Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Just Add History - full transcript

As the girls continue to uncover details about Chuck's history, they must cook a spell to save Jake from Chuck's magic.

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

This is one mystery
we didn't solve.

- Chuck.
- What?

That's the name of the boy.
Chuck Hankins.

He went missing in 1965.

And Willie Thompson said

Chuck had no family
looking out for him.

Guess I have a knack for
this magic stuff.

You know the Traveler.

Is that what she's
calling herself these days?

This all started
long before you.

What I want is far bigger
than any of you.

You're simply in my way.

I'm sorry it's
come to this, Chuck,

but you left us no choice.

[wind blowing]

What did you do?

Enjoy Lavender Heights.

You're never leaving.

Hi, Jake.

Kelly: My gut's
been telling me that

there's something wrong
with Jake.

Ida: What are you saying?

Kelly: The Jake
who's in your kitchen

is not our Jake.

Anybody hungry?

I can't believe
that's Chuck.

He must have
taken over Jake

to get out of
Lavender Heights.

It's actually genius.

Wish I had
thought of that.

- Yeah, but how
did he do it?
- I know.

- It's just so weird.
- I know.

- This reeks of schnitzel.
- I know.

You're right.

Walk In My Shoes

We used that recipe once
when we were your age

to sneak into a movie.

you snuck into a movie?

I wasn't always your
grandmother, Kelly.

Okay, so if Chuck cooked the
Walk In My Shoes Schnitzel,

then all we have to do
is get him to say Chuck
three times in a row,

and it'll break
the spell.

But how are you gonna
get him to say that

without him getting

I have an idea.

She sells seashells
by the seashore.

It's easy.

Well, maybe if
you say it once,

but not three times fast.

What are you guys
talking about?

Hey, Jake.
We're doing
tongue twisters.

- Wanna try one?
- Sure, why not?

You have to say,
"How much wood could
a woodchuck chuck

"if a woodchuck
could chuck wood?"

How much wood
could a woodchuck chuck,

if a woodchuck
could chuck wood?

Well, not three times fast,
it's not.

How much wood
could a woodchuck chuck,

if a woodchuck
could chuck wood?

How much wood
could a woodchuck chuck,

if a woodchuck
could chuck wood?

Faster or
it doesn't count.

How much wood
could a woodchuck
chuck chuck,

if a woodchuck
could chuck wood?

Wait. That wasn't right.

I think I said woodchuck
too many times.

Three, to be exact.

But that--
that's okay.

Well, as much fun
as this is, I am beat.

See you guys in the a.m.

- Bye. Goodnight.
- Bye. Have a good night.

Guys, he said Chuck
three times fast,

and he's still Jake.

Or fake Jake.
Or Chake.

- Or Chuck.
- [bell jingles]

Uh, let's go with Chake.

That means he didn't eat the
Walk In My Shoes Schnitzel.

And we still have no idea
how Chuck became Jake.

Breaking this spell
is gonna be harder
than we thought.


So, we're all
in agreement.

Yes. No more eating
Jake's food.

I want to strangle him.

You can't.
That's still Jake's body,

and you don't
want to hurt him.

Get hold of
your temper, Ida,

we need to
play it smart.

Yeah, we all have to
act normal

until we can figure out
how to reverse the spell.

[sighs] Fine.

I'll just try to
stay away from him.

You can't.
Don't you have plans
at Le Grande Falls

to take him
to lunch today?

No way!

Ida, if you cancel
at the last minute,

he'll get suspicious.

And you did buy him
that nice jacket.

I'm on my way
to return it.

I kept the receipt.

Please, Mama P.
We need him away

so we can figure out
how to save Jake.

And we don't want Chuck
cooking for your customers.

Who knows?
He could be spelling them.

And maybe when
you're at lunch,

you can figure out
what his plan is,

because we're at
a loss over here.

- It's one meal.
- One very expensive meal.

Not to mention
the money I'm losing

by closing this place
for the afternoon.

Well, you're not exactly
slammed in here.

There's no need to put
salt in my wounds, Darbie.

- [bell jingles]
- Oh, speak of the devil.

- Hi, Jake.
- It's Jake.

Jake, buddy.
How's it goin'?

Why are you all
acting weird?

We're just really excited
that you get to go to
Le Grande Falls today.

- And jealous.
- Mm-hm.

And we wanted to
see you off.

Well, I'm excited, too.

Thanks again for
taking me, Mama P.

My pleasure.

I got you a present.
It's right there.

You got me a jacket?

Only because there's
a dress code at
Le Grande Falls.

Thanks, Mama P.

If it doesn't fit,
I could always return it,

and get my money back.

It fits perfectly.

So, how do I look?

Like Jake.
Only... different.

Well, I guess there's
nothing to do
but go to this lunch.

[clears throat]

You two have fun.

[bell jingles]

She looks like she's
going to the dentist

instead of the nicest
restaurant in town.

We don't have much time.
We need to figure out
a recipe to save Jake.

While you do that,
we'll go to Chuck's trailer
in Lavender Heights.

Maybe we can
find a clue

as to how he
pulled this off.

Don't do anything hasty
while we're gone.

Wh-- Why is everyone
looking at me?

Okay, maybe I've done
one or two spells on my own,

but it's really Mama P that
we should be worried about.

Chuck's impersonating
the one person

she actually cares about.

This isn't gonna be good.

$16 for a bowl of soup.

You can buy
five Jakewiches
for that.

Yes, you sure can.

You sure you want to
eat here?

This place is
really expensive.

Of course.
Get whatever you want.

Except the soup.

Can I start with
the shrimp cocktail,

and get the

That's lobster
and steak, right?

Yes, Jake.
It's lobster and steak.

Okay, we need to figure out
how long Chuck has been Jake,

and what we might have
said to him.

I've said
a lot of things.

Me, too. We better
retrace our steps

over the past few days.

Okay, let's see.

On Thursday,
I saw Jake.

I told him I was worried
about my new school,

and he said, "Hannah,
I've known you how long?
Ten years?"

And I go, "Uh, I think it's
closer to three years.

And he responded with,
"Right. It feels longer.

"I remember my first day
of grammar school,

"and I was afraid
I wouldn't make friends,
but I did.

"You'll be okay."

Grammar school?

Yeah, now I see
how odd that was.

He was right about
one thing.

You're gonna do great
at your new school.

I hate to admit it,

but Chake's
a good listener.

Well, when I saw Jake
the other day,

he made me feel worse.

I went to see him
after you guys took
the book away from me.

Darbie: Do we really need to
relive that?

Kelly: We do.
When I told Jake,
he goes,

"I can't believe
they would do that do you."

And I responded,
"Well, I'm sure
they meant well."

He didn't think so.
He said,

"You're too nice, Kelly.
I'd be super mad.

"Haven't you done
a lot of good with
the book?

"Where do you think
they hid it?"

And then I said,
"No idea.

"Probably at Hannah's.
Darbie loses everything."

Hey, I don't lose

Okay, maybe some things.

Now that I think about it,
Jake would have never acted
like that.

He was just trying to
get me more upset.

He was also
trying to find out
where the book was.

What about you?

I saw him a few times.

He was actually
pretty nice to me.

I forgot my money,
so he gave me a free

The next time I saw Jake,
I forgot my phone. Again.

He usually just
lets me borrow his,

but he didn't have
his phone that day.

I said,
"But you always have
your cell phone."

And he goes,
"I left it at home,
I guess.

"Here, have a free

The next day,

I had forgot
we made plans to hang out,

but he wasn't upset.

- Instead, he--
- Kelly: Let me guess.

He offered you
a free Jakerito?

There's one common theme
in all those memories,

I know. I really need to
stop forgetting things.

No. The free food
should have been a clue.

Jake never gives away
free food.

Does anyone else
feel really bad

that we didn't know
Jake was Chake?

We were so wrapped up
in our own drama,

we didn't see
our best friend
was spelled.

We haven't been
very good friends,
have we?

But we're gonna figure out
how to fix it.

You're right.
We will.

I just wish we knew why
he was doing this.

Why wouldn't he?

As Jake,
he had access to us,

the book,
the spice pantry--

And it got him out of
Lavender Heights.

As far as villain moves go,
it's pretty solid.

He gave us
so much free food,

what if he's been
spelling us?

I feel okay.

Wait. Have you guys felt
angry or suspicious,

or the need to
only tell the truth?

No, but there are
other spells.

You're fine, Hannah.

I think we'd know
if we were spelled.

We need to find a recipe
to save Jake.


Well, he clearly
didn't feel the need

to clean up
after himself.

Maybe because he wasn't
planning on coming back.

Remember these?

Little Judy's.

They were so unhealthy.

I remember your mom
wouldn't let you have 'em.

Chuck used to
sneak them to me
at school.

Oh, what a fool I was.

Oh, don't beat
yourself up, Gina.

He fooled us all.


Over here.

I'm guessing these are
the remnants

of whatever magical recipe
he was cooking.

Let's take this
back to the house.

We need to figure out
what's in this dish.

You're still hungry?

I didn't think it was
possible, either,

but the food is so good.

It's like you're...
eating for two.

Hey, uh, thanks again for
bringing me here, Mama P.

My pleasure.

I'm having fun.

Hey, uh,
what do you think's
going on with Kelly?

What do you mean?

Hannah and Darbie
mentioned she's been
using magic too much.

Do you think she is?

She's a smart girl.
She'll figure it out.

- Why do you ask?
- No reason.

You know,
Kelly mentioned that

they're rotating the book
between their houses.

I really think they should
include the OCs

in the rotation,
unless they already are.

No. I haven't seen the book.

Wherever it is,
it's hidden well.

I just hope it
doesn't go to Darbie.

For the book's sake.

Once we save Jake,

what do we do
about Chuck?

One step at a time.
Let's focus on Jake,

and then we can
worry about Chuck and
whatever he's planning.

I found one.

Kick Him Out
Chicken Soup.

Hey, there's a riddle.

"When an unwanted guest
is hanging about,

"a bite of this soup
will soon kick him out."

"Just know with a stew
so warm and hearty,

"the guest might not
fondly remember the party."

Chuck's definitely
an unwanted guest.

Well, maybe we could
use this

to kick Chuck
out of Jake's body.

Well, it's worth a shot.

The recipe calls for
livonian cayenne and
elysian parsley.

I bet Miss Silvers
has those in her
spice cabinet.


- I thought my room
was a mess.
- Hi, girls.

What are you doing with
all this old stuff,
Mrs. Quinn?

Well, as head of
the historical society,

I have to catalog

And then I choose
what goes up in

the Saffron Falls exhibit
in City Hall.

Hey. Is this
Main Street?

Yeah. In the 1800s.

Look, Mama P's used to be
an old timey inn.

Technically, back then
it would have been
a present timey in.


Mom, this looks like
a lot of work.

it is a lot of work.

Bringing anything
in Saffron Falls

up to the 21st century
is hard.

I'd settle for
the 20th century.

I'm sure whatever you do
will be great, Mrs. Quinn.

You have a lot
to go through.

Oh, no, this is just
a fraction of it.

You should see
down at City Hall.

I mean,
stacks and stacks of old
city records and photos.

That's even more of
a mess.

Uh, guys.

Can I see you
in the kitchen
for a second?

What is it?

Look at this.

It's just an old
schoolhouse photo.

No, second from the right.

- Is that--
- Chuck.

Look at the date.

September 1, 1868.

Wait. That means...

Chuck is not from
the '60s.

Not the 1960s.

Look at the back.

James Smith, Gary Billings,
Charles Peizer.

Charles Peizer.

Charles as in Chuck?

And Peizer as in
Peizer Park, Peizer Avenue
and Peizer Square.

[cell phones buzzing]

The OCs found something
in Chuck's trailer.

We better go.


I don't understand.

The boy we thought
was frozen in 1965

is actually from
the 1800s.

But how?

I want to say magic,

but I know that's
not helpful.

If Chuck is from
the 1800s,

this is bigger than
all of us.

All the more reason
to figure out

what Chuck used
to become Jake.

What is that?

Spice detector
simple syrup.

What does it do?

It'll tell us
which spice families

are in the food that
Chuck ate to become Jake.

The read means
he used werpoes.

The blue is for livonian.

And the orange?

I don't have orange
listed here.

So Chuck used some sort of
super secret

not on the card

That's not good.

What if our Kick Him Out
Chicken Soup

isn't strong enough?

Well, they say smell is
more powerful than taste.

What if there was a way
to get Chuck

to breathe in the soup
instead of eating it?

What would that do?

Well, it's like
when you have a cold,

so you rub vapors
to clear your nose.

- You do that?
- Well, yeah.

It works better than
taking medicine

because it's more

so it enters your system
right away.

Impressive, Hannah.

Well, I'm kind of
good at science.

And you're neurotic
about your health.

You could add werepoes salt
and galafrasian oregano

to increase the steam
on the soup.

- We need more time.
- I'll text Mama P.

She won't be happy.

Ooh. I am stuffed.

You barely touched the
four extra side dishes
you ordered.

Sorry, Mama P.

I guess my eyes were
bigger than my stomach.

I can take it to go.

There are no doggie bags
at Le Grande Falls.


You know,
I was thinking.

You work so hard,
you deserve a break.

Oh, this is
break enough for me.

I love feeding people.
It's my passion.

Why don't you take
the weekend off?

But the weekend is the
busiest time at Mama P's.

I can manage one Saturday
without you.


Feels like you're
trying to get rid of me.

I'm just trying to be nice.

Work if you want.
No skin off my back.

Should we get the check?

We're supposed to
re-open the cafe soon.

[cell phone buzzing]

Our customers can wait
a little longer.

Let's order dessert.

I couldn't eat
another bite.

We can't come to
Le Grande Falls

and not order
the soufflé.

It'd be a crime against
fine dining.

If you insist.

I do.

I want you to have
the full experience.

So Chuck's actually,
like, 147 years old?

He looks good
for his age.

What? He does.

To stay 15 for that long

he must have used
some powerful magic.

Maybe that's why spells
work wonky on him.

Like the Can't Recall Caramel
and the Miso Persons Soup.

And the Spill The Beans
secret spell.

You're right, girls.

Powerful magic
doesn't always interact well

with other
powerful magic.

So how do we know that
this soup is gonna

separate him from Chuck?

We don't.

It's a leap of faith
kind of day.

I think we're ready.

[bell jingles]

How was lunch?

- Great.
- It was expensive.

But worth it.

Something smells good
in here.

Yeah, actually, Jake,
I'm glad you're here.

I'm trying out
a new soup recipe,

and I think it's
missing something.

I need your expert nose.


So, Le Grande Falls
was good today?

Good, yes,
but I don't really
get the hype.

It sure seemed like
you liked it

when you ate everything
off the menu.


I think I added
too much cayenne pepper.

Will you check it out
for me?

I think you're right.
Too much cayenne.

I better go change
for my shift.

Now what?
It didn't do anything.

Maybe it wasn't
strong enough.

- Morbium.
- What?

That's what Chuck used
to become Jake.

He needed something
really powerful.

Maybe that's what the orange
was referring to

when we used the
spice detector simple syrup.

He does have
my morbium seed.

Miss Silvers.
We need your morbium.

- I don't know, Kelly.
- It could be dangerous.

Jake is our friend.

We have to do
whatever we can
to save him.

I know,
but this is our last one.

Are you sure it will work?

At the Pluot Festival,
you offered us your morbium

for our Curse Breaking cake,

but my instinct said
not to take it.

Chuck used morbium
to become Jake,

and my gut says this is
the only way to save him.

It's worth it.
For Jake.

I agree with Kelly.

- Me, too.
- Me, three.

I trust you, Kelly.

Is my shirt on backward
or something?

No, we're just really
trying to get the soup right.

Will you try again?
I adjusted the seasonings.

Did you really think
this would work?

- What do you mean?
- Kick Him Out Chicken Soup?

Maybe if I was an
unwanted guest at a party.

I thought you were
smarter than that.

Uh, I think he knows
we know.

I was suspicious
when you offered

I take the weekend off.

But when you ordered
that $17 soufflé,

- I knew.
- What a waste.

Come on.

It was delicious.

You're never gonna
save your friend.

And you're never gonna stop me
from getting what I want.

It doesn't burn anymore.

There's one thing
you didn't count on.

Oh, yeah?
What's that?

You're not the only one
with morbium.


Gina: Oh, no.
It was too powerful.

Becky: Is everybody okay?

- Ida: Girls?
- Darbie: I'm okay,

I just can't see anything.

- Kelly: I'm here, too.
- Hannah: Me, too.

- Jake: What's going on?
- Ida: Jake, is that you?

I-- I mean,
the real you?

Yeah, of course.
Who else would it be?

You don't want to know.



- [sizzling]
- Ahh.

You can slow me down.

But it's too late
to stop me.

It doesn't look that way
from where I'm standing.

Good luck
saving your friend.

We just saved Jake.

Not that friend.