Khotey Sikkey (2011–…) - episodes with scripts

Somewhere in a plush South Bombay night club a young 22 year old over doses on drugs. Somewhere else a drunken 20 year old runs over sleeping street dwellers. Somewhere else a small group of 18 year old get into a rabid fight after a rock concert - the rich in the city are getting richer by the day - their crimes are getting more random & more uncontrollable - the cops in the city are not able to deal with it. They cannot relate to the rich youth and are also unable to investigate these crimes thanks to the connections the rich criminals have. And this leads to immense frustration in the police force. Senior Inspector Damodar Deshmukh is one such frustrated, honest cop who is unable to deal with the aggravation of having unsolved cases which remain unsolved because of the various obstructions that the rich are able to put in the path of his investigations. But what is one lone cop to do? And he cannot understand how to deal with it. That is until the day five young criminals with privileged backgrounds land up in his police station lock up. Hameer Rizvi, Uttara Bakshi, Mohit Kishenchandani, Ayush Khetarpal and Dilnaaz Shroff. The Inspector decides to use these youngsters to solve his current case - a seemingly pointless crime by an anonymous criminal who seems to belong to their background. He uses the threat of prison to convince them to help him gain access into the world of this criminal. The five reluctant youngsters embark on this adventure initially to save their own skins but over a period of time their reasons change going from sheer enjoyment to a sense of purpose to loyalty for Deshmukh who ultimately becomes a mentor. Khote Sikkey is the story of this unlikely gang - five privileged youngsters and one stubborn cop who manage to solve various crimes in an unorthodox manner but emerge victorious.