Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 22 - Just Add Silvers - full transcript

When the girls accidentally multiply Ms. Silvers trying to protect her, each of them has to spend the day with one of the clones keeping her safe from the forget-magic spell.

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

Darbie: I thought
Noelle was the one who
attacked RJ and Mama P.

If Noelle didn't do it,
then we're out of suspects.

You're looking at
Murder Masquerade's
new head of crew.

I just really
want to be mayor,

and I'm gonna do
whatever I have to do.

I think I paid you enough.
Find dirt on Terri.

Gina: Look, the knife,
fork and spoon logo.

Becky: It's just
a bunch of junk.

What a beautiful clubhouse.

I guess Chuck
was good for something.

Who's Chuck?

Oh, no.

- Finally.
- What's up?

Your text
sounded urgent.

Yeah, the last time
you used two periods
and no emojis

you were telling me
"Earls of Wembley"
had been cancelled.

This is way more

This morning I noticed
an unopened voice mail
on my phone.

People still
leave those?

My grandma does,
and you have to hear it.

She lost her memory of magic
right in the middle of it.

- What?
- How did you know?

Here. Listen.

Kelly, it's me.
Call me right away.

I have some information
that's very important.

There's a box,

and the book is the key
to the magic...

Huh. Totally lost
my train of thought.

Uh... must be having
a senior moment.

See you soon, sweetie.

It sounds like
she was spelled

right in the middle
of her sentence.

What was the box
she was talking about?

I have no idea.
She's never
mentioned it before.

Well, clearly she's found
something important.

And it sounds like
it scared her.

Whatever it was,
we need to find out.


Must be having
a senior moment.

See you soon, sweetie.

She forgot about magic
mid sentence?

Just like RJ.

And she was about to say
something important.

Hate that.

Like when someone
turns off the car radio
right before the chorus.

- But of course,
this is way worse.
- Yeah.

I know the box
she's talking about.

You do?

Becky called last week
and asked me to come over.

She'd found an old box
in the antique store

with the knife, fork and
spoon emblem carved into it.

- What?
- Whoa.

Why didn't you guys
tell us?

All that was inside
was some random stuff
from the '90s.

It seemed like
a dead end.

Grandma still should have
said something.

Becky was waiting 'til
she had more information

before worrying you.

that logic failed.

Now we're worried
and know nothing.

Come on,
let's find that box.

Miss Silvers.

You should come with.

Can't. I've got
a lot of work to do.

I'm playing at Terri's
campaign fundraiser tonight.

I know, it's just...

the last two people to lose
their memory of magic

were Grandma Becky
and Mama P.

- I'm afraid that--
- You think I'm next.

Not if we can
keep you safe.

Playing piano
in public tonight

doesn't sound
safe to me.

Well, I'm doing it.
I'm not running scared.

I appreciate
your concern, girls,

but we don't really know
if I am a target.

I promised your mother.

We can cook.
There's gotta be some way

to keep you safe and
honor your commitment
to play tonight.

I don't know, girls.

Do it for us.

All right.

but we should probably
cook at the Quinn's.

Pretty sure this is
the first place
they'll come looking.

When you put it
that way...

- Pardon me.
- Oh.


So, what's the plan?

First we look through
the book.

No, first we get snacks.
There's nothing good in here.

Wouldn't want you
to starve, Darbie.

You guys get started,
I'll get us something
to eat.

Don't worry.
This happens in politics
all the time.

I'm telling you.

Mom. What's wrong?

Your mom's totally
losing her cool.

Uh, I think I'm
reacting appropriately,

given the situation.

Remember that
yoga studio I had?

Yeah, you closed it when
you went back to school.

Yes, to get my masters.

Well, Lever is claiming
that it failed,

and I'm not fit
to be a leader.

- What? Why would he do that?
- That's what I said.

Wow. Like mother,
like daughter.

Ugh! No one was even
doing yoga in Saffron Falls

until I opened my studio,

and now they're just
on every corner.

I promise you
this is nothing.

Can I help?

I'm already introducing you
at the fundraiser tonight.

- Maybe I can say more.
- Oh, no, sweetie,
an intro's enough,

and we'll work on
pulling my reputation
out of the gutter.

Oh, come on,
drama queen,
let's go.

See you later.

You'll never guess
what spell we found.

It's cloning.

It's cloning.
Sorry, I could not wait
for her to guess.


The recipe is for
a Carrot Dupli-Cake.

So, who are we cloning?


The plan is to create
a decoy Miss Silvers,

someone who will
go about her normal day,

and play at the
campaign event tonight.

That way,
if anyone tries,

they'll spell the wrong
Gina Silvers.

Plus, if you have
clone Silvers with you
at Mama P's today,

you can keep
an eye on her,

and if anything goes down,
you can catch the culprit.

Like a bait and switch.
So smart.

- Let's get cooking.
- I know I say this a lot,

- but this is actually--
- The best spell ever?

Well, top three
at least.



All right, Miss Silvers,
are you ready?

Ready as I'll ever be.

I don't think
you understand

how disappointed I'll be
if this doesn't work.

What the heck?

You girls have any
merwaldian tea?
My back is killing me.

So awesome.

And a little creepy.

Is that really what
my voice sounds like?

Merwaldian tea?

No merwaldian tea.

Water can help
the joints, though.

- Yes, I'm aware.
- Right.

I guess you are.

The plan worked.

Now, we have to get
that Miss Silvers to
Mama P's

where we'll help
set up for tonight.

Anyone have any
Merwaldian tea?

- My back is killing me.
- That makes two of us.

Uh, I think you mean
that makes three of us.

Three clones?
The recipe was only
supposed to make one.

Is anyone gonna
answer me?

It's like I'm
talking to myself.

All: Seriously.

Okay, we need
a new plan fast.

I mean, if they can find out
about the yoga business,

they can find out
about this, too.

Terri, I know you do well
with the senior voters,

but even they
aren't talking about
the old main library.

Nobody's digging that deep
through city records.

Well, okay.
I hope you're right.

Look, it's way easier
than you think to hide
your past.

Sorry to interrupt,
mayor, [chuckles]

but can I get you two
something to eat?

Thanks, Ida, but
I'm not mayor yet.

Well, not with
that attitude.


Okay, we figured out
the problem.

It would appear we
over mixed the batter,

making three clones
instead of just one.

Rookie mistake.

Oh, calm down,
they're just kids.

Well, she was

- Excuse you.
- Please don't start
bickering again.

We've decided to
split you up.

Yeah. If somebody saw
all four of you in one room,

they'd panic.

And you don't exactly
get along with yourself.


Could you please not slurp
your tea so loudly.

- It wasn't me, it's her.
- No, it's not, it's you.

Miss Silvers,
could you put this on?

All: Put what on?

Oh, I'm sorry,
I meant the real Silvers.

That way,
if anything goes wrong,

we know who
the real Silvers is.

- Good idea.
- So, here's the plan.

Silvers A,
you'll come with me
to Mama P's

- to help set up
for tonight.
- Fine.

Silvers B,
you'll go with Hannah
to the antique store

to track down the box
that Grandma found.

- Great.
- And Silvers C,

you'll go to school
with Darbie
to help at rehearsal.

How fun.

Do you think
all the clones

are just as weird
as Miss Silvers?

Yes, Darbie, that's
the definition of a clone.

And she's not
that weird.

So what do I do all day?

Glad you asked.

Are you kidding me?

- We over mixed the batter--
- I don't even want to know.

So, can you watch
OS today?

- OS?
- That's me.
Original Silvers.

Please, Jake,
it's just for
the afternoon.

- I'm busy.
- But Mama P's is closed

to prepare for
the fundraising event.

You know I do things
other than work at
Mama P's, right?

I don't have time to
baby sit all day.

- No offense, Miss Silvers.
- All: None taken.

You saw what happened to
Mama P and my grandma.

We can't risk Miss Silvers
losing her memory of magic,

And there's wifi
in the trailer.

And plenty of food.

- Fine. I'll do it.
- Thank you.

- Thanks, Jake.
- You're the best.

All: Yes,
thank you, Jake.

Okay, now that's
just creepy.

So, uh, want to sit
in the audience,

watch the rehearsal?

I'm good here.


Want to see
the secret door
we're building?



It'll look cooler
when it fully spins open,

and it looks like
a bookshelf.

I certainly hope so.

- Hey, Darbs.
- Hey, Piper.

[whispers] Please don't
leave us here alone.

Who is that?

Uh, my family friend,
or neighbor, I guess.

My scene is almost up.
You have a tea cup?

You got it.
Here you go.

How do I look?

Just dashing, darling.

You're doing it wrong.

I am?

- Miss Silvers.
- What?

When you hold a tea cup,

you should
place your finger

to the front and back
of the handle

with your pinky
slightly raised.

Like this?

Much better.

[British accent]
It's like you're
straight out of old England.

Thanks for the tip.

Did my business close?

But that's not
the whole story.

I closed my business
so I could go back to school
to get my masters.

what'd those flowers
ever do to you?

They're not fitting
like they're supposed to.

Well, you want
a few tips?


You should always
cut the stems

before putting them
into water.

And if you have
tight buds,

warm water will
help them to open up.

Got it. Thanks.

The bouquet height should be
one and half times higher

than the vase.


And lastly, you should
chew the stem shavings.

Good protein.

Chew the stems.

Wait, what?

Finally got
your attention.

Sorry, I'm distracted.

Do you want to
talk about it?

It's just--

Lever said all this
terrible stuff about my mom,

and he doesn't even
know her.

I can see how that
would be frustrating.

But people talk.

You can't let it
get to you.

I'm hungry.


I'm sorry, Miss Silvers,
you know the rules.

Only pre-packaged foods
until we know you're safe.


Suit yourself.

What are you
working on?

My website.
For the food bike.

Business has been slow.

How's it going?

Not great.

All I have so far is
my tagline.

"Tantalize your taste buds
with Jake's

"sumptuous mobile delights."

I just thought you
sold food on a bike.

Did you bring
anything to do?

No, actually,
I didn't know I'd be
holed up here all day.

I think I'll run home
and grab a book.

What? No way.

If Kelly finds out,
she'll end me.

Girl can be scary
when she wants to be.

It's practically
across the street.

I'll be there and back
in no time.

Unless you'd prefer
to chitchat.


Perhaps something more ornate
with carvings on it.

[sighs] Oh.

This is one of
my favorites.

No, it had a knife,
fork and spoon on it.

I mean, do you have something
with a knife, fork and spoon?

That's very specific.

Let me look.

So, Grandma Becky.

What have you
been up to lately?

yesterday afternoon.

Anything cool?

Uh, nothing I recall.

Oh! How about this one?

It's a tad bigger than
what I'm looking for.

I just want it
to be perfect.

So it was just
a normal day at the shop?

No, I didn't work yesterday.


Did you meet anyone?

I'm sorry, Hannah,
why are you here?

I'm here to help Miss Silvers
find a gift for a friend.



And when you first
meet someone,

how do you greet them?

Nicely done.

How do you know
all this stuff?

Well, I'll tell you.
Can you all keep a secret?

I'm very old.


Now, who thinks
they could finish
setting the table?

Your neighbor's so cool.

Mine only bothers
to talk to me

when she needs help
carrying groceries.

Miss Silvers
is pretty awesome.

Tell me if you see
anything suspicious.

You mean like a
paranoid looking guy

who's following
way too close to me?


Ah, very funny.

- [sighs]
- You okay?

I'm fine, Jake,

though I could use
one of those pretzels.

That honey mustard dip
is my favorite.

You know, that park stand
has been there over 20 years.

No website,
no fancy taglines,

just good old fashioned
soft pretzels.

Wait. Is that
a slam on me?


I'd support a kid
selling food on a bike,

but I have no interest in
tantalizing my taste buds

with anyone's sumptuous
mobile delights.

Thanks, Miss Silvers.

Let's get your book.


My garden.

Everything's dead.

- It's horrible, it's--
- Magic.

Come on, we gotta
get out of here.

Looks like you're getting
the hang of this.

Not like the flowers are
gonna make a difference.

Still upset about
what Lever said?

Yeah. Who is he to
say stuff about my mom?

Never mind.
You wouldn't get it.

I think I do get it.

Probably better
than anyone.

You don't remember
when people said

I was a mean old witch.

Kelly, listen.

People say things.
Mean things.

But if you listen to them,

you'll drive yourself crazy.

But why would Lever
say all that stuff?

Maybe he's jealous.

Maybe he's scared
he's gonna lose.

But what he says
about your mom

isn't a reflection
of her.

It's a reflection
of him.

Don't waste energy
trying to make sense of it.


Look what I found.

Is that it?

How did you find it?

I figured Becky
hid it in back
for safe keeping.

I snuck back there when
another customer came in.

I can't believe it.
This is so cool.

Okay. Mix tape.


I don't get it.

I'm sorry, Hannah.
but I told you.

There's nothing here.

It's too big a coincidence.
The box can't be random.

Grandma mentioned it
in her voicemail.

Well, she also said
the book is the key.

I've been looking,
but... [sighs]


Wait a minute.

Miss Silvers.

The book is the key.

It's a book.

You don't think...

Oh, I definitely think.

[lock clicks]

Whoa. It's completely
different inside.

I just still
can't believe it.

The girls are right,
I am next.

Maybe that's not
such a bad thing.

The magic hasn't always
served you well.

But if I forget it

that means I'll forget
everything surrounding it.

A huge part of my life
has been the magic.

A single vanilla bean.

It's gotta be magical.

The three protectors.

There's something
on the back.

"RJ, Noelle, Arthur."

Who's Arthur?

Today was the coolest.

I now have a whole new
appreciation for

the art of
slicing butter.

I honestly never thought
I would--


And look, the buds
are starting to open.

Thanks again for--

Jake: Why would someone
destroy your garden?

Wouldn't they want to keep
the magic for themselves?

What are you saying?

Do you mean magic in
a metaphorical sense?

What? No,
I mean magic magic.

[sighs] Honestly,
I can't keep up with

all the slang these days.

I gotta get going.

Oh, no.
Not you, too.

How did this happen?
I've been with you all day.

Yes, and I'm not
quite sure why.

I have a performance

How did this happen?

We may have left the trailer
just to go to her house.

- Who did she see?
- What did she eat?

That's the weird part.

But her garden
was destroyed.

- What?
- What happened?
- Destroyed how?

I have no idea.

Miss Silvers was
trying to figure it out
when we got back here.

We were talking about
the magic that could have
killed her garden

when all of a sudden
she just forgot.

So she was spelled
sometime between

her getting back to
the trailer and us arriving.

And she didn't talk to anyone
or eat anything.

The magic must be
slow release.

Which explains why
people are forgetting things
mid sentence.

So it could have hit her
at any time.

It's not your fault,

This might be helpful.

I found it in the box.

Who's Arthur?

That's what we
need to find out.

He's the third protector.

Well, we don't have
time now.

I need to get ready
for tonight.

I can't be late.


[indistinct chatter]

- Hello, ladies.
- Both: Hi.

It's been a while
since we've all three
been together, hasn't it?

I was just saying
to Gina

I can't believe
how long it's been.

Yeah, what happened?
We used to be inseparable.

Ah, who knows.

That's life, I guess.

Oh, by the way,
save room for dessert.

- I made lemon bars.
- Excellent, those are
my favorite.

- I know.
- [chuckling]

Now, that's just weird.

Well, they were
best friends

before the magic
broke them up.

So I guess now
they don't remember why
they hated each other.

I think we're starting.
Wish me luck.

- Break a leg.
- You'll do great.

Hi, everyone.

I'm Kelly Quinn.

Thanks for coming tonight
to support my mom.

I'm sure you've all heard
Lever doesn't thinks she's

to lead Saffron Falls.

But the truth is...

Lever doesn't know my mom.

I thought she was just
going to introduce me.

I was really upset when
I heard what he was saying.

But then a friend gave me
some good advice.

When people say
hurtful things,

it's a reflection of them,

not you.

We can't control what
someone else says or does,

only our own behavior.

I didn't realize
what Lever said
upset her so much.

She's nailing this.

Just this morning,
these buds were tightly shut.

But with a little warm water,
they opened beautifully.

The flowers are like people.

A little warmth
can go a long way.

My mom leads with
compassion, and...

that's how I know she's the
leader this town deserves.

Please welcome the next mayor
of Saffron Falls,

Terri Quinn.



Hey, Ida.
Thanks again so much
for all your help.

It really means a lot.

Oh, don't be silly, Terri.
It's nothing.

I'm happy to help.

Oh, hi.

[cell phone rings]

[sighs] Really?

You decide to
call me now?

Oh, relax.

How's it going over there?
You got something for me?

I don't know.
I like Terri.

I feel bad
slandering her name.

I like Terri, too,
but if she's mayor,

she'll never let
this mall go through,

and you can kiss your new
flagship Mama P's goodbye.

Check out the old
main library records.

I think you'll find
what you're looking for.



Hi. Nice to see you.

Oh, no.
He's the last person
I want to see right now.

Come on.

Thank you for coming.

Guys, I think we have
a problem.

Miss Silvers just called
Mr. Morris Arthur.

But there has to be
more than one Arthur
in Saffron Falls, right?

More than one Arthur
who looks just like
the kid in the picture?

your teacher...

is the third protector.


Oh, boy.