Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Episode #3.2 - full transcript

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Previously on Just Add Magic...

-Congratulations, Madam Mayor.
-I won?

Hannah, you're gonna do great
at your new school.

Someone's cursing former
protectors to forget magic.

They got Mama P,
Ms. Silvers and Grandma.

The spices are gone forever.

When life around appears
to wither, allow two drops of

-elixir. -I think we're supposed
to pour it on the plants.

It's Cedronian, though.
There's gonna be a downside.

A downside
I'll be happy to deal with

once we have our spices back.

-We did it.
-The garden's back.

It's all here!

Every spice we could ever need.

If the downside isn't the book
moving on, then what is it?

We'll find out soon enough,
and... we'll be ready.

Check it out--
new cappuccino maker.

Really? Who sent it?

It's from that new kitchen store
downtown, LeFork.


"For all
your late nights working

on behalf of Saffron Falls."

That's sweet.

Well, now I know my first order
of business as mayor:

write thank you notes.

Wow. Being mayor is
like Christmas.

Yeah, exactly.
No video games.

Even though that was
the only thing on my list.

Well, maybe the owners of
the video store voted for Lever.

Oh, Kelly, you got
to see what they sent over

from the art supply store.

Sorry, Grandma. I'd love to,
but I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Oh, let me guess.
Hannah and Darbie...

Are in the trailer. Yes.
See ya.

I got another one
for you, Darbs.

What's yellow again?

Let me check.

Yellow is Galifrazian.

"Gali... frazian."

How do you spell

Never mind. It really
doesn't matter. (chuckles)

Uh-oh. That's 24 hours.

Our "Spice-See Carrot Sticks"
wore off.

Now it just looks like
normal basil again.

That's okay, Darbie.
I think we're almost done.

Done, done? As in,
no more magic spices to bottle?

This is the last batch.

We have enough spices
to make every spell

in the cookbook ten times.

The cookbook's infinite.

-My point exactly.
-(door opens)

Just in time, Kell.

Have a "Spice-See Carrot Stick."

I thought we were
almost done harvesting?

We are, but you're gonna
want to see this.

Wow. Great work, guys.

Thanks. It only took three weeks

of nonstop pruning, pickling
and eating carrots.

I know, but it was worth it.

Now we'll be ready.

You haven't let the cookbook out
of your sight in three weeks.

I'm afraid it's gonna leave us.

Stop worrying.
We're still the protectors.

But for how long?
It's just...

I really thought the downside
of bringing back the garden

would be losing our book
to three new protectors.

Not sure if you've heard, but
the magic doesn't always work

the way we think it will.

Maybe there's no downside
this time.

There's always a downside
with Cedronian spells.

It's coming.

And it's gonna be big.

(bicycle wheel spinning,
dog barking in distance)

♪ ♪

You must be Jake.

Uh, yes...

Do I know you?

Erin Chua.
I'm the new manager.

What are you talking about?

Mama P sold this place.

I can see she didn't tell you.


Apparently it slipped her mind.

(door bells jingle)

Mama P sold Mama P's?

Why would Mama P do this?

You'd have to ask her,

but she had one stipulation:
that we keep you on.

Oh, well,
that's very big of her,

but that still doesn't excuse
her selling in the dead of night

and skipping town.

Dead of night?

It happened during a lunch
meeting at our headquarters.

A lot of people were there.

But... how can there be
a Mama P's without Mama P?

We're actually
a Springtown Coffee now.

We open tomorrow.

If you want to stay on,
I'll see you then.

(girls laughing)

I'm serious.

This was all happening
on the bus ride.

And the best part was

that the bus driver
didn't even know that we had...

Sorry, Hannah,
are we being too loud?

No, no. It's all good.

-Uh, what are you guys...
-So, anyways,

I literally stood up
and I told him that everyone...

-(sighs) -(Leah continues
speaking indistinctly)

(girls laughing)

Hey, where were you
at lunch today?

Sorry, I got caught up
with Piper.

We had to sign up
for one-act plays.

Any chance you have
half your sandwich left?

-GIRL: I got to go the bathroom.
-BOY: My dog ran away.

BOY 2:
Gotta go read a diary.

BOY 3:
I have to go study for a test.

I have to make a phone call.

Are we that late
we missed class?

No. It's just about to start.

That's odd.

BOY 4:
I left my bike unlocked.

-GIRL 3: I left the bathroom...

(overlapping chatter)

-I need to go to my locker.
-I forgot my book bag.

(sighs) That's so weird.

Tell me about it.

I have my book bag right here.

(girls laughing)

And so,

at the next stop...

I stand up and I tell
the bus driver that...

Don't you guys want to know
what I said?

Did you see that?

Yeah. Uh, I got to get to class.

♪ ♪

Excuse me,
what's the Wi-Fi code?

Oh, uh, capital "C" coffee,
the number four,

small letter "U," 4111.

Why 4111?

No clue.

-(scoffs softly)

(song playing over speakers
changes abruptly)

Um, excuse me, uh, Erin,

is there any way
to turn down the music?

Several people
have complained about it.

Really, Jake?

Okay, maybe it's just me.

Not a big fan of corporate rock.

Sorry. Headquarters
picks the playlist.

For what it's worth,
I don't like it, either.

Maybe I can take my mind off it

by making
the caprese sandwiches.

You mean unpacking
the caprese sandwiches?

We no longer prepare food here.

What? It's-it's a restaurant.

Correction. It's a coffee house.

The food is prepared
at a central warehouse

in Lavender Heights
and shipped here every morning.

Then what's the kitchen for?

The microwaves.

(door opens)

Good timing, you guys.

-I'm about to lose it.
-We just heard.

I can't believe Mama P
just up and left.

At least the music's better.

So you had no idea
Mama P sold the place?

-And you have no idea

-where she is?

Do you at least know
the new Wi-Fi code?

Uh, capital "C" coffee,
the number four...

Wait, "coffee" with two Cs?

No, it's "coffee"
with a capital...

Hold on.

I'll get you
some premade iced tea.

(sighs) Poor Jake.

What a weird day.

Mama P skipping town
is only the beginning.

You won't believe
what happened in class.

Everyone made lame excuses
to leave,

-and then we made lame excuses.
-(dogs barking)

Guys, the same thing happened
with Leah today.

That's really strange.

Um, I think
it gets stranger. Look.

This isn't like you. Hey.

-(barking continues) -Come on,
you don't want a treat?

Come on.

Dogs love
Mailman Gary's treats.

Wait. He has a smoothie.

Our teacher had a smoothie.

Hannah, please tell me

your friend
didn't have a smoothie.

Well, she's not really
my friend,

but, yeah, she did.

Wait. Your teacher, Leah,

and the mailman
can't all be spelled.

Can they?

That's what we need to find out.

An apple, a granola bar...

oh, and that terrible smoothie.

Why are you asking me this?

I'm doing a healthy
eating project,

and I'd really like
to ask you more,

but I, um...
I have to write an e-mail.

The smoothie?

I got it at one of those
food carts in the park.

-Great. Thanks. Bye.

Here's your mail.

Hi, Leah.

Hey, Hannah. What's up?

I, uh, better get going.
I have to clean my room.


Um, I noticed that you were

drinking a smoothie
the other day.

It looked good.

It wasn't, unless you like
blackberry and broccoli

kale smoothies.

I was trying to be healthy.

Sounds gross.

It was incredibly bitter.


Oh, no reason, um...

Who would even make something
as disgusting as that?

I got it from this food cart--
Andy's Organic Foods.

I've seen that cart.

If you go, I'd stick
to his grilled cheese.

(girls laughing)

Oh... oh...

Trust me, things will
be better tomorrow.

I hope so.

Here you go, Mayor.

Oh, Terri, please.
What do I owe you?

It's on the house,
Mayor Terri.

While I have you,
maybe you can help me.

You see, I've been trying to get
a permit to park my cart

at a permanent location
by the courthouse,

but it's been taking forever.

I see what's going on here.

I'm sorry, I can't help you.

You should take it up
with the proper agency.

Here, for the drink.

The mayor does not
accept bribes.

Mom, what are you doing?

-I'm having a smoothie.
-From Andy's?

Yeah. I resisted the urge
to have a cookie,

and went with something
healthy instead. Why?

Oh, no, Mayor Q.

Wait, if I can hug you...


-That means...
-You love me?

Love you, Mom.

Wow, in front of people
and everything.

Oh, come here.

Mm. See you later.


Excuse me,
do you sell smoothies?

Sure do. Today's special
is Hawaiian-themed:

papaya and guava juice with...

A touch of Elysian, perhaps?

What is that?
Artificial sweetener?

I don't use that stuff.

Come on, Andy,
we know about

the blackberry and broccoli
kale smoothie.

You do?

I only sold three
of those yesterday.

Kind of an acquired taste.

I can make one for you
if you want.

What's in it?

Blackberry and broccoli
and kale.


That's it.
Just sugar, water

and some mint that
I picked from my garden.

Your garden?

(mellow pop music playing)

You're Mama P's friend.

Where is she?
What's she doing?

What she's always dreamed of--
seeing the world.

I think she's in the Bahamas
right now..

Oh, well, how nice for her,

but she left me here
in this mess.

Do you hear this music?

I quite like it.

This place was getting
a little stale.

But the music isn't what's
really bothering you, is it?

She didn't even say good-bye.

She didn't want to upset you.

So she thought blindsiding me
would make me happy?

I guess I would have
been mad if she told me.

You don't plan on
being here forever, Jake.

Neither did Ida.

It just took her
a little longer to leave

than she thought.

I guess you're right,
Ms. Silvers.


So, tell me about you.

How's Fox Canyon?

Sorry to interrupt,

but, Jake,
your 15 minutes are up.

DARBIE: These can't really be
magic spices, can they?

There's only one way
to find out.

This doesn't make any sense.

How did Andy get these?

DARBIE: It's mint,
and purple is Night Blooming.

Andy said there was mint
in his smoothie.

Night Blooming spices deal with
attraction and repulsion.

So Andy accidentally made
a magic smoothie,

and the people that drank it
became repellent.

But was it an accident?

Do you think Andy was
a protector?

Maybe he's another

I don't think so.

Look at the rest of the street.


Kell, you said there'd
be a downside

from regrowing
our magic garden.

You think this is it?


We need to grab it all
before anyone else is

accidentally spelled.

I thought we were done
harvesting magical spices.

We are, but we still have
a big problem to solve.

Yeah, there are three people
who are spelled

and don't even know it.

Okay, so I think
our magical math is correct.

Andy stumbled onto a spell
by making a bitter smoothie

with the Night Blooming mint.

Bitter smoothie plus
repulsion spice

equals "no one wants
to be near you."

These sweet smoothies are made

with the same
Night Blooming mint,

plus a little Merwaldian sugar.

So this should be a spell
with the opposite effect.

The operative word
being "should."

Only one way to find out.

♪ ♪

-(dogs barking)

Hey, hey. Hi.

Ooh, hey. Aw...


Here you go.

A good smoothie.
I wish I could stay, but...

You got this for me?

Well, that kale smoothie
that you had sounded awful,

so when I got myself one,
I thought of you.

That's so sweet.


Sure thing.



Thanks again for the smoothie.

Your fruit combo definitely
beats kale and broccoli.

No problem.


You comin'?

And then Leah sent me
a friend request.

-We're gonna hang out this
weekend. -That's great, Hannah.

And you should've seen the dogs
jumping all over Mailman Gary.

-It was so cute.

Now we just need to figure out
why this happened

-in the first place.
-Uh, guys, are you seeing this?

That bright red plant?

Sure am.

Red for Werpoes.

Sorry, Darbie.

One more spice to harvest.

Not just one.

Are those growing?

Oh, no.

And look at all the other yards
in the neighborhood!

The magic is everywhere.

Worse than that.

It's growing back?

This must be the downside
of regrowing our garden.

We brought it back,
and now it won't stop growing.

So, we did this?

Yeah. And now we need to fix it.

If people start cooking
with this stuff,

who knows what could happen?


"First Frost Fig Ice Cream."

Love it.

Except for the fig part.

KELLY: "To rid yourself
of a stubborn weed,

"mix part of the root
and get what you need.

"That pesky problem
will soon be lost,

with one bite, an early frost."

Root flavored ice cream?


Once we eat it,
a frost will cover

all the magic plants in town,
and kill them.

But ice cream takes
forever to make,

and we don't even have
an ice cream maker.

What if we altered the spell?

Threw in some Taurian
to speed up the freezing?

This is a big spell.
Altering it

with a Time Spice
might be dangerous.

Um, guys, I don't want
to be Captain Negative,

but I think we better
hurry this up.

It's spreading everywhere.

We don't have a choice.

We have to use Taurian.

I don't see anything else
in this book to help.

It's infinite.

Which means we could
flip through this for days

before we find the right spell.

Then maybe magic
isn't the answer.

You're right, Hannah.

Science is the answer.

We can make ice cream
in five minutes.

We did it in science class
last year, remember?

Right. We just need
ice and salt.

The salt lowers
the freezing point of the ice

and speeds up the process.

Right. And it makes ice cream.

I really hope this works.

-Our carrots expired.

Is a thing
I never thought I'd say.

KELLY: It doesn't matter.
Let's just eat

before the plants
take over town.

Okay, that was totally worth
the brain freeze.


You were right, Kel.

There was no avoiding
the downside.

Yup, sometimes it's a good thing
you're so obsessive.

I'm just glad the downside
wasn't that bad.

The magic garden overgrowing
is a lot better

than losing the book.

Hello. Welcome to Springtown.

My name is Jake.
Would you like to try

one of our world famous
chai lattes?

Do you really have
to say all that?

Yup. Corporate rules.


Oh, who am I kidding?

I can't do this.
Maybe I should quit.

But you need this job.

I mean, how else are you going
to afford your food bike?

I don't know.
I'll have to find another job.

One where the music is better

and the sandwiches
aren't microwaved.

Won't you be sad to leave
Mama P's after all this time?

It's not Mama P's anymore.

It's Springtown Coffee now.

Face it, everything has changed.

Well, I know one thing that
hasn't changed: your customers.

Hannah's right.

And I don't want
to speak for everyone,

but I know a handful of them

who would be pretty bummed
to see you leave.

If it wasn't clear,
she means us.

Thanks. I got that.

Eh, Mama P used to say
"The people make the place."

And I do love my customers.

And if it wasn't clear,
I kind of meant you guys,

but mainly the others.

Better tippers.

-Fair enough.

So, you still quitting?

I guess I can stay
a little longer.

See how it goes.

You made the right decision.

What's the Wi-Fi password again?

(both scoff)

(door closes)

What's going on?

I'm sending back all the gifts.

Whoa. Give back gifts?

That's just silly talk.

Well, except
for the cappuccino maker.

It makes a good froth.

Now that I'm mayor,
we need to be careful.

People need to know
I can't be bribed.

Now you can't be bribed?

We just got a bunch
of video games.


We have a long night
ahead of us.

I hate harvesting spices.

Where are we even
going to put them all?

I don't know. We'll just
have to make room somehow.

The Night Blooming plants
are gone.

"Gone" as in stolen?

But we're the only ones
who remember magic.

I guess we were wrong.

There must be someone else
out there.

You stole the girls'
Night Blooming mint,

and you're sure
they don't know it was you?

Why would they ever suspect
that it's me?

I know what I'm doing.

If you knew what you were doing,

you wouldn't have to keep
interrupting my vacation

to return my memories of magic,
would you?

Can we hurry this up?

I need to get that Morbium.

Excuse me. But the deal was:

I help you cook
some top secret recipe,

and you let me keep
my memories of magic.

You never said anything
about Morbium.

What exactly
are you cooking, anyway?

None of your business.

The point is, it can't be made
without Morbium,

and I don't know how to get it.

Then I guess you're stuck
between a rock

and a hard place, aren't you?


Another pineapple juice.

She's paying.

You're enjoying this,
aren't you?


Mix the Night Blooming mint

with these ingredients.

It will create
an attraction spell.

But I warn you:

attracting something
as powerful as Morbium

could have disastrous effects.