Kfulim (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Previously -

Sayag. I'm not here to even
the score with the Mossad,

you know that.
- Just find out who did it,

so we can all get back
to what we were doing, eh?

You went to Tel Aviv after work.
What is that address?

I went to see Emma Lipman.

You know each other?
- We've met. In London.

Alright, I want you to move out.
- Effi, wait a minute.

No, no, no, I'm dead serious. I don't
want you anywhere near the children.

Hold on, Effi.
- Don't touch me. Don't touch me.

Marrik. Where are you?

I'm at my sister's.

Does she know anything?
- My sister? Of course not.

Alright, are you coming to Gabi's?
- I'm leaving tomorrow.

I'm going away for a while,
until things blow over.

Do you think Gabi
has anything to do with it?

With the kidnapping?
- I don't know.

You sold firearms
to the Iranians, didn't you?

To Soleimani personally.
Go figure.

He has you meeting Soleimani
on tape. Did you know that?

Don't worry, I have
the only copy,

along with the other evidence
he's tried to destroy.

Watch out for him, okay?

I went to see Natalie.

I need money.

I have your 8 million dollars,
isn't that enough?

I didn't think you'd come back here.
- I already told you,

no one knows about our
relationship with the Iranians.

What do we know?

She was supposed to meet up with
her handler. His name is Omer.

He asked her to give him the
money, 300 thousand Euros.

He said I stole from them.

Do you know who I am?
- No. Should I?

He's threatened to blow my cover
and send me to prison

if I don't help them.
Laundering money, that is.

I don't think she knows
anything about the kidnapping,

but I don't think it's a coincidence
they've used her identity.

Her handler doesn't know
she's been arrested.

I can use that.

We sent a police car
to pick Yuval up.

We're looking into the possibility
that he was involved in it, too.

No, he doesn't know anything, I swear.
- We'll find something to pin on him.

There is only one way
for you to stop this.

You will help me find Omer.

But I don't know him, I swear.
- Do as I say.

Help us catch him
and everything will go away.

We must get rid of her, Sean.
- We don't need to do that, Ami.

Do you want to take that chance?

Shots fired! Shots fired!

He is heading towards the beach,
he is heading towards the beach!

Do we have anyone at the beach?
Do we have anyone at the beach?

How is she?

She's got three broken ribs
and a lot of hemorrhaging.

You are off the case. Elli will
be in charge from this moment on.

It's a message from Jonathan.
"Are we meeting up tomorrow?"

Stop going through my things!
- He looks like a dork.

Call me tomorrow.

Will you see him?
- I think so.

I'm leaving today.
- What?

You should come with me.
- I told you, I don't have a passport.

I gave it to the police.
- And if you had a passport?

Is this a fake passport?

Don't freak out.

Does this have anything to do
with what's happening in Russia?

I worked for some Israeli guys.
You know, computer hacking,

technological stuff, no biggie,
but the money was great.

So do they have anything
to do with the kidnapping?

I don't know, maybe.
They were in touch with him.

We must report this.
- Don't be naive!

They sold everything I stole
to the Iranians.

The Shin Bet will never let
something like that slide,

they will make me disappear.
- Marrik...

I'm serious,
you can't say a word.

I used you to smuggle things
every time you came to visit.

I've saved up some money.

We can go somewhere we will never
be found and start over, please.

You're not coming.

Dude, I left the information I have
on Gabi with my sister, as usual.

But I need you to watch over my
sister until I'm settled, okay?

Once things blow over,
I'll send for you. I promise.

You have a cigarette
for me, yes?

What about you?

Marrik! Help!

It's done.

- What's up?

Brindich has just given her
statement. She's pretty shaken up.

She claims
she doesn't know the attacker.

Our team on the field says he
looks like a junky or a drunk.

An illegal alien, most likely.

And the victim?
- Marrik Brindich, her brother.

Living in Moscow for
the last 3 years,

and he dropped by
for a quick visit yesterday.

He has a few misdemeanor charges
as a minor, nothing serious.

I can hold her here,
if you want me to, but...

No, no. Let her go.

Give the case to IR, ask them
to look into the brother.

Keep the team on her.

What about Natalie's forensics?

The slugs are being tested. The
chassis number for the tractor

was filed off.
It was probably stolen.

We're still canvasing the area, but
it looks like the trail's cold.

Goddammit. Bye.

How are you feeling?

I'm in pain.

It'll pass.

Your boyfriend is here.

Is Yuval here?

You are not representing her.

You can't talk to her
about the case, got it?

Can you give us a
little privacy?

This is a favor to your boss.
See she's alright and go.

Does she look alright?
- Stop it, honey.

How are you feeling?

I'm sorry, honey.

I brought you a few things.

Natti, I'm filing a motion
to allow me to represent you.

Honey, it's over. I'm going
to confess to everything.

Confess to what? You didn't do anything.
- Stop it.

Did they threaten you?
- Hey.

I told you what the rules are.
No questions.

Natti, don't confess
to anything.

Trust me.

Alright, this visit is over. Come on,
say your goodbyes.


I love you.

Me, too.

Don't let him fill your head
with nonsense.

If you don't cooperate...
- I'll help you. I already told you.

Can you tell me what she's being
charged with? What did she do?

Let me give you
a piece of friendly advice.

Forget about that girl.

Have a nice day.


Did you bring any sugar?

I forgot.
- Never mind.

Thank you for coming.

Your invitation is a once in a
lifetime thing. I had to come.

I'm off the case.

I heard.

Bad news travels fast.

I heard your operations
are all suspended, too.

That's no big deal.

There will be plenty
of other operations.

God has given us
plenty of Arabs to kill.

I want to go to Moscow. To the
hotel he was kidnapped from.

Enjoy your flight.

The Mossad will not
get involved with that.

I'll spend 48 hours there,
72 hours at the most.

I only need a passport from you,
that's all.

Three years ago, you were
kicked out of the Mossad

because you wouldn't
follow orders.

Now, they kicked you out of
Shin Bet for the same reason.

Do you want
to get me kicked out, too?

Do you know how many Mossad
directors I've been through? Five.

I'm not even talking
about Prime Ministers.

They come and go.

Do you think that's a coincidence?
You need to know when to back down.

I know you, Sayag. Don't tell me

those suspended operations
aren't eating you up inside.

All that work going
down the drain.

For once in your life,
don't make a mess of things.

Don't you want to know
who screwed us?

All I need from you
is a passport, that's all.


Is Asia home?
- Are you a friend of hers?

We were supposed to meet up this
morning and she didn't show.

Come, come. Come.

Asia, dear,
there's someone here to see you.


What happened?

Your mother didn't...
- She's my aunt.

Is everything alright?

My brother was
murdered last night.


The funeral is tomorrow.

I'm sorry.

If there's anything I can do...
- Go away.

Does it have anything to do
with what's happened in Russia?

Why do you say that?

No reason. You told me
he lived in Russia,

so I thought someone might have tried...
- No, no.

The police said it had
nothing to do with it.

This is too big a coincidence.
- Can you stop talking about my brother?

Yes, I... I'm sorry,
I don't know when to shut up.

Yes, I've noticed that.

I just wanted to...
- I want you to leave.

- I mean it.

Where are you?

There's something
I have to tell you.

Where is Gabi? Huh?

Where is Gabi?


You sent me
straight into a trap, huh?

I'm sorry, it was strictly
a Shin Bet operation.

My police source didn't
know anything about it.

By the way, Natalie is alive.
She was wearing a vest.

Start with a shot
to the head next time, okay?

You can do it
yourself next time.

Are you certain
she didn't recognize you?


What about Marrik's sister?

What about her?

Could he have told her anything?

No, he'd never put her
at risk like that.

Okay, get some rest.
We'll talk about it later.

About what?

Let's talk now. What is it?

We wasted him last night.


Sean. Sean, I had no choice.


Put the gun down.

Put the guns down!

Get out of here!

Sean, listen to me.




"Dude, I left the information
I have on Gabi"

"with my sister, as usual."

"That's our insurance
against him. Don't lose it."

"And I need you to watch out for my
sister until I'm settled, okay?"

"Don't let anything
happen to her."

"I trust you."

I swear I had no choice.

He wanted out.
- I'm out, too.

Will you have no choice
in my case, too?

It's not the same in your case.
You know that.

Here, that must be it.

"A young man known to the police
stabbed to death last night

"at Yekutiel Square".
- Gosh.

Shit, it doesn't say
what his name was.

Did she tell you what happened?

She just cried, mostly.

I'll try to message her.

"My baby brother surprised me
when I got home."

"He's back from abroad so I had
a great night all around."

"I'm sorry about this morning,
I didn't..."

"Marrik has been murdered."

"Should I be worried?"

"1 new message received."


"What about the rest?"

"No longer your responsibility."

Are you getting
paranoid on me now?

Maybe it has something to do with
this whole identity theft thing.

I need to know.

What do you want me to do?
She won't talk to me.

You're a hacker. Hack.

Hack Asia?
- I don't know.

The police, maybe?

You can do it, can't you?

Hey! Honey!
- I missed you!

Sit in the back.

Why did you miss the bus?

I was in the library
and I lost track of time.

And Mom's phone was off.

Are we getting something to eat?

I need to drop you off at home
and go back to work.

Because Mom is angry with you?

Ronnie. What happened
wasn't your mother's fault.

It was my fault.

Dad, I didn't really call Mom.

What do you mean?

I missed the bus on purpose.

I wanted you to come.

Ronnie! She will be worried sick.
Do you realize what you've done?

I'm sorry.
- It's wrong. It really is.

"I have Ronnie. I'm
taking her home."

"Don't worry."

I texted her.

You can't do these things.

Mom will kill me.

I'll talk to Mom.
I'll come again in two days.

We'll grab something to eat.

Get inside the house, Ronnie.

Inside, now!

- I don't want to hear a word.

I don't even know
what to say to you.

I asked you to
stay away from us.

I told you I needed
some time to myself, to think.

Would you please listen to me?
Instead of just attacking?

Ronnie, go inside! Now! - Efrat,
she only wanted... - What?

You're right.
I shouldn't have done that.

I missed her.

It's over. Deal with it.

Sayag said you speak Hebrew.

Is Hebrew allowed?
- When I speak it.

The bag is in the back.

Was it never used?

It's a... How do you
call it? A burner phone.


Go to the Imperial Park.

Any luck?
- In a minute.

It's getting late.
- Alright. These things take time.


You called?

I wanted to see if you're okay.
Make sure nothing's happened.

What do you mean?

I just wanted to make sure
everything's okay.

I moved out.

I haven't told anyone yet,
not my family or at work.

I don't know what to do next.

I'll come see you tonight.

We'll talk about everything.
- We can't see each other.

We won't talk about the case.

You need someone to talk to
about it, don't you?


I'm staying at Ginot Tal hotel,
in Tel Aviv.

I'll be there at
around 6 o'clock.

C, FYI. Lipman is supposed to be
at Raphael's hotel tonight.

Copy. Have the others
got that as well?

Yes, this is B. Copy that.

I located his file.
Marrik Brindich.

But it's on the national headquarters
database, for some reason,

so I need more time.

I'm going now. To see Ben.

He and his wife split up.

No, no, don't. It's my treat.

Call me if you find anything.

"Personal Information Query."

"Marrik Brindich."

"Homicide following a brawl.
No suspects located yet."

"Investigation Report:
Asia Brindich."

"Asia Brindich."

"Contact with foreign agent,
grievous espionage."

"Arrest warrant.
Extradition warrant."

"Determine whether or not they
can be extradited to Russia."

"Brindich, Asia; Elfassia,
Natalie; Tilson, Sean."

"Raphael, Ben; Lipman, Emma."

How could they carry Soleimani
all the way up this slope?

You know, I've been working with
the agency for almost a year,

but like Kobi, you know,
I find apartments, drive cars,

buy burner phones.

Anything to help
the State of Israel out.

Is that what Sayag told you?

You know what I really do
for a living, right?

I'm a... What do you call it?
You know, a guy who makes cakes.

A pastry chef?

A pastry chef.

You know, if I kill someone,
you might still be accused

of murder and espionage. Even
if you're only a collaborator.

So maybe you should
avoid killing anyone.

Shall we?

After you.

Would you like a drink?

Yes. A beer, please.

How are you?

I'm trying to get used
to my new status.

Is that a good thing?

I think it's over,
as far as she is concerned.

To be honest, I don't blame her.
- I'm sorry.

I think I would
have done the same.


I can't stop thinking about
what happened in London.

I know it's stupid,
but I can't...

I can't get it out of my head.

I think it's best if we
don't see each other anymore.

I shouldn't have told you
to come here.

It was wrong.

I'm sorry.


Effi. It's me.

Benny? Are you calling
from an unlisted number?

Effi, I know it's over, I get it, but
let me explain before we break it off.

Did you sleep with that woman?

Effi, I...

Yes, I slept with her.
- So what is there to explain?

I want to explain what I feel,
what I'm going through.

I don't care
what you are going through.

I don't believe you.

I don't even...
- Listen to me!

I just want you to listen, I want
to talk to you face to face.

- Where is Ben's room? We have to see him.


Tomorrow morning, after I pick up
Ronnie, I'll... I'll give you a call.

What happened?

They're going to arrest you.
All of you.

- And that's not all.

Thank you, Effi.


Where is it?

Who's this?

Give me your cell phone.

The kidnappers made it to the
airport. I'm sure of it.


We're here. This is the airport,
and that's the hotel,

right in between.

If they wanted to get
to the airport quickly,

they never would have used that
tunnel, it doesn't make any sense.

Do you think they are
still in Russia?


I don't get it.
Why wouldn't they escape?

Smuggling a target out of the
country isn't that easy.

We had Israel's support when
we went on these operations.

We had diplomatic cars
and luggage, El Al, ZIM.

And we still had to wait at least two
weeks, until things settled down.

Look at this video of Soleimani.
It was shot two days ago.

Did you hear that?

The sound is off.
- So?

Someone's deleted background noises
from the video. Watch it again.

Alright, I heard it. So?

That means they aren't
in a safe place yet,

they haven't reached
their final location yet.

Are you saying they deleted a sound
that could have exposed their location?


I may not be a big expert like
you, but Russia is a big country.

They can be 600 kms away.

You don't take a target like
that on a ride in your car.

Especially not
in a country like Russia.

You find a safe place
and you stay there.

Safe and nearby.

According to my research,

the Shin Bet has been following you
from the moment you were released.

They are tapping
all of your phones.

Once they get the green light,
they will arrest you,

and turn you in to Russia.

If we're arrested,
that's it for us.

We have to get out of here.

A, any news?

The two targets
are still in the room.

Do we know when we can get in?

Not yet. Stay put.

What's going on
in your location, D?

Tower, this is D. No news.

"They're going to turn us in
to Russia tomorrow."

"1 new message received."

"I'm on it."

What took you so long?

What's this?
Did you buy cell phones?

Yes. Prepaid.
You can't use your usual phones.

They are tapped
and they can be traced.

Give them here.

Come on, hand them over.

Do you trust this guy?

He knows about these things.

Did you know he has documents
concerning all of us on his computer?

Pictures, articles,
Facebook photos?

Yes, he showed me.

Don't you find that strange?

You don't know him.
He's like that.

I'm ready.

Outgoing call from Emma Lipman.

She's talking to Jonathan
Fische, the neighbor.

Where are you?

I'm still with Ben.
I just slept with him.

He gets around, huh?

You're out of your mind.
- I know.

You do realize
how bad this is, right?

I do.

Come over for coffee,
we can talk about it.

Can we triangulate her cell?

She is still at his hotel room.

I'm spending the night here.
We'll talk tomorrow, okay?

Is it worth it?

I think I have feelings for him.

Alright. You know more
about these things than I do.

I don't understand
what you see in him.

Good night, Emma.

Karin. Tell C that Lipman
is staying with Refael tonight.

A, I have an update.
Both targets are in the room.

Stand by for instructions.

Copy that. I also need information
on a license plate, 566...

Did he text you back?

He did. He's waiting for us.

Will he help us?

We're about to find out.

Hello, I'm Benny. I called you.

Yes, I recognize your voice.
Come in.

False Flag