Jinny's Kitchen (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

The 8-day journey is near its end. Will Jinny's Kitchen end on a high note? The dinner service begins full of hope but multiple orders confuse the perfect duo, Seo Jin and Woo Shik. Mastering all the back kitchen's menus, Tae Hyung starts to dance. Who awakened the natural dancer? And what's the friendly Intern Choi's promo secret? They can't go home until they hit 12,000. How will this end?

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As soon as we hit 12,000, we'll close.

- 12,000, 12,000!
- 12,000, 12,000!

- Let's go!
- Let's go!

Let's go for the final day!

Prepping a lot today.

I'm going to chicken hell now.

Let's grate them all.

What if we don't have customers today?

We're open, right?

Why are there no customers?

Seriously, no one's coming.

Soon, people will rush in.

- Two?
- Nobody's coming.

We barely hit 2,000 now.

How could no one come?

Until we hit 10,000 today,

our restaurant will be open.

- We're six people.
- Okay.

Are you paying together?

No, we're paying separately.

All right, then. You ordered...

- Ramyeon.
- Ramyeon.

Hellaspicy fricken.

- Fried tofu.
- Gimbap.

Together? Separate? So, who's...

The chibap...

- Hello.
- Hello.

Are you on holiday?

We live here.

- You live here.
- Yes.

- In Mexico?
- In Mexico.

The menu's here.

Bulgogi rice for the kid.

- The spicy pork rice.
- Spicy pork rice.

- I'll have tuna gimbap.
- One tuna gimbap?


the chicken is
one of the most popular menus here.

- Spicy fricken?
- Yes.

- We'll get that one too.
- One spicy fricken.

- So you ordered four in total.
- Yes.

I want pineapple juice.

- Pineapple juice.
- Yes.

I'd like to get a Coke

and a bottle of water too.

- Do you want to order it to-go?
- Yes.

One chicken and... Just a second.

What's the best one?

- The best one.
- The best?

- Do you like spicy?
- Yes.

This is a little spicy.

- And this one.
- The spicy pork.

We're in trouble.

Good luck, Yu Mi.

- What?
- Two rice, one gimbap.


That's a lot.

Here's water for you.

Coke, pineapple juice...

It was mineral water, right?
Not sparkling?

- Yes, you're right.
- Alright. And pineapple juice?

Hi, sweetie.

Here's water.

- Coke.
- Thank you.



Is it all for black?

Yes, this is for to-go.

- Are all drinks served?
- Yes.

- To the black table?
- Yes.

We have one pineapple juice left.
Is it served?

- I served the pineapple juice.
- There are two.

- Huh?
- One here

and one here.

I'll go ask.

Excuse me.
Are you missing one pineapple juice?

No, we got it.

- I ordered one too.
- You did, sorry.


Sorry, I thought that was it.

Here you go. Sorry about that.

No, it's fine. Thank you so much.

He's so nice.

Yeah, he's really sweet.

Two ramyeons, one chibap.

Another ramyeon?

We got hellaspicy fricken too.

I got a pot ready for the ramyeon.


So this is the beginning of the rush.

Oh, that was fast.

Fried tofu gimbap.

Hellaspicy fricken.

That looks so good.

- Ramyeon?
- Me. And her.

- Okay.
- Oh, that's a lot.

I don't know if I made a good choice.
It looks good.


It looks so good.

Oh, that's mine.

- Thank you.
- Yes.

Oh, they're metal.

Sorry, I'm starting.

- But I can't help it.
- That looks so good.

These are very fancy chopsticks.

Yeah, but really weird.

- They're flat.
- Yeah, they're flat.

Not the chopsticks I expected.

Oh, that's spicy!

Can I have a little bit too?

It's good.

I'm glad I didn't order it.
It's too spicy for me.

Which makes it taste better.

The noodles are really good.

When you leave them for too long,
they get soggy.

- But these are so nice.
- Yeah, they're nice.

Should go straight in?

Yeah, all in.

It's good. It's very fresh.


Ramyeon is served, right?

- Ramyeon?
- Yes.

- One or two?
- Two.

- Two? Oh, this is served too.
- Yes.

So chibap is left.

Bulgogi rice and chicken.

- One hellaspicy...
- And chibap.


Did you do hellaspicy fricken?

I need to do it.

Oh, there's one more.

The stove.

What's wrong with me?

- We got a rice menu too?
- Yes.

- Rice.
- Is it finished?


This is for you, right?

No, it's not.

- Chibap, right?
- Oh, that's...

- Sorry about that.
- No, it's okay.

Thank you.

- You ordered bulgogi rice, right?
- Yes. Thank you so much.

Hellaspicy fricken.

Seriously, this is so good.

I'm having a really good time.

If anyone wants to try mine,
please say it.

Wanna try bulgogi rice?

Why not?

Is it good?

You like it?


Can I try your pickled radish?

Of course.

Oh, that is nice.

Very nice. It's sweet.

Dian, want one?

Wanna try this?

There you go.


What are those things inside?


Oh, this is really good.

Oh, none of them are yours.

I should go help Yu Mi.

I got the chicken.

Yu Mi, I'll help.

- Did you see it?
- Yes.

Could you start with bulgogi then?

- I got the ingredients ready.
- Okay.

I'll get the rice ready.

Don't mess this up, Jung Yu Mi.

You can do this, right?

You gotta roll it nicely.

Seo Jin, here.

For the to-go customer. Take it.

Is it upside down?

I don't know. Just take it.

No, it's not.

That's how Woo Shik gave me.

I need to do the rolling now.

- Go away.
- There are two.

Just go.

- Here you go.
- Thank you very much.

Here's your gimbap.


I don't know how it'll taste, but...

- I'm sure it's good.
- We did our best.

- Thank you.
- Sure.


How did they spread the rice so thinly?

Let me try gimbap too.

It's rolled so beautifully.

How did they cut the cucumbers like this?

- Is it even cucumber?
- It is.

If, by any chance,

this was cut by hand,
that would be amazing.

They must've used a machine.

I'm gonna be a master of gimbap.

This is nothing.

It's a duck!

- Say "Thank you."
- Thank you.

You should look at his face.
Say "Thank you."

Thank you.

Are you guys coming from swimming?


We went to the lagoon.
Have you been there?

Yeah, two days ago.

The one right here, right?

Yeah, we went kayaking
and paddling this morning.

Oh, that's nice.

Beautiful. Definitely recommended.

Where are you from?

France, the UK, Germany.

- No?
- Yes.

Right? Well, Ecuador-born.

Did you guys all meet here?

We study in Puebla.

And we're traveling now a little bit.

How long are you staying?

It's been one week now.

Today is actually our last day.

- Today is the last day?
- Yes.

- Wow.
- Dang.

We past this place yesterday

and said we should try eating here.

We have about one hour left now.

Let's go for 12,000, 12,000, 12,000!

- Do you need any help?
- No.

Should I put more water?

Should we marinate more beef?

Oh, they're back.

They came again.

It's his third time visiting.

We have a good return rate.

Let's taste Korean.

See you tomorrow.

A friend!

Your baby is so cute.

Thank you.

- Hi!
- How old is she?

She's two years and ten months old.

She's a big baby.

She's adorable.

She has pretty eyes.

Say "Thank you."

- She doesn't understand.
- It's okay.

¡Hola! ¡Hola!


- Hello.
- Hello.

- Welcome back.
- Thank you.

I'm not very hungry today.

I want something lighter.

- A gimbap...
- Tofu?

And for drink...

Watermelon juice.

Something similar for the boy?

I think this would be the best option.

I'll get another, with tofu.

This is the one I had. Chibap.

And we have a new menu here.

- What is this?
- It's beef.

Okay. Let's try bulgogi rice.

- Bulgogi rice, okay.
- And do you have wine?

- Yes, we do.
- I would like that.


What do you want?

- This?
- Yes.

Can I borrow this?

- Or which one?
- This is for your table.

- So today is your last day?
- Yes.

How was your experience in Bacalar?

It was great.

- And busy.
- And it was busy.

I love your T-shirt.

Oh, thank you.

Do you want ice?

- Or no ice?
- No ice, please.

We'll sit here.

If you need a bigger table, use this.

It's okay.
Today, we won't have many customers.

Thank you.

Duck, duck!

There's a ducky, huh?


Just like the one you have, right?

You have a ducky at home, right?

- It's for you.
- Thank you.

- Wow, a duck.
- Thank you.

He was asking for it.


What does a duck say?

Quack, quack.

Rice, gimbap.

- Got it.
- Okay.

Could you make one bulgogi rice for me?

- Oh, sure.
- Thanks.

- I need your help.
- Sure?

Four sauces.

- Four?
- Yes.

Can you move this away?

Could you move over?

It's hot in here. Do you have to be here?

- I'll put it here.
- Thanks.

- And this one here.
- Okay.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Let me try it.

Let's see how easy this will be.

The rice tastes good.

Jonas, sit, my love.

- Mom, water.
- Sweetie.



Very good.

I love it.

Can I try yours?

It's very good.

It's very good.

Want some more?

- Do you like it?
- Very!



Come here.

Is it you?

This is a different dog.

- Huh?
- It's a different dog.

This one's a bit smaller.

It's a bit smaller.

- It's smaller.
- Right.

That's not Perro.

It's not Perro.

It's not?

- It's some other dog.
- It's not.

Are you okay with dogs?

Oh, yeah.

It's very cute.

I think she's still a puppy.

- Sorry?
- I think she's a puppy.

She's very sweet.

You came here already for more love?

There's nothing to do.

I thought we would keep getting customers.

But they stopped coming.

No one.

We don't have customers.


What do we do?

How's the boss doing?

Not good.

No more bulgogi?

- We can't make bulgogi rice?
- We can.

- Only for gimbap?
- I made more.

He says he marinated more.


Nobody told me about it.

We must sell rice menus.

Otherwise, we can't boost sales.

I heard there's none.

The rice menus are our only hope.

When did you marinate it?

I made some more.

- We must hit 12,000 today.
- For sure.

Well done.

I think we're doomed.

Did we make, what, 4,000?

At least 5,000, I think.

Wow, that means

we need 7,000 to go home.

Can I have one?

- Sure.
- Thanks.


What are you calculating?

It'll only make you sad.

It's actually not that bad.

In total, 6,600.

Did we hit 5,000?

- It's 6,600.
- Oh, you're right.

That's not bad.

We'll get there by 8 PM.

Whoa, that was nice.

Oh, you put it there.

I took care of it all.


That's BTS.

That guy is a member of BTS.


The guy over there is a member of BTS.

I know them very, very well.

No way.


He was just there.

I'm 100 percent sure.

My sister is a huge fan.

Gosh, my sister's gonna freak out.

I know how big they are.

They have a huge fan base.

My sister has

hundreds of photos of them on her wall.

It's him.

I can see that.

I'm 100 percent sure.

He's got the vibes as well.

Okay, I'm gonna ask.
I need some napkins too.

- Can I ask a question?
- Yes.

You're V of BTS, right?

You're V of BTS, right?

Here you go.

You should tell your sister about this.
She's gonna be so surprised.

Whoa, I just had a dream.

In the dream, I became a singer.

I'm gonna go to Seoul to go audition.

I can't miss this audition, Boss

My dream is to sing

at a carnival.


Welcome back.


- I'll get Jinny's Combo A.
- Got it.

How do we check the menu?

- Do you wanna come over here?
- There's the menu.

- I want...
- I need to take photos.

Let's check the menu first.

You might want something else.

Could you go take a photo of it?

What do you want to have?

I want...

You sure you don't want to see
other menus? We have time.

I don't remember what it was called.

It's not spicy, is it?


The name was written outside. One sec.

Okay, go take a look.

I need some time to pick mine anyway.

Okay. Are you guys ready to go?

Thank you.

Tae Hyung, could you wash the bowls
for ramyeon and rice?

The ramyeon bowls are there.

I'll wash the rice bowls now.

Can we go home today, boss?

I don't think you can.

- Hola.
- Hola.

This way, please.

Excuse me.

You need to order over there.

They have the menu there.
You can pay there too.

Thank you.

They'll serve the food to your table.

Oh, thank you.

I'll go with gimbap.

Can I get one spicy pork gimbap?

- One?
- Yes, one.

What would you recommend?

Oh, my recommendations.

I recommend rice.

Beef, pork, chicken. Here's the sample.

Excuse me. Here.

And this is chibap.

Oh, I wanna get this one.

Okay, so one spicy pork,
one chibap, and one water?

- Thank you.
- Take this to your table.


Other than two fried tofu gimbap,
what do you want?

Why two?

Because you're a messy eater.

I don't wanna share mine.


What do you wanna order?



And one ramyeon?

- Two... Tofu gimbaps.
- Okay.

One tuna gimbap.

One ramyeon.

Two waters.

- Just mineral? Not sparkling water?
- Yes, mineral water.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Yu Mi, there are suddenly
lots of gimbap orders.

I have to do spicy pork and...

Two fried tofu gimbaps
and one tuna gimbap.

We got an order.

We got one ramyeon.


Tae Hyung, how about
you make ramyeon here first?


I'll be a master of gimbap.

I'm becoming one, right?

This is nothing.

- Hello.
- Ready to order?

Yes, I think so.

I'd like to get this.

- Bulgogi gimbap?
- The beef, yes.

What are
the most interesting things you've got?

I was thinking this one and this one.

This is really hot.


Well... Let's maybe start
with hellamyeon and a corn dog.

Then I might try this later.

So, one hellamyeon
and a regular corn dog?

Two sparkling water too.

Okay, two sparkling waters?

That'll be 390 pesos.

Look, Jonas.



This one looks interesting.


Hi, princess.

Hey, it's getting full again.

Do we have new customers?

I think we're getting more orders soon.

I think

we made about 6,800 pesos now

Did you hear
the boss' goal is 12,000, not 10,000?

Bulgogi gimbap.


I need to roll four more.

- Oh, no.
- Hold on.

You gotta hurry.

I'm busy, but I can do it.

I can...



Thank you.

Thank you.

What do you think it is?

- Very good.
- Is it good?

Oh, it's spicy.

It's very spicy.

It's good.

It's very good.

It's so good.


- Is it good?
- Huh?

- Is it good?
- Yes.

It's good.

- It hit me with its tail.
- Yeah.

- It's gentle.
- It's got no respect.

What's your name, doggy?

Who's gonna order? You?

Will you order? Or Should I?

You do it.

No, she'll get nervous.

Then you do it.

She can do it. I believe in you.


- Let's get bulgogi rice and the corn dogs.
- How many?

Three bulgogi gimbaps, please.

- One?
- Three.



And three corn dogs.

- Two?
- Three.

Three? Okay.

How about drinks?

Should we have Cokes?

- Three Cokes, please.
- Three Cokes.

Please take this to your table.

New order.

We got three bulgogi rice bowls.

Bulgogi... Whoa.

Three bulgogi rice and three tater dogs.

Three rice menus?

I bet Seo Jin is smiling from ear to ear.

- Woo Shik.
- Yes.

Three bulgogi rice.

- Seo Jin.
- Hey. I'm in trouble.

We need more spring onions.

Hold on a sec.

- Three servings...
- All at once?

Try making them at once.

Goodness. Okay.

Is anyone free?

- No, no one's free.
- Nope.

For the gray table, right?

Let's take it easy.

Yes, relax.

What did you order?

Three of... What was it called?

Corn dogs?

Three tater dogs.

We also ordered three rice menus
with beef.

Don't you think it'll be too much food?

I'm hungry.

She laughs when you said "mucho."

Mucho, mucho.

Thank you very much.

Bye-bye. Thank you.

Thank you.


Do you need a chair?

Thank you.

I'll finish this quick and go help.

- You can make hellamyeon, right?
- Oh, sure.

- Could you make one?
- Yes, Chef.

I'll make all the corn dogs.

- Right. Make the corn dogs.
- Okay.

See you.

I should help you with the rice.


I'm gonna prove myself.

All right.

Three minutes and 20 seconds.

And this one's 30 seconds.

And this...

Okay. The math is done.




I look so busy.


How did he manage all this?




For the gold table.

Let me do the rice.

You guys are bronze. Okay.

- Are you sharing this?
- No.

Oh, it's that ramyeon.

It's spicy, by the way.

If you can't finish it
because it's too spicy...

It is spicy, but...

Is it too hot too?

A little.

I'm scared.

Is it spicy?

Very spicy?

- Are you okay?
- Of course.

Do you think your stomach will be fine?

It'll hurt.

But it comes with the flavor.

Have you tried anything spicier than that?

I don't know.

I haven't had this spicy food before.

My gosh, you're gonna die.


- Are you okay?
- Yes.

This one goes with lettuce?

Perilla leaves with bulgogi.

- Perilla leaves?
- Yes.

- I'll help you.
- I can do it now.

It's over there.

A sudden rush.

It's dinner time, so...

I think we'll hit 10,000.

Woo Shik.


- Three rice.
- Three.

Here you go.

- Fried tofu.
- Thank you.

Which one was it?


No. They're both for me.


I think yours isn't here yet.

It's good, right?

Let me try some to cool the heat.

Try one.

Yours is coming soon. Try mine until then.

When we get yours, we can share it.

I hope this won't make you full.

There's still more.

It's good.

Is it good?

It's a little sweet.

Looks like she prefers this kind of rice.

It's tasty.

- Are they all served?
- Yes.

Did we do ramyeon?


They're all served.


Tater dogs?

Three tater dogs.

That one's hard.

Could you put them in the fryer?

- I'll do the rest.
- Okay, got it.


Hurry with the bulgogi gimbap.

But I'm making tuna first.

- Yu Mi, tuna.
- Okay.

Just tuna for now, right?

- Be as quick as you can.
- Shush.



Are you gonna eat it?

Don't say that. She would eat anything.

It's mine.

Does it have potatoes?

Yes, it has potatoes.

How do you eat it though?

You have to open your mouth wide.

Right. It's quite heavy.

Heavier than my future burdens.

It's delicious.

I love how it's sweet and salty.

This one has both.

It's good.

I have to turn it now.

- So it's balanced.
- Huh?

To balance it out,
I need to bite the other side now.

All right. Let's hurry.


Gosh, please.

Come on.

- Be quiet.
- Come on. Chop.

The sesame seeds.


Tuna for you.

Thank you.

If I eat one, will you eat one too?

Why should I do that?

Because I like seeing you eat.

Then I'll have two.


I was thinking
if I should eat more or not.

Can I have one more?

The tuna gimbap?

Will you eat it?

If you eat it, I will too.

All right, then.

Do you like tuna gimbap better?


It's tastier.

It's good.


It's starting to get really spicy.

- Do you wanna try it?
- No.

- No?
- No.

You sure that's enough?

Yes, I'm very sure.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

This is getting a little hard for me.

You should slow down.

It's tasty.

- Yeah?
- Yes.

Look at this. Tater dog.

It's a corn dog with fries on it.

- Shouldn't we try that?
- Yes, we should.

- We'll get the half half one.
- Okay.

We'll get ramyeon too.

- Are you ready to order?
- Yes.

One tater dog and...

And one ramyeon too.

We'd like to get
one half half tater dog.

- So, just three?
- Yes, just three.

Do you have fruit juice too?

- Watermelon and pineapple.
- We'll get a watermelon juice.

- One watermelon?
- Yes.

I'll get white wine.

That's 470.

Is this you?

Yes, that's me.


We're suddenly getting lots of orders.

An order.


This place is full.

There are two empty seats.

The food must be good.

Should we sit here?

Woo Shik.


I'm sure it'll be spicy.


- I'll take this.
- Okay.

Look at this.

This is chibap. It has chicken inside.

I'll take the chibap.

- One chibap for you?
- Yes, please.

I'll take the pineapple juice.

- Make that two.
- Two pineapple juices?

Yes, thank you.

- It's 450.
- Okay.

- Take this to your table.
- Oh, sweet.

I'm so excited.
Mine has lots of laver in it.

I love laver.

I like this kind of random encounter.

It feels special.

It's cheap for something special though.

Right. Even though it's so special.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Do you have a straw?


- Do you want a straw too?
- Yes, thank you.

Here you go.

Thank you.

What? We're gonna be on TV.

If you look so awkward,
you won't be on TV.

Everyone here looks so chic.

Including us.

At the end, they might say

that we're both weird.

I'm done.

Let's order the chicken.

I want the chicken.

Go order it.


Can I get this one?

The spicy fricken.

Thank you.

- An order.
- Yes.

We got a chicken.


- Can you make ramyeon, Tae Hyung?
- Sure.


You got this, Tae Hyung!

When my fans see this, they'll all cry.

Seeing that this boy

who doesn't know anything
is trying to cook.

"Aww, he's all grown up now."

Tae Hyung, you're not that good yet.


It's boiling.

How did you know?

I see. Like that.

Okay. One shake there and...

- Okay.
- Do we have a bowl for chibap?

A bowl for chibap?

I think we should try to sell
more rice menus.

- We can sell rice now?
- Yes.

Enough carrots there.

I think ramyeon is done.

I wish I could have this.

Sorry, which table was this?
It's so confusing here.

- One ramyeon and two corn dogs.
- Yes.

- For the black table. Hold on.
- Okay.


- This is for black.
- Okay.

All of them?

- All of them?
- All of them.

Oh, my goodness.

Slowly. Be careful.

Let me carry it.

- Give it.
- Give her a corn dog.

- Give me.
- Let go.

The black table?

Let's not be too sensitive.


I was trying to help.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Ramyeon is for...

- We'll share it.
- Okay.

Here you go.

Thank you.

It's got sugar on it.


Let's try it.

Okay. Try it.

It's not strange. It's tasty.

It's like a cheese doughnut.

It's good. The combination is so creative.

This could go well with some alcohol.

I should ask for something spicy.

It's too sweet for me.

Do you have a spicy sauce?

Yes, we do.

For what?

- The corn dog?
- Yes.

Give him some spicy sauce.

- Spicy sauce?
- Yes.

- Here's the spicy sauce.
- Thank you.

It's like a dipping sauce?

Is it spicy or not spicy?

It's like our Macha sauce.


I love this sauce.

I should ask for more.

To take it home?

"I'd like to have it to-go."

- Chibap, right?
- Yes.

Nice. With kimchi.

Oh, it's kimchi. Oh, my gosh.

Will I get some too?

Here you go.

Enjoy, my friend.

The sauce tastes good.

- But...
- Is it a spicy sauce?

The problem is
that I can't use chopsticks.

I should eat with my hands. Sorry.

Do you like your food?

Yes, it's tasty.

That's great.

It's sweet.

I finished it all.

Can I take this away?


It was very good. Thank you.

I'm so full.

- But we'll eat the chicken.
- I'll eat it.

I hope it's tasty.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Take a photo of me. With this too.


Is the magnet in it too?

- Is the magnet in it?
- No.

Take me another one.

I'm so excited.

It's so good. It's sweet and so flavorful.

This was a very good idea.

I'm so glad we ordered it.

I'm so full now,
but this was a good idea.

You should take a break.

Order one more.

Can I get one more sparkling water?

Sparkling water.

- Spicy?
- Yes.

Are there even more spicy types
of ramyeon in Korea?


Or is this the spiciest?

I think this is the spiciest one.

Yes, it was super good.

Is this the spiciest one?

Do you need more ice?

No, I'm good.

Thank you.


I'm full now.

The gimbap was nice.

Yeah, that was really good.


This sauce is a bit spicy.


Maybe it just tastes like cream to you.

I barely taste anything.

Your taste buds must be broken now.

I don't think we hit 10,000 today.

My guess is 9,400.

We didn't sell many chickens.

We sold lots of ramyeons.


How many?


Are you two?


We don't have tables now.
They need to wait.

- Is it okay if we separate the tables?
- Of course.

You'll have to wait a bit.

You order there.


Hi, we're waiting now.

Oh, there's a waiting line.

They're full.

I'm next.

Right. Please go ahead.


We have a huge waiting line.

Woo Shik, is the queue all under control?

- No.
- Could you go?

How many are you?

You guys came first, right?


You guys are first.

And then next.

No, they're next.

Oh, okay. So three of you.

I think you'll have to wait...

For more than 20, 30 minutes.

How many are waiting?

Three groups.

They'll have to wait.

That was a great meal.

Shall we?

Thank you.

Thank you very much. Thank you.

Two, right?


I saw something that looks delicious.




We'd like to get one tuna gimbap and...

One tuna?

- One of each.
- One each?


I want Sprite.

- Coke? Got it.
- Sprite.

- Thank you. Please put this on your table.
- Thanks.

Thank you.

Okay, for two?

Oh, three? Ummm...

Are you okay with a small table?

A small table?

If it fits, sure.



This way.


Nice hair.


I'll get one ramyeon.

- And you?
- I'll get the same one.


No, three please.

A friend will join later.

- Oh, okay. So three.
- Yes.

Could you serve the third one
when our friend comes?

It'll take some time to cook too.

Oh, perfect. Thank you.

Can we pay for just two now
and pay for the third one later?

Okay, sure.

- One half-and-half corn dog?
- Yes.

What did you order?

The one with the cheese.

She's full. She won't eat anymore.

But I'm not.

It's for me.

An order.

- We got three ramyeon orders.
- Okay.

But cook only two now
and cook the third one later.

- Why?
- Their friend is coming late.


- What is it?
- Spicy pork and tuna.

Spicy pork gimbap?

- Yes.
- Yes.

We're out of laver now.

We can still make a couple more, right?

No, just one.

We have plenty.

This... Oh, we're running out of this too.

Cut it when we get an order.

- Okay.
- When we get an order.

Could you get me two plates for gimbap?

- Two plates for gimbap.
- Yes.

Could you wash two plates
for gimbap first?

- Plates for gimbap.
- Two of these.

- Keep it up.
- Keep it up.

- Happy face.
- Happy face.

- Can I wash this once?
- Sure.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Mucho muy bien.

Take the gimbap plate!

Woo Shik, gimbap is ready.


Yes, Thank you.

Let's exchange one piece each.


How will you eat it?

- Just like this?
- All at once?

You have to eat the whole piece at once.

All right.

Try it.



It's so good.

It's delicious.

It's good.

It's really good.

Hey, our teamwork is incredible now.

Should I turn off the heat?

Yeah, turn it off.

Could you play
"Run with Me" by SUNWOOJUNGA?

That's a perfect song.

Let's leave

Leave all the worries behind

Instead, we'll pack light

Leave the tongs behind

Jinny's Hell.

I feel like I'm being fried.

I'm quitting.

I'll be with you

on your side

I'll hold your hand if you reach out

Would there be anything to fear of

Run away with me

- Cheer up. We got this.
- We got this.

He's running late.

Oh, okay.

That's 100 pesos.

- Yes.
- Okay, thank you.

The rest of the ramyeon customers came.
You can make all three.

Tell me

I'll be with you

On your side

I'll hold your hand if you reach out

Would there be anything to fear of

Wherever we go

We'll hold onto eachother tightly

For the purple.

Run away with me

Right? The sausage was good.

I like the sweet and salty combination.


Yes, three.

The table is too small.
Could you wait a little?

Are you guys done?

- Yes.
- Okay. Thank you very much.

I'll clean this up.

- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.

What do you want?

I'm thinking...

Either this or this.

What do you want?

Well, I...

One of these.

I'd like to order...

Bulgogi gimbap.

One bulgogi gimbap, okay.

For drink?

What do you have?


Pineapple juice, please.

- Pineapple juice?
- Yes, please.

How much is it?

That would be 210 pesos.


Bulgogi. Should I put it up?

- One?
- Yes.

One corn dog, please.

One classic corn dog? Got it.


I'm thinking either this or this.

This one is right here.

It has both meat and rice.

Oh, that one.

- I'll do that one.
- This one?

A Coke.


And for the kid,
one pineapple juice, please.

- So one Coke and pineapple juice?
- Yes.

Is that it?

That's it.

Thank you.

It's all Korean food, right?


It's pretty spicy.

- Is it spicy?
- Yes, for me.

I'll just eat it. It's good.

They might be famous people.

In Korea.

I heard there's BTS here.

One of them is BTS.

What's the name again?


Chef, you can count on me.

I'll show you I can do it.

Good luck then.

I won't let you down.

No, no.

Your flicks are too rough.

Spin it more gently.

Breadcrumb it first.

I'll make one extra just in case.

You can't go back like this.

Yes, I can.

Just in case...

It's easy.

We don't know the result yet.

Let's see the result.

- You see the water coming out?
- Yes.

When the meat is cooked, boil it down.

- Okay.
- Until the broth goes away.


- Did we hit 10,000?
- I don't know.

I doubt it.

We got too many ramyeon orders today.

You're not flipping two at once, right?

No, I'm not. That would be terrible.

I'll double-check everything.

Let's go.

Oh, that's a big one.

That's a big one.

We did it. I'm sure of it.


Let's get one more group.

We need one more. Goodness.

- What's up?
- Just one more group.

Really? How much did we make?

- 11,250.
- 11,250.


Should we get one more group?

Darn it.

We should order there and pay.

For the purple table?

- Gray.
- Over there.

- Gray.
- No, that one over there.

- Who?
- Where she came from.

- I don't know.
- Isn't that purple?

It's purple.

One Sprite and two Cokes please.

One Sprite and two Cokes?



Hey, wait.

Seo Jun, you didn't add this.

- What?
- You didn't add this.

We didn't add this up.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Oh, that one group.

If we say our kitchen is closing,

- they'll order.
-"Who wants to order more?"

I don't think that's likely.

- Only the drinks...
- How much more do we need?

Gosh, just one team.

We don't know the result yet.

Let's see the result.

I'm actually tearing up.

Why is his so perfect?

His is different.

Seriously, Park Seo Jun is so perfect.

We're only one corn dog away.

Just one corn dog.

We're taking last orders now.

Do you need anything?

Corn dogs or...

Do you guys want anything? Corn dogs...

Well... Do you want to order anything?

- No.
- No, it's okay.



We're taking last orders.
Do you want anything? Corn dogs?

Not for the moment.

¿Tiene servicio para llevar?

¿Tiene servicio para llevar?

¿Para llevar?

Takeout? Takeaway?

- Takeaway?
- Yes.

Yes, of course.

This is great.

- Did it work?
- Yes.

- To-go?
- Yes.

Please order now. The kitchen's closing.

I'm coming.

Anything from here.

Not these.

This and this one.

Oh, okay.

You can order this too.

Can I order this?

Spicy pork.

Can we do a spicy pork gimbap?


I'll get that one to-go.

- One to-go.
- Okay.

Let's go for 12,000, 12,000, 12,000!

We did it.

What did they order?

Spicy pork gimbap.



Spicy pork gimbap.

We hit 12,000.


- How dramatic.
- So dramatic.

What a drama.

Thank you.

Can I take one?

Thank you very much. Thanks.

Gosh, you're dimples look so happy again.

What kind of face is that?

Goodness. Jinny is unbelievable.

I can't believe we did it.

We made it.

The last to-go order at the end...

Woo Shik made it happen.

Woo Shik is such a good promoter.

If we got that one group,
we would've hit the goal more easily.

It's okay.

Oh, that one group.

That was so funny.


Last sesame seeds.

- Great job.
- Thanks.


Thank you.


Send him a kiss.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Bye.
- Good night.

It's over, Tae Hyung.

You did a great job.

- Great work.
- Well done.

- Good work.
- Well done.

We hit 12,000.

It's 12,070.


I'll open now.

I wonder what will happen today.

Sorry. So sorry.

- Good work, guys.
- Good work.

If we hadn't made 12,000,

we would've had to walk
on eggshells again.

I was going to resign.


I was going to resign today.

Shouldn't we do this? To celebrate 12,000?

I seriously wanted to resign.

Let's do this just once.

A 12,000 celebration?

Yes, let's do that.

Everyone, stand here.

Are you guys zero?

- And I'm one?
- Yes.

So 12,000?

- I should do this.
- It's 12,000.

Are you doing it?

Good. Good job, everyone.

Good work, guys.

- One last slate before we go.
- Okay.

All right.

One, two, three.

Wait. Seo Jin didn't do it.

I don't do such things.

Seo Jin didn't do it.

Seo Jin is doing it this time. Come on.

- One, two, three.
- One, two, three.

My dream is to become a singer!

- Not yet.
- No?

I'm not starting yet.

Perro, move.

- Move, buddy.
- Hey, move over.

Let's go home now.

We're gonna ask you the questions

that the viewers want to ask you.

Why did you open the restaurant at 2 PM?

Which was harder?
Front kitchen or back kitchen?

Did you curse inside or not?

Excuse me,
but are we here for clarification?

What's aired is not even one third
of what we did.

Their argument over ramyeon.

- That was funny, but it's all cut out.
- Right.

If all of that is aired,

people will know why I'm laughing now.

I was really surprised.
I understand it had to be cut out

because of airtime though.

It's just us.
I had to shove him around.

I spent my six years of life here.

Who else would I entrust with the kitchen?

You didn't say I was slow.

What do we do now?

What do we do?

We'll be back right after this!

Over there.

Gosh, so interesting.

Why are you standing? Sit down.

- You wanted more.
- I will, before going to bed.

- Eat it. I'll wash it.
- I need to digest the food.

Don't give it to me.

I'll put it next to you
while you're asleep.

- Bacalar.
- The best city I've ever been.

This atmosphere overwhelms me.

The people who like you

will like the new sides of you.

This will be a precious asset for you.

There's nothing to worry about.

- Okay.
- Sounds good.

It's so easy to say "Okay."

Did he use it?

He used English.