Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 20 - Just Add Contagion - full transcript

Kelly, Hannah and Darbie try a spell on Mama P to help her remember magic but it backfires and they take away Mama P's personality, which then passes from person to person as the whole town starts to act like Mama P.

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

Hopefully, together,
we can help your grandmother.

Mama P never had any intention
of helping Grandma Quinn.

You didn't think of
anyone but yourself.

Classic Ida.

I'd be happy to reserve
these tables for you

if you'd like to
make Mama P's your
campaign headquarters.

Thanks, Mama P.

If you want my help,
we're making a new deal.

Hannah: She's always
up to something, isn't she?

You make my dad
really happy,

and that
makes me happy.

Kelly: What happened
last night with Noelle?

Mama P: Noelle?


- Morbium?
- Are you speaking English?

Mama P doesn't
remember magic.

She's been spelled
just like RJ.

And we know
who did it.

All: Noelle.

[bell jingles]


Okay, rosemary.
Where are you?

[crickets chirping]

[birds chirping]



[bell jingles]

[bell jingles]


You're gonna
show me something
in my own kitchen?

This might be

so brace yourself.

I'm braced.

What's this?

I don't understand.

This is your
secret pantry.

You've been doing magic
since you were 12 years old.

Cedronian turmeric.

Lapsis pepper.

You're telling me
these are magic spices?

You had the book
for years

until your
best friend Gina

spelled you to be
stuck in town.

Gina? Gina Silvers?

Yes, and you don't remember
the Pluot Festival,

or Paris or Chuck?

I don't know
what kind of prank this is,

but it's good.

the pantry.

How did you
pull this off?

We didn't. We're not
making this up, Mama P.

We promise.

It can't be.

Let me...
think for a minute.


There has to be
a logical explanation.



I just needed to
catch my breath.

Better get back to work.

Wait. What about
the magic pantry?

What magic pantry?

This magic pantry.

What is that?

Here we go again.

I don't think she can
retain memories of magic.

A secret pantry.

Was this here when
I moved into the shop?

Noelle won't stop until
she gets what she wants.

We can't
let that happen.

First things first,
we fix Mama P,

and then we can
deal with Noelle.

we can figure this out
in the next two hours.

I'm going clothes shopping
with Amy this afternoon.

Isn't that something you
usually do with your mom?

She's been busy
with work,

so Amy offered to
take me to Factory.

- Factory? Wow.
- I know.

I can't wear
these overalls forever.

Amy can help me find
some cool clothes.

Yeah, I can't stay,

I got Miss Silvers
an interview for

the music teacher position
at Fox Canyon.

I have to
help her prep.

She's so talented,
how could they not
hire her?

Because she barks at people
and is always scowling.

Don't get me wrong,
I love her.

Here's one.

"Extract The Magic
Mac 'N Cheese."


What? I love
mac 'n cheese.


There's a riddle,
but it's smudged.

"A spell hangs heavy
like a cloud,

"and you wish to be
freed from the shroud,

"so take one bite
to feel the release,

"and... something,
something, something."

Well, that's helpful.

Maybe this will help us
extract whatever curse
Mama P's under.

but without being able to
read the riddle,

we don't know
the downside.

We don't have much choice.

Don't worry.
We've done this before.

We can figure it out.


The UV dryers
are broken.

Didn't you just
buy those?

Yes. I can't wait until
that crooked sales rep
gets here.

It's gonna be ugly.

Ooh, I can't wait
to see you in action.

I might even make
some popcorn.

You can't let anyone
take advantage of you
in life.

Especially in business.

Got it.

Mama P, we made a new
mac 'n cheese recipe.

- Want to try it?
- Sure, why not.

Mm. It's not great.
But not bad.

So, can we borrow
some lapsis sugar?

Lapsa-what now?

- [sighs]
- Never mind.

Guess it didn't work.

- Darby.
- Mom? What are you
doing here?

My meeting cancelled,
and your dad told me
you were here,

so I thought
I'd surprise you and
take you shopping.

Oh, um, when you
couldn't take me,

I made plans with--



Hi, Jenny.
How are you?

And yourself?


I didn't realize
you already had plans.

- I can go.
- It's my fault.

I told Darby I was busy,
but my meeting cancelled.

We could go together.

You want to go shopping...
the three of us?


It was just
a thought.

You know what?
Let's do it.

It could be fun.

I'm in, too.


Do you want to drive
or should I?

I only have
a two-seat convertible.

Oh, my mom can drive.
She's got a big mini van.

We're gonna have to pick up
Operation Save Mama P

after I help
Miss Silvers.

I'll walk with you.

I told my mom I'd help
put up campaign signs,

and I want to get there before
all the good yards are taken.

Um, I don't think
it works like that.

All of life is
competition, Hannah.

It's made up of winners...
and losers.


I gotta hand it to him.
"Lever Fever."

It's catchy.

Not as catchy as ours.

What are you doing?

You just
took that sign down
without permission.

What are you,
the sign police?

We need to get
my mom's name out there.

What's going on?
This isn't like you.

I just really want to win.

The sign says,
"Win With Quinn."

but not like this.

Promise me you won't
take down any more signs.

Okay. I promise.


Now, I have to get to
Miss Silvers'.

I'll catch up
with you later.

[bell jingles]

Excuse me.
I'm here to see
Mama P.

She's been
expecting you.

Why don't you sit here.

Mama P.

The sales rep
is here.


Can I offer you a coffee,
maybe a doughnut?

On the house for coming
all the way out here.

Sure, I'll take
a latte and a muffin,
if you've got 'em.

Okay, then.

I don't get it.
Is this some kind of tactic?

- Tactic?
- You're being nice to him.

Oh, this must be
a bait and switch.

No, just hospitality.

He's our guest.

Let's go over
some questions

you might get
in your interview.

I don't know,
this feels weird.

We do it in debate class
all the time.

It helps with
the nerves.

So, why do you want to
teach at Fox Canyon?

I have a leak in my roof
and not enough students.

Okay. Um,
maybe instead of
talking about

why you need the job,

you could talk about
why you want the job.

This is hopeless.
I'm terrible at interviews.

Well, focus on the good.

You love helping
students learn. Right?

Of course.

Well, say that.

And maybe leave out
the part about your
leaky roof.

All right.
Try another one.

How do you handle
difficult students?

Uh-- Yes.

I have a piano student
named Crosby,

never showed up on time,

so the next lesson,
I locked the door.

Told him if he wants to
take piano lessons,

he'll show up on time.

He was never late again.


Um, strict, but
technically fair,
I guess.

What are you
planning on wearing?


Don't you like it?

It's nice.
It's just a little

I'll go change.

Only if you want to.

[cell phone buzzing]

Hey, what's up?

Something's wrong
with Mama P.

She was going to
tell this guy off,

and now she's
being up sold

on some new automatic
soap dispensers.

Well, that's odd.

It's like she's
lost her edge.

Wait. Kelly's also
not acting like herself

She removed a Lever sign
out of a yard.

She said she did it
so her mom would win.

That doesn't
sound like Kelly.

What if instead of
extracting the magic spell
from Mama P,

we actually extracted
part of her personality?

That would explain why
she's so trusting.

I mean, look at her.
She believes everything
he says.


And Kelly
seems to have gotten

Mama P's need to win
at all costs.

It's not a great trait
to pick up.

What do we do?

You keep an eye on
Mama P,

and don't let her
buy anything from
that guy.

I need to find Kelly
so we can break this spell.



Wow. You could get
four tops at the mall
for these prices.

True, but they're
big on quality here,

so these should
last longer.

I can see that.

Darby, what do you
think of this one?

- I like it.
- I thought you might.

- It's so you.
- You think?

I'm not so sure.

Yellow is your color.

Remember when I let you
borrow that gold top
with the hearts on it?

Oh, yeah,
I did look cute.
I'll try this on.

What about this one?

It's-- It's great.
I'll try it on, too.

That's why our dryers
didn't work?

Yeah. But we could
replace those pipes
for you, no problem.

I'll even give you
the friends and family

Did you hear that, Jake?
He's gonna give us a deal.

That's it.

I can't sit here
and let you take
advantage of her.

There's no way we'll
buy more defective junk
from you.

- Whoa.
- If you don't replace the
hand dryers right away,

I'll report you to
the Better Business Bureau,

and I'll give you
a negative review online.


I think we should
listen to him.

He is, after all,
an expert.

An expert at selling us
dud equipment.

You have one week
to make it right.

Or pay the price.

I'll replace them.

[bell jingles]

Jake. That was...


A wise woman
once told me

not to ever let anyone
take advantage of me.

Especially not
in business.

Not today, Lever.

More like loser.

- [camera shutter clicking]
- [chuckling]

What a coincidence.

I was just out on one of
my centering walks,

and the universe,
as it always does,

has handed me
a gift.

That Zen nonsense
won't work on me.

You've heard of karma,

What you put out
always comes back to you.

What's it gonna take
for you to delete the photo?

I want my rosemary back.

I might be able to
help with that.

And that's not all.

See, I know about
Mama P's pantry.

And I want more.

I'll give you 'til
the end of the day,

and if not, I may have to
check in with my friend

down at the
Saffron Falls Herald.




Wait until you hear
what I found out today.

I went to Red's,
the restaurant where

Noelle used to be
a line cook.

Turns out she was fired.

You'd be amazed
what you can find out

if you leave
a big enough tip.

you bribed someone?

Okay, you are
definitely spelled.

[sighs] That's just
simply not true.

You're rolling your eyes,
you're being sneaky.

By the way,
I love your shirt today,
it's so cute.

Not to mention charming.
Thank you.

Now, who does that
sound like to you?

Someone awesome,
that's who.

You could add confidence,
another Mama P trait.


We need to
break this spell,

but I have no idea
how to do that

since the riddle
was smudged.


What's this I hear
about you covering up
Lever's signs?

Noelle told you?

That's it.
Deal's off.

Mrs. Lee down the block
told me,

and it doesn't matter
who told me.

What were you thinking?

And why didn't I
think of it?

Wait, did I really
tamper with Lever's signs?

You finally understand
what it truly means

to be a politician's

Mrs. Quinn,
are you okay?

Covering his signs?

So you're not mad?

Not at all.

In fact,
I feel confident

for the first time
in a while.

I think I can actually
win this election.

Mom, could you excuse us
for a minute.

Did you see that?

The spell passed
from me to Mom.

What exactly is this spell?

Well, we tried to
extract the magic,

but instead we extracted
the "magic" of Mama P.

You mean, we took out
what makes Mama P Mama P?

Yes, and based on your mom's
sudden change of heart,

it passes by touch.

Right. Mama P
touched me on the shoulder

after she insulted
the mac 'n cheese.

We need to get it back

before your mom
does something drastic.


I think I'll wear this
to the debate.

Mom, can I have a hug?

What's your angle?

Why do I need an angle
to hug my mom?

Okay, I don't know
what just got into me,

but you're in
big trouble, Kelly.

You're so right, Mom.

I guess I just let
the excitement of
the campaign

overtake me.
I'm sorry.

I thought
you understood

that we are under
a microscope.

You can't do things
like that.

Now, go and take down
those signs.

Of course.

We need to
un-spell you now.

Or we could infiltrate
Lever's headquarters

under the guise of
campaign volunteers,

then we can sneak into
the records room and we--


Sorry, but
you can't be trusted

to take this back
to Mama P's.

And it turns out,
neither can I.

[door opens, closes]

I love it.

it's very nice.

Oh, that's great.

It's definitely...


Simple, at least.

Can I have it?

It's a fortune.

Here, let me buy it
for Darby.

Wow, really?

You don't have to do that.
It's very expensive.

And she'll get tired of it
in ten minutes.

I know,
but it's my pleasure.

- Really.
- Thanks, Amy.

[sighs] It's very
thoughtful of you.

Ah, there you are.

I can't let you
do this.

Don't tell
the Crosby anecdote.

It makes you look
too mean.

And definitely
don't mention that

you couldn't play
in public.

Try explaining that.

And nobody
wants to hear about
your leaky roof.

I'm already nervous
and this little pop in
didn't help.

All you have to do is
be charming, confident,
and passionate.

I can't be
any of those things.

No, you can't.
But Mama P can.

What's she got to do
with this?

Man: Miss Silvers?
Come on in.

So, what made you want to
make the transition

from teaching students

to the classroom?

Great question.

I played Carnegie Hall,

but it's nothing compared to
watching a student

be inspired by
a piece of music.

It's what gets me up
in the morning.

I can make
a bigger difference
at this school,

and reach more students.

Oh. I'm sorry,
I can't go another minute

without saying what
a beautiful family
you have.

Thank you.

They're my world.

That's how I feel
about my students.

I think of them as family.

And we all want the best
for our family, right?

So true.

I have one more question.

How soon can you start?

- You got it?
- I did.

And negotiated
a higher salary.

That's amazing.

Congrats, Miss Silvers.
I knew you could do it.

Oh, you did, did you?

Yeah. You just needed
the confidence.

Is that what spell
I'm under?

Confidence cookies?
Smooth Talker Tapenade?

We cooked an
extract the magic spell
to cure Mama P,

but we accidentally
extracted her personality.

And also,
it's contagious.

And I gave it to you.

Well done.

I could have told you
extracting magic

would result in

Don't you think
over the years

we tried
every kind of spell

to break our curses?

I guess we didn't
think of that.

But extracting the magic
shouldn't have resulted in

her personality.

Oh, the forget magic spell
must be truly powerful

to have caused this.

But how do we break
the contagion?

The riddle was smudged.

The only way
to break the spell

is to bring it back
to patient zero

Mama P.

I love this one.


I agree with your mom.
It's a little too...

- Grown up.
- Yeah.

But Piper has
these exact boots,

and he jacket
will keep me warm
in the theater.

So will a Rockbury

Nice try, Darby.

I remember that one.

My friend has
these boots.

I used it on my mom
all the time.

Do you remember the
"If I don't get these
Doc Martens,

"Ill be the only girl
in the whole school
without them."


So, does that mean
I can get the outfit

No, sweetie.

Listen to your mom,

Don't be in a hurry
to grow up.

Still want the boots.


You know,
I should go.


This is your thing
with Darby.

I shouldn't be here.

I won't lie.
It's been a little awkward.

- So awkward.
- [laughs]

But you're in
Patrick's life,

and that means
you're in Darby's life.

I want us to be
on good terms.

I want that, too.

Thanks for being
so nice to Darby.

She really
looks up to you.

It's easy. You did
a great job with her.

She's an amazing kid.

Since I'm so amazing,

Still no.

So I marched
right up to him,

and then I told him
he'd better give us
new hand dryers,

or else.

Wow. You really
channeled Mama P.

And you weren't
even spelled.

I'm exhausted.
I don't know how
Mama P

- does it all the time.
- Hey, guys.

Please tell me
you didn't do anything

while you were
under the spell.

Someone needed
a little charm
and confidence,

so I made
a quick stop.

Mama P's not
all bad, Kell.

Ahh. Ida.


I will deny it if
you ever tell anyone
I said this,

but you have
your moments.

Thank you for
your help today.

but how did I help?

Did I almost buy more junk
from that crook of a sales guy?

Don't worry,
Mama P.

I had your back.

I have to get home.

I have lessons to prepare
for my new job.


So. what do we do now?

Mama P still doesn't
remember magic.

And I may have
told Noelle

she could have
her rosemary back.

You what?

She took pictures of me
covering up the signs.

I didn't know
what to do.

she somehow knows about
the secret spice pantry.

That's a lot of no good.

Look, I'll tell her
we're not giving her
the spices,

even if I have to
take responsibility
for my actions.

But you fixed
the signs.

The photo could still hurt
my mom's campaign.

There's Noelle.


Hello, Kelly.

I'm not giving you
the spices,

so do what you
have to do.

What are you
talking about?

You took photos of me and
were going to blackmail me

in exchange for
the magic spices.


Okay, I'm not sure
what kind of game
you kids are playing,

but I'm busy.

And you know what?

I didn't appreciate
you running out in
the middle of a shift.

Right, I, uh,

just decided to stay
at Mama P's.

Well, I guess you're not
the girl I thought you were.

She didn't remember
blackmailing you.

Which means...

Someone hit Noelle with
a forget magic spell.

But that doesn't
make sense.

I thought she was the one
who attacked RJ and Mama P.

we were wrong.

It wasn't her.

If Noelle didn't do it,

we're out of suspects.