Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Episode #3.4 - full transcript

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Previously on Just Add Magic...

What would you think of putting
in a drive-through window?

Madam Mayor, I'm here
as a concerned citizen

and I'd like
to make a complaint.

-Say did I what?
-Can you talk normal, please?

We're still spelled.

Only we can understand
each other.

You know what, you three
just do your own thing.

Piper is my friend

and I really hurt her feelings.

The deal was I help you cook

some top-secret recipe

and you let me keep
my memories of magic.

Attracting something
as powerful as Morbium

could have disastrous effects.

HANNAH: I think we know what
our thief was trying to find

with our Night Blooming spices.

-DARBIE: Chuck's secret cellar.
-HANNAH: I think we found

what the Night Bandit's after.

A pocket watch?

It's over 150 years old
and it's still ticking.

(school bell ringing)


-Can we please talk?

But we're supposed to go
to Shakespeare in the Park

-this weekend.
-I'm busy.

I know you're mad,
but if you just let me explain.


Why did you ruin my party?

I didn't mean to.

It's just we had this-this
thing, so we...

cooked this thing

and it caused this thing to...

It's hard to explain.

But I promise
I'll make it up to you.

Don't bother.

It's clear you have
all the friends you need.

Why won't it open?

This hardly looks like something
you'd create an earthquake for.

It has the fork, knife
and spoon logo on it,

so it must be important.

(cell phone chimes)

Hannah, we need to focus.

I'm totally focused.

Aw, look.
A gorilla cuddling a kitten.


I have to admit, it's nice
to finally have a friend.

-It's like I'm not even here.
-You know what I mean.

I can't sit with you and Darbie
at Fox Canyon.

-(door opens)

Hey. Finally.

Maybe you have some ideas
what the pocket watch means.

Not interested in magic today.

Is everything okay?


Did you talk to Piper?


How did it go?

Well, she cancelled
our plans this weekend

and she won't talk to me,
so I'd go with terrible.

I'm sorry, Darbie.

What are you gonna do?

The only thing I can.

I'm gonna tell Piper
about the magic.

♪ ♪

-No way. You can't.
-Why not?

We can't tell outsiders
about the magic.

Hannah, back me up.

Give me a minute.
I'm-I'm processing.

We told Jake.

Yeah, but we had a good reason.

We needed him to help us to keep
the magic from the wrong hands.

Saving my friendship with Piper
is a good reason,

and this might be the only way
to do it.

We know you want
to make things right, Darbie,

but is this really the best way?

We don't know if we can
trust her to keep the secret.

If I can trust her,
you can trust her.

Unless, of course,
you don't trust me.

Of course we trust you.

I promise you,

we will talk about this later,
but right now

we have more important things
to do

like getting this watch open.

More important to you.

That's the problem here.

It's all magic, all the time.

Well, that's because
we're the protectors.

But for how long?

The book's gonna move on
sooner or later.

Then what?

This is our secret to keep.

I agree with Kelly.

I'm sorry.


You guys don't help me,
I'll deal with this on my own.

(door opens, closes)


Sorry, am I late?

I left with plenty
of time to get...

No, it's the juice.

Love this company,
hate our juice.


So, uh, about the other day,
when, you know...

You threw me under the bus
with your buddy, the mayor,

and then again with my daughter?

Yeah, that.

Um, I just want to say
how sorry I am about...

We've been over this, Jake.
It's fine.

-So, we're good then?
-We're good.



I need you
to clean the bathrooms.

Oh, but, uh, Victor usually...

Thank you.

Of course.

You're welcome.

These "Cleaving Nut Clusters"

should allow us to open
the pocket watch.

It's perfect.
And there's a note.

"Fix your gaze upon that
which you wish to cleave."

What-what does "cleave"
mean again?

To unstick.

Let's get this watch unstuck.

It feels weird to do it
without Darbie, though.

Still haven't heard from her.

Do you think she'd really tell
Piper about magic?

I don't know.

I don't think so.

Although, she did seem
really upset.

We need to get ahead of this,
just in case.

Maybe there's something
we can do.

We're not spelling her, Kelly.

I meant without magic.

We could talk to her.

And say what?

Um, that we're sorry
and that it was all our fault.

I mean, think about it.

We'll take the blame,

Piper will forgive Darbie

and then we won't have
to tell anyone about magic.

We were responsible
for ruining her party, too.

Exactly. Come on.

This might be the only way
to get out of this

and we can't risk
Piper finding out.

Even if we wanted to, how would
we get Piper to talk to us?

She won't even talk to Darbie.

Maybe there's a way.

(cell phone whooshes)

What'd you do?

(cell phone chimes)

Piper will be here
as soon as she can.

Wow. How'd you pull that off?

I told her it was an emergency
with Darbie.

-I hope this works.
-Me, too.

In the meantime,
we better get cooking.

♪ ♪

Hey, Jake.

Um, what are you doing?

Oh, just scraping gunk
off the pillars.


I got to talk to you.

I have a big decision to make
and I need some advice.


I think I'm gonna tell Piper
about magic.


Look, if you just came here
to mess with me,

today is not the day.

Oh, that's right.

You don't remember anything.

Let me try this a different way.

I had a big fight with Hannah
and Kelly about Piper.

I feel like they want me
to choose between her and them.

-Well, who do you like better?

I'm joking.

Look, I want to help you,
but I got a lot to do.

This is really important.

And so is this.

I've got a huge to-do list
from Erin.

Okay, then.

I'll help you.

Uh, you can start

by scraping that pillar
over there.

Okay, we need to fix our gaze
upon the watch as we eat.

On three.

-One, two, three.


Your brother let me in.

What's the emergency?
Where's Darbie?

-She's not here.

It's about Darbie.

And not so much an emergency
as extremely important.

Um, we want to apologize
for the other night.

Are you kidding me?

What we did at your party
was really immature.

We know that.

But I promise you, Darbie
would never do anything

to hurt you on purpose.

If you want to blame anyone,
blame us.

-Oh, I do.

And now I also blame you
for wasting my time today.

-Less great.
-We were just trying to help.

By tricking me
into coming over here?

Real nice.

I got your message
and ran out of the house

without making lunch.

Thanks a lot.


-Did you feel that?
-Um, yes.

Oh, no. We're stuck to Piper.

We must've messed up the spell.

Piper! Wait.

Sorry, I have a lot to do.

-Um, let us buy you lunch, then.

It's-it's the least we can do

after ruining your party.

And tricking you, just now.

You don't need to do that.

-No, no, no, we want to. Please.

And, if after this lunch, you
never want to speak to us again,

we promise
we'll leave you alone.

So if I come with you now,
you'll never bug me again?

Yes. We literally cannot
take no for an answer.



I'll have this salad
and lemonade,

and whatever she's having.

You don't actually
have to buy my food.

Oh, we want to. Plus,
if you're anything like Darbie,

a free meal
should solve everything.

(chuckles softly)

So we looked at Piper
instead of the watch.

But it was an unsticking spell,
so why are we stuck to her?

I have no idea.

But how long as we supposed
to keep this up?

I mean, we can't stay close
to Piper all day.

We need Darbie to make
a counterspell.

Ugh, she's not responding
to my texts. She's mad.

She's gonna be even more upset

when she finds out
what we've done.

At this point,
we don't have many options.


Let's go.

Uh, keep it.

So, where do you want to sit?

Don't care, I just want to eat.

How about this one?

Kind of small.
Uh, let's do that one.


Of course, the one over there.

Oops, I forgot to get a napkin.

So did we. Um...

We'll go with you.

I can grab a stack.

Oh, yeah, but we never miss an
opportunity to stretch our legs.

-Oh, you first.

(fork clattering)


Here. We can share mine.


Springtown Coffee.
Grand opening.

Springtown Coffee.

Grand opening.

Springtown Coffee.
Grand opening.

I-I guess you're right.
It's our secret.

But they don't know
how hard it is

to keep a big secret
from a close friend.

And they don't seem to care.

I'm sure they care, Darbie.

Kelly and Hannah

have been my best friends
since forever,

but all we ever do is cook.

Oh, okay,
you just lost me there,

'cause that's all I want to do.

Well, I like other things, too.

Stuff Piper likes
that Kelly and Hannah don't,

like theater, indie music
and shopping at thrift stores.

I don't want to lose that.

Look, it's not that hard.

Just go with your gut.

My gut doesn't know.

Tell me what to do.

I can't, Darbie.

This is a waste of paper
and a waste of time.

Why is Erin making you do this?

It's my job.

Well, it shouldn't be.

It feels more like punishment
than work.

Actually... yeah.

So... how's the play going?


You were so good
in Murder Masquerade.

You stole the show.

Hey, Hannah.

Leah. Hey.

Uh, this is Kelly and Piper,
and this is Leah.

-Hi. Nice to meet you.
-Hi. -Hi.

I'm just grabbing juices
to take to Madison's.

Her parents put in a new pool,
and we're gonna check it out.

You should come.

Oh, I'd love to,
but I'm kind of, uh...

tied up right now.

Okay. Just text me later.

It was nice meeting you.

So, that's Leah.

Yeah. I hope she didn't think
that I was being...

Look, you wanted
to talk about Darbie?

I don't have much time.

Oh, yeah. Of course. Um...

Darbie's the best.

I remember last year
when my grandma was sick,

Darbie came by every day
to visit her.

Oh, yeah.

And in the third grade
when I broke my arm,

she got everyone in school
to sign my cast.

Oh, and one time

on a school trip
to the pluot farm,

I lost my lunch money,

and Darbie
shared her sandwich with me.

And you know how she is

-about her PB&Js.
-I get it.

It's clear you guys
are tight with Darbie,

and I know all about
her good traits.

She's smart and funny and cool.

Then why are you willing
to give up a whole friendship

because of one bad day?

That's just it.

It wasn't just one time.

What do you mean?

For one, she isn't reliable.

She's always running off
for emergencies

without any explanation,

like when she took off
after the play

instead of coming
to the wrap party.

Well, I'm sure she left
for a really important reason.

And she can be super moody.

Darbie? No way.

Really? 'Cause I remember once
when I was running lines,

she started insulting
my performance for no reason.

See, that one's
a little harder to explain.

And then
there's the escape room.

I think we get the picture.

Look, I love Darbie.

I just don't know

if I can rely on her
as a friend.

(phone buzzing)

It's my mom calling.

I have to take this.

Hi, Mom.

Darbie's fine.

I didn't know that Darbie
was letting Piper down so much.

Darbie was right.
Without the magic explanation,

I don't know
if Piper will forgive her.

-Which would be awful
for both of them. -(sighs)


Uh, I...

have to get going. (chuckles)

But thanks for lunch.

Come on, sit down.
What about dessert?

-I'm late to rehearsal.
-At school?


We'll walk with you

'cause I forgot something
in my locker.

I'm gonna use the bathroom

-before we go.
-Oh, we'll join you.

Which is not weird because girls

go to the bathroom together
all the time.

A drive-through?

That's the worst idea
I've ever heard.

You were right to tell Mayor Q.

-Yeah, but...
-So what

if that girl was her daughter?

You were being honest with her
about the food,

and honesty is the best policy.

Not when you do it
behind someone's back.

I told Mayor Quinn

about Erin's plan to put in
a drive-through window.

I mean, regardless of how I feel
about Springtown Coffee,

I betrayed Erin's trust.

It wasn't your secret to tell.

Thanks, Jake.

You've really helped me
put things into perspective.

Wait, I did?

Are you... following me?

What? No.

I'm just really in a hurry
to get to my locker.

Okay. I'll see you later.

-Um... what's going on?
-HANNAH: Darbie!

Um, what are you doing here?

I have rehearsal.

You're in the same play.
Of course.

-What are you doing here?
-You didn't get our text?

We've been trying to get
in touch with you all day.

I was ignoring you.

What's going on?

Yeah, what is going on?

W-Well, um...
(clears throat)

You see, Piper came over
and kind of got caught up

in something we were cooking.

Uh, yeah.
We spent all day with her.

It's like we weren't able
to get away.

Are you kidding me?

-We didn't do it on purpose.
-Do what?

I can't believe
you went behind my back and...

messed with Piper.

KELLY: It wasn't like that,
it was an accident.

We wanted to apologize to Piper.

We never meant to... you know.

"You know" what?

And after talking with her,

we think you were right.

I mean, your friendship
with Piper is important,

and no secret's
worth losing it over.

No, I was wrong, to tell, or not
to tell is up to all of us.

Not just me.

Tell me what?

I think we should tell her.


If you trust her, we trust her.

Here we go again.

Creating your little
triangle of drama.

Well, I'm out of here.

Actually, you're not.


W-What was that?


there's something
we have to tell you.

You're gonna need to trust me
and come with us.

I don't want to.

Too bad.

This is amazing.

-I know, right?
-Magic is real?

Like, for real real?

A-And these spices are...

Yep. Totally magical.

Can you make yourself invisible?

Yeah, but I wouldn't
recommend it.

I thought you were weird,
but it turns out,

you're just magicians.

-W-We're protectors, actually.
-(Darbie chuckles)

We keep the magic safe.
And look at this.

It's where we keep
all our clues.

The earthquake was magic?


I have a lot to catch up on.

You know, I think sometimes
we forget how cool it is

that we have a magic cookbook.

Yeah. I mean,
we're always so busy

solving a mystery, we never
have time to just enjoy it.

Speaking of mysteries, we kind
of need to get back to ours.

Give her a minute. She literally
just learned that magic exists.


Darbie, we're sorry about today.

Don't sweat it. I'm actually
grateful for what you guys did.

It shows how much you care.

And it feels so good not to have
to keep secrets anymore.

I'm the one who should be sorry.

You were clearly dealing
with a lot here.

So we're back on
for Shakespeare in the Park?

I can't even think
about the Bard right now.

Fair enough. I'm just happy
you're talking to me again.

Okay, this is beyond cool,

but are we gonna be
stuck together forever?

Because I have
to be home soon for dinner.

Don't worry,
we should be able to break it.


Usually, there's a riddle
and we can solve it,

but this recipe only says,

"Fix your gaze upon that
which you wish to cleave."

Oh, that's clever.

-The word "cleave"

is one of the only words
in the English language

that has two opposite meanings:
to stick or to unstick.

Learned that
in a Shakespeare workshop.

Oh. So when we tried to cleave,
or unstick, the watch,

our gaze moved to Piper, and
we cleaved, or stuck, to her.

But how do we break it?

No idea.

I wonder if...


It seems the spell sticks
what isn't stuck

and unsticks what is stuck,

so if I ate
a cleaving nut cluster,

maybe I'd unstick to them.

That's brilliant.


I wouldn't go that far.

Oh, but it was very clever.

After we get you unstuck,
we can use the extra clusters

to open the watch.


Another batch of clusters.

My hands still hurt
from the last time.

You know, making peanut butter
from scratch is a workout.

Hi, Erin.

Anything else I can do?

Yes. Go heat up a sandwich.

What kind?

Whatever you want.

It's on the house.

Good work today.

♪ ♪

When does the magic part happen?

Uh, it's kind of happening.

We just cook
with magical ingredients.

-And then we eat.

Well, I just thought there'd be,
like, fireworks or...

or green smoke or something,
but this works, too.

-Can I help?
-Yeah. You could start

by grinding these nuts
into peanut butter.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Okay, Piper, take one bite,
but look only at me and Hannah.

No problem.

-♪ ♪


Not trying to be rude,
but I'll just stand over here.

Yeah, I mean,
you're awesome and all,

but it feels so good
not to be stuck to you anymore.

-Now for the pocket watch.

Piper, would you do the honors
of counting us off?

On three.

One, two, three.

-Whoa. -What?

-Am I missing something?
-That's odd.

DARBIE: This watch has no hands
to tell time.

Then how is it still ticking?

(seabird squawks in distance)

That ridiculous
attraction spell you gave me

didn't attract any Morbium.

All it attracted was
a bunch of dusty relics.

-Maybe it was there but you
just didn't see it. -Trust me,

-if it were there, I would
have seen it. -Do you think

if Morbium was easy to find,
I would have been stuck

in Saffron Falls
my entire adult life?

You know what?
I'm beginning to think

I can figure this out on my own.
Deal's off.

-You can't just call it off.
-Sure I can.

Say good-bye
to your memories of magic.

Wait. Calm down.

It's not just about the Morbium.

Really? What else is there?

The girls.

Even if you get your hands
on Morbium,

they're smart--
they can find a way to stop you.

-But I can help you manage them.
-Don't worry

about the girls--
I'll handle them.

Okay, then it is
about the Morbium.

This magic...

♪ ♪

What was I just saying?