Joseon Attorney (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Owner of the Land - full transcript

Chu Sal comes to Han Soo and asks for his help. He shares how Lord Won Dae Han is trying to take the lands his brother worked hard to cultivate. With Han Soo's help, Chu Sal files a lawsuit against Lord Won. However, he has a slim...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(All people, incidents, and
periods in this drama are fictitious.)

Have some, my King.

What a liar.


Please help us.

Do you not pity this child?

I will pay you handsomely.

What is with you?

There is not enough for my own child!

Let go of me!


I said I would pay you handsomely!

Be quiet, will you?

What do you want?

What are you doing?


You need to soothe the child,

instead of yelling.
Little baby, come hrere.

- No.
- Give the kid to me. Come here.

There, there. Were you scared?

He pooped. Here.

Tell me what is going on.

I can help you.

Are you crying?

I thought you were a
cold-hearted roughneck,

but you were only human.

Tell me.

Or go cry outside.

My name is...

Chu Soo.

It means autumn harvest.

My brother was named
Woo Soo, rain and harvest.

Our parents were farmers,
and they named us themselves.

Why did you abandon that great name?

Our father lived his
life as a tenant farmer...

and passed away under the scorching sun.

Since that day, it became our wish...

to own a piece of land of our own.

All right.

This is the place, Chu Soo.

Can we really do this, Woo Soo?

Of course, kiddo.

The law stated we could own the land...

if we cultivated wasteland
within three years.

We spent every second
and minute of our time...

cultivating that land.

My brother never gave up
despite a few failed attempts.

How long do we have to do this?

Darn it!

Chu Soo.

Chu Soo.

But I...

ran away.

I even abandoned the
name my parents gave me.

Chu Soo...

Chu Soo...

This is our land!

Hooray! This is wonderful!

This is wonderful!

We worked hard to cultivate this land,

so this is ours.

This is our land!

Let me.

All right.

Ssal Bab.

I have lived my life as a tenant farmer,

but you will...

live your life as the lord over this land.


Are you happy, Ssal Bab?

Yes, we are happy too!

There, there.

He smiles just like you, honey.

My gosh.

We later found out that around February,

when our three years were up,

Won Dae Han bought that land
and had the official deed issued.

(A document notarized
by a government office)

Why are you doing this to my land?

- So the officials...
- It is my land!

took Lord Won's side.

Who is there?

- Over there!
- Do not do this.

Do not do this!

This is our land! We cultivated this land!

- Come here!
- Come!

Do not do this!

Have you been...

to our land?

I have...

plowed that land vigorously by myself.

I was worried...

you would feel guilty...

that our wish fell through because of you.


Chu Soo.

Please come...

and settle on our land.

What do you mean, his last words?

I buried him in the mountains today.

Please show your pity for this child...

and help us.

Sounds great.

I was in the mood...

to teach them a lesson.

(Episode 12: Owner of the Land)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

Although his deadline of
three years had passed,

Jung cultivated that
land until his last breath,

so it belongs to him.

He plowed and sowed
seeds on that barren land,

which means he successfully reclaimed it.

Hence, Jung believed that
land surely belonged to him,

so he had farmed...

with every drop of blood and
sweat until the moment he died.

If he had succeeded,

we should have seen some
harvest or even sprouts...

for anybody to realize
someone owns that land.

When I saw that land, it
was barren and fallowed.

Our law says land left barren
for three years and longer...

can be registered and
cultivated by another person.

I did not do anything wrong.

That is what Lord Won is saying, correct?

Every single piece of land in Joseon is...

left empty in February.

You are right. Lord Won reported
he would begin farming in February,

but he suspiciously claimed
his rights just before the harvest.

That is what I am saying!

But it will not be easy to win.

At any rate, Lord Won
did not do anything illegal,

and above all, he is a man of power.

He is the closest associate
of Executive Minister Yoo.

He has returned to his office...

even after the wrongdoings
he committed with Lord Chu.

I am sure Executive Minister
Yoo especially, particularly,

and dearly treasures him.

Knowing that, you would
still lodge an appeal?

That is the reason I did it.

To cause you trouble in many ways.

See you in court in three days.

Good. You're all doomed.


A land deed lawsuit?

Who is the opponent?

It is Lord Won Dae Han,
Left Assistant State Councilor.

I see.

What can we do to help?


Attorney Kang has filed this lawsuit...

to bring trouble to you, me, and my father.

You are well aware...

of how he used to...

take advantage of lawsuits for his revenge.

And we have become his tools this time.

Because I am a princess now.


We own the most pieces
of land in all of Joseon.

From here to there,

they are fertile lands.

It is an excellent spot.

- Take care of it until the end.
- Yes, my lord.

My lord!

My lord!

What is the fuss about?

The law...

- The cow?
- Yes!

No, not a cow!

He filed a lawsuit against you.

- A lawsuit?
- Yes!


How dare you file a lawsuit against me?

Yes, my lord.

I have a subpoena...

from Magistrate Yoo
to bring you to the court.

(Subpoena: An official order for a lawsuit)

(Magistrate Yoo Ji Sun)

Magistrate Yoo, that jerk.

You would dare to sue me?

You lowly commoner! Know your place!

You scoundrel!

Darn it.

Unlike you, who is of high rank,

normal officials like
myself must collect...

as much fortune as we
can while we are in service.

So you decided to take the
small lands from the peasants?

Every official...

who has lands does it.

Some lend money to their tenant farmers...

at high interests...

so they will not be able to pay back.

Some even take away their
lands for other absurd reasons.

Compared to them, I am nothing.

At least, I did not break the law.

Then, why do you need my help?

You can settle it in court.

This lawsuit is not just about me.

It is a fight for everyone who owns lands.

If I lose,

everyone will file a lawsuit
against the noblemen...

to try and take away our lands.

I cannot stand to see that.

Above all,

the plaintiff's attorney is Kang Han Soo.

Kang Han Soo?

Yes, the tricky punk!

We do not know what
tricks he will pull off.

I must be prepared for them.

Is this the land?

Yes, young master.

So, you are from Hanyang?

Introduce yourself.

He is Lord Won's second son, Won Gong Ja.

Right. Hello.

Oh, right!

It must have been tough
coming all the way here.

But how come his son is here?

My father caught a cold,
so I came on his behalf.

On his behalf.

So, you have found a
way to take this land, right?



he is not a tenant farmer,

so he does not owe the owner anything.

It is also far from the
capital where the King is.

It is not even a military area,

so he is rarely summoned for labor duty,

which gives him plenty of time to farm.

You are right. The farmers
who live near the capital...

are summoned every
time to repair the city wall...

or help the feasts at the palace.

So they cannot afford the
time to cultivate their lands.

You are saying that
there are no faults to find?



- That is it!
- What?

That is it.

Wait. That is...

That is Lord Won!

You said you could not come!

- But...
- Throw it away!

Leave it!

Oh, boy.

Han Soo.

What did you mean, "That is it?"

Follow me.

What on earth did you mean?

Thank you for coming.

Have you been summoned for labor duty...

in the last 3 or 4 years?

Of course!

We go there a couple of times a year.

There are rarely years
when we are not summoned.

Does that mean my brother also...

He and I were in the same group.

Whether it was a town event
or labor duty, we went together.

Can you say that in court as a witness?


- There is going to be a lawsuit?
- Yes.

Are you sure about this?

You are going against
Lord Won, of all people!

What if you get on his bad side?

Dozens of people in our village...

lost their lands because of him!


What makes you so sure that
you will not end up like my brother?

What? How could you say that?

You might as well curse us.

That is not it!

- Dong Chi.
- Yes.

All right, now.

I heard that you were
cultivating many wastelands.

Sixty bu in your town,
and eighty-five in your town.


Now, think about this.

We must win to prevent other farmers...

from being involved in
such unfair situations.

We do not ask you to testify to
get on Lord Won's wrong side.

We merely ask you to state the fact...

that Jung went for the labor
duty for the last three years.

All right?


what does that have to
do with the land deed?

Not even a clump of grass
grew in that land for three years.


We have verified that
they were not cultivated...

for three years...

before taking the land.

Here you go.

Left Assistant State Councilor
and the town's official...

would not dare to take the
land with crops growing on it.

You keep mentioning
the three-year period...

to be so precise. Then what?

We have something to
say about that as well.


My lord. The plaintiff...

still has 45 days left before
losing ownership of the land.

During the last three years
of cultivating the wasteland,

the plaintiff was on three labor duties...

for 45 days.

In other words, he was too busy...

helping the nation to farm his land.

If Lord Won had come in 45 days,

there would have been sprouts on that land.

Then, he would not have been
able to register the land as his own.

Objection. The plaintiff...

has no evidence to prove
that his brother went to do labor.

There is.


His neighbors went
with him. They can testify.

Let the witnesses in.

- Let them in.
- Yes.

Is the plaintiff's assertion true?

It is true that we went
for the labor duty...

almost once or twice a year.


Jung did not go with us.

That is right.

We did not take him with us...

as he had a leg problem.

- Why are you perjuring yourselves?
- No.

Defense attorney.

Do you have more to say?


How can you be this unaware
of the reality of farmers?

It takes years just to
cultivate a wasteland.

The law states three years,

but it is way too short...

for tenant farmers to
cultivate their own lands.

If you think it is that unfair,

why not change the law?

- He is right.
- Right.

How could you do this to my brother?

Where is your loyalty?

- It is not like we wanted to do it.
- Right.

Had you not left your brother behind,

this would not have
happened in the first place.

Why blame us when a
family should take care of him?


- Let go.
- Wait.

Let go!

- Why that...
- Come here, you jerk.

Goodness, gracious.

- Honey!
- Honey...


What on earth?

Why are they all so haggard?

Do not tell me...

Lord Won took you hostage.

We just got released.

Of course.

I knew he would not stay still.

Tell me about it.

How cheap for a minister.

(We welcome advance payments.)

There, there.

What is with that sag of rice?

The first day of next
month is Ssal Bab's birthday.

We want to make rice cakes for him.

And throw his first birthday party.



Birthday, my foot.

How could she lie about
her birthday, of all things?

I mean, it is a sacred day!

We did not lie.

We got the date right.

It is November 1.

Chu Sal bragged that his
birthday was so easy to remember...

because it was the first day of November.

An easy birthday is nothing to brag about.

He is proud of all sorts of
things about his nephew.

Han Soo?

Han Soo.


Hey, brat.

Oh, my!

When did Lord Won get
the certification issued again?

February 1 this year.

I saw it written on the certification.

That is right.

February 1.

I saw it clearly.

What is wrong with you? You are scaring me.

Drop your eyes.

Lord Won, this old weasel.

What? What is it?

- Chime with me first.
- Okay.

How exciting!

We won!

This should be enough...

to run Sowongak for a year, right?

This is just...

what you got for your birthday.

The rice field you received
from the former king...

produces 17,000 seok of rice every year.

And the price of your house
in Sujinbang went up a lot.

So you are actually...

very rich, Your Highness.


it was not enough to support
the people of Mapo Riverport.

You are right,

but Sowongak cannot
support them all forever.

Of course, it is best to provide
a way to support themselves.

But how?


I make money out of what
is produced in my land,

but they do not have any land.


If they do not have land,
they can be a tenant farmer,

sell goods,

catch fish,

or work at the palace like me...

None of those ways can
be better than owning a land.

Are you bothered by that land lawsuit?

I want Kang Han Soo to
win this case no matter what.

Not only for tenant farmers.

It is also a good chance to take a toll...

on Executive Minister
Yoo and the Hungu officials.

It will be even harder
to win for that reason.

Executive Minister Yoo will be helping.

What if I distract him?



What brought you all the
way here, Your Highness?

I came to make an official greeting.


Magistrate Yoo.

What is it?

Attorney Kang Han Soo is here.

- Kang Han Soo?
- Yes.

He is requesting to see Lord
Won's land certification again.

Sit back down.

Her Highness came all the way here,

so you should not leave her side.

Wait inside while I get the certification.

- I will go with you.
- It is Minister Yoo's order.

Follow me, please.

What a palace.

Are you that famous attorney,

Kang Han Soo?


It is my family's honor to meet
you, Executive Minister Yoo.

I am glad you came at an important moment.

This is my wedding gift for you.

Your Highness came in person...

to announce Your
Highness will marry my son.

As a vassal,

I could not simply disapprove of it.

So I already gave my approval...

to Ji Sun.

And as a father, I
promised to change the law.

You will change the law?

Goodness. Why do you look so surprised?

Laws that are not helpful to the
people should be changed, no?

Once Ji Sun becomes the King's son-in-law,

he must resign from the
magistrate of Hanseongbu...

and many important posts.

That is losing an outstanding talent,

which will also be a
big loss to the kingdom.

That is why I called you here.

Rather than me changing the law,

you stopping this marriage will be faster.

I will leave it to you.

Now then, this old man
has prior engagements.

Please excuse me.

There are many occasions to celebrate.

A few days ago was
Your Highness's birthday.

And today, I hear of
Your Highness's marriage.

Please give me a hint
on what I will have to...

congratulate Your Highness for tomorrow.

Let me apologize on his behalf.

I am sorry, Your Highness.

Do not worry.

I was ready for this when I
came to see the executive minister.

It will happen again from now on.

Your Highness sounds as if a
war is ahead of you, not a wedding.

A princess's marriage...

is different from that
of an ordinary woman.

Oh, is that so?

Your Highness...

has finally become a full-fledged princess.

If it is about the land lawsuit,
let us talk at Hanseongbu.

I am not sure about that.

Is there a need to do that?

What do you mean by that?

Executive Minister Yoo...

already knows about it all.

That Lord Won's certification is fake.

(February 1)

- "Fake?"
- Are you sure?

If not,

he would not have
gathered all three of us here...

to watch us fight over love.

- Where is the certification?
- Did you not receive it?

I knew this would happen.

Lord Won would not
have done it by the books.

Right. My apologies, my lord.

I will let Lord Won
know at once and fix this.

If you leave right now,

you might bump into Kang Han Soo.

My lord. Why not just burn it?

But if we burn the evidence...

Saying we lost the evidence...

is better than getting caught
with a fake one in many ways.

- It will also buy us time.
- Give it to me.

You should have told me if you had a hunch.

I could have helped.

You, Your Highness?

What are you implying?

Are you not hoping...

for Executive Minister
Yoo to win this land lawsuit?

Why? Because I am a landowner myself?

Because if Executive
Minister Yoo loses this lawsuit,

the other nobles with
land will be in a tight spot?

Am I wrong?

If I say so,

will you believe me?

Of course,

I cannot believe Your Highness.

What Your Highness showed me...

are lies,


and lies.

It was all lies.

Is there any sincerity
in you, Your Highness?

What about you?

When you decided to
get revenge for your father.

You were nothing but a sword to me.

A well-forged sword.

That was my only sincerity.

I feel sorry for Magistrate Yoo.

I was fooled by Your Highness,

but what about him?

He knows what you are after.

And yet, he stays by Your Highness's side.

Even by making an enemy of his father.

How will you pay for
all your sins later on?

I will deal with that.

I advise you to focus on your duties only.

What is your basis for claiming
this document was fabricated?

When I checked during the trial,

Lord Won issued that
certification on February 1,

the government office's official holiday.

What kind of an officer
would work on a holiday?

(February 7)

(February 7)

(February 7)


How impressive. Truly impressive.

The number has aged in that short time.

We came to help but were used.

My apologies.

It is not your fault.

Is there any sincerity
in you, Your Highness?

You were nothing but a sword to me.

A well-forged sword.


Han Soo.

What happened?

Have you checked?

I was a step behind.


Where is the baby?

Ssal Bab.

What is wrong with Ssal Bab?

Why is my baby so feverish?

His fever will not drop.

I spoke to a physician,

and he said it is due to malnutrition.

Please open the door.

Receive permission from the
up above before you pester me.

If I open the cell, I
will get flogged instead.

A few slaps on your
buttocks will not hurt you!

This baby is about to die!

This is my body we are
talking about, not yours.

That little...


Is that not enough?


Come on.

Ssal Bab.

Goodness, my baby.

My dear.

I am...

so sorry.

Mommy is sorry.

What are you doing here?

Everything is my fault.

I put up a reckless fight without
morals, away from the law.

That is why I always ruin everything.

It is not over yet.

They say what goes around...

comes around.

All of my sins have returned to me...

and punished my brother instead,

which also caused our loss in the trial.

No, pull it together, Jung Chu Soo.

It is not over yet, okay?

We did not lose.

But there is no way around this!

Everything we tried has failed!

Lord Won was correct.

He said even you would not
be able to find a way around this.

He is right.

We cannot win against
the men who are in power.

How in the world are we going to win?

My brother never gave up...

despite a few failed attempts.

Are you all right?

- Goodness.
- Be careful.

- You should be careful.
- Goodness.

I am fine.

Ssal Bab.

- You need to be careful.
- Thank you.

You keep sweating.

Why is it so hot today?

Did you wish to see me,

my lord?

Han Soo!


Do not be so loud.

Chun Sal is...

giving up on the lawsuit.

- What? Where is he?
- Hurry!

Stop right there!

How dare you...

Transfer of the deed?

I heard Lord Won has forged the deed,

and he lost the chance to reveal the truth.

You must fight...

a violation of the law
with another violation.


We can forge the document too.

We can make it look like...

Jung had transferred the
deed to somebody else...

before Lord Won issued his deed.

And that somebody else
is the Palace Treasury?

Palace Treasury?

The Palace Treasury is in
charge of the Royal Family's assets.

That means...

He will only have to offer
a percentage of his crops...

and exempted from taxes too.

Above all, Jung's family
will be able to farm there...

as long as they wish.

We only register the land
under the Palace Treasury,

but it is still as good as our land.

Who came up...

with this ridiculous idea?


Instead of losing the lawsuit and
the land his brother worked for,

it is much better to
resort to an expedient...

to let them have a way to make a living.


If he claims to have sold
it to the Palace Treasury...

and not just any old nobleman,

Lord Won will not be able
to hog the land tenaciously.

What a hypocrite.

You are trying to expand the
assets of the Palace Treasury...

by using these farmers as an excuse.

You are the one...

who is driving them to their
ruin just to vent your spite.

Stop talking nonsense.

That means he will continue
to be a tenant farmer.

This does not change the fact
he must farm someone else's land!

If he wanted to be his own man,

he should have been cleverer!

Your client is the one...

who was tricked into
this because of illiteracy!

He cannot stand on his own yet.

He still needs somebody's help.

I see. He cannot stand on his own?


These farmers?

Have you tried standing out there...

under the scorching
sun even for 15 minutes?

What are you doing?


I spent...

just one day carrying stones and
woods to build an embankment.

Just one day.

My body was ruined in just a few hours.

My limbs began to shake
as I ran out of breath.

This day...

turns into two days,

three days, four days,

ten days, a hundred days, then a year.

This bloody pus begins to grow new flesh,

then it rips open again repeatedly,

creating calluses all over the body.

All farmers have hundreds of calluses...

all over their bodies...

as they endure the
pain of their torn bodies!

And when the sun rises,

they go out to the field once again.

And what now?

Did you say they cannot stand on their own?

These people already stand on their own...

for the sake of their own lives...

and the livelihood of this entire kingdom!

How can you ask these people
to resort to an unlawful act?

I see.

Is this that so-called
power a princess can wield?

Is this the way of the Royal Family?

Then what?

Do you have another plan?

See? You do not.

Talking big without a plan.

Is that not more irresponsible?

The decision will be made tomorrow.

Find a way to save your
client until tomorrow...

or accept my offer.

You will have to make the call.

I heard that Lord Won's land lawsuit
would come to an end tomorrow.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Are you also going to watch it?

I do not own that much land,

neither am I interested in lawsuits.

I see.

Not all members of Hungu...

own much land.

No, Your Majesty.

That must mean...

that not all members of Hungu...

share the same opinion.

Left Councilor,

I am quite lonely.

Your Majesty.

(The last day of the lawsuit)

The tenant farmers are always the problem.

They should be grateful
for borrowing land...

and focus on their work.

They are cultivating
wastelands for no good reason.

My point exactly.

Having their own land...

does not make them noblemen.

They will only get to pay less land taxes.

What is the point of all this?

They speak nonsense after
eating all that expensive food.

That little tax...

is large enough to
determine our life and death.

The noblemen who have no clue
about the real world make the laws,

and we suffer the loss.

Magistrate Yoo.

I, Attorney Kang Han Soo,
have something to say to you.

What is it?

I will...

drop the lawsuit.

- What?
- What did he say?

What is he saying?

- What about us?
- That was so sudden.

You would drop the lawsuit?


I will drop it...

to turn everything back to normal.

Back to normal?

They carried soil and rocks to build
an embankment in a stranger's land.

So, I told them...

to get rid of all of it.

If you get rid of it...

Oh, no. My land.

My land. Where is it?

My land!

My land!


Give me back my land.

My fertile land.

You scumbag.

What have you done?

I merely got it back
to the way it had been.


You can start over from scratch.

Just like my brother did!


Oh, my land...

Let us see.

About nine months ago,

you registered the cultivation
in February. So, you have...

about 2 years and 3 months remaining.

Do you think you can make it?

Lord Won, to cultivate
the land from scratch,

we must hire servants.

What servants? Do you know
how expensive they are now?

What if you used the servants
working at your house?

Then who will do the housework?

Well, someone has to cultivate the land.

That is why I chose
Jung's land, to begin with.

If I were to pay my money...

to cultivate this land,

why would I be wasting
my time on this lawsuit?

Does that mean...

you meant to steal the land that
Jung had worked hard to cultivate?

I will give up on the land.

I see.

Will you?

(Land Deed)

Now, that land wholly
belongs to your family.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.


Attorney Kang, I am eternally grateful.

Do not mention it.

Thank you.

You wanted to put all of
us on the spot, and you did.

You did not get the princess's help,

and you managed to get...

my father criticized by
the members of Hungu.

But Chu Sal did not...

exactly reclaim the land
that his brother cultivated.

How come you used such a
reckless and radical method?

It was all his idea.

Even though it meant
losing all of his efforts,

he wanted to reclaim the land.

He also wanted to set a
precedent for future cases...

to prevent the farmers
from being victimized.

He was willing to risk it all,

and I finally saw the solution.


Do not tell me...

Yes, it was supposed to be a wetland.

We merely moved the stakes...

and told him that we had
destroyed the embankment,

and that stupid Lord Won bought it.

But how did he confuse
this land with that land?

Lord Won did not intend
on cultivating this land,

so he did not know the exact location.

He only had to think...

about how to take away this land.

What if you had gotten caught?

Beats me.

If he had,

he would have actually
destroyed the embankment.

What matters to Attorney Kang...

is not the immediate gains...

but the future of the farmers.

He could not let this lawsuit be...

a poor precedent for other tenant farmers.

Yes. Which would have made him desperate.

Have you ever thought about this?

What changes the world...

is not power.

Perhaps it is the people's genuine desire.

What all the Royal Court
and the Royal Family...

must do is...

to convince them that they will
be rewarded for their hard work.

How much is this?

Has Joseon...

established such trust with its people?

- So Ssal Bab...
- Grab this, Ssal Bab.

- Ssal Bab.
- Great job.

- Ssal Bab.
- There, there.

- Pick the brush.
- Pick the liquor.

- He might become a painter.
- Ssal Bab.

- You picked the brush?
- How nice.

- He has to pick the book.
- I know.

I will raise him to be a great man.

Right, I hope he draws nice paintings too.


I feel very embarrassed to say this myself,

but my sister-in-law and I
decided to name Ssal Bab...

Han Soo.

- What?
- What?

- What?
- What?

Can we?


What is wrong with everyone?

The other day, that newlywed wife...

You know Young Sil, right?

She also said when she
gave birth to her child,

she would name them Han Soo.


Then there might be a lot
of Han Soos in the future.

I wish they do not take
anything else after him.

I prepared a lot,

so eat up.

- Enjoy.
- Sure.

- Enjoy.
- There is not much, though.

- Is it good?
- It is great.

It is to die for. Nice job buying this.

Eat up.

So now, your sister-in-law...

I delivered the goods safely.

Good job.

Thanks to you,

I handled it very well...

on my own.

It certainly got me mad.

I am grateful,

Your Highness.

I am glad I was helpful.

But please just stick to one from now.

Whether it is hypocrisy...

or breaking our promise.

What is it?

Is it because of So Won... No.

I mean, Her Highness?


why do you have to be so mean to her?

Because she lied?

Or because she is the Princess?

Because she is putting herself in danger.


What is this?

According to His Majesty,

the new commissioner's issue was raised...

at the bar for middle-class
women and widows in Namchon.

That place may be Executive
Minister Yoo's source.

It seems...

Her Highness is the incarnation of revenge.

She wrote this to you
in the midst of all that.

Why is it that all the women I know...

do not care for themselves?

Women who?

My mother was like that her whole life.

The Princess and...

my Eun Soo.

- You are right.
- Gosh.

All the women you know...

are better than you.

Yes, they are better than you too.

Well, that is true.


I bet Eun Soo has a child by now.

Han Soo.

Do you not want to see
your nephew or niece?

Her child?

Want to go visit them?

- Her child?
- Yes.

- Should we? No.
- Yes.

Not yet.

Should we go sneak a look at them?



Her child...

Mother, Father.

You are watching...

over our Eun Soo, right?

Wait here.

What is going on?

Magistrate Yoo?

It is nothing.

Let us go inside.

(The animal scenes were filmed
under protection and safety.)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

My father is Kang Han Soo's enemy
who brought death to his parents.

You must be mistaken.

I promised the Princess...

to spare his life.


I will not show mercy again.

Do you know what I really detest?

Do not do it.

That marriage.

Your unnecessarily firm determination.

Your dangerous decisions.

I do not permit it.