Jinny's Kitchen (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

The brand new boss Seo Jin opens a Korean snack bar in Mexico with the slogan "Profit comes first!" The staff who can't get used to his passion, Yu Mi, Seo Jun, Woo Shik, and Tae Hyung, are more than ready to make this work, but it seems impossible. Even the rain comes to bless their grand opening. "The old Seo Jin is gone. He's a boss now!" Meet them in Bacalar, a beautiful town by the lake.

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- Hello.
- Hello.

- I'm Woo Shik.
- Long time no see.



I hear you're busier than ever these days.

No, I'm not that busy.

If you're too busy,

you don't have to join us this time.

You're telling me that now?

You made me come here just to kick me out?

Well, let's talk first.

- Hey, guys.
- It's Yu Mi.

- You came together.
- Hey, Seo Jun.


Choi Woo Shik, the busy man!

No way...

- Why come if you're not joining us?
- I wanted to say hi.

Here, have a seat.

- You're trying too hard.
- Sit, please.

Thought we meet in restaurant.

I thought we could do something different
from Youn's Kitchen.

Like a franchise, as a spin-off.

So that's basically the idea.

The place we're going is

in Mexico.

It's a city called "Bacalar".

- Bacalar?
- Bacalar?

- Bac... what?
- Ever heard of it?

We're going to a small village there

and open a store.

So we're opening a bed and breakfast?

We're opening a restaurant here.

Just a restaurant?

Of course.

- We can't run an accommodation.
- An accommodation?

Well, that's how I started, so...

Preparing amenities and all...

He used to be a bellhop, so...

- That's how I started.
- Right, you're an intern.

I started off different.

He was in a guesthouse so
not familiar with restaurant.

He doesn't know how to run a restaurant.

He's right, but I feel somewhat bitter...

We used to all laugh together...

"Boss, did you forget about us?"

We had a good time then,
making the tteok stuff together.

That was Youn's Stay. Move on.

He's one dispassionate businessman.

Oh, I forgot to tell you something.

You know,

you can't be vice-president forever.

Mr. President!

- The best Mr. President!
- Mr. President!


His dimples are beaming.

I've been waiting for this.

Now, the last thing.

What food are we serving?


What menu are we selling?

It's Jinny's Snack Bar.

Oh! Snack food!

Snack bar!

You're really going to roll
some gimbap, Yu Mi.


- What's so funny?
- A snack bar president.

You seem a little upset...

You just threw a wet blanket here.

- You're the boss, though.
- Right, you are.

Those menus... It's all too hard.

It's all hard to make.

There are tuna gimbap
and so many other kinds.

- Squid gimbap.
- Cheese gimbap.

Exactly. The ingredient prep
will require lots of work.

It's hard to roll it nice and round. Also...

- The cutting.
- The cutting part.

We'll need a really sharp knife.

How do you know all that?

I'm 50 years old,
I should know such things.

Using a knife, and cutting, it's all...

- It's a lot of prep.
- That's right.

It might be too much work
for just us here...

So we need a new staff member.

To tell you the truth,

Seo Jun knows who it is.

I spilled the beans
while talking about something else.

Which means Woo Shik
probably heard about it too.

Okay. So you hired one?

Why don't you guess who it is.

Our new intern was busy lately

due to a concert everybody in Korea
knows about.

That's why he couldn't be here today.


You know who I'm talking about?

Isn't it the one held in Busan?

I didn't know you'd be interested.

It's making headlines everywhere.
Of course, I know.

It's on the Six O'Clock News too.

They're close with V.

Why do you look so upset?

No, I...

No, I like him.

We didn't sell much juice today.

- Juice?
- We sold only two.

But I had four.


You drank our juice?

Yes, I drank a lot of juice.

- I was so thirsty.
- Good job.

Welfare is about providing

a good workplace environment.

All right! Let's open the place.

- We're opening.
- Okay.

Okay, first one is
the spicy stir-fried noodles.

Spicy stir-fried noodles
and original ramyeon.

Let's begin.

Good luck!

Let me know if you need anything,
Intern Kim right at your service!


I'm a dishwasher from Samseong-dong.

You're taking out the trash. Nice.

You're now watching a human juicer.

There's one more thing to do
to be promoted.

I'm listening.

It's speed.

They call it comes from experience.

I'll never make so many ramyeons like this
in my life ever again.

- Quickly.
- Okay.

It's all doable,
until we run out of ingredients.

Our teamwork is getting better every day.

Back in my days, we didn't have that.


I only used knives for this before.

Sesame oil, salt, sesame seeds.

Carefully selected cilantro

in fried tofu gimbap.

I'll be a gimbap master.

Oh, no.

It's no biggie.

It's going well.

They all love spicy food.

- We can't always have good days, you know.
- Sure.

You're so good at everything.

- It's over 10,000.
- Yes, it's over 10,000.

I wonder what's going to happen today.

Today's first order is in.

We got an order.

We got an order.

New order.

Okay, let's go!

You guys have to come and order.

Sorry, I didn't tell you. It's my fault.
I'm sorry.

♪ Macho, macho man ♪

Tae Hyung, we need the chicken right now.

- It's ready.
- Oh, okay.

- Anyone free by any chance?
- No.

He's our new owner now.

It's my Korean name. Jinny's Kitchen.

We're only selling ramyeon.

When are we gonna make profit?

Profit matters the most.

We must sell the rice bowls.
It's the only way to boost sales.

We should've charged more.

Let's put one more table.

I thought we were saving it
for the last day.

There was an announcement from the boss.

Until our sales
go over 10,000 pesos today,

we're not closing the restaurant.

It's good food. Good food, okay?

Excuse me.


- We're gonna make a table for you, okay?
- Yes.

That's not the Seo Jin I know.

- See you tonight?
- Thank you.

Do we have job titles too?

Job titles? What was Yu Mi before?

- General manager and chef.
- Yes, for Youn's Kitchen.

Seo Jun can be the chef now.

What should Yu Mi do then?

You can be Director Jung.

- You'll be Executive Director Jung.
- Oh, yes!

Well, that's a big jump...

That means we don't have
mid-level management.

- How much share does she hold?
- Enough.

-"How much share does she hold"?
- Share?

Otherwise, she wouldn't come to work.

How much authority does she have?

She's responsible for everything now.

If something goes wrong
and someone's sentenced...

Seo Jun is the chef now.

The senior manager and the chef.

- The role goes down.
- So much pressure.

I only cook by recipes.

This title gives me too much pressure.

Then what's Woo Shik?

He's finally not an intern anymore?

Assistant manager.

He has no restaurant experience, right?

So he's an intern again?

That's true, though.

- Wait, no way.
- It is his first time.

There's a new guy coming and...


Unless you go with us,
you can't get a promotion.

Are you joining late?

Most likely. So far...

- He has a point then.
- He does.

If you can't work full schedule,
you're an intern.

So the new guy and I will be
the same position?

- No, you'll be under him.
- He'll be a senior to you.

Because he'll be joining us
from the start.

You're right.

Because he can show up the whole time.

As a restaurant staff,
he'll be senior to you.

You guys are heartless, aren't you?

We used to work together
through thick and thin...

You worked in a guesthouse,
not a restaurant.

You're excluding him.
You do have a point though.

How old is Tae Hyung?

He's younger than me.

He was born in 1995.

- He's very young.
- He's five years younger than me.

But now
it feels like he's the eldest.

That's why we forget how old he is.

- You all seem the same age.
- I've really never thought about

our age difference from the get-go.

Anyway, since he's the youngest
and the newest here...

It'll be your first time working with him.

So I think he should meet Seo Jin
at least once.

Can we arrange a video call with him now?

Sure. I'll try.

- I can't see anything. Hello?
- Hello.

Hello. Are you on your way up here?

Yes, I'm on my way to Seoul now. Hello.

Oh, I see.

I thought you should say hi to them.
That's why I called.

All right. I'll say hi.

One second.
I'll let you talk to the boss first.

Hello, Boss!

I'm Kim Tae Hyung.


What should I say?

He's just an intern.

You were so casual with Woo Shik.

He's an intern too.
Why are you careful with him?


Have a safe trip.

- Okay, thanks.
- I'll see you soon then.


- He looks different.
- I'm hanging up.


- Oh, hey.
- Hello.

This way.

- The others aren't here yet.
- Right. They're coming.

Right, have a seat.

- Awkward, right?
- Yes.

You've never met Seo Jin, right?

No, never in my life.

But you've met Yu Mi though?

Yes. I think I've met her a couple times.

Then you've met everyone
but Seo Jin before.

I'm sure you'll easily fit in.

- Hello.
- Yes. Come on in.

You're here.

Why are you all late?

Have a seat. Seo Jin, you can sit here.

Should I sit here?

Did you want to sit here?

I'll go ahead and ask for the grill.

Actually, the hierarchy within the staff
is a hot potato right now.

Considering that
I will have to teach him a lot...

- Like what?
- Teach him what?

About Youn's Kitchen...

What do you know? You weren't there.

- I still did...
- It's different from a guesthouse.

I hope we get along.

Anyway, Tae Hyung will be senior to you.

Not necessarily...

He's joining the team
two days earlier than you.

I'll try to fit in within those two days.

I'm sure you can do it.

I took a cooking class recently.

- Really?
- And Spanish.

A bit of Spanish...

What did you do?

As the boss said earlier,

don't try too hard.

Our boss doesn't like that.

Do we know who's in charge of what?

She's in charge of gimbap

and Seo Jun's in charge of the rest.

And you'll be serving.

You'll be assisting both of them.

Tae Hyung,
you'll be helping us with the prep

and also serve tables outside.

So I'm a regular employee
and he's an intern?

That's a very good point, Tae Hyung.

That's what the CEO has to decide.

Let's say we're all there.

What if I get everything in one day?

Like this.

Then I...

Even though nobody taught you?



Sorry, I don't...

It's sorry.

See? That won't happen.

My gosh. That was hilarious.

Then how long will we be working?

- Of course. The working hours.
- You can ask him about that.

He'll have all the answers.

If we get super busy from day one,

- do we get days off?
- No.

He'll keep the store open for longer then.

He's changed since he became boss.

It's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Things are going quite well.

He's suddenly looking happy.

What's going on?

Why aren't we busy?

You said people are crazy for K-food.

Crazy, my foot.

We just got a reservation.

He's not the dude I knew before.
He's a boss now.

He's not the same dude I used to know.

Great to see you.

So you need to learn
how to make corn dogs,

gimbap, and...


They are all highly specialized menus.

Can we change the menu now?

It's the most basic one.

Push it all the way through.

What's next?

- The batter.
- That's right.

What's most important here is

to make it as quickly as possible.

- Oh, this is hard.
- Tough, right?

This is the perfect consistency.

Which is harder to make?
Gimbap? Corndogs?

I think gimbap is ten times harder.

Since you'll be cooking for non-Koreans,

I suggest adding fresh veggies inside.

And serve it with a dipping sauce.

Fried tofu.

Now, it's time to roll it.

The moment you start rolling,
you know it's 90 percent done.


Oh, no. It fell apart.

What do I do?

- No, no.
- You're good.

Once you get flustered, you're doomed.

Lettuce and perilla leaves...

Prep the common ingredients first and...

Being senior or not...

There's no time to discuss that.

Can't you come a little earlier?

300, 400.

Will we ever get to see our rooms?

I got it.

- It's huge.
- It'll fit everything.

I can't believe they all fit in.

Hey, help me out.

Why is your bag so heavy?

I brought only one bag.

Thank you.

I hope it's okay for me
to sit in the back.

- Where else would you sit?
- In the front?

- What? Why would you?
- In the front...

- It's a bit cold.
- I'll get the navi for you.

- Should I start the car?
- Yes, let's go.

This car is big.

Tae Hyung, you can drive
with one hand if you want.

You don't have to be so nervous,
holding it with both hands.

Let me know if anything bothers you.

Your posture bothers me.

He's a model driver.

He's the perfect model driver.

Wow, so pretty clouds.


Bacalar. I just saw the name.

We're five minutes away.

Isn't that the lake? I think it is.

- Oh, I see it.
- It's the lake.

- Do you see it?
- This must be it.

It's got the color of the sea.

It's emerald green.

I feel like we won't sell any gimbap here.

There must be a town in there.

You think?

This place is so secluded.

How can we run a restaurant
where there are no people?

I don't see any human beings.

Who's gonna come here to eat?

We can do it like Three Meals a Day.

What kind of...
There's no way we can do business here.

Wait, Tae Hyung.

- Just go straight.
- Go straight?

Go straight and around.

This neighborhood is cute.

There are quite some people
in the restaurants.

In the restaurants?

I guess they're in there
to avoid the heat.

I feel like our restaurant will be
around here.

- Oh, yea?
- This is a one way.

- Oh, construction...
- Is it here?

It's too nice!

No, that's a hotel.

"Jinny's Kitchen."

- Let's go.
- Let's just go.

- Go, go. It's here.
- Wait...

Go, go. It's here.

Did you see Seo Jin's face?

- No, I didn't get to see it.
- Not me.

The location is great.

The location is horrible.

It's right next to a hotel.

- I think it's here.
- Thank you for driving.


Hey, look!

- Bicycles!
- Bicycles!

A swimming pool!

A flamingo!

This is all part of the lake?

Is it salty?

I haven't tasted it yet.

The water isn't that cold.

It's not salty.

All right, let's see.

Let's see...

Is this a cucumber?

Tae Hyung, have you practiced chopping?

- I learned how to do this.
- Oh, with the shredder?

How many should I roll now?

Not to many.

But it was 1 to 1.

For the best consistency...

All right. Now just a bit more water...

I think you got it.

Yes, that's it.

It was 1,200g of batter mix
and 850g of water.

Man, looks like
it's gonna take some time.

This can't be done so quick.

I never thought
I'd ever see Tae Hyung cook.

You should cook for your parents too.

"Mom, just sit there. I'll do it for you."

"Just stay there."

Should I try rolling one?

Nicely and smoothly.

Stop trying to read my face.

I didn't. I was just looking.

I was just showing you how to do it.

All right.

Go like this and swiftly with the rice...

You're making me nervous.

Yu Mi, you can do it.

Two pieces of lettuce.

Create a wall with the radish.

And put much more fried tofu
than you think.

- It'll be huge.
- Isn't that too much?

No, it isn't.

I need to put lots of carrots too.

- It's gonna be too thick.
- No, it's not. Just wait.

And this much of cucumbers.

I'll go ahead and roll this one.

Here we go.

I should go at once.

It has to come in like this.

It shouldn't stick out.

I told you. You put everything too much.

I put too much rice.

What's up?

They won't even stick together.

It worked. It's fine.

This won't do.

Oh, no...

Maybe you should add fewer veggies.

No, the amount of veggies was right.

I added too much rice.

You can do it, Yu Mi. Focus.

Have confidence.

- You need confidence.
- Okay, thank you.


Fried tofu.

All right, done.

It worked. Well done.

- The end piece...
- Hey! I did it!

The rice. Season it more, right?

I should add more salt.

- Right?
- Yes.

Which gimbap is this?

- The vegan one.
- Fried tofu.

Good, huh?

I think it's good because of the veggies.

Yes, I was told to add lots.

So nerve-racking.

Thank you.

It tastes so sweet after all the labor.

This requires technique.

This tastes like some fancy tteokbokki.

It's so good!

Hey, it's going to be a long fight.

I'm so hot.

I think it's done.

He's a natural chef.


There's more coming.

You like it?

- It's good, isn't it?
- It's really good.

He looks like
some chicken restaurant owner now.

That looks crazy.

Let's add some parsley too.

- Parsley?
- Yes.

Try the one with potatoes.

That one only has sausage inside.

It even looks nice.

It should be at least 150 pesos.

The potato one is definitely
worth 150 pesos.

Yu Mi, you did a great job.

I'm glad you like it.

What's in the gimbap sauce?

It's 70 percent mayo
and 30 percent ssamjang.

- Make it 50-50.
- 50-50?

I don't really like mayonnaise.

You can't push your personal preference.

- This is exciting.
- Yes.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

- Open the door, please.
- Okay.

I think we're here.

It's huge.

One is good. A big...

Hi. Hola.

Hola, hi.

- We can buy stuff here.
- Okay.

- Yu Mi, carrots.
- Pick some yourself.

- Go ahead.
- Since I'll be chopping them?

How many should we buy? 20?

In case we'll be busy tomorrow.

We have to be optimistic.

- Are these good ones?
- You think?

- We should buy as many limes as possible.
- Sure.

Yu Mi, I think cilantro
and lettuce are here.

- Which one is lettuce?
- Lettuce is...

Is it this one?

This is lettuce.

Is this spinach?

Should we put it in our stew?

By the way, the cilantro...

- It's the only option.
- That's too much.

Are there smaller bulks?

Cilantro... Let's go check out that place.

Or there?

- What do you say?
- There.

It looks so fresh.

- Hola.
- Hola.

Cilantro, please.

Please, cilantro.

Enough, right?

- Gracias.
- Gracias.

- We got everything, right?
- Yes.

- I see something yellow.
- You do?

Oh, my!

- Jinny's Kitchen!
- Jinny's Kitchen!

Jinny's Kitchen!

Let's get out!

Don't forget this bag here.

By the way, I don't see any passersby.


Oh, it's here.

There are more seats than I imagined.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

There are seven tables.


A lot of effort was put into the interior.

The food comes here?

- Right.
- It's so high.

Wait. We should check the kitchen too.

- This must be where you work.
- I didn't expect this.

What if the customers talk to me?

- I think they definitely will.
- I'm scared.

This is bad.

I'm not good at handling
the pressure of being watched.

We should check the kitchen.

Let's take a look at the kitchen.

Oh, my gosh!

- Very nice.
- Seo Jun.

- This is my territory.
- It's so nice! Amazing.

This whole place is for you?

- Our kitchen is so big.
- This is awesome.

- Very nice.
- You do all you want.

- This is amazing.
- Wait...

- I have to go around like this.
- Amazing.

This is a huge kitchen.

- Where's the sink for washing dishes?
- Over there.

It's five o'clock now.

When we'll be ready?

I think two hours will be
enough for the prep.

When we open at 7...

I don't want you to think
that we open at seven.

I want us to be ready to open by 6:30 AM.

I'm just saying, that way,
we can get things done quickly.

If you think we open at seven,
you'll take it slow.

We've never taken anything slow.

He's pushing us too hard.

He's not the dude I knew before.
He's a boss now.

He's not the same dude I used to know.

I've never heard him talk like that.

I just want to see
how much time we'll need.

I just don't want us
to hurry too much in the morning.

- It's better for you all, too.
- Right.

Yes, I get your intentions.

- Shall we begin now?
- Yes.

- Let's do this.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

I'm gonna stick it here.

It's an old habit from being a part-timer.

I wish we get lots of customers.

I guess that's how the human mind works.

Don't want to waste our effort.

- The intern is over there.
- Sorry?

- He's cutting the veggies.
- Can't see him from here.

- Does it tickle?
- It does.

It opens tomorrow?

- You open tomorrow?
- Yes.

It opens tomorrow.

- We open tomorrow, yes.
- What is it going to be? Is it like Udon?

- Go tell them.
- What kind of food...

- Tteok-bok-ki?
- Hello.

It's Korean food?

- It's Korean food.
- Good.

Do you have a menu? Not yet?

Menu? Not yet.

Tomorrow you open when, what time?

At 12 PM. Yes.

Are you the chef?

No, I'm not the chef.

I'm the owner.

- The chef is in the kitchen.
- Okay. We'll come tomorrow.

- All right. See you tomorrow.
- Thank you.

- Are they coming tomorrow?
- Yes.

- They asked if I'm the chef.
- What did you say?

I said I'm the owner.

I said the chef is in the kitchen.

I seriously think
I might die from making the batter.


Things are going smoothly.

Our only crisis will be
not having customers.

And now we have a crisis.

Spoiled just the sugar.

- Yu Mi.
- Yes?


Right, the sauce for the meat.

All right. There's soy sauce.

The pear juice will make it sweeter.

One cup of water.

Minced garlic.

One-third? No, two-third of a cup.

And then, this.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

Seven, eight, nine, ten.

While marinating the meat,
I'm gonna make the dipping sauce.

Are you sure you can do all that?

Tae Hyung is a proactive worker.

I just got the chills.

That was the exact amount I was going for.

No more, no less.

Lemon juice...

We can use lime juice instead.

I put one more gram of it.

Tae Hyung, one gram is a lot.

Don't be like this. Stay focused.

Seriously, stay focused.

What's wrong with me? Wake up.

Hey, Jung Yu Mi. Stay focused.


Stay focused.

Don't look. I'll do it by myself.

I'll give it to you when it's done.

Don't forget to plate it.

The plating, right.

Okay, the laver. Now, the lettuce.

Two pieces of lettuce.




Until it seems almost too much.

It better roll up good and stick together.

What? What's up?

- It's hard to sprinkle this, right?
- Oh, we can bring one at our place.

- Yes, I just asked for it.
- Alright.

It's okay. This should be good enough.

- What do you think? Pretty, right?
- It looks great.

The top part is missing.

The top part...

This one's ruined too.

Did I make them too long?

I should make them shorter.

The sausages are bigger

than the ones I used for practice.

So it touched the bottom of the fryer.

Even if I skewer it this far.

I'm trying again but...

Seo Jun, watch this.

You don't want to do that
with watery ingredients.

It needs to be simmered more.

Until there is hardly any sauce.

You should start early
as it needs time to cool down.

I guess this goes into the fridge now.

No, it'll be cooked next.

- You cook it first?
- Yes.

If this goes in the fridge now,
it'll be salty.

I should cook it first.
It's okay to keep it cold.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

I need to cook all of it today.


I made them too big.

- And the top parts are missing, like this.
- Oh, I see.

- Well, just be careful tomorrow.
- They should be smaller.

- What do I do?
- You can try again.

I ran out of ingredients.

- Oh, really?
- All used up?

- Is it that bad?
- Let's just go, tomorrow...

Seo Jin, are we opening at noon tomorrow?

- Yes, we should.
- The prep took three hours.

But I think...

it won't take this long tomorrow.

We did a lot in advance today.

- We made the tteokbokki sauce and...
- And bulgogi.

The bulgogi is ready too.

Still, we should be here by ten.

I learned today

that it takes longer than we thought

Are you hungry?


Are we going to eat now?

Why are you frowning?

- Why are you frowning?
- I wasn't.

Are we going to eat now?

Are we?

Fine. Stop frowning.

We're back.

Seo Jun, come in.

Yu Mi, come here.

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes?

Let's set the price for the menus.

There's one more gimbap. The tuna.


Fried tofu, tuna, bulgogi.

As usual,
bulgogi should be the most expensive.

Then tuna, then fried tofu.

How do you wanna price them?

How much is 150 pesos?

150 is about...

It will be...

- That's almost 10,000 won.
- 10,000 won.

It's worth that much.

Should we go with 150 then?

Bulgogi will be 150 pesos. And...

- Tuna will be...
- Ten less.

- Ten?
- Yes.

So 140 and 130 pesos each.

Because our gimbap has
a lot more veggies inside.

We're selling
three kinds of gimbap tomorrow.

- Okay.
- And prices are 150, 140, 130 pesos.

For the ramyeon...
There's an original one, right?

Seo Jun, how about 100 pesos
for the original one?

I just looked up
the average pasta price here and...

I looked up the price
of pasta place we first went to.

I'm saying 100 is not too expensive.

- So the original ramyeon will be...
- One hundred.

How much extra should we charge
for cheese?

Ten or twenty pesos?

- Ten?
- Ten?

It's either 1,400 won or 700 won.

It should be 700 won.

So just 110 pesos?

All right. 110 then.

What's your business philosophy
for Jinny's Kitchen?

Profit matters the most.

So you want to make money, huh?

You run a restaurant

to make money, of course.

So we can introduce
Korean food to the world.

This is not a charity.

Think about it.

- And 110 for cheese ramyeon?
- Yes.

Yes, 110 pesos.

There is an original
and cheese tteokbokki.

About the tteokbokki...

How about 150 pesos? Should it be higher?

I think 150 pesos is okay because...

- Should we raise it though?
- Raise it?

Because, tteokbokki is...

It's served with tongs,
forks, and scissors.


It's served in two plates.

Before, he had...

He had strong opinions too,

but he didn't express them strongly.

- But now...
- Is he being pigheaded?

Pigheaded... Yeah, kind of.

He is...


but at the same time pushing us around.

In a way, it's really scary.

Since our tteokbokki comes with fritters...


So raise the price?

Let's make it 200.

Right, the fritters.

I forgot the fritters.

We're serving fritters too.
It should be 200.

Either 180 or 200 pesos.

Then 180 for the original

- and 200 for the one with cheese.
- Good.

Last, the corn dogs.


- Make it 80.
- The original one and...

And the rest is 100.

- You say, 80 and 100?
- Yes.

We should consider at least two hours
for tomorrow.

Or how about
Tae Hyung goes one hour earlier?

Yes, he could do that.

Before, I made them go to work
earlier than others.

And when Woo Shik comes,
they can both...

Exactly. Then we can go a bit later.

You're very strict about seniority here.

I thought
you were just all equal colleagues.

Then what's the point
of having job titles?

What's the point of having experience?

That just touched my heart.

Those who have been working hard
deserve some benefits.

Seo Jun's smiling.

Well, he does have a point.

If they get there by 9:30 AM...

Anyway, they have experience.

And it's something

that should be recognized.

What's the point of having
job titles and experience?

Should everyone stay at entry level?

I'm confused.

I'm not sure
if he's a good person or a bad person.

Then when Woo Shik comes,

will he be an intern
and me as a full-time worker?

It doesn't work that way.

I was an intern too my first year here.

Well, who knows?
Woo Shik might be really good

and get a promotion first.

I want them to be competitive.

He's not Choi Woo Shik.

Call him Intern Choi.

Woo Shik was nepotism.
He's here thanks to Youn's Stay.

When are you going to work tomorrow?

We have only one car.

What... Are you kidding now?

When there's only one car,

who ride it?
The employees or the boss?

Come on, don't ask such a dumb question.

If it's an employee's car...

Don't you agree?

You can say no if you don't agree.

This is a nightmare!

Say no if you don't agree.

Why don't we give one more car?
I'll give you one more.

- We have another?
- What is it?

- It's actually ours.
- It was package deal.

We have a Tucson too.

Is that so? Give it to them.

We'll ride the Palisade.

That will work.

But I was on a Pelisade commercial.

I don't care about that.

Everyone agreed to... do you all agree?

- Well, you have a point.
- Right?

You can always say no if you want to.

You can't just make me do all...

Of course,
they should ride the better car.

I'll go.

- An hour early.
- Delivery?


I'll be there an hour earlier.

I'll ride a bike there.

For a second, I felt completely lost.

Choi Woo Shik, you better be ready.

We're in matching clothes!

- You think?
- Let's button up.

Intern Kim. Get dressed already.

What are you doing?

Today is the grand opening.

Beige. You should wear beige pants.

Beige pants?
But my beige pants have fleece.

- Fleece?
- It's fleece-lined.

It doesn't matter.
We must wear beige pants today.

I'll faint.

Put the beige pants on.

Seo Jin.
He's not in beige. He's in navy pants.

Pants? Why?

So I told him to wear beige
and he said it's in fleece.

- I told him to put them on.
- Good.

Hey, that's...

- He can't be wearing that.
- Go get changed.

You can't be wearing them.

- Wear those fleece pants.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

- Don't forget the seat belt.
- Okay.

- Should I start the car?
- Let's go.

I wonder what will surprise us today.

- Let's see.
- Oh, we're here.

- Here it is.
- Pull up the car.

- Here we are.
- We're here.

- Going in.
- Going in.

Careful, motorbike coming through.

Was it "Hola?"

How do they say hi here?

"Buenos Dias", it's good morning.

You can just say "bueno".

- Bueno.
- Bueno.

Tae Hyung, could you put

the order slips in this order?

- Got it.
- That'll make things easier.

I can't see anything.

- What is this?
- You wear it here!


Put it on your mouth.

Here, on your chin.

What a creative mask you have.

Were you doing that to cover your tears?

I've never used it before, so...

We'll start with the broth.

Yu Mi, should this be enough?

- Looks good.
- Yea?

One slice at a time.

It's like filleting a squid.

You should shred lots of carrots, huh?

Yes, lots.

Way more than yesterday, right?

Three times as many.

Mr. Park, you've been
through all that too, right?

Of course.

We even did stir-frying.

Back in my days, we didn't have that.


I only used knives back in my days.

My precious babies.

When will you open?

It won't go as you planned, right?

No. I don't think we can be ready by 12.

What time then?

One o'clock?

Will you ever finish the shredding?

I can never seem to fill it up.

- Start on the cucumbers.
- Okay.

- Yu Mi.
- Yes!

- Roll some gimbap when you have time.
- Right.

- We need display some too.
- Okay.

Seo Jun, is the broth ready yet?

Once it's ready,
you gotta start making tteokbokki.


Are the corn dogs all set?

We can't be tired already.

We can't open until we're ready.

The cucumbers are
of much better quality today.

- I drained them.
- Well done.


How many rice cakes?

Yesterday, we decided to use two each.

Let's use 20 and 10 each.

Ten fish cakes and 20 rice cakes.

- Yu Mi.
- Yes.

- Can we finish tteokbokki...
- Yes?

- in 30 minutes?
- Let's wait and see.

Well, it's all cooked,

but we need to boil it down.

It's raining.

Why is it raining so much?

Can we even sell food today?


Are you ready?

Come on out.

The boss is calling us out.

Are we opening now?

Come on. You open it.

- What do I do?
- Flip the open plate over there.

- You flip it.
- Oh, this?

- Like this?
- Yes. Flip it.

Change it.

Now, let's start working.

Seo Jin, don't forget this.

You really shouldn't forget.

Just stir it whenever you walk by.

- Looks good, right?
- It looks amazing.

Tae Hyung did all this.

Whoa, you did lots of work.

We should do some touting
when we don't have customers.

There's a bus coming in.

Customers in groups?

We might have customers in big groups.

I wish we would.

It's raining again.

It's raining again.

Why does it have to rain so much
on our first day?

Seriously, rain?

You've got to be kidding me.

It was like this then too.
We eventually had customers.

Well, no one is walking around.

It was like this last time too.
Way back when we did it.

And this is
the biggest restaurant we've opened.

We had such high hopes.

What do we do?

What do you mean?

Seo Jin.

No one's coming.

No one's coming.

Oh, the rain stopped again.

Darn it...

I think they are coming.

I think I've seen them walk by earlier.


They must be coming back from swimming.

What a waste of ingredients.

Don't say that.

It's been only one hour.

- Only one hour?
- Yes.

- Since we opened?
- Yes.

- Hello.
- Hello.


- Hello.
- Hello.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

We have our first customers.

We must...

- Make them happy.
- A good impression.

The flavor of Korea.


I want to have this.

Rice cake, fish cake, gochujang...

I'm gonna order cheese tteokbokki.

What about you?

- This one?
- Yes.

One cheese ramyeon and one tteokbokki?

Anything to drink?

What would you like to drink?

- Coke?
- Yes.

- Two cokes please.
- Cokes?

- Two?
- Yes, two.


Take this with you. To your table.

I'll bring it to you.

Oh, thank you.

- No, no.
- You want us to put it on our table.

Thank you.

Please take it to your table.

No, I'll bring the food for you.

- Is this purple?
- It's green.

- Which one for cheese ramyeon?
- Black.

We keep it on the table.

On the table? I got it now.

We just ordered food.

Could you just bring them with you?

Is it too late to come here for a meal?


Yes, we're sitting inside. Right.

I think it'll be good.

It looks tasty.

It's the pasta I talked about earlier.

What you got for me before?

Yes, it's what Mom...

They might like it. I think so.

Intern Kim, are you ready?

It's our first order.

I put the soup powder first.

Because I heard it raises
the boiling point

and makes the water boil fast.

Who are you talking to?

I was talking to the ramyeon.

The flavor of Korea.

Let's do this.

Now is when it tastes the best.

- Now?
- Yes.

Is this a good amount of sauce?

Yeah. Looks perfect to me.

Tae Hyung, here.

Put the food here and...


- Cut it first.
- Okay.

- Let me show you.
- Sure.

- Okay?
- Okay. Thank you.

Need chopsticks?

No, I'm good.

You can use the fork then.

Thank you.

It smells so good.

Look at these noodles.

It's really good!

- Is it?
- Yes.

- It's good.
- Yeah?

Do you wanna try it?

Try this.

It tastes like tamarind sauce.

This one's different.

Try this one too.

It tastes amazing.

Do you like it?

- No need water?
- It's okay. I like it.

It's spicy, but really good.

Do you like everything we ordered?

It's delicious.

- It's all good, right?
- It's glorious.

Oh first bite!

Do you think it's too spicy for them?

- Mexicans love spicy foods.
- Is that so?

They're not sharing their food.

They are.

- They shared tteokbokki.
- What?

They shared the tteokbokki.

You guys...

Have you been peeping from here?

My eyes hurt.

- Hola.
- Hola.


What did you order?

This one's really good.

I ordered this, Paul.

It's tasty.

I'd like to get this one. Gimbap?

And? What else?

- This one.
- This one? Okay.


No, I am at the restaurant now.

Where are you now?

Just drive straight. I'll head out.


It's been a while.

I haven't seen you for thousands of years.

We have five customers.

We have five customers!

I think now I know how to eat this.

- You cut it in pieces.
- It's so new.

- You cut it with the scissors.
- Where?

You pick up the long stuff
and cut it with the scissors.

We have one bulgogi gimbap.

- Half-and-half and cheese ramyeon.
- Cheese ramyeon.

My babies...

My babies.

At last!

- How is it going?
- Good.


Yes, please.

- Do you know how to use chopsticks?
- Yes.

My dad doesn't.

You're fat.

I'm fat and happy.

Let me take a photo of your food.

Enjoy your food!


Thank you.

Is that all you ordered?

No. He ordered more.
We'll share that.

You fatty!

It looks delicious.

I wanna try this.


- Go on, fatty.
- I will, fatty.

Look. There's a sausage and cheese inside.

You're right.

It tastes really good.

Things are going quite well.

He's suddenly looking happy.

We started to make money.

It's good.

I'm gonna try using these.

It's spicy but good.

Is it too spicy for you?

No, it's perfect.

It's good spicy!

It's really good.

I should come back here tomorrow.

You really like it, don't you?

It's really good.

- Do they like the food?
- What?

- The reaction.
- I think they like the food.


- Leaving already?
- We must get going.

Going back to work.

He should go to work.

If only I could live off rent
just like your father...

See you maybe next week.

Goodbye. Thank you.


Hasta luego.

Hey, chefs don't do washing.

- Move, let me do it.
- I'm almost done.


You said Korean food was popular.

- Sorry?
- Korean food is popular?

London is crazy about Korean food.

- Next is Mexico.
- When is it gonna happen?

No one seems interested.

Things are going quite well.

Why are you giving me false hope?

- It will get big.
- Goodness.

Why are there so many fritters?

- This is a complete minus.
- It's two packs of dumplings.

Why did you open two packs of dumplings?

You're the one who pushed them to work.

Why don't the four of us sit
on the table?

Sounds good. Let's do that.

I think people aren't coming
since it's so empty.

Seriously, there's nobody walking around.

Why aren't there anyone today?

Let's close today.

- What time is it?
- It's 5:10 PM.

Aren't we staying until sunset?

The business is going so slow.


won't work.

We're supposed to have
one customer after another.

Zero interest.

They are not interested at all.

Should we open at one or two tomorrow?

I'm so worried.

By the way...

By the way,

how much is our salary?

Have you lost your mind?

I just got really curious.

Let's wait and see until the sunset.

We've prepared a lot.

When people pass by...

Oh, are they coming?

I think someone's coming. One group.

I think they're coming.

They're coming in.


Did they come in?

- They're down below.
- Looking at the menu.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Good afternoon.

We just opened, and customers are coming.

Maybe we'll end up having 15 groups.

Here comes the customers!

We have more customers.

More people are coming,
what do we do?

Today is a tough day for Yu Mi.

They all ordered gimbap.

Bulgogi gimbap, right?

- Bulgogi gimbap.
- You too? All right.

Gimbap de bulgogi?

- Bulgogi? One?
- Yes, one.

Two bulgogis?

All right, Jung Yu Mi. Use your brain.

Way too many gimbap orders.

Bulgogi... I can't do this.

Is this purple too?

Yes, purple.

No, wait. It's green.

One extra cheese ramyeon, right?

- No, purple is first.
- Right?

Whoa, I can't get it together.

- Tae Hyung.
- Yes?

Seo Jun.

He seems exhausted already.

Did Woo Shik take the bus?

I miss Woo Shik today.

Jinny's Kitchen.

Woo Shik, go to the kitchen now.

What do I do...

- Woo Shik, this too.
- Sure.

Woo Shik, this is for the two elders.

While I was away,
you guys became similar.

You'll be like us tomorrow.

Hopefully I can fit in here.