Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (2010–2012): Season 2, Episode 7 - Truth or Daredevil - full transcript

♪ Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick

♪ kick buttowski, buttowski

♪ kick

♪ kick

♪ kick buttowski

♪ kick, kick, kick

♪ kick buttowski

♪ kick, kick, kick, kick

♪ kick

♪ kick

♪ kick buttowski

♪ kick buttowski! ♪


I see gunther is almost
ready for his big night.

Oh, yeah, i cannot believe
our little boy is already

At the age for his

Is most important
step in viking life,

When he perform ancient
ritual before panel of judges.

And if he pass, he may transition
from viking boy to viking man.

What happens if you fail?

Magnus: You are shamed from
family and become fish gutter.

Just like poor
uncle christopher.

But we know our gunther will
perform his ritual perfectly

And become viking man.

Because you may as
well jump off a cliff

If you become fish gutter.

I can hear you.

It will give us great joy

To welcome another viking
man into the family.

And not a fish gutter.

But we're sure you'll do fine.

And not fish gutter.

And we will love
you no matter what.

And not a fish gutter.

Now, go back to practicing for
fleppvorgenyoost and make us proud.

And not a fish gutter.

Help me!


What am i gonna do? I'm so nervous
that i'm gonna let my parents down.

Gee, gunther, i...

I'm canceling the

I've already picked
out my future apron.

I guess i'll just have to
accept my life as a fish...

You're not gonna be a fish
gutter, gunther.

I'm your wingman,

And together,
we'll knock the socks off those judges.

You'd... You'd do that for me?

You're the best friend
ever, kick.

Failing right there on stage,
in front of my entire family,

Would've been so embarrassing.

Well, now, there's nothing at
all to be embarrassed about.

Oh, and by the way,
you gotta wear this.


So, you'll be here
tomorrow night at 7:00?

Gunther, my friend, nothing can
keep me from being there for you.


Awesome central.
Buttowski speaking.

Kick, it's billy stumps.

Billy stumps! Calling me?

What can i do for you?

I got me a new truck. Oh.

And i plan on doing the most
incredible monster truck stunt

Anyone has ever seen.

A new truck? A new stunt?

Yup. Since you wrecked
my truck that time,

My career's been on an
upswing, thanks to you.

So, i thought,
who better to ride shotgun with me

Than my lucky charm.

How 'bout it, kick?

I need you to be at the
arena at 7:00 tonight.

Can you make it?

Billy, my friend, nothing can
keep me from being there for you.


Gunther! Gunther!

You'll never guess what i'm gonna
be doing tonight at 7:00. Yes!

Um, kick, i might not be the
sharpest ball on the rack,

But even i know the
answer to that one.

You'll be here tonight,
helping me with the fleppvorgenyoost

Just like you promised.

You haven't forgotten, have you?

What? Who, me? Pssh!

Just checking to see
if you remembered.

Great! Because i just finished

Building the most important
part of the ritual.


The killenbruten!

It will look much cooler
when you're operating it,


The judges base most of their
decision on how well i reenact

The ancient battle
with this sea monster.

It could mean the difference
between viking man

And fish gutter.

Okay. Well,
wouldn't miss it for the world, pal.

See you tonight.

Fish gutter.

What am i gonna do?
On the one hand,

I've got what is the most
important day of gunther's life.

On the other,
i've got what could be

The most important
day of my life.

There's just no way i could
do them both at the same time.

Wait a minute,
i'm kick buttowski.

Of course i can do them
both at the same time.

High five!

This ain't gonna end
well, is it?

Never does.

Let's do this.

I'm ready, gunther.
Let's do this.

Not yet, kick.
First i have to read aloud

The ancient scroll
of gettenbergen.

(speaking foreign language)

So, i've got some time.

I'm ready, billy. Let's rock.

Awesome, little dude,
but we gotta warm up the crowd first.


Nothing better than
monkeys on minibikes.

So, i've got some time
here, too.

(speaking foreign language)

I'm ready.

Not yet, kick. It's time now

For the thousand dances
of dasputin wiglin.

Dance number one.

(dance music playing)

(all cheering)


Ain't nothing finer than
monkeys on minibikes.

Except maybe diesel exhaust.

Okay, let's do this now.

Not quite.
We gotta fill the stadium with mud.

It might take awhile, though.


Not yet. Now i must blow
from the horn of plenty.



It takes about 30 minutes
for the sound to come out.


Kick buttowski,
you ready to wow this crowd of thousands?

Billy, i was born to wow.

Then let's get up there.




Not yet, kick.
A-five, six, seven, eight.

♪ A thousand bottles
of glurg on the wall

♪ a thousand bottles of glurg

♪ if one of those bottles
should happen to fall

♪ 999 bottles of
glurg on the wall ♪

Let's do this thing.

Uh-uh-uh. We gotta pay homage
to this great nation of ours.

♪ Oh, say

♪ can you see... ♪

Boy, are you naked?

♪ Take one down pass it around

♪ zero bottles of
glurg on the wall ♪

And now,
a brief 25-minute intermission

Before the slaying
of the killenbruten!

I can't keep doing this.

I just have to make a decision.

I must take these riches
back to my homeland.

I'm just glad there is
no killenbruten around.

Kick, that's your cue.

Let's do this.


You ready, lucky charm? Yeah.

You ready to make
stunting history?


Then let's do this, wingman!

(echoing) wingman! Wingman!
Wingman! Wingman!

Gunther: Fish gutter.

Billy, i told my best
friend i'd help him tonight,

But i'm here, not there.

I can't do this.

I'm sorry,
i have to go help gunther.

(engine revving)

(crowd roaring)


I burned off my wheels.

Now i'll never get
back there in time.

(engine revving)

I'll get you there, kick.

But what about your fans?

Sometimes it's about the fans,

But it's always
about your friends.

Let's ride!

I'm just glad there is
no sea monster around.

Kick, that's your cue.

(laughs nervously)

If you are there, killenbruten,

I would really,
really love to see you right now.

(all booing)


Fish gutter.

All: Killenbruten!

The killenbruten is defeated!

(all cheering)

Our boy is so grown up now!

Not boy! Man!

And not disgusting fish gutter
like poor uncle christopher.

Christopher: I can
still hear you.

Thanks for helping, kick.

I knew you'd come
through for me.

I wouldn't have missed
this for the world.

Whoa! That was awesome!

Now, who's going to
pay to fix my truck?

Heavy metal singer:
♪ laundry day!

(all barking)

♪ oskar and friends! ♪

Number one fan! (whooping)

Lousy wacky jackie,
ruining my stunts.

Old blue needs a major
repair, razz.

He mixed it up with a
dog, and the dog won.

One minute, bro. We got a letter

From mr. Skidzee himself!

The mr. Skidzee?
The guy who owns...

I forget the name of the place.

Mr. Skidzee's a legend.

But no one ever
sees him anymore.

A letter from mr. Skidzee.

It could finally
be our paychecks!

Dare to dream, razz.

Guess we'll never know, hush.

You could open it.

Mr. Skidzee wants to
put up a billboard

Featuring a mellowbrook kid!

Kick, you're a mellowbrook kid!

It's a contest,
judged by mr. Skidzee himself!

The winner will be
the best picture

Purely dedicated to
speed and action.

Kick, you're purely dedicated
to speed and action!

The winner will appear
on the billboard

And become the new
face of skidzeez.

Kick, you have a face!

I must be on that billboard.

Aw, it could totally be you, bro!
Imagine it.

You on a billboard,
the supreme shot of speed and action!

It's absolutely amazing!
Right, hush?

Good deal.

Just gotta get an awesome
picture of your bad self!

And the deadline's not till

Today at 5:00 p.M.

Huh. I guess we should've opened that
letter when we got it two weeks ago, huh?

Looks like we've got an
awesome picture to take.

Gunther, get your camera.


Ready with the camera, gunther?

Ready! Say cheese!

It's like my
grandma always says,

"make sure you have
a backup camera

"in case you need to get
on skidzeez' billboard."

No, really. She says that.

There's gotta be some way to
take an awesome action shot.

And fast.


That's it! Jackie!

Yeah! Let's ask jackie
if she knows anyone!

Knows anyone for what?
Performing a wedding ceremony?

As a matter of fact, i...

No! I'm trying to get on
skidzeez' billboard and...

Any chance you've taken
some action shots of me?


Kick: I'm having second
thoughts about this, gunther.

Come on, kick.
Jackie's not that bad.

I love you, jackie! (cuckoos)

I love you, jackie! (cuckoos)

I love you, jackie! (cuckoos)

Sardine sandwich?
Sardine souffle?

Chocolate shake
with sardine heads?

Yes, i'll have the sardine...

Gunther, we're not here for the
food, we're here for the photos!

(squawks) marry me, kick!
Marry me, kick!

(chuckles nervously)
silly parrot.

Don't know where he
picks this stuff up.

Marry me, kick! Marry me, kick!

So, where are all
these action shots?

Let me just consult my
undercover photo albums.

"In pajamas, biting it, sleeping
1, sleeping 2. Action!"

Here you go!

See anything you like?
I know i do.

these pictures are all terrible!

I don't know, that one of you
scratching your butt is pretty cool.

Maybe. But a supreme
shot of speed and action?

I think not.
We need a new picture.

But that would involve
more time with jackie.


It's the price i'll have to
pay to get on that billboard.

Uh, jackie? On second thought,

Why don't we just take some
cool action shots right now?

You had me at "i love you,
jackie." i'll get my camera!

(squawks) freedom!

How'd it look? Awesome!

Get it? Oh, i got it.

And it was awesome!

Good action? The best yet!

This has been the best day ever!

Even better than when i
had my monkey tail removed!

You are totally gonna get
on that billboard, kick!

And just in time. Almost 5:00.

I'm gonna zip home and get
these awesome pictures ready!


That's a lot of competition.

Maybe you should've staged
some posed pictures like that.

Posing is for posers.
Jackie should be done now.

Let's go check out
some real action.

Wacky jackie: And now,
the moment you've all been waiting for.

Get ready, gunther.
You may experience dizziness

From the awesome.


Wow, that's awesome!

Um, next?

Okay. Ta-da!

Again, bravo!

Uh, jackie,
where are all the action shots?

These are action shots!

This one is you
narrowing your eyes.

And this one is just
before you do your pose!

And this one is you sticking
a totally awesome landing!

Wow, just amazing.
How do you do it? Wow.

Please, gunther.
Let me handle this.

Look, jackie, i need a picture
of all of me being awesome

If i want to get
on that billboard.

But you're always awesome!

In every picture! See?

Uh, okay.

Calling the authorities.

Aren't you awesome?

Kick! What're we gonna do?
It's almost 5:00!

What's this?

That's it!

Isn't this the
greatest picture ever?

It's got all of you in it!

From beautiful helmet
to beautiful toe.

This is the one, jackie! This is the
one that's gonna go on the billboard.

Oh, no, not this one.

It's my favorite picture ever.
I can't part with it.

Okay, fine.
Then can you print me a copy?

(laughing maniacally)

Copy? There are no copies!

I erased every single
one from existence.

It's more special that way!

Jackie! I need that photo now!

I can't part with it, kick!

Well, it's your fault that all
these other pictures stink!

(gasps) kick. That's no way
to treat your number one fan.

I was just trying to help.

Well, you can help by
handing over this picture!

No way!

(both screaming)


Jackie, look!
It's kick buttowski!


What? No!

Gotta get to skidzeez!



Almost there!

(car alarms blaring)


Whoa! Wacky strength!

Give me that photo, kick!
I love you!

The photo!

It's okay! I'll just dry it off!

My picture!

My... My photo!


Kick, i'm so sorry.

I should have just
let you have it.

No, jackie.
This picture was yours

And i shouldn't have taken it.

Being on that billboard
meant so much to you.

Not as much as my
number one fan.

Oh, kick.

More to you than an
awesome photograph?

Yes, jackie.

More to you than an awesome
photograph on an awesome billboard?

Yes, jackie.

More to you than an awesome
photograph on an awesome billboard

Where the whole world can
see how awesome you are?

Yes, jackie.

Well, let's go home.

Don't you want to see who won?

(scoffs) i bet i can guess.

(door slams open)

It's him! It's mr. Skidzee!


Oh, kick!
I can't stand to watch this!

The horror!

I need... I need a hankie.


Razz: Kick buttowski wins!


That's not even a picture!
That's a t-shirt!

The contest rules...

Kick buttowski and that
girl with crazy eyes.

(all laughing)

This is gonna look so
awesome on that billboard.

Oh, no,
i couldn't possibly give it up.


Looking good!

(whooping) number one fan!

Awesome new poster, guys.

Yeah, and maybe someday
we'll hang up mine.