a lot of
other hotels out there.

You might work
at daddy's company as a hobby,

but some people work hard
just to make ends meet.

I know work is just
a time killer for you,

but don't get in my way.

I don't want to get hit
by any stones you threw for fun.

Do you even know

what kind of stone

you threw in my direction today?

Mr. Gu!

This place has become
the hottest place to visit.

It's so hot.
Gosh, that's hot!

Do you see the number of likes?

You did a wonderful job.

Let's go with this
concept tomorrow too.

Two beautiful
lovebirds in the sunset.

A lovely


What's with the vibe?

I said it's trending.

Tomorrow's shoot will end in an hour.
One photo per location.

That's nonsense.

- The shoot isn't a joke...
- I said what I said.

It's out of the question, sir.

He's so ill-tempered.

Sa-rang, keep it up.

We just need a few
shots here and there.


Mr. Gu.

From now on, I'm going to make sure
you guys are in good health.

I've let you write
down your weights,

but the numbers
don't match what I see.

Any objections?


You said you were 51 kg,
but you're actually 51.9 kg.

I rounded down to
make the number simpler.

Hey, .9 kg equals 1.5
geun of pork belly.

One penalty
point for dishonesty.

How are you so good
at maintaining your weight?

I learned it all from you.

As expected from
the best of the bunch.

You may sit down.

One moment.

One moment, please.

Will that make a difference?

Of course. It's a
chunk of metal.

Look at this.
You're a total fraud.

How could you
misreport your weight by 3 kg?

I was definitely 50 kg
the last time I weighed myself.

My bowel movements
have become less frequent lately.

Three kilograms of poop

amounts to this much.

I'm sorry. I'll
lose weight.

Surely you know
how every additional kilogram

burns up tons of
fuel for the company.

Weight management is essential
not only for your own self-esteem

but also for cutting
company costs.

Your lack of care
for the company

is the reason why
you haven't been promoted.

All right. Get
off the scale.

Yes, ma'am.


You're exempt from this.

I can just tell by
looking at you.

Do you work out?

No, I don't do anything.

You were endowed
with a good body.

Sit back down.

That's it for today.
Good work, everyone.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

- Ma'am.
- Yes?

Aren't you going to weigh in?




I'll check your weights
before each flight.

So you guys should stay fit.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.

Don't think of going on a diet.

You're already beautiful.

Thank you for saying that,
even if you don't mean it.


What is this?

It's to thank you for last time.

Give it to your mother.

It's a scarf recommended
by the national mom.

I'm the one you want to thank,

but the gift is for my mom.

You should be a good son.

Thank you.
I'll make sure to give it to her.

As you already know,
today's concept is "Smile."

We're going to capture
your heartfelt smiles for your guests.

Director Gu, you'll
be the smile king.

Ms. Cheon, you'll
be the smile queen.

Can we see your smiles?

Thank you.

Your smile is worth
a hundred million dollars.

Don't flatter me.

A hundred million
dollars, my foot.

So fake.

Mr. Gu, can you
also smile broadly?

Smile, king.

Let's get started.

Shall we?


I don't think he'll smile.

He will once we start.
It's work, after all.

I can hear you.

Let's start now.

We'll go with the
heart pose first.

Ready? Make a heart!

Wonderful. I
only see one heart.

There's only one heart.

Why is that? We
need one more heart.

Come on, one more heart.

One more, please.

That's it. A heart.

A heart, not a circle!

We need a heart.

Okay. A big heart now!

The sizes of your
hearts are different.

- This.
- A big heart.

You have to move your arm up.

That's right. A
little bit higher.

Show me your heart.

Yes, I see it's coming up.

Please make a heart.
Let's fill the whole world with hearts.

That's it.

Something is…

That's nice,

but try to make it smoother.

Okay. Now smile!

You're doing
great, Ms. Cheon.


It would be lovely
if Mr. Gu could smile slightly.

The smile should be natural.


You just need to smile once.

Please. Excuse me?

Thank you.

The punk didn't smile once.

I mean,

he's begging you to smile.

Can't you smile just once?

- I don't want to.
- I don't feel like smiling either.

Then don't.

We're in the middle of a shoot.

Didn't I tell you not
to get in my way?

Didn't I tell you
not to fake a smile?

I'm working right now.

I know you got the job through nepotism,
but can you not even do this much?

It's not that I can't.

I'm choosing not to.

Please. I don't think so.

My only flaw is that
there is nothing that I can't do.

Oh, so you're good at everything,
but you can't smile.

I said I'm choosing not to.

I see.

Let's get started.


Remember to smile, okay?

All right.

Ready? Smile!

Mr. Gu?

Not a smirk, please.

That's enough.

The next one is the last, right?
Let's make it quick.

I knew that punk would do this.

What do we do?

- Can't we change the model?
- Sir.

I think this will work.

- What do you mean?
- Let's photoshop this.

We can move up the corner of his mouth
and make it look like he's smiling.

You can do that?

You bet.

You want me

- to get on this boat?
- Yes, sir.

You'll be showing people
how fresh King Hotel's ingredients are.

Whatever. I
detest boats...

I know that, but you just need to
hold a tilefish for a second.

The photographer
will take care of the rest.

Then what about you?


I'm obviously
going to stay here.

I detest boats.

Plus, I'm not a model.

Can't you go with us?

I don't want to
go with just him.

I don't want to
go with you either.

I also desperately want to go
with you guys, but I can't.

I have a lot on my plate.

Well, it looks like
it's going to rain.

- Is the weather okay?
- Yes.

I checked the forecast.
You'll be fine.

Are you sure?

- Are you making things up?
- No.

I'm positive.

- The weather's fine, right?
- Yes.


It's definitely okay.

Then be careful
out there. Stay safe.

Right, Mr. Gu.


- Hermès.
- Why you…

Be careful.

Mr. Gu,

pick up the biggest
and freshest fish.

Ms. Cheon, you just
have to face Mr. Gu

and smile broadly. Okay?

All right.

We're going to start now.

Can you give it a shake
to make it look like it's alive?


- More.
- Yes, more. Nice.

Make it look like
it's flailing around.

A little more,
please. More.

That's great.

Isn't the tilefish too small?

I can enlarge it with Photoshop.

- You can do that?
- Sure.

Okay. Keep going.

Imagine the fish
being super large.

It's so heavy.

Good job, Ms. Cheon.

Make him carry it
with both hands.

Okay. Can you please hold it
with both hands?

It's so heavy.

It's so big and heavy.
Remember those two things.

That's right.
It's so heavy.

Even more. Great.

Gosh, it's so heavy.

Just a little bit
more. That's great...

He just set it free.

How heavy.

- Let's go home. End the shoot.
- Yes, sir.

We're done shooting.

Good work.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

The boat is acting strange,

and the weather
doesn't look too good.

Should I steer toward Gapado?

No, just keep going.

I'm telling you,
something's wrong with the boat.

We don't want to
get hit by a typhoon.

I hate boats, the
sea, and typhoons.

So let's hurry.

Then you can swim
back for all I care.

What nonsense is…

Tell him to start the boat.

- Me?
- Your boss just gave you an order.

Go ahead.

Yes, sir.

- Excuse me, sir.
- Don't.

He said no.

Tell him it's a no for me too.

I can't.

He said no

and that you can swim back
if you really want to go.

Ms. Gang, good morning.

You're so full of
energy already.

It's a must if I want to win
the incentive again this month.

Yes, let's keep our spirits up.

What is all of this?

- Snacks?
- Yes.

I specifically told
you not to buy any.

I was told you didn't
actually mean that.


What are you bringing tomorrow?

Ms. Gang told me
not to bring anything.

You're so dense.

Did you really believe that?

But Ms. Gang...

What she meant was
to cut down on the amount.

You have to take her words
with a grain of salt.

No one is allowed
to take weekends off anymore.

Only I'll do that.

Didn't you say we
could take weekends off?

- What happened?
- It's always been like that.

Has anyone besides the manager
gotten weekends off?


I heard you made
Yu-bin buy snacks again.

Do as you want.

I'll also do as the
old managers did.

That's our tradition.

- It's not what you think…
- What's wrong?

You have the right
to be treated like seniors,

but the junior member
doesn't deserve the same?

I was shortsighted.

Let's go back to our old ways.

Yu-bin will take care of
our food and snacks.

And only I get to
rest on weekends.


I'm sorry, ma'am. I
had poor judgment.

This is your last chance.

I won't let it slide next time.

Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry.

I hope no one is
treated unfairly,

at least for the
duration of my tenure.

Once I quit,
you guys can do whatever you want.

Let's have coffee before we start.
I'll go get it.

Then, I would like
an iced Americano.

Iced tea for me, please.

- All right.
- What about you, Ha-neul?

I want a condensed milk latte
with whipped cream.

Not a mocha?

- Get ready.
- Yes, ma'am.


If you keep going straight,
you'll see a cottage.

You should stay
there for tonight.

It's the best hotel in Gapado.

Make sure you go there.

Okay. Thank you.

Aren't you coming?

I'm going alone then.

There's no service.


Hold on.

It can't be

that house over there, right?

Why? Are you scared?


That word isn't
in my vocabulary.

If I were scared,

I would've taken
the lead like you,

not guarded the rear like this.

It's just a chicken.

I'm usually not
afraid of anything.

But I hate
birds. That rascal.

- Then do you want to go first?
- No.

Just admit that you're scared.

It's nothing to be
embarrassed about.

I already told you.
It's not because I'm scared.

I'm just trying to
cover our backs.


Follow me. I'll go first.

Did I

ever tell you

that I box

as a hobby?

What was that for?


Cheon Sa-rang.

Cheon Sa-rang!

Cheon Sa-rang.

Why did you come out from there?


Oh, my. You're awake?

Look at you.

You're a strapping young lad,

yet look at you
shaking in your boots.


Your wife will have her hands full
because of you.

My wife?

You better carry
your wife around a lot.

You fainted in the
middle of the road,

and she carried you
all the way here on her own.

Do you even realize
how hard it must've been?

Tell me about it.

I've never seen anyone faint
upon seeing someone's face.

Where are we?

What do you mean?

You're at the
most luxurious hotel

as well as the best
restaurant in Gapado.

Are you on your honeymoon?

- No.
- No!

Then are you two a fling?

There's nothing between us.
He's just my superior.


A superior can become a lover,
and a lover can become a father.

There's not much to it.

I don't just go around
dating anyone, ma'am.

What do you mean by "anyone"?

How am I "anyone"?

I'm the one who
should be saying that.

Yes, sure.

I'm telling you,
I'm not just anyone!


I knew it.

The face is what
completes the look.

My clothes have found
their rightful owner.

You can continue
your lover's quarrel later.

Let's have a drink.

- It's not like that!
- It's not like that!

Have you ever heard of
the famous Chinese bushclover wine?

Even if we have
important guests,

we don't usually bring this out.

After my old man drank this,

I delivered eight babies,
one after the other.

Do you like drinking?

He's so frail.
He's probably a lightweight.

But I'll take a drink.

What did you
say? "Frail"?

I'm going to drink out of this.
Please fill it to the brim.

This is pretty strong.

Will you be okay?

If that's the case,

I will

use this.

Me too.

- All right.
- Okay.

Gosh, the liquor is weak.

I can chug it down so easily.

This tastes like water.

Give me more, please.

- Fill it to the brim, please.
- Sure.

You know your alcohol.

Being young is great, isn't it?

Here you go.

You gave me a lot.

This is nice.

I told you not to smile.

I wasn't smiling at you.

Don't look at me then.

Why are you so irritable?

You're always complaining.
You grumpy pants.

It's because nothing works out
whenever I'm with you.

From now on,

you better

stay out of my sight.

You can't order me around!

We're not at work right now.

- Hey!
- What?

Did you just

smack me?

How dare you?

"How dare you," my ass.

"My ass"?

Don't regret this later.

I won't.

Regretting doesn't
change anything.

Okay, just you wait.

I'm going to really
make you regret what you just did.

I'm not someone
who you can just hit and mistreat.

All people are the same.

That means
everyone should be treated equally.

No one should be mistreated!

Do you think you're all that
because you're rich?

Don't be such a snob.



People who take power trips
because they're well-off.

It's hard enough
having to bow and scrape

to rude guests every day.

And now I have to
deal with your crap too.

On top of that,

you're the king of all snobs.


King Hotel. King.

Snob… Gu.

Snobby Gu.

If I'm a snob,
let me see…

You are

- that.
- What?

Faced. That's it, faced.

Faced. Two-faced.

You're so fake.

Phony Cheon.


Do you think it's
easy to fake a smile?

- Not anyone can do it.
- Look at you.

It's a high-level technique.

I've developed it
by putting up with all sorts of asses.

A certain imperviousness.

Sure. What a
nice technique.

Don't be absurd.

Hey, Snobby Gu.

Why don't you
just pour me a drink?



Pour me a drink.

You must be joking.

Give me some.

It's only up to today

that I'm letting
you off the hook.

Why would you?

Do whatever you want.
You have that freedom.

You can do whatever you want
without caring how others see you.

I'm so jealous.

You don't know what it's like to be me.
Watch what you say.

Of course I don't.

But you don't
have to fake a smile.

That in itself is
a huge privilege.

I'm always smiling.

I smile even
when I'm hurt or sad.

But it's better
that I suffer the pain.

If someone else
suffered because of me,

that would make
me feel even worse.

But why do you
dislike smiling so much?

Because everyone
wears it as a mask.

It's all fake.

I'm sure there was
a sincere person among them.

That's pretty sad.

How pretty.

Didn't I tell you not to smile?

That wasn't a fake smile.

It was genuine.

I don't care.

Just don't smile.

I'm not even working right now.

Why can't I smile
when I feel like it?

From now on,

even outside of working hours,


in front of me…

is not permitted.

Why not?


I'm not listening to you.

No. I'm going
to keep smiling.


Just pour me another drink.



Snobby Gu.

Snobby Gu.

It's cold.

Don't smile in front of me.

My head.

My gosh. I must be crazy.

I didn't even take
my socks off last night.


Phony Cheon.

Why don't you get off of me?

Why are you sleeping here?

Since this is my room.

But this is my room.

I clearly heard "two rooms" yesterday,
and there were two doors.


I thought this was
the best hotel in Gapado.

What are you doing?

You have some time
until the boat gets here.

Why don't you take a lap?

I don't like walking.

You can't take in
everything on foot.

- You need to be on wheels.
- I see.

I can see everything from here.

The scenery of Gapado
should not just be seen with the eyes.

It must be
engraved in the heart.

Just go and bike
around with your wife.

Where did you get that from?

It's from the old man.

Do you want to hop on?

No. We're not close enough
to ride a bike together.

Yes, you're so right about that.

But I hear it's impossible to see
even a quarter of the island on foot,

so I'm just trying
to do you a favor.

The view from over there

is apparently very nice.

Is there only one bike?

Forget it. I'll
go by myself.

Can I hop on?

Are you tired?


You're not tired, are you?

This is a cakewalk.

It's the sea.

It's so pretty here.

Isn't it beautiful?

Not really.


Send me the receipt.

All you have to
do is say thank you.


Send me the receipt.

Sorry? How much?

675,000 won.


It costs 200,000 won per suite.

So it's 400,000 won for 2.

The moonlight
dinner was 120,000 won

and the wine wasn't included,
so another 100,000 won.

So that's 620,000 won.

And the bike rental
costs 55,000 won.

So the total comes
out to 675,000 won.

But we used one room.

Did you two sleep
together last night?

- No.
- No.

So then you used
two separate rooms.

We accept credit cards too.

That's ridiculous.
You're ripping us off.

It's fine. It's
just money.

I didn't bring my wallet.

Can I pay with this?

This isn't a pawnshop.

I won't accept that.

I thought you said
you accept credit cards.

The card's in here.

So I'll pay with this.

There's a card in there?

Do you expect
me to believe that?

Did you think you could fool me,

thinking I'm some old hillbilly?

What's gotten you all worked up?

- These people…
- Good thing you're here.

Something seems fishy.

You had a grand old time
eating and drinking here last night.

Who are you calling fishy
when you're refusing to pay?


They didn't pay you, Mom?


- Mom?
- Mom?

I thought you were a chaebol.

Why the fuss over chump change?

That's not it.

Take a look at this.

I was going to pay

- with this.
- What is that?

This isn't a pawnshop.
What the heck is this?

Anyway, if you don't pay,
I'm not starting the boat.

Then give me
your account number.

I'll tell my assistant
to wire you the money.

Hold on.

Ma'am, even if the room
we slept in last night

is the best suite in Gapado,

compared to King Hotel,
100,000 won will do for one night.

I'll accept 150,000 won,
but no more than that.

This may be a tourist spot, but dinner
should cost no more than 50,000 won.

Bike rentals are usually
10,000 won per person.

I'll leave the wine
price at 100,000 won.

Then the total is 320,000 won,

but including the
borrowed clothes,

we'll pay you 350,000 won.

Why do you need to cut the price in half
when you're a chaebol?

Can you rip people
off if they're rich?

I could report you
for price gouging.

Gosh, you
youngsters are so petty.

Just pay the price
and leave in peace.

By the looks of it,
you guys are related.

Was the boat
even malfunctioning?



Yes. Very much so.

You're not using
Jeju dialect today.

Is that so?

350,000 won.

We can wire it right away.

Okay. It's a deal.


Why did you waste your energy
when I could've easily paid for it?

You've never had to check
the price of anything, have you?

Why would I?

Most people do

to make sure that
the price is reasonable

and that they can afford it.

My grandma taught me
that money doesn't grow on trees.

They were obviously
trying to swindle us.

It's wrong to deceive others.

Money should be earned honestly.

But why?

What do you mean?

To preserve one's integrity.


I'm sorry about the other day.

About what?

The stone that I
supposedly threw at you.

I don't know what it was,

but the look in your eyes
told me you were hurt by it.

Right. That stone.

I forgot about that.

This is delicious.

It's amazing with beer.

Right? I got it at the airport
because I was short on time,

but it's pretty good.

So did the live
broadcast go well?

Yes. Fortunately,
people enjoyed it.

What is your head manager like?

How should I put it?


a stuck-up jerk.

- What about his looks?
- He looks like one too.

He's the heir of King Group.

It'd be weirder
for him not to be.

Right. Did you
give him the scarf?

What? Are you
seeing someone?

No, he's just a junior.

- Isn't it time for Cho-rong to come home?
- Yes.

- Let's go. We'll see you off.
- Okay.

How is it that all three of us
still don't own a car?

I know, right?

If one of us had a car,
we could go for a drive.

Hey, why don't you buy a car?

I don't have the money.

Then what about you?

I don't have a license.

How could you not have a license
at your age?

It should be you.
You have both.

She's right.

Let's get one to
celebrate your promotion.

- Yes.
- Hey.

I only get paid
an extra 20,000 won per month.

20,000 won?

Yes. 20,000 won,
not 20,000 dollars.

I'm so consistent, aren't I?

The bus is
here. I'm leaving.

Hey, Gang Darong.

You're doing great.
You're the best out of us three.


Was that the best you could do?

How could you storm off
because of that one question?

As a businessman,

a lot of things
can and will happen.

What sort of head manager
behaves worse than a mere employee?

We attracted a lot of views
and it was great publicity.

It's the outcome that matters.

The methods aren't important.
That's what I learned from you.

Did you raise those views?

Did we gain publicity
because of you?

You made a mess,

and a mere employee
cleaned it up for you!

Aren't you ashamed?

But it all turned out well.

How long will
you fuss over this?

You're too old to be
looking for your mom!

I'm not looking for her.

I just want to know the truth.

The only truth you need to know

is the company's
profit and stock prices.

The only thing
that can be trusted is money.

Love? Laughter?

Kindness? Respect?

It's all a lie!

What about Mom?

Was that a lie too?

There's no such thing as love

for people in our station.

Then what is there?


It is my duty to protect
what my father passed down to me,

and it is your duty
to protect what I've accomplished.


Don't be foolish.
Just be good at your job!

If you're going to
talk about your mom again, leave.


I still need to know the truth.

Why don't you rest up
since you're finally home?

Though it seems like
you'll get kicked out soon.

There's no need
to be scared of me.


I said I had no
interest in the company.

I warned you not to mess with me,
yet look what you did.

In a childish way at that.

Me, scared of you?

Don't provoke me.

You're just a nobody.
How dare you get smart with me?

You better quit acting up.

Sa-rang, I enjoyed
the live broadcast.

You did great.

You're the star
of our hotel now.

You were so cool.

It was nothing, but thank you.


Look at you guys
celebrating over nothing.

Do you think you're famous now
after one TV appearance?

Anyone could've done as much.

Had it been me,
it would've hit 10 million views.

You know that, right?

Right this way, sir.


Thank you all
for your hard work.

You must be her.
Cheon Sa-rang.

Our best talent.

Yes, sir. I'm
Cheon Sa-rang.

Who hired her?

I did.

The broadcast
told me everything.

I get why the guests chose you
as the best employee.

You're good at thinking on your feet
and handling crises.

And you're kind-hearted.

Thank you, sir.

Being chosen as the best talent
for two years in a row

is any concierge's
crowning glory.

It's an honor for me to have
such an excellent employee at my hotel.

Not at all.

I am honored
to be able to work at King Hotel.

Starting tomorrow,

work at King the Land.


Didn't you say King Hotel
has been your joy and dream

ever since you were young?

As the employee
who loves our hotel the most,

you should be given the opportunity
to rise to its highest point.


What are you doing?

What's making you smile like that?
Let me see.

This isn't the time for you
to indulge in narcissism.

Did you even knock?

Over ten times.

You couldn't hear me
because you were so entranced.

Also, the PR team
already selected the photos,

so you don't have
to look at them.

Here. Why don't
you review this first?

I put this report
together myself.

I hear you'll be attending
the board meetings from now on.

I compiled profit and loss statements
from the past three years,

a comparative analysis of
major competitors' marketing strategies,

this year's business plan,
next year's business goals…

You're not listening to me.

So the PR team already
chose the photos?

Yes, sir.

Why don't I take a look?

Is this a tilefish or a whale?

The fish hardly matters.

You should look at your face.

The photographer is so kind.

He even photoshopped your face.

- What is this?
- This one was the most natural

out of the ones that
were photoshopped.

That's why you should've smiled
when they asked.

Bring him to me immediately.

The photographer?

- Bring him to me.
- Yes, sir.

What am I even doing?



"I am always waiting
for that person's text."


"Maybe. No."



"I have set up an appointment

to meet this person
in private before."


"This person's number is saved
in my phone with a nickname."

Phony Cheon.




"I can't help but
think about them

even when I try not to."





"I can't help but smile

when I see this
person smile."



Oh, my.

You are dealing with
the pain of unrequited love.

Don't keep your
feelings bottled up.

Go to that person
and ask them how they feel about you.

You have already fallen for that
person's irresistible charms.

If you want to develop
your relationship with them,

you need to muster
up the courage.

Thanks for your hard work.

Thank you for everything.

Good luck.

- Hey…
- Sa-rang.


You have no idea
what King the Land is like.

We call this place
the hotel's first class.

I'll do my best.

Let's go. Your
uniform is ready.

She must be pretty.

That rotten jerk.
Forget about money.

You should be with a man
who's good to you.

I asked to see you yesterday.

What? When?

I simply can't stand
owing someone a favor.

But I'm okay with it.

I just feel bad for you.

Would you like

to have dinner with me?

Subtitle translation
by: Stephanie Jung