Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (2010–2012): Season 2, Episode 32 - Kyle E. Coyote/Locked Out/Rocked - full transcript

Kick must catch Cousin Kyle before attending the Gnarly Games.

♪ Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick

♪ kick buttowski, buttowski

♪ kick

♪ kick

♪ kick buttowski

♪ kick, kick, kick

♪ kick buttowski

♪ kick, kick, kick, kick

♪ kick

♪ kick

♪ kick buttowski

♪ kick buttowski! ♪

(birds squawking)


(thunder crackling)

(teeth chattering)

(engines revving)

(buzzer sounding)

(can opening) (cheetah snarling)

Chug! Chug!



Chug! Chug!


Chug! Chug!

(can opening) (cheetah snarling)

Chug! Chug!

Kyle: Chug! Chug!


(can opening) (cheetah snarling)

Chug! Chug!

Chug! Chug!


(can opening) (cheetah snarling)

Chug! Chug!


(cars honking)

Chug! Chug!

Kyle: Chug! Chug!

(birds chirping)

(cheetah snarling)

Chug! Chug!

Chug! Chug!

(can opening) (cheetah snarling)

Kyle: Chug! Chug!

(cheetah snarling) chug! Chug!

(engine misfires)


(cheetah snarling)

Chug! Chug!


(loud clanging)

(weapons firing)

Both: Yeah!

That was awesome!
That 4d was really real,

And perfect for rock
callahan's igneous rock.

It's time to heat things up.

Yeah, this ticket is a keeper.

Totally worth sneaking
out of the house for.

Hey, kick, didn't your
dad say you'd be grounded

If you snuck out
to see this movie?

Don't worry about it.

Just got to be back in the
house before dad wakes up,

And he'll be none the wiser.

I have plenty of time.

Come on,
i'll drop you off on the way home.


Okay, let's go.

This would've been easier

If the wheels didn't grind
to nothing halfway here.

But at least i'm home.
And that bed is gonna feel so good.


(alarm beeping)

Intruder alert!

Stop, intruder!

You gotta be kidding me!
I don't have my keys?

Intruder alert!

Stop, intruder!

Almost... Got it!

Something dumb is going
on around here. Huh?

(reading sign)

So dad followed through with his
quaint little security idea, huh?

Well, nobody stops kick buttowski
from breaking into his own house.

Especially since
i just remembered

That mom always keeps a
spare key under the mat.

Intruder alert!

Stop, intruder!

(robot laughing)

No one gets past robo-bot 2000.

This guy's good.

But i'm better.

Intruder alert! Stop, intruder!

Boy, i sure can't wait to swing in
through those downstairs patio doors.

(chuckles) misdirects
always confuse robots.

Stop, intruder!


(robot chuckles) come on!
Is that all you've got?

Someone's looking to get
their hard drive wiped.

(robot laughing)

(robot laughing)

This thing is always
one step ahead of me.

If i'm gonna beat a robot,
i got to think like a robot.

Who is it?

Battery salesman.

Batteries? Where?

Let's rock! Huh?

You're the robo-bot?

Huh! Well, aren't you adorable!

Run along, now.
You did your best,

But you're no match
for kick buttowski.

I got to get to my room
before dad wakes up.

Listen, buddy, i beat you.

I made it inside.

Now if you'll excuse me...

Must destroy intruder.


Little guy's stronger
than he looks.

Intruder life form detected.

Must destroy intruder!

You're gonna wake up my dad.


No life forms detected

He didn't see me
because of the cold.

As rock callahan would say,
"time to heat things up."


Life form detected.

Nice to meet you.

No life form detected.
Does not compute.



In your face!
Who's the big man now?

Looks like you're all washed up.

Dad: Kick buttowski?

Ah, no better way
to start the day

Than with a big
ole pile of meat.

Let's fire up the grill!

(gasps) robo-bot!

Kick, did you have
anything to do with this?

Gee, dad, i wouldn't know.

I was asleep in
my room all night.

I just came downstairs
to make you breakfast.

What's this?

Gasp! I say, "gasp!"

You went to that movie, didn't you?
You're grounded!

Robot wins!

In your face!

Okay, dad,
i'll take my punishment like a man.

Oh, we'll see what
you take like a man.

After grounded-bot
is done with you.

How cute!

I handled one of you little guys
before, and i'll do it again.

Bring it on!

Troublemaker detected!

Must punish!


(kick yelling) (punching noises)

(laser firing)

(alarm ringing)

We did it! (laughing)

Time to kick buttowski.

(motorcycle revving)

And now,
let's take out the trash.

Both: Huh?

Both: A-e-i-o-u!

And sometimes "y."

We can do this the easy way.

Or we can do this

The excruciatingly painful way.


Ooh, nice work, kick.
Thanks, gunther.

Let's hit the food 'n' fix,
and chug a couple of sloshies.

(all cheering)

Ah, kick buttowski,
i knew you'd show up.

The dark one!

This robbery was merely a
setup to get your attention.

Do i have it? No.

How about now? No!

Now? No!

Very well.
Perhaps this will help.


Do you smell something burning?


How did you manage to
give gunther a hot seat?

I used the world's
most powerful laser!

It can blow up an entire city,
and will, unless my demands are met.

And what are these demands?

I demand a fleet of
solid-gold yachts.

Oh, is that it? Well...

And the hope diamond.

Well, that's still not all that crazy.
Let me see what i can...

And the loch ness monster.

And a limousine full
of soft pretzels.

And a spaceship. And $10 billion

In pennies.

(all gasping)

I want it delivered all to my
lair, by you, in person.

I'm putting the
laser on a timer.

Set to explode if my
demands aren't met.

Huh, setting it for the
climax, typical villain.


Man: And now,
a teena sometimes marathon.

(all screaming)

So what now, kick?

We meet the dark one's demands.

And then some.

(doorbell chimes)

I'm coming.
Let me get some clothes on. Sheesh.

All my demands were met!

Except, where's kick buttowski?
Who are you?

Kick couldn't make it.
So he asked me to take his place.

You can call me kendall.

(groans) i don't want you here.

You're supposed to be kick.

We met your demands, dark one.

Now turn off that laser.


Was it something i said?

You fool!
This is all meaningless!

He's gone all cuckoo.

Well, what about the laser?

Oh, that stupid thing.

That laser's only strong enough
to give somebody a hot seat.



Not again! (yelling)

Then why are you doing this?

It's for you!
It's to lure you here.

Because i wanna beat you up.

And i wanna punch you and
punch you and punch you.

You can't beat me up.

I'm too superbuff.

Oh, i know.

That's why i created this.

Yeah. Giant robot.

You have to admit,
that was pretty sweet.

Not as impressive as this.

(announcer reading)

(announcer reading)

(announcer reading)

(announcer reading)

(announcer reading)

Knock out.

All right, dark one,
let's see who you really are.

Yeah, brad. (laughing)


Ah, tankini.

Hey! What gives?

Stay out of my dreams!

I really need to invest
in a giant robot.

(hip-hop music playing)

♪ yeah

♪ yeah, bump it left

♪ yeah

♪ one more time

♪ yeah ♪