Joseon Attorney (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Fate That Went Wrong - full transcript

Han Soo decides to fire So Won and stay away from her so he can keep her away from trouble. He focuses on taking cases that could lead him to the King. However, the King himself visits him and asks him to take a case regarding the...

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(All people, incidents, and
periods in this drama are fictitious.)

Did you hear that?

What? Did you have a nightmare?

No! Do you not hear that?

It is crazy out there.

Gosh, seriously.

Over there.

I was wondering who was chattering away.

- My lord.
- Yes?

Lord Chu has passed away.

He was murdered.

All rise for His Majesty!

How did this happen?

Improper solicitation?

(Accepting requests for a
special favor for a position)

Improper solicitation is
against the national law.

As soon as a position was open,

people swarmed to
Executive Minister's house?

- What?
- Arrest them!


They have arrested 20
suspects only in a day.

I did nothing wrong!

The way we appoint them has become corrupt,

and we have both Right
Assistant State Councilor...

and Left Assistant State Councilor...

both being dismissed due to irregularities.

So, I...

officially request that the
executive minister be dismissed.

Your Majesty, we also advise...

You should do that, Your Majesty.

Grand Queen Dowager...

had already declared...

to stop her regency due to old age.

I also believe that it is fair...

that I resign.

Your Majesty.

Please accept my resignation.

No, Your Majesty!

Please revoke your royal command!

- Please revoke your decision.
- Please revoke your decision.


Left State Councilor...

and a supporter of Executive Minister,

I feel responsible...

for Left Assistant State
Councilor's demotion...

and Right Assistant
State Councilor's dismissal.

However, I believe that dismissing him...

and disbanding his committee
must not be discussed rashly.

The Anti-improper Solicitation
Act was introduced...

to prevent the officials' private exchange.

That is why it was difficult to know
about other officials' irregularity.

Also, the incident of the son of
Right Assistant State Councilor...

has progressed behind the minister's back.

It is true, Your Majesty.

In such a bad situation,

Executive Minister was
not able to take action.

That would prove that there
was no close connection...

between the two.

I believe that it is an
excessive punishment...

to dismiss him and disband his committee.

There is no justification...

for his dismissal!

We beg for your forgiveness!

- We beg for your forgiveness!
- We beg for your forgiveness!

But they were practically twins.

Now they claim that
there was no connection?

His Majesty...

was impatient this time.

He only ended up
declaring war against them.

How about you support His Majesty?

My father...

respects you as well.

That is...

because I have not yet
disobeyed the executive minister.

I stepped away from regency...

pretending to be ill,
and it was all for nothing.

The King must have been disappointed.

No one can overcome...

a crisis at one go.

That would not be a crisis.
It would be a minor glitch.

He certainly is clever.

It had been weighing on me,

and he fixed it in months.

Do you mean the attorney
that the princess has brought?

His name is Kang Han Soo.

Remember his name.

He is one of mine now.

Yes, Your Majesty.

By the way...

Are you worried that I am upset
due to what happened today?

I did not expect to remove
the minister in a day.

I was simply...

initiating the plan.

No one has ever...

imagined dismissing him before,

and it was officially mentioned.


everyone is aware that his
power does not last forever.


what I need is a justifiable
reason to kick him out.

If he comes to make me the reason,

that would be even better.

My lady.

The officials from Saheonbu are here.


Are you all right?

I apologize, my lord.

I meant to quietly leave the table and go.

That is all right.


I had heard about the beauty
of the owner of this place,

- and it was true.
- Stop.

She is injured right now.

Have a seat.

Will you meet him?

Or will you do your job
as we first promised?

My answer...

will always be the same.

How dare you?

You will not ruin my family.


You have been hiding the fact
that your family went down...

after your parents had committed a sin.

How spiteful of you.

Get out of here!

Close the gate!

What are you doing?

Let go of me!

Put a gag on her.

She might try to kill herself.

I do not need it.

I will not die.

Your eyes are full of
spite for a young girl.

It is sorrow, not spite.

One can always neutralize spite,

but this deep sorrow
engraved in my heart...

cannot be soothed.

What is your story?

I know I am being shameless,
but please take me to Hanyang.

I will meet the most powerful man there...

and appeal my resentment.

This is the executive minister.

He has the highest rank in Joseon.


Please help me...

take revenge for my parents.

Please help me.


Are you sure you can do
anything to take revenge?

You should bear something
shameful as a woman.

Only my body will get dirty,

not my soul.

Now, my heart...

is as hard as a stone.

I will engrave your kindness...

deeply into this stone.

(Episode 9: Fate That Went Wrong)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

The body will start to
decompose, so put up an awning.

Yes, my lord.

It seems he was attacked last night.

Ministry of Law Enforcement
is investigating the case.

- Han Soo.
- Go ahead.

Where were you last night?

Are you suspecting me now?

You are the one...

who has had the most
conflicts with Lord Chu recently.

If this is about Young Master
Chu, I should be lying there.

You should suspect someone...

who is closer to you and
has a higher rank than me.

Who are you talking about?

I am not exactly referring to someone.

I just think someone who is
capable of killing Lord Chu...

is someone with power,

and that kind of person...

must be closer to you than me.

The body had a stab wound.

- A stab wound?
- Yes.

But the weapon is gone.

I think the suspect took it away.

Why would the suspect bother to do that?

It is not like his name is on the weapon.

I know.

Why is that?

I was hasty.

What? Who?

I was.

What do you mean?

Let me know if you need anything.

What are you going to do with a dagger?

Are you going to investigate
Lord Chu's case yourself?


I want to be prepared.

Pay for it.

- It is you again.
- Yes.

Are you here to find out the kind
of dagger that killed Lord Chu?

There is something that
I have wanted to ask you.

Please go ahead.

It seems that the boat is almost repaired.

How long are you going to stay in Sowongak?

Accidents and cases happen
all the time around you.

So I am worried that people in
Sowongak might suffer damage...

when they did nothing wrong.

Are you talking about So Won?

How are you related...

to So Won?

Did So Won not tell you?

I guess you are not that close to her.

She must have judged that it
is not serious enough to tell me.

Why is he meddling?

Darn it.

It is not my fault!


Accidents and cases happen
all the time around you.

So I am worried.

So Won.

(Emergency Loans)

- Mother?
- So Won!

My lord?

What a relief.

I thought...


so, what is going on?

Where is everyone? Why is no one here?

The army is patrolling around,

and things are unsettled in the city.

So we decided to take a day
off. I guess everyone went home.


They all have their own
places to live in and families.

- What about you?
- I...

- I...
- Yes.

have you.

Where is Dong Chi?


He went to examine the boat.

We need to get ready to go back.

Why... Is it uncomfortable to
stay in the merchant house?

If I stay here, I will just
keep having dreams...

when it is not over yet.

What do you mean...

Do you mean revenge?

Take this.

This is for what I have owed you so far.

This is a dagger.

Quit your job as my assistant.

You are fired.

If you are doing this because
you are worried about me...

It is because you get in the way.

Then why are you giving me this dagger?

You should protect yourself.

I cannot protect you.



What is it? Were you
blocking me from getting in?

Yes. I thought it was So Won.

What if it is So Won?

Have you not seen her?

No, I have not.

This is strange.

She is not someone who can
take it gently when I fire her.

Did you really fire her?

- Yes.
- Goodness.

Is that why she did not
beg you to take her back?

Are you leaving?

Are you not going to talk to So Won?

It is fine. She will come to
me if she feels it is wrong.

We have a lot of work to do,
so never mind. Let us go now.

Kang Soo. Are you truly going to move out?

Of the paradise where we are given food...

and a place to sleep?



could I possibly just stay behind?

Why not? Yes, please do.

Go ahead and stay behind.

If you want to become a dead body.

Did you finally realize?

Are you finally aware of
whom you are fighting against?

Why are you being so sensitive?

What about you? Why are
you so indifferent about it?

The one who had to die simply died.

That means you will see the end of it.

Then you must make a decision.

This is what I promised Kang Han Soo.

After this case,

I am to write a letter to you and
arrange a meeting for you two.

Write a reply.

Your wound has healed a lot.

It is all thanks to you, Lady Hong.

You cannot forever live as a courtesan.

Unless you plan to become
an old man's concubine,

should you not find a way...

to make a living yourself?

I heard Myung Wol's cosmetic store...

was doing really well.

If you wish,

I can have you work at this merchant house.

You could cook...

or even study about running a business.

In the palace, I...

"The palace?"


the palace,

I ran a small bar for
middle-class women and widows.

We could not even get
close to such a place.

Are Lord Han Soo and Lord
Dong Chi not leaving by boat?

I am not sure if we can
continue to stay here.

Are you returning by boat?

It is like...

putting a distance.

What is it?

Does that upset you?


why not stop me?

There is a possibility...

I might not go.

This is for the better.

I should have cut off
these feelings sooner.

Wait. Why would you cut them off?

It is a relationship the
world does not approve of.

And there is the gap.

Age is not important.

It is not as if the heart ages.

I will approve of it.

What are you talking about?

Is it not obvious?

To you, Lady Hong, I...


My body may follow Han Soo,

but I will leave my heart here.

Keep that in mind.

What is he going on about?

Why would he leave his...

Get back to work.

- Yes, my lady.
- Understood.

Your Majesty.

Kim Young Jae, the fourth
inspector of Saheonbu,

greets Your Majesty.

What brings you here from Saheonbu?

I have something to report, Your Majesty.

- Hey. It is that side, right?
- Yes.

- It is not leaking.
- Great.

Take a seat.

Starting now, we will find...

the opponent who can fight
against the executive minister.

Good grief.

Who on earth could go against him?

There is one.

But only one.

Come on.

Are you crazy?

How can we meet the King?

We will not make it,
even to the palace gate.

There is only one way
a mere subject like us...

can meet the King.

Do not tell me...

Complaining to the King?

Your Majesty!

I feel wronged, Your Majesty!

Please relieve me...

of my resentments!

Did you imagine something weird again?

Either way, listen carefully.

Out of my clients,

there will be at least
one who will bring...

a crucial case that not even I can solve...

with my power.

And then?

Once I get such a case,

I will complain to the King at once.

After I land myself a private
meeting with the King...

After that?

After that...

After that?

I will skip further explanation.

All right.

- Let us begin.
- What?

Begin what?

It is one nyang.

Here is five nyang.

"Five nyang?" You can enter right away.

Everyone, receiving
legal advice is one nyang.

But if it is an urgent case,

pay five nyang, and
you can enter right away.

Nothing in this world is for free.

- Just one piece of advice.
- No.

Bring the money, okay?

- Now, then. Please wait in line.
- Here is one nyang.

All right.

- Let me in.
- Bring the money.

Next client.

- Welcome!
- When did you get here?

Why is Lady So Won not going in?

One nyang. Please get in line.

What is it?

I was fired.

Read the mood, will you?

Gosh, why am I so slow-witted?

- Lady Hong, thank you for the meal.
- Sure.

(We welcome advance payments.)

In other words,

you gave your deed to the
land and all your wealth...

to this shaman?

Our baby deity...

blessed you with a son,

so did you not thank me?

They do say danger past,
and the deity is forgotten.

Who knew this would happen back then?

After dedicating even the
land deed to the baby deity,

our family went bankrupt.

Not only that, my wife and
daughters died one after another.

Who would have imagined this?

The shaman is right.

You gave it to her, and that is the end.

You cannot take it back.

- Are you trying to annoy her?
- That is right.


This man gave you the land deed...

to be blessed with luck.

But his wife and daughters passed away,

and even he is sick.

And his only son is in this state,

begging for food.

So it is proof the baby deity has no power.

If not, show us the baby
deity's spiritual power...

by blessing this man's family
with luck right here, right now.

Or else...

return the land to him.


Did you not leave to
live with another woman?

How could you, a wife, ask for a divorce?


how about you live with me...

for a month, my lady?


During the last barley
hump, he had borrowed rice.

So he was sold to me as a slave.

I will pay you back, all right?

You will get severely punished...

if you get caught for putting a
farmer's name on the slave list.





Take a seat.

It is me.

I am exhausted.

Were you not looking for a
case to complain to the King?

So what are you doing right now?

I am about to lose it too.

The moment I hear their
story, a star lights up in my head,

and a solution is before my eyes.

I am too good.

What now?

What now, my foot.

Look further.

Meeting the King is not easy at all.

You are right. It is only natural.

We can take this chance to earn money.





My lord!

My lord.

- It is ten nyang.
- What is?

The price of the clients' gukbap.

How come?

Were we not treating them to food?

It is for free.

Please dig in.

I even returned all the consultation fees.

- You what?
- Oh, gosh.

Dong Chi! You little...

Do only what I ask you to do!

Did you not tell me we had to get...

as many clients as possible?





Are you Attorney Kang Han Soo?

Yes. I am.

It is good to see you, Kang Han Soo.

I heard you wanted to meet me.

Meet you?

Your Majesty, I did not
recognize you. Please...

No. Please forgive me.

Do not worry about it.

It is my fault that I came unannounced.

Why do we not become
friends who can forget about...

the decorum and formality?

Be my friend, Kang Han Soo.

You are older than me,
but my status is higher.

That makes us even, does it not?

"We welcome advance payments."

(We welcome advance payments.)


My friend, have a seat.


You are indeed intelligent.
You saw it right away.

See what?

That I am a man of talent
who will come in very handy.

Come in handy?

Right. You already scratched...

many of my itchy spots.

Will you be able to do it again?

Is there something troubling you?

It is all going according to plan.

We must hire a good attorney...

and get to the bottom of the case.

Your elder brother will
probably be hired for the job.

Kang Han Soo is...

the most popular attorney
in Hanyang at the moment.

I am sure my brother
will manage to pull it off.

But that makes me feel even worse.

Not knowing what the royal family...

has done to our family,

my brother will side with them...

and diligently carry out the
duties they commission to him.

Bear it for just a little longer.

One day, you will be able to...

tell your brother all the truths.



an official from Saheonbu came to me.

He asked me to defer the appointment...

of the new commissioner, Kwon Myung Woo.

He said something terrible
has happened to his family.

Something terrible?

His elder brother got murdered.

Kwon Myung Woo, the younger
brother, is one of the prime suspects.

If that is true, the fact
you personally appointed...

a man of such conduct
must harm your dignity.

It is not simply a matter of my dignity.

Kwon Myung Woo is a
talented man from Sarim.

I am finally trying to
establish the balance...

between Hungu and Sarim in the Royal Court.

And this happened.

Is it possible...

that someone committed this
crime with an intent to get in the way?

The late Mr. Kwon was a scholar
who taught kids at a school...

with no intention to rise in rank.

He did not communicate with
any outsiders or go anywhere.

His family is the only people
he came in contact with...

on the day of his death.

So it is a bit of a stretch
to associate his death...

with a political agenda or to suspect...

that there was someone behind it.

So they are all just coincidences?

Right. I get it.

Anyhow, Kwon Myung Woo must never be...

the culprit of this murder.

That must be the truth and reality.

I sincerely hope for
it, and I will wait for it.

It sounds like you want me...

to be a secret investigator
rather than an attorney.

I mean, you should get things
done freely on your own terms.

As usual.

Right. As usual.

This is the pass to enter the palace.

(A pass issued by the Ministry of War)

I will make sure...

to come to you with the
answer you want, Your Majesty.

I felt more relieved when I
met Kang Han Soo in person.

I do not want you to
rely on him, Your Majesty.

I want you to protect him.

Protect him?


He is your subject who is having
a difficult fight on your behalf.


I am indebted to him.

So you must use this chance
to destroy the influence...

of the executive minister.

Only then can you become the
king who protects His subjects.

Of course you are right.

Goodness. I nearly fainted.

That pale youngster...

is our King himself?

We will have to wait and see...

if he is our King or their King.

You are so cynical.

How did he find out, though?

That you wanted to see him?

So Won would not have told the King.

Is Magistrate Yoo close to the King?

Is that why he heard it from So Won and...

So Won and Magistrate Yoo...

are that close?

It hurts!

(On the day of the next full moon...)

On the day of the next full moon,
I will see you at Wongak Temple.

You said you would not
have the courage to see him...

if you told him everything.

I used to act childish like that...

when I should not have.

You know,

I am going to become a
person who protects people,

not a person who gets protected.

Are you done writing?


(On the day of the next full moon,
I will see you at Wongak Temple.)

(I dearly want to meet you, )

(Princess Yeon Joo.)

We got a letter from him.

The elder?

(It is a shame that I cannot
contain the sound of waves.)

(I dearly want to meet you, )

(On the day of the next full moon,
I will see you at Wongak Temple.)

What is it?

(It is a shame that I cannot
contain the sound of waves.)

The handwriting is different.

(By the time this letter arrives, )

(I would have arrived in Hanyang too.)

Magistrate Yoo...

was the elder.

(So Won)

Do what I tell you.

Yes, my lord.

This must be the house.


Are you Attorney Kang Han Soo?

You must be the commissioner.

I am.

But I am not yet officially appointed yet,

so please refrain from calling me that.

- Then...
- Just call me lord.

Follow me.

Yes, my lord.

He is a man of principle and tenacity.

He must be extremely stubborn.

So, he is a prime suspect, right?

He should never be the culprit...

for our sake.

So, you should go...

and find other suspects.

All right.

- Here we go.
- All right.

Come on.


You only look tough on the outside.

Pat my back.

Master, this is out of the ordinary.

You cannot bring a stranger
into the house in this situation.

I must do something.

Look what happened to my brother.

I cannot even hold a
proper funeral for him.

But what can a mere attorney do?

You will...

see about that.

If you wish to solve this
case quietly and quickly,

I need your cooperation.


Eunuch Ko, who serves
His Majesty by his side,

recommended him.

You must treat him with respect.

Thank you in advance.

(Suspect One: Lord Kwon's wife)

My lady.

How do you stay so calm?


His wife must be...

the saddest among all
others, yet you are peaceful.

I wonder what the secret is.

Shut your mouth!

How dare an attorney run his mouth?

Then, do you remember...

when your husband finished
drinking the night that he died?

Ask his favorite servant.

She was with him the day he died.

My lady!

(Suspect Two: Chung Soon,
Lord Kwon's favorite servant)

That would mean...

That he adored you.

I merely served at the table that night.

You have seen it as well, my lady.

She is right.

I saw my lady outside
for a minute that night.

I was going to the restroom.

Who knows she went back in...

after I was done?


Chung Soon went straight
to her room to go to bed.

I promised to let you marry her,

and you are already taking her side?

You are to be wed?

Is that why you were
outside so late at night?


I am a servant,

so it is my job to look after my master...

until he falls asleep.


you had to watch your fiancee...

pour drinks for the
master until late at night.

It must have been upsetting.


(Suspect Three: Jang Dol, servant)

Go back to bed already.

The sunset was hours ago!

How ridiculous.

Does the sunset make me a nobleman?

Well, you can tell the
master to leave me alone!



I had never imagined doing such a thing.

Then, who is preparing for the funeral?

My lady,

this is Cho.

Come in.

The funeral preparation...

as well as all the chores of this house...

are done by the housekeeper.

(A person who takes care of
chores at a nobleman's house)

A housekeeper?

A housekeeper. I see.

My lady, I have secured
20 rolls of hemp cloth.

I have just hired the
ladies to cook the food.

Well done.

Yes, my lady.

Wait. Not so fast.

I am investigating a murder. Have a seat.

Oh, well.

I have nothing to do with the murder.

How so?

On the day of the murder, I was uptown...

running the master's errands.

That is true.

He sent a set of inkstones to his friend...

who lived uptown.

(Suspect Four: Cho, housekeeper)

I see.

He had drinks that night to celebrate...

acquiring valuable inkstones.

I will pour you one.

So, the one who drank
with him that night was...

(Suspect Five: Kwon Myung
Woo, Lord Kwon's younger brother)

I say it was the housekeeper.


he was going somewhere as
soon as we ended the session.

He is definitely hiding something.

What an ignorant guess.

What? Why?

He was not there on the
day of the murder, stupid.

That cannot be right.

I had this perfect hunch.

What hunch?

- I mean,
- Yes?

every time I went near him,

- he reeked of cigarettes.
- And?

- But he said that he did not smoke.
- So?

And there is only one place
where you can get your clothes...

stank up by cigarettes.

A gambling place.


Imagine a gambler...

running the house of Lord Kwon,
who was known to be wealthy.

Go ahead.

I will stop here.

You said so yourself.

The most definite murder motive...

is money.

It had to be for money.

But he was not on the scene that day.

You are doing it again.

That will ruin your brush and your teeth.

Should I have brought her?

I also...

have a confession to make.


Oh, gosh.

Princess, you must close the
window before you go to bed.

Princess Yeon Joo?




Oh, no.


Have you been waiting long?


Is that...

I have finally realized it.

I was incredibly confused.

"What was he thinking?"

"For so long,"

"was he trying to
expiate his father's sins?"

- Princess.
- Then, I came to a conclusion.

Whatever your true intention is,

I do not want to agonize over it.

That was my conclusion.

Whether it is you or Magistrate Yoo,

I no longer can afford to get distracted.

You do not have to do it any longer.

Do not try too hard.

My lord.

Who are you?

I am the owner of this bar.


I am your woman.

Do you remember me?

Are you all right?

Yes, my lord.

My lord, I will...

It is okay.

My lord.


Thank you.

My lord!

Let us go.

We met again, and you had to
see something you should not have.

If we met another time,

I would have been happier to see you.

I like this better.

I get to do something for you.

I get to comfort your wounded heart.

And I get to pour you a drink.

I have been waiting for the
day I get to see you again.

You are just like me.

I must be...

just like you.


Mr. Kim!

Did you have good sales today?

I barely managed to sell some makgeolli.

Two glasses of makgeolli and
one plate of cabbage pancake.

One plate, you say?

I am sure you sold
at least ten plates of it.

You are so sharp.

By the way, where is So Won?

I am on my way to meet her.

- Bye.
- See you.

Did you say you do not want
to get distracted anymore?

And you do not have
any intention of loving me.

Then do not.

And forget the fact that I am the elder.

- My lord.
- Just keep treating me...

as the son of the executive minister.

You can use my power and ability
as the magistrate of Hanseongbu...

to shake up my father.

Use me as your shield to
save your life and earn time.

Let me do something for you.

Let me stay by your side for a good reason.


use me.

Why would you...

go to such an extent for me?

You smiled at me.

Your smile made me feel
like I had the whole world.

If I can see that smile just one more time,

I will be happy to be
a nameless wildflower.

If you will pick it,

I will be over the moon.

You are hurt.


you are looking at me.

I also...

have a confession to make.

(The animal scenes were filmed
under protection and safety.)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

Magistrate Yoo and you.

There is nothing I should
be worried about, right?

Have you still not heard
anything from Attorney Kang?

Everything that happens in Joseon...

is in my hands.

I want to...

live as So Won forever.

Pay her respect.

She is Princess Yeon Joo,
the daughter of the late King.