Jinny's Kitchen (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

After a half-day off, the staff are fully charged! With their perfect teamwork, nothing can seem to go wrong now. Then 3 tables are booked before opening! Big groups, revisitors, to-go orders, and venue a rival restaurant owner? Welcome back to chaos! A spicy completion begins in Bacalar! After a never-ending customer rush, Day 7 finally ends. Will today's sales put a smile on Seo Jin's face?

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My legs.

I literally used up all my energy.

So this is what they say
using up all energy is like.

Now, I'm starting to forget
what my job was.

I have no appetite.

You guys...

Sleep well. Do what you want.

This is youth!

Let's go.

It feels so good
to go to work at this time.

No rush, right?

Wait, is that a queue?


No way.

Oh, they're our customers
from the other day.

They came the other day?


- Hello.
- Can we make a reservation?

What time?

- At five o' clock.
- Five o' clock?

Okay. How many?

- Six.
- Six? Okay.

Six? At five o'clock?

Okay. See you later.

- At five?
- Yes.

We just arrived,
and we have a reservation.

Perro is also here already.


Perro is here.

- Hey, buddy.
- You came even earlier than us.


Let's put this on too.

Put on what?


Putting it there? Put it here.

I wanna be unique.



I just clocked in,
and I feel so lazy already.

Gosh, I don't wanna work.

We have three reservations already.

Let's add one more table.

I thought we were adding that
on our last day.

We have a booking for a party of six.

Let's go.


Why aren't you skewering them?

If I have them skewered in advance,
the cheese will fall apart.

So there's been
a change of plan.

I'll skewer it
before rolling it in the batter.

All right. Let's go!

- Let's go.
- Let's go.


Let's cook rice, rice, rice

How do you measure it accurately?

See the knuckle sticking out here?

The water should be here.

In the middle of the knuckle.
It always works.

Looking good.


Man, the rice is gonna be so tasty today.

You can feel it?

Yes, I can feel it.

Tell me if you need anything.

Intern Kim is at your service.

Excuse me.

Okay. Intern Choi is prepared too.

We need more marinade for the spicy pork.

Yes, ma'am.

And the marinade for bulgogi too.

Because we're making bulgogi rice too.

I was thinking
we could add menus like spicy pork rice.

We're almost done, so I'll do both.

Go Yu Mi, go Yu Mi

You know what to recommend.


- Spicy pork rice and bulgogi rice.
- Yes.

And chibap.

- Chibap, too?
- Yes.

The menus that are over 200 pesos.

- Is this good?
- Yes.

- Yu Mi.
- Yes?

The rice is done. Wanna check it?

Oh, my gosh.

My gimbap knife is the best.

Gosh, my eyes.

Very fresh.

You look too sexy.

Good. Sleep well.

We just need to wait for a little, right?

Want some ice cream?

Ice cream!

What's that?

He's buying us some ice cream.

The boss is buying us ice cream.

- Really?
- The boss has changed.

He's changed.

What is this?

Coconut, cookies cream,
chocolate, and strawberry.

Which flavor?

Coconut? Cookies and cream?

He has coconut
and cookies and cream flavors.

Cookies and cream!

- Cookies and cream!
- I want cookies and cream!

Three cookies and cream!

Three cookies cream.

And one coconut for me.

Oh, there's another flavor.

It's strawberry.

- Yes, one.
- Strawberry?

Okay, now the cookies and cream.

Three cookies and cream?

Coconut flavor is unique.
It's not a common flavor.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- Here it is.
- Woa, look.

Okay. Let's go!

- Let's go!
- Let's go!

What's this?

Do you like it?

- Yes.
- I like it.

- You like it?
- Sorry?

- Do you like it?
- Yes. I love it.

What time is it now?

It's 4:30 PM.

Only 30 minutes left.

Wait. We don't need to prep
laver rolls and dumplings.

For tteokbokki.

Since we're not making tteokbokki today...

I'll take this out...

Mix it and...

Ice sure gives it a richer flavor.

I'll make one now.


It's our new menu, so we'll need a sample.


- Is that good?
- Yes.

Whoa, I'm sweating.

Man, it looks amazing.

Even I wanna try it.

It's good.

- Is it all right?
- Yes.

I'll open.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Is he asleep?
- No.

- Hola.
- Can we go in?


We have a reservation.

Oh, really? At five.

Okay. For two?

- Yes.
- Okay, come on in.


Yes, that's us.


¿Cómo estás?

- Good.
- Good.

It's so pretty here.


We have customers.

- Tae Hyung. Let's do this.
- Do this.

- Seo Jun.
- Yes?

- Let's do this.
- We can do this.

- We can do this.
- Yes.

We have a mountain of chicken today.


Please order here.

- Oh, we order there.
- Okay.

What's your recommendation?


Today's special is the rice menus.

Rice with...

Beef, pork, or chicken.

And this is chibap. It's chicken.

Okay, hmm...

This one's good.

- Ramyeon...
- Yes.

- Recommend the rice menus.
- Do you like spicy food?

- This is spicy.
- Rice. Recommend the rice menus.

If you like spicy, this one's good too.

I'll have this.


Is it very spicy?

Yes, very spicy.

I'm gonna try the ramyeon.

- The regular ramyeon? Okay.
- Yes.

- Do you have drinks too?
- To drink?

- The drink menus.
- I'll have mineral water.

- Mineral water.
- Two. Two mineral water.

We're having a rush again.

- We got an order.
- Okay.

Spicy pork rice. Wow.

And one regular ramyeon.

Mucho picante.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Is it very spicy?
- Yes.

I feel like I'm stuck at this ramyeonland.


How many?

- Three.
- Three.

Chicken, very spicy.

Hello. Two?

What should I order?

This looks good.

The chicken is very tasty.

Should we order one? Let's share it.

A hellamyeon?

Can I order a corn dog?

Sure. Go for it.

The potato one?


Okay, the potato one?

Anything to drink?

Two cokes? Okay.

- Hi.
- Hi.

One hellamyeon.

- Two.
- Oh, two?

Oh, okay.

- Drink?
- Drink?

I'll have water.

- Just water?
- Yes.

- Thank you.
- Take this to your table.

An order.


- Tae Hyung.
- Yes.

Time to work.

- Is it chicken?
- Chicken.

Is it half half?

A half half tater dog.

I feel like

I'm speaking faster than before.

And half more spoon.

It smells so delicious.

She's got really nice skin.

She's so pretty.

You'd look pretty there too.

Oh, come on. No way.

You think I look pretty too?

Of course.

Could you put the phone away?

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

Let's see how spicy it is.

Thank you.

It's so good.

It's really spicy, but good.

It's getting spicier and spicier, huh?

It smells good.

Look. It's boiling.

It looks delicious.

Did you get a receipt?

No, they didn't give it to me.

Did you want it?

They usually give it to you.

It's a pretty restaurant.


Hey, can you finish up the tater dog?


Con papas.

- Let's share it.
- Of course.

Try it.

Tell us how it is.

The chicken is so good.

It's really good.

- Can I bite it off?
- Yes.

Want some more?

I'll have one more. It's good.

Yeah, it's really good.

There's a sausage inside.

At the bottom.

That corn dog looks really good.

Oh, I heard that corn dog is a must-try.

How is it? Good?

- It's so good.
- It's good.

This chicken is incredibly good.

- It's sweet.
- And crispy.

What did you order?

Ramyeon. I ordered...

Today's special.

There's pork, chili, and veggies inside.

It's tasty, but very spicy.

Super spicy.

I want spicy food too.



Isn't it spicy?

Yes, a little bit.

It's not that spicy.

Because it has cheese inside.

I think my nose is getting runny.

It started to hit me now.

And she said it wasn't spicy.

Now it's spicy.


She can't handle it anymore.

They're coming too late,
we gotta cancel it.

Could you put the reserved sign away?

Leave the corn cheese to me.

I'll prepare it here.



It's spicy.


Thank you.

Thank you.

You think it's spicy?

I don't know. Let's see.

It's really good.

It's spicy, but good.

It's not so spicy.

It's not that spicy.

Look at you.
You're eating with the chopsticks.


What happened? Your glasses fell.

Can I borrow some cash
to get more water?


Is it spicy?

It's really good, but also very spicy.

It must be spicy for him too.

I'll pay you back after.

- Are you okay?
- Give him two water.

It's really good.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I can do this.

You're sweating.

Do you wanna make
an extra order for to-go?

I'm gonna order something for my friend.

Can I order an extra corn dog to-go?

- For to-go?
- Yes.

Looks like you can take away the food too.

Let's order one to-go.

Should we get one or two?

Of which one?


What's it called?

It's at the end of the menu.

A corn dog made with potatoes and cheese.

Is it "order to-go" or "take out?"

It's "take out."
But "order to-go" is fine too.

Excuse me.

What's that called by the way?

The one at the end,
with potatoes and cheese.

I'd like to order the tater dog to-go.

- Two of it.
- Two?

- To-go?
- Yes, to-go.

- Two? Okay.
- Two.

- Two please, two to-go.
- Two?

- Corn dog? To-go?
- Yes.

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes.

- To-go.
- Okay.

Two half half tater dogs to-go.


Another to-go order.


An order.

Tae Hyung, one more to-go.

Why are there so many?

Corn dogs are flying off the shelves.

Tater dogs.

It tastes richer because it's iced.

Here they are.


Tae Hyung, they went in in this order.

Pack those three.

Just press the button once more.

What... But there are...

There are four buttons. Which one?

Which button do you mean?

I don't know. Let's try all four.

What did you press before?

Wait. We need to take them out.

That one.

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes.

The boxes. Oh, you got it.

Yes, I do.

- Very nice, Tae Hyung.
- Thanks.

Whoa, what's this?

- Nice.
- Nice.

Corn dogs to-go.

Here you go. I'll put it here.

Thank you.

Here you go.

Are you finished?


- Done?
- Done.


- How many?
- Hello. We're two.

- Two? Please order here.
- Yes.

What do you wanna have?

I don't know.
Bulgogi gimbap, fried tofu gimbap...

Bulgogi gimbap is really good.

Very delicious.

This is good too. Chibap.

It's chicken with rice.

Does cheese ramyeon have seafood inside?


- No?
- No fish.

Then we'll get one bulgogi gimbap

and one cheese ramyeon.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Here for a reservation?


At 5:30 PM, right?


Four? Five?

- Four? Okay.
- Four.

Please order here.

It's Korean food, right?


Does any of them come with kimchi?


Then you wanna order chibap.

- Chibap?
- It comes with kimchi.

Like this.

- That's how it looks?
- Yes.

Then I'll have that one.

Should we try this chicken?

Hellaspicy fricken?

Yes, hellaspicy fricken.

Are you going with that? It's very spicy.

Is it really spicy?

Maybe not for you.

For Mexicans, right?

I want it really, really spicy.

- Hellspicy fricken.
- Yes.

Wasn't there spicy noodles?

A regular ramyeon, please.

How's this?

It's good.

Our signature menu.

- One of this.
- Bulgogi gimbap.

One coke, two waters,
and one mineral water.

- And a Sprite.
- So, five drinks?

And take this to your table.

I love Korean food.

Do you smell the food?

I can smell sesame oil from the kitchen.

It smells like sesame oil.

What did you order?

A soup, a chicken, and something else.

Sweet and spicy chicken?

Yes, it's spicy.

- Water?
- Thank you.

Thank you.


Don't worry. We're fine.

- In the middle like this.
- Thank you.


Oh, do you work in this area?

I'm the waiter today.

It looks so delicious.

You want some?

You had three packs yesterday.

Your ramyeon is amazing.

I'll make you one later.

For the bronze.



- It's huge.
- What if it's spicy?

I don't think I can eat it then.

Goodness, it looks really hot.


The cheese is really good.

- This sauce is so thick.
- So Mexican.

Try it with the fork
and see if it's spicy.

It's so good.

I like it.

I wanna try it too.
How did you pick it up?

- With the fork.
- Give me one.

Come closer to my plate.

The one on the top is really good.

- The sauce.
- Right?

Try picking it up with the chopsticks.

- It'll all fall apart.
- Just try it.

Try yours with chopsticks.

It'll be easier with the noodles.

I wanna try eating that with chopsticks.

Look. This is easier.

That's incredible.

Enough. Let me eat.

I took one when you're eating it.

- One chibap.
- Hellaspicy fricken.

- Are they all drinks?
- Yes.

I'll make it less confusing.

Chibap, chicken, ramyeon.

I'll make chibap first and then ramyeon.

We got a hellaspicy fricken too.

Show them what's real spicy.

Doesn't it look tasty?




- You wanted kimchi, right?
- Yes, please.

What's that? There's chicken, egg, rice...

It's chicken.

Bulgogi gimbap.

In the middle.

Are you guys sharing it?

Would you like a small plate?

- If you want more, just ask.
- Okay.

Perfect. Thank you.

This one has sesame oil on it.

The gimbap is good. Try it.

- It's good, right?
- Yes.

The sauce is really good.

Yeah, the sauce is good.

It's so good.


I've watched lots of videos
of chicken recipes, but...

This is really good.

I should make my chicken like this too.

Can I mix them?

Should I mix it with the egg?

Sure, if you want.

- It's good, right?
- It is.

The rice goes really well with it.

Can I take some?

This one is the best.

Wow, that one's really good.

It's delicious.


Try kimchi.

I told you Korean food is really good.

Do you have more kimchi?

- Yeah, sure.
- Thank you.

Everything's good. Thank you.

Is this jicama?

What should I eat this with?

- Is it radish? It's strong.
- I think it is.

No, it's too strong.

Pickled in vinegar.

In sweet vinegar, I think.

I think it's for the chicken.

I feel like they put something like

caramelized onion in the chicken.

What's this in here?



It looks similar, but it's not it.

I think it's a Korean ingredient.

It's the same as that pickle but colored.

What leaves are they?

Hmm, it's anise.

It tastes like anise.


Try and guess what it is.

What do you think?

I've never tasted any greens like this.

It tastes like anise.

I don't know what anise leaves taste like.

Me neither.

Excuse me.

Can I ask what the name of this is?

Oh, that's...

It's like a Korean version of cilantro.

Oh, cilantro.

A Korean version of cilantro.

- Seo Jun.
- Yes?

What is it?

I want to have a tater dog too.

I want a tater dog.

Back in Seoul, there must be many people
who can make it better than me.

- Hola.
- Hola.

How many?

- Five.
- Five?

You should order there.

- Wait. You came before, right?
- Yeah.

- On Wednesday.
- Yeah.


We got customers?

From the tax office.

- Tax office?
- Yes, tax office.

Tax office?

Here for a tax investigation?

Which ramyeon do you want?

This one has cheese, but not this one.

- The one with the cheese.
- All right.

- One ramyeon with cheese.
- With cheese.

One chicken, one gimbap of bulgogi.

Oh, make that two please.

One more?

Okay. And spicy pork rice.

One spicy pork rice?

And one of this.

Yes, that's all.

An order.


What did we get?

One cheese ramyeon.

One spicy fricken.

One half half tater dog.

Does anything look interesting?

I'd like to have one ramyeon.

One ramyeon for you? Okay.

I'll have the ramyeon

with cheese.


You should order what she ordered.


There are fried tofu and tuna.
Which one do you like?


- Gimbap de tuna...
- One tuna.

Could you get me
a watermelon juice to drink?


- And a watermelon juice?
- Watermelon juice.

For me, wine please.

We got an order.

Will you clean your room?

My room?

I'll do it on Saturday.

Now, everyone will find out
how your room is.


Because they all know now how it is.

It's all recorded with the mic here.

- You're mean.
- I am.

Here's wine for you.

Just kidding.

Thank you.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Let's make a toast. With the Coke too.

Do you think we can order ramyeon to-go?

Maybe we should've ordered
one more gimbap.

Do you wanna try other flavors?

Tuna or fried tofu?

The 140 pesos one.

Can I borrow 20 pesos then?


I love you so much.

I'd like to order one tuna gimbap.

- Tuna gimbap?
- Yes.

Are you having it here?

No, to-go.

- To-go? One tuna gimbap?
- Yes.

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes?

We need to make chicken. Quick.

What do we do? Spicy pork...

Could you prepare four sauces?

Should I make the spicy pork rice?

- We got a spicy pork rice order?
- Yes.

- Spring onions and onions first.
- Okay.

- And this is the knob.
- Okay. I'll do it.

- You saw how much, right?
- Yes.

Oh, this is your step stool?

Yeah, because I'm small.

I need that to use the stove.

You look like a pro now.

- Pardon?
- You're a pro now.

No, I'm not.

For the gold table.

Did you try Korean food?
You have, right?

Of course.

You're gonna love it.

I hope so.

It's delicious.


Yes, thank you.

Tater dog?

It's very big.

Because it's made with potatoes, cheese,

and a lot of things.

It's like elote.

Yeah, it's like elote.

Cheese ramyeon?

The soup you ordered.

Let's start once we get all the food.

Let's all start together.
Like work colleagues.

People here don't start first.

- They wait until everyone gets their food.
- Right?

- Spicy pork rice?
- Yes.



Enjoy, everyone.

- It's good.
- Right?

It's not spicy.

It's not spicy. It's good.

I think we ordered the non-spicy one.

It's better.


Is it good?

- Do you like it?
- Yes, I do.

It's less than 200 pesos.

We're so lucky to eat here.

A Korean restaurant.

- Everything here is so pretty.
- In Mexico.

Will our conversation be translated
into Korean?

Yeah, there will be
Korean texts right here.


When we say something,
the text will show here.

- Let's do this.
- Let's do this.

Happy face.

Put the trash here.

Taking out the trash. Nice.

You're learning to find what to do.

Getting better and better every day.

Pour it and put the cheese on it.

Wait a sec.

Cheese ramyeon?

That's me.

Thank you.

Let's start when we get all the food.

Mom won't wait. She'll start first.

I'm cooling it down.

Okay. Dad, you should cool it down too.


Thank you.

- Look. There's a sticker on it.
- That's cute.

I thought it'd be spicy.

- You must've ordered a less spicy one.
- No, I didn't.

Maybe they thought you'd be weak.

- Excuses me?
- Yes.

Do you have chili or some spicy sauce?

Do you want a spicy sauce?

- Could you give me some spicy sauce?
- Okay.

You're embarrassing me.

In Korea,
they don't put sauces in their food.

Dad is embarrassing her.

They're gonna translate everything we say.

It's very spicy.

Yeah, good.

Just a little. Thank you.

He says it's spicy.

It's not that spicy.

It's spicy but tasty.

Ooh, it's quite spicy now.

Is it spicy now?

The sauce is quite spicy.

Oh, it smells tasty.

It is tasty, but...

Okay. Now, I'm gonna embarrass you guys.

By trying to eat it with these chopsticks.

You need to practice it.

It's like this?

Yeah, that doesn't look bad.

I did it! I picked it up!

Oh, no. I dropped it.

Woo Shik, it's for to-go.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Hey. Hola.

That's a corn dog.

I wonder how it'd taste.

The corn dog?

- Let's come back for it.
- Okay.

- Should we wait?
- Yes.

- Okay.
- About ten minutes.

It's okay.

We can leave notes here.

How do you spell "holiday?"


You guys came back.

Yeah, we liked the food.

Oh, really?

And the Netherlands are out
of the World Cup,

so we need some comfort food.

Woo Shik, there's no table.

No tables.

No more tables.

No tables.

How many?



We'll give you a waiting list.

Where should we keep the waiting list?

What should I write here?

- What should I write?
- Write the numbers. One, two, three, four...

One, two...

- Thanks, man.
- Thank you.

It was very delicious.

- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Here. You can put your names on the top.

The table's ready.

You know the drill.

Oh, yeah.


- Nice to see you again.
- Yes. Thank you.

The food was really good, so...

- Did the Netherlands lose?
- Yes.

At the penalty shootout.

Argentina won the penalty shootout.

Argentina won.

- Sorry.
- Not good.

So we need some...

Love. Some Korean love.

All right.

- For me, a ramyeon.
- A regular ramyeon.

You wanted the corn dog.

- Yes, the corn dog.
- One regular?

- That's 180.
- Okay, here you go.

Ramyeon, corn dog.

Ramyeon, corn dog.

Tae Hyung,
get the water ready for ramyeon.

Oh, you came back.


Hi. We're closed.

Are you here for long?

- Yes.
- Could you come tomorrow then?

Okay, I'll try.

Around five or six tomorrow?


We have waiting customers right now.

Could you wait a bit?

There's a waiting list over there.

I like your shirt. Nice.

Yeah? We bought it at the market.

Oh, yeah?

- Wait, so this is you?
- Yeah.

Okay. Two people, right?

I'm going to plan a trip to Korea soon.

Okay. Sounds fun.

I wanna see the totally different culture,

and great food there.

They must have
beautiful nature and fantastic cities.

They also have an interesting culture.

So many things to do.

Which table?


Thank you.

- Are you sharing?
- Yes.

- Always.
- Then I'll get you some plates.


I think it's coated with sugar.

It is sugar.

- Here you go.
- So this is sugar. What are the...

The sauces are mayo, ketchup, and mustard.

You wanna try the corn dog first, right?


It must be, of course, really hot.

All right.

I'm so curious.

Oh, interesting.

It's a very delicious comfort.

It's so different.

Is it like a Berliner?

- With a sausage.
- Yeah.

A Berliner with a sausage.


You guys can sit
on these chairs too, you know.

- We're good!
- Is it okay? Okay.

Leave them for other people.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.

The menu is over here.

I've never had Korean food.

- Really?
- Yeah.

It's in different languages.

You see English here?


I wanna order this. We can share this.

- I want the fried tofu gimbap.
- Oh, you too?

- I'll take the fried tofu gimbap.
- Me too.

You too? So two? Okay.

Anything to drink?

I'll take the watermelon juice.

- Watermelon juice.
- Without ice, please.

Without ice.

I don't need any drink.

Give this to Yu Mi.
And one watermelon juice without ice.

Two fried tofu.

Without ice.

Here you go.

How long have you been here now?

This is the second week.

It hasn't been long.

I think I've been in Mexico
for three weeks now.

I've been here for a month already.

I took the flight on November 7
and arrived on the 8th.

How long are you gonna stay here?

I don't know.

I'd like to go from week to week.

Like, "Oh, I'll take another week."

I'm so curious about this place

because a friend of mine lived in Mexico
and traveled a lot here.

So you also plan to stay here long-term.


Me too.

- And you stayed in Tulum for two weeks.
- Yes.

What did you do in Tulum?

After arriving, I looked for yummy places.

Two gimbap at once.

Even if it doesn't work, it's fine.

I can just start over.

I actually

love gimbap very much.

Well, I used to.

I hope it tastes good.

I rolled the two at once.

That's amazing.

Go now.


Thank you.

- Enjoy.
- Enjoy.

So this is authentic...

- Korean cuisine.
- Mm-hmm.

Not cooked by Mexicans.

It's really good.

The sauce is good.

This one is quite spicy.

It has lots of veggies.

Yes, lots of veggies.

Let's order the chicken. I want this one.

One spicy fricken
and one hellaspicy fricken, please.

One spicy one too? Okay.

Excuse me.

We have no table.

It's to-go.

Okay. Just a minute.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Hello. Welcome back.

I love the corn dog.

Corn dog coated with sugar.

This one. The basic one with...

Can I be back for it in five minutes?

Sure. You can take
ten minutes even, or more.

- Oh, that's perfect.
- Take your time.

- Thank you.
- It'll be ready.

- Hello.
- Can I ask for chicken?

Spicy fricken.

- One spicy fricken?
- Yes.

An order!

An order.

We got an order.

- Huh? Tae Hyung.
- Yes?

- Spicy fricken and hellaspicy fricken.
- Okay.

That's too little. Add some more.

- Seo Jun, they're 14 pieces.
- Tae Hyung.

But we have two servings to make.

So I'm taking one more serving now.

Oh, that's one serving?

Yes, the order just got in.

Oh, sorry.

- Seo Jun.
- Sorry.

- Calm down.
- Sorry.

- No excuse even if you're the chef.
- Sorry.

I'll give them a lot.

This is hellaspicy fricken.

- Thank you.
- And the spicy fricken.

It's the same
as the one we ordered before.

This is the sweet one
and this is the spicy one.

Ooh, that's spicy.

Is it very spicy?


- It's quite spicy.
- Really?

Is it very spicy?


It's spicy for him.


It's spicy, but not so...

Whoa, hold on.

It's so spicy.

I told you it's spicy.

It's good spicy though.

- For the purple table.
- Purple.


Is it good?

Yeah, very good.

The chicken's good?

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

Is it good? Is it?

This is really good.

- Try it.
- It's not spicy at all.

Close your eyes
and feel the flavor explode.

Isn't it good?

- It's so big.
- Why'd you bring a big one?


The corn dog is filling.

This food is exactly what we needed.

That was delicious.

Let's go.

- Thank you.
- Good luck.

- Bye-bye.
- Thank you.

The dog is lying here.
It doesn't care.

Is it alive?

Are you alive?

I like their shirts.

It looks quite nice.

It looks comfortable.

I like it
that they're all in similar shirts.

Funky vibes.

Tae Hyung, do you want a tater dog?


Do you want a tater dog?

- That'd be lovely.
- Okay.

- Seo Jun.
- Yes?

- I love you.
- I love you too.

Here. It's for you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Hey, your tater dog is here.

Yay! Thank you.


How is it?

It's really good.

Maybe I should try one too.

Hey, would you like one too?


- A tater dog?
- A regular corn dog.

It looks so good.

It's hot, isn't it?

Excuse me, would you like to try this?

Thank you.

It's sticky rice with honey.

Oh, beautiful. Thank you.

For this, I'll use these fancy things.

I've never used metal chopsticks.

It's really sticky.

Sticky rice, sticky honey.

It's so fine.

I like it when people make things so fine.

It's so tiny and cute.

It's a cookie.

A piece of cookie.


New things always make me happy.

Gomap... Gobmapseupnida.

Wait. Let's hear it.


- Gomapseupnida.
- Gomapseupnida.



- Gomapseupnida.
- Gomapseupnida.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Are you guys a family?

No, we're not. We're actors from Korea.

Oh, really?

- Have you the Korean movie, "Parasite?"
- Yes.

He's on "Parasite."


That's so funny.

I thought it was a real restaurant.

And I was like, "They must be a family.
They're wearing cool shirts."

What is it?

No, you have it.

- You don't want it?
- No, I'm good.

- It's good.
- Stop.

You never had it, right?

It's too sweet. The sugar.

It gives you energy.

We're almost done.

They all left.

- I think it's almost time to close.
- Yeah?

People always stop coming at this hour. Interesting.

Like magic


- The most famous menu?
- The famous one?

These are today's specials.

And these are our signature menus.

And people love the chicken.

I wanna try this.

- Is it spicy?
- A little bit.

It's not too spicy. Just a little bit.

You want the spicy pork rice?

I order this. It has this thing called

gochujang. It's a little spicy.

I don't want spicy. It hurts my stomach.

This one has beef inside. It's not spicy.

- Not spicy.
- I'll get that one.

- One? Okay.
- Yes.

Please take this to your table.

I wanna try the one you ordered too.

- Do you want some?
- Yes, please.

- Wine?
- Yes.


It tastes good.

It's tasty.

This is exactly what I needed.

This one's good too.

- Is it freshly squeezed?
- Yes.


- Maria.
- It's really good.

It's hard to make
good pineapple juice like this.

- Yu Mi. Gimbap and a rice menu.
- Okay.

- Gimbap and a rice menu?
- Yes.

- I can help you with the rice.
- I'll tell you the recipe then.

- Okay. You make your gimbap first.
- Okay.

Spring onion, onion, carrot, meat.

- You don't add any sauce here.
- No.

Maybe we can try.

Let's try adding a little.

Do we put lettuce in bulgogi rice?

No, perilla leaves.

- I got them here.
- Perilla leaves?


Add sesame seeds too.


I made bulgogi rice. Check it out.

- It looks nice.
- To the camera too.

Thank you.

Can we wash our hands?

- Inside the hotel.
- Oh, thank you.

Go ahead. I'll be waiting.

Here you go.

Thank you.

She's taking a while.

I wanted to eat.

You took too long.

How could you!

What is this?


- I like that better though.
- This?

It's delicious.

I like it.

It's delicious.

Is it beef or pork?


It's very good.

Oh, no. I broke it.

Aww, how embarrassing.

If I grab it, it'll fall.

It's just one bite.

Auntie, I can't do this.

Use the fork, you silly.

I can do it.

No, I can't.

It's because you haven't practiced.

Oh, well.

- What am I gonna do with you?
- I can't.

I did it.

Like I said before,
you get stressed too easily.

I'm a Chihuahua.

You're a Chihuahua? Oh, come on.

More like a Great Dane.

You know what? That food was just perfect.

Yes, it was.

- Let's go before...
- Not until I finish my wine.

I can't have it so quickly.

I can sing you a drinking song.

Excuse me,
but wine is supposed to be savored.

I think we're done now.

- No one's coming now, right?
- I think so.

Come tomorrow?

When should I come back?

At 2 PM. Tomorrow is our last day.

Oh, boy.

Did we hit 10,000 again?


Doing only the dinner service,
it's hard to hit 10,000.

- Doing the math?
- Yes.

We made over 7,000 pesos.

Whoa, really?

Had we done the lunch,
we would've hit 10,000.

If we had made 5,000 from lunch,
it would've been 12,000.

- Wait, Seo Jin.
- Yes?

Have you been counting it all along?

How did you know?

I balanced it earlier.

- What?
- I did it earlier.

How much did we make today?

About 7,500 pesos.

Not bad.

- If we'd been open for lunch...
- I mean, then...

Tomorrow, we must set our highest record.

Then we'll need a break.

No break tomorrow. It's our last day.

What time do we start?

I was thinking we could open early.

- What time?
- About 1 PM.

What about the ingredients?

We must prep like crazy tomorrow.

Come three hours in advance
and work crazy.

We'll work like crazy tomorrow.


We're opening at 2 PM.


Tomorrow, buy all the chicken.

Let's open at 2:30 PM tomorrow.

No, we're opening at 2 PM.


What is it?

Attention, everyone.

The boss has something to say.

Well, it's just that

we're opening at 2 PM tomorrow.

So prep lots of ingredients

because we'll be busy tomorrow.

These two will leave home at 11 AM

and buy all the chicken available.

He said 11 AM.

Let's go.

The plates?

No, the dessert.

- Oh, do you want this?
- You have it.


- Thanks. You're so kind.
- Gracias.

Thank you.

You're so kind.

Guess how much we made.

- How much?
- We hit 7,000 pesos.

We hit 7,000?

We made about 7,500.

There's something else I learned.

Whenever the boss takes orders,

he adds the numbers up in his head.

I was going to use the calculator,
but he already knew the number.

So this is really

all about money to him.

It is indeed.

Is it our tip?

Someone even left 100 bucks.

Your first tip.

- Fifty pesos.
- Good for you.

Tip jar.

Ninety pesos.

That's a lot of tip.

Seo Jin, this is all mine, right?

- Of course.
- Tae Hyung.

See how much you got.

- Wait. There's a 200-peso bill?
- Yes.

- A 500-peso bill?
- Yes. 200 and 500.

How could 500 pesos be a tip?

- That can't be tip.
- Seriously.

- I...
- Did you steal it?

- No.
- Did you?

No, I didn't.

You opened the cash drawer, didn't you?

- No.
- You didn't?

- I didn't.
- Who pays 500 as a tip?

How could you not trust me?

That's too many 500-peso bills.

Does it hurt? It hurts me too.

You opened the cash drawer.

It hurts.

You don't trust me.

- This hurts.
- Gosh. Hey.

Seriously, I didn't steal it.

How do you have
two 500-peso bills then?

I swear I didn't steal it.

He was going to take it secretly tomorrow,

and he's caught.

We'll close as soon as we hit 12,000.

Let's go for 12,000 pesos!

I wonder what's going to happen today.

Today doesn't seem bad.

That sounds so scary.

- Let's speed up, guys.
- Move, move.

I'm getting better at this.

This show helped me
discover my hidden gift.

Fry more chicken?

This never happened before.

- Why do we have no customers?
- I know.

Are you sure we're open?

It's quite slow today.

Did you chant,
"Let's go for 12,000 pesos?"

Yes, I probably said it loudest.

We prepped the most ingredients ever

What if we end up selling nothing today?

Sir, I'd like to have one ramyeon.

- Get back to the kitchen, now.
- Huh?

But there are no customers.

Go Tae Hyung, go Tae Hyung

This is hilarious.
It's like a dance party.

I want to become a singer!

It'll certainly attract customers.

It'll be a jackpot.

This is far from what I expected.
This is too much.


We got a customer.

Let's spread the food smell.


It's only attracting this dog.

- You're so excited.
- You like it, huh?

Can we eat here?

Is it opening at 3 PM?

People suddenly started rushing in.


Sorry. Which table was it?
Things are just so busy here.

What's wrong with my apron today?

Any of you free?

- No.
- I'm not free.

All right.