Jinny's Kitchen (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

As soon as Jinny's Kitchen opens, it becomes one of the most popular restaurants in Bacalar. On Day 2, new menus are added to boost sales, and it works. Customers rush in, sales go up, and the boss beams. But then Yu Mi starts making mistakes and things start to get out of control. Intern Choi comes to the rescue, to the sink full of dishes. What's happening to the reunited Jinny's Kitchen?

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It's a place called Bacalar in Mexico.

We'll be heading into a small town

and open a restaurant.


We need to go get customers.

Gosh, the rain...

Seo Jin.

No one's coming.

Goodness, gracious...

- Hello.
- Hello.

I think they're coming.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I think they'll come in.

- I'll go.
- The chairs. Push the chairs in.

All right. Let's go.

They're coming.


I said we should wait and see.

- You can order here.
- Oh, there.

And sit anywhere you like.

What do you recommend?

What kind of food do you like?

Do you like meat?

Yeah, I like meat. I also like rice.

He was looking for rice.

Then I definitely recommend
bulgogi gimbap.

Bulgogi gimbap?

Yes. It's rice wrapped
with laver and bulgogi.


Let's have one of that.

Can I get...

Do you want to try this?

Yes, let's try that one too.

Can we get one original corn dog?

And a tteokbokki.

I think that's enough.

Anything to drink?


Is this all you have?


- Can I get one mineral water?
- I'll get a Sprite.

- Soju?
- No soju?

- Oh, sorry.
- It's okay.

No alcohol.

They want soju.


We said we didn't have it.


Wine with tteokbokki?

Seo Jun.

- Do they want alcohol?
- Yes.

We have wine.

They like Korea.

Hello, this is our first day,

so if you like, we can give you some wine.

- Of course.
- Sure.

Red or white?

- White?
- Yes.

Which one goes better with bulgogi?

I'm not sure, but maybe red?

I'll have red then. Thank you.

You're welcome.

This must be their dinner, so...

They wouldn't mind
having a little extra, right?


It has to look nice.

- Perilla leaves?
- Make it look nice.

Four leaves.

It smells good.

It smells really good.

I love this smell.

The other guy over there is a singer.

Yeah? Do you recognize him?

He was in some group.

It looks totally different
from what we had.

It looks new.

It looks very different.

Is this yours? Tteokbokki?

Yes, thank you.

You can use these

to cut it.

- Okay. Thank you.
- Okay?

That's interesting.

The knife...
I mean the scissors are really good.

And it's fun.

Is this for you?

Or hers? For you?

No, we'll share it. It's fine.

I'm gonna post this on my Instagram.

Vino tinto, vino blanco?

They are big glasses.

- It's our compliment.
- Yes. Thank you.

Let's eat now.

- Put it right here?
- Yes, thank you.

Do you want another photo?

Yea? It's good?

It's tasty.

Especially this one.

It's literally sweet and savory.

It's really good.

- It's good.
- Yeah?

That one's good too, right?


Cheers to the delicious food.


It's good.

Tae Hyung, go check if they like the food.

Is everything all right?

- They speak English.
- Sorry?

I don't speak Spanish.


But we understood what you said.

And everything's good. Thanks.

Where are you from?

- Amsterdam.
- Amsterdam.

So far from home.


Just me.

Just you?

You can order here
and sit anywhere you like.

- This one.
- Okay.

Is that all?

A cold water too.

Sparkling or still water?

- Regular water, please.
- Regular it is.

Are you a TV star in Korea?

Actually, I'm an actor.

In Korea...

You have a wonderful voice and diction.

Thank you.

Here you go.

We have one ramyeon.

Did they order ramyeon too?

- No, we have a new customer.
- We do?

We have a cool-looking gentleman here.

Where do you want me to sit?
Over there?

Any table you like.

- Are you a TV star too?
- No.

I'm not a Korean TV star.

We just wanted to try something
other than Mexican food.

So when we saw Korean food,
we were like, "Yeah!"

We had a lot of tacos and burritos,

so we just wanted something else.

Where are you from?


- Oh.
- Yeah.

Where are you from?

I started out in Boston,
and ended up in San Francisco.

Would you like a glass of wine?

- No, thank you.
- No? Okay.

Thank you.

I think it's better
to add the egg with a cup like this.

Should I put some on?

Careful, It's hot.

It looks delicious. Thank you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Enjoy your meal.

Thank you.
It was a pleasure chatting with you.

Same here.

Can I visit you when I go to Amsterdam?

Of course.

I can give you a tour.

I know the best spots.

Use the chopsticks for the noodles

and the spoon for the soup.
It'll be much easier.

So you twirl the noodles around
with the chopsticks?

Yes, that's one way.

You can you the fork if you want.

Yeah, it'll be easier.

He's having it like pasta.

You can hold it like this.
Then it's easier.

- I can't.
- Okay.

Just enjoy your meal. It's fine.

As long as you enjoy it.

Do you like it?

Yes, it's delicious.

Oh, my, my...

- There are so many people now.
- I know.

To have dinner, I suppose?

Seriously, so many people are walking by.

I think now is the peak hour.


We have a child customer.

Do they have what I like?

Why don't you check yourself?

I don't like any of these.

It looks nice. There's gimbap.


Can I order this?

This is gimbap.

- Gimbap.
- Gimbap.

What's inside?

There are three different kinds.

There's beef, and this one's vegetarian.

And this has tuna inside.

It looks good.

No, I was explaining to the kid.

We're Turkish.

You're Turkish. From Turkey?

We're from Korea.

I live here. So you're from Korea?

Yes, Korea.

- Nice.
- These are Korean food.

They're all Korean. Nice.

Do you know Korea?

Okay, it was nice to meet you.
We'll come back later.

Okay. See you again.
It was nice meeting you.

- Bye. See you.
- Thank you.

We're done, so we're gonna leave.

- I'll go out with you.
- Yes.

Thank you. It was really good.

Thanks for coming.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Very delicious. Thank you.

What is your name?

My name?

Seo Jin.
This restaurant is named after my name.

- Is that you?
- Yeah, that's me.

That's so cool.

- Thank you. Bye.
- Bye.

I'll do the dishes for you
for the time being.

- Do you know why?
- Why?

Because I'm a cool person.

You are very nice.

Oh, I'm not.

You are.

Are we gonna keep the restaurant open?

- I don't know.
- If we wait,

we'll get more customers.

- Do you want to keep it open?
- Yes.

- I'm having fun.
- I also want to.

Tae Hyung says
he wants to get more customers.

He said he's having fun.

Just for your information.

I think this is it though.

Let's close the restaurant.

Let's go home.

At first,

I didn't want to work so much,
so I wished we had few customers

but nobody came, and it made me feel bad.

So when the customers came, I got happy.

Thanks for cooking.

The bottom of my feet hurts.

Me too. My heels hurt.

My soles and calves hurt.

I have the massager for feet.

By the way, Seo Jin, tomorrow,
I'll need much less time for the prep.

To be honest,

I wasn't busy at all today.

All I did was relay the orders...

Well, we didn't have
many customers today, so...

By the way,

our menus are too difficult.

Some Korean foods are famous,

but these seem new to them.

Some people
just checked the menu and left.

Are you looking up the menus?

I'm just searching what menus there are.

We definitely need some meaty menus.

Let's just see what sells more tomorrow.

Including a new pork menu.

Spicy pork gimbap?

How do we make it?


And the marinade?

I learned the recipe.

- Is it a new marinade?
- Yes, new.

It's a little spicy, right?

- Yes.
- So, pork gimbap?

Should we add a new corn dog menu too?

Adding potatoes on the original
and half-and-half corn dogs.

That's two new menus.

That's a lot more menus.

It's not much extra work.

No, it's not.

- It's so heavy.
- Right, the potatoes.

Oh, no. What do I do?

Oh, whatever.

Look how beautiful it is.

We should change the menu board again.

How about adding the pork gimbap and...

I think he's falling asleep.

I'm so sleepy all of a sudden.

- I just... I'm so sleepy all of a sudden.
- Go to bed.

Your eyelids got droopy.

I was just looking at that thing,

and all of a sudden,
I started to get really sleepy.

That must be because of
today's emotional roller coaster ride.

He must've been quite nervous today.

I can't see very well. I need this.

But you haven't tried it. Is it okay?

What... Now I see everything clear.

- What did he say?
-"Now I see everything clearly."

So that's the smile of capitalism.

What should we do?

I feel like having some egg ramyeon.

Jjajang ramyeon for me.

Ramyeon? Again?

Don't you want ramyeon again?

Yes, I remember.

- So funny.
- How is it?

It's so good!

My goal is to cook 100 ramyeons here.

We eat so much ramyeon.

How could you eat ramyeon every night?

Let's move on.

- All right. Let's go.
- Okay.

Today, I'll cook until I die.

Seo Jun.

Could you mix the jjajang ramyeon
with the hot ramyeon?

We don't have many ramyeons left.

Because they eat them every day.

They eat them up every night.

Are you digesting it okay?

We leave at 11:40 tomorrow, okay?

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Looking cool, Seo Jun.

What's with those pants?

It's white.

Is that shorts or a skirt?

It's a skirt that looks like shorts.

Why are you being so picky
about how they dress?

It's a uniform.

That's so outdated.

We have a dress code here,
and it's the uniform.

Today is our second day here,

so we're gonna be open until late.

And we'll go to work late.

As long as Tae Hyung does his job,
it'll be fine.

As long as he does the prep all right...

Is there a way I can complain anonymously?

They're about to form a labor union.

I will not tolerate labor unions
in Jinny's Kitchen.

- Pardon?
- It is not allowed.

When it's about to be formed,
I'll make him an executive.

And executives can't join a union.

Then there will be too many executives.

Well, a union of two doesn't...

We have two regular staff
and three executives?

Tae Hyung lost faith in Yu Mi too.

- Really? Why?
- She betrayed him yesterday.

No, I didn't. What are you talking about?

- Well...
- You're just trying to come between us.

Yu Mi suddenly told me

that tomorrow, I will have to go to work

one hour early with Woo Shik.

She said this to me.

We are now in Atlanta.

I'm flying to Cancún now.

Who do you think will
welcome you the most?

To be honest,
I don't think I'll be welcomed.

They'll probably say,
"Why did you come so late?"

They'll pick on me like that.

But I know it's because they care.

Who do you miss the most?

I kind of miss Seo Jin.

Since this is his first time being boss,

he must be struggling a lot himself.

I wonder how he's holding up.

When he's troubled, he needs my help.

He probably needs my help.

I'm on my way, sir.

I'll see you soon.

There are definitely more people
on the street today.

Compared to yesterday, right?

Yeah. I see lots of tourists.

Here we are.


It's the fun prep time again.

- Mr. Park.
- Yes?

We're opening at two.

At two, I know.

Can we open by two?

Can we open by two?

Make the impossible possible. Just do it.

- You can do it before two, right?
- Of course.

It's past 1 PM, why aren't people coming?

I think we should open a little later.

Around 2 PM.

- Go and write it down on a paper.
- Write what?

That we open at 2 PM.

- Opening hours?
- Yes. Is 2 PM all right?

Here you go, Yu Mi.

- Thank you.
- Where should I put it?


Should we make it 2:15 PM or 2 PM?

What time is it now?

He said 2 PM.

Should I just write 15?

How about 10?

Should I write 10 then?

Where should I put it?

At the entrance, under the menu.

- Seo Jun, start with tteokbokki.
- Okay.

Seo Jin, could you stir this
once in a while?


How will it turn out?

It's good? Are you sure?

- I'm good at this.
- You did a great job.

It tastes amazing.

You put the mask on.

Say when. Let's just add extra
and throw out the rest.

- Do you want me to grind it?
- That would be nice, thanks.

Could you cut those?


Very picante.

- It's very spicy?
- Yes, very spicy.

It's going too slow.

There we go

I'm trying to look cool.

My dream is to become a chef,

but in reality, I'm an assistant.


Are you open?

We open at 2 o'clock.

And in the evening?

For dinner? What time?

Around 6:30 PM?

Yes, it's possible.

Should we make a reservation?

It's okay. You can just walk in.

- Okay, thank you.
- Thank you.

- Can I take a picture?
- Sure.

This one's in English
and this one is in Spanish.


I'll recommend this restaurant
to the other guests in my hotel.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Thank you. I'll see you then. Two o'clock.

It's so interesting.

To see Korean food in Mexico.

Is it?

We'll eat here tonight.


- See you tonight.
- Okay.

Did they book a table?

- He's coming back in the evening.
- Today?

This evening?

Why does the boss seem happy again?

We got a reservation.

He must be feeling very happy.

- We're about to open soon, so...
- We are?

- We're adding the potato corn dogs today?
- Yes.

Wow, it looks good.

- Done with the batter, right?
- Yes.

Hey, it's time to open.

- I am ready.
- Come on out.

Tae Hyung, flip the open sign.

I'm opening.

Hello. How are you?

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Are you open?
- Yes, we are.

A table for three, please.

Come in, please.

- Hello. Nice to meet you.
- Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Take any table you like.
You can order here.


No bulgogi, no galbi?

Bulgogi? We have bulgogi gimbap.

Let me try that.

- Bulgogi gimbap?
- Yes, please.

- I'll have a gimbap too.
- Two sparking

- and one Sprite.
- No coke?

You don't have Korean beer?


- No soju?
- No, sorry.

Soju and beer...

We just opened,
and we got customers already.

I have a good feeling.

We might end up having 15 groups.

I'll do these dishes real quick.

Could you get the orders?


Oh, boy.

Whew, I'm safe.

We got two bulgogi gimbap.

- Two bulgogi gimbap?
- Two.

Oh, no.

What did we get?

We got two bulgogi gimbaps.

And one corn dog for us.

Thank you very much.

That man over there is a singer.

The man with the bandana?


- Is he famous?
- Yes, very.

- Really?
- Really.

He looks very handsome. Is that why?

Everyone over there is good-looking.



Do you see the GoPro? It's a GoPro.

I should keep my neck straight
to hide the wrinkles.

- Did you order a corn dog?
- Yes.

I wonder what Korean corn dogs are like.

These days, I think about what to do
with the second chapter of my life.

Bulgogi gimbap is really hard.

Take this with you.

It opened up a little.


Stop coming out.

Here comes the corn dog.

It's hot. Be careful.

Very good.

- Korean corn dog?
- Yes, Korean style.

It's hot, so be careful.

- It already has the sauce on.
- Yes.

Will there be more people coming?

- We're the only customers here.
- Right.

Excuse me, order here first.

Let's see.

"Gimbap de bulgogi?"

You want one?

I want to try the one below.

This one.

- The vegan one?
- The vegan one.

Any drinks?

- Two cokes, please.
- Two? Two cokes?

We have one more group.

Wow, today...

I have a good feeling about today.

Two gimbaps.
One bulgogi and one fried tofu.

But I made two bulgogis.

Seo Jin, one bulgogi gimbap is ready.

But they ordered two bulgogi gimbaps.

Wouldn't it be weird
if we serve them separately?

Do we have something to cover the food?

Yes, cover it with something like that.

Does it taste good?

It's okay.

Is it tasty?

How's their sausage?

There's no sausage.

There's no sausage?


Maybe I should ask for a refund.

- Can I ask you something?
- Yes.

There's no sausage inside.

- The sausage.
- Sausage?

There's no sausage inside.


- Okay?
- I got it.

- Cheese first and then sausage.
- Yes.

Hey, let's share it together.

No, I'm good.

I'll have my bulgogi gimbap.

Seo Jun, did you serve the gimbap yet?


The one I made.

One gimbap is ready. It's for that table.

We're gonna serve two at the same time.

It's for that table.

They ordered two.

No, they ordered two.

They ordered two too.

They ordered one.

No, it says two on the slip.

- It's written on the bottom.
- Where?


- It's two.
- Oh, no. Hold on.

We have customers again.


Yu Mi, relax.
You can take all the time you need.

We have more customers.

Looks like
we're gonna make some profit today.

This caught my eye.

It's made with rice cake.

- One of each.
- One of each of these?

- Coke? One?
- Three.

Yu Mi.

- One bulgogi, one fried tofu.
- What?



I don't think I can make it.

Today is a tough day for Yu Mi.

They all ordered gimbap.


We got too many gimbap orders.

Yu Mi can't seem to handle it.

- She just has to take her time.
- Huh?

Yu Mi, take it easy.

I can't. They've waited long.

Slow is better than messing up.

- Take it slow.
- They've been waiting for too long.

Rack your brain, Jung Yu Mi.

Let's just go for it.

I just didn't want them
to wait for too long.


One is rolled nicely,

but the other one fell apart.

Here we go.

- Chopsticks?
- Yes.

- It looks really nice.
- Thank you.

Okay, let me steal one.

It's good. I like it.

It's refreshing.

- Perfect for the weather.
- Right.

I could have it a little spicier. You?

Ask for Sriracha.

No, Robert.

You must learn to enjoy all flavors.

He's right.

This is not supposed to be spicy.

- Thanks, Gabriel.
- No problem.

So this is like the street versions

of bulgogi and galbi.

This is what they sell on Korean streets.

It's really good.

It's so good.

It tastes really good.

Seriously, it's really good.

- It's very good.
- Thank you.

Thank you very much.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Let's see. Look at the details.

Hey, baby.

Should I take the hat off?

"I have no hair! I'm bald!"

Look at his shiny head.

It's a Coke.

What are you looking at now?

Probably the tree over there.

The baby is smiling at him.

It's okay. I can do it.

A bulgogi and fried tofu.

It's for the people over there.

- What about the sauce?
- I'm going to do it here.

Oh, it looks delicious.

Thank you.

Mine has meat and yours...

It's vegetarian.

By the way, your utensils...

They're made of metal.

- Okay.
- Nice.

I keep dropping it.

I'm so bad with chopsticks.

- Is it working out for you?
- Sure.

I think I should just use the forks.

What did you order?

The beef one.

- Come on.
- Does that face mean you like it?

It's really good.

I like it.

Me too.

It's so refreshing.

This one is really good.

- Do you wanna try?
- Sure.

I'll take one.

Okay, go on.

You're so much better than me.

No, I'm not.

Thank you.


Do you know what this is?

- It's for opening bottles.
- A bottle opener?

We can't take it with us though.

Do you sell this?

- No.
- No?

If you want, take it as a souvenir.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Give it to me.

- Blue? Or...
- Just pick one.

I want the blue one.

No, you gotta put it on your shirt.

- Is this you?
- It's me.

Thank you.

It's that man.

You put it there.

Seo Jin, we have one fried tofu,
one bulgogi, and one tteokbokki, right?

One bulgogi and one fried tofu, right?

We'll serve gimbap after the tteokbokki.

- A tteokbokki order?
- Yes.

That's great.

Is the tteokbokki boiled down?

No, not yet.

Then let's boil it down.

- What's up?
- I'll boil it down.

Give it to me.

It's hot, use that.

Could you take this out

and add a little bit of tteokbokki sauce
before you serve it?

Seo Jin, could you take this out and...

Do you want me to show you?

Yes, please.


Thank you.

I have to be carrying the baby,
so I'll eat first.

Is it good?


How does it taste?

It's a little spicy, but good.

It looks like an empanada.

Right, it's like empanada.

This one is good too.

Do you want to try this?

Let me try it.

- It's good, right?
- Yeah.

- Is Seo Jun's tteokbokki served?
- Yes.

Yu Mi, this is a one and only gimbap
in the world.

The other one is coming soon.

It looks delicious.

It looks professionally cooked.

Thank you.

It's really good.

On the scale of one to ten,
how would you rate it?

I like it. It's excellent.

The girl cooking...

- She looks like an actress.
- She is.

- Is she famous?
- Yes.

And that young man as well?

- Yes, she's an actress. I'm an actor.
- Oh, and...

- Is she on Korean dramas?
- Yes.

Korean dramas in the US are so popular.

They're all famous actors and actresses.

This is crazy.

- He's an actor too.
- Really?

I thought he was just a restaurant owner.

How have you been?

- Hey!
- Hello!

- Have you guys tried the food here?
- Yes.

- They came here yesterday.
- Oh, really?

- You were here yesterday?
- Yes.

- Did you like it?
- Yes, it was good.

- Did you already eat?
- Yes.

How was it?

Very good.

A little different.

Enjoy your last night here.

Thanks. You too.

Okay, I'll go with you.

- Bye.
- Take care.

How about we mix it with mayo?

For the dipping sauce...

I want to sell some gimbap tomorrow.

Is it not spicy enough?

Should we add chili inside?

Or how about we serve it
with extra hot sauce?

That sounds good.

We can add mayo to the hot sauce
and make it mild.

This is it? All right.

Would you like a spicy sauce?

Would you like it with hot sauce?


Take it to them.

- Where?
- To the two men over there.

Excuse me.

Would you like it with hot sauce?

- Enjoy.
- Thank you.

It can't be spicier than habanero.

Well, let's see.

No, it's not spicy.

All right. Let me take it a little bit.

- I love it.
- Yeah.

It's raining again.

Look at the rain.

This is nice.
Watching the rain makes me feel calm.

Is this place open?

- Is it open?
- Yes, it's open.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Here's the menu.


Do you have any recommendations?

What kind of food do you like?

Spicy? Meat?

- Spicy.
- You like spicy?

I recommend tteokbokki.

It's spicy. It's rice cake
with fried dumplings and stuff.

Okay. Let's do it.

You like cheese? Or no cheese?

- No cheese.
- Okay, one original tteokbokki.

Anything to drink?

- A Coke, please.
- One Coke.

This is cool.

Are you the chef?

No, I'm the owner.

The chefs are in the kitchen.

Whose face is that over there?

- That's my face.
- You?

- Take this to your table.
- Thank you.

Tae Hyung.

Did we get an order?

- One original tteokbokki.
- Tteokbokki.

Isn't the tteokbokki ready now?

I think it is.

Bring it in.

Let me show you how to eat it.


- Thank you.
- No problem.

You can cut the rest yourself.

It's so smart. It's sitting down quietly.

Here, after five minutes of rain,
it becomes sunny again.

- Right?
- Yes.

Now it's sunny again.

- Like it never rained.
- I know, right?

It's incredible.
The rain clouds passed by.

Shall we get going now?


Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Best of luck.

Thank you.

- Thank you very much.
- Bye.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

I'm getting full.

Thank you.

Was everything all right?

Thank you.

Looks like the busy hour is over.

We're suddenly slowing down.

One for Yu Mi too.

It's very smooth.

Thank you.

- Shall we sit down for a while?
- Yeah.

I think we can do that.

Let's sit for a while.

Why is the street

- so empty?
- What?

It's so empty.

It must be because of the rain.

I think we're gonna be
busy around six later.

People will start coming after six, yeah.

I heard Woo Shik took the bus.

Make him change as soon as he arrives.

Make him change!

As soon as he arrives.

How do you ask, "Is this tasty?"

¿Está sabroso?

Choose whatever is easy for you.

¿Está sabroso? That's number one.

Number two. ¿Está Rico?

Está comida...

les gusta...

a los Coreanos.

What did you just say?

That it's food Koreans like.

It's written here, and...

In Korean here.

Ponga la salsa.

It's dip it with sauce.

¿Cuántos son?

- How many people?
- That's all I need to know.

This is not easy. It's so hard.

Picante means spicy.
Por aqui. Por favor.

No corn dogs today.

We had one.

If nobody orders the potato corn dog,
make me one.

- Do you want one too?
- A corn dog?

- Do you wanna have one now?
- I want the potato one.


You gotta have one with the cheese though.

- We have a lot of them.
- Okay.

We got a customer. Come on.

- Hello. Please come in.
- Can I eat here?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Here's the menu.

I just wanted to try it.
I saw it's Korean,

- so I wanted to try the food here.
- Okay.

The thing is, I don't know what to order.

Okay. Let me explain to you.

This is rice cake with fried dumplings.

This is spicy, right?

No, it's not that spicy.

Not for me.
Because I'm not used to spicy food.

Then you should try...

I recommend bulgogi.

I think I'm gonna try that one.

So I'm gonna go with this one and a coke.

Yu Mi.

- A gimbap order?
- Yes, bulgogi.

- It's the hardest one.
- Let's go, Yu Mi.

- Don't be so nervous.
- I won't.

It's just one, so...

I'll go like this...



Hello, here's the menu.

Thank you.

Where are you from?

Puerto Rico.

- Puerto Rico.
- Oh, Puerto Rico.

What about you?

- I'm from Madrid, Spain.
- Your change.

What do you recommend?

What do I recommend? Okay...

Is this cheese?

This is a bit spicy.

And this is rice cake with hot sauce.

It comes with fried dumplings.

Okay. Interesting.

I'm gonna try it.
I've never had it before.

- Cheese tteokbokki?
- Yes.

The difference is the cheese, right?

Yup, it's spicy. Is it okay?

Yeah, I love spicy.

Do you have something like...

white wine?

- Yes. White wine?
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Seo Jun.

Tae Hyung,
it's time to prepare some mozzarella.


Tae Hyung!

Could you prepare the sauce?

Two sauces, right?

- He doesn't like spicy.
- Oh, right.

Sesame seeds.

Is the Coke from Korea too?


We just put the sticker on.

Korean street food. Nice.

Is it your first time here?

- Yes.
- Okay.

First time in Mexico? Bacalar?

I've been living in Mexico for a while.

What about you?

I've been here many times.

It's my second time in Bacalar.

- Are you traveling alone?
- Yes.

That's cool.

I'm traveling by myself too.

I wanted to try Korean food.

I see. Nice.

What is this?

You ordered bulgogi gimbap.

I thought it'd be served on a plate.

So this is how it's served.

- It's vegetable wrapped with laver.
- Oh, okay.

Do you know how to use chopsticks?

Yes, I can.

- Could you take a photo of me?
- Sure.

So I can remember this.

Eating Korean food in Mexico.

Something I've never done before.

- I want to have that in the background.
- It's in the background.

One, two, three. Cheese.

Forget about the camera and act natural.

As if I'm not being photographed.

One, two, three. I'll take two to be safe.

Very nice.

Thank you so much. Love the photos.

I'm hungry, so I'll start eating this.

Would you like to try some?

What did you order?

I ordered something spicy.

They said it's traditional Korean food.

Well done.

Put it in the middle.

That's good.

Use this...

- to cut it.
- Oh, okay.

- Perfect. Thank you.
- Enjoy.

It's very good.

It's so good.

- You must like spicy food.
- Yes.

- I'll make you a corn dog now.
- Okay.

It's really good.

It is really good.

I guess we should get more fries diced.

We're already out after making three.

This is not easy.

It's hard to keep the cheese
from coming out.

Only ketchup?

No. I want ketchup and mustard.

- Let's eat together.
- Okay.

I'll join you after this.


It's tasty.

Feed him one.

- Feed him?
- Yes.

He's over there in the back.

Just tell him to poke his face.

Let's eat inside.

Why did you take it out?

You take two.

- The potato one is better.
- It's good.

Do you want more?

Bulgogi gimbap is
the easiest to fall apart.

I said this place is amazing.

It really is.

I don't know if you've been there,

but there's a pier
near the 36th and 37th street.

Oh, right.

I've been there.

The park that has been closed is open now

and there's a new big pier.

I went there to see the sunrise.

I swam there yesterday.

It was so beautiful.

When the sun rises, the water is so warm.

It's a dog.

Seo Jin, a dog came in.

Over there.

It's gonna come every day now.

Where do you live, doggy?

Look at him, he's lying down.

- Nice to meet you.
- Thank you, I'll see you then.

- Two o'clock.
- Okay.

- Are you coming in?
- Can I?


Here's the menu.

- Do you have rice?
- Rice, here.

Beef, vegetarian...

- I'll do this.
- This one?

Do you have Coke?


- Is it done already?
- Yes.

Already? Hold on.

This is the spicy one.

Tell her, "Está bien con salsa picante."

Spicy sauce.

Is it very spicy?

Thank you.

It went over there.

I guess it smelled the food.

Maybe it came to cheer you up.

It's okay.

This is normal in Bacalar.

Having a couple of dogs around.

It's raining again.

Please, do you need the menu?

Wait, we have two groups.

Oh, no. We got group customers.

You better be ready.

Lots of customers.

I know.

Two half-and-half?

Hello. Please come in.

260, please.

Just give us 200 pesos back.

It's a German way of tipping.

- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.

Tae Hyung, can you give this to them?


We have two more customers.

They're looking for the menu.

Sorry. The menu is here.

You can order here.

Thank you.

I'll get a Sprite too.

- 2 Sprites?
- Yes.

Tae Hyung.

- Yu Mi. Here.
- Yes?

They wouldn't come to give us the menu.

Excuse me, order here.

The menu...

Oh, we should order there.

I'm gonna have...

I'll go with this one.

- Cheese ramyeon?
- Yes.

- Gimbap?
- Gimbap.

Okay. Soy sauce and...

How about the one with tuna?

Yeah, it doesn't matter.

Tuna gimbap.

And some white wine.

Two white wines?



- Tuna.
- Oh? So that's two tunas.

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes.

Seo Jin, there's one more coming up.

I'll carry it. It might roll off.

I'll turn it around
so it's easier for him to hold.

You ring the bell.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome. Enjoy.

- It's amazing.
- Let's try Korean food.

All right.

It's so good.

Should I ask them how it tastes?

How does it taste?

It's sweet and has cheese inside.

I thought there'd be sausage inside.

I think
the second half has a sausage inside.

But it's good. It's worth a try.

- It's worth a joy.
- Thank you. You too.

Look. My half is finished.

Now, it's a sausage.

Yes, there's a sausage.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.


One or two?


Order two more.

Two corn dogs? Okay.

- All right.
- Yes?

What is it?

Two original corn dogs.

- Two?
- Yes. Let's start.

I'll do the dishes now.

Hi. Here's the menu.

We got two more customers.

One cheese and one original ramyeon.

- One each?
- Yes.

And one red wine as well.

- One or two?
- Just one, please.

Do you want some water?

Hey, we got an order.

Oh, boy.

Aye, aye, aye.

They don't seem very busy.

Jinny's Kitchen...

Oh, they have customers.

They have lots of customers.

- Tae Hyung, here's the container.
- Okay.

Could you get me the sauce?

Woo Shik, come on. Go to the kitchen.

- Woo Shik, come on. Go to the kitchen.
- Oh, okay.

Woo Shik.

- We're busy.
- Come on.

Tae Hyung.

Go on in.

- So many customers.
- Come in.

This place is cool.

Buenas noches.

Put the bag down.

Woo Shik, how long was the trip?


By car it took...

The car ride took four, five hours.

- Woo Shik, do the dishes.
- Okay.

Woo Shik, do the dishes.

- I did the dishes.
- We have more.

Did it really take four hours from Cancún?

Here are some more.

Tae Hyung, take this.

Give it to Woo Shik.

Woo Shik.

- Yes?
- Be careful.

You know the foot massager?

Hey, you're both wearing


They're cute.

We've got yours too.

While I was away,

you guys became similar.

You'll become like us tomorrow.

Hopefully I can fit in here.

Do you need any help?

Help me with the sauce.

Could you get me two bowls like these?

This one's very spicy,
and this is that one.

- Could you prepare them?
- Okay.

Excuse me.

Where's the sauce paper...

I mean, the sauce container...

The small sauce bowls.

Oh, that. That's next to Yu Mi.

- Under the tteokbokki.
- Oh.

Be careful. It runs out abruptly.

That's the spicy one.

This is the mild sauce
and this the spicy one.

Do it inside. It farts.

I didn't know what you were talking about.

You knew once you heard it, right?

He needs to learn things step by step.

He doesn't know how things work.

Oh, that's the tteokbokki.

About tteokbokki...

Whenever you walk by,

make sure to stir it like this.

Otherwise, it'll get scorched.

- And always keep this in mind.
- Keep what in mind?

You're Intern Choi, right?

I'm Intern Kim.

Intern Kim is your senior.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and it's a big day.

We should add more menus.

- Three.
- Three? Three, please.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Everybody loves chicken.

Let's add seasoned fried chicken.

Anyone who likes spicy, will love it.

A ramyeon and gimbap combo?

I bet combos will be a hit.

Wow, the boss is working very hard.

- Hey, 20 minutes left.
- Okay.

Seo Jun, are you ready?

We have customers waiting outside.

- So many people.
- Do you wanna come in?

Seo Jin, we have customers.


- Hello.
- Hello.

Four chickens.

- Another chicken order?
- We only have two to go.

We might run out of chickens.

Take the orders.

Woo Shik!

Woo Shik, I think you should go.

We should fry it, huh?

People are waiting in line outside.

Wait, wait.

Why are we so busy?

We have a problem.

We ran out of ingredients.

We don't even have glasses or cups.

Are we having a crisis?

Seo Jun and I are searching
for flights back to Korea.

We earned more than 10,000 pesos.
We can go home.

What's the point of being promoted?

I'm so...