King the Land (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Cheon Sa Rang begins her job at King Hotel - despite the occasional hiccups. Gu Won struggles to integrate himself into the family business. is deprecated, please
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Is this you?

I put on a little weight.

I don't need a high salary.

I hope I don't have to stand all day.
I have flat feet.

- Excuse...
- Where do we eat?

Communication is key
for a hotel concierge.

Will you be able
to communicate…

I'm super fluent in Korean.

I majored in political science
and international relations.

I will lead the conversations

from the guests'

I'm shy. Please
don't look at me.

Excuse me…


Number 511, please come in.

What's with Number 511?

Don't we require a
bachelor's degree?

I apologize.

There must've been a mistake
during the resume screening process.

Hello, I am
interviewee number 511,

Cheon Sa-rang.


Your hobby is playing the piano.

Can you play for us?

- Right now?
- Yes, right now.

But there's no piano here.

I know, right?



Your hobby is playing the piano,

yet you played

It's my hobby, not my specialty.

I'm not that good,
but I enjoy playing.

Can you smile for us?


You really did that?

Yes. What else
was I supposed to do?

But still, it was King Hotel.

You should've at least
played something by Beethoven.


You pass.

Thank you,
ma'am. I'll work hard.

Hey, Beethoven or Mozart.
None of that matters.

They require bachelor's degrees
from mere one-month trainees.

Then why did you
go for the interview?

Just because.

I wondered how Korea's best hotel
conducted their interviews.

If you've satisfied your curiosity,
join me at the duty-free shop.

Don't listen to her.
Be a flight attendant with me.

No, I'm going to
work in a hotel.

Come on. Why?

I just like hotels.

More than you like me?

Hey, you like nightclubs
more than you like me.

How upsetting.

How could you say that?

It can't be helped.

Let's go clubbing.

Right now?

Let's go where?

- Let's go!
- What are you talking about?

Excuse me.

I've been watching
you for a while.

Would you care for a drink?

I'm sorry.

We were in the middle
of something important.

You can just give
me your number.


There we go.

I'll get in touch with you.

Hey, why would you
give your number to a stranger?

What do you mean by "stranger"?
We're acquainted now.

Didn't I tell you to start a relationship
after you developed feelings

instead of regretting it later?

Hey, love doesn't
happen in stages.

I'm dying to know

who you'll get married to
with that mindset.

Are you crazy?

Why would I settle with one person
for the rest of my life?

Even the thought is
frightening. Let's go.

Let's go.

I'll pass. I'm so tired.

- That's why you go clubbing.
- I mean…

You just got off your flight.
You should get some rest.

No sleep at all is better
than just a few hours.

Grab her.

- I'm not in the mood today.
- Goodness.

I'm feeling pumped already.

Who is it?


Yes, I'm Number
511, Cheon Sa-rang.



I did?

But why?

No, that's not what I meant.

Okay, thank you.

Why? What's wrong?

What's the matter?

I passed.

I got an offer from King Hotel!

Congratulations, Sa-rang!

- Hello?
- You landed in the wrong place.

- Sorry?
- It's the building next to you.

Over here!

Over here!

Over here!

Over here!


The most important
quality of an intern

is not how good
they are at their job.

It's having common sense.

No matter how nimble you are
or how hard you work,

it's over for you
if people find you thoughtless.

The end.

Consider arriving late
on your first day of work

and saying, "I thought it was
the building next door."

What ridiculous excuse is that?

What are you…

Where did you buy your shoes?

I bought them in Milan.


A three-piece suit
and shoes from Milan.

You could be
mistaken for a nobleman.

- You should laugh along.
- Yes, sir.

You need to laugh now
if you want to be seen as mindful.

All right. Starting now,
I'll teach you what it means to have…

This is fake, isn't it?


It's authentic?

Look at you.
Goodness. Hold on.

How much does your outfit cost?

Are you a chaebol?


- No.
- See? I knew it.

Look at you.

He's acting like one.

You're on the path
of self-destruction.

This is what you
call being thoughtless.

While you're in my charge,

don't think of doing anything
and just follow my orders.

- Yes, sir.
- Louder. Got it?

- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!


This is your first
internship, right?

Don't be late tomorrow.

I wasn't late.

If you come to work on the dot,
it means you're late.

Come to work at
least 30 minutes early. Got it?

But why are you
speaking so casually?

Because we're coworkers.

We have to get through
this unfriendly world together.

Don't just sit there.
Uncross your legs and do something.

Do what? There's
nothing to do.

You still have to act
like you're doing something.

Here. I'll give you a calculator,
so press some buttons.

I said uncross your legs.

And you heard
him earlier, right?

You shouldn't wear
expensive suits or watches.

Wear something old
like mine if you must.

Do I have to? Why?

Wearing something more expensive
than your superiors is considered mutiny.

You can flaunt your
money outside of work.

I never flaunted it.

My goodness. You're
absolutely clueless.

One would think
you were parachuted into the job.

You're right.

I parachuted here.


I had to rush in
from Jeju Island.

Is there something wrong?

You're driving me crazy.

Listen carefully.

This is my fifth internship.

If you keep acting like this,

you won't even be able to land a job
as a contract worker. Get it together.

- Interns!
- Yes, sir. No Sang-sik reporting.

- Interns.
- Yes, No Sang-sik here.

Why did you come alone?

- Did we only hire one intern?
- No, sir.

I thought you
were just calling me.

Where are you
going? Just call him.

- Right.
- What are you doing?

What? What is he doing?

He needs to sit when
he works, you see.

Goodness. He got up.

Look at how relaxed he is.

How cool. I thought
you were the chairman.

It's because this is
his first internship.

I'll help him out.

- Yes, please help me out too.
- Yes, sir.

- To general affairs.
- Yes, sir.

And make three copies of each.

Take your hand
out of your pocket.

Make copies.
Yes, sir. Here.



You're still not done?

I didn't know how to use this,
so I was looking it up.

How could you not know that?

Since I've never used it before.

Are you a young master or what?

Have your servants
been doing these chores for you?

Also, this is the
scanner. Don't use this.

Look. Just
press this button.

We have to replace
the toner cartridge.

- Interns, what are you doing here?
- Yes, sir?

It says we need to
replace the toner cartridge.

Gosh, we asked for a
new machine ages ago.

The machine has a sensor issue.
Just give it a shake.

- Shake it?
- Yes, shake it.

Yes, sir.

How cute. Are you
going to be that gentle?

- Shake vigorously.
- What if it explodes?

- I said, shake it vigorously.
- Yes, sir.

- That's it. Good job.
- Yes, sir.

- More.
- Yes, sir.

- More.
- More.

Darn it. Who messed
with the copier?

My goodness. I
can't believe you guys.

You're driving me insane.

- Who was it?
- Darn it.

I'm sorry.

I was told to
shake it so…

That's not even that expensive.

You could've just
gotten a new one.

Are we living in the '80s?
Why would you shake that?

Well, the thing is…

You have a lot to say
after causing trouble. Just be quiet.

I'm sorry.

Why did they hire a
blockhead like you?

- Clean the mess!
- Yes, sir.

Why are you sorry?
You didn't do anything wrong.

Of course I'm at fault.

- It's all my fault. Why…
- How so?


What did you just say?

I said it wasn't
Intern No Sang-sik's fault.

Why not?

He just followed orders
because he was told to.

If it resulted in a
negative outcome,

isn't the person
who gave the order at fault?

Stop it.

- What?
- I believe it's not right

to blame your juniors
without determining the cause.

Also, this only happened

because the copier was not replaced
when it should've been.

So the company is most at fault.

How dare an intern
criticize the company?

Even a mere intern
can tell right from wrong.

- Darn you.
- I'm sorry.

This punk has no sense in him.

Clean up this mess
at once and get lost.

And don't come to
work starting tomorrow.

No, I have to come to work.

- I'm sorry.
- Okay.

- I'll do that.
- What?

You'll what?

Don't move!
Where are you going?

- You said to clean up the mess.
- Yes, right here.

Hello, it's me.

Can you send some cleaners
to the sales support team?


The copier also
needs to be replaced.

All right.

- He said he'll send them.
- Who?

The cleaners.

Who said that?

- Director Choi.
- Director Choi?

By Director Choi…

The only Director Choi here

is the one who works
in the chairman's secretary's office.

That's right.

If you don't mind me
asking, who are you?

I'm an intern,

and my name is Gu Won.

Gu Won?

Then are you
Chairman Gu Il-hun's…

That's right.


Goodness, you look
amazing in this suit.

Then I guess

I won't come to work
starting tomorrow as you ordered.

No, ignore what
I said. I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.
I'm a mere intern.

I just need to do as I'm told.

Excuse me, Mr. Choi.

Choi Tae-man at your service.

Thanks to you,

I now have a good grasp of
what thoughtlessness is.

I'll be born again.

Hello, Mr. Choi.

What's wrong with the copier?

Are you hurt anywhere?

I'm fine. Please
just handle the mess.

Hold on.

I was told to
manage your attendance strictly.

If you leave now,
the chairman will be furious.

I just…

got fired.

- No, it was a joke.
- I'm leaving.


You come over here.

- It's all your fault!
- I'm sorry.

- Why did you have to shake that?
- I'm sorry.

I can't get fired though.

- I need to stay here.
- I can't believe this.

I didn't know
that shaking the cartridge would…

You're back, sir.

Do you want to go with me?

- Me?
- As coworkers,

we need to get through
this unfriendly world together.

You said staying here won't even
guarantee you a contract position.

Come with me and
you'll get a full-time position.

I will serve you
with my utmost sincerity, sir.

- Do I need to clean this?
- I'll take care of it.

- Okay, then.
- Sure.

- Here you go.
- You may give it to me.

- I hope you'll be born again.
- Thank you.

Let's go, sir.

Coming through.
Please make way.

- Gosh, why did you…
- Are you in your right mind?!

I told you to learn
from the bottom up.

And you left on the first day?

I didn't choose to leave.
I got kicked out.

Either way, I already told you
that I'm not cut out for this.

I'll go back to the UK.

- What will you do there?
- Dad.

That's enough.

He can start slowly
after studying more.

And I know it's good
to start from the bottom,

but an intern was too much.

Why can't you be
half as good as your sister?

Who does he take after?

Don't be too harsh on him.
I'll try talking to him.

Can we talk?

Go to the hotel.

It's a hassle.

I'll stay here tonight.

Who are you to stay here?

Don't be mistaken.

This isn't your house.

You're right.

I forgot for a second.

Stay at the hotel
and fly out as soon as possible.

Whatever you choose to do,

I'll support you financially.

So don't even think about
lurking around the house or the company.

You know,

I'm loaded too.

But thanks for looking after me.

You almost moved
me for a second.

Where's Won?

He said he'd stay at the hotel
for the time being.

I insisted that he
should at least eat.

That imbecile.

That wasn't even an earful,
but he ran away without eating.

He still has a long way to go.

If you keep tugging,
he'll only run farther away.

Letting him be
might be a good option for now.

All right.

Make sure you don't
give him a hard time either.

The guest is what?

- The guest is king.
- The guest is king.

That's right.
The guest is king.


Because guests pay
service charges at hotels.

Because of that, it is our duty
to treat our guests like the king,

and it gives them the right
to be treated like one as well.

We aim to provide the guests
with satisfactory service

as well as to move their hearts.

We have to forget about our emotions
for the sake of our guests.

If you feel you're not up to it,
you may leave now.

No one?

Are you all ready
to serve the king?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Quality customer service
starts with a smile.

This is the high-end smile
that only King Hotel offers.


- Hermès!
- Hermès!

A smile is the greatest
sword and shield.

Beautifully, Hermès!

- Hermès!
- Hermès!

Hello, Manager Kim.

What's wrong with the floor?

We just cleaned it.

Clean it again and again
until it's sparkling clean.

She's a trainee.

Hello, I'm Cheon Sa-rang.

I'll take a look around.

- Teach her from A to Z.
- Yes, ma'am.

You're uselessly pretty
for a one-month trainee.

- Pardon?
- You'll be gone in a month.

Go and wipe the butt sweat.

"Butt sweat"?

If you go over there,

you'll see the beautiful butt sweat
left by our guests.

You'll be in charge
of that for a month,

so don't miss a single drop
and wipe until it's sparkling clean.

Yes, ma'am.

Hey you.





Cotton swabs and cotton pads
should be filled to 90%.

It's difficult to take
one out at 100%.

Anything under 90%
makes it look like we don't care.

Yes, ma'am.

Why are you so smiley?

I was taught to maintain
my Hermès smile while working.

That applies to concierges.

We still work in the hotel.

The true hotel working experience
starts in the lobby.

We wear sportswear
while they wear uniforms.

Plus, you're only here for a month.
You don't need to get used to Hermès.

I should still try my
best while I'm here.

Try all you want.

No matter what happens,
you won't be able to go near the lobby.

Even I've been stuck
here for five years.

At least you're a
full-time worker.


I'm better than
you in every aspect.

If you're done here, go out and wipe
until everything's sparkling clean.

Okay. I'll wipe
until everything's sparkling clean.

Let's get up early tomorrow
so we can eat something before our flight.

Pyeong-hwa, look up some famous places
nearby and make a reservation.

We have the hotel
breakfast reserved.

I asked for a famous restaurant.

Find a rare restaurant with food

that is unique to this place.

Yes, ma'am. I
will look for a rare restaurant.

We're checked in.

Who wants to
share a room with me?

Then should I choose?

Who will share a room with me?

I wonder who it will be

Eeny, meeny, miny…


You win!

Be done in ten minutes.

Don't use the restroom
while I'm sleeping.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Unplug all the TV

and fridge cables.

I can't sleep if it's
noisy. Understood?

Yes, ma'am. I…


Didn't I tell you
that I'm sensitive?

I could sense the
electromagnetic waves.

I'm sorry.

- Turn off your phone.
- I put it on silent.

I can sense that too.

Thank you. Please
come again next time.

- Da-eul.
- Yes?

The manager said
she doesn't like the cafeteria menu.

She wants some gimbap
to eat in the back.

All right. I'll
be right back.

Sorry. Coming through.

One tuna, two beef,

and one kimchi rice ball to go.

Okay, I got your order.

I'm really sorry, but in the tuna gimbap,
could you please reduce the rice,

add a lot of tuna
and mayonnaise,

and take out the spinach?


I'm really sorry again, but
for one of the beef gimbap,

can you leave out
the sesame oil and carrots?

Why don't you make it yourself?

I'm sorry. My seniors
are picky eaters.

Just for today. I can't cater to
your needs when I'm busy.

Thank you so much.

I'm really sorry again…

- What now?
- Along with the other requests,

for the other beef gimbap,
can you take out the eggs

and apply the right amount of sesame oil
to make it give off a slight scent?

- Get out. I'm done with you.
- I'm sorry.

Please help me out.

- I need to buy the gimbap.
- Get out!

I'll make them.

At least allow me to
make them. Please.

Excuse me. Sorry.

I'm back. I'll get
everything ready.

The manager
went to the cafeteria.


What about these?

Didn't you hear me? She wants
the pork cutlet from the cafeteria.

Let's go.

Where's the water?

- Hello.
- Hello.

- This is Alanga.
- This is King Hotel.

- Over there.
- Yes, ma'am.

Apologizing doesn't
solve the problem!

Welcome. May I check
your boarding pass?


I can't believe my eyes.

Sir, I'm here.


Are you purchasing
your clothes here?

Why would I bother
shopping in person?

The comfort of
the rich is beautiful.

What do you think of this?
There are only three in the nation.

Give me all three.

I'm sorry, but one
has already been sold.

Then give me the remaining two.

I'm okay.

Matching shirts
seems a bit too much.

I appreciate your
gesture though.

Matching shirts?

Why would I?

Weren't you going
to give one to me?

Both of them are mine.

Also, I hate it when someone else wears
the same thing as me.

Just go and get
ready for the UK.

We're leaving in a week.

Be prepared not to come back.

The UK all of a sudden?

I don't have a passport.

Is that even possible?

Have you never been abroad?

I never had the
opportunity to do so.

I was busy interning.

Apply for a
passport this instant.

By the way, sir, will
I really become a full-time employee?

What if I follow you
and end up hanging in the wind?


It's me.

Can you promote No Sang-sik
to a full-time position?

Yes, thank you.

Happy now?

Of course, sir.


I'm the front desk
manager, Kim Su-mi.

Yes. And?

I heard that you're
returning to the UK.

Already? Even
I just found out.

Well, you're very famous.

I see.

I am pretty popular,
which could be a bother at times.

Please feel free to give me a call
if you need anything before you leave.

I'll help you right away if you call me
directly, and not the front desk.

Is there something in your eye?

- No.
- All right, then.

As expected from
the chairman's son.

He's nonchalant.

He's so charming.

Good work.

- Good work.
- Excuse me, sir.

Can you please keep it down?

- What?
- Other guests keep complaining.

Please cooperate with me.

This is my routine.

I apologize, sir.

Ms. Park Bo-yeon?

You have a refreshing
way of approach.

- You like me, don't you?
- Pardon?

I'm afraid I have bad news.

You're not my type.

She's my type.



Do I have to deliver
your tips to you?


It's from the tiger back.

You're really something.
You're already being tipped.


I noticed you
following me around.

I'll accept your
cunning advances.

This is for our
steamy night together.

What a pervert.

How disgusting.

That darn butt sweat!

Excuse me, sir.


Why is this…


Sir, do you think I'm a joke
because I wipe people's butt sweat?

That doesn't give people like you,
who have poop for brains,

the right to walk over me.

If you ever do this again,

I'm going to kill you.

Please keep that
in mind, Mr. Pervert.

What in the world…

Excuse me.
Stop right there.

Did you not hear me?

- Hey!
- What are you doing?

This space is for members
and hotel guests.

Who are you
to raise your voice in my hotel?

It's not your hotel yet.

- What?
- I'm also a guest.

A guest who rooms
in a suite at that.

If I file a complaint,
it'll only get uncomfortable for us both.

Why don't you be more polite
to your guest,

Director of King Hotel?

I'll leave as soon as I'm ready.

So please try to treat me
like a guest while I'm here.

Hello, Ms. Gu.

What brings you
here without notice?

Am I not allowed here?

Of course not. This
entire hotel is yours.


How's the work treating you?

It's a bit tough since it's my first time,
but I find pleasure in learning.

Thank you for hiring me.

I will do my best.

- Did you go through all the training?
- Yes.

I received basic training.

What are the
deposit precautions?

I'm sorry.

She's a trainee,
so she hasn't been taught that yet.

The deposit precautions are to check
if the name on the reservation

matches the name on the card

and to check if there's a signature
on the back of the card.

- What is happy hour?
- It is a period during slow hours

in which the price
of snacks and drinks

are reduced or served free

in venues such as the lounge
or cocktail bar.

Inform me in English.

Promote her to the lobby.


Excuse me, Ms. Gu.

She graduated from
a two-year college.

Why would you leave
a competent girl to rot?

She needs to be seen.

She's a one-month
trainee. Are you sure?

- Then let her stay for a year.
- Sorry?

The lobby is the
face of the hotel.

She has a nice smile.

Everyone here can speak English
as well as you.

You should be able to speak
at least two foreign languages.

You can't speak
Chinese, can you?

From 3 to 5 p.m.,
the hotel lounge will offer

complimentary snacks, coffee, and tea.
Please feel free to enjoy them.

At this rate,
you might even speak Japanese.

From 3 to 5 p.m.,
the hotel lounge will offer

snacks, coffee, and tea.

Please feel free to enjoy them.

It's always been my dream to become
a concierge, so I studied hard.

Foreign languages
aren't everything.

The lobby isn't a place
for someone like you.

"Someone like me," ma'am?

You're uneducated,

and unattractive.

Must I spell it out for you?

So don't show off
and just do as I say.

Do you understand?

Yes, I'll do anything you ask
to the best of my ability.

Thank you.


You just barged
into a guest's room.

It's past your checkout time.

- Get out.
- I will.

You don't have to call Father.
I'll let him know.

The services at
this hotel are great.

I'm the owner, after all.

Why don't you just
settle down there?

Coming back will only
make things harder for you.

That's for me to decide.


I definitely won't
be coming back,

so don't worry.

I hope you'll keep your word.



-You now work in the lobby
-You now work in the lobby


- Thank you.
- Congrats.

You went from wiping butt sweat
to working in the lobby.

Goodness, I'm so proud of you.

So triumphs the human spirit.

You're the first two-year college graduate
to become King Hotel's full-time employee.

My term has just
been extended by a year.


the "almost
full-time employee."

One year will become two,
and two years will become three.

In a few years,
we'll become cool seniors, right?


But where in the world
are those cool seniors?

I'm only surrounded by a bunch
of mothers-in-law on power trips.

We can become cool seniors.

I swear I'm not going to end up
like my seniors.

You're right.

Let's not turn into old witches.

I don't want to
become like them.

Why are you so quiet?

I don't have any wishes.

I'd be thankful
if no one gets on my nerves.

This won't do.

You need to go to a world
filled with hopes and dreams.

Where might that be?

Club Gold.

I'm a VIP.

Everything is on me tonight!

Come on! I need
you to be louder!

Let me hear you scream!

Thank you.

Thank you.


I can't believe you left me

I can't believe you abandoned me

It's hard to forget about
Our deeply-engraved memories…



You're finally
an actual full-time employee.

All right.

To your full-time employment.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!




It's me.

Book a flight to Korea at once.


Out of the blue?

Something came up.

But my parents
are visiting this week.

Can we go next week?

I'll go first then.
You can come later.

No, we need to go together.

We promised
to stick together for eternity.

How long will you stay in Korea?

I don't know.

But I need to know
that to pack my things.

You can just buy
your clothes and shoes in Korea,

but I need to take my things.

Okay then. Get packed in ten minutes
and meet me at the airport.

Then will you buy me new clothes
and shoes in Korea?

He hung up.



Congratulations on taking your first
step as a concierge.

I'm Cheon Sa-rang,
who will be in charge of the training.

The fundamental

of a King Hotel employee is
to love and show kindness to our guests.

Welcoming the guests
wholeheartedly comes first,

and expressing it
is the service we offer here.

In other words,
insincere kindness is not true kindness.

We need to be ready

to put on a genuine
smile at all times.


Ms. Cheon Sa-rang?

What happened?
What exactly did you do wrong?

- Me?
- What did you do

for a suite guest to come down
to the lobby and look for you?

Are you sure you
didn't make a mistake?


I even made a wake-up
call this morning.

Hurry over.

Make sure the complaint
doesn't come to my end.

Is that clear?

Yes, ma'am.

You guys can practice smiling.


- Hermès!
- Hermès!

How does it feel to come back
to Korea after a while?

It's the same.

Don't think of leaving again.

Start working.

Hotel, Air, or Distribution?
Which do you prefer?

He's just visiting.
You're getting ahead of yourself.

He's not done with
his studies either.

It won't be late
even if he takes his time.

Seven years was
more than enough.

Since we're on the topic,
move back to Korea.

I'll start working.


But I want to work at the hotel.

What's your reason?

I like hotels.

All right.

Go ahead.

Okay. Let's have a drink.

I'm delighted to see
our family gathered like this.

You probably can't even imagine

how long I've waited
for this day to come.

Won, you'll need to climb up the ladder
by competing with your sister.

What do you mean?

Won is just now starting out.
I should help him.

Both providing and receiving help
reflect competence.

I'm only going to consider
your competence from now on.

Either one of you
could become my successor,

or it could be neither of you.

I know. That's your
management philosophy.


live here with us
instead of staying at the hotel.

It's more comfortable there.

Won is all grown up now.

Let him do as he pleases.

I'm not going to repeat myself.

Come back home
before your mom's memorial service.

Which mom do you mean?

I don't even know

what my mom looks like
or if she's even alive or not.

Stop with the nonsense.

Just move in if I tell you to.

You take after your mom.

You're reckless just like her.

I'll be fine on my
own. Go home.

Let me join you.
The rain feels nice.

- Don't follow me.
- Whatever.

I know you don't have a friend
to drink with.

I like how you're smart-mouthed.

- True.
- And how you don't force a laugh.

I do though.

What will the starting
rank be by the way?

I don't know. It
doesn't matter.

What do you mean?

I'm asking for myself.

You got the wrong idea.

I need some authority
to protect you.

Who's going to deal
with your toxic personality? I will.

Let me be bold.

Department manager, please.

I went too far, didn't I?

Senior manager?

Take the car and go home.

I'll find my way to the hotel.
Don't follow me.

No, I'm going with you.

I should.

Gosh, the weather

is perfect for me to
become a manager.

What kind of weather is that?

Please make me a manager.

- Let go.
- Please.

My goodness!

- Please.
- Why is it raining so hard?

- I know, right?
- Darn it.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

That's refreshing.

This place has good beer.

Hey, this place
is very popular these days.

There's a line on the weekends.

What's wrong?
Are you okay?

My stomach hurts
for some reason.

Are you stressed?

This usually happens
when you're stressed.

It's obviously because
of Gong Yu-nam.

Who's that?

Your boyfriend?

Right. You
have a boyfriend.

I totally forgot.

That's enough.

Isn't it about time
you broke up with him?

I guess he didn't
cross the line yet.

She's so lenient
when it comes to her boyfriend.

I'm more lenient with you guys.
Couldn't you tell?

Hey, holding a hot cup of tea

and saying, "It's hot,"
will only burn your hands.

Don't bottle everything up.
Get it off your chest.

Mom! Aunties!

If you drink here,
you'll destroy my reputation.

I worked so hard to build it.

All right, we'll stop drinking.

Go and play, my daughter.

Your daughter is
scarier than you.

I know, right? I'm
too scared to drink.

I want to dance
under the lights all night long

holding a bottle of beer.

That sounds great,
and it really was.

But I forgot how to dance, so I doubt
I'll have as much fun as I used to.

I don't even remember
what a nightclub looks like.

Gosh, my blood pressure.

Do you need to wear a vest?

It seems like a hassle.

This is how you
should wear a suit.

As expected,

you have a classic style.

When are you going to fix this?

Should I get it fixed?

It's okay.

You look amazing today.

It's finally our first day.

Let's start the day with a smile,
Head Manager Gu.

That's what I hate the most.

Faking, putting
up a front…

Faking a smile.

I was just saying
that you shouldn't feel too stressed

since all of this will
be yours one day.

Maybe it's time for you to lose your job
seeing how you're bossing me around.

No one else would
stick around you.

You should be grateful to me.

You're consistently impudent.


If it wasn't for my impudence,
I would've run away ages ago.

Who else would
stay by your side?

- My phone.
- You may head inside.

I'll tell them to bring it.

Congratulations on
your first day of work.

The papers.

Mr. No.

Mr. No?


All right. We'll bring it
to you right away.

Excuse me, Ms. Kim.
I need to use the restroom.

Head straight to the
suite, find a phone,

and take it to
Ms. Gu's office.

Wait, I'm sorry,

but I have a really
bad stomachache.

To the point of
crapping on the way?

- Yes.
- In that case,

finish the errand
quickly and then go.

But this is urgent.

Exactly. Hurry
up and hop to it.

Yes, ma'am.

My phone…

I almost died.

What is this?

The bathroom is
bigger than my house.

He only took my phone.

This is so cool.


Please welcome Head Manager Gu
Won with a big round of applause.


meet again.

Welcome, Head Manager Gu!

We made eye contact again!

I warned you
to never let me see you again.

I'll do my best to
avoid you from now on.

You said you'd do
your best to avoid me.

Even over my dead body,

you are most
definitely not my type.

Subtitle translation
by: Stephanie Jung