Jugar Con Fuego (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Why all the theatrics, then?

You wanted to pick up your boss's wife...

to feel more manly or what?

Living in fear isn't living.

You're playing with fire.

You're risking your neck.

-In these lands...

you breathe...

if I feel like it.

Martina is a wreck.

Camila is crazy.

And Andrea wants
to tell her mother about us.

I don't want us to keep hiding.
Let's run away now.

-He's got a birthmark on his finger.
-Did you hurt your hand too?

And a fortune-teller said

the mark means
he can have every woman he wants.

As long as he doesn't fall in love,
because when he does...

I've never felt this before.

I can't be without you.

It was passionate. You should have
seen him kiss her, Godfather.

How many times did you fuck my wife?


What? Do you want to kill me?

Let him go!

The party is over, buddy.

Really brave, Don Jorge.

Doña Martina must be
so proud of you, right?


Get down.

Look into my eyes.

What were you thinking?

"I'm done with this. I fooled everyone."

You are pitiful, asshole.


What do you mean?

You can only have what you can pay for.

But you can never own someone's heart.

You are such a sweet talker.

"You can never own someone's heart."

He really is a poet.

I've never slept with her.

I've never slept with Doña Martina.
Ask her.

-A poet and a liar.
-This is madness!

-I never had sex with her.
-Your luck has run out, Mexican.

If you kill me, I'll haunt you
until the end of your fucking days.

He's such an asshole
that he even believes in ghosts.

Listen to me. We are going to kill you,
you son of a bitch,

and your soul too, so it can't bother us.

Get him up!

You will be useful as a fertilizer
for my coffee.

Your wallet.

Hurry up!

Your phone.

Cut it out.


They're in the car.

-Don't move, asshole.
-Let him go!

-Put it down!
-Let him go!

-I told you to let him go!
-Do you want me to kill him?


I swear I'll kill him. Put your gun down.

Put the gun down.

Throw it really far.

You, get in the hole. Hurry up!

Son of a bitch, don't move!

I'll always be better than you.

Go get him. Kill him already!

You hit him!

You got him! Go and kill him, already!

Kill him!

He went that way!

You fat son of a bitch.

Listen, Father.

I feel so confused.

I'm afraid of what I'm capable of doing.
Do you understand me?

Calm down.

Your mother's accident created
an emptiness in your life.

I know.

I have never experienced
so much pain, Father.

Do you know what I feel?

It's as if I am lost at sea.

I need to find my way.

You are a good person, Martina.

I know you will find your way again.

By staying calm?

Yes? It's always by staying calm.



Find that son of a bitch no matter what.

Fuck! I thought I could trust you!

Don't worry.

We'll take care of that guy.

Ramírez can't leave this fincaalive,
do you understand?

Yes, Godfather.

That asshole won't leave this place alive.



He came this way. He left a bloodstain.

Ms. Andrea!


What do you see there?

What do you see there?

That's blood, Gildardo.

Damn it.

-How is it going?

All good. We're finishing the job.

It won't take long to cover the hole.

It will all work out fine, Godfather.

All right.

You are such an asshole, Gildardo!

Do you know what you just did?

We will be in trouble because of you!
What if we don't find that fucker?

Calm down.

We will find him.


Yes, sir?

Where is Fabrizio?

-Isn't he with you?
-No. I left him at his house.

I thought he would be coming later.

Well, I went to deliver some orders,
so I don't know.

He's probably on an adventure, right?

Tell him I want to see him in my office

-as soon as he arrives.
-Yes, sir.

What are we going to do, Gildardo?

-Up or down?
-Let's split up.

Are you sure?

Are you afraid?

Asshole, do you think I'm afraid?

Why did you make me go through here?
I am obese, asshole!

I will end up exhausted because of you.

Wait! Help me!

That's it.

That's it. I'm coming.

You have to lose some weight!

-Hurry up!
-Nobody tells me to hurry up!

Let's catch that motherfucker.

Good afternoon, sir.
Here's what you asked for.

-Did anybody see you?
-Of course not.

Very good.


What have you got?

-Gum, candy, and cigarettes.

Can I have one?

Teacher, what happened to you?


Easy. Sit down.

Quickly. Do you have paper and a pen?

-Give them to me.

-Do you understand everything?
-Yes, sir.

Take this. Run. Go!


Unlock the cuffs, Tuerto.

-Thank you.

Your documents are ready.

It's a one-way ticket, obviously.

Hotel, passport.

-Are you ready?
-Yes, sir.

Let's get you cleaned up.


what about the children?

What will happen to them?

Doña Martina loves music--

Doña Martina is my business.

You only have to worry

about doing what you have to
on the plane. Do you understand?

-Do you understand?
-Yes, sir.

If you forget, I'll come after you
to the ends of the earth.

-I won't forget.
-Go clean yourself up.



I'm tired.

We need to keep going, Eliseo.


Haven't you stopped to think

that maybe Fabrizio is already dead?

I bet he bled out
and is lying in one of those ditches.

We have to find him,

whether he is dead or alive.

Let's go.


He's hurt.

He couldn't have gone that far.

Let's go upriver.

All right, then.

-Where is Mom?
-I think she went to town.

Oh, honey, you are very pale.

-Do you want some tasty soup?
-Oh, Luisa.

Can I ask you for a favor?

Don't tell my mom.
I don't want her to worry.

I understand.


Could it be that you are...

Call me if you need me.


Hi, this is Fabrizio.
I can't answer the phone right now.

Calling passenger Fabrizio Ramírez.


A little present.

Fabrizio Ramírez.

All right.

Good afternoon.

Welcome. Good afternoon.


Can you remove your glasses

so I can check your identity?

Have a great trip.

Thank you.

Turn around, please.



-Are you with Fabrizio?

He didn't show up.

What do you mean?

That's why I'm calling you.

His phone has been off for hours.


This is very strange, Andrea.

Do you think he changed his mind?

No. Don't think that.

Stay calm, okay?

I'll look into it.

As soon as you have news,
let me know, okay?

Yes. I'll talk to you later.


A friend of mine is missing.

Since this morning.

What? I have to wait

for 48 hours
until you declare him missing?

That can't be!

Yes, I understand. Thank you.

I can't be without you anymore.

I don't want to be without you.

It's getting dark, Gildardo.

Hurry up!

That prick must be around here.


Look around carefully.

You are the one who has to look carefully.



You have no right to cancel my cards.

It's my money.

I know you aren't sleeping.

And listen to this:

don't you ever forget

that I'm still the owner of the land.

Thank you, Luisa.

What happened to your face, Dad?

Nothing important, honey.



We suffered a very big robbery
in the warehouse.

And it was an inside job.

Are you serious, Jorge?

-Who could have done it?
-It was Ramírez.

Fabrizio Ramírez.

He stole from us and then flew away
like the coward he is.

"A passenger identified

as Fabrizio Ramírez made a scene

on a flight to Mexico
after drinking too much."

The worst part is that Gildardo had
already warned me he wasn't to be trusted.

He would go in and out

during working hours
and he always made excuses.

How could I have been fooled?

There isn't a picture of him here.

That guy is a piece of shit.

And he escaped with 30,000 dollars.

Thirty thousand dollars?


That can't be.

I really think it wasn't--

What, Martina? What is it?

That he's a thief?

I'll call the police.

Dad, wait a minute.
We don't know if it's true.

Are you also going to defend this guy?

Why don't we call our accountant, then?

Ask him to check the logs.

We need to be completely sure.

You know what? You're right, Martina.

I don't want the police
snooping around my business.

I'll solve this the way I always do.
By myself.

Mom, do you really think it was Fabrizio
who stole from us?

How could I know, baby?

He is a good employee.

He is always trustworthy, helpful,

Life sometimes surprises us.

People often do stuff...

we aren't expecting.

I really think it wasn't him.

I don't know.

We don't know a thing about his life.

We don't know about his family,

where he was from.

I don't know.

It's incredible how we never get to know
a person even when we are close to them.


Did you hear from Fabrizio?


We need to find him.

I'm really worried, Andrea.

Fabrizio has never disappeared
without a trace like that.

My dad said he stole a lot of money.

That's impossible.

Of course, he didn't.

He says he stole 30,000 dollars
and flew to Mexico.

Your dad is crazy, Andrea.

Fabrizio would never do such a thing.

I don't believe it either.
But we need to find him.

-If you find out something, tell me.

-You let me know, too.


What a terrible night we had.

Listen to me, man.

I'll never accept any more
fucked-up jobs from you.

Just imagine what Don Jorge will do to us.
He's going to get us

when he finds out you lied.

Shut up, dumbass.

That guy is dead.

And if he isn't,
I'll make sure to kill him.

Give me the car keys.

I don't have the car keys.

How come you don't have them?

I left them there.

Why do you keep carrying that gun?

Because you always have to be ready.

There he is!


Hurry up!

There he is! Shoot him!

The keys!

Come on! Let's get this asshole!

Exactly. Fabrizio Ramírez González.


All right. Thank you.

Why are you so sad?

Crying for an insignificant thief
isn't worth it.

Get out of here.

Are you defending him?

You want to kill me, right?

Betrayal cannot be forgiven.

What would you do...

to a traitor?

Take your time.

Mateo, what are you doing here?

I need to talk to Doña Martina.

Well, if it's an urgent thing,
tell me and I'll let her know.

I was told to give this message
only to her.

Why don't you come back tomorrow

and I'll see if she's feeling better
so you can talk to her?

Go back to your house.
We have some guests, honey.

Go home.


Mr. Jaramillo.

-How are you doing?

What brings you here?

Did you have a tough night?

You should see the other guy's face.

We have an issue that I need to
discuss with you personally.

Tell me.

We came here

because we had a report
that one of your employees is missing.

His name is Fabrizio Ramírez.


Yes. He's one of your employees, right?

This is my wife, Martina.

-Nice to meet you.

Go rest. I'll handle this.

I'm in a hurry

and I wanted to talk
about it with you two.

So if you have a clue or any information,
I'd be very grateful.

Yes, we know.

-You know something about this?

He didn't come to work.

He's a really strange person.

He comes and goes during work hours
and never lets me know.

I heard he was in a tangled relationship
with a number of ladies.

I'm not confirming anything. I just...

That kind of thing is pretty common
with employees, right?

-Let me know if you find out something.

Don't worry. He will show up.

-It was a pleasure.

-Have a good day.

Thank you for coming to my house.

See you later.

What the fuck are you trying to do?

Why didn't you tell him about the thing
with Fabrizio on the plane?

Or the article in the newspaper?

It was because they can figure out
what happened.

You know what? I don't think
Fabrizio stole from us.


Because I don't want the police
messing around in my coffee plantation,

in my accounts,
in the way I handle my business!

And if that piece of shit disappears

without any consequences,
it's because of that. Do you understand?

Or isn't there any more space for logic

in that crazy, tiny head of yours?

Go rest and stop fucking with me!


-Hang on!
-He thinks he's tough. There he is!


There's that motherfucker!

We've got him.

Subtitle translation by
Gastón García Holtzman