Jinny's Kitchen (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

The harder the work, the sweeter the sales. 10,000 pesos will be a cakewalk. The staff lose their appetite and ingredients run low, but customers keep coming. After a tough day, the staff go on a hunger strike and get Jonny's 3rd welfare benefit: A fun , reinvigorating jet ski break. On Day 7, tteokbokki is OUT and rice is IN. A bit group shows up 2 hours before opening. Can they handle the rush?

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The boss' dimples are getting deeper.

He's completely changed.

It's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Is it still possible to eat here?

No, we're closed.



We're gonna make a table for you.

Put these tables together.

We barely made it.

That's why I had them.

You're smiling ear to ear.


So refreshing. Come in.


- Vámonos!
- Vámonos!

I think I got the hang of it now.

- Nice!
- Nice!


- We just opened, and we're full.
- I know.

One more thing to do to be promoted.

- It's speed.
- Okay.


Our teamwork is getting better.


I smell ramyeon.

Sweet and spicy Korean fried chicken?
Oh, my gosh.


Woo Shik.

Woo Shik!

- Yes.
- Come on out.


How many? Four?

- Four.
- Four.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

- Oh, take it slow.
- He's done.

It's okay.

- Gracias.
- Gracias.

- Gracias.
- Gracias.

Your table is ready.

I'll order the hellamyeon.

It's very spicy.

- Very.
- Oh, no.

But very tasty.

Like habaneros?

Habanero? No.

This is really good.

- Yeah?
- There's a sample of it here.

I wanna try that.

- One of this, and this.
- Okay.

We ordered everything to share.

- Or do you...
- No. We ordered our menus.

Oh, okay.

- Bulgogi gimbap.
- Bulgogi?

And pineapple juice.

- Pineapple juice? Two?
- Yes.

- We got an order.
- Okay.

We keep getting chicken orders.

Yu Mi.

Could you put it here?

Chibap. We got a chibap order.

Whoa, what... Man, that was close.

I almost put the oil in it.

Working on the chicken?

Yup, I'm making two.

- Are you making both at once?
- Yes.



- Chicken?
- Thank you.

This is really good.

This food...

I can have five plates of it.

I can have 250 pieces.

Let me try this.

How's the chicken?

It's really good, right?

It's so good.

The best food I've ever had.

It's really good.

It's really good, right?


Could you leave me some?

Would you like to have some?

Leave me some, please.

We finished it.

This chicken's so good.

It'd be awesome to visit Korea.

The chicken...

Two, four, six, eight, ten...

We have only one order of chicken left.

We should fry some more.


Seo Jin.

Woo Shik?

What's this called?


Oh, it's over there. Thanks.

One spicy pork gimbap.

One tteokbokki.

One fricken.

- Seo Jin.
- Yes?

We have only one serving of chicken left.

I just got one order. That'll be last.

- Yes.
- Okay.

Can I order for to-go?

I want to take some home.

There are combo menus too.

Jinny's Combo?

It's very delicious.

The food is really good.

- To-go?
- To-go.

Are we really getting famous?
What's going on?

People keep rushing in, right?

People are waiting again.


I'll wait there, so they can sit here.

I feel bad seeing them waiting.

- I'll sit there so they can sit here.
- Oh, okay.

Thank you.

Let's do the same.

So the people can sit here.

We're done.

We're just waiting for our to-go order.

We can wait over there.

You can go sit there.

Thank you.

We got an order.

An order.

We got Jinny's Combo B.

Yu Mi, we got one Jinny's Combo,

and the gimbap is to-go.

- Could you pack it here?
- Sure.

- Jinny's Combo B for to-go.
- Okay.

Order up.

Jinny's Combo B.

Thank you.

Half half tater dog for to-go.


Thank you. See you later.


- Hello.
- Hello. Good afternoon.

I'd like to order this.

For me, this.

- Tteokbokki?
- Yes.

But today is a weekday.

Today is a weekday.


don't care how much money we make.

It's not like I'll get a raise
if we make a lot of money.

It won't do me any good.

- It only tires me.
- Tae Hyung.

- Yes?
- Tae Hyung.

- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.

I wanna go to the restroom, but...

Wait. Whose table is that?

The three people here.

- They're four people.
- Where?


- They can't sit there.
- But...

We can't extend it.

Excuse me.

Is it okay if you move
to the table over there?

Thank you.

It's better here.

I can feel the wind better here.

Today is such a busy day for us.


You can order here.

- How did you seat them?
- I moved the table.


Tae Hyung, after this, could you fry'
two dumplings

and four laver rolls for tteokbokki?

- After this.
- After this?

Brain freeze, brain freeze...

Four dumplings?

Two dumplings and four laver rolls.

Hey, hey.

Come on. Boil now.

Still no chicken?

No, not yet.

I'll reject all chicken orders then.

- Order this or this.
- Sweet and spicy?

One tteokbokki?

And this.

- One bulgogi gimbap?
- Yes.

One more?

- We got an order.
- Okay.

Endless orders.

Two half half corn dogs.

Two tteokbokkis.

We should fry two and four each.

Two dumplings and four laver rolls.

The last order?

Yes. Close the restaurant.

Look at us.

I think we're really cool now, Tae Hyung.

- Happy face.
- Okay.

Oops, sorry.

Put the dumplings here.

- Then pass it.
- Okay.

For the Bronze table.

Here you go.

Grab it with these and cut it with them.

Okay, thank you.

- That looks amazing.
- Wanna try it?

- Let's see.
- One second. I'm holding it.


Try it.

After you.

Tell me if it's spicy.

Is it good?



It's amazing. Try it.

- Are you sure?
- It's a bit spicy.

- Not too spicy?
- Not for me, because I eat chilis.

Okay. I trust you, so I'll give it a try.

It's good, right?

I'm not sure what this is, but it's good.

- It's good.
- You love it.

I like the spongy texture on the outside.

I can feel the heat,

but it's not too spicy.
It feels rather sweet.

I've never tried something like this.

Me neither.

Aren't you going to try this pasta?

It smells super spicy. I wanna try it.

Try it.

Oh, I forgot to take photos.

How is it? Spicy?

It's good.

Is it?

Spicy or not spicy?

It's normal spicy.

It's spicy, but normal spicy.

It's very spicy.

Not for me.

It's spicier than this.

I thought it'd be spicy, but it's okay.

You'll see. Have some more.

It's so good I can't stop eating it.
But it gets hotter.

At first, it wasn't hot.
But I feel the burn.

Look at my eyes.

It starts to really burn.

And my eyes...

But it's so good.

I've never seen such good-looking people
working in such a pretty restaurant.

Here you go.

You're right. They're so handsome.

Like me?

- No.
- No? I don't look like them?


You're mean.

You look like that drawing over there.

That drawing over there?

What's wrong with today so far?

Looks like we'll make
over 10,000 pesos again.

Two corn dogs.

Nice. Well done.

Tteokbokki, for you?


Dessie, this one's really good.

It has the grill flavor.

Does it?

This tteokbokki is really good too.

Dip it in the sauce.

It's so good.

Isn't it hot?

It's really good.


- That looks nice.
- Yeah.

Wow, we sold 5kg of chicken today.

- Including this?
- Yes.

- Sir.
- Yes?

Does the break start
after the customers leave?

No, you can rest.

But we need to fry chicken.

Right. Then fry the chicken first.

Will I get an extra 15 minutes
of break then?

Of course not. Hey.

It's not even 4 PM yet.

Oh, no.

It's okay.

It was spicy.

Macho, macho.

What's the total?

- What?
- How much?

- I haven't calculated it.
- Do it now.

We reached the number.

We hit 5,000.

We hit 5,000 pesos.

We hit 5,000.

- We hit 5,000?
- Yes.

We even hit 6,000 pesos.

I felt just like this
on the day we hit 10,000.

We need to grab some food, right?
Aren't you hungry?

How about ramyeon?

No more ramyeon.

I can't do it any more.

Still, we need to eat.
What do you wanna eat?

- Me?
- Yes.


I want to rest.

- You can rest.
- Okay.

Let me just take some rest.

I don't wanna eat.

- I'll go buy some burritos.
- Okay.

One without cilantro.

- Cilantro?
- Tae Hyung doesn't eat cilantro.

We must be getting famous here.

We might actually hit 100,000 pesos.

We should do more tteokbokki.

I'm just gonna order one meat,

one sausage,

one shrimp,

- one chicken...
- One of everything?

One of each, yes, and...

No cilantro, please.


Nice place, huh?

It's nice here.

They're very systematic.


I wonder how much they make daily.
What do you think?


We're famous here too now.

Starting today,
I bet we'll hit 10,000 every day.

And hit it easily, even.

Don't say that.
You might be bummed tomorrow.

I don't think it'll happen again.

We're on a roll now.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I fried them all.

Well done.

You did a great job.

It's looking good.

- It looks good?
- Yes.

- Isn't it easier that way, right?
- Yes.

Put it there when done.

It's not easier.

I just don't think I can be

as good as you are.

- Come on.
- I just think

you have

really skillful hands.

Really, the color looks great.

Let's eat.

- What's this?
- Which one's no cilantro?

All of them.

Thanks for the food.

- Thank you.
- Take one each.

It's the most famous place here.

It's really good.

It's good.

It tastes amazing.

What do you want for dinner?

I can make some steak. Beef steak?

- Okay.
- With some onions too.

- Wow.
- And butter?

Butter and garlic.


why don't we just have a lazy morning?

No boat riding. Just rest.

Okay. Sounds good.

I was thinking maybe
we could do only dinner.

We only have three days.

After 7:30 PM, we don't get any orders.

No one comes to have dinner after that.

Today was oddly busy.

I want to rest.

I don't want to eat.

I have no appetite.

They look all drained.

We might have to close
for the lunch hour tomorrow.

I think I should just let them sleep well
and laze around.

- Just sleep well.
- Okay.

Do what you want.

- Okay!
- Thank you.

Since we're staying in a huge house,

let's play hide-and-seek?

Are we done with prep?

Wow, it's really fast.

- Is this pineappleade?
- Yes.

My first time trying pineappleade.

I'll ask the kids to try it too.

It's pineapple, your favorite.


All right, now...

Shall we go back to frying chicken?

Ready, go.

You look cute.

You look cute.

I look cute?

Are we ready now?

Can I open now?

- Yes.
- Yes.

- Yu Mi, I'll open.
- Okay.

- Hello.
- Hello.

You need to order here.

Oh, okay.

Do you have any recommendations?


Chicken rice is good.

It's our special for today.


- If you're hungry.
- Yes.

And this here, hellamyeon, is very spicy.

- Oh, okay.
- Very spicy.

Mucho picante.

We'll get these two then.

These two.

- One each?
- Yes.


- Good afternoon.
- This way.


The rush has begun.


Two spicy frickens, please.

Two? Okay.

Please take this.


It means we already paid.

Oh, I see.

Well done, Tae Hyung.

Are you done?

I finished the half.

Our business is becoming successful,
but our morale is sagging.

Just you wait until I make it as a singer.

- Yu Mi.
- Yes?

Is your dream still becoming an actress?

- Me?
- Yes.

- Right now, I have no dream.
- Why?

But you said you wanted to be an actress.

You wanted to be an actress.

- Seo Jun.
- Yes?

Is your dream to star in a Marvel movie?


What is it then?

The owner of this restaurant.

Thank you.

A dog!

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes?

Try making hellamyeon.



Chibap is ready.

- Chibap?
- Yes!

Thank you.

- That's the kimchi I talked about.
- Oh, kimchi.

Can I try it? How do you eat it?

- Just like this.
- With the rice?

I think you just eat it.

I'm scared. Is it spicy?

It's good food. It's very nutritious.

- Yeah?
- It has probiotics.

It's fermented.

It tastes a bit sour.

It's really good. I like it.

It's really good.

I really like it.

I'll take more later.

I don't want to eat it all at once
because I wanna try hellamyeon too.

Right. That one's spicy.
We can eat it with this.

It's so good.

Chef, am I becoming a sous chef?

It depends.

Pour it here.

- Okay.
- Then...

Looks nice.

- Did you put the corn too?
- Yes.

I watched you do it.


- Thanks.
- Want chopsticks?

- No, thanks.
- Okay.

It's spicy.

Is it?

Try it.

Ooh, I'm nervous.

Right. It's spicy.

It's really spicy.

Which makes it tasty though.

But it's spicy.

This is refreshing.

- It's gonna rain.
- It's gonna rain.

Turn around.

Look at the sky.

Look how beautiful it is.

- It's so pretty.
- It's beautiful.

Cheers to us being here together.

It's hot. Watch out.

Two chickens for the skyblue table.

Thank you.

It smells savory.

Oh, it's spicy.

- Really?
- Spicy.

Is it very spicy?

For me, yes.

It's not spicy.

For me, it is.

It's tasty though.

- It's good.
- It's really good.

And a little sweet.


This is not jicama.

- What?
- It's not jicama.

Is it radish?

It must be Korean radish.



Excuse me. The menu is here.

What do you feel like?

I'd like to have one bulgogi gimbap and...

- Watermelon and pineapple, please.
- Okay.

We got an order.

Is the menu there?

It's over there.

I wanna have ramyeon.

Let's order three of that.

Three cheese ramyeons.


And one mineral water.

- Mineral water? Okay.
- Yes.

We got an order.

Yu Mi, where should I put this?

- Next to me.
- Here? In the middle?

- Woo Shik... Where's Woo Shik?
- For green.

He's frying chicken here.

- Huh?
- He's frying chicken.

I need him here now.



Thank you.

- Should I just follow you?
- Yes.

Look here.

- Do you need a baby chair?
- Yes, please.

- A baby chair?
- Yes, please.

A baby chair.

Oh, nice.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Put your legs in.


Say, "Hola."

It's good.


One second. It's for...

- I know whose it is.
- Gray.

Wait for the sauce.

- I'll do it.
- Thanks.


Looks like we won't get to see him.

I know. So slow down.

- Guess what my husband said?
- Uh-huh.

He said I looked as happy
as I looked on my wedding day.

So I looked at him.

"No, this isn't comparable."

He said, "What's with you?"

I said this was something different.

It's a different kind of happiness.

It's under the counter.


There he is.

He's the guy I wanted to see.

It's him!

He looks so beautiful.

I finally saw him!

Man, this radish is sour.

Three cheese ramyeons?

Oh, my gosh.


How many?

- Just one.
- Just one.

Could you wait a little bit?

How long do you think?

I don't know. Maybe 30 minutes?

Can I get an order out?


How spicy is spicy fricken?

It's not that spicy.

I'd like to get one of that and...

I'll go for the combo too.

- So those are for to-go, right?
- Yes.

- You can sit on the chair and wait.
- Sure, thank you.

We got an order.

Tae Hyung, could you fry the fritters
for the combo?

The dumplings and laver rolls.

Can I get a to-go box for chicken?


- Let's do this.
- Let's go.

- Let's do this.
- Okay.

Could you put the fritters here?

- Okay.
- And Tae Hyung.

When you pack the chicken,

use parchment paper.


- Tae Hyung, I'm done.
- Okay.

You can put them here.

- I'll turn on the stove.
- Okay.

Three cheese ramyeons.


Look at this.

I'll give her some.

It'll be spicy for her.

It's okay.

I thought it wouldn't be good with cheese.

It's good.

It's cheddar, right?

Gimbap for the to-go combo.

The sauce... It's here.

Hey, the fritters ready.

- Oh, they're packed separately.
- Yes.

Gimbap, tteokbokki, fritters.
They're all set.

- All of them?
- Yes.

Here you go. Thank you.

- To-go menus?
- Served.

- Ramyeon?
- Served.

- So all done.
- Yes.

- Do we have chicken?
- Huh?

- Do we have chicken?
- I'll go check.

Do we have three, four servings?

- Four?
- Four.

We don't have much sauce.

- Two?
- Annyeong.

Okay, table for two.

This is cute.

Excuse me. You should order here.

I wanna have this. Gimbap.

I wanna order tuna gimbap.

Gimbap... with tuna?

One red wine.

One mineral water.

Please take this.


It's like a table number.

Did we get it for our order?

It's a table number.

You know those things
restaurants give you that make sounds?

It might vibrate like this.

Thanks for coming again.

I should come back here tomorrow.

I wanted my mom to try your food too.

What do you wanna have?

This or that one?

That one.

Is it very spicy as well?

Maybe. It depends.

I don't like spicy.

Then you don't want it.

This one is not spicy.

Okay, this one then.

I'll get this one and this.


One watermelon juice.

And for me, one red wine please.

Like yesterday.

- Take this to your table.
- Okay. Thanks.

We got an order.

On the top.

Tuna gimbap...

- Here?
- Yes.

- Did you use gochujang?
- Yes.

- Tuna?
- Yes.

It looks nice.

Yeah, I wanna try it too.

Wow, it looks so yum.

Do you like it? Is it spicy?

It's really good.
The sauce is tasty, but too spicy for me.

- Corn dog.
- Thank you.

It's so good.

It tastes like churros.

Would you like to try it?
It's really good.

I think you'll like it.

Yours is really good too.

Do you like it?

You always liked sweet and salty.

It's very good.

Oh, this is him.

The dimples are the same.

I'll make one chicken
as you make the sauce.


Nice, Tae Hyung. Squeeze it in.

Imagine we suddenly run out of sauce.

I'd freak out.

- Bulgogi gimbap.
- It's for the bronze table.

- Okay.
- Serve it with sauce.

- Gimbap?
- Yes.


Could we have one more of each, please?

One more gimbap and one more chicken?

- For to-go.
- Oh, to-go.

For my husband.


It's so good. It's not spicy at all.

Thanks for getting me this delicious food.

Let's try it now.

Let's see if you like it.


It's really good.

In a way,
this is a light food made with rice.

Right, it's light.

And nutritious.

They put rice on the laver
and then more laver.

It's so delicious.

Will the corn dog be spicy?

Yes, I think that one will be better.

- One corn dog, please.
- One?

We got an order.

Good idea to watch corn dogs.
Smart decision.

Smart decision.

This is good.

It means we're becoming a team.

It's like a through pass.

You're cute.

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes?

Make yourself irreplaceable.

I already am.

Not yet.

- Here's the food.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

It looks amazing!

Yours look incredible.

It's really good.

Should we order one for to-go?


- For to-go.
- Okay.

- And...
- Just one corn dog?

Hello, I'll put it right here.

I think they have seats there.

How many?


We have a small table. Is it okay?

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

It was amazing. Thanks, my love.


It's for our memories.

Are you finished?

Yes, it was amazing.

Your Spanish is good.

Guapo. Bonito... Bonita?

- Bonita.
- Bonita.

I'm ugly and she's very pretty.

Very, very.

Let's go to our baby.

There's gimbap.

What's this? Bulgogi?

This one looks good.

I'll order a corn dog.
It doesn't look spicy.

One bulgogi gimbap?

And... I want this.

- A cheese ramyeon?
- Yes.

I'm so nervous about the English exam.

I have an assignment to do too.

There are tons of things to do,
but I haven't done any.

Same here. I need to study and all, but...

- Coke?
- Thank you.



I'm happy.

I'm satisfied now.

- An order.
- Okay.

Can we make more bulgogi gimbap?

Only one.

- One? That's it?
- Yes.

- No more?
- No.

- Okay.
- We ran out of bulgogi.


Only one serving of chicken left.

Seo Jin.

We have about 1.5 serving of chicken left.

So one serving.

Yes. We can do one chicken and one chibap.


I think our store closes
when we run out of chicken.

We should try to sell chicken fast.

- Oh, we got more pickled radish.
- Yes.

All right.

Let's go!

Drain the juice.

- What you doing?
- What?

Drain the juice.

Juice all drained.

All right.

- Corn dog?
- Yes!

- Thank you.
- What is it?

Wanna try it?

When I get my food.

I'll wait.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

Should we try the food at the same time?

Just a second.

It's so good. Try it.

Try with the cheese.

It's really good.

- Do you like it?
- It's good.

I love it.

It can be strange at first,
but it's tasty.

Thank you.

It's sweet.

What is it?

I don't know.

What is this?

It's sticky rice with honey.

It's a little sweet.

Rice and honey?


Hi, ma'am.

Did you like the food?

It's so good, isn't it?

I came here yesterday,
and all their food is tasty.

So I brought my mom today.

Oh, she's visiting.

She's visiting, yes.

She's leaving now.

To a big city.

She doesn't like peaceful Bacalar.

She could use a little bit of noise.

Just visiting is nice too.

This place is so beautiful.

- I think there will be no more.
- No.

- Right?
- Should we close?

What time is it now?

It's past 7 PM.

Aren't we closed at seven?

We're taking half a day off,
so I'm gonna close at 7:30 PM.

Sir, when are we taking the last order?

- We're taking a half day off tomorrow, so...
- Your dimples...

I was going to open for a little longer,

but we're running out of ingredients
for bulgogi gimbap and chicken.

Also, I think we won't get
any more customers.

So I was thinking of closing soon.

This is it then?

- Stop?
- No more customers.

So we stop here?


I have a feeling we hit 10,000 again.

- Are we closing?
- Yes.

Good night.

Good work today.

Good work.

Gosh, my legs.

Now, I'm starting to forget
what my job was.

I literally used up all my energy.

I thought that expression was

a perfect expression for concerts.


But I was wrong.

- It's for today?
- Yes.

- I used up all my energy.
- You do look pale.


So this is what they say
using up all energy is like.

People also say,

"I feel like my eyes are popping out."

Mine popped out already.

So I put them back.

My dark circles hurt.

- Your dark circles?
- Yes.

Come on. Speed up.

You seem very interested
in sales these days.

I think we'll hit 15,000 even.

Oh, not yet.

We should get one or two more groups.

- Hey.
- Yes?

I'll tell the kids.

- We hit 10,000 pesos.
- How much?

It's 11,000 something.

We hit the number?

- What number? 10,000?
- Yes.

Of course.

Calculate it.

- Did you hear?
- What?

We hit 10,000.

I'm sure word is getting around.

But having many customers is tiring.

This is crazy.

It was delicious.


Thank you very much.

Thank you.

I'm going to Mérida tomorrow.

So you're not coming tomorrow?


- Thank you.
-Buenas noches.


It's over.

It's over.

Hey, Woo Shik.

The tip.

Thank you.


- I'll get the glasses.
- Okay.

- Leave the glasses.
- Okay.

The glasses and cans.

- Woo Shik.
- Yes?

- Here.
- Huh?

You said the tips were for me.

Woo Shik isn't well today.

Let Woo Shik have it today.

- Just today then.
- Okay.

- Understand?
- Yes.


Good work today, chef.

- Good work.
- Good work, Intern Kim.

Wait, wasn't I a sous chef now?

I need a few more days.

Good work, guys.

- Good work.
- Let's go home.

Let's go home.

Let's go home.


- Great work, guys.
- Great work.

- Well done.
- Very well done.

I wanna jump into the pool first.

I wanna splash the water in the pool.

- Don't slash the water.
- What?

Splash the water.

Why are there so many people there?

Today was the busiest day ever.

We're already so busy.

- We only have two days left.
- We have two days left.

Let's stay a little longer.

Didn't you say you were dead tired?

My body is too tired to move,
but my heart says I should.

I told you. My Achilles sores so much.

Starting tomorrow,
sing instead of just chanting.

- Something like, "Let's go, Yankees".
- Right.

Or "Let's go Dodgers".

Go Seo Jin, go Seo Jin

Go, go, go, Seo Jin

Go, go, go, Seo Jin, go Seo Jin

Go, go, go, Seo Jin

Go Seo Jin, go Seo Jin

Shake your booty like Seo Jin

Go Yu Mi, go Yu Mi

Be quiet.

Could you get the gray shirt ready
when we get home?

I thought we were wearing white.

No-uniform day.

You know what it is.

The clothes Tae Hyung bought.

Should we pick ours?

- I already did.
- I'll wear the one

that nobody picked.

Don't give him the one with stripes.

What's that?

This must be yours.

We won't get customers tomorrow.

- Tae Hyung should wear it.
- Okay.

Leave it, Seo Jin. I'll open it.

Just sit there.

I'll walk home.

- Just sit.
- Stay.

- I'll walk home.
- Just stay seated.

Good job, guys.

Is there something to celebrate?

No, we're not celebrating anything.

We always hit 10,000,

so it's nothing to celebrate now.

It's normal.

Oh, it's getting hot.

- There's no smoke?
- Nope.

Wow, it looks delicious.

It's tasty.


It's good.

- Right?
- Yes.

- Tae Hyung, are you making ramyeon?
- Yes.


You really love it, don't you?

He really loves noodles.

Whenever I call him,

he's always eating jjajangmyeon.

He eats makguksu these days.

- Wait, we have makguksu.
- Right.

Want it for lunch tomorrow?

Let's say we go to work
at 3 PM tomorrow.

We have only two days left,

so I was thinking about adding menus
like spicy pork rice.

When I was stir-frying bulgogi earlier,

it smelled like bulgogi stew.

It's like bulgogi stew.

- With onions...
- Right.

and other stuff...

We just need to add carrots and onions.

- I wanna remove the tteokbokki menu.
- Me too.

Then we should take out Combo B too.

Should we get rid of combo menus?

To be honest, I think we should.

- Let's remove Combo A and B.
- Yes.

Should we add rice menus?

Yu Mi, do you wanna do both menus or...

We're almost done, so I'll do both.

Go Yu Mi, go Yu Mi

Well, we don't know
which one will sell better, so...

Seo Jin, in case you wonder,

I make three menus now.

Oh, really?

I'm now about to be a sous chef.

I'm just waiting
for the chef to confirm it.

I'm a soon-to-be sous chef.

What about in the service team?

Isn't it about time
he's promoted to a manager?

Woo Shik?

You can't get promoted
in the middle of the show.

But we can't do anything
in the dining area without him.

Go Woo Shik, go Woo Shik, go, go

Woo Shik is under me

and Tae Hyung is under Seo Jun.

Then who is she under?

There's no one over me.

You grated the carrots
really nicely today.

- Today's carrot was amazing.
- Is that so?

You see, grating may
not look like a special job,

- It's hard.
- but this feels so good.

Today, the carrots
stuck together so nicely.

They didn't fall apart.

I'm not lying.

See yourself tomorrow.


Saturday will be our highest sales day.


On our last day here,

we shouldn't take a break.

Then we'll have to prep a lot.

We'll have to fry
a crazy amount of chicken.

Since it's our last day,

start frying three hours in advance.

- Three hours?
- What?

Well, Woo Shik can actually...

- fry the chicken fast now.
- He's fast.

He was really fast today.

He doesn't splatter oil everywhere.
He's so clean.

Right. He shouldn't be sick.
We should keep him in shape.

If he gets sick,
we can't do anything here.

So we're not having any break
on our last day.

Tae Hyung, why?

It was Seo Jun's suggestion.

Snap out of it.

- Without break time.
- Well, on our last day,

- we can just work nonstop...
- Tae Hyung, I respect your opinions,

but we've gotta give it our all
on the last day.

We should start frying chicken
three hours in advance.

Good morning.

I want this.

He's just...

Don't you think you're eating too much?


- Is it your second box?
- Yes.

He's eating two boxes of cereal.

I'm in trouble.

I need to lose lots of weight.

I'm gonna weigh myself back in Korea.

I think I'll weigh at least 70kg.

Everyone is coming out at this hour.

What time is it?

Now? 12:30 PM.

Seo Jin, what do we have for lunch?

- We'll eat makguksu.
- With perilla oil, right?

I love it.

Let's have makguksu.

Let's put four of these
and the leftovers.

How many should we cook?

Five, of course. We're five people.

Then after one hour,
we'll get hungry again.

I can finish it all at once.

No, they're noodles.

I'll open all of them.

We can't finish them all.

Maybe it's too much.

I told you it's too much.
Use only 6 packs.

Just 6 packs.
I'm telling you. It'll be a lot.

Tae Hyung loves noodles.

But we just woke up.

How about one ramyeon?

Just one then?

I'll make it.

You're going to make ramyeon?

You guys are crazy.

Yu Mi, you want to eat
both ramyeon and makguksu?

No, never mind.


It's good.

I'm so full now.

The egg yolk?

- What?
- Aren't you eating the egg yolk?

- No.
- Why?

Because it has no protein.

Egg yolks have protein too.

You need it when you work.

You should eat it when you're active.

An egg has only 3g of protein.

Wasn't it 6g?

But you don't eat it every day.

You said you wouldn't eat it.

I felt pressured.

What about the jet ski?

- Tae Hyung is gonna ride it.
- Alone?

If there is more than one, I'll join.

I'll go buy the chicken.



But make sure we can leave here by 3 PM.

Oh, it's here.

It's here. Yay! I wanna go too.

- We got two.
- Two jet skis. Let's go.

After this,
I think I'm gonna be really motivated.

You might use all your energy there.

Young energy.


Let's go!

- Should I ride it too?
- Let's go!

Hey, hey!

Oh, no. It's so fast.

This is youth!

- Let's go.
- Go!

- Here we go!
- Go!

Three pineapples.


This company is pretty good.
The boss works while the staff play.

They say they're so tired, but all they
think about is playing. Unbelievable.

Hey, we should go to work soon.

What time is it now?


We've got a few minutes left.

We should wash up.

Here we go.

Where's our house?

- What?
- Where's our house?

- Where are my sunglasses?
- Your sunglasses?

The wind must've blown it away.

- Are we wearing these today?
- Yes.

Where are men's clothes?

What trousers should we wear with these?

Anything you like.

- Of any color?
- Yes.

Why did he buy these?

It does look nice.

Come on.

The staff had a great time

while you went to buy the chicken.

Are you leading by example?

Well, I need to coax them somehow

to work for two more days.

Do you feel bad about the staff

not reserving their energy?

Well, the kids

would want to do
the opposite of what I say.

So I should let them be.

So they won't complain later.

So they won't say they're tired and all.

Woo Shik hasn't been good since yesterday.

He's been working hard
as soon as he arrived.

I heard he made four rounds.

On the jet ski.

He must've lost his mind.

He thinks he's here to play.

He seemed well today, by the way.

Woo Shik is fine.

Today, he can't say he's tired.
After making four rounds,

he can't say that.

You don't seem tired.

Woo Shik, you seem energized now.

- I feel good.
- Good to work until 9 PM?


- Right?
- Yes. Yesterday,

I lost enthusiasm.

- Right?
- Yes.

I think I got my smile back today.

Let's open at 1 PM tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?
- Yes.

At 1 PM...

And close when?

At 9 PM.

- At 9 PM?
- Yes.


I'd love to, but I'm not sure
what others will say.

Then convince them.

You're all working together.

But I'm not sure if we could prep

all the ingredients at once.

Tomorrow, we'll be working
whenever we have free time.

- Okay.
- Because there's no break time.


Keep frying the chicken.

- Okay!
- Good.

Let's go.

I should take the probiotics.

Seo Jun's wearing the most normal one.

I just put on what I was told to wear.


who bought these in the first place?

It doesn't look so bad with white shorts.

If the boss wore it,
he would've looked really corny.

Seo Jin said
he didn't want to wear this...

Hey, it's past 3 PMS.

- A cat came in.
- What?

- Oh.
- Oh.

Whose cat is it?

I haven't seen that cat.

Let's go.

Wait up for me!

It feels so good

- to go to work at this hour.
- It's so nice.

- It's relaxing, right?
- Yes.

How many chickens should we fry today?

All of them?

Let's fry 4kg first and then see.

I think 4kg will be enough.

Yu Mi, are you going to make
bulgogi and spicy pork...

We need to make
the bulgogi for gimbap too.

- We just need to marinate the meat, right?
- Yes.

- And stir-fry it before serving.
- Yes, we have the marinade.

Tae Hyung,
grate the cucumbers and carrots.

We used all of them yesterday.

Listen to us talking.

- We sound like real restaurant staff.
- We need to.

After one week, it's normal.

Seo Jin, let's keep it up

so we can move to the historic area.

- Yeah, let's go to the square.
- To the square.

We can't be in the outskirts forever.

We can do it.

The street seems crowded today.

Wait, what...

Do we have customers waiting already?

- Oh, no. Already?
- What?


Gosh, I feel so refreshed after the break.


Okay. Let's go!

Let's put one more table.

But I need to fry the chicken.

I'll go get it.

We're open for dinner only. No breaks.

- You know what to recommend.
- Yes.

Today's special, is


Spicy pork and bulgogi rice.

Whoa, it looks so good.
I wanna have it too.

It looks amazing.

We're turning into a real restaurant.

We can do it.

- We can do it.
- Yes.

- We have a mountain of chicken today.
- Right.

Things are going so smoothly today.

The chicken restaurant owner is coming.


We have three reservations.

- What?
- A reservation.

- Manuel?
- Two.



We're having a rush again.

There's a waiting list up there.

- Seo Jin.
- Yes?

- Why did you not give them the drinks?
- Where?

We should make more spicy pork marinade.

One isn't served yet.

No, one is in here.

Fried tofu, sold out.

Every day is a crisis.

Tomorrow, we must hit a sales record.

- Then...
- What?