Karadayi (2012–2015) - episodes with scripts

Mehmet Saim is aware of how powerful and intelligent enemy. Mahir father and is sure to give up to investigate the events of his own. Maher 's sooner or later must be prevented from reaching its name. This time you decide to play really great. Maher will be saved forever from before the wedding. To do this, Istanbul's most cruel, the most intrepid will find the most unscrupulous bully. Qualities that will take you to a surprise Mehmet Saimer name. The Orhan as promised grooms allows restoring the freedom of the day before. Everything is proceeding as Orhan's desire is now free and the family is not aware of it. Orhan is released not meet the groom 's real world. Look carefully and grooms that gives Orhan first task is waiting patiently. Orhan awaits the biggest test of his life. Necdet is arrested as a suspect murder of her husband Sinan. If Alice continues to everything unaware of the role of the victim spouse. To verify the expression of Necdet and has no intention to rescue him. Life and avenge last Necdet and always on hand to take this opportunity to be in a place where imagination will assess the best way. Meanwhile, the roof come wedding day. Maher and Farida is excited to be married a few hours later. Farida doing final preparations father will come home point, there is a flurry of sweet in the Maher's house. Everyone is very happy but a few minutes later, life will be changed forever. Reunion will.