Joseon Attorney (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Confession - full transcript

Lord Chu deliberately cancels Lee Bong Sam's trial and does everything in his power to stop Han Soo. Just as when Han Soo was feeling helpless, So Won comes up with a brilliant idea to solve the case. Meanwhile, after Executive Mi...

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(Characters, incidents, and
period depicted are purely fictional.)

Attorney Kang!

Go without me. Now.

Move out of here. Now!


Attorney Kang!


You have finally lost your mind.

Have you forgotten?

The local magistrate of a village is...

the father figure for all of its people.

Seven years ago, I was
your son, a local resident.

All of Cheongsan trusted and followed you.

But what have you done
to my father and my family?

On top of that, I could
not even report you.

If a villager accused the
magistrate of doing something,

the villager got punished
instead according to the law...

which prohibited one
from accusing such officers.


Do you wish to bring it
up again and file a lawsuit?

I will teach you.


I will teach you how the
real court of laws is operated,

how to live as a real magistrate,

and how to live...

as a true father.

You failed as a local
magistrate and as a father.

How dare you!

Do you really want to die?

But you failed to kill me.

Do you not get it?

I am here to reply to your warning.

Kang Han Soo!

Yes, I am Kang Han Soo.

Kang Han Soo, the
best attorney in Joseon...

who has never lost a case.


the son of Officer Kang whom
you killed seven years ago.

So look forward to it.

Consider this a hat I
am throwing into the ring.

War has begun.

(Episode 8: Confession)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)


Han Soo!

- Han Soo!
- Attorney Kang!

Master Cho!

What were you doing out there?

Please calm down, my lord.

Kang Han Soo, that little...

My lord!

Please do not risk showing yourself...

by making a rash move.

What if this ends up reaching
Executive Minister Yoo's ears?

Then what?

We should find a way
that will not draw attention.

Darn it!

Attorney Kang.

Are you all right?

I am sorry.

I should not have woken up so fast.

Anyway, you can go ahead and do the rest.

Stripping me, touching me,
patting me, and everything.

Do you think you have ten lives?

Why do you continue
to do these crazy things?

This is the third time
you collapsed in my arms.



It happened only three times in my life,

and you were always there.

I guess I trust you that much.

Are you hurt?

- Pardon?
- Right here.

- Right.
- Are you?

Anywhere else? What about the fall?

How are your knees?

You should have spared yourself
and stayed behind me. Why...

If I had, we would both be dead by now.

Even so, do not jump in
so recklessly from now on.

I will recover in a few
days when I get hurt,

but when you get hurt...

I will never recover.

It will always linger in my heart...

with guilt.

I will never lose another
dear one in injustice.

That is why I am
determined to fight until death.

And when this fight is over,

I want to live an ordinary
life like everyone else,

doing what everyone else does.

Doing what everyone else does?

Yes, well, you know.

Such things.


Like getting married.

And when I am married,

I will have children too.


something like this.

I am asking you...

to marry me.

My lord.


will you wait for me?

I also...

have something to confess.

I will tell you...

when this case is solved.


will you wait for me?

Yes. I would love to.

I wait for you, and you wait for me.

We will wait for each other.


You let Kang Han Soo
investigate Lord Chu's case?


For what?

He came to me and asked to meet you.

Instead of giving him an answer,

I bought us some time
by giving him the case.

So, it was for me?

And to satisfy my curiosity.

Are you not curious?

Were all his achievements a coincidence?

Or was it part of revenge?

Or do you already have the answer?

Whatever he is trying to do,

I do not care, even if that is revenge.

Starting now, as So Won,

I will only focus on protecting him.

When are you going to tell Han Soo?

Not now.

When I hastily tell him the truth,

it is obvious how he will lose his temper.

So I need to be discreet.

If you stand up against my father,

it means you also stand
up against all of Joseon.

From now on,

we will have to stand
against all of Joseon.

I have decided to protect Han Soo,

and nothing can stop me.

If I must lie about who I am, I will do so.

If I must be the villain,
I will gladly be one.

So, that is why you asked to meet me first.

For you might need...

my help to protect him.

But that is not all.

I believed that you were...

perhaps a man to take justice's
side, not your own family.

Well, then.

How did you hurt your face?

It was nothing.


Goodness. How are you smiling right now?

You stirred up trouble in Lord Chu's heart.

I did.

He will not just sit still.

Do you have a plan?


I will help.

Before he makes his first move,

we will take him down.

Am I wrong?

That is right!

What if you get hurt?

Stop. It might come true.

We drove away the devils,
so it will be smooth sailing.

Of course.

Look, Dong Chi.

We have so many people on our
side. What are you worried about?

We will win at all costs.


What do you mean, "We are not allowed?"

It is the afternoon, and
all the rooms are vacant.

How could you refuse guests?

My apologies, my lord.

We have special guests today.


Listen. Let us just go.

It is not like we always
hung out at such a place.

There is a bar that I know
near the southern gate.

- Let us go to the bar.
- All right.

This is a shame. It is such a nice day.

They do not even have
courtesans. The drinks will be bad.

The one with the fancy robe...

is the new commissioner.

They must have come here...

to celebrate by themselves.


You must be proud.

A member of your Sarim was
appointed for an important post.

(Sarim: A group of officials
who are up against Hungu)

I had taken the executive
minister's side ages ago.

Yet, you still talk about where I am from.

But it is your original root.

How about you have it out with His Majesty?

That is not happening.

Six of eight provinces of Joseon...

still believe in Sarim.

If there is an internal conflict,

they will be after Hanyang.

They do not want money or power,

and they only believe in
the words of the saints...

in the books and think
it is fair to follow them.

If Joseon comes to an end,

the cause will be the obstinate Sarim.

There are more people
of those in the Royal Court.


Strictly speaking, this is
all because of that attorney.

I had no idea that one
attorney could disturb everyone.

So, stay on your toes for a while.

Do not let anything happen
to get the public's disapproval.

It will be okay. Go on.

(Gyeonggi Provincial Office)

Why have you still not
gotten his confession?

Those who have nothing to lose...

normally cannot stand unfairness.

And he even has an attorney.

What are you going to do now?

An attorney?

You must hurry.

We must close the case
before the executive minister...

finds out about this.

Whether it is a deal or blackmail,

get his confession, no matter what.

Yes, my lord.

If Attorney Kang manages to file a lawsuit,

it will be very difficult.

What took you so long?

I waited for so long.

I could not visit often.

I have to cook your meal,

food and drinks for the guards,

(Juban: Drink accompaniments)

some coins to enter the cell...

(Yumun: Entering the cell)

And it takes a whole sack of rice...

to get your pillory removed.

Are you blaming me?

No, I am not.

You were disappointed
that I did not visit more often,

so I merely told you my troubles.

So, did you talk him into it?

How sweet.

How come a herbal decoction is this sweet?

Probably because life is so bitter.

You know we have never enjoyed
this kind of luxury before, Han Soo.

Tell me about it.

I wish I could live here for good.

Me too.

- Here you go.
- Another one?


I will tell the merchant here.

Make yourselves at home.

Han Soo!

- We have a big problem!
- What is it?

Lee Bong Sam...

made a confession.

He will be transferred to the
Bureau of Punishments now.



What is going on?

Did someone from Lord Chu threaten you?


killed him.


I am the one...

who killed Chil Gu.

I thought if he were dead,

I would not have to repay my debt to him.

Hey, Bong Sam.


When will you repay...

the barley you borrowed from me last month?

You borrowed a Mal of barley,

but the interest has
turned to three Mal already.

I mean,

drop your kid out of village
school if you have no money.

How can you afford to pay for him...

when you are dead poor?

You are frustrating.

And my son saw that filthy intention.


I cannot dump the debt onto my family...

just to save my pathetic self.

I get that everyone has a
different sense of conscience...

If you die like this,

what will Yong learn from it?

He will only learn...

how resentful and wrongful the world is.

It will only be like throwing
straws against the wind.

I have never seen a
high official's child...

get punished no matter
how despicable they are.

What about your family then?

Are they fools or what?


I cannot do it.

No, I will not.

No wife can tell her husband...

to confess and get punished to
death for what he did not even do.

It is not right. It certainly is not.

Do not tell me you will
give up your chance...

to own 5,000m² of land
over that mere morality.

Once you become a landlord,
you will not have to pay farm rent.

You will be able to earn
as much as you work.

You will be able to save enough,

and with that money, you will be
able to support your genius son...

to take the state exam.

If he passes the exam, you and your son...

will be able to live as noble people.

I say no!

Instead of being a nobleman,

I want to be my father's son.

It is because you are too
young to know enough.

Right, I do not know enough.

But I can make choices.

Rather than high-level noblemen...

who tell lies...

and frame innocent people
for what they did not do,

I have much more respect for my father...

who works diligently
and lives an honest life.


I choose to be my father's son...

instead of a nobleman.

- Yong.
- Father.



live long and healthy by my side.

Do not pass away like this.

I apologize, Attorney Kang.

I am sorry I ruined it.

It was thoughtless of me.


help me and my family.

I will never do anything foolish again.

I will never give up.

So please...

Yes, this is the attitude.

You should have been this
determined a long time ago.

Do not worry.

I am Kang Han Soo.

(Ministry of Law Enforcement)


Are you saying he made a fake confession...

due to excessive torture?

That is correct.

If you...

Here. If you look at "Book of the Law,"

one must be tortured
with less than 30 beatings...

at a time in a designated ground,

and they must not be
tortured twice in three days.

That is what the book says.

But Gyeonggi Provincial Office...

gave Lee Bong Sam 50 beatings at once...

and even twisted his legs,

Two days in a row, at that.

No one follows all
those regulations strictly.

("Book of the Law")

These laws were enacted by royal commands.

Do you mean...

it is okay to disobey royal commands?

You are the head of the
Ministry of Law Enforcement,

one of the three government
offices that manages...

and executes the laws...

with Hanseongbu and Saheonbu.

I do not think it is
appropriate for you to say so.

If Lee Bong Sam is not the one,

is someone else the real culprit?


Lord Chu's son,

Chu Dae Sung, is the real culprit.

Right after the murder,

he was even locked up in
Gyeonggi prison for one night.

The record must remain.

You sound very certain.

Yes. Thus, the truth must be revealed...

through a retrial.


will you bet your life on it?


Like you said,

this is the Ministry of Law Enforcement...

where criminals are punished
and executed for high treason,

rebellion, murdering family,
blasphemy, and marriage disharmony.

People walk in here and
leave here unconscious.

It is also my duty as
the leader of this place...

to teach what happens...

if one runs their mouth here.

As you advised, I would
like to fulfill my duty.

I do not follow.

If you cannot reveal that the
real culprit is Chu Dae Sung,

it will mean a false accusation.

For calumny,

you will be punished to death.

If you can handle it,

I will grant a retrial.

If not,

I will conclude that Lee
Bong Sam is the murderer...

and submit the report to the Royal Court.

(A case report used during a trial)

What do you say?

Of course,

I accept.

- My lord.
- How did it go?

All right. Well...

When one kills someone,
one has to pay with their life.

So it is only natural to risk
one's life when saving another.

Nice, is it not?

Even if I risk my life a million times,

I can only die once.

I am actually rather pleased.

I see. Everything is good, yes?

I get it. But why this?

Because we are one.

We share the same destiny.

We live and die together, no?

You really...

It is the three of us now.

What? Darn it.

Come on.

You are driving me nuts.

So what are we going to do now?

Is it not obvious?

Like always, we will
battle it out using the law.


Give me the next one.

Officer, begin your oral statement.

(Judge, Judicial Officer)

(Lee Bong Sam, Kang Chil Gu, Chu Dae Sung)


(Lee Bong Sam, Kang Chil Gu)

- Had I hurt Chil Gu,
- I am not guilty!

such evidence should have
been at the scene of the incident.

Do you not agree with me?

- I agree!
- I agree!

Punish that man with 300 strikes.

- Strikes!
- Strikes!

- He has won!
- He has won!

- He has won!
- He has won!

No one in Joseon can beat me in a lawsuit.

It is now our turn to counterattack.

It will take some time,
but there is no helping it.

We cannot possibly win against
Kang Han Soo in a lawsuit.

All right.

I will do so.


Han Soo!

Gosh, Han Soo.

What is it?

Today's lawsuit has been cancelled.

How come?

The Law Enforcement's deputy minister...

serving as the investigation officer...

got a sudden upset stomach. It is absurd.

Were you told when it would be held again?

We are to wait for now.

Darn it.



What is it?

We must call for a physician.

Of course.

Han Soo. Over there. Look over there.

Gosh, they are all dead.


Did you just say poison?

Are those people trying
to kill my husband...

to stop the lawsuit?

Please take Yong home. We will...

- Yong!
- I will go after him.

- So Won and Dong Chi.
- Yes. Go.

For now, have Attorney Kang handle it.

How could this happen?

Those scumbags.

How dare they use such a nasty move?

Bring back my father!

What did he do so wrong?

The real person who is in the
wrong is Young Master Chu!

I saw it all!

You, there.

Despite being small, you
sure have a loud voice.

The one who killed Chil Gu...

was Young Master Chu.

So why must my father get punished?

Just why?

You little...

That jerk.

What are you doing to a kid?

I simply shoved away what was filthy.

By the looks of it, that kid
seems to be that murderer's son.

But why did you not tell him the truth?

That his father will die not because of me,

but you, Kang Han Soo.


If that man, Lee Bong
Sam, dies, it is all your fault.

To not give you an excuse,

I used him as the scapegoat.

So go ahead and try to save him if you can.

The next lawsuit...

will take at least a month to be held.

But that one will get cancelled too.

So will the one after that. Why?

Because I have the power to do so.

The law.

It can be handled well only
by the people with power.

Do you understand, kid?

My father...

What will happen to him now?

The physician.

Can he get treated by the physician?

Can he?

And what about the lawsuit?

I am sorry.

- Pardon?
- It looks like...

we must give up on the lawsuit.

Good grief.

Darn it. Who is it?


What a carefree life you have.

You foolish boy.

Do you even know what I have
to go through because of you?

My apologies.

If only I had one more son!

Darn it.

If Man Gap takes a break,
who will work in his stead?

Let me see.

The other servants
will split up his duties.

Do you know why they exist?


They exist to support us
nobles who must study...

our entire lives to build this country...

into Confucianism.

Aside from that,

they are no different from beasts
who eat, take dumps, and sleep.

You are the sole son of three generations.

How in the world can you study...

if you worry whether those servants...

are sick or not?

First, you must pass the state exam.

That is why you exist.

I passed!

- Gosh.
- Yes!

- My name is over there.
- I passed.

- Let me see.
- This is bad.

- Good grief.
- Oh, my.

You made a mistake.

It has to be a mistake.


Yes. Next time, I will
make sure to pass the exam.

It was a mistake, Father.


It is my fault for having and raising you.

Even a petty servant earns his keep.

You are no better than a servant.

How dare you ignore me?

How dare you?

You are nothing but a servant.

I did everything I could.

It is now up to the patient to
endure through this condition.

Please excuse me.

How can we leave him here?

My sister?

Executive Minister Yoo.

I brought appeals which require
your response within the day.

(The King provided responses to appeals.)


were you on your way out?


Your Royal Highness.

What brings you here?

I heard Young Master
Chu's trial got cancelled,

so I became worried and
visited your merchant house.

That is where I heard
you came to the palace.

What if someone sees you here?

Why are you so reckless?

What will you do after meeting His Majesty?

I will make a request to change the judge.

It is far from proper for
Lord Won to take this case.

Lord Won's daughter is about
to marry Young Master Chu!

Marriage arrangements...

can be called off anytime.


there is no reason for Lord
Won to avoid taking this trial.

It is also not Lord Won's fault
that one of the investigators...

suddenly became sick.

This is all Lord Chu's
scheme. Do you not see that?

Of course, I do.


I am saying there is no pretext...

to blame them or make
them sit out of this trial.

If you act this rashly,

you may cause harm to His Majesty.

There are many eyes around
here, so you should leave.

I will let His Majesty know.

Court Lady Hong.

Please do not worry.

As he always has,

Attorney Kang will find a way.

Open it.

You finally noticed me.

What is on your mind?

What can I do to play dirtier...

against those who play
dirty? Something like that.

Anything. We must do
whatever we can to punish them.


Hey, what happened to you?

You were always hung
up on customs and morals.

That all depends on the
people and the situation.

Would it not be great...

if there was some kind of
tonic that will make the taker...

spill the truth?

If there was such a thing,
attorneys would not...


It does. It does exist.

Yes, that is it.

That is it!

Goodness, my dear So Won.

You are so adorable.

You are the most adorable in this world.

- All right.
- Where are you going?

To make a herbal decoction
for Young Master Chu.

What is this?


You must have taken money...

to bully my people too.

I would not do that just for money.

I also am not offering just money.

What can you give me?

An opportunity to turn the tables...



Master Cho, all kinds of thoughts
must be running through your head.

You may even feel like you
took the wrong turn somewhere.

You kind of wished you could take our side,

but you were hesitant as
you did not have any excuses.

Stop beating around the
bush and get to the point.

I will make a decision after
I hear what you have to say.

No, come closer.

But doing that cannot move the trial up.

Who says we must only win through a trial?

(Cho's Guild)

Happy now?

A list of merchant ships
and respective dates...

for them to anchor in
Mapo Riverport next month.

But you could have
helped out with that for free.

There is no free lunch in this world.

You already know that.

Young master.

Young master?

What is it?

You have a guest.

Our fathers are quite close,

so it is a shame that
we do not meet as often.

Do not say that.

It is my fault for not
establishing myself in society.

You are diligent with your studies,

so you will pass the state exam very soon.


I hear some scholars do not
have enough luck with exams,

but your devotion will pay off.

One day, fate will bring
success into your life.

I appreciate your encouragement.


your venerable father must be
greatly worried over this incident.

(Venerable father: A respectful
way to address one's father)


Lee Bong Sam's attorney, Kang Han Soo,

insists you are the real
culprit who killed Kang Chil Gu.

On top of that, he found evidence too.


That is why I brought
you the autopsy report.

Attorney Kang's argument will
not have any ground without this.

What is wrong?

Wait, did Kang Han Soo...

This is not good.

If Kang takes the evidence
and complains to His Majesty,

your father will be held responsible.

Where are you going?

I must stop that attorney...

from saying absurd things!


Kang Han Soo?

Kang Han Soo!

Have you not heard of calumny?

If they find out that your
father framed Lee Bong Sam,

he will be punished for murder.


Then, who will your father resent the most?

You or Kang Han Soo?

I will never forgive you.

Stop right there, Kang Han Soo!

Kang Han Soo!

It is my family's honour to meet you.

You jerk.

What is it?

- Give it.
- What do you mean?

You said you found evidence. Give it to me!

Calm yourself.

It is your loss to behave this way here.


Oh, dear.


Are you joking with me?

So you want to sue me?

What have I done wrong?

The owner is supposed
to educate the servant.

How is it my fault?

Wait! Does Lord Chu know?

- Get my father's name off your...
- Listen to me!

Hear me out.

I heard that you were Lord Chu's only son.

Does Lord Chu know...

that his one and only son...

is a scoundrel?

Does he know?

That punk...

Wait. He must know.

That is why he is...

going all over the country to
beg the governor of Gyeonggi,

beg the minister who will be his in-law,

buy off every single witness...

to ask them to give false testimony.

Shut your mouth!

"You foolish boy!"

"If only I had one more son!"

What a carefree life you have.

You foolish boy.

I ought to rip your mouth!

Han Soo, I am going to kill you.

Master Cho was right.
It worked like a charm.

Kang Han Soo. Die!


My lords.

Stop causing a scene, and remove yourself.

Your father will be deeply
upset when he finds out.

What are you all doing?

Close your windows.

Have you not heard of calumny?

If they find out that your
father framed Lee Bong Sam,

he will be punished for murder.

What do you mean by
that? Why would my son...

I am not sure.

I simply thought that
you would want to know.

My gosh.

Dae Sung!

What do you think you are doing?

Why did you confess?

If I do not...


You could be charged with a calumny.

What are you...

Everyone knows about it, anyway.

I cannot get you involved, Father.

It was my fault. It is fair...

that I pay for it.

I am...

not passing the state exam, anyway.

Before it is too late,

have another son.

Dae Sung.

What is the matter? You punk.

What has gotten into you?

- Father...
- What are you doing?

Have another son.

What is going on with you?

- What?
- I apologize.

I was not in the position to stop them.

- Please reconsider, Your Majesty!
- Please reconsider, Your Majesty!

- Please reconsider, Your Majesty!
- Please reconsider, Your Majesty!

The law must be impartial
to anyone in this country.

The son of an important vassal
is no exception, Your Majesty!

- Please reconsider, Your Majesty!
- Please reconsider, Your Majesty!

- Please reconsider, Your Majesty!
- Please reconsider, Your Majesty!

Executive Minister Yoo.

Why did you hide it for so long?

It is my fault.

I am solely to blame for it.

So, you will take responsibility.

Executive Minister Yoo...

Executive Minister Yoo. What must I do?

I tried to be generous...

to Lord Chu to save your face,

and all members of Sarim and scholars...

came running and started opposing it.

Did you not give him...

a lighter punishment,
knowing that will happen?

I am not clairvoyant.

How can I expect everything to happen?

Give him the lightest punishment.

Then those who see
and hear it at the scene...

will raise their voices...

to support you, Your Majesty.

So things turned out
as you said they would.

Please handle it according to the law.

Is it really okay to do so?

It will damage Hungu greatly.

I am to blame for it all.

It is only right that I deal with it.

The Royal Court should not
antagonize Sarim scholars...

from all over the nation
over this mere issue.

I am grateful...

for your decision,

Executive Minister Yoo.

Who said a high official's
child would not be executed?


The law must be fair to everyone.

Chu Dae Sung...

murdered a neighbour and
framed an innocent man for it.

Execute him according to the law.

How could you...

do this to me?

After all...

I did...

for you and our Hungu!

You said Joseon had to be
managed under one intention.

That other voices would only
cause conflicts in the country.

That we had to stop Sarim
from coveting our place.

That we had to close ranks together!


always said that...

we would be together forever!

So why...

Officer Kang's son is alive.

I sent the other ledgers...

to him.

He needs to have that much...

to fight you!

Yes, right.

It is not always a weapon
that helps you win your war.

They say a pebble can never be a rock.

For someone with a poor disposition,

you are pathetic until the end.

Executive Minister Yoo!

Executive Minister Yoo!

Executive Minister Yoo!



Lee Bong Sam pulled it through.

It is thanks to his
family's trust and support.




This time, I protected a family.

Are you watching this?

Goodness, why did you have to...

Dae Sung...

Your father...

Goodness, you brat.

Dae Sung...



This is the best I can do to
show respect to my old friend,

so do not feel bad.

If you rush,

you will be able to...

keep your son company on
the way to the underground.

And do not worry that your
death might be for nothing.

I shall present it...

to Princess Yeon Joo
and Kang Han Soo as a gift.

My brother is alive.

Did you know?

My son has helped your brother.

Several times, at that.


will you meet him?

Or will you do your job
as we first promised?

(The animal scenes were filmed
under protection and safety.)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

Accidents and cases happen
all the time around you.

Do not tell me...

you are suspecting me.

When will you stop freeloading at Sowongak?

Attorney Kang?

Just what is your relationship...

with So Won, Magistrate Yoo?

Are you Attorney Kang Han Soo?

It is good to see you, Kang Han Soo.

I heard you wanted to meet me.