Jinny's Kitchen (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

On Day 8, Jinny's Kitchen gears up for their biggest prep yet with one goal: 12,000 pesos! Will Intern Kim impress Chef Park with a delicious corn dog and earn the title of sous-chef? The final day's customers will enjoy the exciting yet so challenging dalgona game! Everyone has a good time, until a trust issue arises. Someone touched Seo Jin's cash drawer! What's the truth behind this?

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We have three reservations already.

Let's add one more table.

The boss has changed.

- I'll open.
- Okay.

- We have a reservation.
- Oh, really?


- It'll take 10 minutes.
- Okay.

We're having a rush again.

I'd like to order the tater dog to-go.

- Two, please.
- Take-out.

Why are there so many?

Tomorrow, we must set a record.

No break tomorrow. It's our last day.

So this is really all about money to him.

- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.

I bet I suggested leaving at 11:30 AM.

'Cause we have a lot to do.

I don't remember hearing that.

It's 11:30 AM. I'm sure.

Seo Jin, we're all leaving
at 11:30 AM, right?

- Yes.
- Right?

You washed up already.

Because it's time.

- Huh?
- It's our last day.

Well, this is new.

I told them to take time for you.

Wake up.

Go wash up.

I can wash up real fast.

You are...

Have you always liked cereal?

Yes... no.

I don't like cereal that much.

Finally, today is the last day.

What's your goal for today?
Your final goal.

Could you tell us what it is?

Well, since it's our last day,

I just want a smooth and safe day at work.

A safe day.

That's all.

An injury-free

and accident-free day.

If we hit 12,000, I'll close.

I knew it. I knew he'd say 12,000.

I don't want to see the staff

being too tired.

I'm not tired at all.

You're not?

If we get more customers,
let's consider closing later.


I don't want to look all money-hungry.

Says the man who's been money-hungry.

No, I was never like that.

I was never money-hungry.

You were never money-hungry?

I was more like...

Could you move back a little?

I wasn't money-hungry.

I just wanted to introduce Korean food
to many people.

- That's all?
- Yes.

Money doesn't matter.

Do you think this policy

could be criticized?

Let them criticize me.

Man, business is hard.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Grate cucumbers now.

Why would you go to a clothing store?

- What?
- Why would you go to a clothing store?

I'm not frying chicken today then.

Today, you're only frying chicken.

There's no line outside, right?
Let's close.

It's a new menu. Chibap.

Today's new menu.

When there's only one car,

who should ride it?
The employees or the boss?

Are you kidding now?

It will motivate them to work hard,

which will eventually

improve the food quality

and increase our sales.

- There's no customer, so sit down.
- Okay.

Here's the apron.

I'll go buy burritos.

- Okay.
- Okay.

I can make some steak.

Beef steak?

So tomorrow, during this time,

let's have a break and eat something.

Aww, for your employees?

- I just think that's fair.
- How about...

It's over 10,000.

- We did?
- We made over 10,000 pesos.

We barely made it.

This is why I let them in.

You're smiling from ear to ear.

Gosh, I'm so tired.

I don't care about 10,000 pesos.
I'm so dead tired.

To hit 13,000 pesos,

we must focus on the rice menu.

- Yu Mi.
- Yes?

Do you have more cute socks?

- Why?
- Even now,

he cares so much about fashion.

Come on.

You barely leave the kitchen.

Who cares about your socks?

Just wear anything.

I'm an idol.

What's your goal for the last day,
Chef Park?

- Chef Park.
- My goal?

My goal today is

that all of us can stay safe

and out of trouble

so we can go back to Korea in one piece.

Chef Park is so nice.
He says safety is the most important.

I said that first.

What are you trying to say?

I said that earlier.

I wish we could all, you know,

have a smooth,

safe day at work today.

What's our lunch menu today?

There's no lunch menu.

We're having gimbap for lunch.

We should get going.

We're running late.

Let's go.

Let's start our last day!

- Last day!
- Let's go.

Put the camera in the middle.

Put the camera on the ground.

Let's do this.

Come on, let's huddle up!

Let's chant "12,000."

Say, "12,000, 12,000, 12,000." Okay?

Say that three times.

All right.

We got this.

Three, two, one.

Let's go for 12,000, 12,000, 12,000!

Let's go!

- Let's go.
- Vámonos.


The weather is really nice.

I think this is the best weather
we've ever had here.

Even the weather is perfect.

The weather is amazing.

Let's hurry, Tae Hyung.

Why are you driving slow?

- I just...
- You don't wanna work?

You have to, eventually.

I just want to enjoy the view.

I think

I haven't seen much.


I rented a whole restaurant.

- Who?
- In the evening.

My boss is amazing.

You rented the whole place?

Yes, the whole restaurant.

Are we spending all of our income there?

No, I'm paying.

So I can order whatever drink I want?

Not you.

I see many people.

There are lots of people today.

We have customers?



The dog is lying there.

He's lying there.

- Huh?
- He's lying there.

- Where? Oh.
- Over there.


- Perro.
- Perro.


We're here.

- Let's go!
- Let's go!


That's a lot of chicken meat.

Woo Shik, here.



We gotta speed up today.

- Okay, we'll speed up.
- Speed.

Let's speed up.

We're prepping a lot.

Man, this is a lot.


To fry this all,

I probably won't get to do serving.

Shouldn't you speed up then?

Bye, everyone.

I'm going to chicken hell now.

They got all stuck.

No, more.

- More?
- Yes.


Okay, I'll smile.


We should set a new sales record today.

Right. It's our last day,

so let's grate them all.

Be careful with your hand.

When will you be done?

This never seems to get full.

Grate the cucumbers now.


Oh, nice.

Good job.

You did a great job.

You've improved a lot.

It's like you've been doing
the grating job for long.

The more I do it, the better I get.

- Right?
- It's so interesting.

That's a lot of grated carrots.


I thought I'd be horrible at cooking.

You've discovered your hidden talent here.

Are you done?




You can take it now.

- Thank you.
- You can take it.

We need a sample rice bowl.

Could you put this in?

Oh, it looks nice.

She did a great job.

It looks beautiful.

Yu Mi, nice.

The sample looks great.

I'll put it below.

Let's take a break.

Do you need more time?

Can I take orders?

- Seo Jun, are you done prepping?
- Yes.

We're prepping now still.

- Can we open now?
- Well...

The chicken isn't ready yet.

I'm hungry.

Should we eat something now?

How about some bulgogi rice?

Sounds good.

I put some aside.

Woo Shik.

- Fried tofu gimbap?
- Yes.

Just wait.

Come here.

Come up here.

Hi, Perro. Come here.

Come here.


Come. It's for you.

It's a treat for you.

Come here.

- A treat.
- He's so cute.

Come here.

Hey, buddy.


Oh, my goodness.

Come in.

So cool, right?

Awww, look at you!

He loves it.

Oh, you.

My gosh.

Look at him.

- He loves it.
- He loves it.

Is it done?

We just need the spoons and chopsticks.

Let's dig in.

Let's see how it tastes.


The bulgogi is good.

Tae Hyung, mix the sauce with the rice.

Seriously, try it.

With a spoon.

Will you eat it all?

All of it? Before you know?

I had to put it in.


It literally

makes me tear up.

- Done?
- Yes.

I'll open now.

- Okay.
- Okay.

I wonder what's going to happen today.

That's obviously a TV show line.


- You do the opening.
- The flip?

Should I just flip it like this?

Yes, flip it.


I'll open.

You look energized whenever you're here.

- In this restaurant?
- Yes.

Only before noon.

We come here in the afternoon.
What are you talking about?

Out for dinner today!

After we sell all the food.

What if we don't have customers today?

After the most invested prep?

We'll sigh then.

We'll wrap it up with big sighs.

That would be entertaining.

We flipped the open sign, right?

People will start coming after 2:30 PM.

But today is our last day.

We're open, right?

Sir, I'd like to order one ramyeon.

Get back into the kitchen.

- What?
- Go back to the kitchen.

But there are no customers.


Where are the customers?

Tell me about it.

We've prepped the most food ever.

Oh, yeah.

Go Tae Hyung, Go Tae Hyung!

You're just warming up, right?

One more time.


Could you dance while looking back?

- Turn around.
- Turn around.

Look at the camera.

Seo Jin, you should get him an ice cream.

I wanna be a singer.

From the entrance.

The music makes a big difference.

If we played music,
he would've danced pretty often.

Soon, people will rush in.

How could we have zero customers?

This is not a good time

to just goof around like this.

This is bad.

Once people start coming in,
it's gonna be a rush.


Seriously, what's going on?

Maybe people are hanging out at this time.

True, the weather is too good.

Because it's too good.

- By the way, Seo Jin.
- Yes?

Did you chant,
"Let's go for 12,000 pesos?"

Yes, and probably the most loudly.

Let's go for 12,000 pesos!

- Woo Shik.
- Yes?

The public pier? What do you say?

I heard, right now,

there's a soccer game
between France and England.

Oh, that must be why.

We didn't have French customers,

but we did have some English.


Are you coming in? Okay.

You said you wanted to try something?

No, I said I've tried cheese ramyeon.

Is it good?

I want something with soup.

I'd like to get one cheese ramyeon.

For drinks?

- Cokes?
- Two Cokes.

- Take this to your table.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Should we clink our glasses?

Our first order's in.

One cheese ramyeon,
one half half corn dog.

- Hola.
- Hola.

How many?


There he is.

I couldn't find you.

I was behind that corner.

What do you recommend?

Any recommendations?

Muy Rico.

I don't know what to order.

Which one should I order?

I'll order ramyeon.
You order what you like.

I wanna try spicy fricken.

And I wanna try the rice menus.

Let's order both
and take the leftovers home.

This and spicy fricken.

Is it bulgogi or spicy pork?

This is beef, and this is pork.

The pork is a little spicy.

That's even better.

Is it very spicy?

Just a little.

Do we have spicy pork rice?

Yes, we do.

- An order.
- Okay.

Man, you look so chill and I hate it.

It's not that urgent, you know.

I'm just trying to help.

- You are?
- Yes.

Darn it.


Corn dog.

It looks delicious.

It's one of the best things I've ever had.

- It's good, right?
- Yes, it's good.

It's a little spicy though.

It's like it's mixed with some sauce.

How's your corn dog?

It has sugar on it.


This is sugar. Look.

There's cheese inside too.

That's amazing.

It's so good.

- Hellaspicy fricken.
- Thank you.

- It's not spicy.
- It's spicy.

It must be spicy for you.

I told you.

It's good though.

My daughter will love it.

Does she eat spicy?

Not this one, but the non-spicy one.

How about we make
the sweet and sour sauce?

We just need some caramel
and the sauce you like.

We can just add something sweet and sour,
like sugar and vinegar.

Then add some spiciness to it.

We'll add vinegar and sugar
to the sauce and caramelize it.

It'll taste sweet and sour.

Which vinegar?

Apple vinegar.

Not wine. It'll be bitter.

How much should we make
to cook this much?

About 250ml?

With this recipe,
we can make a sweet and sour sauce.

Then we'll put chili in.

Chili is used in most Korean sauces.

What should we do?

This. I think they coated it with flour.

Could you come scoop the rice?

I think there's too much meat.

This much?

A little more?

- Good.
- Okay.

Is the soccer game going on now?

Could you tell me how long it's been?

I just wanna know
when the rush will begin.

I wanna know what time.

You don't care about the score?

Well, I do, but...

When the game is over,
people might start coming.

The current score is 1:1.

The score is 1:1?

It's 17 minutes into the 2nd half.

I hope they don't play overtime.

It's 17 minutes into the 2nd half
and it's a tie? That sounds fun.

It must be.

It's like the finals.

Spicy pork rice.

I sense some bitter taste.


There's some kind of veggie root inside.

Is it closed?

It's open.


What do you want?

Sweet, spicy.

Which one do you want?

I don't know Korean food well.

It's my first time.

- First time?
- Yeah.

- Really?
- Ask him.

Do you like spicy?


- I do.
- It's okay.

We have two different kinds.

This is sweet chili and this is spicy.

Any recommendations for the first-timer?

I recommend bulgogi rice.
It's this one.

It's beef.

And this is chicken.

Oh, I want this one.

It's our signature.

One spicy fricken and one gimbap please.

This is tuna gimbap.

- Tuna.
- You want tuna?

- Okay, that's it?
- Yes.

- That's it, right?
- Yes.

- Tuna?
- Yes.

- Gimbap?
- Yes.

- Looking chill.
- Chill.

Chill, chill.

- Could you prepare the sauce for me?
- Sure.

The tuna is done really nicely today.

- Not like other days?
- No.

For the first time, it's dry.

- Did you make it?
- No.

What was that?

"How is it?"

It means, "Is everything okay?"

Could I take a look?

Don't you think you started this too late?

To... Todo esta bien?

Todo esta bien?

Yes, very good.

- Is it spicy?
- It's okay.

Necesita mandil?

Necesita mandil?

"Do you need an apron?"

Go on and try it.

Bring an apron with you.

Uh... Nece... Necesita mandil?

- Oh, no.
- No?

Necesita mandil.

-"Do you need an apron?"

Or "re?

- We started learning Spanish.
- Got it.



- Necesita.
- Nece?

- Ne.
- Ne.

- Ce.
- Ce.


Necesita mandil?


Necesita mandil?

- Ne.
- Ne.

- Nece.
- Yes, like that.

Necesita mandil?

Necesita mandil?

One. Just one.

Necesita mandil?



- An apron.
- Oh, apron.

No, but thank you.

Woo Shik. This is for the skyblue table.

What's "thank you" in Korean?


- Gamsa.
- Gamsa.

- Habnida.
- Habnida.



I wonder what it is in Korean.

What's "cheers" in Korean?


- Geonbae.
- Geonbae.


Buen provecho.

I'm excited.

I like the Korean flavor.

But it's spicy.

It's hot inside.

I love spicy food.

Oh, yeah. I love it.

- Mandil.
- Mandil.

One half half corn dog.


I'll put the sauce on it.

This one's to-go.

I don't know what to do next.


this, and this, right?


then this, and this.

I'm not sure if I can do it though.

Is this right?

Tae Hyung, are you making it?


You're good.

Seo Jun is busy, so I'm just trying.

You're good.

I hope it turns out okay.

What is it?

A half half corn dog.

Oh, did you make it?

I gave it a shot.

Is it round?

- What?
- Did the cheese come out?

- No, it didn't.
- I see.

I'm worried though.

- So exciting. Your first time?
- Yes.

It's my first corn dog.

I didn't practice this in Korea.

I just went by memory.

- It looks nice.
- Huh?

It looks pretty nice.

I hope it turns out okay.

It's got horns.

It's got horns.

- Huh?
- It's got horns.

What do you think?


- Hola.
- Hola.


- How many?
- Two.

There, there...

Sit anywhere you like.

- There?
- Anywhere is fine.

There then.

Sir, please order here.

Por favor.

Do we order here?

Order. Yes.

Very good. Muy Rico.

Here's the sample.

They are gimbap, chibap,

and bulgogi rice.

Beef, chicken.

I'm looking for something spicy.


It's spicy.

I'll go with that.

One spicy fricken.

And... This one.

- Bulgogi rice?
- Bulgogi rice.

And ramyeon.

- One more ramyeon?
- Yes.

- Two?
- Yes.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

We ordered the super spicy chicken.
Let's see.

- You'll be like this.
- He said it's super spicy.

We'll see.

I'm a Mexican macho, so I must do it.

- Hellaspicy fricken.
- Hellaspicy fricken.

Before, I couldn't even smell
the hell sauce.

Because it's too spicy.

But now, it smells so good to me.

These are pickles.


- Picante.
- Gracias.

- It smells good.
- It looks great.

- What was this again?
- It looks like radish.

- What did he say it was?
- Jicama?

I didn't hear him.

- Enjoy.
- No, I'll wait.

Let's start with yours.

- You can have mine later too.
- Oh, okay.

It's supposed to be spicy.

Isn't it hot?

It's not spicy.

- No?
- It's sweet.

Let me...

Kidding. It's spicy.


- Just like you.
- Yeah.

It went into my nose.

It's so spicy.

You're so mean.

- Is it spicy for them?
- Too spicy.

Your face is all red now.

This is...

- For cooling down the heat?
- Yes, for cooling it down.


I'll eat the chicken first.

Just a little.

It's spicy.

I don't eat spicy at all.

We don't have this kind of sauce
in our country.


Is everything all right?

Yes, thank you.

- Muy...
- Yes, spicy.

- Very spicy?
- No, not too spicy. It's good.

For me, it is.

I hope ramyeon isn't as spicy.

- Spicy?
- No.

It's good.

I'll steal some.

Bulgogi rice.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

This will cool down the heat.


Is my face still red?

Maybe I can pick up the meat.

Oh, no. It's slipping.

I'll teach you how to use them.

The meat is really good.

It's good, right?

Yes, it's good.

I want to ask them about the recipe.

That one's really spicy.

It's still burning in my mouth.

Now, everything tastes spicy.

The Coke is spicy!

It's spicy Coke! It's red!

No spicy, no flavor.

Do you want some egg?

Do you want the egg?

Sorry, I thought I cooled it down.

- That was so mean.
- I really blew on it.

Gosh, that was so hot.

That was a revenge, right?

- Because of the spicy chicken, right?
- No.

That was silly of me.

You were like a dragon trapped
in a castle.

The egg is okay now. Try it.

It was so hot earlier.

After the spicy chicken,
it felt even hotter.

Right. Because your tongue was sensitive.

My tongue was like, "Ahh"

"Help me!"

We don't know when the chicken orders
will start rushing in.

Hold one. How much chicken meat

did we fry today?

I'll fry these all.

At this rate, I'm afraid
we'll have to finish it again.

Yay! Another chibap dinner!

Thank you.

It's dough.

It's like doughnut dough.

It's good.

We didn't give them tip, did we?

Let's leave it here.

Put the 100 pesos here.

Thank you.

We put the tip here.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Yu Mi, this...

Yu Mi.

Why are you taking the money?

- Yay!
- Huh?

Did your corn dog turn out all right?

It turned out all right.


- Is it my allowance?
- What about the coins?

- Huh?
- The coins.

The coins...

The coins are here.

We got lots of coins too.

Yu Mi just tried to steal it.

He fried the corn dog well.

- What is it?
- The tips.

- Tips?
- Yes.

They left it there.

That's a lot of tip.

Hey, why did you open it?

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes?

Why did you open the cash drawer?

I just did. No reason.


Did you put something in your pocket?

No, I didn't.

- Really?
- No!

Why would you open the cash drawer?

- I only have 20.
- Huh?

Isn't it 200?

- I have only 20 pesos.
- What's this?

- I didn't open it.
- What is it?

- What is it?
- Why'd you open it?

I was just curious. That's all.

He's so suspicious.

Where did you get that money?

- Yu Mi gave it to me.
- I gave it to him.

For making a nice corn dog.

- You keep touching the cash drawer.
- Gosh.

This is so unfair.

I just wanted to see how it looks.

You have nothing to do
with the cash drawer.

I just...

- I just wanted to see it.
- Keep it in your pocket.

He suddenly sneaked up.

Buy a Coke at the airport later.

The tips are mine anyway.

I just wanted to see
how the cash drawer opens.

Then he suddenly looked at me like this.

Gosh, people here don't trust me.


How could he suspect me?
This is so unfair.

- It's a tip.
- Then why?

Okay, keep it there then.

We don't need it now.

Here. Have one.

- Let's buy some Coke.
- We need 20-peso bills.


What's your deal?

I just...

You kids keep trying to touch it.

You can take that... No, not that.

Just take this.



How many?


Order here please.


This menu's sample is here.


It's really good.

Muy Rico.

I'll order this one.

- One of this?
- Yes.


Do you wanna sit over there?


Bulgogi rice.

- Just one?
- Yes.

I'm good at this now.

I'll give her lots of meat.

- Lots of meat.
- Yes.

Thank you.

I love it so much I can't stop dancing.

Doesn't your mouth feel numb?

Yes, it does. It feels so numb.

- I can see that.
- I can't feel my tongue now.

Put some ice on it.

I'm so happy now.

I wish the chicken won't go away.

Oh, honey.
We can order more if you want.

If so, let's ask them the sauce recipe.

So Koreans like spicy

like us Mexicans.

It's a different spicy though.

So good, I don't want the last piece.

You want it? We can share.

No, I can't...

Then I'll eat it.


Mission complete!

It's my last chicken piece,
but I can give it to you.

Then give me just the half.

It was so good.

I'm full.

You should roll me out of here.

Or on a cart.

Ask the doughnut guy
if we can borrow his motorbike.

"If I can't finish the food,
can I have the rest to-go?"

"I brought a container."

"I brought a container. Look here."

I can put it in my bag.

Thank you so much.

What is it?


It's made with sticky rice and honey.

That sounds great for our burning mouths.

Hopefully this sweet will cool it down.

Let me try it too.

- Thank, God.
- It smells good.

It's cooling down my tongue.

Gosh, I'm almost done.

"Can I have more of the dessert?"

"I want a box of it."

Do you want mine?

- You're so mean!
- Done.

You should've been fast.

Just you wait.

When asked about Korean food,
I'll always yes.

We should ask them
to open one near our place.


I should leave a note that goes,

"This is my address.
Open a restaurant next to it."

Yeah, we need it.

We barely hit 2,000 now.

What do we do?

- Huh?
- What do we do?

- What do you mean?
- We should make 12,000...

I mean, 10,000. We must make 10,000 more.

Why is it going so slow today?

Let's go for 12,000!

We just hit 2,000.

We need 10,000 more pesos to make.

Seriously, no one's coming.

The rush will begin after the game.

- The game's over.
- It is?

France won.

France won.

Should we take out the trash?

I'll do it.


Should we close here?

Our restaurant, I mean.

How could no one come?

Oh, someone's coming.

This is usually a slow time.



One corn dog

and one ramyeon please.

One ramyeon.

- That'd be 240 pesos.
- Okay. Wait.


Should I try making the corn dog?

Try it.

I'll demonstrate once.

One, two, three.
Roll it quickly three times.

Otherwise, it'll drop.




Roll it here and gently massage it.

Try yourself.


two, three.

Did it go all right?

How is the rice?

- It's nice.
- Nice.

- Is it done all right?
- Yes.

Nice. Enjoy.


This looks gorgeous.

The chef is definitely different.

It's become a pork cutlet.




- For you? Oh, okay.
- Thank you.

I guess you should just bite it, right?

Try this. I'll leave you some.

That's a lot of noodles.

It's so hot.

It's good. It's quite spicy though.

What is it?

The corn dog I made.

Is it a failure?

No, it's for you.

- For us?
- Yes.

- It's for us.
- Okay.

- Eat it while working.
- Okay.

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes?

Is it okay? Muy bien?

Muy bien.

- Todo esta bien?
- Yes.

What are you doing?

What do we do?

- Huh?
- What do we do?

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

What will you do?

Let's take it slow.

Take it slow and keep working
until we hit 10,000?

I won't close the restaurant.

Tell Tae Hyung

he might have to work until he goes home.


There's been an announcement
from the boss.

Until we hit 10,000 today,

our restaurant will be open.



He told me to tell you

you might not be able
to go back to Korea.


We're not closing today.

Wait, why did you fry all the chicken?

I fried them all.


- A table for three?
- Yes.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Are you coming back from swimming?

- Yes.
- Yes.

One basic ramyeon.


For me, one cheese ramyeon.

- I'll also have one cheese ramyeon.
- Cheese ramyeon.

- That'll be 380 pesos.
- Okay.

- Did you pay?
- Yes.

I'll give the money to you right away.

- Here's your change.
- Thank you.

- Could you take this to the table?
- Yes.

- Thank you.
- And I'd like...

- This one was well?
- One more?

- Hey, we have tuna gimbap.
- Okay.

When did you open the store?

Last week.

- Last week?
- But we're closing today.

- Why?
- Today is the last day.


- We have to go back.
- We have to go back.

- Where are you guys from?
- Germany.

What are you talking about?

They're closing. It's their last day.


How long have you been here for?

One week.

Only one week? Where are you up to next?

We're going back.

- Back to Korea?
- Yes.

Give it to them
so they can do it while waiting.

Did you guys watch Squid Game?


No, not me...

You haven't watched it yet?

Green light, red light!

I wonder what he's bringing.

Oh, it's the thing made with sugar.

- Oh, made with sugar?
- Yes.

- What is it?
- It's a pin.

What do we do with the pin?

In this game, we must cut certain shapes
out of the cookie.

Using this pin only.

If you break it
or can't finish it in time, you die.

Look. I was lucky.

A circle.

I got an umbrella.

We randomly get one shape out of four,

and that's the hardest one,
which killed the most people.

What do I do now? Take it out and?

And cut out the shape.

I'm so scared. I'm gonna die.

Mine is broken.

Oh, you're dead.

Oh, you're dead.

- What happened?
- He broke it while pulling it out.

You broke it already?

Yes, he's dead.

He broke it while taking it out.

So I killed him.

- It's so hard.
- It is.

You're already dead.

Just like that game.

Yes, right.

- Try it after your meal.
- Thank you.

Have you watched Squid Game?


You're supposed to cut out the shape.

If you fail, you die.

So extreme, right?

So that's what they're talking about.

- No way!
- It's so cute.

Let's see.

It's so cute.

Honey, you should've put
a wedding ring here.

Let's start over.

Honey, do you know what happens
when it breaks?

I know. It's scary.

The music will start playing.

Maybe we can't get out of here if we fail.

They gave us the heart shape
because we're a couple.

Because we're a couple.

Since they went swimming,

they're craving some soup.




- Open it please.
- Okay.

When I put the noodles in, add that.

- Okay.
- Good.

- Thank you.
- Honey, look.

It's gimbap.

- Gimbap.
- They make it here.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

You're finished just in time.

I know this is random,

but I think the server is a famous person.

With cheese?

Those two.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Oh, it looks good.

I broke one edge.

- You're dead.
- You're dead.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

It smells so good.

It looks so good.
Does it have tofu inside?

No, tuna.

Would you like to try one?


I felt your gaze.

- Which sauce is better?
- Try both.

It's good.

He might be an actor.

- He might.
- On Squid Game.

Maybe that's why I thought he was famous.

No, he looks totally different.

The Squid Game actor was much older.

I think he was in his 40s.

It's so tasty.

I'd love to visit Korea.

When are we going to Korea?


The funny thing is

the only thing I know about Korea is
its capital city.

I know Busan.

The second biggest city.

But Seoul...

Seoul must be a great city.

We'll probably need one whole week
for Seoul

to see things properly.

I'd spend lots of time
in the internet cafe.

Watching the soccer games and all
with the people.

The gaming culture is huge there.

One of the biggest in the world.

They have the best gamers.

Koreans are so serious about video games.

Like we're serious about soccer.


This is gonna take five years at least.

I'm dead.

Look, she did it.

Mine's a little broken too.

Luckily for us, they won't kill us
like in the Squid Game.

We would've been stuck here then.

I know.


Did they finish the bulgogi?

Bulgogi? There was none left.

So they ate it all.

I'm sure they liked it.


- You did all the dishes.
- I did.

You're good at everything now.

Of course.

What happened to your apron?
It looks like you did all the work here.

Your apron...

What happened to my apron today?

You worked hard today.

- Huh?
- You worked hard today.

Well, you didn't do anything.

We did all the work.

Right. What did you do, Yu Mi?

This is fun.

How pretty.

We need to cut it out
with the pin carefully.

So where is this cookie from?

A drama called Squid Game.

I got an umbrella. What's yours?

Let's see.

Look, it's a circle.

It's pretty.

Should I try mine?

Oh, no!

- Did you break it?
- It broke.

Oh, no.

It broke.

It's really slow today.

What do we do?

Why are people not coming?

Go to Seo Jin

- and say we should call it a day.
- Huh?

Tell him we should call it a day.

Look at Woo Shik.

He keeps telling me

that we should close the restaurant.


He must've gone crazy.


What time are we closing again?

- Sorry?
- What time are we closing?

We're closing

when we hit 10,000 pesos.

- Right?
- Yes.

How much did we make so far?

About 3,000.

- Cheer up, boss.
- What?

The evening didn't start yet.

You only need to make 10,000 more.

We must've made 3,000 by now.

I think we celebrated
our success too early.

- It's over 10,000.
- We made it.

- We hit 10,000.
- We hit 10,000.

- Did we make it?
- What?

- What? 10,000?
- Yes.

Of course.

Tomorrow, we should set a new record.

Let's do another day.


He even did this, which he never does.

He never does it, but he did it today.

"Let's go for 12,000." Okay?

Let's go for 12,000!

But I think we can hit 10,000.

I think

we'll get customers at night.

After about 6:30... 6 PM.

No tables. Sorry.

Oh, no. They're waiting.

We made 3,000?

Just wait.
People will start coming after 5:30 PM.


- Are they customers?
- I think so.


- Hola.
- Hola.

Please order here.

I'm going with ramyeon.

I'd like to have cheese ramyeon.


- Two mineral waters too.
- Two mineral waters?

We got an order.

One cheese, right?
One cheese and one regular?

Yes. One cheese and one regular.

I'll be on standby.

If we only sell ramyeon,

we won't be able to make profit.

He's so serious about this.

It's sad that this will be gone tomorrow.

Come to Korea with me.

I'm really going to Korea.

Let's go.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you very much.

Have a safe trip back home.

Thank you.

Bye. Thank you.

Have a safe trip.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.



All right.

We have 9,000 more pesos to go.

Okay, after 30 more ramyeons,
we can go home.

It looks good.

It looks good with the cheese.

It's tasty, isn't it?

I burned my mouth.

I love ramyeon. What did you say?

I burned my mouth.

Looks like this metal bowl keeps
the food hot.

It's really good.



What is the problem here?
Why is this happening?

I feel like people will come
in the evening.

I bet they'll come after sunset.



- We're doomed.
- Huh?

We're doomed.

This is like our first day here.


shall we start over?



Come on in.



Where should we sit?

How about over there?

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Would you like to take a look
at the menu?

No, you go.

You want some soup, right?

Say, "Hi!"

She's so cute.

It's soup.

Okay. Then one ramyeon please.

With cheese or without?

Without cheese. And...

I think we got another ramyeon.

I want a chicken order rush
in the evening.

The chicken is...

It looks like camel humps.

We make money when Tae Hyung is busy.

Please, chicken...


Chicken, chicken.

Chicken, chicken.

So one Coke, one Sprite, and one water.

It looks so good.

Thank you.

What's her name?

- Elina.
- Elina.

I see.

Here's your change
and take this to your table.

- Okay. Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

The order slip.

- Chicken.
- Chicken.

- And hellamyeon.
- Two ramyeon?

Two ramyeons, one chicken.

It's the only chicken order we got,
so I'll put extra care.

That looks like a big portion.


You want to sell it quickly, right?

I'm giving them a little extra
for the baby.

The baby can't eat it. She has no teeth.

Now I know every customer is precious,

I want to be generous.

Look at her.

She's adorable.

Thank you.

Will she eat it too?


It's too spicy for her.

Thank you.

Let me try it.

- It's good.
- Yeah?



Look at that!

A duck!

"Thank you!"

What a cute duck!


It's really good.

And also really spicy.

But it's good.

Because I have time.

- Muy bien.
- Muy bien.

You have nothing to do in the kitchen.

It looks so
because I just cleaned the place.

It was messy before.

Gimbap! That's really good.

- Shall we go in?
- I'm in.

Is it food?

I told you we'd get customers.

Coke, pineapple juice...


Could you put some tables together?

Are you five people?

- No, six.
- Six.

Okay, can you wait here?

I'm so excited.

- Me too.
- Me too.

I feel like my stomach is
roaring more and more.

I'm over the point where I feel hungry.

I just know I need food.
I can't feel anything.

You might get full really quickly then.

Yeah, I know.

I guess we should order there.

It looks like it.



Can I have one ramyeon?

And one spicy fricken, please.

Spicy or sweet chili?


It's very spicy.

All right.

Should we pay now?

Yes, you should pay now.

Are you paying all together?

Uh... no.


Yes, we're splitting the bill.

Okay, then...

Okay, your order was...

I'll order one ramyeon and one water.

What about the chicken?
Together or separately?

- Do you have cash?
- No.


All right.

So which of you are together and...

The three of us are together.

The three of you...

Cancel the chicken order here.
I'll pay mine.

So you're only ordering ramyeon and water.


One hellaspicy fricken.

I'm gonna get

the fried tofu gimbap

and ramyeon.

And ramyeon?

- Chibap?
- Chibap?


a pineapple juice please.

I want a Coke.

A water for me.

Chibap, pineapple juice...

Are you ready?

I don't want to pronounce it wrong,

but bulgogi...

- Rice?
- Rice.

Anything to drink?

One pineapple juice.


Can I get the...

Hellaspicy fricken?


All for the black table.

Black... They're all for the black table.

An order.

You gotta focus.

Wait, this is bad.

Hold on.

Woo Shik, did you relay the ramyeon order
to the kitchen?

Woo Shik, did you relay this order too?

There's no table. They have to wait.

- Let's do this.
- Let's do this.

Today's our last day, so...

If we don't sell the rice menus,
we can't make profit.


I'm gonna be the master of gimbap.

Good luck.

Too rough.


Chef, you can count on me.

An order.

An order.

I need to roll four more.

Do we have enough glasses?

No, we're running out of them.

- No more glasses?
- No.

New order.

- Marinade more meat.
- Okay.

I'll do my best to roll the gimbap.

If we hit 12,000, we're safe.

The queue is incredibly long.

How many groups are waiting?

Three groups.

I think we'll hit 10,000.

I don't think we made 10,000 today.

We didn't sell lots of chicken.

We sold lots of ramyeon.

I'm running out of ingredients soon.

- What a drama.
- What a drama, indeed.

What a drama.

This is our last customer.

Let's go.

Here comes the big one.

Our teamwork is perfect now.

But we're going home.

- It's okay.
- Let me.

- Yu Mi.
- Give it to me.

Give the corn dog to Yu Mi.

- Let go.
- Let go.