Joseon Attorney (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - A Secret Exposed - full transcript

Han Soo looks deeper into Lord Kwon's case, and he finds out that a member of the Royal Family is involved in it. That leaves the King no choice but to cancel the new commissioner's appointment. Meanwhile, while trying to protect ...

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(All people, incidents, and
periods in this drama are fictitious.)

What are you doing over there?

Attorney Kang.

- My lord.
- It is you.

You two are now going around together.

I was asking him for a favor...

because I heard he was going
out to investigate Lord Kwon's case.

I wanted to go with him.

You can come to me and ask yourself.

Would she have come
to me if she could do that?

Well, it is...

That is why I am telling her...

there is no need to do this.

And I am saying that I do not mind.

You should just work for me.


Would it not be better
to be an assistant...

to the magistrate of
Hanseongbu than a mere attorney?

Only if you wish to die soon.

- Sorry?
- Sorry?

A woman of So Won's social status...

working officially for the
magistrate of Hanseongbu?

Once the Royal Court finds out,

my lord, you will not suffer
as you have many connections.

But what about So Won?

Yes, she will die.

Hence, if she must take
this rough and tough journey,

it will be much easier...

for her to take the journey with me.

Is that not the case?

I cannot bring any harm to you,

Magistrate Yoo.


You cannot bring any harm to him.

In that case, I will take...

this nuisance with me.

Have you been waiting for me?

I was worried because you suddenly left.

I wondered if something happened to you.

Please wait.

(Episode 10: A Secret Exposed)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

Was Chung Soon the last one to walk out...

of the outhouse that night?

Did you see anything else
that seemed suspicious?


Was the housekeeper truly
away from home that day?

I believe he was sent on an errand.

Must I know everything
about that man's day?

He said he must travel a long
way, so I made him some rice balls.

He is not the one you serve.

How come you made food for a housekeeper?

- I do as I am told as a servant.
- Come on.

But you were adored by Lord Kwon...

as his favorite.

Getting adored does not
change my social status.

Chung Soon often makes
such a slip of the tongue.

Did she do that often to your lord?

No, she could not do that to him,

but she often did that to the housekeeper.

They often bickered.

Bickering with the housekeeper.

She never learned any better.

I only spoke with her to
teach her proper manners.

Have you always known her?

By always,

do you mean the day she began to work here?

So she has not always worked here.

It does not matter.

She is just a servant girl
who has nothing to do with me.

About three months ago,
he brought Chung Soon...

from his friend's place.

Do you mean that family uptown...

where the housekeeper
went to run an errand?

Have you found the suspects?

At this point in time,

I am the most suspicious of you.

How can you say that?

You were the last one who
was in the outhouse with him.

And nobody else saw you...

come out of his room.

I did not kill my brother.

Please do not worry.

I will prove your innocence.

Now, please confirm if my
interrogation report is true,

then sign it.

(A report made after questioning is over)

Someone is here from the government office.

This way, please.

He is Magistrate Yoo of Hanseongbu.


Greetings, Magistrate Yoo.

Greetings, my lord.

Let us begin with the second exam.

(The second postmortem exam)

Attorney Kang and his team are
here, so we will not need more help.

If we get more people involved,
only rumors will spread further.

Yes, if you would do that.

I will assist with my utmost diligence.

Where is the deceased?

This way, please.

The depth and shape of the
scar on Lord Kwon's neck show...

he was not stabbed several times.

Rather, the attacker cut the
artery deep inside at once...

and took his life immediately.

It looks like the knife was...

about this long.

Any traces of resistance?

Almost none.

He could have been unable to fight
because he was completely drunk.

In that case,

the one who was last seen with
him would be the key suspect.

Have you received his family's testimonies?


Let us go out and continue to talk.

And find the weapon first.

Bring me every knife in this
house that is about half a foot long.

Yes, my lord.

Let us go.

There it is.

The murderer overpowered Lord Kwon...

and cut his carotid artery.

So, it is likely to be a man.

That leaves us with Kwon Myung
Woo, the servant, and the housekeeper.

Three suspects.

If he was drunk and asleep,

a woman could have done it as well.

People who could have
gotten close to his bed were...

Chung Soon or his wife.

No. These two have weak motives.

Lord Kwon's wife was only envious,

so it would be more natural for her
to kill Chung Soon, not Lord Kwon.

Plus, a widow in Joseon is...

lower than a servant.

And of Chung Soon?

If she no longer wanted to be a servant,

she should have run away instead.

If she gets caught after a murder,
she will be punished by death.

- It is too risky.
- That is right.

Also, why would she...

do something so foolish
right before her wedding?

The same goes for Jang Dol.

Lord Kwon Myung Woo did not have...

a reason to disgrace his
family before his appointment.



For now,

the housekeeper is the prime suspect.

What is the reason?

Yes, I looked into it,

and he had gambling problems...

and fell into a huge debt.

How are we missing
three sacks of rice again?

Do you think I am letting
you manage my storeroom...

to support your gambles?

A few days before the murder,

people have seen him
getting scolded by Lord Kwon.

The scenario could not be more obvious.


Did the housekeeper get
caught embezzling the money?

So, he held a grudge to...

But he was not in the house
on the day of the murder.


(From Lord Kwon)

He went uptown to run an errand.

Yes. That is the issue.

The issue.

Did you confirm it...

with Lord Kwon's friend uptown?

Maybe he remembered it
wrong or gave a false testimony.

Then, the housekeeper will
be the prime suspect again.

That is it. It is exactly
what I was thinking.

But why would Lord Kwon's
friend help the housekeeper?

That is also what I was thinking.


let them know what happened to him.


A few days before the accident, he came by.


Oh, that.

Yes, my lord.

Yes. We will keep our mouths shut.

Magistrate Yoo, we have found the weapon.

Come in.

It is Chung Soon's knife.

Chung Soon?

May I?


What is it?

Oh, it is nothing.

What are you doing? It was not
me. You got the wrong person!

Why would I kill my own master?

I am not insane!

- Let me go!
- Tie her up.

We will move her to
Hanseongbu first thing tomorrow.

My lord. I did not do it.

Please release me, my lord.

This is not fair.

I did not do it!


Please let me go.

It was not me. I feel wrongly accused.

Chung Soon is not the murderer.

If she was, she would not
have given me this so easily.

She would have hidden it or thrown it away.

Just like in Lord Chu's case.

Or she thought she might get
caught for cleaning the knife.

She might have wanted to
keep it as it was valuable.

Not as valuable as her life.

What if you are wrong?

I will take responsibility.

- How?
- How would you like me to?

Never bring So Won into your mess again.

It is unpleasant to see her with you.

And I am sure you know why.

You were really focused there.

How did it go?

I barely got one more day.

I will catch the true culprit tomorrow.

You surely like catching criminals.

No, I like you.

You know,

I am only asking because we have time.

It is not that important, though.

You and Magistrate Yoo seemed pretty close.

Did something grand happen
between the two of you...

that I am not aware of?


Oh, not really. It is just...

I told you last time...

that there were people who
were funding our merchant house.


Magistrate Yoo is one of them.

Oh, he is one of the three major patrons?


For how long? No, never mind.

How does one become a patron?

Every month? Every year?

Or rice and food in each season?

Why? Would you like to be one?

Even Magistrate Yoo can do it. Why not me?

I may not look it...

Well, in the middle class,

I am one of the people who made it.

Solve this case,

and you will be the most
successful among the middle class.

Then, you can start funding us.


I also need you to promise me.

What is it?

That if I give a lot of financial support,

you will not receive
help from Magistrate Yoo.

I do not want you to get hurt.

Whether you are with me...

or with Magistrate Yoo,

the executive minister will not like you.

So promise me...

that you will stay...

with whoever will keep you safe.

You have become a scaredy-cat.


At first, you were reckless and careless...

as if there was no tomorrow.

Still, I am glad.

You have become timid...

because you got something that precious.

And it means you now have tomorrow.

Do not worry.

Everything will be fine.

What you just said.

Does it mean that I do not
have to misunderstand...

your relationship with Magistrate Yoo?

I do not have to get the wrong idea, right?


It is good, then.

Were you concerned over that little thing?

That is...

merely anything.

- Chung Soon is the culprit?
- Yes.

Bloodstain was found on her silver knife.

And she confessed.

How could...

It cannot be.

Chung Soon committed murder? No way.

That vixen.

How dare she kill her master?


it is said there is...

an accomplice.

An accomplice?

She is being interrogated in confinement.

But she would not come clean.

Magistrate Yoo is interrogating
her more intensely...

to arrest the accomplice as well.

I doubt she will last long.

She will...

probably give in tonight.

Watch them closely.

Just do your job without making mistakes.

What are you looking at?

Be quiet.

Where did he go?


Darn you, Jang Dol.

Chung Soon, I mean!

How could you send
someone like her to our family?

Meanwhile, I made sure my
family kept their mouths shut...

so there would not be any rumors about you.

Calm down.

What about Chung Soon?

Chung Soon murdered my brother!


Bloodstain was found on her silver knife.

She cannot deny it now
that the weapon was found.

There is even an accomplice.

An accomplice?


It cannot be.

Where is she?


Who are you?

Who are you?

It was...

not the housekeeper.

My lord.

What brings you here at night?

I heard the culprit was
caught and came straight over.


who is this weirdo?

Who is he to be this rude to me?

And who are you?

Who are you...

that you came straight to the
shed as soon as you arrived?

I need your explanation.

How dare you?

Watch how you speak to him.

My lord,

he is the attorney in charge of this case.

His name is Kang Han Soo.

He is an attorney?

This is Lord Choongwon,

His Majesty's uncle.


His Majesty...

Greetings, my lord.

I am Attorney Kang Han Soo.

I am Dong Chi.

Lord Choongwon?

Yes, my uncle is...

known for being possessive and speculative.

He even engraves a
symbol on his items like that.

Once in drink,

he said my father took
the throne away from him...

and that if he had become King,

Joseon would have been...

a much better nation.

If Lord Choongwon is...

involved in this case...

We must stop it.

Of all cases,

why did you have to take one
with a huge figure involved in it?

What rotten luck.

Then why would Lord Kwon's
friend help the housekeeper?

About three months ago,
I brought Chung Soon...

from his house.

It was not about luck.

It was planned.

Who planned what?

Executive Minister...

Yoo Je Se.

He is trying to use this to
suppress the royal house.

Then are you saying we got fooled around...

in a plan that he set up
to mess with His Majesty?


Let us quit right away.

Even if we keep digging up,

it will only play in favor
of the executive minister.

Big Brother. Hey, Han Soo!

Have you still not heard
anything from Kang Han Soo?

No, Your Majesty.

Will you continue to investigate?

Investigate what?

The culprit has already been caught, no?

The real culprit...

is still out there.

What was that?

However, reveal the real culprit,

and you will get dismissed
from your hard-earned position...

and might experience...

much worse situations than that.

Do not tell me...

the one who killed my brother...

Is it...


Are you going to bury it like this?

Or will you reveal the truth?

That nobleman thinks highly of honor.

He will do anything to
catch his old brother's killer...

and discover the truth.

That feeling of his will
provoke Han Soo's ambition.

Yet again, my son and Princess Yeon Joo...

will try to cover up that incident.

Seeing them fight against each other...

is going to be very entertaining.

The culprit...

is the servant Chung Soon.

I will report so to the superior office.

You cannot do that.

Did you not promise to give me
time until the real culprit is caught?

The servant already confessed.

Excuse me?

Why did she run away if
she were not the culprit?

Wait. The servant ran away?

- Tie her.
- Hold on.

No. Why are you doing this to me?

I confirmed it.

She disappeared with all
her belongings in her place.

Running away is regarded
the same as a confession. So...

No. Even if the suspect of
a murder case runs away,

you cannot end the investigation
unless you question and hear...

a clear confession from the
culprit. You know that, do you not?

What is with you two?

Answer me. What is it?

I heard Lord Choongwon was involved.

It was that? So what?

You are trying to end the case...

before Lord Choongwon gets dragged in?

Regardless of what
happens to the servant...

and who cares about the truth, yes?

Even she is liable for running away.

What is more, the one who
requested the case was the King.


The servant must have
run away for a good reason.

She could not trust anyone.

She knew what you, the judge, were like.

And you.

Come with me.

That little...

I get that you want to do anything...

for my sake and to protect me.

But that is enough. Why go overboard?

I came to see Magistrate Yoo because...

I am telling you not to lose your belief.

What you think is right...

and the values you want to
protect. Do not give up on them.

All right, fine. So what if
the King requested the case?

Turn a blind eye to the innocent?

Cover up the truth?

Even if I do those, you should not.

If the King falters, the executive
minister will gain more power.

All the hard work will become useless.

But why?

Why are you the one worrying
about such a bloody situation?

It makes me upset.

Revenge or whatnot, I will do it.

It will only be my hands that
will do the bloody and evil jobs.

Live like you always have, So Won.

Do not become a mess.

It seems Kang Han Soo has changed a lot.

But it is the Princess...

who has changed more politically.

(In Mourning)

Are you going to bury it like this?

Or will you reveal the truth?

Enjoy the drinks.

- Gosh, thank you.
- Here.


Born as the son of a judicial officer,

you were familiar with the Book of the Law.

- And so, you became an attorney?
- Yes.

That is strange.

Why did you not become a judicial officer?

Goodness. I could not dare dream...

of a public post with my lowly skills.

Come on.

You proved your utmost skills...

by settling the recent case.

You praise me too much.


Let me pour you a glass.

By the way,

why did you think the
servant was the culprit?

Because of that silver knife?

Your eyes are filled with doubts, my lord.

There was no motive, was there?

I heard the motive was most
important in a murder case.

That is true. So...

honestly, I suspected the housekeeper.

And I do still feel a bit restless.

Since we are on the topic,

did the housekeeper...

truly sleep at your house that night?

Why are you suspecting the housekeeper?

The housekeeper has a good reputation...

as he spends money liberally on others.

However, he was a huge fan of gambling.

And such a man was in charge
of Lord Kwon's housework.

I see!

So he took Lord Kwon's property in secret.


he had his pride.


He was put to shame by Lord Kwon...

in front of his juniors.

Furious, I doubt he
had a good night's sleep.

He would have gotten personal revenge,

and his debt would have vanished.

In short, Lord Kwon's death...

was killing two birds
with one stone to him.

That is it.

This is truly interesting.

- Here.
- Thank you.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Now, in that case,

how will you explain
Chung Soon's silver knife?


I have this strong feeling
that it was the housekeeper,

but the evidence leads me to Chung Soon.

Here is my answer.


What is that?

I mean that...

they were in a relationship.

What is your reason?

Chung Soon handed that knife
to me without an inch of suspicion.

It means she had no idea it
was the weapon of his murder.

Also, that silver knife was
ornamented in fancy jewels.

The housekeeper must have
bought it because he is quite generous.

If the silver knife was used as a weapon...

without her knowledge,

then made its way back
without her knowledge,

it means they were quite close...


They had an absolutely
intimate relationship.

I knew it.

You are an interesting fellow.

- Now.
- Yes?

- Have another drink.
- Sure.

I am forever grateful
for your consideration...

of a petty man like me.

Although I am grateful,

there is...

one problem that had been
bothering me from the start.

What is it?

That Chung Soon began
to work for this family...

only a few months ago,

but she was already known by
everyone as the most adored.

Which means she could not have
been adored by the late Lord Kwon.

In that case,

by whom...

was she...

adored by?

Like this.

Chung Soon.

Come and sit with me for a drink.

The most adored?

How was she the most adored by you?

How dare you do this to my Chung Soon?

Do you think I left you in
charge of my finances...

for you to use it to gamble?

He is putting you through so
much trouble to send an inkstone.

Lord Kwon can be quite cruel.

It is all right.

He sent this with me
because this is quite precious.


I have good discernment
of people's character.

He may seem like a good man
who cares about his neighbors,

but deep inside, he can be very petty.

Do you think that is
why I left you in charge?

He does have that side.

Let me see.

I would like to run over and surprise him.

Do you know how I can get
inside without anybody noticing?

Of course.

I know every way in or out of that house.

I see.

This is not good.

Even if we left now, by the time I arrived,

he would be completely wasted.

He would not even notice
if someone abducted him.

Is that not so?


I mean that...

everyone will think you
were at my place tonight.

Do you...

understand what I mean?

I understand.

I thought she now belonged to Lord Kwon.

You darned jerk.

How dare you?

How dare a man like you steal what is mine?

How dare you?

How dare you?

What are you doing?

He is the man who killed Lord Kwon.

Arrest him!

I did it because he told me to!

You were the one who told me...

to kill Lord Kwon!

What did you say? You!

That is enough.


He is one of the royal family.

I will escort him.

What are you doing? Escort him now.

Good work.

Let us go.

Do you wish to let Lord Choongwon live?

Is that...

a matter of choice?

It is a matter of choice for me.

Lord Choongwon has
committed a grave crime...

of instigating another man's murder.

But the funny thing
is, the law of Joseon...

does not name a crime of such nature...

or its punishment.

When a crime is not named...

in the law to punish a criminal,

a new precedent is to be made...

under the King's judgment.

Of course, the public sentiment...

plays a significant part in that decision.

Just as how Your Majesty was
helped by the Sarim and scholars...

when you decided to execute
Chu Young Woo's son, Dae Sung.

The moment this case becomes publicized,

I will have the Hungu...

intercede to punish Lord
Choongwon severely.

I will make it happen.

So his innocence or conviction is...

in your hands?

Everything that happens in Joseon is...

in my hands.

What would you have me do?

Cancel Kwon Myung Woo's appointment...

and never bring up...

abolishing the Minister Committee again.

How can I blame him for the death...

of his family?

Kwon Myung Woo is exactly the one to blame.

He's been the one to
blame since the moment...

Lord Choongwon decided to murder Lord Kwon.

Lord Choongwon initially
went to Lord Kwon's house...

because he was furious to hear...

that his favorite servant
was getting married.

As soon as Kwon Myung Woo won the position,

he started hanging out
with the Sarim scholars...

and talked about his family matters.

And that news...

reached Lord Choongwon.

Do you believe...

that it is wise to appoint
such a careless person...

to a post with important duties?


You have more to tell us?

Grand Queen Dowager,

as the elder of the royal family,

you must fulfill your duty
and responsibility to the fullest.


your rude and impolite grandchildren...

who fear no one...

is also your responsibility.

Who do you mean?

I mean your favorite princess,

Princess Yeon Joo.

Why her?

Are you aware...

of who Princess Yeon
Joo spends time with...

and what she does with them?

Do as he asks, Your Majesty.


Not for Lord Choongwon.
It is for your own good.

Lord Choongwon's downfall
will be our humiliation.

It will also affect your authority.

Do not provoke him any further.

It is not time yet.


Chung Soon did not run away?


Are you lying to me after hiding her away?

To blame it all on her and close the case?

I did not want to let
Minister Yoo manipulate us.

You would think that
he was your arch-enemy,

not mine.

You asked me to be there
for the victimized people.

You wanted to exonerate them. So, why...

That was...

before I fell in love with you.


my priority is to protect you
from Executive Minister Yoo.

I do not regret it.

The murderer of Lord Kwon,

Housekeeper Cho, has been executed today.

(High Treason)

Lord Choongwon has been sent away...

as a punishment.

And I have realized...

that one could kill a person...

without getting blood on his
hands if you were powerful enough.

The housekeeper was...

also able to commit such a bold crime...

as someone like Lord
Choongwon had his back.

Yes, that is power.

Now, I also want...

to make use of that power.

I will marry Princess Yeon Joo.

When the preceding king...

wanted to have you marry Princess Yeon Joo,

his purpose was to keep me in check.


as soon as he passed away,

I broke the engagement between you two.

And you would be willing to marry her?

You would abandon...

wealth, glory, and your
duties for this state...

to be the husband of a mere princess?

You said that I could do anything I wanted.

If I cannot have the woman that I want,

what is the point of your power?


If you really want, do it.

I would rather revise the laws...

to allow the king's son-in-law
to be a government official.

It seems that will be faster.

You two seem different yet similar.

You have embraced Joseon in your heart,

and Ji Sun decided to embrace a woman.

He is a fool.

How about you consider
it a scholar's fidelity?

He has been keeping in mind...

the love and promise
he had since he was little.

All scholars end up
exploited by politicians...

just like your father.

That is why I want
him to be a politician...

rather than a scholar.

I will help you...

with whatever it may be...

if it is for you and Ji Sun.

I have dealt with it as
you ordered, my lord.

Please notify me when it is time.

It is the palace supply rights.

(Palace Supply Rights)

Thank you for your boundless generosity!

I have the princess's reply.

On the day of the next full moon,

she would like to see you at Wongak Temple.

I will be your damo.

Now do you believe that I mean it?

My So Won is so cool.

These shoes will take
you anywhere you want...

and help you go over any kinds of humps.

They will take you...

to a better and a more precious place.

I have changed after I met you.

So we promised...

to be each other's cheongsimhwan...

and to be together at all times.

All right.

I, you.

You, me.

We will wait for each other.

Your Highness.

Do not call me that.

I am So Won.

A girl who works at a merchant
house by Mapo Riverport.

I want to stick...

to being So Won for the rest of my life.

Whatever it is, do as you want.

I will be assisting you.

What are you doing here?

His Majesty sent an urgent message.

What the...

Do it.

Darn it.


It worked.


Where am I?



That man over there is Kang Han Soo.

- Arrest him.
- Yes, my lord.


Kang Han Soo.

You are under arrest for
murdering Lord Chu Young Woo.

What are you talking about?

Who killed whom?

The witness said he saw a man...

in a sky blue robe...

and a black hat roaming
around near the scene.

Even this weapon was found in your boat.

Do not play innocent.

He is not the culprit.

So Won.

He was with me the day Lord Chu died.


How dare you step in, woman?

Do not defend the murderer,

or your throat will be cut off.

Let go!

Back off.

Magistrate Yoo?

Your Highness.

Show your respect.

This is Princess Yeon Joo,
the daughter of the former King.

Greetings, Your Highness.

- Greetings, Your Highness.
- Greetings, Your Highness.

A princess?

(The animal scenes were filmed
under protection and safety.)

(Joseon Attorney: A Morality)

Just what does he mean to you...

that you are taking this far?


have promised to protect him.

I will marry Her Highness.

You once told me to make use of you.

May I do that?

I have something to tell you.

Are you going to keep making a fool of me?

You are not a miracle, but a curse to me.

We are ill-fated.