Joseon Attorney (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Divorce Suit (II) - full transcript

So Won misunderstands Han Soo's intention and fires him. She finds another attorney to defend Lady Yeon and tries gathering evidence against Commissioner Park. Han Soo also works behind So Won, convincing Myung Wol to testify for ...

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period depicted are purely fictional.)

You will fire me? Are you out of your mind?

No, my mind is clearer than ever.

Do you think there is anybody else
who can put an end to this matter?

Fine, even if you find
someone, it will take a long time,

and the lady will suffer in that while.

Do not pretend like you
are worried about her.

Is that your idea of an alternative?

Even if she wins against Commissioner Park,

how can she feel truly happy and relieved?

And what if you fail even
after taking things that far?

I will not fail.

Just because it worked once, it
does not mean it will work twice.

At the very least,

I am the type of a person
who believes justice will prevail.

In other words, we will
do this the lawful way.

I will find the witnesses
and evidence we need...

and prove Lady Yeon's innocence.

In your dreams.


In this system called marriage,

the responsibilities and
duties of a husband and a wife...

already come in a lopsided manner.

A man may abandon his wife,

but a woman may not abandon her husband.

A man may report his wife,

but a woman may not report her husband.

The law of this kingdom says...

there is a bad wife but
never a bad husband.

The field is already unlevel.

What now? The lawful way?

Okay, then. Good luck.

If you successfully save
Lady Yeon by your way,

that is the day I will
honor you as my master.

Do you mean that?

Promise me.

I do.

Let me see.

Here is my promise.

What was that?

A promise.

Okay, then. Find out what you can.

In order to win a divorce suit,

you need to know everything
about Commissioner Park.

What are his drunken habits?

Does he snore or grind his teeth in sleep?

You need to reveal every
shade of his true color!

And you are going to do that alone?

Without me? All by yourself?

Can you really do it?

But if you divorce him,

you will be able to keep your inheritance.

Your husband is after this fortune,

so you must stop him from seizing it...

to take good revenge on him.

(Land Deed, House Deed)

All good.

You have to risk one
of your legs, at least,

in order to win this trial.

Standard tactics.

I will reveal the fact that
he framed Lady Yeon,

make him pay the price, and
get her the divorce she wants.

(Episode 4: Divorce Suit 2)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

(Closed today)

Closed today?

(Sowongak, Closed today)

I am going to go look for a new attorney.

There is something I need
you to do while I do that.

Your wish is my command.

In order to win a divorce suit,

we must find out who
Commissioner Park really is...

and what he did to Lady Yeon.

You need to know everything
about Commissioner Park.

What are his drunken habits?

Does he snore or grind his teeth in sleep?

You need to reveal every
shade of his true color!

I hear it is important to reveal
every detail of who he really is.

You heard this?

I mean, it is important, right?

- It is.
- Yes.

- Yes.
- It is important.

Here is the thing.

Yoon, keep your eyes on
everything that he does...

and find every smallest fault you can.

Meet with everyone
who is involved with him,

and nitpick over everything,
everything they own...

and use in everyday life.

Lady Hong, find people who
will testify for Lady Yeon...

and receive petitions to let her live.

(Petition: A document
signed by two or more people)

Lady Baek, make sure Lady
Yeon does not lose her energy.

Bring her food every
meal to revitalize her.

Lady Yeon, you must eat
well and keep up your energy.

You told her everything she needed to do.

She will manage without you.

Never. Impossible.

I gave her a hint,

so she will manage to imitate my ways.

But that is it.

One day, she will come back for me,

and she will realize my
way was the right way.

You are right.

There is no other attorney
who would be up for this job.

Of course.

The world is not such an easy place.



Why are we here?

The trial will resume,

so I must find a weapon too.

Tie it down and follow me.

All right. I need to find a tavern.

So how is everything going?


I did accuse her of committing
1 of the 7 bad behaviors.

But that brazen woman...

turned in a request for
divorce to Hanseongbu.

But I have enough time
to dissolve my assets,

so do not worry about me.

You must win the trial as well.

Executive Minister Yoo cannot
find out about your trickery,

so I will find a good attorney for you.

Are you there?


Let him tail your wife.


Once the war begins,

the first thing you do is
sending a spy to your enemy.

(Spy: An intelligence agent)

Again, I always learn
something new from you.


By any chance, do you take divorce suits?

A divorce suit? No way!

By any chance,

do you take divorce suits?

No, find someone else.

Excuse me, attorneys.
Do you take divorce suits?

- Goodness, that is nonsense.
- That is impossible.

No, find someone else.


You need to give up now.

I am already on Commissioner Park's side.

What is so good about siding with him?

He is a man who can kick
out his wife of 20 years.

That depends on who the woman is.

I am different.

That is not going to happen to me.

Are you completely certain?

Let me bring you some food.

I do not need food. Myung Wol.

Myung Wol!

How many times has it been?

Why does she keep coming in and going out?

It looks like...

her mind is somewhere else.

My lord.

Did I keep you waiting?

I am a little late.

Let me pour you a drink.

I can smell something.

It smells fishy.

This familiar...

yet strange smell.

I do not know about the smell,

but I can hear the sound.

That sweet...

yet vigorous laughter.

This is...

Myung Wol received two guests at once!

Two guests at once?

I even paid you twice as much today!

What are you going to do?

Myung Wol, how dare you?

There are ethics you must
keep even at a courtesan house!

There are! There...

Where are your manners?

I cannot believe you did this.

Hey, not so bad.

And you look awful.

Are you two...


- No way.
- Not at all.

You are a woman.

I am sorry.

I had no other choice in order to come in.

Well, I do not mind.

Because what matters
more than the gender is...

the gesture.

Then, Myung Wol,

will you accept my gesture of goodwill?

Thinking about you becoming
Commissioner Park's concubine...

genuinely makes my heart break,

yet I will wish you happiness.

This is a gift.

- A gift?
- Yes.

Live a happy life.

You will have to excuse me.

And this is my gift.


You saw through Myung Wol...

and realized that she was a key witness.

Gosh. Did you think I was so stupid
that I could not see through that?

So, did you convince her?

I am in the process.

If Myung Wol changes her mind,

it must be because of me.

So, how about you hire me back?

I have already found a new attorney.


No way. That cannot be true.

I have been in a fix
as no attorney would...

take my case.

Thank you for willingly accepting my offer.

It is an attorney's job
to stand with the weak.

These are petitions from Lady
Yeon's friends and neighbors...

vouching for her good behavior.

You must have gone
through a lot. Let me see.

These are Commissioner
Park's recent whereabouts...

and courtesan house records.

There are also anonymous testimonies...

from those who cannot testify in the court.

What is so entertaining to look at?

I am watching a foolish attorney
who plans to file a lawsuit...

against a noble family.

My lord, I have brought him.

Let me introduce myself for the first time.

My name is Kang Han Soo.

"For the first time?"

Are you certain about that?

Where will the like of
myself meet a commissioner?

Be honest.

Against whom do Commissioner
Park and Master Jang hold grudges?

They have been suspecting me all along.

That means...

this is a trap.

Take a seat.

And drink.


A few days ago,

someone disguised himself...

and snuck into the banquet that I planned.

I apologize, my lord.

To be truthful,

I was going to defend Lady
Yeon in her divorce suit.

Hence, I snuck into it
trying to find fault with...

But not anymore. I have quit.

I would not dare to get on
a commissioner's bad side.

I see. I knew it.

Then, you must know...

how to win this lawsuit.

I would like to win.

Tell me.

If you were my attorney,

what advice would you give me?

For free?

How dare you?

Look at this guy.


I can tell you a few key tips...

and charge you...

free booze for legal advice.

Had our family not had
a legal servant in charge,

I would have hired you.

So, tell me.

The value of your advice...

will decide the quality of
your drinks and snacks.

You must adhere to
your original position...

and clearly prove that it is her fault.

If you could get your friends...

to honestly testify what they had seen...

from your relationship
without any omissions...

No. That will not happen.

I agree with you.

Lady Yeon is too elegant.

Okay. Then...

Well, you need to tell me.


- Drink up!
- Drink up.

Pour out your hearts and
tell me about your wives...

in the worst way possible.

This country is doomed.

The noblemen who have
the most important positions...

in the government...

are renting the whole courtesan house...

and drinking in the afternoon.

- All right.
- Drink.

All right, my lords. Do you
have any intenser stories?

These are not good enough.

Let me tell you a story.

I can confidently tell you...

that my wife is not human.
She is made of stones.

It is like I live in a mason's workshop.

She has no tolerance whatsoever,

so I naturally find peace
at this courtesan house.

- That is true.
- I hear you.

At least, stones do not spend money.

I do not even know what
my wife is buying so much.

I am the one who makes money,

and she is the one who spends it.

Listen, guys.

- My wife is paranoid.
- What?

Not to mention...

the endless, nitpicking questions,

she even put a tail on me.

- Oh, boy.
- Goodness.

She is the worst.

That is why you look so tense.

Tell me about it!

What do you think, Attorney Kang?

That is better.

All the stories that you have said here...

are not your stories anymore.

Those are what you have
seen, heard, and experienced...

with Lady Yeon.

Go straight to the government
office and tell those stories.

Are we clear?

There are many paths in one's life.

Only the heart has closed doors.

Please be more direct.

Open it.

This is...

Yes. The right of operation
for a cosmetics store.

I hear your cosmetic products...

are quite popular among women.

What do you think about
running your own cosmetics store?


do you want from me?

Side with Lady Yeon, who has been framed...

for causing a divorce and imprisoned.

You can testify in court about
what you have seen and heard...

at Commissioner Park's house.

I bought and gifted him a pile of yakgwa...

he was always craving.

When they cleaned his
corpse, his face was...

as bright as flowers.

That scumbag.


- My lord!
- Welcome!

- More alcohol.
- Bring more liquor.

- All right.
- Bring more liquor.

I will bring you a new bottle.

Wait here.


The thing is...

Just what were you doing here?

At first, it was Myung Wol.

This time, you were with Commissioner Park.


Do not tell me you jumped
on his wagon after I fired you.

- The thing is...
- You could not be...

telling him a winning
strategy for the lawsuit, right?

I trusted you, nevertheless.

You acted like you were
threatening or cajoling me,

but you gave me words
about what I should do...

to save Lady Yeon, and I was grateful.

I thought you were trying to
help me at least that way...

out of good intentions.

I meant it, and it has not
changed. What I do is...

- all for you.
- Yet your behavior says otherwise.

That is...

The bigger and worse your obstacle is,

the more you will improve.

I guess...

you do not understand the
meaning of good intentions.

It was foolish of me to expect from you.

I hate doing this too.

You are getting me all wrong!

I am sorry.

How did it go with Myung Wol?

She agreed. Follow me, please.

You people are such poor drinkers.


Where have you been?

Come here.

- Let me pour you a drink.
- Sure.


Commissioner Park.

That bottle is empty. Pour this for me.

It is the best-selling liquor in Wolharu.

Try smelling it.

It smells like my Myung Wol.

Oh, Myung Wol?

I miss her.

Go get her.

Sure thing.

That is not difficult,

but are you sure she is trustworthy?

How dare you!

What do you mean by that?

Well, the thing is...

I saw her with your
wife's attorney in secret.


That is not all.

She even took the bribe...

I gave your wife when
I was still her attorney.

Myung Wol, this wench...

Commissioner Park?

- Commissioner Park!
- Myung Wol!

Commissioner Park!

Commissioner Park!

Commissioner Park!

How dare you attempt to betray me?

Commissioner Park.

What are you talking about?

Then how will you explain this?

It is a misunderstanding.

Please hear me out.

I know you are in league...

with my wife's attorneys!


You heard why he is so mad.

If he spots us, things will get worse.

Still, I cannot just sit back.

Oh, gosh.

You little...


You despicable witch.

I gave in to your whims,

and you forgot your place.


Is she dead?

- I need to take her to a physician.
- No.


leave her to die...

so she will be silenced forever.

- But...
- She killed herself.

I will make it look like that.

I will make it look like that.

How so?

It is simple.

Hang her with a silken cloth.

Bribe a solicitor at the government office.

Why can you not get it done alone?


And a few coins to a medical examiner too.

Han Soo!

Let us hurry.

What happened?

She needs to be taken to a physician.

- But...
- Commissioner Park?

You look dreadful.

It is as if you saw a ghost.

Commissioner Park!

She killed herself.

I will make it look like that.

I will make it look like that.

Master Cho?

How is Myung Wol?

She is hopeless.

She may not be able
to get through the night.

Are you saying she could die?

Just how...

could a man like him
live with power thus far?

This must not be tolerated.

Before he victimizes more,

we must make him pay the price.

So you...

Maybe he got scared and ran off.



He is gone.

He disappeared with everything.

Please help me, my lord.

I have...

the evidence to prove my
seven years of dedication...

to you and Hungu...

right here.

You must not abandon me!

Executive Minister Yoo.

Attorney Kim is here.

I brought the evidence
collected by the other side.

They must be stupefied by now.

Good job.

Go and enjoy traveling for about a month.

Thank you, my lord.

You must have forgotten
that the executive minister...

has been doing his best to
help you physically and spiritually.

Nothing will happen as long
as you come to your senses...

and close the lawsuit well.

My apologies.

I must have lost it for a moment.

Never will I forget your kindness!

Executive Minister Yoo!

Due to my useless expectation,

an innocent woman's life was cut short.

Attorney Kang was right.

It is my fault.

I was too dense.

You have to risk one
of your legs, at least,

in order to win this trial.

What is more, I was being stubborn.

My lady?

My lady! No, please!

No, my lady!

I will bring back Attorney
Kang one way or another.

There must be another way.

No, do not do it!

Please stop.

Please wait a little longer.

I beg you.

I thought you were too
cynical about the world...

and awfully twisted inside.

But now I know.

It was the world that was twisted.
You were looking at it accurately.

So Kang Han Soo,


What is going on?

Why am I here? Just why?

Here it goes again.

Are you going to tell me this
incident is also a coincidence?

Wait, Master Cho!

I do not know what plot you have in mind,

but I can no longer let
you do as you please.

Be good and stay here
until the day of the lawsuit.

Darn it. This is driving me crazy.

Was I not the one who
helped him become the master?

You must not know me well enough.

Did you think I would not be
able to escape if left alone?

I cannot do anything
alone or what? I can surely...

Dong Chi!

Dong Chi!


Please go to paradise.

(Come back, Kang Han Soo. I am sorry.)

(Come back, Kang Han Soo. I am sorry.)

Come back, Kang Han Soo.

I am sorry.

Please help me!

Over here!

I am right here!

I, Kang Han Soo, am here!

Help me!

Darn it!

I cannot burn this ship down, can I?

Please help me!

We do not know how far he has gone.

Will he be able to see those?

Thanks to the wind
blowing toward the river,

they are traveling well.

Since the lanterns are blowing away fast,

the ship must have too. Right?

It will take much longer...

for Attorney Kang to return.

Whatever. If I die, it is
them that will suffer a loss.

Yes. Let them try to live happily...

by themselves without me.

The lawsuit?

Who cares about the lawsuit?

The new attorney they
hired will take care of it well.

Though he will be nowhere
near as good as me.

I am exhausted.

I will not do it.

I will not return.

What are those?

Gosh. Good grief.

So what is it that you
wanted to tell me so urgently?

I want to ask...

why you are concerned with
a mere divorce lawsuit, Father.

The content of the lawsuit
has nothing to do with it.

You could say that...

one of my people
involved in it is the problem.

Are you saying you will cover up...

his sin simply because he is your junior?

I only showed some kindness to the man...

who has served me loyally until now.

The final ruling is up to you.

Father, you committed a foul.

Commissioner Park's
wife will have to fight...

an unfair lawsuit from the start.

Anyone can guess what the outcome will be.

There is nothing in
this world that is fair.


I heard the one helping
Commissioner Park's wife...

was the lady of the merchant
house you were sponsoring.

And from what I found out,
Princess Yeon Joo was staying there.

If you do not want the
whole city to know that...

Princess Yeon Joo is
involved in such a matter,

end this conversation here and leave.

The longer we talk, the
one who will suffer damage...

is not me but you.

Gosh, it burns.

Darn it.

I must think.


First off,

my ship cannot set sail.

So I must make a move.

No, not that.


This is so wrong.

This is just wrong.




No, I cannot do this.


I cannot do this.

Okay, fine.

All right.

I must be insane.


Of the seven bad behaviors, adultery is...

the most serious crime of them
all, with a sentence of 80 floggings.

Dol Seok will testify that...

he has spent the night with you.

My friends are on their
way to testify against you...

and speak of your debaucherous behaviors.

All you have to do now is
drop your charges against me.

I will forgive you...

and ask the magistrate to show you mercy.

It looks like your attorney
has also run away.

How will you fight me all alone?

I am not here to win.

I am here to relieve my resentment.

Even if I die, I must
leave all bitterness behind.

If I die now,

how will I face my parents...

with this much shame in the otherworld?

You are pushing your luck.

What is this?

What is wrong with this?

What is this?


- Greetings, Magistrate Yoo.
- Greetings, Magistrate Yoo.

Let us begin our day.



Please help me.

This is not my time.

Not yet.

I cannot leave this world yet.

Magistrate Yoo.

The petitioner and the respondent are here.

Petitioner, do you not have an attorney?

Then let us begin the trial.

Petitioner, come out
and turn in your complaint.

He is a nobleman based in Pyongyang.

And you wish to have him as
the third deputy commander?


And you will appoint Park Jae
Soo, the former commissioner...

of the Royal Academy of
Painting, to Pyongyangbu?

This was already decided
among the executive ministers.

Grand Queen Dowager also gave her approval.

Go ahead.

If I said the law can become a sword,

would you believe me?

("Book of the Law")

The man who can wield this sword best...

is that attorney, Kang Han Soo.

That sword Princess Yeon Joo mentioned.

Is that sword truly sharpened well?

The petitioner and the respondent,
tell him the reason for this trial.

One second!

The petitioner's attorney is here!

- Oh, my.
- Goodness.

I am the petitioner's
attorney, Kang Han Soo.

Nice to meet you.

How did he get here?

That man ended up coming?

Settle down!

This lawsuit was opened...

by a woman who wanted
to be found innocent...

even after bringing
disruption to her family...

by committing 1 of the 7 bad behaviors.

It is utterly scandalous.

How dare she play around
with the kingdom's law?

I am the petitioner's
attorney, Kang Han Soo.


The one who broke the law is...

Park Jae Soo, who framed his wife.

This is...

a serious crime of calumny...

and an abuse of the law
which prevents a wife...

from suing her husband.

Magistrate Yoo.

We have witnesses who will provide
more information on their marriage.

They are his friends.

Their testimonies must be biased.

They are from renowned noble families...

and current public
officials of crucial positions.

Whose words are more just?

A woman who is imprisoned
for causing a divorce,

or noblemen of high descent?

This court...

does not distinguish between
truth and falsehood based on status.

But Your Honor,

a nobleman's divorce is
prohibited by the national law.

It is only natural...

to grow old together once
man and wife are united.


there is an exception.

What is the exception?

When one party betrays
the other in conjugal relations,

the authorities may
forcefully divorce them.

It is called at-fault
divorce. For instance...

When a spouse violates one's filial duty.

Park Jae Soo was a son-in-law
who lived with his wife's family,

and he received a lot of
help from his parents-in-law...

until he passed the state
examination to become...

one of the most
prestigious public officials.

However, he repaid
their kindness with evil.

Your Honor.

I have no idea what
that attorney is saying.

I have been taking care of her parents...

with nothing but filial love.

They also reciprocated
that love and adored me.

This is evidence to prove it.

My father-in-law...

wrote these words of
blessing himself for me.

He gave it to me as a present.

And this outfit.

Not long before my
mother-in-law passed away,

she rubbed those dull eyes of hers...

to stitch every thread just for me.

If these...

are not proof of how much
they loved their son-in-law,

what else can it be?

- That is true.
- He has a point.

- That makes sense.
- He makes a strong case.

If they adored you so much,

why did you repay them with death?


- "Death?"
- What?

Did he say, "Death?"


Do you mean to say that he murdered them?

That is true, Your Honor.

I was promised to be
Commissioner Park's concubine.

I am Myung Wol, a courtesan.

It is Myung Wol.

What is happening right now?

How could you?

How could you do this to me? Why?

Let me go. Let go of me!

Come here!

Get your hands off me!

Your Honor.

That girl...

is not human. She is a ghost.

She died and was buried underground.

How could she testify?

Please do not let that
girl's words fool you.

I almost became a ghost because of you.

You witch!

Shut that wicked mouth this instant.

It is true that Commissioner Park...

caused his father-in-law's death.

His father-in-law...

had been suffering from
diabetes for ten years.

And Commissioner Park fed him this yakgwa.

He had told me himself.

Your Honor.

Please ask the physician next to you...

what happens...

when a diabetic patient eats yakgwa.

It can be more lethal than poison.

- It is lethal?
- Is that true?

- What?
- How could he?

- That was his father-in-law.
- How gruesome.

What a scumbag.

- That was extremely evil.
- How could he?

All of these are...

only distorted arguments
from that attorney.

I merely gave my father-in-law yakgwa...

to be a good son-in-law.

I had not the slightest clue...

about the nature of his illness.


how do you explain taking...

all the deeds to the house and
land and meeting the brokers...

while Lady Yeon was imprisoned?

I am innocent!

My only sin...

is making zealous efforts to be successful.

I took what I needed...

and eliminated what got in my way.

Hold the hands of the rich,

and shake off the hands of
those who weigh me down.

Is that not how we all live?

What did you say?

My parents-in-law...

sacrificed themselves
to become the fertilizer...

to have flowers bloom in
their son-in-law's future!

That is the only fair interpretation.

Am I wrong?

Am I wrong?

Am I wrong?

Am I wrong?

Oh, boy.

This court's objective is not to
determine the respondent's crimes.


based on the testimonies and circumstances,

it is clear that the respondent
provided a reason for divorce.

Framing his wife for causing a divorce...

seems like a mere trick
to take his wife's assets.

Above all,

there is clear circumstantial evidence...

that he caused his father-in-law's death.

Hence, he will be detained
in the Bureau of Punishments.

We will proceed with the
lawsuit under due process...

and eventually make him
pay for committing a murder,

a crime against humanity.

- So that was what he did.
- How awful.

- What a terrible man.
- How pathetic.

- This is justice.
- Indeed.

I cannot believe what he had done.


Please give me the clothes back.

I cannot give him...

the precious clothes that
my parents had made...

to bring into the harsh
environment of a prison.

It seems like high-quality silk
that is not appropriate for prison.

Take them off.

When you run into Master
Jang in the underworld,

tell him I said hi.

You piece of scum.

What have I done to make you my enemy?

How come you torture me?


Why on earth did you do that?

Are you wondering who I am?

I will come and visit soon.

We can catch up then.

How sweet.

Could you tell me what happened?

I thought you were badly hurt.

It was nothing.

Just in case,

I hid porcine blood in my wig,

and it burst at the perfect timing.

This old geezer actually
attempted to kill me.

Thank goodness, I tested him
as Attorney Kang suggested.

That darn despicable rotten...

How should I bring him down?


Then all this...

Attorney Kang told me.

That Commissioner Park...

could be so sweet and dear to me,

but the moment I became his wife,

I would end up...

quite similar to Lady Yeon
who was confined in prison.

And around that time,

you came to me...

and let me know that there
could be another way of life.


That is right.

The trigger of my decision...

was your suggestion.

"Instead of entrusting my
life to an unreliable man,"

"I should pave my own way of life."

"It would not be bad to make
use of my love for cosmetics..."

"and start a business."

Wonderful thinking.

That is such a great decision.

I apologize for what I did.

Please forgive me, my lady.

What you owed me...

was paid off when you
came to testify today.

From now on,

do not get yourself involved
in a misfortune like this.

I wish you well.

How can I repay you?

I did not do anything.

Attorney Kang did everything...

Just pay him a hefty sum.

Yes, of course.

I will make sure to do that.

My lady.

Your divorce...

is not something to be ashamed of.

The country granted it.

So keep your chin up,

and do not avoid eye contact.

For your own happiness,

enjoy what you deserve with pride.

Thank you, I mean it.

Thank goodness, it is spring.

If it had been winter, you
would have caught a cold.

I am perfectly fine, and I
am in a great mood too.

I managed to save both
Kang Han Soo and Lady Yeon.

But you got me all startled.

Who knew that night light...

was a sign from Kang Han Soo?

Han Soo!

Where are you?

Han Soo!

Where did you go?

Han Soo!

Do you hear me?

It is Dong Chi.

- Maybe he did not leave.
- Han Soo!

Han Soo.

Kang Han Soo!

Kang Han Soo, wake up.

- Han Soo!
- Attorney Kang!

Were you that worried about me?

As if.


what is this?

That is just water.

Water from the Han River.

- Gosh.
- Goodness.

Now do you believe my good intentions?

It is so fortunate.


I guess he is meant to live a long life.

She killed herself.

I will make it look like that.

I will make it look like that.

It ended up as you wanted.

(The animal scenes were filmed
under protection and safety.)

(Special thanks to Jo Hee
Bong and Bae Hae Sun...)

(for their guest appearances)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)


If all that was in exchange
for my father's death...



How could someone
get killed in our village?

Nothing changed a bit.

Have you decided to be my assistant again?

You saved my life,

so I guess I can give
you that much of a chance.