Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Just Add Fixings - full transcript

When the girls cook a fix it spell to help repair Jake's food bike, they find themselves compelled to remedy all problems, from repairing cabinets to helping Mama P spruce up the café. In ...

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

Pluots are dumb.

And I'm sick of all of you.

We're gonna
bring this place back
the old fashioned way.

No more spells, Mama P.
No magic.

And just to be clear,
we're not friends.

She's playing in public.

That means
her curse broke, too.

Grandma lied to me.

She said that Chuck
stole her seed.

Why would Grandma Becky lie?

You are the protectors
of the book.

It is in danger.


Look at these new symbols.

What do you think
it means?




It's been a while.

Happy to see me?

I know what you're up to.

You can't stop me.

Not again.

This is a second chance.

Don't make
the same mistakes.

The only mistake I made
was not finishing the job.

Give it to me.

You know I can't.

But this is
an opportunity--

Don't bother.
I will get it back.

No matter what it takes.

I haven't eaten
in 50 years.

I was hoping for
a burger and shake.

don't make me use this.

That's your bluff.

We both know how much
that's going to hurt you.

A sacrifice
I'm willing to make.

Charles, stop this.

Not until I get
what I want.

Then I'm sorry.


Where am I?

Hey, ma'am,
are you okay?

Be safe.


If these symbols
are a language,

it's definitely not one
the internet knows.

Maybe someone just got bored
and doodled in the margins.

That could be
a spaceship.

Or a puppy.
No, a spaceship.

Maybe we're
going about this
the wrong way.

If the book has secrets,
then we should talk to

the one who knows it
better than we ever could.

You're talking about
the traveler.

The traveler for doodles
in the margin?

Yeah, I don't think we're
supposed to call her

every time we have
a question.

Also, I don't think
she has a phone.

But she can help us,

we just have to
find her.

Oh, no,
are we gonna have to
face our fears again?

facing fears again,

and that's my cue
to exit.

I'm off to Miss Silvers'
for my piano lesson.

- Have fun.
- Bye.

I have a recipe
that shows me where

the traveler will appear.

I've used it before
to track her down.

Let's get cooking.

No. The traveler
gave this to me.

I can only cook this
on my own.

Because it feels like
we should do it together.

It's fine.
Don't worry.

Why don't you go have fun?
It's summer, you know.

I keep trying to tell her.

Come on, Kelly,
the symbols might
make more sense

if we took
an ice cream break.

Okay, maybe you're right.
Let's clear our heads.


You'll let me know
what the traveler says,

Of course.
Why would you even ask?

No reason,
I just wanted to make sure
that you wouldn't forget

to tell me about
something important.

I won't forget.

Go enjoy your day.

Oh, hey, Mom.
Terri just got
some great news.

Well, it's news.

Remember how I
collected signatures

after Buddy got hurt

Of course.
Saw the new speed bump.
Nice job.

Someone at City Hall
noticed my activist spirit,

- and decided to--
- They offered her a job
as the Mayor's aid.

Oh, that's great.

Although, to be honest,
I didn't vote for her.



I thought we agreed
on $7.50?

Who cares.

The price doesn't matter
if nobody's buying.

Well, they'll come

I don't know,
Mama P.

Saffron Falls
holds a grudge.

I'm heading to the park

to try and make
some actual money.

Go get 'em.

You just need one person to
take a bite of your chilled
ahi-mahi sandwich,

and you'll be
raking in the cash.

Let's hope you're right.

Curling on your arpeggio
still needs work.

There's so much
to remember.

How do you
keep track of it all?

Well, endless years
of practice.

- Can I ask you a question?
- Mm-hm.

Did you really play
at Carnegie Hall?

I did.

What was it like?

And terrifying.

You were scared?

Well, of course.
That is why you practice.

So your body
can take over

until the music
fills the room.

The fear melts,

and all that's left is joy.

That sounds amazing.

So, why haven't you
performed again?

Your curse is broken.

No one wants to
hear me play.

I've been gone
for too long.

That's ridiculous.
You're an excellent pianist.

It doesn't matter.
The music world has
a short memory.

Miss Silvers is a prodigy.
She should be playing again.

She just needs someone
to give her a chance.

Or a new

She's a little grumpy.

What's wrong?

My fridge went out.

That seems bad when
you deliver fish.

Across town.
In summer.

Tell me about it.

- Oh, gross!
- Oh, I'm gonna be sick.

A whole day's worth of sales
down the drain,

not to mention
the cash I burned
on ingredients.

That's terrible.

It's always something
with this pile of junk.

The tires went flat,
the heater broke,

and now this fridge.

- I'm sorry, Jake.
- And that's not
the worst of it.

I have an appointment
with Jess Montel

to try my food tomorrow.

- And she is...
- Property manager
at PPM.

- And they are...
- Pluot Property Management.

They run the big
office complex
by the park.

That could be
your big break.

Not with a fridge
full of spoiled fish.

I can't take on
an account this big

with this piece of junk
breaking down every minute.

I give up!

What do you want us to do
with your food bike?

Put it in a dumpster
for all I care.

Poor Jake.

It's not fair
this keeps happening
to him.

I know. I wish
we could help him.

- We could.
- No magic is gonna bring
that fish back.

No, but it might be able to
bring Jake's business back.

Come on.
It's not his fault.

He's only in this mess
because Mama P
stole his other bike.


And he's not
impressing anyone

with his bike
like this.

For real.

Let's do it.

Maybe there's
a no rust recipe.


"When anything fails,
heat up your skillet,

"see to the problem,
then you may fix it."

So this'll let us see
what's wrong with Jake's bike?

"Finish the job,
even magic abates,

"but if left incomplete,
labor long with no breaks."

That's ominous.

I think it just means that
we have to complete our task.

Fix Jake's bike,
and then the spell
will break by itself.

Seems pretty

Don't jinx it.


Eat on three.

One, two--

Hm. Not bad.

I think we added
too much-- Whoa.

We all saw that,

What were those wires?

They were probably connectors
to the cold control thermostat.

We might want to open up
the fridge liner,

and swap out the ends
with copper tips.

I have no idea how,
but I totally
understood that.

We gonna need
an 18 volt power drill
with a 3/8ths bit.


Why'd you guys call me?

Because we really
need you to see this.

Say hello to Jake's
actually deluxe

deluxe food bike.

This is amazing.

Let me guess.

Just to see
what was broken.

But we fixed it

We wanted to
help you out.

You've been working
really hard.

It does look
a lot nicer.

And check this out.

That's awesome.

I can't believe you guys
did this for me.

You're the greatest.

Thanks so much.

I gotta run.

Jake is back in business.


- I'm exhausted.
- Me, too.

Who knew fixing things
was such a workout?

It took all day.
Summer fun tomorrow?

Let's just do it
before it's our
winter of fun.

As long as I'm up here.

I should do something
about that.

What are you doing?

These cost $200.

And looked 200 years old
with all those holes.

They're supposed to.
It's called fashion.

I saw them in the laundry
and I just had to fix them,


I just had to.

You would.

Oh, no.

I was up all night
grouting the shower.

I only slept two hours,
and when I did,

I dreamt I was repairing
all the school's lockers.

I thought that the magic
was supposed to break

once we fixed
Jake's business.

It doesn't look
fixed to me.

Jake, why aren't you at
the office complex?

What happened with
the property manager?

Remember all those
terrible things

Mama P said at
the Pluot Festival?

So does everyone else,
especially Jess Montel.

Once she realized
I work for Mama P,

I couldn't get past

Even when I offered them
free samples

of my PB&J bites.

Ooh, what'd you do with
the free samples?

I mean,
I'm so sorry.

That's what happens
when your boss is

the most hated woman
in town.

I'm sorry to waste
all your hard work.


Jake's business
is being ruined by
Mama P's reputation.

How are we
supposed to fix that?

We can't.

We need
a counter-spell.

Worst magic ever.

I find it
kind of calming.

I think I found

"Chill Out Chalupas."

It should stop our
compulsive focus on--

What are you doing?

I think I'm trying to
fix the book.

No way.


What do you think
it means?

I don't know but--

Oh, the bean bag is ripping,
I need to fix it.

- No.
- Right.

Counter-spell first.

the recipe says we need
cedronian paprika.

We don't have any.
We're gonna have to go
to Mama P's.

[locks rattling]

So you're under
a fixer spell?

Oh, that's a hoot.

Cedronian paprika,
cedronian paprika--

It's not here.

Odd. I could have sworn
I had some.

It's been so long since
I've been in my pantry,

I guess I forgot.

What are we gonna do?

There's no way
to break this.

We can't fix
Jake's business

until we fix
your reputation.

Hm, that seems to be
the case.

But as long as you're on
this fixing kick,

why not take a look
at that leaky faucet.

Oh, that's sneaky.

Okay, traveler.

Where are you?

It's not working.





Uh, what are
you guys doing?

Helping Mama P
against our wills.

It's the downside
to the magic.

We're trying to fix
your business,

but it's affected by
her reputation.

Don't remind me.

They're in quite
the pickle.

Nice of them to
help you out, though.

We need a plan.

No one trusts
Mama P.

They're not coming in here
without a serious re-branding.

Then let's do just that.

New signs, new menu,
it'll be a grand re-opening.

I like the sound of that.

We can redecorate.
Balloons, streamers,
a banner.

I have been thinking about
bringing in some live music.

But nobody's
going to come.

Saffron Falls
can hold a grudge.

So I've noticed.

It's true.
We need something to
draw people in.

Give out free food.

Who can resist
free food?

Good idea,
but we also need to

make sure
that they come back,

we need you
to apologize.
To everyone.

I've got nothing to
apologize for.


I said a few
nasty things.

But it's not my fault
this town is full of

Do you want your
reputation back,

or is your pride gonna
put us both out of a job?

I'll do it.


Anything else?

Because I think I've got
the live music covered.


The whole town would
come to see you play.

We need everyone we can get
for Mama P's apology.

Help Ida?
I'd rather rot.

It wouldn't
just be for her.

Without your help,
we're stuck fixing things

This could be
your second chance.

I haven't seen a stage
in decades.

Stop trying to fix me.

There's nothing to fix.
Trust me.

The only thing
wrong with you is

you've lost
your confidence.

I have plenty
of confidence.

That's not what I see.

You should
believe in yourself,
Miss Silvers.

I do.

Becky: It's you.
Where have you been?


We need your help.
Chuck's back.


I don't understand.
What does that mean?



Mama P:
Look at this crowd.

The store
looks amazing.

I should keep you girls
spelled all the time.

You know,
you could just
say thank you.

Remember, Mama P,
this is only gonna work

if you tell everyone
you're sorry.

I know how to apologize.


They might be expecting
a little more than that.

Gina. Gracing us
with your talent?

I am not here
for you, Ida.

Are you gonna play?

I'll have to
shake off some rust,

but you believed in me
so maybe my time hasn't
passed quite yet.

let me show you the piano
Mr. Jensen brought you.

♪♪[Chopin Nocturne Op. 9,
No. 1 in B flat minor]

Miss Silvers
is incredible.

I knew she
had it in her.

And she actually
looks happy.


We've got a problem.


What do we do now?

I've got this.

What are you doing here?

A guy can't listen to
a little music?

You're up to something.

You think so?

You need to stop
looking for trouble.

Or else you'll--

You've been hurt.

But you can be fixed.

The only thing that hurts
is my arm.

The way you're
grabbin' it.


You're as good as
I remember.

Good evening,

Hope you're enjoying
my free food.

I know why you're here,

so let's get this over with.

I'm sorry.

Pluots are a fine fruit.

Saffron Falls
is a good town,

and everyone here is...

a person.


Dine and dash.
That's nice.

This isn't going
very well.

What do you want?

For me to say everyone here
is so pleasant

that I didn't wake up
every morning miserable?

Because the truth is--

I am sorry.

I was selfish.
I was arrogant.

And I hurt you.

You might not ever
be able to forgive me,

I hope you can give me
a second chance.


How do I order
a batch of these

peanut butter
and jelly treats?

You're Jess Montel.

Uh, I can get you
a box of bites.

They're my
original recipe.

You're the kid
that was trying to

sell food
outside my office.

Yeah, and I know
you didn't--

I think that's
a great idea.

Be there tomorrow
12:30 sharp.

And, uh, have plenty
of these on hand.

See you then.

Wow, Mama P.
I didn't think
you had it in you.

Well, I was a bit
surprised myself.

While I have you,

the espresso machine
has been on the fritz
since yesterday.

Actually, it seems
we just fixed our problem.

So I guess you're
on your own.

[crickets chirping]

What did the traveler
say, Grandma?


I only saw her
in a dream.

That's weird.
We saw her in
our dream, too.

- All of you?
- Yeah.

She told us that
we had to protect
the book.


With me, she--

She just looked sick.

And she kept saying
this one word over
and over again. Rose.

Really? That's it?
She didn't say anything else?

You don't believe me.

I didn't say that,
I was--

Just hoping.

What do you think
rose means?

I don't know.

But the traveler
may not be able to help us.


It was nice to have
people in here again.

Maybe next time
they'll actually pay.

Just put my PB&J bites
on the menu.

They were a hit.

I can finish
closing up, Jake.

You've already done
more than enough today.

Great. Thanks.

Hey, uh, Mama P.

For saying what you said
up there.

Yes, well, I meant it.

I could tell.

Goodnight, Mama P.

Goodnight, Jake.

[bell jingles]


Cedronian paprika,
cedronian paprika--

It's not here.

Well, that's odd.




I'm back.