King the Land (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

After an awkward interaction, Sa Rang and Won get off to a bad start - later embarking on a trip together. Sa Rang faces relationship problems.


The bathroom is
bigger than my house.

This is cool.


- Don't look.
- I won't.

You really can't.

I won't, even if you beg me.

What do you take me for?


You need to come out.

I'm sorry but can
you please just go?

I need my phone.

I'll bring it to you.

Open up. I'm busy.

I'm coming in.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

You know me, right?

We've met before, haven't we?

No, I've never seen you.

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

This is my room…

Let's speak for a moment.

What's with him?
Why is he following me?

Stop right there.

Can't you hear me?

May I help you, sir?

It's you, right?

The treadmill.

Sorry? The treadmill?

You suddenly
called me a pervert.

Don't you remember?

A pervert?

What a pervert.


If you ever do this again,

I'm going to kill you.

Please keep that
in mind, Mr. Pervert.

That tiger T-shirt?


- Do you finally remember?
- Yes.

I knew it.

You were staring like a pervert
without turning away.

Aren't you the pervert

for turning the window transparent
while on the toilet?

Nothing I do can top you.


For both today and that day.

I'm truly sorry for today.

However, you were the one at fault
back on that day.

I believe you're the one
who owes me an apology.

Why me?

If you don't know
why you should apologize,

there's no need to go on.

Please excuse me.

Enjoy your stay, sir.

Excuse me.


I wasn't done talking.

I'm sorry, but I have
nothing more to say.

And both back then and now,

I don't even have
the fanciest interest in you,

so stop following me.

There's no talking to you.

Nothing you can
do will get to me.


I don't need to show courtesy
to someone who behaves like this.

This is a warning.

Don't ever let me see you again.

Yes, sir. That
is also precisely what I want.

And stop smiling.

All staff of King Hotel serve our guests
with sincere, bright smiles.

If my smile is
displeasing to you,

please consider staying
at another hotel.

Excuse me.

Guest first.

That perverted jerk.

And it's not "fanciest,"
but "faintest."


It's not "I don't have
the fanciest interest in you."

It's "I don't have
the faintest interest in you."

That's the correct expression.

In case people make fun of you.

That's one condescending jerk.


I asked for a resume
and you really brought one.

You must really
want to work here.

Rules are rules.

And your family register?

Come on, we're family.

Rules are rules.

If that's too troublesome,
don't work here.

Why go through all this when
you don't even care about the business?

I'll submit it.

This is fun.

I'll need two copies
of the family register.


Thirty minutes.


We meet again.

I'm hosting the inaugural
ceremony today.


I dread standing before a crowd,

but my higher-ups
say it has to be me.

I understand.

Life can be tiring
when you're in demand.

- Do you want to have dinner after?
- I'd love to!

- Is that all right?
- Absolutely. I'd love to.

Then I'll meet you
tonight for dinner.

Okay, sure.

Good luck at the ceremony.

Thank you.

See? It worked.

Great job,
Sang-sik. Good one.

- Where are you going?
- To get my family register.

Ask the staff to run your errands.
Let's go. Everyone is waiting.

For who? Me?

- Why?
- The inaugural ceremony.

After the ceremony,
you have a celebratory dinner

with the board and the VIPs.

No, I'm not going.

The chairman gave
a direct order to the PR team.

Why are you so nervous?

The rest of your life
will be like a party.

Let's go.


I'm Manager Kim Su-mi,
here to host today's ceremony.

Let us begin the
inaugural ceremony

to welcome the new head manager
of King Hotel.

Please welcome Head Manager Gu Won
with a big round of applause.

What's that pervert doing here?



I've never seen…

I mean,

Head Manager Gu will share
an inaugural speech.

Oh, no.

Don't smile.

Stop smiling.

Don't smile.

Stop smiling.

Hello. My name is Gu Won.

I hope to make
the best of our time.

- Let's end this.
- Sorry?


Then let us end the
inaugural ceremony.

King Hotel's best talent,
Ms. Cheon Sa-rang,

- will welcome the head manager.
- I'm done for.

Bring out the bouquet.

Darn it.


meet again.

Welcome, Head Manager Gu!


Yes, we truly welcome you.

- Do you mean it?
- Yes, sir.

This is from all of us.

Next week, you'll
film a promo video

with the best talent of the year,
our kind Ms. Sa-rang.

The PR team
will send you the script directly.

- That's all?
- That's all.

- You may leave.
- Okay.

I'll excuse myself as well.

Ms. Best
Talent, come here.

I warned you
to never let me see you again.

I'll do my best to
avoid you from now on.

- Do you know what hospitality is?
- Yes, I know it very well.

Is avoiding
discomfort hospitable?

I'm only meeting your request
to avoid running into you.


why am I a pervert?

Not only did you make
awkward moaning sounds

in the gym, which
is a public space,

but you also gave me
your room key as a tip

along with a creepy note

talking about "my cunning advances"
and "a steamy night together."

- Me?
- Back then, I was new.

I admit I didn't
follow the manual.


I do not have a reason
to condone such disrespect

just because I
work in hospitality.

What are you talking about?
When did I do that?

I've never done
anything like that,

and you're nowhere near my type,
not even over my dead body.

Are you sure I'm
him? Are you positive?

You were wearing
a T-shirt with a tiger print.

Are you kidding me?

Is everyone who
wears that a pervert?

I clearly heard that a man
in a tiger print T-shirt gave it to me.

So you're saying

you made an assumption about me

just by looking at my T-shirt?

So that wasn't you who did that?

What do you take me for?

Why would I?

To you, no less?

I told you, didn't I?

Even over my dead body,

you are without a doubt,
absolutely, most definitely

not my type.

I'm sorry.

You should've told me so.

You never gave me a chance.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Don't smile.

I loathe that fake smile.

I must smile on duty.
Just think of it as part of my uniform.

Even so, don't.

- Really?
- If you smile, you're fired.

Thank you.

I wasn't ready to show you
a heartfelt smile.

Thank you for not
letting me fake a smile.


I truly apologize
for what I did on that day.

I apologize from the
bottom of my heart.

Take the flowers and leave.

Yes, sir.

A pervert?

There's no pervert like me.


This way, sir.

- Please hang up my coat.
- Of course.

Let me escort you to your seat.

Right over here, sir.

Put my suitcase up.

Yes, I'll put it in
the overhead bin.

Please enjoy your flight.

You might get hurt.

Let me handle it.


They can just
leave the tray as is.

Why do people do this?

Because they're kind.

They think stacking these
will make our lives easier.

That's not kindness.
It's excessive.

This is a useless courtesy.

Just accept the gesture.

Let's clean up
and get ready for duty-free sales.

Ro-un and Eun-ji, clean the restrooms
when the seatbelt sign turns on.

- Yes.
- Yes.

Who took the coat
from the passenger in 3H?

I did.

It's not in the closet.

Where did you leave it?

I threw it out.


What are you talking about?

He asked me to.

This way, sir.

Please hang up my coat.

"Please dump my coat."

That's what he said.


Are you all trying
to get me fired?

I told you not to cause trouble!

I'm sorry.

An apology isn't
going to fix this.

He told me to
bring it right away!

I'll take responsibility.

How dare you say that
when you're a mere rookie?

You aren't in a
position to do that.

What will you do now?

What are you all
going to do about this?

I'll take responsibility
and handle this.

Will you?


then make sure it
doesn't affect me.

Handle it quietly
and efficiently. Okay?

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Forget it. I'll be in
the transit lounge,

so bring it before
my next flight.

If you don't,
I won't let you off for this.

Yes, sir. I'll bring it to you
as soon as possible.

I'm very sorry.

I'm sorry.
Please help me.

Please help me just this once.

I can't.

I'm very behind right now.

I'll pay you twice as much.

It's fine.

Three times, four times,
or however much you want.

Please help me.

Sir, please.
I'm begging you.

You'll get hurt if
you run like that.

Get some rest.

You were a great host
at the ceremony today.

How may I help you?

Do you like snow crab?

How about it for dinner?
I'll be crabby if not.


Is it fun going around
pretending to be Mr. Gu?

Mr. Gu?

I never said I was him.

I was supposed to eat dinner
with the head manager,

but you're not the head manager.

Why should I eat
dinner with you?

So you have no business
with the secretary.

Is that what you're saying?


I totally don't.

You're a total, absolute snob.

I'm like that.

So let's not exchange greetings
ever again.

Don't worry.

I don't go anywhere near snobs.

It'll rub off on me.

Oh, my! It's rubbing off.

What? Rub off on you?

Ms. Sa-rang,
you're here. Let's go.

You are to attend Mr.
Gu's welcome dinner as the staff rep.

What? Me?

Wait, why should she go?

I should be the
staff representative.


A snobby manager
couldn't possibly represent the staff.

That's nonsense.

The higher-ups do have a discerning eye
when it comes to people.

- What?
- Let's go. We're late.

I'll be back.

Careful, there's
some snobbiness here.

- This way, please.
- Darn it.

That crabby-looking man.
Snow crab, my foot.

It's so nice.

Is this your first time here?

But you've worked
here for so long.

This is King the Land.

Since it's a lounge
on the VIP floor,

regular staff can't come here
even after 100 years.

And you're finally here.

Enjoy the day.

Today, you're a VIP too.


This is fabulous.

You said you'd do
your best to avoid me.

Tuna cheek, sir.

- Thank you.
- Yes.

- Please enjoy.
- Yes.

Was the tuna you caught
500 million won, Chairman Han?

500 million?

It was 590 million won.

- Goodness.
- How much was this one?

We paid 700 million.

Hwa-ran has such
excellent discernment.

You'll never see another tuna
as nice as this one.

Do you want to make a bet?

What if I find a
better tuna than that?

Good grief.

What counts is the heart,
not the price tag.

Hwa-ran prepared this to celebrate
her brother's appointment.

I always knew you were generous.
Turns out you're kind as well.

Now that he's joined the hotel,

he might steal it from you.

Will you take charge
of King the Land?

It's basically a
mandatory course

for your business
management training.

- Stop saying such nonsense.
- What?

In a competition,
whoever is better wins it all.

Why would I compete with Won?

I should help him.

Father, please make a toast.

Yes, I will.

All right, everyone.

I'd like to thank

the chairpersons, executives, and staff
who came here to celebrate

despite your busy schedules.

Please show your support
for Head Manager Gu Won

in his future endeavors.

Now, let us enjoy.


Who are you?


I'm Cheon Sa-rang,
stationed in the lobby.

She's our best talent,

here to represent our staff.


That must mean you're
the most hospitable staff in our hotel.

Why don't you come out

and make a speech for us?

- Me?
- Do you feel uncomfortable?

No, sir.

It's a great honor to
serve a head manager

of such great
character and intellect.

So fake.

We truly welcome you.


I like your
outspoken personality.

Thank you.

Mr. Kim, can you find

the most precious
part of the tuna

and give it to our best talent?

Yes, sir.

Thank you. I'll enjoy it.

That fake work smile.

Won, you should
share a word too.

I'm fine.

Get up. You're
the man of the hour.

Thank you for sparing
your precious time.


I'll make King Hotel

a place without fake smiles.

How amazing.

He holds an inaugural ceremony
and a party for his son,

even getting the
PR team involved.

What's the matter?

Are you scared?

Of a boy like you?

Let me make this clear.

I don't care about management
or taking over the company.

So no need to be scared.

If you really don't care,

why did you bother
to finish your MBA?

Well, I was good
enough to get one.

There's no need to
hide my competence.

Putting it like that
doesn't make you sound cool.

I don't care what others think.

And I won't work here for long.


don't mess with me.

So don't be so cheeky

if you want to
enjoy this luxury.

Here, come meet my children.

What's this?

Tuna. A present
from the chairman.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

May I be excused?


Should I let the chairman know?

Just go. Nobody
cares about you.


Yes, my dear. Are
you coming home?

I'm not.

Grandma, do you want some tuna?

What? Some pumas?

No, not pumas. Tuna.

I'm busy right now.

Call me when you come.

Gosh, she's always like this.


Let's have a drink!


The chairman gave me tuna today.
Do you want some?

I'm fine. You have it.

It's worth 700 million won,
and he gave me the most expensive part.

I'm in Busan
eating tuna right now.

Busan? Why?

Didn't I tell you?

I came to see a
game with the club.

I'm going to hang out here for a bit,
then be back by the weekend.

But we were going
to Namsan tomorrow.

That was tomorrow?

Did I make this plan alone?

This game is important,

so let me off just this once.

But let's go next week
to do that lock thing

and whatever else you want.

Yu-nam, come here!

I have to
go. I'll call you!

All right.


I'm sorry.

It's the head!

It's tuna.

I'm sorry.

He gave me the head.

What do I do?

We made eye contact again!

I'm done. You do it.

- I can't.
- What now?

Look at its eye.

It's looking straight at me.

Hi, guys.

What's going on?

What's happening?


Gosh, it's tuna!

It melts in my mouth.

Da-eul, is there
anything you can't do?

Tell me about it.

Look, she's so good
at making side dishes too.

You'll see when you have children.
Mothers are amazing.

Why would you eat
raw instant noodles over this?

I hate mushy stuff.

Still, try one. If it's from the chairman,
it must be expensive.

It was 700 million won.

700 million?

Hey, spit it out.

- Why?
- Hey.

Most tunas are
about five heads long,

so the head alone
is worth 140 million.

That's worth more
than our heads.

- Let's sell this.
- Yes, let's.


Do we know anyone
who'd pay that much for tuna?


You could buy a
house with that money.

Right, so just eat.

When else would
we be able to eat this?

If the head is 140 million won,

one piece costs
2.4 million won.

And now, 4.8 million.

People who gulp these down
must live a happy life.

I'm sure.

They must be happy.

- This is crazy.
- That's 12 million.

- Okay, let's do it.
- Is it good?



Come sleep at home today.

- The hotel is more convenient.
- Come home.

Let's have another
drink at home.

Are you coming home?

He told me to, so I should go.

You should live
your life as you please.

Don't set your
foot on rough terrain.

Are you getting in?

The chairman wants you at home.

How impudent.

You need to open
the door for me.

You know,

people are quick
to catch onto bad behaviors.

Please get in, sir.

This is it.

It won't open any further.

Go home.

What? I can't go home.

The chairman told
me to bring you home.

I can't. Mr. Gu!



Sa-rang, what are you drawing?

When we played at
the beach, Mommy.

- Then what's this?
- A hotel.

- A hotel?
- Yes.

- It's a pink hotel.
- Yes.

Mommy, when I grow up,
I'm going to work at a hotel.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Mommy.
- Yes?

I love you.



- Ta-da!
- Ta-da!


-Congratulations on your promotion
-Congratulations on your promotion

What's all
this? Thank you.

Congrats on your
promotion, Ms. Gang.

It's an honor, Ms. Gang.

Just call me Da-eul.

It's weird to hear
you call me Ms. Gang.

Thank you.

It's great to have
you as our manager.

Finally, spring is here for us.

Then let me share a word
as the new manager.

From now on, let's
each get our own lunch.


And this will be the last day
our junior member prepares snacks for us.


I understand lunch,
but isn't that going too far?

It's our tradition.

If you abolish it now, what will become
of everyone who's upheld it thus far?

Do you really think this tradition
is good enough to pass on?


- No.
- No.

We didn't get a job
here to serve someone.

Let's not fight over a weird tradition
that was made in the past.


- Okay.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Let's eat up and
get ready to open.

They look great on you.

Take them off.
They're awful.

Let's go. It's
almost time.

They look fine.

Sir, those look great on you.

You're like Brad Pitt.

I wouldn't go that far.

Brad Pitt, my foot.

Hey, take them off.
You look like a fly.

Goodness, a fly?

Your friend must be jealous
that you look so good.

- Me?
- And flies are wonderful, aren't they?

They gleam in rainbow hues
and fly around freely through the sky.

Isn't that cool?

The moment you walk out with those,
everyone will fall for you.

- Really?
- Hey.

Don't make any impulse buys today
and just go.

We have a lot of
time before our flight.


Sir, these sunglasses are limited edition
and only sold in Korea.

Our stocks are low,
so you may not find them next time.

These look like they were
specially made for you.

I'm afraid you
may regret it later.

I'll take them.

Let me ring you
up. This way, please.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.
Please come again.

Hey, when did you get here?

"Oh, my, sir.
You're like Brad Pitt."


Hey, it makes total sense.

If he'll increase our sales,
he's better than Brad Pitt.

Just stopping by?
Or are you shopping?

I'm not here to shop,

but is there something I can give
as a token of gratitude?

Are you sure it's a token of gratitude
and not a gift for a guy you're into?

- Forget it. I'm leaving.
- Oh, my.

You can come in as you like,

but you can't leave empty-handed.
Buy something.

No, maybe next time.

Please, take a
look at our scarves.

These are wonderful products
recommended by the national mom.

You have a reservation
for a deluxe room

- with a city view, right?
- Yes, that's right.

Please upgrade
the room to a suite.

Shall I cancel the deluxe room

and change the
reservation to a suite?

That's not it.

The national mom,
Ms. Mo Seong-ae,

is willing to stay here tonight,

so just upgrade
the room to a suite.

I'm sorry, sir.

Our rules do not allow
an upgrade to a suite.

Move aside.

- Do you know who I am?
- Yes, hello.

I'll post a review
on social media as a favor.

So get me a suite.

Thank you for
your special concern.

However, our rules do not allow us
to assist you in that way.

If you enjoy wine,
may I offer you a pass for our lounge,

where we serve simple snacks
along with wine, cocktails, and beer?

Do you know how
many followers I have?

One word from me,
and you'll have to shut down.

I'm so sorry.

You really don't get it, do you?

Get your manager.

I want the desk manager!

Our manager is not
here at the moment.

What's with these
interview questions?

- What do you mean?
- Look, they're so juvenile.

I didn't come up with them.

Tell them to redo it.

Just go along with it.
Why are you pretending to work?

It's unlike you.

I might as well do a good job.

Tell them to give me
some real questions.

Yes, sir.

If your manager isn't here,
bring someone else in charge!

It's not like I'm
asking for much.

I just want to talk
to the manager.

Who are you to stop me?

- That's Mo Seong-ae.
- The manager isn't here.

I'm in charge of check-ins.

Feel free to talk to me.

Are you a parrot?

You're repeating the same words
over and over again!

What's going on?

- Nothing, sir.
- Doesn't seem like it.

Are you the desk manager?

- No.
- Then why are you butting in?

Why isn't there a manager here?

I asked you what was going on.

She reserved a deluxe room,

but she wanted an
upgrade to a suite.

Charge her extra and do it.

That's not it.

This guest right here
is a famous actress, Mo Seong-ae.

She said she'd give us publicity
if we offered a free upgrade,

so I explained that
our rules did not allow that.

Ms. Mo Seong-ae,
the national mom.

How long have you worked here?

Seven years, sir.

Yet you still can't handle
a rude guest like her?

What? A rude guest?

The so-called national mom

made a scene to stay in a nice room
without paying for it.

Why not tell her
she's being a thief?

Get security and kick her out.

Hey! Who do
you think you are?

Save the rest for our security officers.
They'll be here shortly.

Hey! You!

Stop right
there! Hey, you!

Ms. Mo.

- Lots of people are watching.
- So what?

I didn't do anything wrong!

Let them all come and see!

It won't do you any good
if people upload this on the internet.

I'm so pissed.

That damn internet
is everything now.


I normally wouldn't care
if I didn't get that suite upgrade,

but I will make
sure to get it today.

I'm so sorry.

You keep talking
about these rules,

so what are the rules?

Tell me the article and clause!

I'm so sorry.

I don't need your apology.
Give me the room!

- Ms. Cheon, my office. Now.
- Sorry?

Didn't you hear me?

Come to my office. Now.


I'm talking to her right now.

Over there. Manager.

Yes, hello, Mr. Gu.

It's your duty as the manager
to protect the staff.

What are you doing?

- Call security.
- Yes, sir.

Do your job.

What? You're the manager?

You were here all along,

but you were
hiding and watching?

What's your name?

How may I help you?

Do you expect me
to repeat everything again?

This is so annoying.

It's me, Mo Seong-ae!


If there's nothing
else for me to do…

Don't we have a manual
against rude customers?

Why do you put up
with such nonsense?

We must remain hospitable
no matter what the circumstances.

But circumstances do differ.

Weren't you the outspoken type
who spoke her mind with a smile?

Even if we aren't at fault,

it's in our manual
to apologize to our guests

and make sure
they don't leave feeling offended.

What kind of a manual is that?

Who made that?

The higher-ups, I'm sure.

People like you.

I'm quite outspoken
outside of work.

But at the hotel,
I'm not Cheon Sa-rang, but a concierge.

My job is to stay professional

and resolve complaints from guests
in an amicable way.

If you have nothing more to say,
please excuse me.

Don't ask me anything.

Favorite color. Favorite weather.
Favorite food. Everything.

I don't like anything.

I never asked.

- You will.
- I won't.

- What will you ask, then?
- Why should I?

You aren't going
to do the interview?

What interview?

Mr. No.

Why doesn't she know
about the interview?

I only gave you the proposal.

What about Ms. Cheon?

Only you need to look over it.

Employees must do
as they're told. Right?

I'm done checking.

I won't do it!

You must.

It's the chairman's order.

Why do I have to
do that like a clown?

The chairman of New World

and the daughter of Ttukbaegi

share their everyday lives online,
including how they eat, cook, and shop.

In this day and age,
public image is a warzone.

This time, you'll go to war

on behalf of our group

along with our
kind Ms. Sa-rang.

- "War"?
- Why would I go to war

with a kind person?

I need a good fighter!

I'm going to war?

She looks like a good fighter.

Look at that. Did
you do taekwondo?

- These idiots.
- I've never heard that.

So I have to do a
live promotional show with Mr. Gu,

- and it'll air on CNBS?
- Yes.

I told you about
the promo video.

How is a promo video
the same as a live show on CNBS?

In essence, they're
all promo videos.

And you won't have to do much.

You'll just read off the script.

But still, how could you
not have told me anything?

Show me. I need
to look over it too.


We aren't here to
look over things.

We're here to do as we're told.


what's with the casual tone?

Did I do that?

I did.

Is it because I'm older?

That must be why.
You can talk casually too.

Okay, Sang-sik.

Give me the
proposal and the script.

I know I should do as I'm told,

but I need to know.
I'm a person, not a puppet.

It's not that I
won't give it to you...

Then bring it to the lobby soon.

I'm busy, so I have to go.

Please excuse me, sir.

How do they
pick the best talent?

Is that so important?

Did you just see that?


We're on a first-name basis
in under five minutes.

My skills make
my life so difficult.

It's killing me.

- Get out.
- Yes, sir.


Look behind you.
A killer view, right?

Yes, it's killing me.

Why did we get out of the taxi
before we reached the top?

I did it for you.

You're always standing at the hotel,
so you should work out.

Almost there. Keep it up!

This is nice!

Darn it.

This is nice.

- Do you like it?
- Yes.

We first talked about coming here
last winter.


It's me.

No, it's fine. Go ahead.


Really? Everyone's there?

Okay, I'll be there soon.


If you're done, let's go.

Is this a joke?
We just got here.

I forgot that I had a reunion.

They're begging me to come.
You should come too.

No. I feel uncomfortable
around strangers.

It's fine. They're
all my friends.

Let's hang the lock and go.

No, I…


Let us love forever!

What did you just throw?

As long as we hang something.

You can't just
laugh it off right now.

It's still nice.

This is the key to our love.

Let's go.

No, you can go alone.

I'm sorry.

Let's leave right
after we say hi.


We're leaving right away.

Sure. It won't
even take a minute.

Let's go.

Did you go to an
all-girls high school?

Come here.

Say hi to her.

This is my girlfriend.


Be nice to her.

Hey Yu-nam, come
and have a drink.

- Hey, it's you.
- Come on!

Be right there.

I'll go say hi to them.
Have fun with the girls.

Don't say anything weird.

I'm watching you.

- Fine.
- Fine.

- He's impossible.
- Goodness.

- Have some.
- Okay.

- I'm here now!
- Hit it!

- You're here.
- It's been so long.

- Three drinks for a latecomer.
- You still do this?

- Chug!
- Chug!

- Hey!
- Another round!

Hurry up.

How long have you two dated?


Just over a year now.

I can't believe it.

- He's never lasted three months.
- I know, right?

Do you always talk like that?

- Are you acting cute to seem younger?
- Stop it.


Right, Seon-mi
is getting married.

- What? To who?
- Yes.

Do you remember
Gwang-ho in our class?

- No way. She's marrying him?
- No, his dad!

What? No way!

No, you're it!

-Bunny, bunny
-Bunny, bunny

You lost!

- Chug!
- I had too much to drink!

- Chug!
- Chug!

- How long will you make us dance?
- How long will you make us dance?

-Look at my shoulder
-Look at my shoulder

- Hey.
- Where are you going?

- Hey, wait!
- Hey!


You're leaving?

You said we'd
just say hi and go.

Sorry. Are you sulking?

I'm mad.

I'm wondering if I
should keep dating you.

I'm sorry. It's
just been so long…

I'm leaving. We can
talk later. Have fun.

Wait, let me take you home.

I'll say goodbye and come out.

Wait for me.

Hey, I have to go.

- Why?
- Don't go.

- Come on, stay.
- I really have to go.

- No, wait.
- Don't be like that.

- Do you need me?
- We do!

Then just one last drink.

Wait, I really have to go.

- Come on!
- No!

- Hey, no.
- Someone grab him.

- Yu-nam's favorite game!
- Yu-nam's favorite game!

- Game start!
- Game start!

This is fun!

So much fun!

- The game of death!
- The game of death!







ID NUMBER: 89-91827




Mr. Gu.


Yes, hello…

Look at the
time. You're late!

I'm here on time.

Hey, our kind
Ms. Sa-rang.

- You're here on time.
- Hello.

- Are you two close?
- We are.

We're on a first-name basis.

Don't fool around at work.

And enough with
this first-name basis.

Why not?

It's not the office.

I don't care where
we are. Just stop it!

Our kind Ms. Sa-rang,
follow me with this.


Hey, miss.

Is this yours?


That's his.

It's his suitcase.

Hey, young man.

Come here.

Come over here.

What are you doing?

You should take care
of your own suitcase.

Aren't you supposed to assist me
as my subordinate?

I'm sorry,

but I'm here for the promo video,
not as your porter.

Please excuse me.

I hope you two
have a great talk.

It's him.

I'm sorry.

I'm frightened.

- No Sang-sik…
- Are you three messing around?

You still haven't apologized
after you hit me.


Get over here.

I apologize.

Is this enough?

Do you think money is the answer
to all problems, you young little…


- Do you need change?
- No.


Do you need a hand with this?

You don't seem very well.

- This is heavy.
- And a no to that too.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

You two.

The car is ready.

Is this our car?

Haven't you seen one before?

No, it's my first time!

Then you're in for a surprise.

Gosh, it's so loud.

It's best to ride it

under the scorching sun of Las Vegas
against a rough sandstorm.

This isn't Vegas,
but you're in for a special treat.

Watch this.

See? Isn't
this something?

We're in for a good ride.

This is so cool.

Mr. Gu, the
door is locked.

You two can find
your own way to the hotel.

Sa-rang, let's grab a cab.

I'll get one.


- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.

Sir, please drive slowly.

It's so pretty.



This is a business channel
that broadcasts worldwide.

This is not only a promotion,

but also a symbolic statement
that you'll be joining our group.

And your performance

will have an effect
on King Group's stock price as well.

Put on a good show.

Move that over.

Everyone, get ready.



Did you get the questions
from the PR team?

Yes, I did.

You should take this instead.

This is the finalized list.

It changed? We're
about to begin.

It was just sent
from the managing director's office.

We'll edit all the shots,
so feel free to read off of it.



They were delivered
right before filming.

Lines. Then questions.


Smile, king.

He's begging you to smile.
Can't you smile just once?

I don't want to.

Oh, so you're good at everything,
but you can't smile.

I said I'm choosing not to.


Get on this boat?

I don't want to
go with just him.

I don't want to
go with you either.

Are you on your honeymoon?

- No.
- No!


What's with the vibe?

Subtitle translation
by: Eun-sook Yoon