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Previously on False Flag

The abduction
of General Suleimani

was planned and executed
by a team of skilled professionals.

The Russians claim that the kidnappers
are Israeli citizens,

and that they used foreign passports
to enter the country.

The Shin Bet is investigating the five
Israelis to find out if they're innocent

or if they were deployed
by a foreign entity.

Sean Tilson.

We need to find him
and bring him in for questioning.

He's our top priority
in this investigation.

Whoever kidnapped Farhad
knows we're connected,

otherwise they wouldn't
have used my passport.

Someone screwed us.

Don't you want your money?
- I won't risk staying here.

Sean, come to my house
and we'll talk.

When is Gabi coming?

I don't know.
Today, tomorrow.

Did he leave anything for me?

He said you're not going anywhere
for the time being.

Is this your fling from London?

Do you know the others?

You found them all?
- I've been at it since yesterday.

She's cute.

Are you writing to her?

Did you know that Natalie
was in France two weeks ago?

Yuval, how many times have you told me
about the tricks you pull with your cases?

What were you doing in Paris?
- Yuval, they're lying. That wasn't me.

Don't bullshit me!
I recognized you!

Are you having an affair?

Honey, are you for real?
What's with you?

You have to believe me.
- Fine, I believe you.

Omer, are you there?

Do you know who I am?

Am I supposed to know?

What were you doing in Paris?

What do you think?
Getting the money.

Get it to me.

I have stuff on you that'll put you in jail
for a very long time.

Give me the money
or I'll expose you.

I'll give you the address of a storage
facility, I need you to pick something up.

Does it have something to do with Russia?

Don't ask questions. I don't want
to get you mixed up in this, Revi.

And you're sending me to get a bag?!

Revi, I can't go there.
The police might still be tailing me.

Talk to Yuval. Talk to him, Nati.
He'll know what to do, he'll help you.

Sorry about this morning.
I just want to know what's going on.

Are you coming home afterwards?
- Of course.

I love you.

Natalie Alfassia.
- Let go of me!

You're under arrest.
- Nati!

I'll tell you everything.

Talk to me.

Keshet and Tender Productions present:

Tell me about your connection
to Omer again.

Start talking.

He found out I was embezzling...
- No! From the beginning.

I started embezzling clients' money
two years ago.

I would increase the VAT but report
the correct amount to the authorities.

I'd keep the difference for myself.
- You were their accountant, right? - Yes.

Hi, Udi.

Why aren't you ins there?

I want Eli to soften her up first.

What do we know?

She was supposed to meet her operator,

He asked her for the money,
320,000 Euros.

After a few months I had a large sum,
all undeclared...

So I set up a network
of fictitious accounts overseas.

Most of them were in Andorra, but there
were a few in Monaco and Luxembourg.

It's easy to open off shore accounts there,
they all border on France so...

It was convenient
with my French passport.

Who told you to set up this network?

No one.
I did it alone, for myself.

He only contacted me later.

Go on.

The first 6 months went by without a hitch.
Then I got an email.

He said his name was Omer.
I don't know if that's his real name.

He said I stole from them.

He threatened to expose me, that
I'd go to jail if I didn't help them...

Launder money, that is.

And we're talking about...?

23 million Euros.

So you laundered
millions of Euros for him,

no questions asked.
- I didn't know what to do.

I was afraid of going to jail,
I was afraid that Yuval would find out.

He had just completed his internship
and we wanted to get married.

And he paid you, let's not forget that.
- Yes, but I didn't spend the money.

I kept it in an account in France.
Up until 2 weeks ago.

The weekend of the abduction.

But I don't know a thing about that,
I swear.

Why did you go to France?

The bank manager called to tell me
there was going to be a surprise audit

So I went to get the money out.
It's all in the bag you seized.

You're getting mixed up
in your own lies.

I'm telling you the truth!
Why don't you believe me?

Can't we trace this Omer?

When we got to the gas station, he
wasn't there. Natalie never saw his face.

And you believe her?
- She's stopped playing games.

So what do you think?

I believe she knows nothing
about the abduction.

But I don't believe it was a coincidence
that they used her identity

And made sure she was in France
at the time of the abduction.

The people who activated her,
the money that circulated through them...

It all leads to the abduction.

Okay. We'll ask the Financial Crimes Bureau
to map out the money trail.

I have another way to go.

Her operator doesn't know
she's been arrested. I can use that.

You want to double her?

Natalie says he sounds stressed out.

He demanded the money right away
and said he was going to disappear.

It's someone who's
trying to flee the country.

It fits in with what
we know about Sean.

It could be someone else
who discovered he was about to be exposed.

The financial investigator
can question Natalie tomorrow...


I'm not looking for an adventure.

You got us the lead we were looking for.
Let's make the most of it.

With all due respect, Udi,
you're making a big mistake.

Interrogating Natalie could take days.

If the Prime Minister thinks we could have
cracked this today and we don't...

The Shin Bet will be to blame.
It's your neck on the line.

And what if your "Operation Natalie" fails?

Who will be to blame?
- Me.

- I'll take the heat.

I'm cooperating.
I... told him everything.

We identified your contact.

You mean Omer?

A Hezbollah operative who activated
a network of espionage and terrorism...

With the money you provided him.

Thanks to your confession we have enough
to convict you for treason...

Espionage, contact with a foreign agent,
not to mention financial crimes.

That's life in prison.

No, that can't be.

Your sister admitted she knew
what the meeting was about.

That means she had criminal intent,
I'm going to indict her.

Revital will serve
a minimum of 5 years.

I'll ask for more,
be sure of that.

Look me in the eye.
You'll see that what I'm saying is true.

We sent officers over to arrest Yuval.
We suspect he was involved too.

He doesn't know a thing! I swear...
- We'll find something to pin on him.

Even if he's somehow acquitted,
he's finished.

His career, his reputation, all gone.
And so are you.


Did you think there
wouldn't be consequences?


There's only one way out of this.

You'll do this one thing for me
and it will all go away.

Revital will be released,
nothing will

happen to Yuval and
everything will be fine.

You're going to help me catch Omer.
- I don't know him! I swear...

You'll do as I say.

You'll help us catch him
and this will all go away.

I promise that everything will be fine.



You have a great Facebook profile picture.


No, just a bit surprised.

Surprised, "I wanna run," or surprised
"I'm here, might as well have a drink?"

- Hi.

Do you recognize her?
- No.

Asia Brindich, the kidnapper from Russia.
- Oh, yeah!

What can I get you?

Doesn't she deserve
the first drink on the house?

Of course!

Johnny Walker, neat.
- The usual for you?

So, is that how you come on to women
on Facebook?

Come on to them?

So you're... - Emma's neighbor.
Yes, we're friends. - She's sweet. - Yes.

She looked so stressed out
at the police station.

She doesn't like surprises.
- It's natural, we were all surprised.

She was a little bit more.
- Why?

What? Tell me.

But it's a secret.
- Of course.

She knows Ben Raphael.
- The one with the Greek passport? - Yes.

They had a thing.
- No way!

You can't tell anyone.
Even though I think his wife knows.

You mean he's married?!
- Sshhh... Keep it down.

Here you go.
- Thanks, sweetie.

So she's into old men.

Whatever... I've had it
with her choice of men.

And you never...?
- We're just friends.

Maybe we'll be "just friends" too.

That is an option.
- I thought you weren't coming on to me...

Well, then...

- Yes, goodnight.

Call me tomorrow.
- Yes.

- Bye.

You scared me!
You stupid little brother!

You scared me...

My one and only.

When did you get here?

I saw you on the
news so I got on a plane.

How did I do?
- Don't go crazy, it looks serious.


Are those the "Pradas" I bought you?
- I love them.

Go on and change, we'll talk.

No, I drank already.

Come on, you hotty!
- Okay, I'll be right back.

What did they say during the
interview? Do they know anything?

Nothing at all.

And they didn't say
what happened to the Iranian?

What do I care? Damn him.
- You're insane.

Where are you?

At my sister's.
- You're in Israel?

I landed earlier with Gabi.

How was it?
- Fine.

Does she know anything?

My sister? No way.

She didn't recognize me or anything,
did she?

How could she?
She's clueless.

You coming to Gabi's?

What did you bring me?

The "Pradas" weren't enough?

That was then.
What did you bring me this time?

- I'm leaving tomorrow.

I'm outta here
until the heat's off.

Does Gabi know that?

I'd rather you tell him,
but wait until tomorrow.

Did something happen?

You mean Suleimani wasn't enough?

Your face is all over the news,
so is my sister's.

You think Gabi was involved
in the kidnapping?

I don't know. You dealt weapons with the
Iranians, with Suleimani, who knows.

He freaked out when it happened.
He called all his friends in the Mossad.

In the defense ministry.
- How long are you here for?

Don't know, a few days.

Did I know he'd nix the deal with the
Iranians? Get rid of all the evidence?

Since when?

Now that the fact that we're
Israelis is about to be exposed.

You be careful of him, okay?

What does that mean?

I know you've known
each other a long time.

And that you trust him,
but he doesn't tell you everything.

He secretly filmed your meeting
with Suleimani, did you know that?

Don't worry, I have the only copy. With
the rest of the evidence he tried to hide.

Okay, bro, I have to go.

You're on the computer already?
What a junkie.

You were in the shower for an hour...

Come sit down.

He'll see through me.
He's always suspicious.

Imagine he's Yuval. You lied to him
for two years and he didn't know it.

How much longer?
- The laptop's clean, you can call him.

And Natalie,

We're right here.


I went to see Natalie.
I need money.

I have 8 million for you,
is that not enough?

Did I know when you'd get here?

Well here I am.

And you'll transfer the money to me?

If you ask me to.

I didn't think you'd come back.
- I told you...

No one knows about our connection
to the Iranians, for sure.

If they did, they would have
arrested me at the airport.

Maybe you're being followed...

I'm meeting the Prime Minister on Sunday.
You think he'd meet with me

if I was under suspicion?

Tomorrow I'm going to the Aerospace
Industries. It's business as usual, Sean.

I spoke to Marik.

He said you're shutting down
your business with the Iranians.

Are you sure you didn't make Suleimani
vanish along the way?

Are you getting paranoid, kid?
- You have no idea who it could be?


Leave everything to me.

Let's eat.

It's Natalie.



Turn on the camera.

Show me the room.

You look nervous, Natalie.

Show me the house.

Go, go.

Go to the bedroom.

Go back.

Now right.

Keep going.

Show me the right side.

Go back.

Where were you?

Yuval, my fiancé©,
he won't give me a moment's peace.

Why didn't you tell me
you weren't coming?

I told you, he won't leave me alone.
He thinks I'm cheating on him.

I'm sorry.
- Did you tell him about me? - No way.

Where is he now?
- At work.

Why are you calling now?

I can't do this anymore.

I want out. For good.

I can't take this anymore.

Something's wrong.

We have to take her out, Sean.

Set up a meeting.

Omer, are you there?


Gabi, we don't have to do this.

She's unpredictable.

She doesn't know who we are.
She's not a threat.

She didn't come to the meeting.
You want to take that risk?

Omer, I can't do this anymore,
I need your help.

Set up the meeting.


What did you do with the money?

The instructions remain the same.

I'll send new coordinates.
Be there at 4.


You better be there.

Let's go.

Come on.

The bag, Natalie.

Good morning.
- Good morning.

How are you?
- Fine.

Hey! It's not ready yet.
Go sit down.

Message from Yonatan.
"See you tomorrow?"

Don't look at my messages!

He looks like a nerd.
- And what are you?

Are you going to see him?
- I think so.

- He really is a nerd.

Maybe that's what I need
for a change.

I'm leaving today.

What? Already?
Why so soon?

What happened?

What are you mixed up in
this time?

How about coming with me?

Yeah, right.
- I mean it, come with me.

Are you serious? I'm not going anywhere.
- Why not?

First of all,
I can't take time off from work.

And I told you I don't have a passport,
I gave it to the police.

And if you did have a passport?

Quit playing games.

Yulia Nasnikova?

What is this?
A fake passport?

Don't freak out.
- Don't tell me not to freak out!

Does this have anything to do
with that thing in Russia?

Marik, tell me this has nothing to do
with the thing in Russia!

Are you involved in that kidnapping?
- No.

No... You gave them my passport.
- I did not, I swear!

Asia, I didn't touch your passport.
- What then?

I did a job for some Israeli guys.

You know, hacking, technology theft,
no big deal. They paid me a bundle.

Are they involved in the kidnapping?

I don't know, maybe.
They were in contact with him.

This is unreal.

It's serious,
Asia. These people are very dangerous.

We have to report this.

I have the phone number of...
- Don't be naive!

They sold what I stole to the Iranian.
You think the Shin Bet will let that slide?

- I'm serious, Asia, you can't say a word!


Whenever you came to visit
I smuggled things back with you.

I'm sorry, I was stupid.
I don't know what I was thinking.

What are we going to do?

I'm getting out...
I'm leaving everything behind.

Come with me.

Asinka, I'm begging you.

I have money saved up.

We'll go somewhere they can't find us.
We'll start over, please.

Please come with me.

I need you.

Will you come?


Okay, this is the spot he chose.

The only access is through the dirt road
that connects to the highway.

We'll position covert observations here,
here and here.

We'll also have continual air visual.

Is the visibility good?
- It's excellent.

He set up the meeting for 4.
We'll be there ahead of time.

I'll be in the back seat of her car,
in case something goes wrong.

Where are you going to arrest him?

First she'll give him
the money. There's a

tracker in the bag.
We'll monitor from the air.

We'll see where he goes
and we'll arrest him.

I'd feel more at ease
if there were more units.

I don't want to involve the police,
I want to keep a low profile.

Eitan, this is not one of your Mossad
operations, if you know what I mean...

I know that.

I'll be here, in the command room.
I'll monitor everything that happens.

Don't screw this up.

Turret, five minutes to destination.

This is Turret, copy that.

I didn't lie to him for two years.

You said I lied to Yuval
for two years.

So you told him the truth?
- No, but I didn't lie.

I just didn't tell him
what I was doing.

- There's a difference.

I lied to him once,
when I went to France.

And I felt horrible about it.

It'll be fine, Natalie,
I promise.

Oh yeah? You promise?

Where's your ring?

You got married during the Lebanon War,
didn't you?

You're one to talk about lies...

Turret, this is Thistle 3,
we're advancing.

This is Turret, copy that.

All Thistle units, this is Turret.
We're at destination, over.

Turret, this is Thistle 1.

Everything seems OK.
Good luck, over.

They're dreaming.

Turret, this is Thistle 5,
I see a Transporter coming our way.

This is Turret, copy.
Waiting for updates, over.

This is Thistle 5, a vehicle registered to
Itzik Dabeda, a resident of Dimona, over.

This is Thistle 5,
The Transporter just passed me.

Is he coming here?

We'll soon find out.

This is Thistle 5...

Assume routine,
the vehicle is continuing southbound.

- Copy that.

I really need to pee.

Hold it in.

No, I really have to go.

- You can't.

I'm sick of you.

Turret, we have contact,
I repeat, we have contact.

Vehicle approaching you from the east.
- The east? Are you sure?

Which way is east?

Affirmative. An ATV,
moving through the valley, over.

Turret, this access is not secure,
we have no units there.

Do you want to abort?
- That's a negative. Continue as planned.

This is Turret,
I have a visual on the target.

Natalie, take the bag
and get out of the car.

Oh God.

I can't.

- I can't do this!


You'll be fine.

Take the bag, get out,
give it to him and walk away.

Natalie! Out!

Natalie, get out!

Natalie, get out!

This is Turret,
advance to the intersection with caution...

Wait for my orders.
I want constant visual on us.

On way.

It's all here.

Shots fired! Shots fired!

Natalie... Natalie.


Don't lose him.
Take care of her.

I repeat, don't lose him.

The sonofabitch
is heading for the forest.

He's advancing toward the forest,
he's advancing toward the forest.

Do we have anyone in the forest?

Go, go, go!

Don't lose him!
Keep after him.

Don't lose him, don't lose him.

What's your status?
- We're on him.

He's moving toward...
- What's going on?

The target has escaped.

We found the ATV, abandoned.

The bag with the tracker was there,
but no money.


How is she doing?

Three broken ribs and internal
bleeding in her upper body.

She's under observation
in the hospital.


You're off this case.
From now on Eli is in charge.

Go home, Eitan.

Thank you.

That man will be kept out of
this case I hope you get that.

Of course.

As soon as Natalie Alfassia comes to...

She'll map out all the companies
that she handled.

As for the others,
the covert investigation

continues. We'll see if
they're connected to her.

Got it.

Just so you know, Asia Brindich
called for a taxi to the airport.

We sent someone to take her.

Is she trying to hightail it abroad?
- I don't think so.

Her brother's at her place,
he booked the flight.

But I informed the undercover agents
at the airport to be on the safe side.

Good luck.


It's the taxi, I'm downstairs.
- Great, 2 minutes.

Turret, this is Thistle 1,
they're on their way to me.

Aren't you ready?
The taxi's downstairs.

You're not coming.

I can't.

I'm not leaving.

Asia, we talked about this...
- That's final.

The taxi's waiting.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?
- Don't touch these shoes.

I'll call a friend to come get them.

I trust him. He'll make sure
nothing happens to you.

Who's this friend?

- Trust me.

Bro, I left the material on Gabi
in the regular place at my sister's.

It's our insurance against him.
Don't lose it.

Look out for my sister
until I get settled, okay?

Make sure nothing happens to her.

I'm counting on you.

Who is that?

Walk me down?

Let's go.


You can't talk to the police
about this.

Hi, how's it going?

Give me a second.
- No problem.

I'm not abandoning you.

As soon as things calm down
I'll bring you over, I promise.


Take care.


You have what you need?

My man,
you have a cigarette for me, yes?

You have a lighter?

What about you?


Hey! Stop!


Marik? Marik...

Marik! Somebody!





It's done.

False Flag

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