Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - Just Add Gumdrops - full transcript

When the girls create a spell to get RJ to give back the cookbook, they inadvertently learn that sometimes, by giving up what you want, you get what you need.

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

- Darby: We just need a title.
- Last Ditch Layer Cake.

I'm thinking of putting
a little patio out back.

Still on her spending spree?

Whatever Mama P wants,
Mama P gets.

Kelly: She's always
up to something, isn't she?

What did you find out
about RJ?

- Does he have the book?
- He does.

Darby: Brown is
definitely carnesian.

R.J. clearly knows
a thing or two about magic.

I thought the only people
who had the book before us
were the OCs.

Clearly, there were others
in between.

I think RJ
was a protector.


So, it was you.

That cupcake
was a gift.

We know.
The worst gift ever.

It it's not only 'cause
you made it with water.

I can't believe I told you
my baking secrets.

I can't believe
you called that baking.

I had a plan.
Now Alyssa will never
speak to me again.

What am I supposed to do?

You can start by leaving
that poor girl alone.

It's been decades, man.
Move on.

He's right.
And after that,

you can give back
our book.

Oh, you mean my book?

You stole it
from us. Remember?

Hey, I had it first.
Found it in high school,

until somebody
lifted it.

Nobody lifted it.

The book moves
on its own.

It chooses when it leaves,
and who it goes to next.

I don't really care.

The point is,
I have the book now,

and I plan on keeping it.

What are you
gonna do with it?

Anything I want.

Well, you can't just use it
to win the lottery,

and get back together
with your old girlfriend.

- It's not a toy.
- Yeah, I don't have time
for this.

I have recipes to cook.

- [bell jingles]
- Weird dude.

He's got no chill.

I still can believe
he was a protector.

Bad choice.

He's not that big.
I can take him.

No. We really have to
think about this.

He's not just
some goofy guy.

Yeah, he cooked
a touch spell.

We didn't even know
that kind of magic existed.

He may not be
good at baking,

but he definitely
knows magic.

We have to get
that book back.


Is that what
I think it is?

Well, if what you think it is
is a new Grill Deluxe barbecue,

then yes.

- The one with
the double light hood?
- Yep.

- And stainless steel burners?
- That's the one.

- And Piezo igniters?
- Um...

- Yes.
- [giggles]

This is amazing.

What should we
bake first?

Ginger rubbed lamb chops,
stuffed jalapeños--

How about we make
the grill?

We gotta put this thing

- Awesome.
I'll get started.
- Hold up. Hold up.

I'm glad you're excited,
but it's more complicated
than it looks.

Wow. Yeah.
This could take a while.

Yep. And I've gotta take
your brother to karate.

Let's tackle this tomorrow.

Hey, Kelly.
Hey, Mr. Q.

- Hey.
- Hey, girls.

No way.
Is that--

A Grill Deluxe with
stainless steel burners
and Piezo igniters?


Oh, wait.
Uh, what's today?

It's not your birthday,
is it?

Relax, Darby,
my dad just surprised me.

What is the occasion,
by the way?

Well, the old grill
finally gave out,

and you've been dropping hints
about this one for months.

Wow, that never works
on mom.


- You're so lucky.
- Mm-hm.

I can smell the ribs

The ribs
will have to wait.

We need to get
our book back.

Which means we're
gonna have to cook.

Since those two things
go together,

that's gonna be hard.

You're right.
Especially since RJ's

not gonna eat
anything we give him.

Maybe we don't
need to feed him.

Remember when we cooked
the Last Ditch Layer Cake?

The recipe got written
into the book.

You're right.

Every spell
a protector creates

shows up in the book.

So if we create
our own riddle,

it will appear
in the book.

And since RJ has the book,
that means--

RJ will see it.
So cool.

But we have to be
smart about it.

We have to make something
that RJ would cook,

and eat himself.

Something that would make him
give us the book.

Kinda like a "give up
what you want" spell.

But RJ would never
cook that.

What if we create
a fake title?

Nice plan.

When we created the
Last Ditch Layer Cake,

the book let us
choose the name.

Hopefully, this time
it won't be any different.

But how would we know
what RJ would cook?

Well, he's been
pretty selfish so far.

How about a spell
for a new car?

Maybe we should leave
a more open-ended, like,

"get whatever you want"?

I'd definitely cook that.

Now we only have
one problem.

Both: Spices.

This man knows how to
use the book?

He's already
cooked with it.

And not to make the world
a better place.

In the wrong hands,
that book can do great harm.

Anyone else having
Chuck déjà vu?

Ah, let's see.

I have some
galafrasian watercress.

We should probably
stick to the ingredients

we know RJ has.

Did we mention
he stole our spices?

Who is this person?

He's a former

There were other protectors
after us?

It was news to us, too.

When Becky threw the book
over the falls,

I just assumed
it disappeared

until it showed up
in your attic.

That book has
a life of its own.

This is more serious
than I thought.

This should work.

Livonian gelatin.

There was a ton of that

in the batch
he stole from us.

What about tengu sugar?

Nope. We only had
night blooming.

Even better.

That way, when he
returns the book,

he gives it back to
the rightful owners,

you girls.

Thanks, Miss Silvers.

Want to help us cook?

I have a mess of my own
to deal with.


- Darby: Yikes.
- Yikes is right.

This house is getting
expensive to maintain.

I've been calling
plumbers all day.

- [phone rings]
- Ah, finally one of them
is calling me back.

Okay, what can we make
with gelatin and sugar?


Give Up What You Want
Gumdrops. Cool.


Now for the fake name.

Okay, book,
if you can hear us,

we would like to
name this spell--

All: Get Whatever You Want
Gum Drops.

Let's hope it worked.

[alarm blaring]


They were in
my pencil case
this morning.

I found them in my shoes.
And look what I noticed on
the walk over.

Do you know how hard it is
for me to throw out candy?

Why are they
following us?

It doesn't make
any sense.

Well, we've never
cooked something,

and just thrown it away.

always eaten it.

Maybe you can't just
throw away the magic.

like any spell cooked
needs to be completed.

So does that mean
one of us has to eat it?

- 'Cause dibs.
- Easy, Darby.

We need to
think about this.

Hannah's right.
The spell we created

was to make RJ
give up the book,

his most prized

So, if one of us
eats it,

we'll be forced to give up
something important.

My parents might disown me
if I give up my guitar.

And if I lose
my power drill,

I'll get kicked out of
the play. Again.

- I'll do it.
- What? Why?

The only possessions
I really care about

are the book
and the spices,

and they're both gone,
so what's left?

My phone?

I think I can go
without texting
for a while.

I don't know.
We need to
think about this.


Why'd you just do that?

It's okay, don't worry.
I got it.

We'll miss you
in the group chat.

So, how do you feel?

Actually, I--
I feel normal.

Well, that's weird.

But we don't have time
to figure it out.

It's been almost a day
since we made the gum drops,

and RJ still hasn't
given the book back.

You think he
didn't cook the spell?

There's only
one way to know.

We have to find him.

We should check
Mama P's,

since that's where
we saw him last.

- Maybe Jake's seen him.
- Great idea.

What do you think,

I guess she didn't
give up her phone.

- Kelly.
- What?

The book, RJ,
Mama P's.

Oh, right, uh--

You guys go ahead.

I'm kinda over
the whole magic thing.

Excuse me?

- Oh, no.
- Over it as in
you gave it up?

Well, I guess
the spell worked.

- Great.
- No. Not great.

This is a bad time
to give up magic.

No, it--
it's a good time.

I have a ton of homework,

and my dad and I
are gonna build
the grill today.

I'll catch up
with you guys later.

- What do we do?
- I don't think there's
anything we can do

'til we get
our book back.



[bell jingles]


Is everything okay?
Did something happen?

Relax. No magical
emergencies today.

So, you just stopped by
to say hello?

No. I'm actually here

I'd like to sell this.

Your jade brooch?

But this was your

You always loved this.

And now someone else
can enjoy it.

How much do you think
it's worth?

Uh, hard to say.
Are you sure you want to
let go of this?

I'm hoping you can get
at least $450.

it's very beautiful.

I'm sure it will
sell quickly.

Hey, Jake.
Have you seen RJ?

No, and I really
don't have time for
detective work.

I'm flying solo today.

No Mama P?

She's not feeling well.

Went home sick for
the first time since--

Well, ever.

Well, that stinks.

Especially since
you're slammed.

My point exactly.

So, no sign of RJ?

No, but I think I know
where you can find him.

Table three.

RJ's at table three?

No, not RJ,
but if I'm gonna
help you guys,

then I need
a little help, too.

Take this to table three.

Oh. Got it.

Where do you
think he is?

Where's table three?

By the window.

RJ works full time at
an insurance company.

Do you know where?

Well, I tailed him to
the office building
near city hall.

Corner table.

- Anything else?
- If you leave now,

you'll catch him
on his lunch break.

He'll be in
the cafeteria

eating chicken fingers
from the kids menu.

I think
I finally understand
the term man-child.

That corner table
needs water.

- I just gave them water.
- You did, but I may have
spilled it.


- Well, thanks for
your help, Jake.
- You're a great PI.

I am pretty great.

Okay. Uh, I'll be home
in a couple of hours

so we can put
this baby together.


I was thinking
we could break it in
with filet mignon.

Uh, think again.

- Burgers?
- Bingo.

Oh, uh, and I am
donating the old grill
to the thrift store.

They'll be here soon
to pick it up.

If you have
any other stuff
to donate,

put it on the pile

See you soon.

[door opens]

[door closes]

I can't believe
RJ quit his job.

I can.
He just won the lottery,

and he's got
a magic cookbook.


Mama P
does not look sick.

Why would she lie to Jake
about being sick?

If Mama P wants a day off,
can't she just take one?

definitely up,

but one thing
at a time.

RJ's more important.

[doorbell rings]

I'll get it, Mom.

What do you want?

I have something for you.

Here. I don't want it

I don't want it, either,
I'm done with magic.

- So am I.
- Well, I was done
with it first.

I'm not leaving
with this thing.

- Here, no take backs.
- No!

Well, throw it away
if you don't want it.

[door closes]


Twice in one day.

To what do I owe
this pleasure?

I have some good news.

Your brooch was worth
more than you thought.

- You're kidding.
- I sold it for $500.

[gasps] Ah,
that is wonderful.

I accept cash or check.

None of this
pay-by-phone stuff
the kids use.

Don't trust it.

Here you go.

Oh. Pleasure
doing business
with you.

- Likewise.
- Thank you, Becky.


- [door opens]
- Oh, no.

Kelly. Guess what?

Whoa. That Grill Deluxe
looks even more deluxe
in person.

Well, it doesn't matter
what it looks like

if we can't turn it on.

I just broke the knob.

As awful as
that news is,

we have worse news.

We couldn't find RJ.

Oh, I saw RJ.
He came here.

- What? Are you okay?
- No way. He was here?

Yeah, he came by to
give me the cookbook.
He didn't want it.

- The spell worked.
- Yeah, but I didn't
want it, either,

so I gave it back
to him.

- You did what?
- But then he really
didn't want it,

- so, uh,
he gave it back again.
- Oh, thank goodness.

- But then I triple
didn't want it, so I--
- Kelly.

Where's the book
right now?

I donated it to
the thrift store.

- That's it, you're
coming with us.
- No, I can't.

I have to stay here and
figure out how to fix this

before my dad gets back.

we need the book.

No, I'm done with it,

I don't want
the book anymore.

Yeah, Kelly's right.
Forget the book.

Let's go to
the hardware store.

- What?
- Yeah.

We need to take Kelly
to the hardware store

to buy a new replacement
for the knob.

- You're so right.
- Yeah.

Let me get my purse.

Really, guys?

This is not

You will help us
get the book back.

You ladies looking for
anything in particular?

Yes, we are, actually.
A cookbook.

It would have
just come in today.


This one got here
about an hour ago.

That's it.

You see, our friend here
accidentally donated it,

and she'd like it back.

No, don't listen to them.
I meant to donate it.

Okay, then, thank you.
It's going towards
a great cause.

Fine. We'll just
buy it back, then.
How much?

- $45.
- $45?

The only kids
with that much cash

are the ones who share their
birthday with Christmas.

Or, the ones
who have a job.

Don't look at me,
I'm not paying for
that useless book.

It's a total
waste of money.


I have... $10.

And I have 15.
We still need $20.


Just one sec.

- Kelly.
- Kelly.

- Kelly, come back here.
- Kelly, stop. Kelly!


I'll pay you back.


I can't believe
you stole my money.

I didn't
steal your money.

Trust me, Kelly,
once the spell breaks,

- you'll be thanking us.
- No, I won't.

I thought we were gonna
build this thing together,

What happened here?

I know, um,
I'm sorry.

The directions
weren't exactly
easy to understand.

I'll pay for it.

Actually, Hannah will.
She owes me money.

This is exactly why
I wanted you to wait for me.

I told you it was
more complicated
than it looks.

I'm sorry,
I can replace it,
I just--

I'll deal with it.

I don't get it,
I told him I'd
pay for the part.

What's the big deal?

I don't think
it's about that.

He asked you
to wait for him.

Yeah, well, I figured
it would be easier

to do it by myself.

Classic Kelly.

What are you
talking about?

Group projects,
cooking spells,

even taking
the downside today.

You can't do everything
on your own.

Who are you?

Hey, Dad?

Um, about that part,
I wish I had waited for you.

That's fine.
It just needed
some epoxy.

No, no, I mean...

you were right,
it was a two-man job.

Sometimes I have
a little trouble admitting
when I need some help.

Hey, so what do you say we
finish this thing together?

Let's do it.

Mama P?

I thought
you were sick.

Oh. I feel bad
I wasn't here today.

[clears throat]

I want to help you
close up.

Oh, stop that.
Go home and rest.

You're no good to anyone
if you're sick.

it's really unsanitary
for you to be back here.

You're right.
Thank you, Jake.

I'm leaving now.

[bell jingles]

It's Ida.

I checked my balance.

It looks like
we're in business.

Okay, get ready for
burgers tomorrow.

I'm thinking with
bleu cheese and, um,
caramelized onions.

Why would you ruin
a perfectly good burger
like that?

Look, Kell.
We found the recipe.

Get Whatever You Want

We should probably
change the name

so it doesn't trick
anyone else.

Uh, I think
the book heard you.

I missed you.

Wow. Someone's back.

the spell broke.

Thank goodness.
Caring about the magic

more than you
was exhausting.

Whoa. It even wrote
the riddle.

The book can write
the riddles?

That explains whey they're
sometimes so cryptic.

But how did
your spell break?

"When you eat
a gumdrop or two,

"say goodbye to
belongings and greed,

"but when you give up
what you want,

"you might just get
what you need."

Get what you need?
That's it.

Your spell broke because
you got what you needed.

I needed to learn that
I can't do everything
on my own.

Man, it's freaky
how much that book knows.


- [bell jingles]
- Hey.

- What are you doing here?
We're closed.
- Where are the girls?

- Look, I'm not gonna--
- I have to talk to them
right now.

We're all in danger.

- [door opens]
- [bell jingles]

What's going on?
What do you want, RJ?

We don't have the book
so don't get any ideas.

I don't want anything
to do with the book.

Someone knows about
the magic--

Who? Who knows about
the magic?

I-- I'm sorry,

You said we're in danger

because somebody
knows about the magic.

If this is a ploy
to get the cookbook

Uh, why would I want--

Uh, I have never owned
a cookbook in my life.

Dude, you were
just freaking out
a minute ago.

You don't remember?

I'm sorry.
Is this a joke?

So, you don't remember
the magic?

Or the cookbook?

You know what?

I don't have time for this.

[bell jingles]

What just happened?

RJ couldn't just
forget everything.

- Not unless he was--
- Cursed.

But why would someone
spell RJ

so that he'd
forget about the magic?

I don't know.

Someone's out there.

And they're dangerous.