Jinny's Kitchen (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Jinny's Kitchen got heated up with Brazil Worldcup. And now, finally, staff have a sweet leisure time at Lake Bacalar. Starting the 4th day of business, Pineapple juice comes to the new menu board.

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Business is going well.

- I'll take this combo.
- Chicken, please.

New order.

It's a chicken order?

- Just one more.
- They said the chicken's amazing.


- This one?
- Yes.

We got an order.

New order.

- Oh my gosh.
- We only have two portions left.

We might run out of chickens.

One gimbap.


One more.

Wait, it's okay to take my time, right?

First, second, and then third table.

In this order.

Check the color
and if they're too brown, take them out.

That's a good color.

Thank you.

She can't seem to keep quiet.

- What's this?
- It's...

For the white table.

- All for the white table?
- Yes.

Next is the black table.

Two more chickens?

Throw these away.

So three chickens in total.

That's yours, right?


Thank you.

Be careful, Mateo. It's hot.

Looks delicious.

That's yours. Look.

It has potatoes.

- With cheese?
- Yes.

That's the original.

This has sausage, cheese, and potatoes.

- One gimbap?
- Yes.

Looks yummy. Look.

Take a bite.

It has a sausage inside. Take a bite.

Look. Like this.

It's good.

It's like a churro.

It tastes good with the sausage.

It's really good.

Was something made of potatoes?

Potatoes? Yeah.

There was a corn dog

made with sausage, cheese,
and fried potatoes.

Why didn't you order it?

- You can order it now.
- They have it?

- Yes. Would you like to have one each?
- I want one.

It's a bit embarrassing to order extra.

For potatoes.

For potatoes.

We'd like to make an extra order.

- Is that okay?
-Bue... Bueno?

Yes. Is that okay?

- What is it?
- I don't know.

Bread? Maybe she wants bread.


Does she want bread? She can't be.

I want a potato corn dog.

- Oh, with potatoes.
- Yes.

You want that?

- Can I?
- Yes.


- Two.
- Two.

One, one.

- One each?
- Okay.

- All right.
- Okay?

We got two extra tater dog orders.

One original, and one half-and-half.




Chicken. Pollo.

It smells amazing.

What's this?

- This.
- Oh, the tater dog.

It's really good.
It goes well with the sugar.

It's good.

It's a sweet and savory combination.

It has sugar on it.

All right.

- Green?
- Yes.

- Hellamyeon?
- That's me. Thank you.

- It's spicy.
- Spicy? Okay.

Thank you.

Try it.

See if it's really spicy.

It must taste spicier because it's hot.
Can I try?


Is it not spicy?

I guess not.

Not for Mexicans.

It might have a kick.

Is it very spicy?

I wouldn't say it's too spicy,
but a little.

- How is it for you?
- Good.

It's really good.

It's spicy, but it's good-spicy.

Not spicy for me.

I really like the sauce.

It's so good.

I want the spiciest menu here.

I love spicy food.

My turn. Could you move?

- You like it?
- One second. It is good.

Let me take one last bite.

For the combo, right?

Jinny's Combo B.


- Jinny combo?
- Thank you.

Thank you.

- For this...
- Yes?

- Cut it.
- Thanks.


No table. Sorry.

What do we do? People are waiting.

We're taking it easy.

We have too many customers.

We have too many.

I'll bring more tables.

- Look at the line.
- I know.

Other people who want to eat here.

Right. There's a line.

- Thank you.
- Here.

- Congrats.
- Thanks.

Thank you very much.


I'll take the new customers.

Wait, wait.

- One? Two.
- Which one?

- This one.
- Two?

Half-and half.

- Two?
- Yes.

Thank you.

We got one more.

- We can't take corn dog orders for now.
- Why?

We need more skewers.

What do we do then?

- This is the last one.
- Okay.

So no more corn dog orders?

- Only the original ones.
- Okay.

We're in trouble.
We're out of ingredients.

Are we facing a crisis?

I should fry more chicken.

We don't have much tteokbokki too.

We're out of ingredients.
What do we do?

This is bad. We're in trouble.

Please order here.

We should order.

Right. Order whatever you want.

I told you what I wanted.

- Did you order already?
- No. Go.



- One?
- Which one?

- Jinny's Combo B.
- Jinny's Combo B?



Did you want this?

Spicy fricken?

No, I wanna have...

Combo A?

- Tteokbokki?
- Yes.

We don't have it anymore.

We ran out of it.

Can we take this order?

- We got an order.
- Okay.

Still no corn dog?

No, you need to wait a bit.

So how was it?
Which one was your favorite?

Your favorite?

- Everything.
- Everything?

My number one is...

- Hellamyeon.
- Same here.

And my second favorite, the tater dogs.

Let's go for them.

Yes. Let's go.

Sorry. We're so busy.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.

- Delicious.
- Thanks for coming.

- Thank you.
- Thank you so much, delicious.

I going to recommend this place a lot.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.


We're out of tteokbokki too?

- Yes, we have no more tteokbokki.
- No more?

Should we close the restaurant?

- I think so. We're out of ingredients.
- What?

We ran out of ingredients.

We can't serve food anymore?

So we can't receive customers, huh?

No, not quite yet.

- Could you take this?
- Sure. Let me do it.

I feel like I'm running
a snack bar all by myself.

Can't do this. I'm going home tomorrow.

- Woo Shik.
- Yes?

- Is it you, Woo Shik?
- What's up?

This is the bulgogi gimbap
for the skyblue table.

Two bulgogi gimbaps for the skyblue table.

Two bulgogi gimbaps for the skyblue.

Wait, Yu Mi.

The plus symbol means Combo.

Combo B.


- Yes.
- But... This means Combo?

Give this to Yu Mi.

Did you give this to me?

Bulgogi gimbap. Two bulgogi gimbap.

- For this?
- What?

- Skyblue, yes.
- Seo Jin.

Tteokbokki plus bulgogi.
That means it's a Combo.

Then I'm done.

Combo A and Combo B.

Two tteokbokki.

Tae Hyung, could you fry
four dumplings and eight laver rolls?


- Just heat it for 30 seconds.
- Okay.


Excuse me.

- Are you next?
- Yes.

- Okay. How many?
- Three.

Three. Okay.

You should come here to order.
The menu is here.


We're out of these three.

We don't have it.

Seo Jin, all corn dogs are available now.

- They are?
- Yes.

All of them?

Sorry. We have them now.

What do you recommend?

Well, I recommend chicken,

gimbap, ramyeon, and corn dogs.

We can take ramyeon each
and share other menus.

Maybe we share the chicken?

And this one too.

- But this is really spicy.
- I like spicy.

Oh, you like spicy. Okay.

Then I recommend this.

Is it good?

Yeah, of course. Good-spicy.

All right. Then this one and this one...

That'll be 950 pesos.

Thank you.

It's nice to be with my family here.

We can also enjoy
the beautiful view together.


We're in Bacalar, a paradise.

Why is this business going well?

Tae Hyung.

We need the fritters for this Combo.

How many do we need for the meal box?

- It's the same.
- Same?

- Three laver rolls.
- Three laver rolls. Okay.

Let's serve this first.

- Skyblue?
- Yeah, serve it first.

- Can we serve it now?
- Yes.

- Good.
- Skyblue?

Yeah, original for skyblue.
Here take these.

Original tteokbokki.

It's easier to eat
if you cut it like this.


- Into little pieces.
- Thank you.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Combo B.

Combo B.

Combo A?

Sorry. We're so busy. Sorry about that.

It's okay. Don't worry.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

It looks amazing!

Do you wanna try something spicy?
Korean original ramyeon.

You try first.

- Enjoy.
- Enjoy.

Enjoy your food.

- Likewise.
- Thank you.

- How do I hold it?
- This looks amazing.

The server did it so easily.

It's slipping in every direction.

It's so slippery.

Done. Try it.

It's really good.

I like it.

Mine is spicy, but very delicious.

How do you say "Thank you" in Korean?

In Korean, it's "gamsahabnida."

- Gamsahabnida.
- Yes.

It's difficult, right?

I wanna check

if he was on the Korean drama I watched.

I think he's that guy from...

You know...

It's him.

His name is Choi.

- Really?
- Yeah, it is him.

- Who?
- The guy from Parasite.

- No way.
- He is. His name is Choi.

- The kid?
- No.

- The guy?
- Yeah, the guy.

Let's ask him later.

For purple.

- Serving bulgogi first?
- Yes.

Bulgogi? Beef?

- Yes. Thank you.
- We're gonna share it.

- I have a question.
- Yes?

- Are you an actor as well?
- Yes.

Did you play in "Parasite"?


- Thank you.
- I remembered.

- It was a great movie.
- Thank you.

This sauce is really spicy.

Yes, thank you.

This is crazy.

Seriously, this is crazy.

The sauce isn't spicy.


It's not spicy.

It's the best thing we've had until now.


Tae Hyung, how's the chicken?

No, but it's almost done.

Give me one minute.

Can I serve this?

No, wait.


- For purple?
- Yes, for purple.

- Chicken?
- Thank you, yes.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.

Let's come again.

I'm not really into sweet sauces,

- but this is...
- It's insane.

And the batter too.

- Could you take out the tater dog out?
- Okay.

After one minute,
put it here to drain the oil.

- Then roll it on sugar.
- Okay.


- Put this here...
- Put that there.



Now, put it here.

And drain the oil.

We're gonna have a break time.

Oh, okay.

- We'll come back later.
- Okay.

It says we might appear in the show.

It says, "Thank you for visiting."

Excuse me.

You have to come here to order.


Do you guys know what to get today?

- Definitely this.
- What would you recommend?

This is good. It's good chicken.

Hellamyeon looks really good.

This is really spicy.

- But it's good.
- We'd like to get that.

Oh, really?

- I'm warning you. It's very spicy.
- Okay.

But it's good. It's good-spicy.

All right. And what else?

- Do you want any of these?
- Yeah.

- The pork one.
- Gimbap...

One gimbap...

Spicy pork.

And tteok...

With cheese.

Tteokbokki with cheese.



Woo Shik, serve this to purple.

- Tuna?
- Yes.

Yes, it was amazing.

Are you sharing this as well?


Do you want scissors to cut it?

- What?
- Or a knife?

- That would be nice.
- For sharing?

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Anything to drink?

- Three red wine.
- Three red, okay.

That would be 800 pesos.

Okay. Do we pay now?

Yes, please.

An order. We got an order.


- We got one more hellamyeon.
- One more?

And one cheese tteokbokki.

- Should I do the cheese tteokbokki?
- Yes.

- One hellamyeon.
- For cheese tteokbokki,

- two rice cakes, one fish cake, cheese...
- This first.

Here you go.

You're not having this one?

No, I'm having the other one.

I think mine will be pretty good.

I think it's the noodle that went viral.

From the challenge or whatever.

- For you.
- Thank you.

- It's spicy.
- Yes, thank you.

It's not that spicy.

It's not?

It's just normal spicy.

Aren't you going to drink it?

It's the best part of the food.

The cheese tteokbokki.

Whoa, it looks crazy.


So if you just grab it
and cut it into little pieces...

It's kind of long.

- You just cut it like...
- Wow. Cool.

Honestly, that is the craziest looking...

What is that?

It looks weird.

Oh my god, it's so odd.

It has a very strange texture.

It's like gnocchi.


- Quite nice.
- Yeah.

Cheese me.

It's kind of spicy, you know.

That is spicy.

Holy... Those crispy balls are good.

- Cheese.
- Whiz, whiz.

This is the cheese city, baby.

I never eat cheese
unless I'm really drunk.

But I'm really enjoying it.

I also love that we've already paid.

I love that we already paid.
We just need to eat the food now.

That's street food, right?


- That looks amazing.
- Thank you.

- This is pork.
- Amazing.

- You're sharing this, right?
- Yeah, we're sharing.

Thank you.

Can I try what it tastes like?

- Oh, my...
- Is it good?

Both, the sauces' flavors...


Holy smokes.

- Good?
- It's crazy good.

Oh, my God.


That's the best thing I've ever had.

Is it?

Oh, my God. That chicken.



So this is Hellamyeon.

- It's really spicy.
- Thank you.

Tell me how spicy it is.

Oh, my. It's hot.

The temperature... Oh, God. It's spicy.

Oh, my God. It's spicy.

It's good though.

It's not bad.

My nose...

They didn't get us napkins.

I love that chicken.

- Oh, that chicken is unbelievable.
- It's silly good.

I love that.

It's really good.

I don't know what it is,

- but it's really good.
- Wanna try it?

Try it.

It's good.

But I'm not sure what it is.

- Excuse me?
- Yes?

What is this?

It's mandu. It's a dumpling.

Can I order more of it?

- Do you wanna order more?
- Yes.

This one or this one?

Just the dumplings.

Oh, we don't have that menu separately.

Hold on.

Let's just give some.

- Do we have any?
- Dumplings?

Let's give them some extra dumplings.

Do we have any?

Yeah, we do.

Have a seat. I'll just give you some.

Thank you.

Is it not turned on?

I heard some popping noise earlier.

Looking good.

She likes dumplings,
so let's give her more.

It's our last dumplings.

Thank you.

It's very delicious. Thank you so much.

I'll finish the last one in two bites.


Yeah, it's good.

I was starving,

and then I got to eat a delicious food
that I can't have more.

I should be thankful
that I had yummy food.

Oh, my God. The food was so great.

- All of it.
- It was disgustingly good.

How was it? Was it good?

- It was amazing.
- It was really good.

Was the noodle too spicy?

- It was good.
- It was good.

- You're good with spicy.
- More spice.

Oh, really?

No, it was perfect. It was amazing.

Where are you from?

- England.
- England.

- Scotland.
- Scotland.

Your accents are very nice.

Is everything okay?

Everything was good. Thanks.

- Muy bien, muy bien.
- Muy bien.

Mucho guapo.

Thank you.

Good for you.

- Muchas gracias.
- Adios.

Bye, thank you.

Thank you.

Do we have enough ingredients?

We're almost running out
of gimbap ingredients.

- No ingredients? At all?
- No.

- I can only make a couple more rolls now.
- Of each menu?


We need more grated carrots and cucumbers.

No chicken?

We can't receive any more customers.

We just don't have enough ingredients.

Seo Jin, are we closed now?

Yes, we are.

No more customers?


I'm going back to Korea.

This contract was a scam.

- This feels harder than Youn's Stay.
- Right?

I feel the same.

Profits come first.

I'll just skip dinner today
and go to bed early.

The staff say they're so tired.

We reached the number.

- We made it.
- What?

The sales?

We made over 10,000 pesos.

Are you happy now?

He got his smile back.

- I think we reached the goal too fast.
- What was that?

We're changing the name.

Sir, we're changing our name.

It's not Jinny's Kitchen anymore.

It's Someone Please Stop Jinny.

We made over 10,000 pesos.

What? Really?

Hey, you forgot to serve this
with the chicken.

Woo Shik.

Woo Shik.

Wait, sir.

You can't blame me for this.

All the tables... Purple, black...

In the dining area, how about...

- Magnets?
- Yes.

- Thank you very much.
- It was very delicious.

It was really good.
The chicken was amazing.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Thank you for coming.
- Thanks, chef.

They said the chicken was amazing.

Your chicken was amazing.


I can't believe they loved my food.

The chicken powder is really good.

Well done, Tae Hyung.

Without you, it would've been difficult.

Say it would've been impossible.

Let me do it again. Turn around.

Well done, Tae Hyung. Without you,

it would've been difficult.

- Thank you guys, take care.
- Thank you.

Thank you. See you, guys.

If we have to cook for dinner,

I'll just skip dinner.

- Me too.
- I'll just skip it.

I'm not eating anything.

Are you sure? What about ramyeon?



I've always had a business mindset.

A day off during seven days?
Are you kidding?

Come on.

It's kind of a shame
that we won't have any days off.

It's a short schedule.

Don't you think
this policy could be criticized?

Let them criticize it.

I don't mind criticism.

Let's take a day off tomorrow.

You can watch soccer
in the evening and go kayaking.

If we're closed tomorrow,

do we have to prep from scratch
the day after?

- Yes.
- Yes.

- We should.
- We should.

Then we should come to work early
after our day off.

Let's go home.

Shall we?

Guys, let's go.

Woo Shik, sit in the front.

No, I'll sit in the back.

Sit in the front, Seo Jun.

Why am I so tired?

I wish someone tread on my back.

I can do it for you.

Wow, we're so quiet.

Let's all say "We can do it."

- We can do it.
- We can do it.

We can do it.

You should say it too.

It's your restaurant.

- What?
- It's your restaurant.

- What?
- Say "We can do it."

It's closed now.

By the way, our goal today...

Hey, a mosquito.

- I caught it.
- He caught it.

I killed you.

What should I do now?

Just shake it off.

Woo Shik...

Is there butter?

Did you salt them?

No, I didn't.

What about cheese?

Oh, with cheese

- and butter, it'll be good.
- I don't want it.

I don't wanna.

Your scorched rice soup is here.

Yu Mi, do you want soup?

The potatoes are ridiculous.

Did you buy it to make this?


- All right. Good night, everyone.
- Good night.

What are you eating?

Cheese balls.


Your loved one turned into a zombie.
What are you gonna do?

My loved one turned into a zombie?

Will you let her bite you
and become a zombie

or kill her?

Being a zombie or killing her...

She's your wife.

I'll become a zombie.

But you have a daughter.

I have a daughter?

I have to kill her then.

- What if your daughter's the zombie?
- She's a zombie?

You only have just enough food
to survive a week.

And your wife is fine.

She has a big appetite though.

We'll all die together.

What if you're a zombie?

Your wife is fine.

I'm a zombie.

And my wife is fine. And?

Will you bite your wife?

Let's go. Let's exercise.

Let's do two more sets.

- Two more sets?
- Yes.

- I'm leaving now.
- Huh?

- I'm leaving now.
- Don't go.


- Where are you going?
- I'll go kayaking.

Let me just...

Nice, cool bro.

- Woo Shik.
- Woo Shik? I'm Ols.

Ols? Nice to meet you.

You're welcome, bro.

It's uphill. I'm so tired.

Wait, one, two, three.

I like my driver.


Here comes a bump.

Oh, boy.


It's right here.

Where does this bridge end?

It seems endless.

Let's sit here for a while. I'm tired.

So tired.

We should come here after work.

- After work?
- Yeah.

I wanna go into the water.

Let's go.

This place is like a swimming pool.

Where should we sit? Over there?

You'll stay, right?

Can I order some pizza to go?

I'm going to pick up at the...

Let's go!

We got this! Korea!

- This looks good.
- Sonny, Sonny!

Let's dig in.

It's really good.

- No.
- Another goal.

We still have lots of time.

- Did you see the pass?
- That was crazy.

What? What happened?

That was a nice one.

That was so cool.

- It was Paik Seung Ho.
- He made a goal.

Time flies.

I love you.


The lime!

Time really flew by.

We need to work now.

Now, all we have left to do is work.

So we open at 2 PM and close at what time?

I'm thinking 7 PM?

It's mine.



Gee, we agreed to not pick up the phone
when we're together.

Can't you keep your work life separate?

I hate him when he's like this.

Yes, I'm in Mexico.

We're in Mexico, for God's sake.

Come on...

Do we have break time tomorrow too?

Tomorrow? Yes.

I think we'll have to.

I don't think we'll be busy.

What if we buy 4kg of chicken
and nobody comes?

That won't happen.

You'll see.

It could be like yesterday.

We can use that ongoing.

How much was 4kg of chicken?

- Good morning.
- Good morning, Seo Jin.

Should we open a little late today?

What are you talking about?

- In case the chicken prep takes long.
- Then hurry.

Any day if we make over 7,500 pesos,

it's a successful day.

Are you ready? Let's go.

- Let's go!
- Let's go!

- One, two, three. Let's go!
- Let's go!

Good morning.

Today, I see
quite many people walking around.

Today's gonna be another fun day.

- We're here.
- We arrived.

See you after the shopping.

Good luck.

Rice, beef...

- Tuna mayo.
- Cut the fried tofu too.

We should make the sauces too.
Both of them.


We're out of everything.

All right. Three, two, one.

- Let's go!
- Let's go!

First, rice.

All right, all right.

So we need 2kg of chicken thighs
and 2kg of chicken breast?


- Oh, Ingrid isn't here.
- Oh?

Where's Ingrid?

She's not here right now.

This is bad.

The breast...

- You need chicken breast.
- Yes.

Without bone, please.

- Was it 2kg?
- Yes, 2kg.



Thank you.

Thank you very much.

I saw people queuing
for that food yesterday.

What is it?

I don't know. Some street food.


- Hola.
- Hola.

- Hey, you're back.
- Yeah.

I should start with the chicken prep.

This is going well. No mistakes so far.

You're like a human salad spinner.

Like Music Bank.

Come on. Do it.

Seo Jun.

Seo Jun.

Seo Jun, would you like to check
the chicken?

Looks good.

- Is it hot?
- No.

Oh, got it.

How does the chicken look?

- The color seems all right to me.
- Okay.

Wow, your arms look amazing.

Do we have the chicken sauce?

We need to make it.

I'll make it.

I'm good at it.

- I'll take the scale.
- Okay.

Man, did you hear the sizzle?

It juices so well.

Look. It's making juice.

Seo Jun, should we make any samples?

- Samples?
- Yes.

- We need to make a sample chicken.
- Chicken and...

Whatever it is,
start making the sample food.


- Is the kitchen ready?
- Yes.

Are we ready now?
I'll open the restaurant.

- Yes.
- Tae Hyung, let's open.


Seo Jun.

You look gorgeous today.

No, you're gorgeous.


- How many?
- Two.

Oh, my.

I wanna try them all. That's the problem.

Then how about this?

We order one gimbap

and one more thing you want.

- Beef.
- Beef?

Yes, please.

I want to have ramyeon.

- One original?
- Yes and pineapple juice.

Okay, it's freshly squeezed.
One pineapple juice?

- Coke for me in a glass of ice.
- Okay.

Take this to your table,
I'll bring food to you.


Let's do this.

Let's do this today.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

Original ramyeon?


We got one pineapple juice.

How do we serve it?

- Just pour it.
- How much?

Like this.

Pineapple juice.

Thank you.

And your one coke.

Thank you.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

It's fresh juice.
I thought it'd be a bottled one.

It's really good.

Which one should I use?

This one should do.

Today, I boiled it in advance.

Woo Shik, this one too.

- You're done already?
- I started rolling early.

Good job.

Beef, veggie, tuna, pork.

One bulgogi.

It's done.

Serve it with ramyeon.


- Well done.
- I'll put it here.

Thank you.

- We can try it together.
- Gimbap.

This is the sauce.

- Gimbap.
- Thank you.

Oh, my gosh.

It looks nice. I like the details.

Is it good?

It's really good.

Let me try a bite too.

I like that the roll isn't too big.

Because it'll be hard to eat.

Dip it in the sauce.

Isn't it too spicy?

- No.
- No?

Well, not for me, a Mexican.

- Spicy or not spicy?
- Not spicy.


Maybe a bit? It's a bit sweet too.

I've never seen eggs in a soup.

This will make me happy.

It's sweet and spicy.
I can taste the sweetness.

It doesn't taste sweet to me.

To me, it tasted sweet.

It's good.

I'll do it when I'm not busy.

Thanks. It shouldn't get scorched.


The menu is here.


I like your hat.

New England Patriots.

Thank you.

It's very spicy.

It's very spicy.


Oh, okay.


- One.
- One original corn dog?

Three? Okay.

- Yes!
- We got an order.


Two chicken and one original corn dog.

This is like Tetris.

Hot dog?

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- That's me.

Thank you.

Is it good? Really?

It's so good.

I think it's really good.

It's good, isn't it?

It's so good.

You can try mine too.

Is it chicken?

Try it.


- Why not?
- Try it. It's really good.

All right.

I'll take the smallest.

A small one? There's a small piece.

It's really good, right?

Yeah, but it's a little spicy.

It's not that spicy.

He doesn't eat spicy.

I do eat spicy.

- If it's too spicy, don't eat it.
- But this is a bit spicy.

You don't know me.

Are they enjoying their food?

Is everything okay?


Very good.

Is everything okay?

Tae Hyung, rest while you can.


Later, we might be too busy to speak.

Why is no one coming?

I know it's a weekday, but still.

This is driving me crazy.

Why did they fry so much?

I shouldn't have fried the chicken.

Why did you fry so many?

Why did you fry so many?

I had nothing to do, so...


Why did you?

It isn't much, once we start selling it.

We have no customers today.

No, we'll have customers later.

Don't say we don't have customers.

He told us to prepare lots yesterday

because we're gonna be really busy.

And now he's nagging us for that.

- What is it?
- We can do it.

Do what? There are no customers.

Cheer up. Stop being cranky.

It just makes no sense. There's no one.

Should we just go home early?

What are you talking about?

And tteokbokki is cooked
really nicely today.

It looks really delicious today.

Do you wanna try one?

How are we gonna pay rent?

Business can be slow sometimes.

- Hello.

- How are you?
- How are you?

Good to see you again.

- Bye.
- Thank you.

To-go? Which one?


We'll get this.

- Beef?
- Yes.

- To-go?
- Yes.

So just one beef gimbap.

Yes, just one.

- Only one.
- Okay.

One more bulgogi.

What's the most famous dish?

- Chicken?
- Yes, chicken is famous.

A lot of people like gimbap as well.

- Is that the chicken?
- Yup.

Is it the same portion?

As for the chicken,
I think you'll get more than this.

Does it come with rice?

Just the chicken.

I'll have this one.

- I'll have a coke.
- Okay.

- What did he...
- One coke, one chicken.

- It was very good.
- Thank you.

You said you went to the gym today,
so you wouldn't eat anymore,

and you just gobbled up the food.

It's just some salad stuff.

Well, we didn't eat that much food anyway.

No, we didn't.


Here you go.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Thank you.

- Have a nice day.
- Thank you.

What did you write?

Thanks for joining Bacalar.

An order. We got an order.

Here, Tae Hyung.

- One more chicken
- I'll do one.

Using this skill,
I can mix them more easily.

Here you go.

This is for you.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Is it break time?
- Let's go!


You never get to see nature here, right?


I see nature very often. Look.

I see nature often.

You're right.

I see this a lot.

How much was it?

How much was it?

It was 1,175 pesos.

Is it similar to ours?

Is it good?

It's all right.

This is not going well.

It's not going well?

How's the business going?

- Today?
- Yes.

Not good.

Woo Shik.

Wanna distribute flyers?


You don't wanna do it?

Did you just say you don't want to?

You didn't, did you?

Say that again.

Woo Shik.

He's choking.


Hey, walk faster.

Maybe I'll go there today.






- Do you speak English?
- Yeah.

Do you guys wanna come to our restaurant?

Okay. We can have a look.

It's right there.

It's Korean cuisine.

- Thank you.
- Yup.

Hello. Hola. Hi.

English? Yeah?

- Wanna come to our restaurant?
- Okay.

It's right there.

Do you wanna come to our restaurant?

Thank you. Oh, that's two.



Come to our restaurant later.


All right.

There aren't many people here too.

No people?

No people.

There were no people?

Not many people were out there.

Today, even the public pier is

- almost empty.
- Yea?

Stop here?

- It has to stop here.
- Okay.

Loser makes the next order alone?

Okay. Rock-paper-scissors.

You go first.

I'm right-handed.

I won.

No blowing.


- Do you need the ramyeon recipe?
- No.

- No, it's 1:1.
- Okay.


You do all the cooking.

How do you expect today's business?

Isn't it obvious?

We're doomed.

This is annoying.

Where are all the people?

We even went out to distribute flyers,
but there were no people.

Maybe it's the weather.

The weather is great today.

It's a little windy and rainy.

Well, two days ago, it was pouring.

We had a rainstorm then.

What are we doing here?

This is serious.

This is a losing business.

Why did they prep so many ingredients?

You told them to.

I told them to prep a lot?

I told them to prep.

I didn't tell them to cook ahead.

You said they love Korean food.

Love, my foot.

Why did they fry so many chickens?

We should have that for dinner today.

We're all having chicken.

I'm skipping dinner.

No, you can't. We must finish them all.

The tteokbokki and all...

I'm not eating tteokbokki.

Why so many laver rolls?

This tray is full of laver rolls.

Good Lord.

Should we open early tomorrow?

What do you say?

Like it's gonna drag more customers.

No one came while we were prepping today.

Me too. Right?

Tomorrow, we'll be busy.

We're gonna be busy soon.

No, we will not.

There's no one on the street.

We didn't sell much juice today.

- Juice?
- We sold only two.

- Three.
- Three.

But I had four.

I know, so...

- What?
- Get some juice orders.

You drank our juice?

Yes, I drank a lot of juice.

- I was so thirsty.
- Good job.

I was really thirsty,

so I had four glasses of juice.

We're having laver rolls for dinner.

- Who said that?
- Seo Jin.

Fried chicken and laver rolls.

- Sir.
- Yes?

Laver rolls for dinner?

Tteokbokki, laver rolls, chicken...

What do we do with the chicken?
This is driving me crazy.

I think we should send them
to the market tomorrow early.

Go buy the chickens and fry them.

Something like a Hawaiian shirt?

Very good.

Just do what you want.

Do I look okay?

- Five.
- Thank you very much.

Woo Shik.

I think we'll get an earful.

Today, I won't be intimidated.

I think we'll get customers.

Cheers to today's success.

Soon, there will be a rush.

Fresh, carefully picked cilantro.

All right.

We're doing great now.

Woo Shik, if we run a food truck,
what should we sell?

We can sell chicken.

You can take a break whenever you want.

Let's open one together.

- Woo Shik.
- Yes?

Fry the chickens.

Oh, right. Sorry.

I think watermelon will be popular.

Business is hard.

The clothing store
next to the fruit store...

- Why did you go to a clothing store?
- Sorry?

Why did you?

- It's already done.
- The clothing store?

Why did you go there?

I never told you to go there.
Why did you go there?