Joan of Arcadia (2003–2005): Season 1, Episode 5 - Just Say No - full transcript

God asks Joan to hold a yard sale. While Will gets involved in a pending rape case, Joan's mother is reminded of an unpleasant piece of her past. Kevin gets a job as a fact checker at a local paper but reacts badly when he overhears some of the staff discussing him & his disability. Meanwhile a suave young radio DJ from the high school flirts with Joan.

Are she insane, what about the hat ?

She looks like she's going bald.

Oh, hold on one second. Hello? Hey, Adam. I can't talk right now. I'm mocking people in magazines.

Give me 20 minutes mocking time. I should be done by then. Ok. Bye.

Hey, I'm back. I gotta go. I'm privacy impaired. I'll talk to you later.

It's late. It's a school night.

I'm a big girl.

I meant me. Talking is too loud. The music is too loud. Everything needs to be less loud.

Got it.

I get to know who you're talking to on the internet. Dr. Phil is very clear on this point.

Elyse, Sophie, Rhonda, and Dakota. All girl names. Happy?


Night, mom. Good night.

That was Adam rove on the phone?


You've been talking to him a lot lately. I mean, at school.

Yeah, well, if you weren't there, you wouldn't have to confront these horrible truths.

He's an interesting boy. I mean, for a friend... if he's a friend. Or, if he's more, um, well, then... he's less interesting if he's more.

Good night, mom.

Joan, I miss talking to you.

Mom, please don't do this right now. it's late. I still have homework I have to do, which is what I have to talk to Adam about, and besides, you know, it... ecch.


Yeah, talking to your mother when you're 16. I mean, even the good ones. It's--it's creepy, ok? Good night.


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Friedman says that algoritmic mathematics were found by the egyptians for, you know, Selling sheep.

But the whole system is irrelevant after dialectical mathematics. I'm like, Friedman, the Egyptians weren't about selling sheep...

and the Greeks think they're so hot with their...with their logical displays of true or false, but let's face it,

algorithmic mathematics were not replaced by the dialectical system, and there's a very good reason for that.

You are never, ever gonna get a girlfriend.

No, no, that's not the point. The point is I'm right about algorithmic mathematics.

Great. So ask Isaac Newton to the prom.

Sure, if he was a girl...and alive.

You know, he actually looked a lot like a girl.

Hey, hey. Don't bag on "the newt".

Excuse me. Could you just hold this for me? Don't make me shriek.

But... what is that? That's my address.

Then you must be having a yard sale on Saturday.

I'll meet you there, ok? Yell if the bus comes. Bye. That was close. Why didn't he see you?

He did. Just didn't notice me. That happens a lot. So, about this yard sale...

oh, ok, yeah, like, pulling all your embarrassing stuff out of the garage and putting it on the front lawn for your neighbours to ponder?

That's what I mean.

Ok, look... you wanted a boat, I built you a boat.

Half a boat, and you saw why I wanted it.

I'm not saying that it wasn't cool. It's just that while I'm doing all this, I'm also in school

and just trying to do better and occasionally, you know, entertaining the possibility of having a personal life

and maybe even a boyfriend. Do you understand the concept of time management?

Well, I don't care much about time. That's one of your innovations. But here's what I'm wondering, Joan.

when are you gonna get it? That whenever I ask you to do something, it's for your best interest.

The point is, I cannot have a yard sale on Saturday.

Then don't have a yard sale on Saturday.

This is gonna get old real soon.

Chief, the people from the arcadia herald keep calling. You agreed to an interview?

- That's today?
- That's tonight, at your house.

- Chief, I need you.
- Good morning, Michael.

- Look over my shoulder. See the distraught woman over there?
- Yes, I do.

I worked her case 4 months ago before I transferred to homicide. Guy took her home from a party, raped her, beat her up.

Somebody found her wandering around downtown dazed and confused.

They thought she was on something, called the cops. Breathalysed her.

Breathalysed the rape victim?

They didn't know she was the rape victim. Determined she was drinking, but not drunk,

drove her down to the station, and that's where I came in.

You made an arrest?

Yeah. Yeah, DNA checked out. Guy made bail. Everybody's just waiting on the trial.

What's the problem?

She's tired of waiting on the trial.

- What's her name?
- Sarah Bonner.

Ms. Bonner? I'm Will Girardi.

You're in charge here?

Yes, I am. I'm chief of police. Please, sit down.

I'm not the kind of person who likes to make trouble.

I tried to be patient, but I've called the D.A.'S office every other week, and they never give me a straight answer.

I appreciate your frustration. Even though it's filed, the D.A. Has to prepare the case and agree to a court date.

Chances are it didn't make it to his desk yet.

The man who did this to me is a monster. Why is this low down on someone's priority list?

I genuinely don't believe it is. If your case is backed up, it's because this kind of thing happens far too frequently.

You do understand that this really isn't a police matter anymore? I mean, once we've written the report and sent it over to the D.A.,...

You know, I don't care about any of that. I just want something to happen, and I'm not gonna shut up until it does.

Here's what I can do. I can contact the district attorney and inquire about the status of your case.

I'll get back to you as soon as I know anything. All right? I'M... very sorry about what happened to you.

You just make sure that 12 people are equally sorry. Then I'll be impressed.

Making a battery from scratch. How did Lishak know that's exactly what I wanna do in life?

Cha! Me, too.

Cool, only I'm kidding.

Mmm, maternal unit, 11:00. That ever weird you out?

No, no. No, it's great. Why would I want a private life?

Yo, Adam Rove. Checked out your stuff, dig it. I wanna punch it on my show.

Where'd you get this?

I lifted it out of your backpack during the STD film in health class. You were riveted.

That was a bogus move.

It's all in the interest of making you famous, yo.

I thought you gave up on music.

He doesn't have any music. He samples nature sounds. Crickets having sex, something that he and only other crickets get off on.

We haven't met. I'm clay fisher. You're the new girl in town?

Uh, Joan Girardi.

So, um... can I play your stuff on my show? I need you to sign off.

I'll think about it.


Who was that masked man?

He works at the school radio station. You know, weekend DJ, arbiter of cool.

He's not a total butt wart. and he's the go-to guy if you ever need a fire drill to get you out of a test.

He just wants to make fun of my stuff.

No, he seems sincere.

Rockin' insight, Jane.

Did I just miss something?

Uh, clay fisher just flirted with you. Adam Rove is all about you. Dramatic tension ensued. Were you born without a radar?

I guess I was.

It's not lost on anyone that you were brought to Arcadia to clean up what is perceived as an inept police department.

I wouldn't say inept. I'd say overworked.

Well, the crime rate in arcadia was skyrocketing before your arrival.

Word is there are some interdepartmental disputes resulting in a general atmosphere of chaos.

Chaos is a little strong. There are some kinks in the system. And Im here to work those out.

well whats floating around in this atmosphere is that this is high noon, and you are Gary Cooper.

Well...I'm Gary Cooper?

I'm home. Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

No. This is, um, Rebecca Askew from the arcadia herald. My son Kevin.

Nice to meet you, Kevin.


How'd the job search go?

Applications all over town. Now I just wait it out.

Well, what kind of a job are you looking for?

Well, brain surgeon's my first choice, followed by rock star, and third would be night shift at Burger Man Barry'S.

Well, where did you go to school?

Kevin had a scholarship to the university of Arizona to play baseball.

Which, uh, didn't pan out, so now I'm just a guy pounding the pavement. Well, not so much pounding as rolling.

Well, we're desperate for a fact checker on the paper.

It's a thankless job for an intelligent person, but it could lead to better positions.

Well, what's it involve?

Readin' the stories and checkin' the facts, pretty much like it sounds.

Oh. Well, I could do that.

Ok. Well, you wanna come in tomorrow?

Yeah, sure.

I'm sure it's understood, but he's not... any kind of inside source for you.

I'm an ethical journalist, Chief Girardi.

And I'm Gary Cooper, so it's all good.

Pre-parabolic skis. I think these are illegal now. Hey, hey, whoa. No, no, not so fast.

That's my first chemistry set. You know, somebody's gonna want that for the Smithsonian one day.

Help or leave. Pick one.

How's it going?

Mom, why do you guys have so much weird crap?

Because your father hates to throw anything away. For example, his Joe Namath grill.

Who's Joe Namath?

A football player who wore panty-hose.

For that you get a grill named after you?

Mom, Im never gonna get through this by Saturday.

Why are you complaining? This is your idea.

No, it isn't.

It isn't?

It is. It just-- more work then I thought it would be.

This was a wedding present from aunt Theresa. Your father put it out every single time she came to visit.

Ohh! It's your bronzed baby shoes.

Whoa...dark. Mom, did you paint these?

I thought you were all about landscapes.

- These are cool.
- Yeah, like twisted.

Put those away.

Why? I like them. Can I put one in my room?

Why would you want to? They're ugly. Put them away.

What nerve was that?

My depute is still going over the case, we are not ready yet. Moreover I ear there is no weapon,

as usual, no witnesses and it didnt help that she knew the guy and voluntarily left the party with him.

He beat her up and nearly choked her to death.

Ok, I'll be defence counsel. She liked it rough. Later she felt ashamed.

So she subjected herself to a painful exam and public humiliation?

Well, she was drinking.

Wasn't drunk.

I haven't looked at any paperwork, but what I'm hearing is that there's a number on board.

For whatever reason, she was breathalysed.

Cop made a mistake. Still, they clocked her at .03. That's a glass of wine.

That's a number. Most rape cases there isn't a number. Did it make it into the report?

I assume so.

Well, that's another problem. If it makes it into the report and I see it, I'm stuck with it.

So you're bouncing this back to me because the girl had a glass of wine?

Jeez, am I talking to myself here? Look, I've tried 200 rape cases. There's a pattern.

Guy had a gun. Looks like a lunatic with tattoos? The jury will go with the victim no problem.

But if he doesn't have a weapon and he resembles their son or their brother, they'll start looking to give him a break.

Maybe it's because she knew him, maybe it's because she was drinking, maybe it's both, but they'll latch onto something.

I'd like to send a different message under my watch. We don't grade on a curve. Rapists don't get a pass.

Then go back and teach your boys how to write a report.

This is the newsroom. There's the break room, next to the copier, which works half the time.

That is your desk there. Here is a pencil holder full of pencils, and here... is way too much work that you need to finish by lunch.

Bring on the facts. I'll shake those babies down.

Great. We are starting you off with local fashion, weddings, and parties.

Obviously fashion is my forte.

Call me if you need any help, but... don't need any help.

Ok no problem.

The 2 types of nucleic acids are: Deoxyribonucleic, or DNA, and ribonucleic, RNA. Now, what's so fun about nucleic acids is--

Miss Lishak, this is Mr. Price. Sorry to interrupt. I need Joan Girardi to come to room 171.

Then you shall have miss Girardi posthaste. Joan.

I'll tell you later what's fun about nucleic acids.


Ahem. This was you.

Yep. I'm sorry I took Price's name in vain. I have a hook up to the P.A to pipe music during football season, so...

I'm your hero, right? Bustin' you out of chem class?

Well, that depends on why you did it.

It's because I'm cataloguing stuff, and I concentrate better if I have a smart girl nearby.

And, uh, how do you know I'm smart?

I asked around. I also asked if you were beautiful, and 4 out of 5 doctors said yes.

Um, so... so where's your, uh-- where's your supervisor?

Well, he usually leaves me alone on account of I take his Friday- and Saturday-night shifts,

spinning mind-numbing jazz so he won't have to. What about you? What do you want to hear? little flaming lips?

Sure. So, uh, what-- what--what did you really want?

Just to see if you wanted to hang out with me, Saturday before I go to work. Play you some of my mixes, and...

this Saturday?

I'd take you out at night like a normal person, if I didn't have to work.

Uh, it sounds like fun. I just really cant-- uh, there's some stuff I have to do.

Stuff to do. Like not hangin' out with you, fisher. Well, if you'll excuse me, I, um... I have to go somewhere and, like, be humiliated.

No, no, no. I--I really want to. Really, really.

Oh, 3 reallys. Interesting.

Im .. it's just--I'm--I'm-- well, there's--there's something else. Which I can... totally get out of.

Well... wore you down, didn't I... with a little one-two punch of self-deprecation and trying to look like Ashton Kutcher.

Uh... I--I should jet. Lishak's on my case, so...

hey, you know, there's 10 minutes left in the period. You're home free.

Well, we can't talk about everything now. Have to save something for Saturday


Yeah...bye. You walked right into that one, Girardi.

Chief, Miss Bonner.

Come in. Sit down.

This doesn't look good.

Your case hasn't been officially reviewed by the D.A. His deputies are doing what they do:

Scrutinizing evidence, determining whether or not they can win. Right now they're worried that it might not be strong enough.

Well, did they see the pictures of me? Did they talk to the doctors?

It's all in the police report.

Well, maybe he'll kill the next girl. I mean, that's a stronger case, I assume.

I understand how painful this must be.

Don't say you understand. You don't! No man gets to say that.

You're right... but some of us are closer to understanding than others.

It's not over until the D.A. Says so. I'll do what I can to shore up the case. Either way, it... should be resolved soon.


What's your pleasure, little lady?

Uh, I'm not hungry, thanks.

Aren't you busy on Saturday?

Did it ever occur to you that I get to have a love life?

Ah, romantic love. I'm proud of that. Some of my best work.

Look, I'm trying, and I'm not a try-er, ok? Ask anyone. This guy is a cool guy. He's not a geek, he's not a stoner, he's not a jerk.

Hes just a really nice guy who likes me. You wanna talk about mysteries of the universe?

That's a big one. I'd like a shot at it, if you don't mind.


Thank you.

But, uh... aren't you busy on Saturday?

Something tells me... I missed dinner.

I ordered Chinese. It'll be here in a minute. Kevin's working late. I love saying that.

Why is my past on the kitchen table?

Joan is having a yard sale, and I got sucked into it. Don't ask me why, 'cause I don't know.

My fishing hat. My Joe Nemeth Grill.

Will, don't start taking stuff back. Besides, we have a George Foreman grill now. It's better.

What is it with Joan anyway?

Beats me. We never talk anymore.


She found my paintings. I asked you to get rid of them when we moved here.

I couldn't.

I asked you to.

Well, maybe this gives you an opportunity to her about what happened.


She needs to know. You always said you'd tell her when she was old enough.

I've Changed my mind.


"Joan... a man crawled into my dorm room in college and raped me, and he never got caught." How's that gonna help her?

She knows about sex. I've lectured her about being safe. Knowing what happened to me doesn't do anything...

...except put pictures in her mind that she doesn't need to have. My god. She hasn't even fallen in love yet.

It could help her understand you.

Why would I want her to understand that part?

You feel she keeps things from you.

Will, this is my call.

Look, I told your guys everything. I took her home from the party, we started making out, and she had a few creative ideas,

and I--I went with them. You know, I should've said no, but I didn't.

We're here as a goodwill gesture. My client has no obligation to talk to you anymore.

The chief is new to the case, and he's a perfectionist, so he likes to make sure all our facts our straight before we take the stand.

What we hear, it isn't going to court.

That's the most likely scenario, but I have to be prepared, to guard against any kind of future action on your client's part.

What kind of action?

Say you want to sue the department for wrongful arrest. Do you know who, uh... Amy Mcfadden is?

Don't answer that.

It's a yes or no question?

No. No, I don't know an Amy mc--what's it?


There are some real psychos out there. Ok? It's not even safe to talk to a woman anymore. It's like an epidemic.

You know, with all them yelling, "rape this," "assault that." Look at Kobe and Tyson. It's everywhere. You know,...

- uh! Could you give us just a moment, please?
- Sure.

What's that about?

Oh, she's explaining that a civil trial would open up the case, so he should forget that, and she's asking him who Amy Mcfadden is.

Who is Amy Mcfadden?

My girlfriend from the seventh grade. I just needed to know for myself. He's guilty as hell.

Uh, anybody seen Rebecca?

I don't know. Try the break room.

The boy doesn't know a hoodie from a poncho. He asked me the other day if muumuu was Chinese food. I said, "oh, sure.

You get it from a restaurant run by Jimmy Choo." He believed me.

I don't get that joke.

Yeah, well, you're not fact checking my articles, are you?

Look, he may be cuter than tickle me Elmo, but he's on your team, so I get no benefits from browsing.

That is not why I hired him.

Oh, please, Rebecca, I know you. You make Dick Cheney look apolitical. You hired him for the gimp points.

That is not true. Ugh! Ok, it is partly true. We get a break from the government on him,

and I figure where else are we gonna find a young, smart guy who is cheap and willing to sit at a desk all day.

All of which would make perfect sense if he could only spell his name.

Hey! J.G.


Hey, what's doing?

I--I didn't want to butt in.

15 good butt jokes just died because of me being a gentleman.

I looked for you in the cafeteria. You weren't with the usuals.

I kind of needed a break.

Ahh. So, we're still on for Saturday?

Um... here's the thing. The stuff I had to do that I thought I could get out of?

Heh! Um... I can't get out of it.

Can you tell me what it is?

It's embarrassing. I'm having a yard sale.

That's cool. I'll swing by. Take a look at some of your dad's records. What is it, Tony Bennett or Dino?

It's all of them, and some guy named Jefferson Airplane.

Are you sure you want to? Parental units will be there. The whole thing is gonna be kind of pathetic.

I'll tell you what's pathetic. Moping around thinking about some girl.

Chief, I'm headed out to the scene of a jumper. 30th floor into concrete. It worked. You need me to come back after, or...

no. I'll see you tomorrow.

Is that the final report on Sarah Bonner?

Double-checking before I send it back to Gabe. This scum's gonna walk. Turns my stomach.

Yeah, I take some blame for putting it in there--the .03.

No. You were just trying to be an honest cop.

Actually, I thought it would help her case. You know, prove she wasn't drunk. Now I'd give anything to take it back.

So would I. Ship It.

- It's late. You should go home.
- Not finished.

You did pretty well today. You may have a future in this. Come on, it's Friday night. Go have some fun.

I really want to finish.


Because I'm not coming back on Monday.


Let's just say it's a gimp thing.

Andy is a Pissy queen.

Hmph! Oh, good. We've all got nicknames. What's yours?

Affirmative action figure. When I first started as copy editor, I heard it in the hallways. I cried every night.

But in here, I was all business, and I made sure that I was indispensable.

What a heart warming story. I be sure to tell all my crip pals.

- You know what your problem is?
- I'll bet it's my pride.

You still identify with who you used to be-- able-bodied, handsome white man in America. Everything was coming your way.

Well, now it's gonna be a little bit of a struggle. You're gonna have to pick your battles.

Go to hell.

One day you're gonna remember me as maybe the first person who refused to pity you.

- Thank you, Dear.
- Thank you, and enjoy your electric scissors.

Don't bargain on the geodes. They're worth like 5 times that much already.

No one wants your dumb rocks. Hey, don't take that!

I can't stand to watch this.

Could you be careful with those? Yeah, some of this actually belonged to my grandmother.

Um, what are you doing?

Sorry. It makes me cranky to see people pawing on my stuff.

Ok, well then don't help, ok?

I'm going to the gym unless I'm needed here.

No, no, no! Please go and take mom.

Hey, is that my weed whacker?

You never use that.

I was going to.

Dad, come on! No take-backs.

Hey! Hey, did I miss out on all the vinyl?

My word, it's clay fisher.

Uh, clay, this is my dad.

Nice to meet you, clay.

Thank you.

And you remember my mom. The music selection's down there.

I'd keep an eye on this one.

Mrs. G, I don't boost for my own gain. Only when there's a laugh to be had or I'm helping people, yo.

Yeah, yeah.

Bobby Darin! Get out! I'll take this off your hands.

Uh, wait--

now we don't have a turntable anymore.

Uriah Heep! Mott the hoople!

She's selling my youth.

Go to the gym.

Dad, please don't, please.

Son, I realize these are for sale, but do an old boomer a favor here, huh?

I'll give you twice the asking price, chief.



These are my records, Helen, the soundtrack of my life.

You know what? Um, I gotta-- I gotta use the, uh, anyway.

Kitchen, second door on the left. That was humiliating.

Clay fisher is a friend of yours?

Why don't you just bring out the naked baby pictures?

I think I'll go to the gym.

Wh-- this is a nightmare!

I had no idea you were friends with clay.

Do not ask the next question!

Does this foot bath work?

Uh, I'll be with you in a minute, sir.

He's a very charming boy.

Yeah, I know.

And you always have to be a little wary of charm. That's all I'm saying. Well, the fire drill thing gets old with the faculty.

Mom,I like him,and he likes me.If I waited around for you to approve someone I liked then Id never have a date,so just back off.

I think you're special. I think you deserve to be with someone that's worthy of you. I'm not saying that--

- mom...
- I...I'll take that.

Mom, you said you didn't want them.

I didn't mean I wanted you to sell them to strangers. These are mine. You don't know what they mean. You don't have any idea.

What happened?

I have no idea.

- Joan.
- Studying.

How can I be running late already? Where's my badge? What happened to Sunday?

It was devoured by football games.

Hon, you didn't sell my badge, did you? Are we gonna hang meat in here later? Is this about the records?

No. This particular sulk has my name on it.

Keep the paintings, don't keep the painting. Who cares. The point is you acted like a freak in front of my boyfriend!

I didn't know he was your boyfriend.

Well, he probably isn't anymore.

Regular coffee, nothing in it.

Hey, congratulations, will. Persistence pays off.

Oh, yeah?

I just got the report on the Bonner case. Everything looks good. Tell Daghlian we'll probably go to court next week.

What do you mean?

I mean everything looks good. We'll probably go to court next week.

You read the report?

This morning.

Nothing in it bothers you?


Well, it should.

Well, it doesn't.

Do you see anything?

I don't see anything.

We've got nothing. There's more activity in my parents' bedroom.

Cha, well, the Bunsen burner's totally wigging out.

I'll break it to Lishak.

So...uh, about your boyfriend.

He's not my boyfriend.

Well, apparently, he's been busy busting guys in the bathroom for smoking.

He's not my boyfriend.

Well, he's got police creds. He's pretending to be a narc. He's...I don't know. Some kids are dumb enough to buy it.

He's got like, I don't know, 12 bucks in bribes.

Heh! What kind of an idiot falls for the fake police badge trick?

It's not a fake. It's the genuine article, "chief of police" stamped right on it. Sorry to break it to you--

No, you're not.

There something you want to tell me?

Gabe's taking the case.

Oh, that I know. You want to tell me why?

It' case, Will, and I take full responsibility for it.

Lieutenant Daghlian, there's no looking the other way on my shift. Now you get on the phone and you get that report back.

He wouldn't give it back even if I asked.

Look at me. I don't play ball.

There was once a good cop. High ranking, on his way up in narcotics.

He wanted to take this drug dealer down, but he had no probable cause. So he took advantage of a phantom anonymous tip.

He knew it wouldn't hold up under scrutiny, but he believed his squad would back him up. However, he didn't--

Well, he didn't count on the good captain.

He was a good captain. And the best thing he ever did for me was junk me from the squad, send me to the fringes,

and make me start all over again. I had to work my way back to being an honest cop.

The point is you played ball.

The point is I did my time, and now you have to do yours.

There are certain forces in the universe that wanted that to happend Will.

If the powers that be want to set you up in the next county, hell, if they want to make you the commissioner,

I'll fall on that sword when I come to it, but you don't work for me.

- Hey, a bad guy is going to prison.
- You falsified a report.

You asked me to.

I'm sorry if that's what you thought.

You practically spelled it out.

If that's the party favour you want to take out of here, I can't stop you. Now pack your things and go.

- You gonna need the whole thing.
- No, I don't like it. It looks exactly the same.

The top is taupe and the bottom's mushroom. It's totally different.

Uh, a hoodie is a sweat jacket with a hood, applies to zip-up or a pullover. A poncho is a triangular piece of knitted fabric

with a hole in the middle, currently experiencing a comeback. If you'll excuse me, I have work to do.

Uh, a hoodie is a sweat jacket with a hood, applies to zip-up or a pullover. A poncho is a triangular piece of knitted fabric

What ?

- Hey, J.G.
- Hey.

Well, that's the smile of the century.

Only I'm not smiling.

I better take care of that.

Give it back. My dad's badge.

Look, it was just sitting there on the kitchen counter, screaming "golden opportunity" at me.

J.G. Relax. It's not the holy grail. They hand these things out like candy. They just stamp them out the warehouse.

I can guarantee he's gotten his replaced already.

The thing is, it's just not that funny.

Come on. You're not gonna get in trouble.

It's not about trouble. You have my dad's police badge, and I want it back.

Or you're gonna have to tell your daddy? You have potential, but you're kind of a drip, you know?

Dow is down. You know why they call it wall street? Because there used to be a wall on it.

Only city in the country which was ever walled. That says a lot about a culture, you know.

That it never felt the need to build walls.

We interrupt this metaphor to bring you the following message. I'm not in the mood.

Look, I did the right thing, ok? I got my dad's badge back, realized the guy was a jerk.

Now I'm back to being a loser like the universe intended.

You should be nicer to your mother.

She's against me having a life.

She's against you getting hurt. She knows something about that.

Is this about those painting?

Where do you think that kind of thing comes from in a person?

A mood.

You have a mood, you eat French fries. But when you have pain, there's a little more work to deal with it.

She had to have done those before she had Kevin.

Before your father even.

What happened to her? Is that why she's so weird about me dating? How bad was it?

It was evil, and I don't throw that word around.
So it's my stop.

Wait, you can't leave. What happened to my mother? Wait! Come back here! You have to tell me! God! God!

Mind some company? I, uh, found my badge. It was on my night stand. Did you put it there?


Then I have bad news. You're married to an old fart.

But he's an amazing old fart.

You, uh--you and Joan make up?

You were at dinner. What do you think? Everything ok?

I fired Daghlian... for a procedural issue. I'll be feeling that to a while. He...won't be easy to replace.

I'm sorry. You liked him.

I've been working on a rape case.

I know.

How do you know?

Because whenever you're working on a rape case, you get very quiet,

and you stop talking about your work, and you grind your teeth in your sleep.

There were problems in the report. I could've made them go away, but I didn't.

Hmm. Good. We talked about this before. You can't fix what happened to me.

No matter how many rapists you put away. You just make sure I'm married to an honest man.

When was the last time I did this?

1981. Carmine's restaurant, when you proposed.

I need you to tell her. I don't know why, but... I really need to tell her.

Maybe because I'm so afraid of her not knowing how close it is to her all the time. Please do this for me.

I have something to tell you.

I know