Jinny's Kitchen (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Jinny's Kitchen is becoming famous in town. As soon as they open, they have a full house+revisiting customers+regular customers. Will their second K-Spicy menu satisfy the spicy lovers' palate? Tae Hyung in the kitchen VS Woo Shik in the service. The interns' promotion competition begins. Being in charge of three menus now, Tae Hyung dreams of becoming a sous-chef. Will their dreams come true?

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This is bad.
Our boss is gonna look gloomy again.

Sir, we're open now, right?

I hear there's nobody out there.

What do we do?


We got one more group.

What's going on?

Seo Jin's smile got 50 percent wider.

How many?


Finally, it's happening.

Is it okay
if I put the chair here and sit?

We're out of chairs.

Gosh, we're busier than the weekend.


You have a chair now.


We're out of chairs.

What did you order?

- What you ate.
- It's really good. I'm serious.

Perfect to eat before drinking.

What did you order?

It looks interesting.

It's Korean street food.

Woo Shik, what's going on now?

- Huh?
- So...

This one's served. The mineral water.

And here. The Coke is served?

Coke... Yes, it is.

- Yeah? Are you sure?
- Yes.


- Then ramyeon...
- Not this. Whose is this?

I think it's him.

He looks like that guy.

- He might be him.
- I'm 100,000 percent sure.

He's the man on Parasite.

- Why don't we just ask him?
- Let's do that.

Corn dogs?

- I'm so excited.
- Here you go.

Thank you.

Let's ask him.

- Can I ask you something?
- Yes.

Were you in a movie?

- Yes.
- Which one?


I think it's really good.


- It has sugar on the outside.
- It's very sweet.

Can I try it?

It's tasty.

It's really good.

We have three chibaps left?


I can make three at once.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Oh, kimchi. This is awesome.

- Yeah?
- Kimchi.

Kimchi is good.

I think it's really good.

- It's so good.
- Yeah.

Korean food is really good.


Korean food is good.

- For you.
- Thank you.

It's also good.

It's also really good.

It's good, right?

I've never been to a Korean restaurant.

But I think

I'll crave Korean food more often.

One Coke...


- Can I get a Coke?
- One more Coke?


One extra Coke order.

One mineral water.

It's like he's always ready.

I didn't know we were coming here.

You always dress like that.

I should've worn long sleeves.

Long sleeves?

You look nice today.

She's dressed super nicely today.

- Me?
- Yes.

Right? She totally is.

This is how I normally dress.

I'm just wearing a different necklace.

- Keep it up, Yu Mi.
- Thanks.

It looks awesome! I wanna order more.

So pretty. I'm gonna take photos
of every single detail.

Make sure this is in the photo too.

Send them to me later.

Let's take a selfie together.

Sure. Let's do that.

Hello again, guys.

- Hello.
- Oh, hi!

We're four people.

- Do you have a table?
- No.

I think you'll have to wait
for more than one hour.

One hour?

There are already two people waiting.

The boss' dimples are getting
deeper and deeper.

One regular corn dog
and one regular tater dog.

And we got one regular tteokbokki too.

Okay, an original tteokbokki...

- The original one.
- Yes, one tater dog.

One tater dog.

- And one corn dog.
- Yes, one corn dog.


Check, check.

Gosh, we're busier than the weekend.

For the table that ordered tteokbokki.

Corn dog?

And the tater dog is his.

The tater dog looks amazing.

It looks really good.

You can cut it with these.

Oh, that's brilliant!

We hold it with these and then cut it.

Scissors for food? Can you believe it?

My tater dog is like a cookie.

Is it a bit sweet?

Yes, it's sweet.

It's so good. I love the food.

I think I'll eat well in Korea.

I should come back here tomorrow.


Bye, thank you.


- Be careful with the wine glasses.
- Okay.

I'll take it.

Thanks. Be careful.

Okay. Should I put them here?


Do you guys have some white wine?


- You wanna drink it while waiting?
- Yes.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

- I'll get you more if you need more.
- Thank you.

- Hi.
- Can I order?

- Yes.
- So one of this.

- Can I order this too?
- This...

Yes, and one of this too.

Hello. You came back.

Yes. For sure.


- Thanks so much.
- Take this.

They recognized us.

He said, "You came back!"

You're wearing the same clothes...

Let's try more Korean food back in Paris.

But it won't be the same.

It won't be like here.

How about this?

How many pieces do we get?

Here's the sample. You'll get ten pieces.

Ten pieces? Should we take that?

Let's get two gimbaps and one chicken.

- Can I get the beef one?
- One bulgogi gimbap?

And the vegetarian one.

One spicy fricken, please.

For drinks? Oh, the wine.

We've got the wine. Thank you.

- Take this to your table.
- Thank you.

We got an order.


An order.

- Wow.
- More orders.

Two chickens.

Fried tofu, bulgogi.

The tofu and bulgogi for purple.

- Here you go.
- Oh, thank you.

Do you want some more wine?


That's very nice of you.

I'll give you more wine.

Today, I brought my wife.

You met my son, right?

Yeah, I met him yesterday.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Can I take a photo?
- Sure.


Oh, it looks delicious.

Yeah, this looks lovely.

Let's try it.

Do you have it with the pickle?

It's seaweed.

This looks amazing.

- Tofu?
- Thank you.

Here are the chopsticks,
in case you need them.

Oh, cute. Look.

- It's got a little sticker.
- Oh, cool.

I like that... They're done beautifully.

This one's very lovely.

Floral arrangements.

It's quite spicy.

The tofu is good.

- What's the beef one like?
- Try it.

Happy with your decision?


I love it.

It's so good.

It's really good.

It'd be good with rice too.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Oh, no. There's no sauce.

- Is it this one?
- Yes, it is. Thank you.

Or do you want a spicier one?

It's okay. This is perfect.

You really like it, don't you?

I wanna try it with chopsticks.

How do you use them?

This is how I do it.

Two fingers under one chopstick
and the other between those two.

Then cross them.
I only move the upper one.

I can't pick up the noodles.

Yes, you can.

- No way. I can't do that.
- It's not easy.

Woo Shik, how are things going?

- Sorry?
- So...

Which one's skyblue?

- Sky...
- It's right in front of us.


Here's the Coke.

- Am I wrong?
- Coke?

- Are you happy?
- What?

Are you happy?

Happy for what?

Chicken for gray, check.

His smile must be 80 percent wider by now.

He's so different.

- Who?
- The boss.

He seems really happy.

He's so different.

It's like watching
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

How many ingredients do we have left?

- Ingredients?
- Enough?

Well, we have some more.

- We have more?
- Yes.

- I'll take more customers.
- But the chicken...

This is it?

- That's it.
- Fry some more then.

We fried them all.

- So no more chicken?
- No.

Then we can't let more customers in.

Sir, but we did the best we could.

Is there more chicken?

Chicken? No...

Oh, wait. We do.

Tae Hyung. Here.

We have enough chicken for four servings.

- Four servings of chicken?
- Yes.

Should I fry them?

Yes, we should fry them.

Look at the moon.

Look at the moon. So pretty.

It's so beautiful.

Wow. What a beautiful moon.

Oh, it's cool.

- Are you done with your orders?
- Yes.

That was crazy.

I think we should watch what we say.

I said I wanted a customer rush and...

- I told you we'd be busy today.
- And it's like

we had a storm of customers.

Woo Shik.

No que, right? Let's close the entrance.

We'll wait together.

- Oh, really?
- They're with us.

Where should they sit though?

It's getting crowded here.
Let's leave so people can sit.

Sure. Right.

Thank you.

It was excellent.


They have combo menus too.

We can try everything.

Yeah, a little bit of everything.

I'd like to get Jinny's Combo A.

Jinny's Combo A.

- Jinny's Combo B.
- Jinny's Combo B.

I'll have one Jinny's Combo A

and one Jinny's Combo B.

- A Jinny's Combo B?
- Yes.

Could we get a tuna gimbap

and something else for the other combo?


Any recommendations?

- This one.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Did you guys change the menu?

We added some new menus.

Oh, You added them.

Chibap is the new one.

Kibap? Chibap?

Chibap? Would you like one?

We got an order.

I'll put the tuna gimbap
on the tray first.

After this, I'm going back to Korea.

I was looking for that too.

Seo Jun.

What can I do?

Pour it.

What do you think?

- Not bad.
- Not bad?


Jinny's Combo B.


If the menu changes,
I'll come every day.

They're changing the menu? How?

They added new menus.

Jinny's Combo B?

That's for him and me.


My mouth is watering.

Jonas liked the dumplings.

- Is this mandu?
- Yes.

Combo A?

Your gimbap is coming too.

Okay. Thank you.

Looks delicious.


We'll give it to you. Easy.

People will think we've been starving you.

Enjoy, everyone.

- Enjoy.
- Enjoy.


Okay. Just one second. It's too hot now.

It's so good. How's yours?

I don't know how to eat this.

How do you cut it?

- Hold it with the tongs.
- With the tongs.

And pick it up.

Yes. Vertically.

I was so disappointed
when I heard they're only temporary.

I know.



You like it, huh?

Look at him eating the noodles.

- Does he like it?
- He loves it.

The viewers must think
Mexican babies are good with spicy food.

My son can even eat habaneros.

Should we switch?


It's quite extraordinary.

Very unique.

I guess I'm not used to it
because I haven't tried it.

- It's not bad.
- Is it the consistency?

Yeah, it's just new.

It's like a sausage made with rice.

It's rice but compressed.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

What is this?

It's kimchi.

Do you know kimchi?

Oh, okay.

- It's crazy.
- Yeah?

I think this is my favorite.

It was stupid of us to order
four, five of the same dishes.

With kimchi, rice, and eggs...
You should order this one too.

We should come back tomorrow.

Oh, it's closed.


I was so excited to try their food.

It's really cheap too.

Is it still possible to eat here?

- No, we're closed.
- Closed? Really?

We're leaving tonight.

We have no more food.

No food. Okay.

Let's say we get popular

and get lots of customers waiting in line.

But we're supposed to close at 5 PM.

Will you still close the restaurant
or keep it open?

Open until we're out of food.

As long as we have the ingredients.

- We're done, right?
- Sorry?

Do we have more left?

We have more ingredients.

- We do?
- We have more over there.

- One chibap, one chicken...
- Some tteokbokki too.

We have some tteokbokki left.

Well, we got more customers and...

Let's do one more.

It's a group of six.

That's doable.

Yeah, let's go for it.

Excuse me!



How many are you again?

- Five.
- Five?

Some menus may not be available
at the moment. Is that okay?

- It's okay.
- Okay, good.

We'll make a table for you.

Okay, cool.

So six people?

- No, five.
- What?

Put the tables together.


For five.

Hold on, wait.

Here you go.

- Hey!
- Hey!

We met the other day, right?

You kept your promise!

- Okay.
- Five?

- Yes.
- You can order here.

Did you meet them earlier?

We opened a restaurant.

Yes, it's right there. We're actually...

- We've got ramyeon, corn dogs...
- Wow.

That's cool.

Are you guys familiar with Korean movies?

- No.
- Not really.

Only Parasite.

I was on Parasite.

You were on Parasite?

- I played the son.
- Really?

- That was you?
- Yeah.

We'll be there tomorrow.

- Can we get a photo with you?
- Tomorrow.

Tomorrow we'll get your autograph.

Are you okay with spicy?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Then you should try this.

- Is it good?
- Yes.

One of this and...

I wanna try this one too.

Me too.

- So two of it?
- Make that three.


- Four.
- Four?

Four? Okay.

It's really spicy. I'm warning you.

- Wait.
- Very spicy?

Very, very spicy.

Is this one good?


I'll take that one.

- That should be okay.
- That's all?

- Finished?
- How many pieces of chicken do we get?

About 12?

Okay. That's perfect.

You're our last customers, so we'll
give you all the chicken we have left.

- Thank you.
- Do you want drinks?

We got an order.

You'll see my veins popping out
my forehead

because of the spicy food.

I just started eating spicy food recently.

I didn't grow up with spicy food.

I'm really good with spicy food.

You're gonna be famous in Korea.

- It's the last round. Let's go.
- Let's do it.

Two hellamyeons, two ramyeons,

one corn dog, one hella...

Seo Jun, we got two ramyeons
and three hellamyeons.

Wait. That's a lot.

One chicken, two hellamyeons,
two ramyeons...

- We got three hellamyeons.
- Yes.

Tae Hyung, let's serve the chicken first.

- Okay?
- Okay.

I'll show them K-Chicken.

I'll show them the best chicken dish.

Are you sure you can eat spicy food?

Bro, you only live once.

- Wow.
- It looks so good.

It looks amazing and sweet. I'm excited.

These are pickles.

- Pickles, wow.
- Thank you.

Guys, enjoy.

Ooh, it looks crazy.


It's delicious.

It's so crispy.


- It's so good.
- It's really good.

Are we all eating our second pieces?

Yes, we're eating our second pieces.



Should we share this?

Yeah, let's split it into half first.

It's so good.

Three hellamyeons.

Two ramyeons.

All right. Let's go step by step.

So about tomorrow...

Do you have a lot to prep?

We're still cooking for today.

Oh, is that so?

Then we should come early tomorrow?

And you're saying that with a smile.


I feel like I'll see you in my dreams.

I mean, after resting well today.

Rest well and start early tomorrow.

Let's do it.

So that's how it's done.

Let's go.

Are you sharing it?


Picante, picante.

- It's really good.
- Thank you, man.

Now, time to cry, cough, and sweat.

See you in hell.

I'm so excited.

It's not bad.

Is it tasty?

It's not very... Wow.

- Is it hitting you now?
- No, it's just warm.

It doesn't hit you instantly,

but it does make my body feel warm.

That's why you should
just eat it up quickly.

I feel like I'm not eating
so elegantly right now.

I think you're gonna be famous.

I can feel the veins
popping out of my forehead.

I can see them. Can you see them too?

Yeah, I can.

And lots of open pores too.

Bro, did you go out?

Did you take a shower?

He did some running.

I swam in the lake real quick.

You can just cry if you want.
You're smiling.

He just wants to take a break.

It's not that bad.

Not to me.

But I'm not sure about my poop tomorrow.

My lips are burning.

Aren't they red right now?

Maybe this is a TV prank.

What if suddenly we hear,

"Green light. Red light?"

That was a heck of a second half.

I told you.

Seo Jin, you're smiling
from ear to ear right now.

Your dimples...

Come on. This is the least we should make.

I mean, all of a sudden...

They started rushing in.

Wow, we made more than 10,000 pesos.

- It's over 10,000.
- We reached our goal.

We made over 10,000 pesos.

We almost couldn't...

- That team?
- if I hadn't let our last customers in.

- We barely made it.
- See? That's why I had them.

You're smiling from ear to ear.

Well, today,

I have no expectations.

Nobody will be there.

Nobody's around on Wednesdays.


This is why I let them in.

We barely made it.

Tae Hyung, look.

Have some juice.

Get a glass each.

- He's giving us juice.
- Pineapple.

Me too.

Just the half.

- Half?
- Yes.

Could you pour some for me too?

Take this for Seo Jun. Two glasses.

Is that tip?

Yeah, look at how much tip I got.

Good for you.

Hey, Seo Jun gave us
a glass of juice each.

Man, that's really good.

I need at least two, three tissues.

Call a plumber. Something's leaking.

Thank you very much.

What is it?

It's made with honey and sticky rice.

It's very sweet.

It's a perfect dessert after spicy food.

I'll try one.

It's like a tasty cookie.

This is a dessert.

It's a traditional Korean dessert.

I've never had this.

No, I'm so excited.

This looks amazing.

Not what I expected.

That's really good.

It's not too sweet.


It's Korean traditional candy made
with honey and sticky rice.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I should ask him
to work for my restaurant.

As if he's gonna take it.

Is it good?


- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Really good.
- Thanks for coming again.

See you tomorrow.


- Marvel guy.
- Oh, really?

Yes, I am.

Which movie?

Captain Marvel.

Oh, really?

The next one.

- Wow.
- Wow.

That's cool.

I have a question.
Have you known each other already?

We were all friends before.

Do you know BTS?

- Yeah.
- BTS.

- Wow.
- BTS.

For you, it must be so strange
that we don't recognize you.

In your country, it must be very difficult
for you to walk on streets.


Do you like that
you can walk around freely here?

Being a regular person.

The thing is

we're so busy we can't go out to hang out.


if our boss lets us go out, maybe.

How was the food?

- So good.
- Amazing.

- Oh, my. It was good.
- It was amazing.

Professional chef level.

- Yeah? Thank you.
- Especially the chicken.

Chicken, chicken.

Thank you.

The chicken, amazing.

Okay. How can I put it?

So the man behind me.

He's like

a member of one
of the most famous boy bands.

The best boy band in the world.

The best in the world.

They're the dopest...

I'm sure he has 300 million followers.

Their video must be
the most watched video on YouTube.

They're on another level.

Imagine that Americans go to Korea

to film some YouTube videos

where Drake and Post Malone
work in a restaurant.

And people ask them who they are.
This is just like that.

Now, I have no energy.

Muy bien. Hey, hey, hey.

- Alright, thank you.
- See you.

Tomorrow, I want you to leave at 11 AM.

We didn't have many customers
in the first half, did we?

Don't you think it's okay to start late?

I wish we only did dinner.

That would be the best.

Seo Jun has something to say to you.


Seo Jun has something to say.

- What?
- What?


I was thinking maybe we could do
the dinner service only.

- Only the dinner service?
- Yes.

- Just tomorrow.
- The first half was pretty slow.

We need some sleep.

And recover from fatigue too.

Maybe we focus on the dinner service and...

But we only have three days left.

And after 7:30 PM,
we don't get any orders.

No one comes to have dinner after that.

Only 7:30 PM?

Yeah, we've never had
any orders after that time.


If we open only for dinner,

we'll be open just for a few hours.

Then how about we open at 3 PM
and have no break?

I bet you'll want the break.

We get almost no customers
between 2 to 4 PM.

We get some between 2 to 4 PM.

Even today. It was full.

Around 2:30 PM. Am I wrong?

We've got to decide what to prep tomorrow

to decide when to come.

- Cucumbers, carrots...
- What?

Cucumbers and carrots. And?

Pork marinade, bulgogi...

- And pork.
- See? We've got so much to do.

Come early tomorrow.

Let's go have dinner.

Woo Shik, you've been working
for only two days here.

- Seo Jin...
- And we made

10,000 pesos both days.

- What?
- Seo Jin.

I worked really hard, didn't I?

What are you saying? That's a given.

You took all the tip.

- What?
- Only you get the tip.

- That's all mine?
- That's what I heard.

- I see.
- Seo Jin gave it to you.

- It's all yours.
- I'll work harder.

I'll work hard.

- Woo Shik.
- Yes?

You and Tae Hyung will leave
at 11:30 AM tomorrow.

- I'll leave at 10 AM.
- What?

- I'll leave at ten.
- What...

If you leave at ten, he has to as well.


Ask him.

He said it. I said 11:30 AM.

- What about noon?
- No.

That'll be too late.

Are the chefs leaving at noon then?

So the chefs are leaving at noon?


let's settle at 11 AM.

- He said 11:30 AM!
- Okay.

- Fine.
- Leave then if you want.

All right. 11:30 AM.

We need chicken tomorrow, right?

- We need it every day.
- Right.

You need to leave early
because of chicken.

Next to the clothing store
and fruit store...

- Why would you go to a clothing store?
- What?

Why would you go there?

The clothing store?

Why would you go there?

I never told you to go
to a clothing store.

All right. Good work, everyone!

- Woo Shik.
- Yes.

It's easier than Youn's Stay, right?

This is harder.

There, you had to run up and down
the hills.

Right. Still, this is harder.

- Is it?
- I also think

this is the toughest moment in my life.

Now you're lying.

Seo Jun also said
this was the hardest shoot ever.

The number of ramyeons

- I cooked today is...
- How many?

probably comparable to most
snack bar owners.

Why is this so hard?

Hard for you?


I'm fine.

I heard today's moon is the prettiest.

It was such a fun day today.

It was better than yesterday.

- Much better.
- Yes.

I was talking to this guy.

I wanna go home.

I wanna go home.

No, you can't go home, it says.

Let's go.

Let's go swimming!

Let's go swimming!

Let's go swimming.

We haven't used the pool.


- What happened?
- Did someone push him?

Did he just jump in?

Did he jump himself or was he pushed?

- Come on. Let's swim.
- Go ahead and swim.

The producer pushed him.


Isn't the water cold?

Not at all.

It's refreshing.

Be careful not to bang your head.

It's so refreshing, come.


- Where's the moon, by the way?
- Look.

- You're right. I see it.
- Over there. Do you see it?

That's Mars.

Oh, that's Mars?

Yeah, the tiny one. That's Mars.

- How did you know?
- It was on the news today.

So that's Mars, huh?

A once-in-a-lifetime chance.

How about
we have a super cozy time together,

drinking some wine on the deck?

Sounds good. Let's go.

Tae Hyung, join us.

This is amazing.

Are they not cold?
Look at them hanging out there.

But it's so chilly out here.

It's 20°C at night here.

What are they doing?

Maybe we should get them a blanket.

Just put it on yourself.

Jeez, I'm cold.

When it's chilly in summer,
sheep wool blankets can be useful.

This is perfect.

You're coming back already?

- They came back at midnight sharp.
- He was going to join.

I'm sure it was Seo Jun's idea.

Let's ask.

Tonight's last interview.

It's the last interview.

While you were having a great time
drinking together,

someone must have said,
"Let's get inside now."

Out of you three,

was it Seo Jun?

Wait. Who do you think it was?

Well, I didn't say what I think yet,

but Seo Jin said it must've been Seo Jun.

I'd say Woo Shik.

Wait. Then who picked me?

No one.

- Yourself.
- Why no one?

I'm sure you insisted to stay longer.

No, I didn't.

If it was Woo Shik,

he would've said it
because he's too sleepy.

What if it was Tae Hyung?

Because he wanted ramyeon.

So what's the answer?

It was my suggestion.

- I was right!
- Woo Shik is really tired.

That's why he wanted to go inside.

- Well, Woo Shik...
- Let's just say you're right.

"I wish we could hang out longer,

but let's go back."

Is that what Seo Jun said?

- Woo Shik.
- It was him.

- Really?
- Wow.

That's not what happened.
I'm just tired. Let's go inside.

Because I'm so tired. I'm sleepy.

- Good night.
- Thanks. Good night.

- Hi.
- Did the boys go?

- Did the boys go?
- A while ago.

They did? Well, that's new.

This never happened before.

It's so unusual
that they left on their own.

Show me. Show me who you are.

Hola, hi. Hola.

Hi. Hola.



- Gracias.
- Gracias.

- Hasta luego, Ingrid.
- Hasta luego.

- Okay.
- Yo, yo, yo.

All right.

I'm gonna show them.

I will show you the completely changed me

- What time is it?
- Let's park here.

- No.
- Park here.

- Can we park here?
- Yes.

- Then I'll park on the other side.
- Okay.

I think it's more behind.

- Is this not it?
- No.

Thank you.

Shall we go?

Let's go.

Intern Kim, let's do this.

- Hey, amigo.
- Amigo.


How much rice should I cook today?

You're about to open for Thursday.

What's your sales goal for today?

Well, for today,

I'd say 5,000 pesos?

Although 7,500 is my line in the sand.

Your line for what?

Why are you so obsessed with 7,500?

It's 500,000 in Korean won.

We're five people. We should make
at least 100,000 won each.

Ask Yu Mi about her resolution for today.

What's your resolution for today?

For today?

I think we'll do great.

Actually, Seo Jin, Yu Mi's prediction
has been accurate so far.

She got her position for a reason.

I've been watching you guys
for a week now,

and only one person here
advise you frankly.

That's Yu Mi.

- That means she cares about you the most.
- Right.

- The rest of them...
- Even if you make silly choices...

They just try to make points with you.

In a way...

I am...

even better than the boss here.

Then what's your sales goal for today?

I'd say over 10,000 pesos.

Over 10,000?

We did it yesterday.

- Today too?
- Yes.

- The boss just said 5,000.
- What?

Then don't get upset
if we make 7,500 or 5,000.

I won't.

- Well...
- Really? You promised.

When did I get upset?

All right. Let's go.

The rain won't stop.

We're leaving now.

Just a second.


I mean, hello.

How's everything?

Good. I just finished prepping rice.

- Hi.
- Hey.


- Hello.
- Hello!


Shouldn't we prep the meat today?

Just the bulgogi.

We should do spicy pork too.

- Spicy pork?
- Yes.

- What about the marinade?
- We've got the bulgogi,

but we need more prep for spicy pork.

Grate the carrots and cucumbers too.


Because you're good.

You're so good at this.

You're so skilled.

You spill things though.

Like I've always been doing this.


Woo Shik, you got this.

Yu Mi, about the meat...

Is that a good amount? Two packs each?


We need one more pack, right?

Two packs each?

Yeah, two packs each.

Woo Shik, you didn't fry the chicken yet?

I'm heating the oil now.

We're an hour away.

Are you not feeling well?

- Sorry?
- Are you not well?

- Well...
- Just to make sure your body doesn't ache.

No, right?

No, it doesn't.

Answer me.

I don't know.

You're fine, right?

- Woo Shik.
- Yeah?

If you're tired, go take some rest.

Not without my permission.

After I finish the morning prep.

All right!

Seo Jun, are you cheering up?

- I'm cheering up.
- Good.

- Is the frying going well?
- Yup.

You're really good at frying chicken now.

I think I got the hang of it now.

Whoa, done.

We got 30 minutes left.

Yu Mi, you heard me. 30 minutes.

- Vámonos!
- Vámonos!

Woo Shik, vámonos!

All right!

Let's do this.

I need some more.

It's spicy, but tasty.

Why is it so good?

Gotta remove the water.

We can use this later.

I'm done.

- We don't need it.
- Right.

I'm done now.

The rice is cooked well.

- Is it cooked well?
- Yes.

- Nice.
- Nice.

All right!

Seo Jun, are we all set now?

Uh... yes.

- We're opening then.
- Okay.


Now we're about to open,
I'm getting revved up.

All right. Let's go!

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes?

- I'll show you how to make hellamyeon.
- Okay.

Could you make it today?


Yes, you just drain the noodles,

add the sauce, and stir-fry them.

- Can you take the corn dogs out?
- Okay.

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes?

Here's the recipe.


Simmer it down a little.

I'll show you how.

Watch and try it.

All right.

Tae Hyung,
this is your burner from now on.


Now, I'm an assistant chef.

I'm sorry,
but I haven't approved of that yet.

Not yet?

No. It'll depend on how you do today.

Oh, you're already an assistant...

I was promoted fast.

Oh, really?

The chef will see how I do it and decide

if he'll make me an assistant chef.


I'm making hellamyeon today.

Oh, really?

What's the matter?

Are you upset
because I'm getting promoted first?

Thought we'd only be interns?

No, that's not it.

I'm just jealous.

They're in the kitchen

and you're in the service area.


- Woo Shik.
- Yes?

Our pay will be different too.

- Three, two, one. Let's go!
- Let's go!

Smile. Stay positive.

- Are we open now?
- Yes.


- Hello. Are you open?
- Yes.

Just one person?


I heard this one's so good. Is it?

You have a spicy version?

Yeah, we have two different kinds.

Wasn't it too spicy?

As a Mexican, not so.

It's very spicy.

I'm strong, so it's okay.

It's not that spicy.

Is it not?

- One of the spicy one.
- The spicy one?

It's very spicy, okay?

How spicy?

On a scale of one to Mexican?

I think people here like spicy, so...

- Let's try spicy.
- Okay.

Let's see
if it's really so good and spicy.

That's 200.

This one looks good.

Then let's order that one and this.

I like the price.

So one of this and one of that.

- Hola.
- Hola.

We'd like to get one spicy fricken.

And this one.

It's this one.

- Which one?
- One of this.


- Pineapple juice.
- Yes.

360 pesos.

I heard
the corn dogs here are really good.


That it's got a nice

- We ordered one.
- sweet and sour flavor.

Hola. How's it going?

Good. Very good.

Feel free to join me.

No, not at all. Let's sit together.

My friends didn't join me, so...
If you're on a date, it's okay.

No, it's okay.

What did you order?

We ordered one corn dog and one chicken.

Which corn dog did you order?

- Half and half.
- The one with cheese.

We got an order.

We got an order!

We got the spicy one.

- Spicy?
- Hellaspicy fricken.



What is it?

One spicy fricken

and one half half corn dog.

We should hurry with the chicken.


One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight...


- The menu?
- Hello.

Let's order bulgogi and tuna.


How many?

Oh, okay.



What is it called?

Name. The name.


- Tteokbokki?
- Yes.

¿Cómo te llamas?

"¿Cómo te llamas?"
means "What is it?"

-"¿Cómo te llamas?" Yes.
-"What is it?"

It is tteokbokki.

This is tteokbokki.

That's it? Okay.

- For the table.
- Me?

No, for the table.

Oh, on the table. Thanks.

- Will it make a noise or vibrate?
- I think so.

Did they take the green one?

Yes, the green one.

They got the skyblue.

An order.

We got an order.

- We got an order.
- Okay.

When we get customers, it's always a rush.


How many are you?

You can order here.

- A ramyeon.
- One?

Yes. What would you like?

The cheese one.

And one with cheese.

And a pineapple juice.

- Pina?
- Piña.


- An order.
- More?

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

- It's hot today.
- It is.

We're already full.

- I know.
- Right?

Should we remove those two tables?

- In advance.
- Or let's

ask them to move over to the end.

If they sit there,

- we can put two tables.
- Yes.

Excuse me, but could you sit on that side?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

Pardon me.

There's one more thing for promotion.


- It's speed.
- Okay.

- Show me your speed.
- Okay.

Wow, that's a lot.

- Oh, for the spicy...
- I'll mix these with the regular sauce

then take out ten pieces
to make hellaspicy.


All right. Let me...

They ordered this for a reason.

The corn dogs must be done.

- I'll take them out.
- Okay.

Our teamwork is getting better.


That looks nice.

- Is this the hot one?
- Yes.

Thank you.

It's very spicy. Be careful.

Thank you.

This is the super spicy one.
If you wanna try it...

It might be really spicy. Let's see.

Let's see.

Let's see.

In Spanish, napkin is...

It's not too spicy.

Let me try it.

Is it spicier?

I prefer the spicy one.

It's not spicy for me.

Not to Mexicans.

I should order this one too.

- This?
- Yes, I'll order one.

The spicy one?

It's really good.

- You want it spicy?
- Yes, very spicy.

Very spicy.

- Macho?
- Yes.

The man asked, "Very spicy?"
I said, "Yes, very spicy."

Then he said "macho".

- We got an order.
- Okay.

Okay. It was for hellaspicy fricken,
so I'll go wash the pan.

We got one more hellaspicy fricken.


Happy face.

Hola. How many?

- Two.
- Two.

Order over here.

Hey, we're out of Buddhas now.

We should call this silver.


It's bronze.

Oh, bronze.

I want cheese ramyeon too.

I'm going for Jinny's Combo.

One Jinny's Combo...

It's open, yes.

- Thank you.
- Gracias.

- Can I have this?
- The spicy pork?

- Sprite?
- Thank you.

I can do this.

- Woo Shik, for the green table.
- Okay.

Bulgogi gimbap?


Man, we got all kinds of ramyeon.

That's a lot.

I think we got more than yesterday.

Could you tell me
how many ramyeons I made today?

- There must be a word going around...
- I'll put them here.

- Okay. Thank you.
- Sure.

- That's for the skyblue table.
- Okay.


- Thank you.
- Bulgogi?

I don't know how to use chopsticks.

Then use the fork.

Oh, no, It slipped.

Like this?

Or maybe you should
just pick it up with the fork.

I need to learn how to use chopsticks.

Are there chopsticks for beginners?

There are some Hello Kitty chopsticks.

You just need to grab them like this

and they would open up again.

Don't grab them too hard.
Try holding them like this.

Look. I made it.

I've always wanted to try gimbap.

Cheese, Jinny's Combo, cheese.

For the white table.

I'm so hungry.

The smell arouses my appetite.

It smells so good.


It's coming.


- Thank you.
- Cheese?

Look at us eating hot broth in this heat.

I didn't think about that.

My family barely eats warm food.

I think we mostly eat cold food.

My family

eats warm food like this.

Sometimes, I wait to cool it down.

But my parents...

- They don't care.
- They can eat boiling-hot food.

Are you finished?

I will finish it.

Sorry about that.

Tae Hyung, what did I say you should prove

to be promoted?

- Speed, sir.
- That's right.



Yes, coming.

If you wanna try both...

Tell me how spicy it is.

Let's see if they made it extra spicy.

If it's not spicy, say so.

Is it hot?

Is it spicy?

Is it hitting you?

Tell me. Is it spicy?

It's spicy.

Is it spicy?

Try it yourself.

I'll try the small one here.

It's spicy.


Maybe it's because it's hot.

They did make it spicier. But I'm okay.

It's really good.

I love it.

Honey, you're sweating.

Is it because of the chili or...

It's because I'm hot.

I see.

How about we order the chicken too?
It looks good.

Order it now.

- We got an order.
- Okay.

Another chicken?

It's a chicken order.

I want the chicken that man is eating.

It would be rude to look back, right?

I wonder what it's like.

It's an extra order.


Hey, that's it.

That's the chicken.

The corn dog looks amazing too.

Should we order both?


There were two kinds.

Order the biggest one. I'll pay.

One more of which one?

I want two of these.


- One of this.
- One of this?

It's 210 pesos.

Give this to the back kitchen.

- When we're busy...
- An order's in.


He won't let me talk.

- What is it?
- Two half half tater dogs and...

One more chicken?

We should change our restaurant name.

Jinny's Boneless Chicken.

- We got two half and half tater dogs.
- Okay.

You're getting faster.

Come on. I'm a rapper.

A-yo. Wassup.

- For the combo for the bronze table.
- Jinny's Combo.

Thank you.

The chicken is so good.

I should come back here.

I wanna be a regular here.


I'll have it.

I'll eat it like this.

Tae Hyung, I think

we should use less of this
and more of the spicy one.

- No, enough.
- It's not the spicy one.

- Oh, it's not hellaspicy fricken?
- No.

I thought it was that one.


Wait. Defiance can affect

your promotion greatly.

- No, I mean...
- Exactly.

your choice was right.

Your eyes.




Thank you.


Love it.

- It's really good.
- I can't pick it up.

It's so good.

It's really tasty.

You know what I really like?

Something that is sweet and spicy
at the same time.

This reminds me of mole.

I should bring my mom here tomorrow.

- Oh, let me do it.
- Okay.

I can't do it if you're standing there.

No, forget it. just put it there.

One more corn dog.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Is it good?

Guys, I had a great time.
Now I should head back to work.

Or maybe just ditch work today.

Have a good time.

Thank you. See you later.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

We're done.

That went well.

- Woo Shik.
- Yes?

Come on out.


We have more customers.

Excuse me, we have no seats. No tables.

We must be getting famous here.

We hit the number?

Wow, I'm completely worn out today.

I don't wanna eat anything.

Now, I'm starting to forget
what my job was.

No. I can't do this anymore.

Take some rest.

Prep or rest, do whatever you need to do.

Should we grab some food?
Aren't you hungry?

- No, I wanna rest.
- What?

- I don't want it either.
- Me neither.

I have no appetite.

Our business is becoming successful, but...

our morale is sagging.

We're off tomorrow.

Not the whole day.

Right. Only the morning time.

Let's go!

This is youth!

Three pineapples?

All they think about is playing.