Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Episode #3.3 - full transcript

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Previously on Just Add Magic...

The OCs can't remember magic.

Mama P sold this place.
We're actually

a Springtown Coffee now.

Erin Chua. I'm the new manager.

We have enough spices
to make every spell

in the cookbook ten times.

The Night Blooming plants
are gone.

There must be
someone else out there.

You stole the girls'

Night Blooming mint.

Mix it with these ingredients.

But I warn you: attracting
something as powerful as Morbium

could have disastrous effects.

♪ ♪

(rumbling, clattering)

(car alarms blaring)

(glass shattering)

(rumbling continues)


(bird cawing)

♪ ♪

Earthquakes, Saffron Falls...

This is not good.

There hasn't been an earthquake
in Saffron Falls

for over a hundred years.

Hopefully, there won't be one
for another hundred.

So, whoever took
our Night Blooming spices

must've used them
to create the earthquake.

But that doesn't seem like
something that would be caused

by an attraction spell.

Unless someone's trying
to attract something pretty big.

-I don't know.
-You really don't think

the earthquake was magic?

Tremors can happen anywhere.

(phone chimes)

Hi, Piper.

-Hi, guys. -Hi, Piper.
-Hey, Piper.

Darbs, I was just checking in
after the earthquake

to make sure
you're still coming today.

Oh, there is no way
a little shake in the ground

is gonna keep me
from a party at an escape room.

-I can't wait.

Hey, you should bring
Kelly and Hannah.


(phone beeps)

-An escape room?
-It's kind of silly.

They "trap" you in this room and
the place is filled with clues

you have to decipher
in order to get out.

You guys don't have to come
if you don't want to.

I know it's not
really your thing.

Are you kidding? It's a game all
about puzzles and code breaking.

I'm in.

Oh, but what about the mystery?

Magic can wait.
This'll be a good chance for us

to get to know Piper better.
Right, Kell?

Sure. I mean,

you guys do seem to be
hanging out a lot lately.

(door closes)

Listen to me,

we are not sending that stuff
to Lavender Heights.

Anything belonging
to Charles Peizer

is part of our town's heritage.

We're putting it in our museum.

Yeah, and if anyone
from Juniper Hills calls,

you can tell them
the same thing.

Charles Peizer?

As in Chuck Peizer?

As in the former protector
who tried to trap Hannah

in the cookbook, then quantum
leaped back to the 1860s?

Hey, Mom.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, that call sounded intense.

Uh, what was it about?

The earthquake. We were lucky;
there were no injuries.

That's great. But, um...

did you say something
about Chu-- Charles Peizer?

Yeah. The earthquake
revealed a hidden cellar

under where the Peizer Mansion
used to be.

You can't go in there.

-It, um...

-it could be unstable.
-From the earthquake.

Oh, those old cellars
were built to survive anything.

-But still...
-Don't worry.

Saffron Security came out
and locked everything up tight.

-No one is getting in there...

...before the Historical Society
comes to catalogue everything.

Wait-- catalogue?

You might not know this,
but Charles Peizer

had a lot of bizarre interests.

Oh, we know.

Literally anything
could be in there.

I sure hope not.

This will be so good
for Saffron Falls.

It's almost like
this earthquake happened

just so we could find this.


I think we know what our thief
was trying to find

with our Night Blooming spices.

Chuck's Secret Cellar.

Now do you believe it's magic?

"Night Bandit"?

Because he stole
our Night Blooming?

Because "Mystery Villain
with an Agenda We Don't Know Yet

But Probably Isn't Good"

is too much to say
every time we talk about him.

Or her. Or them.

See what I mean?

(laughs softly)
Fair enough.

The big question is:

what does the Night Bandit want
with Peizer's Secret Cellar?

What if it's Chuck's spices?

Right. Because
"The Peizer's Secret Cellar"

might actually be...

(Darbie reads):

We need to get in there, today.

We have plans with Piper.

Well, Piper's party
isn't until later.

If we hurry, we could do both.

"Spice Detector Simple Syrup."

"Track Fluffy"?

"Ida's Curse"?


How about
"Walk Through Wallfles"?

That could get us in and out
in time for Piper's party.

I don't know,
a hillside isn't exactly a wall.

"Teleporting Tamales"?

Can we please teleport?


No, look: it's only
for long distances.

Fine. But we should definitely
remember that one.


"Unscrambled Eggs."

"For cracking codes
and solving puzzles."

That's perfect.

We'll use it to crack the code
on your mom's lock

and just walk right in.

♪ ♪


That's new.

Well, it is called
"Unscrambled Eggs."

We have to hurry. Dig in.

Kind of bland.

Needs hot sauce.

Hey, guys, do you see this, too?


Is that a riddle?

HANNAH: "To crack a code,
to find a link,

"change the way
your brain can think.

"When all is solved,
the spell is broken.

Till then you'll think
thoughts different than spoken."

Whoa, there's a lot
going on in that riddle.

But I think I get it.

"When all is solved,
the spell is broken."

We cooked this to crack the code

to get into Chuck's
hidden bunker.

And once we do,
the spell will break.

-That's not so bad.
-Sorry, Darbie,

but a spell that lets us see
patterns and codes?

This is the coolest spell ever.

(all chuckle)

Hi, my name is Jake.

Welcome to Springtown.

Would you like to try
one of our world-famous

chai lattes?

Not really.

Oh, smart move.
What can I get you?

What do you recommend that's not

part of a creepy corporate
robot greeting?

From here? Nothing.

At least you're honest.

Listen, if you want good food,
try Jake's Food Bike

in the park at 3:00 p.m.

You'll recognize it
because I'm Jake.

Wow, your mom wasn't
messing around, Kell.


Yeah, this is serious.

If the code is four digits,

that's, like,
10,000 possibilities.

How do we know what to look...

I think they're blinking in the
order we need to punch 'em in.

Do the honors, Hannah.

So cool.

(door creaking)

(coughs softly)

Ah, code breaking is fun,

but this, not so much.

Um, guys, I think this is
just an old cellar.

Pots, pans, tools.

I don't see any spices
or cookbooks.

No food. Which would be gross
after 150 years anyway.

There's nothing.
This doesn't make sense.

We can figure it out later.

Right now, we've got
somewhere we need to be.

Darbie, you made it.

Just in time. Sorry.

(sinister laughter plays
over speakers)

Foolish children!

I have trapped you.

To escape, you must find
my six magic keys.

But do it quickly,

or you'll be cursed,

like my last prisoner.

(all chuckle)

This should be fun.

Thanks for inviting all of us.

I'm just happy we're all
getting a chance to hang out.

One have together nice my
in to friends place it's all.


Say did I what?

Can you talk normal, please?

Normal talking is she.

Come on, aren't you three

a little old
for a secret language?

Language secret?

Second a just, please.

We have a problem.

Why can't they understand us?

Look at the room.

I see puzzles

and codes everywhere.

We're still spelled.

Only we can understand
each other.

Uh, we should figure this out
somewhere else.

(door squeaks)

WIZARD (over speaker):
The Wizard's Revenge has begun!

Snicker aw doodles.

"Spice Grafting."

"Magical Pollination."


I don't know what
any of this is.

After the earthquake
knocked over that box

of weird recipes,
I started to notice

all these other bizarre things
in my house.

I found this, too.

It's a letter from 1975.

"Gina, I know you think
what I did to you

"was unforgivable,
but I won't apologize.

I had no choice."

Who's that from?


Becky, what did you do to me?

Well, the riddle
makes sense now.

"You'll think thoughts
different than spoken."

Oh, the first clue is
on the cubes.

And it also said,
"When all is solved,

the spell is broken."

The Wizard's notes said
the cubes told the weather.

Which means there
must have been more

to solve in Chuck's cellar.

So this spell won't break
until we get back there

and figure out what we missed.


Found the first key.

Darbie, can I talk to you?

Course Piper of.

Any chance you three might want
to work with the rest of us?

Doing this as a group
is kind of the whole point.


Are you making fun of me?

-Not I'm promise I.
-You know what?

You three just
do your own thing.

Hey, Erin, um, just wanted
to let you know

that I'm leaving for the day.

Before you go,
let me ask you a question.

What would you think of putting
in a drive-through window?

It's, uh...

We don't really have room.

Yes, we do.
We'll knock down that wall.


Well, the thing is,
Saffron Falls

is kind of old-fashioned,
and people here are big into

preserving this town's heritage.

So, knocking down a wall
in a historic building

wouldn't go over too well.

People also hate
waiting in lines.

With a drive-through, we can
increase our customer base

by 50%.

In that case, I think
it's a great idea.


Hi, Jake.
Kelly's not home right now.

Actually, Madame Mayor,
I'm here as a concerned citizen.

And I'd like
to make a complaint.


Great work.

This scroll will give us a clue
to finding a magic key. (laughs)

(Darbie clears throat)


Well, the magic tome said

we only had one chance
to open the door.

If we choose the wrong key,
we'll be turned into crows.

So let's take our time
and figure out...

PIPER: The tunnel's closed off.
We're not done yet.


Coming that see not did I.

WIZARD (over speakers):
Foolish children.

You didn't expect it
to be that easy, did you?

Now you must solve...

The Riddle of the Keys.

Let's think this through.

Five keyholes and five keys
that all look alike.

If we take each key
and figure out...

(Piper sighs)

You know the answer, don't you?

Not they're keys.

You know what?

I just want out.


You have conquered my challenge
more quickly than any others.

Like, a lot more quickly.

Now, your picture shall forever
hang on our wall of champions.

So after all these years,
you still won't apologize?

-For what?
-For whatever you did to me.

But I don't remember
what that was.

Oh, you have to know.
You wrote me a letter about it.

Well, it couldn't have
been that bad.

You don't even remember it.

Oh, you haven't changed
in 50 years.

You are as stubborn as the...

(tea kettle whistling)


(whistling slows)

I forgot I put the tea on.

Me, too.

(both laugh)


We're being ridiculous,
aren't we?

Yes, we are.

Oh, when we were young, every
little thing seemed so dire.

And now...

We don't even know
why we fought.


We wasted so much time
not being friends.

That is something
I am sorry about.

Me, too.

And I am not going to waste
any more time on the past.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

If I don't remember
what this stuff is,

it must not be important.

Oh, uh, hey, Erin,
um, did I leave my phone here?

Jake, I believe you've met
my daughter, Zoe.

Your burritos are awesome.

Yes, Jake.
They're fantastic.

Thanks for the recommendation.

You know, the oddest thing
happened today.

The mayor called me.

She wasn't happy with my plans
for the drive-through.

Yeah. That is odd.

Um, I'm gonna go look
for my phone in the back.

Nice to meet you, Zoe.

So, I guess I'm fired, huh?

Because you talked to the mayor
behind my back?

I've got thicker skin than that.

I'm sorry.

You're not a very good liar,

I get why you're upset.

But you need to understand:

I am not trying to erase Mama P.

Really? Because it took her
30 years to build this place

and you're tearing it down
in less than a week.


I'm not putting in
the drive-through.

Wait, y-you're not?

I thought about what you said.

And believe it or not,

I know how to take good advice
when I hear it.


Next time I'll talk to you.

I promise.

And I wasn't lying out there.

Your Jake-Ritto is fantastic.

But it's too expensive.

You're either
gouging your customers,

or you're not using
cost-effective ingredients.

People want quality.

Jake, you're a great cook.

But right now,
food is your hobby.

You've got a lot to learn if you
want to make it your career.

Ugh, I sent Piper a message
that we're sorry.

Oh, texting.

Why didn't we
think of that before?

It didn't work.
Even on the text chain,

the words come out all jumbled.

Come on, guys, focus.

I know this is important, Kell.

But Piper's my friend
and I really hurt her feelings.

(sighs) As soon as we figure out
how to break this spell,

you'll be able to give Piper
a big apology.

We all will.

And the only way we'll get
unspelled is if we figure out

what we missed down here.

Come on.


It's even creepier
the second time.

I don't get it.
Why didn't the spell

show us what we needed
when we were here before?

Maybe it's because
we didn't know

there was anything else
down here to solve.

Then... what are we looking for?

Chuck's Secret Magic Bunker.

But that's this place...
isn't it?

What if we haven't actually
found the secret part yet?

Like the escape room.
We thought we were done,

but then there was
another puzzle to solve.

That's brilliant.

Okay. Take a deep breath...

and look around.

HANNAH: No puzzles to solve
on the shelves.

No codes on the ceiling.

No trap doors in the floor.

Guys, I can't spend
the rest of my life

with no one understanding me.

I have too much to say.

Guys, look.

-I see it.

Did the spell just... cut out?

Let me check.

It worked.

"I'm so sorry, Piper" sent out
as "I'm so sorry, Piper!"

I hope she texts me back.

But why did the spell break?

We didn't actually
discover anything.

Maybe we did.

(gasps softly)

It's some sort
of optical illusion.

Yeah, like a forced perspective
painting or photograph.

But real.

A secret passageway hidden
in plain sight.

Say what you will about
the guy, but Chuck was clever.

DARBIE: This must be
Chuck's Secret Spice Pantry.

Or it was.

Everything looks like it was
cleaned out a long time ago.

Not everything.

(watch ticking)

I think we found
what the Night Bandit's after.

-(watch ticking)
-KELLY: A pocket watch?

It's more than
just a pocket watch.

DARBIE: Because it has the fork,
knife and spoon logo on it?

Because it's over
150 years old...

and it's still ticking.

♪ ♪

(watch ticking)