Joan of Arcadia (2003–2005): Season 2, Episode 20 - Spring Cleaning - full transcript

I need a head count for dinner.

Sounds expensive.

Double-cut lamb chops.
They were on sale.

Ooh, then I'm in
and I'm grilling.

- Also present.
- Got a date.

Unless I can bring her.

Lily? Of course.

Maybe I'll wait until you
stop saying her name

in a voice only dogs can hear.

Up to you.


I'm passing on Bambi tonight.
But thanks.

Bambi was a venison.

Thumper then.

Uh, rabbit.

Whatever. I'm skipping dinner.

You can't isolate yourself
at a time like this

and you definitely can't stop eating.

Time like what?

Hum, she and Adam.

She dumped Rove.

I had a very good reason.

A very good reason I can't disclose.

Did it involve a wardrobe malfunction?

Well, it didn't involve
a member of the clergy.

What does that mean?

Kevin's cavorting with a nun.

Huh, ex-nun.

I don't like the dating years.

I'll go.

Why not? Maybe I'll get kidnapped.

He's not the only fish in the sea.

Some day you'll look back
at this and laugh.

- He doesn't deserve you!
- Ok, just stop.

- Yeah.
- Good morning.

Am I speaking to the lady of the house?

Of course I am, and what a lovely lady.

How are you this fine spring morning?

What I have to show you
today may change your life.

Well, at least it'll change your carpet.

I see you don't have a carpet.

This works equally well on
hardwood floors, area rugs,

upholstery, you name it, Joan.

Come here.

All those churches, and God
still has to go door to door.

When I say clean, I'm not talking tidy.

Can we just get to it?

I know you're hurting.

You need to do something about that.

And I'm sure you have
a really great suggestion.

You need to clean.

Clean what?

What needs cleaning?

Well, I already dumped
my cheating boyfriend.
That's not clean enough for you?

Cleaning is a process of discovery.

It changes your perception,

and it makes things smell good.

I don't even know where to start.

Start anywhere.

Just clean.

It's therapeutic.

Can I just go to therapy?

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Season 2 - episode 20
Spring cleaning

According to study results
put out by Harvard,

Joan and Adam had 5 of the 8 positive
predictors of a successful relationship.

Looks like a nautical theme for spring.

Can't get enough of that look.

Shared common interests,
proud of their connection...

Velour? Why are we giving
that another chance?

Confided in each other,
I mean, easily resolved conflicts.

Probably held a similar, you know,
socio-political belief system.

Dude, Rove was
putting it around.

I don't want
to know that.

Ugh! God, do I have
to beat him up now?

Heh! Sure, why not throw
pugilism into the pot.

This freaks me out.

- Why are you not freaked out?
- Why would I be?

It's how dating works.

We're dating.
We're not like that.

- Yet.
- Grace...

look, we're not really dating, we're...

making out.

- We have a relationship.
- An arrangement.

Whatever. The point is,

they had way more going for them
in terms of compatibility

and they're over, which just,
you know, makes you think.

Not me.

Oh, now that is a good use of a cow.


We're not discussing this anymore,
dude, we're looking at a jacket.

Tell me that's not the coolest
jacket in the world.

It's nice.

They're not us, ok?

- Hi.
- Hey.

I'm dropping out of
physics study group.


'Cause I thought it might
make things easier on you.

Easier on me? Please.

Don't do me any favors. Really,
you've done enough.

Great. Glad to see you've moved on.

Moved on?!

Moved on?! I am so far moved on,
I'm invisible!

That's how moved on
I am!

Physics, I presume?

Not really. Heh.

Just don't bring it to class.

Keep it in your own magnetic field.

Break-ups are the worst.

I have some scars myself.

Stacy Ann Beesom. Sophomore year.

I sometimes imagine her
getting caught in a ceiling fan.

Guidance counselor who's still
hung up on his high school girlfriend.

- Not encouraging.
- Oh, no, I...

I've been trounced on
way more recently. It's just...

too raw to discuss.

I guess I just need to adjust,
but thanks for listening.

Listen, high school boys are
just hormones with car keys.

They can't help themselves.
I know. I was one.

I wish I could find that comforting.

Hey, you know I am always around.

- You want to call me, day or nigh...
- I know,

I'll hit you on your cell.

Wow, now I'm a routine.

No, no. It's nice.
Thank you.

I mean it,

any time. It's...

what I do.

Watch it.

Floor's wet.

You know, if I were God,
I'd give myself better jobs.

How do you know this job isn't fun.

You haven't tried it.

I picked up.

I told you, I'm not talking
about being tidy.

I'm talking about really getting in there

where the real dirt lives.

Just lifting up the rock

- and looking underneath it.
- Could you please

not wave that thing around?
I feel diphtheria coming on.


you can't get clean until
you get your hands dirty.

That's all I'm saying.

Ok, that is never all you're saying.

And don't do the wave.
I am so over the wave.

Sorry, johnny is such
a hard name to remember.

So easy to forget.

Johnny. There.
See you later...

I want to live when it was ok
to have hips and smoke.

Oh, here.

Hold on.

W-w-wait, there's like
tippy hair on there.

- Sorry.
- That's ok.


No, you're not bothering us.

Ginger, I keep forgetting
you're even here. Ok?

Don't worry about it.


How... how can you understand her?

What do you mean?

Well, nothing, I guess.

But does she ever leave?

The apartment?

She's agoraphobic. You know,
afraid of the world.

How do you deal with that?

You kidding?

I used to live in a convent, ok?

What's one phobic roommate who mumbles?


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I would love some tea.

- Kevin, you want some?
- Uh, no, thank you.


Wait a minute,
so she like never leaves?

Well, she left once last year.
Fire drill.

So I'm going to have to set a fire
for us to be alone?

Uh, have you ever thought
about getting your own place?

God, that was rhetorical,
but you really haven't.

Yeah, someday, sure,

but there are practical
things to consider.

There's considerations
that are practical.



You... you make more money than I do.

- And...other stuff.
- Uh...

You're gonna make me say it. Ok.

I have to have help.

Ok, there are all kinds of
county programs for in-home care.

You seriously have
never thought about it?

Well, I never really had to before now.

Ok, but you can't live
with your parents forever. I mean,

it is very sexy and all,
but I don't know.

- You are a very obnoxious nun.
- I know...

Um... the tea, the tea.

Oh, great. Tea. Thank you.

- Great.
- Mmm, um... sorry... mm.

What are you doing?

Just a little spring cleaning.

No really.

Mom, you say that like I never clean.

Should I be worried?

No, I'm fine.

It's therapeutic.

No, don't step on
the return pile, please.

That all goes back
to Tuckman.

What, you... you have Tuckman's stuff?


Loans me books and cds.

He's trying to be part
of the youth culture.

Is that appropriate?

He's just trying to be cool, mom.
He's a goof.

Hey, is this yours?

That's my mother's cameo.

Well, I almost threw it out.


honey, I'm here if you want to talk.

This is your first big breakup and...

I don't want to talk.

This is helping.

Driving away from the wreck of the day

and the light's always red
in the rear-view

passed really close to a coffin of hope

I cheat destiny just to be near you

and if this is giving up

then I'm giving up

if this is giving up

then I'm giving up
giving up

on love
on love

driving away from the wreck of the day

and I'm thinking about calling on Jesus

'cause love doesn't hurt
so I know I'm not falling in love

I'm just falling to pieces

and if this is giving up

then I'm giving up

if this is giving up

then I'm giving up
giving up

on love
on love


What's that?

It's your stuff. I thought you'd
want it back.


Spring cleaning.

It's therapeutic.

But I made all that for you.

Ahem, yeah, right, but it's yours.

You know, it's your art.

I thought you'd want
to give it to someone else.

Not, like, another girl,
but, you know, uh...

maybe for a gallery in the future...

or something.

See you around.

- Helen, what is it?
- It's Kevin.

Oh my god.

Is... is he ok? What happened?

I got inspired by Joan's spring cleaning,

so I decided to clean Kevin's room
as a little surprise to him,

and I found this.

I... don't get it.

Those are ads for
single bedroom apartments

circled in red.

Help me. I'm a man.

Kevin's looking for an apartment.


He's thinking about moving out.

Well, that's good.

- Good?!
- It...

means he's feeling more independent.

Well, honestly,

ok, it's about sex.

He's 21.

With Lily, the ex-nun.

He's getting an apartment
so he can be with her in the apartment.

I don't know what to say.

Well, he can't be
on his own, Will.


did you really think
he was gonna be with us forever?

And is that really what you want?

- Forget it!
- Helen.

Oh! Ooh, Mr. Tuckman, sorry.

I thought you were at lunch.
I was just gonna leave these.

- Joan, I'm with a student.
- Yeah. I'll be quick.

I just was cleaning out my closet,

and I found a bunch of stuff
that you lent me:

Badly drawn boy... loved it.

Leonard Cohen needed a therapist.

- Just leave it right there.
- Oh, now this:

The love poems of E.E. Cummings.

I thought he was all about typos.
This stuff is amazing.

E.E. Cummings?

Oh. Well, I'm... I'm sorry.
You just said, "any time," so...


What was that?

That was a troubled student.

I didn't know you
actually counseled people.


- She's gonna be ok?
- I think so.

I think so.

It's really up to her, isn't it,

us being the architect
of our own reality and all?

What about you?

Are you ok?


Yeah. Um.

- Thanks for the stuff.
- Anytime.

Look, ok, dude, I know that superman
eventually learned to control his powers,

but I'm just saying that the first
few times that he took a leak,

I mean, he must've just
blown apart the porcelain.

Yo, astroboy, wait up!

That's for you.

- For me?
- Wear it.

Dude, put it on.

I can't just decide
to wear leather and do it.

Right, you have to own it first.

You gonna let it intimidate you?

No. You tell it who's boss.

- She gave me a gift.
- Right.

She's never done that before.

Exactly. So you have no choice.

It's all about attitude, anyway.
That's the whole thing.


Ahem. Attitude and a little
tailoring, maybe.

I may need a little time.

And time.

Time will help.

The laws of physics are immutable,

are they not,
noble warriors?

The answer...

They are until they aren't!

Copernicus said that the earth
was not the center of the universe.

They nearly killed him.

Likewise, Newton said that white light
contains all the colors of the spectrum.

People jumped off buildings to
avoid engaging in such a reality.

Kierkegaard said that in order
to build an hypothesis,

worth trusting, we must first
tear down all existing thought,

which can get pretty messy.

Is he rocking?

I think he's rocking.

It's not just his moving out,

and it's not just an
"overprotective mother" thing.

There are issues.

Kevin has special needs.

- And not just the special needs
she's thinking about.
- Helen.

perhaps you should be
discussing this with Will.

I tried. I really did, but he's a man.

And you're a man, too,
but a different kind of man.

- She's a nun.
- Ex-nun.

And she's older than he is.

I feel like she's influencing him.

That must be difficult for you.

So my point is, do you
think you could talk to her?

- About her love life?
- Mm.

No. I feel intensely uncomfortable
talking to you about it.

Why? You're a priest!

I'm sorry.

You hear everything.

I really don't hear
this particular dilemma very much.

When was the last time you and Will
had a chance to sit and

discuss things like this...

- as a couple?
- What things?

I'm talking about empty nest syndrome.

This is not empty nest syndrome.

It's a real thing. People go through it.

Maybe some counseling would be good.
That's all I'm saying.

You know what? This isn't helpful.

I'm sorry.

Ehh... do me a favor and
don't introduce me to any more nuns.

Not a problem.

Please, have a seat, Ms. Girardi.

I didn't do anything... I swear.

Ms. Girardi, Mr. Tuckman is your
college advisor, is that correct?


And have you been spending a lot of
time with him as a consequence?

More than I used to.

Because I decided to go
to college and all,

uh... he's been giving me guidance.

What's this all about?

And did Mr. Tuckman give you a book
of love poems and other personal items?

Love poems?

Those things I saw in your room.

Oh, that... ehh! That was just stuff.

You know, it was just...
some cds and books, but I gave it back.

But what we're worried about is whether
or not Mr. Tuckman has been, ahh...

inappropriate with you.


Gross. Mom, are you kidding me?

Ahem! Do you know Chelsea Burnett?

Ahem. Yeah,
I know who she is.

She claims that he lured her
into an intimate relationship

and that she's not the only one.

She says he's also involved with you.

That's nuts.

She's... crazy.

I... went to Tuckman's office
to return that stuff,

and Chelsea was in there.
She was crying and...

oh, no. She totally got the wrong idea

because I cleaned out my closet.


I'm gonna have to take your word
for it at this point.

There will be an investigation. We'll...

need to talk to you again then.

All right, you may go.

or... like this. All wrong,
never get anywhere.

The active ingredient
is oxygen, but then, you know that.

Thanks for the great advice, as usual.

People get comfortable with mess.
It starts to look normal to them.

When you move it around, dust flies.

It has to get worse
before it gets better.

Great, and I'll bet it hurts
you more than it hurts me.

The point is, Joan:
don't stop cleaning.

It's just a mess.

All a mess needs is some tension,
some effort, a little vision.

Before you know it,
you'll start to see daylight.

You know, technically speaking,
it's not even my mess.

We're all in this together.

There's never been a stain
that can't be removed.

All you have to do is
roll up your sleeves...

Ahh, that feels good.

And start scrubbing.

Because the longer you ignore a mess,
the bigger it gets.


Ok, what I like is low-maintenance tenants

on account of I work on my...
poetry during the day.

Uh...has this place
ever really been cleaned?

I mean with real cleaning products?

Whoa! I'm sensing hostility.

Uh, look, I'm just saying, but, uh, what?

No extra charge for the mold?

Hey, look, if you're gonna be

you know what? Don't worry.

All right? I'm not living here.

Yeah, but you're staying here,
and I want you to be comfortable.

I'm...staying here?

What? You're not staying here?

You assumed that I'm...going
to be spending the night?

You want to move on to the kitchen?
There's a brand-new garbage disposal.

I thought that was kinda the point.

The... the point?

Hey, you guys need
some personal space?

You assumed that this was about sex?

Ok, I'm, uh... just gonna head back.

Well, what was I supposed to think?

Uh... try anything... I mean,
anything else.

A grown-up move or
a right of passage. I mean...

anything but a nookie palace.

Point of adulthood: people don't
actually say, "nookie palace."

Point of respect...

this is a huge and humiliating
assumption on your part.

It never occurred to you that this subject
might be a little difficult for me,

that we should have a serious
talk about it because...

it's something that I haven't
confronted before?

Oh, this is... this is a bad idea.

I only need a minute.

- Were you followed?
- Let me in. I can help you.

Welcome to my nightmare.

I've been engaged
in some primo soul-searching.

Shove aside the polyhydrogenated
treat of your choice and have a seat.

Mr. Tuckman, I just wanted you to know
that I believe you and I defended you.

I don't know why Chelsea
got me involved with this, but

I feel responsible,
and I want to help you...

clean up.

It was bound to happen eventually.

- So you really are
having a thing with her?
- Of course not.

She's a child.

I'm a grown man, Joan.

What happened?

Well, Chelsea's a disturbed girl.

That's why I was counseling her.

She was having
debilitating anxiety attacks.

Somewhere along in there, she became
convinced that she was in love with me.

I couldn't talk her out of it.
I tried.

I probably should have just
walked away, but, oh, no!

Dana Tuckman to the rescue.
You want some tea,

a coke, or something?

The point is, this is all just
a huge misunderstanding.

It's a mess, Mr. Tuckman,

and all a mess needs is...

is a little vision,
a little attention, a little effort.

Before you know it,
it'll all be cleaned up.

So what I think we need to do
is make a list of references,

you know, kids who will
vouch for you, adults, too.

Do you happen to have a girlfriend?

Or an ex-girlfriend, maybe
someone who will

you know, give a reference
on your behalf?

- Just Elaine.
- Elaine, great.

She won't do it. She resents me.

- Well, Elaine who?
- Lischak.

"Lischak", as in "Ms. Lischak"?


You dated Ms. Lischak?

Dated her?

I adored her.

I revered her.

Well, what happened?

She dumped me over the summer.


She said I didn't act my age.

Could you go now?
My mom's gonna be home soon.

Ok. So you guys had
an actual relationship.

My hair was too long.

She didn't like the earring.
She had a list.

They always have a list.

No, the point is,

Ms. Lischak knows that you're not
into hitting on students.

I mean, you're obviously
into older women, right?

What is she, like,
20 years older than you?


- You really have no sense
of chronology, do you?
- All I'm saying

is that maybe we can get her to
testify on your behalf.

I think it's better if
we just leave it alone, ok?

- If you ignore a mess,
it only gets bigger.
- Ok

I'll do all the advising around here.

Look, I know what
you all think about me.

You think I'm a loser.

You think I've abandoned
all my promise and my dreams

and I'm just slumming it.

I'm acting like a kid because I'm too
afraid to fit into the adult world.

Well, you know what?

You're absolutely right.

And what you're witnessing is the
natural conclusion to a misspent life.

It's over.

- How can you say that? You're only 30.
- 29.

Mr. Tuckman,

there is no such thing
as a stain that can't be removed!


Dana! I told you to bring
the trash cans around!

- Can you slip out the back, please?
- Will you just think about it?

- Please? Please?
- Will you just...

just think about it.

Dana, how many times must I ask you
to do things around the house?

And you left the cereal
bowls in the sink again.

- Are you mad at me?
- I'm not.

- Because it feels...
- I'm not mad.


But if you were,
what would you be mad about?

Good morning.

Am I interrupting?

- No. Of course not.
- Not at all.

I'm kind of low on laundry.


Yeah. I'm wearing pink socks.

Well, pink is the new black.

But seriously, I've got a business
meeting tomorrow.

What do you suppose other people do
when they run out of clean clothes?

I supposed they do their laundry,

which I've always volunteered
to do, but...

I don't mind doing it.

I'm trying to illustrate a point.

It's just something that you're not
accustomed to doing for yourself.

Look, I don't know how you found out,

but you don't have to
worry, 'cause I'm not moving out.

I thought about it and I
decided against it, so...

you'll have a gimp in your house
for a long time to come.

I'll just buy some socks.

Ms. Lischak?

Ms. Girardi.

No extra credit this term.
I've been very clear about that.

No, no. This is about something else.
It's about Mr. Tuckman.

Eh! Out of bounds.
Not for discussion.

But he's in trouble.
He needs your help.

Mr. Tuckman knows how to grow up.

He chooses not to,
which is why he's in the mess he's in.

It's up to him to crawl out of it.

You know, sometimes
when a person is in a mess,

they can't even see the mess.

It just keeps getting
bigger and bigger.

Juxtaposed coherent aggregates

vibrating in unison or harmonic ratio

are mutually attracted.


Tuckman has attracted this mess,
pulled it into his orbit.

No one else can fix it but him.

But according to unified field theory,

aren't we all in the same mess?


But it's just a theory.

Dismissed, grasshopper.


I've been looking for you.
I wanted to give you your stuff back.


In order to make room
for the stuff you gave back to me,

I had to clear some space out.

Frieda Calo?

Your airbrush pen?

Sea monkeys? I gave these to you.
I wanted you to have them.

And I did.

I had them and now I don't.

You know, I don't know, man.

Call me crazy but...

I think I could do boots next.

Whoa! Slow down, Icarus!

The wings are made
of wax, remember?

Look at that.

Walking ahead and with a swagger?

What have I done?

I don't know, but undo it.

I've tried. He won't
give the jacket back.

What is wrong with men? Are they
broken? Are they missing parts?

I don't know.

Like Tuckman.

How nuts is that?
And with chelsea Burnett?

She's totally bipolar.

No, no, no, no, no.
He didn't do it.

So why is he leaving?

- Leaving?
- Yeah. That's what I heard.

- They sent he and his earring packing.
- Oh, man.

Where are you going?


I just have to get it off my chest
that I don't want to be here.

I'm not a big fan
of therapists or priests.

I'm doing this to make my wife happy.

Your candor is appreciated.

- I have more where that came from.
- Will.

But I'll keep it to myself.

We're here because
as you know I've had...

some difficulty dealing
with some things lately.

- Kevin leaving.
- No. There's more to it than that.

As you know, Will and I had a hard year.

We had the lawsuit.
We had his boss.

I think I'm probably
still angry about all that.

And then the empty nest thing.

It's not an empty nest thing.

My nest is not empty,
so stop saying that.

It can't be that simple.

I think it is.

Listen to the priest, honey.

I was mean to him.

I didn't do his laundry.
I undermined him.

You tried to keep him home.

Like a child.

But how horrible is that?

It's just a thing that happens,
Helen, to a lot of people.

You'd be able to see that more clearly

if Kevin's situation weren't complicated.

You're gonna go through
some things with him

that are unrelated to his condition.

This is one of them.

Is he saying I'm normal?

- I hate that.
- I know.

I was gonna be so evolved.

I was gonna be thrilled to see my children

happy and independent,

ready to take on the world...
especially Kevin, and...

- to realize I don't want that?
- You do want that,

you just don't like it.

And then after he leaves,

Joan is gonna leave,
and then...

- then Luke is gonna leave.
- Let's

take them one at a time, ok?

Hey, what are you doing?

Hey! Packing up. What are you doing?

- They fired you?
- I resigned.

Chelsea recanted,
but I resigned anyway.

- Why?
- 'Cause I shouldn't be here.

- You showed me that.
- Well...

I didn't mean to show you that.

Underachieving, acting like a child,
my life was going nowhere,

and the thing is, I never would
have had the courage to face that

if this horrible thing hadn't
happened, so you know what?

Thank you for helping
make it horrible.

- Well, what are you gonna do now?
- I don't know.

You know, hit the road, follow my bliss,
all that Joseph Campbell stuff.

The truth is, I was afraid to try to
be great, so I settled for mediocre,

but once you hit rock bottom,
you lose your fear and it's fantastic.

Wow. Ok.

What about your mother?

Moving out.

-H ow is she taking it?
- She'll get over it.

when I tell her.

I'm telling her tonight.

Is it true?


Just tell me if it's true.

- Which part?
- You're quitting?

- going on the road,
throwing off the shackles?
- Shackle free.

- Leaving your mom?
- I'm telling her tonight.

- Haircut?
- Nope.

A little.

You're excused, Girardi.

Yeah. I'm gonna go.

Hey, you don't have to do that.

- I don't mind.
- No, no, no, mom, really.

I'm taking it to the fluff'n'fold.

I can afford it, and I have
to stop depending on you.

Kevin, I'm sorry about
the way I've been acting.

It's ok.

And I think you should move out.

Right now?


but soon.

When you're ready.

Now I have to leave before I cry.

Hey, can I ask you a question?


What do women want?

- Shoes.
- What else?

It's complicated.
I think you might have to spend

the rest of your life
figuring that one out.

I knew what they wanted in high school.

It's so different now. I mean...

what do I have to offer her
besides my wit and my... charm?

That's a given.

She wants to be respected,

listened to, understood.

She wants flowers.

She wants to laugh.

She wants to trust you.

She doesn't want to read your mind.

She wants to be valued for who she is.

And sometimes she wants you to just
shut up and stop trying to fix things.

This is going to be very difficult.



What happened?

Oh, this?

It's my new look.

I'm also wearing a ton of perfume

and I'll probably be saying things
like "no way" a lot.

I don't think you're being logical.
Have you looked in a mirror?

Oh, yeah! Kelly Green.

The preppy thing totally works for me.

Grace, you can't look like that.

How does it feel watching someone
you thought you knew

have a total personality transplant?

You gave me the jacket. I was trying to
make you happy.

Well, stop.

Because if you don't stop,
I'm gonna kill you.

Look, I panicked.

It was like you were saying
the whole Adam-Joan thing,

they're so much alike and
they didn't make it, and...

I over-thought it.

- You were worried...
- Leave it.

About losing me.

Drop the jacket, dude.
This conversation's over.

Ok. I'll take it off, but

I won't give it back.

What are you gonna do with it?

Just keep it around.

Like art.

Fair enough.

Turn around.
We're closed...

for everyone but God.

This won't take long.

I'm looking for a T.S. Eliot poem.

It starts,

"April is the cruelest month.

Breeding lilacs out of
the dead land, mixing mem..."

ooh! Here it is.

- The waste land.
- That's perfect for me.

It's like my life.

It's all about spring cleaning,

dragging things out into the light,

how hard it is to look at our own dirt,

how comfortable it is to be in denial.

The idea about april being
the cruelest month...

cruel in its beauty,

cruel in its insistence
upon resurrection.

You know what? I'm not
even annoyed with You.

I'm glad I helped up and...

I can even admit that You were right.
How's that for progress?

Well, it's good, but
you're not finished.

Yeah. I know.

I know I am never finished.

I get that You're not ever going away.

I mean with the cleaning.

There's still a big stain
on your carpet.

Have You seen my room?

You could eat off the floor.

You could perform surgery.

It's not in your room, Joan.

Then where is it?

You know.

Yeah. Yes, I do know. I just like
the sound of my own confusion.

You know where it is.

It still feels unclean.

It's like... spiritual
spinach in your teeth.

Clean it up, Joan.

You'll feel better.

That's what you were doing
the first time I came here.

Remember that?

How much it freaked you out?

You made me nervous.


'Cause I liked you so much.

I didn't think you could
ever like me, so...

well, you were wrong.


I brought my stuff back.

I want all the things
that you made for me.

Maybe I earned them.

You know I thought I was...

cleaning you out of my life

so I could move on.

But the real mess
wasn't the stuff. It was...

it was being mad at you...

and letting it get so big that
I couldn't appreciate what we had.

I don't want to lose that, you know.

Me neither.


Thank you.

Good night, then.

Good night.