Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (2010–2012): Season 2, Episode 23 - Goodbye, Gully/Bad Car-ma - full transcript

♪ Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick

♪ kick buttowski, buttowski

♪ kick

♪ kick

♪ kick buttowski

♪ kick, kick, kick

♪ kick buttowski

♪ kick, kick, kick, kick

♪ kick

♪ kick

♪ kick buttowski

♪ kick buttowski! ♪

Nothing better than new wheels!

Nothing. Except...

Both: Food 'n' fix sloshies!

Follow them.

Nothing better than
riding on new wheels

And drinking food
'n' fix sloshies.

Nothing, except...

Both: Lunch at battlesnax.

Follow them.


Yep, nothing better than
riding on new wheels,

And drinking food
'n' fix sloshies,

While having lunch
at battlesnax.

Nothing except...

Both: Hanging out in the gully!

Nothing better than
riding on new wheels,

Drinking food 'n' fix sloshies,

Having lunch at battlesnax,

And hanging out in the gully.

Nothing except...


(groans) kick buttowski and
all his awesome hangouts.

I just want to smash him!

Gordon gibble!

What have i told you about
spying on that daredevil?


When i was your age i had already
turned west mellowbrook from a dump

Into the empire it is today.

I've given you enough.

Now you've got to
create your own empire.

There must be some
dump you can gibblize.

(chuckles) and the gibble
knows just where to start.


Work on your gibble cackle.

Sounds like you're choking.

Uh... Uh... Sorry, daddy.

(oven dings)

Gully muffin?

i told you not to call me that.

Oh, a muffin. Yes.

Now this is the perfect hangout.

And our second home.

Our sanctuary. With no school.

And no stress.

The gully's the one place where
we can always find peace and...

Harmony. What the...

Wassup, haters!


No one makes an entrancizzle
like g-to-the-ibble!

What the heck did he just say?

Let me just consult my
izzle to english dictionary.

I think he wants to
return a chicken salad.

What are you doing
in our hangout?

Gordon: Remember
your awesome hangout?

Well, say bye-bye.

'Cause gibble & daddy construction
is building an off the hizzle bridge

Right here in this dump.

But your bridge
will ruin our dump!

I mean, gully!

We all have to make sacrifices

In order to better our
regional infrastructure!

And daddy's gonna
love my new empire.

I can't wait to show daddy

How i gibblized mellowbrook.

And if i can ruin all your
awesome hangouts in the process,

Then so be it!

Izzle! (cackling)


Oh, is me in the hizzy
making you dizzy?

Just like your precious
gully, i'm out!


Little help.

No! Gully muffin!

It's over, kick!
The gully's as good as gone.

Where will we hang out?

And where will i bake?

Where will i bake?

I am not going back to mud pies!

You'll bake right here.

Because no one takes our
gully without a fight.

(man reads)


(man reads)

No one stops my bridge-izzle!

(man reads)

Hey! Get your own hiding spot.

I said,
"get your own hiding spot."

I said,
"get your own hiding spot."

(man reads)


(man reads)



And now that the bridge is
done, foolios,

You two are out! (cackling)

(cackling continues)

You should work on that cackle.

Sounds like you're choking.

I'm not choking!

Now, go on! Get outta here!

You can take the kick and
the gunther out of the gully,

But you can't take the gully
out of kick and gunther.

Aw, ain't that sweet!

Now scramizzle!

Can we at least say
goodbye to the gully?

Fine. You've got 12 seconds.

Well, gully,
i guess this is goodbye.

No parent should
outlive their gully.

Gully tears!

We've had some pretty
awesome times together.

(solemn orchestral music)

(music stops)

All right, time's up!

To the gully.

Well, at least we still
have the food 'n' fix.

Well, at least we
still have skidzeez.

Well, at least we
still have battlesnax.

(laughing) that's actually hair!

No split ends up in here!

Thank you, conditioner-izzle!

I think he wants to
go to the biblioteca.

You mean the gibbliotecca!

Oh, kick, all of our
awesome hangouts are gone!

It's not about where we hang
out, gunther.

It's us hanging out
that makes it awesome.

But gordie will destroy
anywhere that we hang out.

Then we gotta hang out where
we can use that against him.

Thank you, everyone.

As you can see i got
rid of that awesome...

I mean, dump of a hangout
and built you this bridge.

I proclaim the gibble
gateway open for biz-iz-ness!

I... Gunther: Kick!

Huh? Muffins are ready!

What the izzle?


Wow, this new hangout
is pretty awesome!

Our new hangout, gunther.

This bridge isn't a hangout!

It is now!

Oh, yeah? I'll show you!

Both: Thanks for the
hangout, gordie!

This is not your hangout!

Not your hangout!

Ha! I blew up my own bridge!

And i split my own ends!

And you gave us back the gully.

What the izzle!

I'll just rebuild it!

That's what you can do when
you've got a money tree!

Gordon gertrude gibble! Daddy?

This is what you've been doing?

You call this gibblizing?

Building a bridge
just to blow it up?

But i was just doing what you
said, daddy.

I was just improving this dump.

Dump? This looks like a pretty
awesome place to hang out to me.

But... But... No buts!

You're cut off from
the money tree!

But... But...

I don't want to see you messing
around with that daredevil ever again.

Gordon: Izzle!

And do something
about that hair!


Muffins are ready!

Gunther, these are great.

How do you even
make them down here?


You just add water.

Mmm. Tastes like gully.

Just look at her.

Uh, dad?

Kick, today you're getting an
important lesson in automotive repair.

Really? I'll get those
repairs done in no time.

The lesson is,
never let anyone else touch your car.

Which is why i've
taught myself dentistry.


And why i've taught myself how to
do my own repairs for monique here.

Whether it's refilling
the radiator...


Or changing the oil.


Or even adjusting the brakes.


The point is,
nobody touches monique but me.

This guarantees that she won't get
a single scratch, ding, or klapkus.

You made that last one up.

Yes. Yes i did.

But i still know
klapkus when i see it.

Let me help you out, dad.

You lost me at "let."

Now kick,
i want you to listen closely.

No interruptions,
am i understood?

But... Ah! No buts.

As i was saying,
unlike my family,

Monique here is pure, untainted,

Driven by no one but me.

And i know you're not even
thinking of interrupting me.

So i'll tell you
that monique is also

The very lifeblood
that powers my body.

And unlike your mother
who always interrupts

You're clearly
letting me finish.

I'll add that monique is the
only thing that keeps me sane.

In conclusion,
monique is the sole reason

I haven't lost my
hair, torn off my skin,

And melted into a puddle.

Now kick,
what did you want to say?

Monique got towed away!

(laughing) well, i...


My monique!

Dad! Don't worry, dad.

I'll help you get monique back.

I'm here to save you, sweetie.

I just need to get
through this fence!

Fence won't budge!
I'll rip off your hinges!

I will tear our your
endocrine system.

Or we could just
use the entrance.

Hmm. All right,
you win this time, fence.

I found this one parked in
front of a fire hydrant.

That's a red sticker fine!
One thousand dollars.

One thousand dollars?

A thousand dollars for the red.
But for the blue...


Hello there, sir.
I'm here to pick up my car,

Which has a blue sticker on it.

That would be a grand total
of zero dollar-oonies.

That's because blue sticker
cars go to the junk heap.

Yes, of course!
They go to the...

Um, sorry. Say that again.

They go to the junk heap. See?

(yells) the junkyard
is auto cemetery!

This is all a big mistake!

I put the blue sticker
over a red sticker! See?

Oh, well that clears
everything up.

Get me the mellowbrook police.


(dogs barking) monique!




(exclaims) monique is next!

You gotta stop that compactor!

Too late!
Once smashin' sam starts smashin',

It's best to let him finish.

Then we'll stop it ourselves.

I'm right behind you, son!

Good doggies.



Oh, thank you, fence.
I take everything back.

I got her, dad.

Let her down gently.
Like so many women of my past.


Great work, son! You even managed
to set her on some cushy bushes.

Now let's get monique
back to the...

(engine starts) (screams)

Don't worry, dad.
I won't let anything happen to your car.


I mean, to monique.

That's better.
Now let's go get her back.

You ain't goin' nowhere.

You let our dogs loose.

Now we're lettin'
your car loose!


That car's goin' to
the demolition derby.

She's a goner for sure!


Smashin' sam,
what should we do with these two?

(in british accent) well,
the appropriate course of action

Would be to detain them
until the authorities arrive.

(chuckles) i'm just kidding.


Um, your shoelaces are untied.

Both: Our shoelaces?

You ain't seen the last of
grubby schmidt and smashin' sam.


Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the
colosseum of crash.

No! Not the colosseum of crash.

Monique! Where are you?

Monique! Let's go!


Only drivers with helmets
and jump suits can pass.

Like this guy.

As for you...
But my car's in there!

A lot of guys'
cars are in there.

My monique! My monique!

Now let's get you to your seat.

It's up to you, son!

(engine starts)

Uh-oh. I can't reach the pedal.

No problem, bub.

It's like i tell my wife,

Nothing a brick can't fix.

We're building a house.
Let me at her.

But how do i stop?

(laughing) "how do
i stop," he asks.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen,
let the wrecking begin!

(gasps) right! Left!

Turn right, kick! Right!

Look out! Turn left! What?

Dad, i'm trying to drive!
Dad: Brake!


Announcer: Uh-oh! Looks like everyone's
gunning for that little blue car.

No, not the blue car.
Go to the red car over there!

There's no way out
for this little guy!

I can't watch!

Can you believe that?

I can't even listen!

Well, i'm gonna open you
up like a can of tuna.

I love me some tuna!

(crowd gasping)

No, monique! No!

(honking) (crowd cheering)

She's alive!

Oh, monique! You're safe!

Kick! We saved monique!

We sure did, dad.

Announcer: And now,
the moment you've all been waiting for.

Kick, now that we're safe
i have something to say.

The final event against

The junkyard dog!


I told you, you ain't seen the last
of grubby schmidt and smashin' sam.

Aw, biscuits.

Uh, dad. Now don't interrupt.

This is difficult for me to say.

(tires skidding)

Monique really is

Just a car.

Monique means a lot to me,

But, you, my son,
mean much, much more.

Now what did you want to tell me?
Behind you!


Head for the exit, kick!

I'm on it, dad.

They're gaining on us!


We're not gonna make it!

Hold on!

They're blocking the exit!


Dad, monique is going
to get torn to pieces!

No, kick. I put you in harm's
way to protect monique.

Now i'm gonna put monique in
harm's way to protect you!

Dad, i don't think
that's such a good idea.

It's go time.


(both gasping)

Announcer: Ladies and
gentlemen, your new champion

And grand prize winner,

Little blue car!

Monique's okay!

That doesn't matter, son,
as long as we're okay.

We sure are.

And thanks for letting me
help, dad.

Of course, son. Are you sure
you're okay with the grand prize?

Oh, sure. Monique was due
for an upgrade anyway.

And i am gonna save so
much gas with these babies!

(truck beeping)