Jugar Con Fuego (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

I want no mistakes here.

Trust me, Godfather.

No mistakes.

We will be ready.

In these lands, you breathe...

if I feel like it.

-You've gone crazy.
-No, I haven't.

The only mistake you made
was losing our baby.

I'm leaving with Andrea.

Things between Camila and I
are going south.

Andrea and I are in a relationship.

-What's up?
-I can't take it.

I can't take it anymore.

I don't want us to keep hiding.
Let's run away now.

Do you want me to get a cage
so you can keep me here behind bars?

I won't allow you to do the same thing
to Andrea.

Calm down!

-I'm calm. Let me go!
-Calm down.

Let me go!

I want to divorce you.

You're out of your mind.

I'm completely sane!

You may want to forget
about this stupid divorce thing.

I'd kill you first.

That would be the last thing on your list.

Who did you replace me with?

That woman is a ticking time bomb.

If I were you,
I'd be a little more careful.

What's wrong with you, Dolores?

Something bad will happen to my son.
I just know it.

Why would you say that?

I've always had gut feelings about him.

I'm almost never wrong.

My blood runs through his veins, Hilario.

I need to take him away from Colombia.

The sooner the better.



Once again, you walked into my room
without knocking first.

Get out of my room. I didn't call for you.

I was looking at my reflection.

So rude.

Look. I'm the owner of this house.

So, if I tell you to get out,
you get out, please.

The owner of this house
is my son's mistress.


I'm Fabrizio's mother.

Nice to meet you.

And I've been reading and copying...

some hot love letters

and e-mails that are full of passion,
you know?

What do you want?

I don't know. I thought your husband
might want to read them.

You don't know what it is
to mess with me.

-Get out of my house!
-Settle down, Camila.

Yes. I'm leaving.

I want to leave.
But I'm not leaving empty-handed. I'm not.

-How much?
-Five hundred thousand dollars.

Of course, you are probably thinking,

"Her money grows on trees."

I don't have that amount.

Ask the old man.

Cut the bullshit, bitch.


starting a new life isn't easy.

You're very well aware of that, right?
I mean, you have experience.

Five hundred thousand.

Not one dollar less.

Now, if you will excuse me...

Hurry up, buddy.
We've got ten minutes left.


All this shit is about to go down.

Martina is a wreck. Camila is crazy.

And Andrea wants
to tell her mother about us.

That is dangerous.

Doña Martina is going to find out
somehow sooner or later.

We will be far away by then.

I don't know, buddy.
I don't want this to end up--

No. Don't say another word.

What will Andrea say when she finds out
you tried to seduce her mother?

I don't know.

But I want to tell her the truth.

I want to explain everything to her.
About how and when it happened.

I need her to believe me,
my side of the story.

Martina is a good person.

I think that if she notices her daughter
is happy, she won't say a word.

Or maybe because
she might feel embarrassed.

Andrea was offered a job in Miami.

I'm leaving with her.

I don't want to lose her.

Who invited you?

Andrea, don't be so rough on me.

I just wanted
to have a little chat with you.


Where did you sleep last night?

I'm very patient with you.

Just like your father with your mother.

But you can't be too patient.
Where did you sleep last night?

Have you been to a psychiatrist?

Women who are worth it need to be chased.

That's called harassment.

Give it back to me.

It's coming with me.


Come on.



Put your hands up!

Good morning, Doña Martina.

How was your medical appointment?

Good. I'm going to rest a little bit.

Doña Martina, the event company called.

They said your credit cards
are not working.

There must be some kind of mistake.

I'll look into it right away.

Hello, Amelia.

Hello. This is Martina Gaiani.
I'm so embarrassed.

I had to skip everyone
and call you directly.

I've just been informed
that my credit cards have been declined.

-I don't know.

-That's why I'm calling you.

Is it possible to talk to the manager?

Yes. Okay, I can wait.


-One moment.
-I need a word with you right now.

I'm trying to solve a problem
with the bank, baby.

Any news?

Baby, didn't you have
to take pictures of the children?

Because Thiago must be waiting for you
at the school, baby.

Why don't you get going
and I'll catch up with you there?

Yes, go ahead.

You know what, Amelia?

Do me a favor.
Write a note and give it to him for me.

Tell him, one way or another,
that he needs to talk to me right now.

-Mine is oily.

-Mine is mixed.
-Mixed? Perfect.

This will work out very well for you.

We use the best coffee beans in the area.

What's going to happen now
is that my partner, Poncho,

the most charming Mexican guy
you will ever meet,

will take you on a tour

around the coffee plantation.
How about that? It's going to be awesome.

Come back if you're convinced.


-Thank you so much.
-It's been a pleasure.

-Come this way, ladies.

Good morning, miss.

How may I help you?

I was checking if you have
any cream for lovesick feelings.

Lovesick feelings?

Could you go into detail?

More detail?

You smell so nice.

We're walking on thin ice
by doing this here.

We always are.

Within those 50 minutes, you will see
the whole process...

of making coffee.

Well, starting from the crops

to the roasting procedure later on...

-Is everything okay?
-As always.

May I help you?

Lately, I've been thinking
you and I could've been good friends.

Sometimes, things don't work out
the way one thinks.

Making friends takes time, drinks,
playing pool,

some work.

No, I think not.

I think we would have never been friends.

With or without time.

I think we would.

But you're always busy.

Or working.

Or coming and going with
your woman of the week.

What do you mean?

What I do with my life or my free time
is my business, isn't it?

Of course.

I'm very generous
about my employees' free time.

On one condition:

that they just mind their own business
and don't affect anyone's life.

I need you to do me a favor.

Clean this up and tidy it.

I see that the store is in a mess.

-He's an asshole.

Who's this woman of the week?

You, baby.

You're my woman for this week
and for all time.

I don't know what he's playing at.

Don't mind him. He's just really weird.

But soon, you and I will no longer be here
and we will forget about him

and everyone else.

I'll get going.

I'm going to the music school.
I told my mom

I would take pictures of the children.

-Have you packed?
-Packing? I only need you.

No, it will take me one minute to pack.

Okay, Mr. Fabrizio. Don't stand me up.

Or else I'll think you left me
for this week's lady

and you will definitely break my heart.

I'll see you at 5:00 p.m. at my castle?

At 5:00 p.m. at your castle.

Your psychiatrist has sent us
a medical report.

A medical report?

Where's the file?

I can't show you that. It's confidential.


I've been declared incompetent
so I can't touch my own money.

But I don't even know the reason why.
Look, Hernando,

before marrying me, you already know
Jorge was in the gutter.

It's a shame, Mrs. Martina.

What your husband is doing

is taking care of you and your assets.

With your health condition,

it's the best thing to do. Besides,

I don't think I can help you anymore,
Mrs. Martina.

Are you all right?

Excuse me, Hernando.

Can you give me a glass of water?

Of course, Mrs. Martina.



I'm sorry, Mr. Jaramillo.

I tried to hide those documents from her,

even though she's legally entitled
to them.

You're useless!


Damn you, Jorge.

I won't let you get away with this.

Dr. Hurtado,

I think Martina is going to your office.

What are you doing?

Could you please quit that?

-You told me to come, didn't you?
-Yes, but not to clean my kitchen.

It was a mess. There were ants everywhere.

If you're not going to clean,
at least pay someone to clean it.


Thank you.

There's still some missing,

but I'm starting to pay my debt off.

You're learning how to keep your promises.

I'm glad.

You're starting to be like me.

I must have done something right.

I've blamed you for a long time
for all the bad things I went through.

And I know
everything you've done has been...

done your way, as best as you could.

What you did was to try
to make us move forward.

Are you becoming sentimental, Fabrizio?

Do you want some coffee?


You do know you need
to get away from here, right?

Do you?

With that money and a little bit more,

you can start over.

I could get a place,

set it up, get some girls so--

-We can start a new business.
-That's all in the past.

We can do well.

I don't want to.
I don't want to do that ever again.

The other day, when you were talking
to that woman, Camila, on the phone...

she said she wanted to kill you.

-She scared me.
-She's crazy.

I don't have anything to do
with her anymore. Forget it.

Exactly my point.

Crazy women are more dangerous.

Maybe I could get money too,
and we could...

start all over again.

Together. You and I.

Somewhere far from here.

I can take care of myself, Mother.

I need to get back to the store.


When was the last time you called me that?

Forgive me, Son.

I did my best.

I made mistakes, too.

If you want,
I could schedule an appointment.

-Don't take me for a fool.
-Ma'am, please.

-Please leave.
-I mean it. Dr. Hurtado!

-Dr. Hurtado!

Doña Martina, how are you?

-Look, I just want an answer from you.
-Look, I...

-I am busy right now.
-Just take a look at this.

Tell me the meaning of this.

"The patient shows clear signs
of mental derangement,

-with suicidal tendencies...
-I can't attend to you now.

and could be a danger
to the people around her.

Therefore, a higher dosage
than normal has been agreed upon."

That report was requested by the bank.

To make me look incompetent, right?

Listen, Mrs. Gaiani. Talk to your husband.

Yes, but you're the physician.
And your signature is here.

Talk to your husband.



Do you think you could
sell me three grams?

Kid, you're mistaken.
I don't do that shit.

It's for me. You know us.

Am I speaking in Chinese
or have you gone deaf?

Fucking brats.

Hello, Gildardo.

It's about time.

All right. I'll be right there.

It's so fancy.

So, this is where Fabrizio eats.

Take that bag and pack everything up.

Godfather, we've packed up.

I'll meet you in half an hour.

Don't worry. Everything is ready.

Do you want me to get a cage
so you can keep me here behind bars?

I won't allow you to do the same thing
to Andrea.

-What's up, my friend?
-What's up?

-Why the long face?
-No reason.

What about Maricarmen?
Weren't you two going out?

It didn't happen.


We were supposed to. 
I went to pick her up, but Doña Ligia

said she didn't want to go out.

-Just like that.
-That's so strange.

Didn't you call or text her?

Why? They told me no already.
Why would I call her?

Because you need to insist.

When dealing with women, you need
to be insistent sometimes. That's it.

If they tell you they don't want to go,
what does it mean?

It depends, okay? Sometimes--

Goodbye, Fabrizio. We'll be back soon.

-Goodbye, Fabrizio.

See you later.

Women don't even look at me, buddy.

Why don't you let Fabrizio
give you some advice?

He's an expert, I heard.

Youth is a godly treasure, right?

Messing around here and there.

Help Fabrizio. I need to talk to him.

Yes, Don Jorge.

Can you carry them?

Yes, sir.

I made an investment

that I think might turn out
to be very lucrative and...

Can I trust you not to tell anyone?

Of course, sir.

I bought some land
from some families in Quindío.

They planted coffee there a long time ago.

But I think a very special seed
might thrive there.

You're the expert, sir.

And you have good taste.

I want to take you to the hacienda
so I can hear your opinion.

Okay. Just tell me when
and I'll gladly go with you.

Right now. Let's go.

No, now I have...

I told Gildardo I would check
the inventory with him.

You know how angry Gildardo gets
if you show up late.

Let's go.

-I'm not asking.

Did you forget I was coming over?

We had an appointment, didn't we?

Or did I get it wrong?

No, Dad, you didn't.


No, I lost track of time with some errands

and... I forgot.

I'm embarrassed.

Are you okay? What is it?

I can tell you're a little nervous, upset.

I've started to realize

that medicine doesn't
take your problems away.

You have a million reasons to move on.

You need to lean on your family, on me,

on your daughter...

and on Jorge.

He works hard, he adores you
and is very loyal to you.

He's like a son to me.
You know that, baby.

But couples also stop loving each other.

And Jorge's changed a lot lately.

Jorge will never stop loving you, baby.

Like I said,
he's a good man and he adores you.

You need to learn to give in.

Do you know what I like
about these unplanned trips?

You get enough time
to clear your mind.

You've got a lot on your plate, sir.

Way too much.

There's always something going on here...

more often than it seems.

Do you know
what won't let me sleep these days?

My daughter.



She's turning her back on everything
I've built for her.

Maybe she needs a little bit of time--

What she needs is a husband

to get her under control.

I'm sure she will find
the one soon enough.

I'm sure she will.

There's somebody already.

If they have money, even better.

Of course.

What father wouldn't like
his daughter to be with a good man?

-Are you in a relationship?
-No, sir.

Relationships require much time.

I think you are a heartbreaker
that likes switching girls often.

I'm actually focused on my job.

I'm trying to focus on my future

-and make some progress in life.

I was just like you.

I liked the good life.

But I met Martina one day...

and everything stopped.

I started winning over my father-in-law,
working hard, as you say.

Taming Martina was a bit harder.

But with a lot of persistence...

I made it.

Martina is a beautiful woman.

Don't you agree?

Yes, sir.

Don't be ashamed. You can say it.

I'm not jealous.

Everybody knows it. She is smart,
decent, hard-working.

She's worth a lot.

Sir, do you mind
if we stop at the gas station?

I have an emergency to attend to.

We're almost there. Can't you wait?

No, I don't think so.

Okay, then.

-Good morning.

-May I use the bathroom?
-Of course, go ahead.

-Thank you.
-No problem.

We have the Iberian, Excelso,
and the Arabic.

Excuse me for a second.

-Where are you?
-At the end of the world.

Jorge made me go with him to check out
a finca he bought on Buenavista Road.

Barrancas Finca, or something like that.

What is it? Are you okay?

No, I have a bad feeling.


Why? What happened?
Is he being mean to you or what?

He's asking really weird questions.


We don't have all day!

Buddy, I have to go.

I'll call you later.

Thank you.

All good?

-You were taking too long.
-Yes, I'm sorry.

I think I needed that more than I thought.

-Our Andrea is here.

Hello, Mom.

-Hello, baby.
-Where were you?

Oh, miles away.

-Come here.
-How's my favorite person?

You're the one I love the most.

The party you organized
for me was awesome.

Thank you, both of you. I love you.

I have a present for you.

-Another one?

After that huge party?

Yes. This is very special.

I know that my mom and I
are the ones you love the most.

What a beautiful picture. Look.

Baby, that's the one you keep
on your nightstand.

Yes, Mom, but I love that picture

and I want my grandpa to keep it.

So we can be close to him.

No matter what.

Close, you say?

Come. Come sit here.

Come here.

Come to your dad.

What I was saying

is that the family needs to stick together
all the time.

Aren't you going to give me a kiss?

Come here, Andrea.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Done. You may go now.

-What's up, Francine?

-How has your knee been?
-A bit better.



Can we have a little chat?

Poncho, I'm working.


I'll be back, Francine,
and I'll give you your medicine.

Don't go.

Excuse me.

Please, don't go.

Maricarmen, what happened?

Did I do something? Did I offend you?

Because if I did,

then I'm sorry. I didn't know.

I just want to know,
because I thought we were okay.

What's with this silence?

Aren't you going to say a word?


What's wrong?


-Does it hurt?
-No. Well...

Who did this to you?

-Who was it? I'll kill him.

No, you'll make things worse.

Don't say that, Maricarmen!

Tell me who it was. Let's go
to the police. You have to report it.

-Why not?

Things don't work that way here.

-How so?
-This is my life, Poncho.

If we go to the police,
they won't do anything to him.

Instead, they are going to ask me
why I wore that dress

or why I was wearing that skirt.

Then they will ask how much I drank
and which party I was at.

Do you know what they will say?

That I was horny, that I hit on him.

And I'm going to be marked for life.

But he...

He's going to be the big man.

Fuck justice! Let me fix it.

You don't have to fix anything, Poncho.

Do you know why?

Because I don't want you to end up

tied to a fence in the middle of the finca

bleeding out
and being food for the vultures.

And what would be the point of that?

The only thing that will happen is
they're going to take what we have.

I don't want that.

No one is going to take away
what's happening between you and me.

Damn. This is so far.

That's the idea.

Did Don Jorge buy all this?

As far as the eye can see.

At least he can pay
for my trip back to town.

Hurry up. They will be here soon, man.

Don Gildardo, this is done.
He can already fit here comfortably.

My godfather said he wanted
this hole to be for two.

-For two?

In case that fool wants to crawl out.

Isn't that Gildardo's truck?

Stop the car.

And take off your seat belt.

Turn it off.

And don't come out until I say so.


Close the door.

Did you think I'm stupid?

Did you think you could laugh at me?

You two were enjoying yourselves

while laughing behind my back.

Calm down, sir.

What were you about to do?
Were you running away?


How many times did you sleep with her?

How many times did you fuck my wife?


Did you really believe
that you were better than me?


You're a piece of shit!

Motherfucker, son of a bitch!

I'm a son of a bitch, but you're impotent.

You are shit!

Listen to me! Impotent!

Do you like that, asshole?

What? Do you want to kill me?

Let him go!

-Cut it out!
-Son of a fucking bitch!

-Shut up, buddy.
-Let me go, asshole.

The party's over, buddy.


Doña Martina must be
so proud of you, right?

She would be so proud
of how your face will end up.

Pick him up.

Pick him up.

Get up!

-Where are you taking me?
-Wait and see.

Subtitle translation by Braian Castaño