Jugar Con Fuego (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - full transcript

I think there's a woman on his mind.

A married woman.

I want to do whatever it takes
to turn my life around.

I actually discovered...

what I'm missing from my life.

I need your help.

Whatever you need.

Who needs to be taken out?


Andrea, I'm a son of a bitch.

Why are you saying that?

My mother is a prostitute.

-How much?
-Five hundred thousand dollars.

Not one dollar less.

A broken-hearted woman
is capable of anything.

Every story has a beginning and an end.

And you gave me an expiration date.

Betrayal cannot be forgiven.

You want to kill me, right?

I've never slept with her.

Your luck has run out, Mexican.

If you kill me, I'll haunt you
until the end of your fucking days.

-Don't move, asshole.
-Let him go!

Kill him already!

You hit him!

It may seem crazy to you...

but I can't be without you anymore.


What's happening, Andrea?

Are you okay?

Maricarmen, I felt, like, a stabbing pain.

No. I feel something is wrong.

No, Andrea.

-Seriously. Something is wrong.

This is getting ugly, Gildardo.

It's all gone to shit.

Do you think he is dead?

We need to go check the corpse.

Go. I'll go get the gas.

Okay then, man.

Andrea, this place is too quiet.

Isn't it?

Are you sure about breaking in?

We're not the first ones.

I don't see anything strange.

He left.

Without his shoes?

Andrea, he was in a hurry.

I know it hurts.

But he decided to leave.

He gave us so much trouble
and ended up dead anyway.

He took my car with him.

I hope he rots in hell.

-What are you going to do, Gildardo?
-Fucking asshole.

Fabrizio, why didn't you listen to me?

All this running around just for you
to end up like this?

Come on, you're just going to
end it like this?

You should have listened
and stayed in the hole.

None of this would've happened.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

Especially when you are with
someone stupid.

-Thanks a lot, buddy.

He got really banged up.

We can't leave any evidence.

We can't let my godfather find out
that we made an even bigger mess.

Go over there.


Go ahead.

The harvest was excellent.

I want those Englishmen to be happy
about having switched to us.



Why in the hell do you show up
in my office

in the middle of the day
smelling like gasoline?

Godfather, I wanted
to inform you personally.

We cleaned the area.

We covered the hole.

It was hard, but it's all perfect now.


Given the situation,
the important part is done.

Now, go take a shower.
Poncho might show up,

or some other idiot
who may start asking questions.


Mexico City.

Mexico City.

Perfect. Line 27B.

-Excuse me.

I need information on the passenger
who was mentioned

in this article.

I need to know if he is the one
in this picture because there's a mix-up.

Ma'am, we're not allowed to give you
that kind of information, okay?

I'm sorry. Next in line!

Next in line.

We had a plan, Maricarmen.

We were leaving by car.

Yes, Andrea,
but maybe he had another plan.


Thank you for letting me know.

Who was it?

-The police.
-What did they want?

Godfather, actually...

Spit it out already.

We didn't bury...

Fabrizio's corpse in the hole.

That asshole stole my car,
we chased after him,

and then the jerk rolled down a hillside.

We burned it all, even his--

Say no more!

The police got there
and found a lot of evidence

and now they are knocking
on my door. Is that it?

But it was my car, Godfather.

Could they find out whose body it is?

Cut the bullshit. Don't make me slap you.

If there were no mistakes,

they won't find a thing.

There were no mistakes, Godfather.

It was all perfect. We thought it through.

Very well. That's all I wanted to hear.

-Let's go there.

Godfather, they are picking up the car,
and you want to go there?

No one will ever know
anything about Fabrizio.

-It's me.


Your friend is an asshole.

How could he bail on Andrea?

No, Maricarmen. Fabrizio is not like that.
I've known him since we were kids.

Something happened.
We need to find out what.

-Have you read today's newspaper?

Okay, read it.

You will read that Fabrizio
left for Mexico,

he got drunk on the plane
and made a scene,

and he yelled out he stole 30,000 dollars
from the warehouse.

What? Of course, he didn't!

Fabrizio would never go back to Mexico
and he is no thief.

I just don't know what to say
to comfort Andrea.

No. Someone paid to post it 
in the newspaper. I'm sure about it.

Look. He called me yesterday
and he told me very weird things.

I'm trying to find out what happened.

But, please, don't say anything to Andrea
until we know

what happened for sure.

So, you think he didn't leave?

Of course he didn't leave.
I'm sure Fabrizio didn't go anywhere.

I need to keep looking for him.
I'll call you later.


Don Jorge made me go with him to check out
a finca he bought on Buenavista Road.

Barrancas Finca or something like that.

No, I have a bad feeling.

Wake up! Finish placing that tape.

Have you taken pictures here? Any prints?

Any prints?


Did you find any identification card
on the driver?

Not yet, sir.

-What about the car's serial number?
-Nothing on the driver,

-but we already have the serial number.
-Okay then. Gather the data

-and send it to the station right away.
-Yes, sir.


Now we're talking.

Let the show begin.


The world is yours.

Mr. Jaramillo!

-So good to have you here.

To what do we owe the pleasure?

This land is mine.

Really? I wasn't informed about it.

Yes, Commander. I told you this morning.

As soon as I heard what had happened,
I wanted to come over

and cooperate with you
in case you have any questions.

Thank you so much, Mr. Jaramillo.
First, let me apologize

for not reporting
to you before coming here.


-I called his office, sir.
-Do you know who the deceased is?

Not yet, but my guys are working on it.

I know exactly what happened here.

So, Mr. Jaramillo, what happened here?


Gildardo works with me.

He's my right hand.

It's a total loss!

It was my car.

It was Gildardo's car.

-A friend of his borrowed it.
-That's right.


So, that car is yours

but a friend of yours borrowed it?
I don't quite get it.

Thiago Dos Santos
works for my wife at the school. And...

Write it down.

-Thiago Dos Santos. Brazilian.
-He is liked by a lot of people.

We all wanted to help him,
but you know what it's like around here.

Everybody wants to mix
moonshine with everything.

Moonshine addiction is a common occurrence
in this town.

Commander, I'm sorry.


Eliseo is my overseer.

What a shame, Don Jorge.
I heard you were here somewhere

and that's why I came.

I wanted to tell you something.

-Tell me.
-The thing is...

Thiago was having a drink with me.


So, on the night of the accident,

you were with the deceased. How come?


We had a little party until dawn.

Eliseo, you always fuck it up!

How could you let him drive?

-He didn't listen.
-You hear me?

You should have taken the keys!

-Yes, but--
-Okay, enough.

Don't yell like girls.
That won't solve anything.

Martina will be very sad about this news.

That's true, Godfather.

Mrs. Martina will sink
into a deep depression.

It's a great loss.

And she thought he had quit drinking.

We all did.

And some knew he didn't.

So, this was because of booze.

It's the most obvious thing, no?

The truth is always
the simplest answer, isn't it?

You got it.

I sincerely thank you

for being so nice
in clarifying this whole situation.

Thank you so much.

Thank you. I need to ask you a favor.

Since I own this land
and those involved are my employees,

the one who owns the car
and the other who drank and drove,

the situation doesn't look good.

This can also look bad for the town

and for the business.

Do you get what I am saying?

I understand you. This is what we can do.

We can figure something out,
but we will need

a statement from the last acquaintance
the deceased was with.

Of course, sir. I'll give my statement.

Stay here with my man
and he will write everything down.

-Don't worry about the press.

We will handle that.


Have you provided your information?

Yes, sir. And count on me
for whatever you need.

Excuse me, Lieutenant.

It's very kind of you.

-So, what time are we leaving?

What time were you with him?

Almost done.
We have been here for a while.

That went a lot better than we thought.

Yes, Godfather.
But it's going to be expensive as hell.

Pay him twice as much and remind him

that loose lips sink ships.

Godfather, do you want to celebrate
with a drink before going home?

Let's go.

Mrs. Miller, your jewelry is excellent.

It's hard to find diamonds this pure
and without any impurities.

Of course.
My husband doesn't buy second-class.

What I can give you for this bundle

is 45,000 dollars.

-How much?
-Forty-five thousand dollars.

Trust me, you won't find
a better offer than mine.

It's excellent.

Yes, excellent for you, but not for me.

Forget it.

-I'm sorry.
-Don't worry, but don't be surprised

if I don't come back.

Take the notepad so you can write down
all the evidence.

Let him know about the questions

you need to ask the people
to be interviewed.

-I want no mistakes here.
-Of course, Commander.

-Do you know you--

Hey, sir, you can't be here.

I'm sorry. It's just...

I work not far from here.

I saw there was an accident.
It was big, right?

Who are you?

Well, I'm Poncho.
I work not far from here.

The finca's owner told us the whole story.

You mean Jorge Jaramillo, right?

-The owner.
-Do you know him?

Yes. Actually, I work for him.

-Everyone around here works for him.

Hey, did Don Jorge tell you
who the dead guy is?

Well, it's Thiago Dos Santos.

A musician who had drinking problems.



Do you know the deceased?

He was my friend.

I'm so sorry, sir.

Excuse me.

-Who is it?
-Someone named Poncho.

Asking about the deceased.
Apparently, they were friends.

-Where's he from?
-From this area

-and he works for Mr. Jaramillo.
-Him too?

Yes, him too.

Go pay him a visit later.

What do we have over there?

My friend...


It was a good idea to come here.

What matters is that it's all over.

Did you see the commander's reaction

when you told him you would fill him in
with the details?

-So, what happened?

Don Jorge.

Have a drink to celebrate.

You two keep on celebrating.
As for me, I have already

drunk too much.

Godfather, I'll give you a ride
because you drank too much.

Not much more than you. It's on me.

Have a good night.

Godfather, it's too dangerous.

Where are my girls?

Isn't my money worth something?

Baby, sit here.

How are you, baby?


What's up, Camila?

Hello, Martina.
Martina, I need to talk to you.

What's wrong?

I have something to tell you,
but I need you to come over.

Well, I'll come. But what happened?

No, I can't tell you over the phone.

Come to my house.

I'll be right there, then.

-Kiss him!
-Come on. Kiss me.

That was nice!

Could I get a beer, please?

I'm sorry for interrupting this party.

I want to propose a toast.

To a friend.

Almost a brother.

To Thiago.

As you all know,

he recently died in an accident.

Cheers to Thiago!



You don't know what we lost.

He was a cultural asset.

We lost a great musician.

Cheers to Thiago!


But the dead guy wasn't Thiago!

Who said that?

-I did!
-Who did?

I did, sir!

What are you saying, Poncho?

Don Jorge himself identified the body.

He might have made a mistake
or there are other reasons for that.

Are you saying Don Jorge is lying?

Fucking asshole!

Don't let him get under your skin.

What are you saying?

That dead guy wasn't Thiago.

Sit down.

I told you to sit down.

Where did you get that idea from?

If that body wasn't Thiago's,

then whose is it?

Maybe you know better.

The police will have
to look into it, right?

That's true, dear Poncho.

I know what it's like to deal with death.

It won't let you think straight.

But I do know what I'm thinking, sir.

That dead guy wasn't Thiago.

How do you know it wasn't Thiago?

Because Thiago can't drive.

He's afraid to.


Come again?

Thiago couldn't drive.

Thiago couldn't drive.

What Poncho is saying...

is important information.

We can't stand back and watch.

We need to do something, Eliseo.

Well done, buddy.

I'm calling the police.

I'll come with you.

-You stay right there.
-I want to come with you.

Stay right there!

I'll have to wake them up
so they'll come over here.


Keep Poncho entertained.

No problem. Just go ahead.

My dear Poncho.

Buddy, relax. Let's have a drink.

-What's up?

I think we have a problem.

What's wrong?

That asshole Poncho figured it all out.

Fuck! There's no end to this.

Do you know what you need to do?

I asked you
if you know what you need to do.

Got it.

Martina, pick the fuck up!

Listen to me. I'm not in love with you.

Gildardo is taking too long, isn't he?

Relax, man.

Gildardo knows how to handle the police.

You're so stupid, Poncho!

You will have to pay for all of this.

I'm embarrassed for you.

I'll be back.
I'll just go to the restroom.

All foreigners are stupid.

Right, baby? They always act like fools.

So, now what, baby?

Oh, my God.


I thought you weren't coming.

Come. There's a lot to tell you.

Yes. I have a lot to tell you too.

I feel so embarrassed. I swear.

Where's Peter?

Peter? At work.

Thank God he's working, because...

This is the worst I've ever been through.

Why are you so upset?

I mean, Camila, I'm worried sick.

-I'm very upset.
-This is just--

I swear, Martina, I'm...

I'm concerned.

I have a lot of regrets.
I don't know how to tell you this.

All right. Calm down.

You know you can trust me no matter what.

I know.

I need to borrow
five hundred thousand dollars from you.

Five hundred thousand dollars?

Martina, it's life or death. Really.

Camila, what have you done,
for God's sake?

That's a fortune.

And now my accounts have been frozen.

Do you remember what I told you about...

My lover, do you remember?

-Don't tell me he's blackmailing you.
-Not him.

He fled.

He fled? How come?

He fled to Mexico.

That's not what matters right now.

Martina, what I need right now
is to get that amount of money.

If Peter finds out, he'll kill me.

Who is he?

Who cares? That doesn't matter right now.

Tell me, please...

He works for Jorge.

What is his name?



Martina! Oh, my God!

Help me!


-Let's go.
-Okay then.




He escaped, and it's your fault.

Let's go.



I forgot my keys back there
after all this hurrying.

It's good that you two are here now.

We were having a chat
and she suddenly passed out.


Mom, it's me, Andrea.

Mom, I'm here.

Talk to me, please.

It's me, Andrea.

Get away from me.

Get away from me.

I don't want to see anyone.

I don't want to see anyone.

I called an ambulance,
so they will be here soon.

I think it would be better
to take her to the hospital.

Leave me alone!


-Alone. By myself.

What were you talking about
when she passed out?

What does it have to do with this?

Everything, Camila.
It has to do with everything.

You know her, Camila.
She's a very sensitive woman.

-I had better call the doctor.
-I'll go with your grandfather.

-Mom, it's okay.
-Leave me alone.

Doctor, they told me she had just fainted.
What's wrong?

She's suffering from psychological trauma.
I've been seeing her for months,

and I've never seen her this stressed.

What's wrong with her, Doctor?

She's taking her pills,

she's eating healthy, she's working out.

And she's not worried about anything,
right, Camila?

So, what's going on with her, Doctor?

No, Mom!

What do you mean, "Fabrizio"?

What about Fabrizio?

-What's wrong?
-I want to leave.

-I want to go home.

-Relax, please.
-You're a bitch!

-You are a bitch!
-What's wrong, Martina?

Martina, what's wrong?

-Fabrizio is Camila's lover.

And my mom's too.



Fabrizio was sleeping with both of us.



Relax. Now rest.


What a surprise.

-How are you?
-Fine, and you?

What are you doing here?

My mom was here with Camila.

Your mom is here?

Yes, she's here, but she was feeling ill,
so we had to call the doctor.

How are you feeling?

Are you okay?

Yes. I am okay.


-I'll check if I can be of any help.

Where's your dad?

He's not here. But my grandfather is.

-Take care.



I thought I had lost you.

You're never going to lose me.

You're lying.


Thank you so much, Doctor,
for coming on such short notice.

I'm really thankful. One more thing.

I would like to ask you
for total confidentiality about tonight.

No worries. My pleasure.

Okay. Goodnight.

Now, Camila, what happened?

Andrés, before Martina passed out,

we were talking about a delicate subject.

Peter can't know.

Please, I beg you.

Okay. And? What happened?

The new employee at home
got into my computer and saw all my stuff.

And she's asking me for 500,000 dollars.

Camila, what does that have to do
with my daughter, Martina?

What does it have to do with her?

Because that woman
is my lover's mother, Andrés.

I don't know if the money
is for her or him,

but I'm being blackmailed
for five hundred thousand dollars

in exchange for their silence.

Regarding what Andrea said earlier
about her mother, Martina.

Was she also having an affair 
with Fabrizio? Was that also true?

-Is that true, Camila?

I didn't know, Andrés.

But Fabrizio was having an affair
with both of us.


Subtitle translation by Braian Castaño